Activity 5 - Video Listen to Diana s story and fill in the blanks.

Commentator This is Diana, Diana is a survivor of 1) ______________ exploitation, she endured unspeakable things. In her 2)______________ she threw herself in front of a truck, incredibly her life was spared. Soon after she was rescued she came to the Love146 Round Home, a safe home for 3)______________. She found new life at the Round Home, and after time, has moved back into the community and 4)______________ into school. She has a new 5)______________ of love and wanted to tell her story. This is Diana s love story .. Diana I used to be like this 6)______________, when the storm comes the leaves of the tree fall. Just like the times when I felt I was the tree whose leaves all fell hopeless I felt that my life was hopeless. I felt that ever since I was born I have always had problems as if I was 7)______________ in problems, and then I felt like a leaf that was withered, lost, dead. I felt dead during those times when I felt all alone in the world, I felt 8)______________. Now I am like a big strong tree. It is so strong that whatever typhoon comes it will not fall, it will still be there. Even though some of its branches are gone, the tree will still 9)______________ happily, as if declaring that she continues. There may be many storms but the leavers continue to move with meaning. Like me now, if I did not come to the round home I would still be hopeless, like death, giving up every time something bad happened to me. But now, I m 10)______________, I m like a strong tree that no one can fool anymore. I cannot be 11)_______ _____________ and laughed at anymore. Here in my heart is what the mommy s in the home have taught me. They are the people who loved me, who valued me, at a time when I thought I was alone, it was here that I felt love. It was here that I became strong. It was here that I learned how to be loved and how to love myself and other people and God. I shall not be moved. Commentator We shall not be moved in our belief that love protects, defends, restores, 12)______________. Diana is in school and plans on continuing her studies. She never experienced a loving family. Now, her dream is to be a 13)________ __________, helping and counselling other families. Diana believes the family is where the happiness and future of a child begins or ends. Her Round Home family is helping to make her dreams a reality. We are both proud and 14)_____________ to be a part of her story, and we thank her for sharing it.

Activity 6 - Poster Activity Look through the posters aimed to stopping human trafficking. With your partner choose the one that you think sends the best message. You are going to do a short presentation to the principal of the school; you need to explain to him why the school should make people aware of human trafficking and why you choose that particular poster.

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