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EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT Today, 12th of September 2011 in Langsa, each party which has signed here: A.

PSBL Football Club In this contract PSBL Football Club is represented by Mr. Zulkifli Zainon as a chief of the club. Hereinafter referred to as the employer B. Name Address Occupation : : Langsa : Football Player

Hereinafter referred to as the player The employer and the player agree to the following terms and conditions: The employer is an ordinary member of the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) which is domiciled under the Indonesian Football Asscociation (Aceh) management area and is in the Indonesian Football Association Competition, level 2. The player is a professional football player and after this contract has been signed, the player cannot be under any contract with another football club or any other contract which provides him with any promotional benefit. The employer employs the player as a football player and expects the player to improve his ability throughout the season for the employer. The employer and the player agree to the following employment terms and conditions.


Employment Contract Agreement Terms and Conditions This agreement is valid for a season of competition and begins once this agreement has been signed. Upon mutual agreement, this contract can be extended by at least another 30 days before this contract has expired, provided both parties met their obligations. CHAPTER 2 Payment Procedure The employer will pay Rp . . . for the player as his salary for one season of Indonesian Football Asscociation professional competition level 2 Payment Procedure The first payment will be paid once this contract of employment has been agreed upon and signed by both parties. This payment will be 35% of the agreed contract salary and will be paid at least fourteen (14) days after the contract has been signed. The remainder of the payments will be paid monthly for the next twelve (12) months and each month the player will be remunerated Rp . . . CHAPTER 3 Regulations And Obligations The player will play primarily for where the club is domiciled and also wherever the club plays its matches, which is defined in a program from the employer for a competition and a tournament. 1. The employer has the right to engage or disengage the player in a match in a strategy decided by the manager/coach

2. The employer expects the player to maintain or improve his professionality; both technique and physical endurance. 3. The employer can require the player, who is under contract, to play for a 3rd party as a guest player according to a transfer agreement or another agreemment between the employer and another football club. 4. Players will agree and submit to obey a with reasonable request from publicity,

the employer regarding

advertising, sponsorship contracts and programs and other activities as may be necessary either for employer or union football throughout Indonesia (PSSI). New 5. Any act or acts committed by the player as set forth in the third item on the player above, borrowing without permission and consent of the employer is the action or actions that areconsidered violations . New CHAPTER 4 Obeyance of the Rules

1. The player will obey the rules of the football match as defined by FIFA and

the rules which are used by the Indonesia Premier League and the PSSI in every game.
2. The player will obey all rules and instructions which have been defined by the

employer, PSSI, AFC or FIFA. CHAPTER 5 Sanctions for breaking regulations All forms of sanctions will be regulated as follows:

1. If the player does not participate in the training program with the

permission of the employer, then his daily salary will be reduced by 25%.
2. If the player does not participate in the competition with the permission of

the employer, then his daily salary will be reduced by 50% for each match. It will be summed with the number of matches are not participated (new) Dont understand this

3. The player must stay in an hotel/mess/or any other lodging place which is

chosen by the employer If the player leaves the accommodation without permission from the employer, the player will lose 20% of his salary for each violation.

What is skors?
4. If player get penalized(Punishment) by the PSSI discipline committee and

after investigation. it is proved that the players action made a loss for the employer, the the play will be penalized with a 75% cut in his monthly salary for the remainder of his contract. If the player receives any other punishment beside penalized, it will be his responsibility to expiate it.

5. If the player gets a yellow or red card, while playing for the PSBL, in any

competition or tournament according to the PSSI program, which was considered detrimental to the employer, the player will be responsible to pay a fine to the PSSI. as an official association of Indonesia football with the amount charged in accordance with the guidelines regulated by PSSI. This doesnt make sense CHAPTER 11 Licensing

All licensing for the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) and all the government agencies of the entities connected to this agreement, will be obtained and maintained by the employer. CHAPTER 12 Competition Abandonment

If the competition, based on the decision of the PSSI, cannot be

implemented for any unavoidable reason then the employer and the player agree that this contract will be terminated.

The employer will not have to pay all the remaining monies that

apply to this agreement, and the player is declared free of this contract. CHAPTER 13 Disagreement Any disagreement between the employer and the player about the content or the consequence of this agreement, each party agrees to solve by:
1. Discussion and agreement between the two parties 2. If after discussion no agreement is reached, then this disagreement, either

individually or jointly, will be handed over to the branch manager of the PSSI Province. If after discussion with the province manager an agreement still isnt reached, then the solution of the disagreement is handed over to the PSSI who will arbitrate and make a final decision.

CHAPTER 14 Reference/Ruler

To avoid misunderstandings, all the references to the rules, regulations or basic guidelines from the PSSI, Club or any agency organized under each of the above will be considered as a reference to the rule. The regulation and the basic guidelines, from time to time, will be amended, revised or replaced.