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I just finished reading this article about how a fourteen year old girl was shocked over the content in her school assigned book she was reading. “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” was written by Sherman Alexie, who is a Native American author. The book contains graphic descriptions of masturbation and other sexual acts. The book has been banned by several school districts and the parents of this girl are demanding the book be banned within their district. I find many problems with this. I dislike any book being banned, even if I do not agree with it, as banning books will eventually lead to burning books and that frightens me because it reminds me of Nazi Germany. As anyone who has read Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” can tell you, burning books is not a good idea and seems to strip a Soul of their compassionate humanity. Even banning books can lead to violations of our inherent freedoms that young men and women have died overseas to protect. The book should not be banned due to one family's protest. If the girl is fourteen, she likely already knows how to masturbate and it is also very possible she or one of her friends have given a guy a blow-job. Maybe she has had sex with more than one guy and her parents do not know. It may be a distasteful book but young girls grow up very quickly in today's Society and Culture. Unless she is not allowed to listen to music, watch television, watch movies and her parents kept her locked away in isolation her whole life, then I am almost certain she has seen worse than what is written in this book. I reiterate that it is very possible she has done worse than what is described in this book. I remember being fourteen. I recount what my girlfriend Jennifer and I were doing back then and I can assure you that this book is completely P.G. rated when compared to our youthful transgressions. Some would likely consider our actions XXX and I thank The Gods everyday that I did not end up a teen-age father but I was blessed with a mother who taught me about sex education and protection early. It is from her education and not from any schools Sex-Ed information that I managed to protect myself. I understand from kids I know that things have only gotten worse when it comes to the defilement of young women and sadly many of these sexual acts are instigated by the ignorant girls themselves. Honestly, we as a society are responsible for the immature sexual situations children find themselves in because our sick culture seems to endorse that irresponsibility as a good thing. Of course parents are to blame but a parent cannot know what their children are up to twenty-four hours a day and even if they are the strictest parents in the World, even they must sleep. Children find ways to be bad and if two teenagers decide to have sex, it is almost impossible to stop them. Instead of banning books because the content supposedly offends certain families’ morality, sexual education should be taught. I believe it best to teach children about sex as soon as they reach puberty. They are then old enough to understand the physical part of it and the consequences of their actions if they decide to have sexual intercourse. I also think condoms should be handed out in schools and other places where young people congregate. I understand the argument that by giving the youth information about sex and condoms at the same time is an open invitation to have sex with one another. While there may be a glimmer of ironic truth in

that argument, the tragic fact is most teen-agers will have sex anyway and if they are going to do so, is it not better that they understand and have protection? There are many young mothers out there that knew all about sex and how to do it but they had not an inkling how to go about it safely. If the Mainstream Mass Media machine refuses to alter the content of their movies, television shows, and music, then they must also allow the message of sexual safety to reach the youth. Maybe a book such as this one is what is needed. I have not read it and have no idea if safe sexual practices were occurring in it but from what I have read in reviews, the author goes out of her way to portray a life that some would say is a definition of loose morality but is truly the sad consequences of living life as a poor minority. This book is about an American Indian girl who experiences many negative actions due to her Indian heritage. If the book reads like the way I think it does, it should not be banned because maybe more light will be put on the horrible lives that some Native Americans live, due to poverty, alcoholism, racism, and a lack of education. White people have been abusing these people for hundreds of years and even today, there are tribes who live in areas that closely resemble Third World Countries. There have been a few tribes who have been lucky; these American Indians have learned from their years of torture and have established casinos on their reservations that generate vast sums of money for their people. That is great, wonderful news and the Mainstream Mass Media and the American Government, who of course work in tandem, would like the American Public to believe that all Indian Tribes are treated equally and sharing the profits with each other. As nice as that sounds, it simply is not true. The Tribes do not support each other like that (please remember that there were many wars between the different tribes.) and with all the American Indian Tribes in The United States of America, there are only a few that are allowed to own and operate casinos. The other Tribes are poor, existing on government rations and whatever work they can find. In rural America, as in the cities, employment can be very difficult to find. My point is that American Indians, just like any American minority and the Poor, suffer in terrible conditions that are obviously alien to the folks who would like this book banned. The book is titled “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” and I believe the author tried to write what she considered to be true so it does not surprise me that the book has graphic detail. The lives of the Poor and disenfranchised are not pretty at all……

Drew Kazinsky January 23, 2012 West Stockton, California

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