[ Group No:- 5 ] INTRODUCTION Maruti Suzuki India Limited It is a subsidiary company of Japanese automaker Suzuki Motor Corporation.

(hold s a 54% equity stake) It is India's largest passenger car company, accounting fo r over 45% of the domestic car market. The company offers a complete range of ca rs from entry level for middle class people company launch Maruti 800 and Alto, to hatchback Ritz, A-Star, Swift, Wagon-R, Estillo and sedans DZire, SX4, in the 'C' segment MarutiEco and Sports Utility vehicle Grand Vista. It was the first company in India to mass-produce and sell more than a million c ars. It is largely credited for having brought in an automobile revolution to In dia. It is the market leader in India, and on 17 September 2007, MarutiUdyog Lim ited was renamed as Maruti Suzuki India Limited. The company's headquarters are located in New Delhi.


MR.SHINZO NAKANISHI MANAGING DIRECTOR & CEO VISION : To become, “The Leader in the Indian Automobile Industry, Creating Customer Delight1 and Shar eholder's Wealth2; eventually become a pride of India” MISSION : • Modernization of the Indian Automobile Industry • Developing cars faster and selling them for less. • Production of fuel-efficient vehicles to conserve scarce resources. • Production of large number of motor vehicles which was necessary for economic gr owth. • Market Penetration, Market Development Similarly Product Development and Diversi fication. • Partner relationship management, Value chain, Value delivery network .

SWOT ANALYSIS : CURRENT PRICE NSE: RS. 1120.25 MKT CAP: RS 33,260.77 CR Year Net Sales Year Net Sales 2005-06 2007-08 2009-10 1,20,034

1,78,603 3,01,198 2006-07 2008-09 2010-11 1,45,922 2,03,583 3,61,282 MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LTD YEARLY HIGHLIGHT’S : 2002 -The Company was awarded the "Highest Exporter Award" in New Delhi. 2003 -MarutiUdyog is use of eco-friendly vehicles in the domestic mlaunching its firs t factory-fitted CNG vehicle in a bid to promote market. 2004 -Suzuki takes control of MarutiUdyog 2005 -Maruti s market share hits an all-time low of 42 per cent in July -Maruti ranked as the leading player in dealer service 2006 -Ties up with MRF to boost motorsports in India -Maruti join hands with Indiatimes to buy and sell used cars -MarutiUdyogLtd s (MUL) ties with State Bank of India for car financing 2007 -Announces a price hike of Rs 2,000-3,000 across models all models except Maruti -800 on January 5, 2007. 2008 -Indian car market leader MarutiUdyog on Feb 28, announced a price cut ranging b etween Rs 13,000-22,000 across five models, including M800 and Alto, following t he cut in excise duty on small cars 2009 -Company name has been changed from MarutiUdyog Ltd to Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. 2010 -Maruti Suzuki India Ltd has inducted Mr. Kenichi Ayukawa as Additional Director of the Company with effect from July 21, 2010 2011 - Maruti Suzuki has rolled out a its flagship CNG engine technology called inte lligent-Gas Port Injection or i-GPI on five popular models.

OUR SUCCESS FORMULA : • We have been able to achieve all this, capitalizing on our strengths

• Providing Superior Value proposition to the Customer - which reflects in low cos t of acquisition & operation for our customers supported by a higher residua l value for our products. • We have the largest distribution & Service network comprising of over 400 sales showrooms, over 600 dealer workshops, and 1900 Authorized Service Stations s panning across over 1190 cities - unparalleled in the country. • To increase our reach to rural India where setting up a complete dealership was not viable, we opened extension counters which are operated by some dealer i n the city thereby ensuring increased customer touch points with out risking the viability of the dealers STRATEGIES :





• The confidence of our network partners in our capabilities is evident from the f act that majority of our new showrooms & workshops are coming from existing dealers. • Our overall portfolio consists of 11 basic models & over 150 variants spanning a cross all segments of the industry. While maintaining the focus on Compact c ars, Maruti¿s presence in A3 segment is getting stabilised fast by recently la unched SX4. We have sold maximum number of cars in domestic A3 segment this year till Oct 07. • Our foray into Alternate fuel segment (with LPG powered WagonR and Swift Diesel) has seen a very encouraging response from customers.

OUR EXPANSION PLANS : Maruti& Suzuki had announced an investment of USD 2.25 Bn in the new car plant, diesel engine facility, launch of new models &upgradation of the Gurgaon plant. The project is on schedule and the investments are being made as planned. As announced earlier, we plan to produce another small car, a large part of whic h is meant for exports to European markets starting in calendar year 2008. To st art with 200,000 units of this new model, will be produced - 50,000 to be sold i n domestic market by Maruti, 100,000 to be exported by Maruti and 50,000 for exp ort by Nissan. We share the Government of India s vision of making India a global hub for compa ct cars. Our expansion plans would help us achieve the required scale of operati ons to compete globally. RECOGNITION : We have been declared No1 in Customer Satisfaction Index for the eighth time in a row in the JD Power Awards. We are striving to make Customers Satisfaction a " Way of life" at Maruti.

MARUTI FUTURE PLANS : • A shift from compact cars to a complete car manufacturer is evident. Out of 5 st rategic models Swift, SX4, Vitara, Splash and A star, A star will be produ ced only in India. • SMC target is to reach 3 Million sales mark globally with a third of it being co ntributed by Maruti. • This clearly brings out increasing importance of Maruti s role in the SMC s glob al aspirations. • These are the announcement that were made by Mr. O Suzuki, Chairman SMC who was recently in India. Vision is to increase the role for Indian managers in steerin g the company and to improve Indian R&D facilities to equal that in SMC Japan, b oth of which substantiate Suzuki s commitment towards Maruti. Consequently, additional investment in the areas of R&D and Marketing & Customer interface has been announced. The same are in the process of quantification. Th ough some part will over lap with the current investment plan, but most of it wi ll be additional. INDIA S MOST TRUSTED BRAND 2010: THE ECONOMIC TIMES : Maruti Suzuki has been ranked India s most Trusted Brand in Automobile Sector by India s leading Business newspaper The Economic Times.









2000-2010: JD Power Customer Service Index Award – India The biggest draw for the past eleven years has been the award for highest recogn ition by the customer. In 2009-10 again, for the tenth consecutive time, Maruti Suzuki ranked the highest in J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2010 India Customer Service Index (CSI) study


MARUTI SUZUKI WORKERS STRIKE @ MANESAR PLANT : The 14-day-long strike at Maruti Suzuki India s Manesar plant has been called o ff this morning following a tripartite agreement between the management, workers and the Haryana Government. As part of the agreement, the management has agreed to take back 64 permanent wo rkers but another 30 will remain suspended. It has also been agreed that around 1,200 casual workers would also be reinstated, sources privy to the talks said. Representatives of the workers unions of SPIL and SMIPL confirmed that they hav e signed agreements to end the strike. discussions are on," Suzuki Powertrain In dia Employees Union (SPIEU) Secretary Rajesh Kumar said. He said as part of the deal, three office-bearers of SPIEU have been kept under suspension, pending an internal inquiry, out of the 18 that were dismissed durin g the stir. Similarly, Suzuki Motorcycle India Employees Union President Anil Kumar said wor kers of the two-wheeler maker have agreed to end the strike. "We have called off the strike and will resume duties from tomorrow," he said, adding that as part of the agreement, 15 workers dismissed during the stir would be taken back by th e company. MSI s Manesar plant workers have been on strike since October 7 demanding the re instatement of about 1,200 casual workers and 44 permanent workers who were susp ended following an agreement signed on October 1 to end a 33-day-long standoff, along with 50 workers who have been dismissed or suspended during the current st ir. SPIL and SMIPL workers had also gone on strike in support of "We have signed an agreement with the Haryana government and our management. We are calling off the strike, although our wage settlement their colleagues at MSI . As part of the agreement inked today, the MSI management and Manesar plant worke rs agreed to set up two committees for grievance redressal and labour welfare in order to provide a harmonious working environment at the facility. CONCLUSION : MarutiUdyog limited had a prime objective to meet the growing demand of a person al mode of transport, which is caused due to lack of efficient public transport system. It changed the 4Ps of marketing mix into 4Cs.Product to Customers Soluti on, Price to Customer’s cost, Similarly Place to Customer’s convenience and Promotio n to Customer’s Communications. This enabled MUL to become Market leader. Things a re now changing with LPG polices and disinvestment, the real competitions has already began. The smarter will certainly will be next leader, but till then...MUL will going to the brand ,on which customers will al




ways…..COUNT ON. REFERENCES : 1) Principles of Marketing (Kotler.Philip) 2) www.marutisuzuki.com/corporate.aspx

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