II{DICTMENT GrandJuy chages: .Tbe

At all timesrclerrut tp eis rndicueut: lrtroduction t' TheEastrlavenPoliceoeearment('EHPD) is a duly constituted police4gency

reqonsiuleficrprroviding enforcement Iaw services serveandprotectthe comn'nity to of East Ilarrcn" TheEas tlaven B@!d ofPolice commissioners *police.commission-) (tte consists of five policecommissioren(tbe?olice commiisioners), eachappointed theMayor of East by rlavenfq a limited t€rq uthoae reryonsible for the general oversightof the EHpD, inclding theappoimment movar of officersand ad tre generation ofnrrs md regurations.

In treir oafhof office,EIIPD officerssolemnly swear .bea ure faith aod to allqiance to theunited stat€sof Anerica andthe State connecticu,,,to ..sq4rortthe of constittrionandlawsthereot- *to ftithfirtly andinopartially discharge performall drtries and inombent rryon. . . policeotrcer[s] ofthe Torm of Eastflarren. and.to obeyandbe boundby s|rchrulesandreplaions asar€or rnay beadopted tnechief of police and/orthe by Boardof PoliceCommissioners." Defendatrt JOHNMILLER q/asa sergeant the EIIPD in ufio, together with other s€rgeanfss srryervised 4:00p-m.to often tlrc mirtnightstft. Defendants DAVID .ARL DENM' SPAULDINGald JAsoN nJLrn(the "Defentlant officers) wereofficers in the EHpD who usully wo*ed dudngee 4:(D p.m-to midnight shifr. CARI, SPAULDING, nJLLoad others wene knownas.}IILLER's boys..' Ihe Consoiracv Obiective &e C,onryiracv of 4' Frcmin m aborr2@7 tbroughin or about zoll,in tre Disict of connecticu! 3'




uftile actinguafu color of law, did knowingly andwillfirlly conspire agree and together and with each otkr d o6ers,knoumandunknown thecrrand to Jury,to injure, oppress, trrcaten, md intimidatevaious me'mbers theEct rlaven of commrmity, fre free exencise in and e'qio;'ment righa secured tr€ilt by ee constitution of to andlanns &e unit€d states,that is, the of right to befiee aon unreasonaure searches seianres, and ufrich includes right not to be 6e anested detaid witbrrprobble cause md andtherightnotto be arrested detaingtbased and

ryon &lse @dmisleading evi&nce, andtheright to be tee from the rrseof unreasonable force by law e,lrforcemeut officers.

It wasfte pla andPurpose the conspiracy tLe of that defdants JOHN MILIJR, DAVID CARL DENMS SPAULDINGed JAsoN nJLLo,and their co-conryirarors, would usetheir stah$andailtority aslaw enforcement officersto carryorf the objectiveof the conryiracy. It wasfirflherpart of thEconspfuacy maintainand to perpetuate e,nvironment an wi&intbEIIPD&*allovredandenoouraged'nreasonable search ad seianres d&e'se of mreasonable forceby lan'ry.-""rofficnrsto contimre indefinitelyandwiftimprmity. It wasfirrtherpartofthe conspiracyto rpare and4lprove rcpofisthet oomained falseednisleadi4ginfomation to sryporttheir abuses, md to hideandconceal, ca'se to and behiddenandconcealed" objectiveof theconspiracy the aadtheactscommittedin firrtberance thereof. 8' It wasfirtbupart oftbe conspiracy osfracize, to harass futimidate and 7' 6'


individ'als, iDcluding victims,victims' advocateq witnesseq fellow officers,porice conmissioners ouside iwestigators,nfro demptedto investigde and orreport miscondgct or abuse co'trrmitted the defetdmts. Thedefendants their co-conryirators by and committed these actsofhassm€'rt andintimidationin m effort to prevcntfilrtb€r investigation scnrtinyof tbe or defendants' c@drt, ad thereby conceal defedants, abuse the *om others.

RolesoftheDefendans 9' togetrerwith ofurs'mimidalrdpeqp@tedanenvironmeutforthosemderhisconmandvftenethe'se. ofureasonabteforceandruireasouable searches seizures tol€rded aodenco'rage* and vas MILLER led by exanple' MILLER stru* a handded individuatufro wasunderthe secure confirol oftwo o&erpafrrol officer* Mtr LER openlycommiued assault this in front of other offcers andreprimanded tkme witnessing officerufro r€ported abuse his sryervisory the to ser8ed. MILLER alsopermined another offioerto engage gnreasonable in forcein MILLER,s prcsence' He tookno meaningful actionto investigate incident,reprimand discipline the or the offioer,prwi& otrcer trainiqgor otherniseaddress theillqal 'se of fonce. Deftndat MILTIR did not ahnays followtre chainofcommad within the EIIPD' @dinsfead cirqm\r€tr€d his dircctsrpewisorandreported directly to a leaderin the EIIPD' ufto is knovmto tb Gred J'ry andis rcfenred to hereinasco-conspirator-1.cc conryiraor-l protecEt MILLER aodtre hf€ndant officers from investigations their into misconalct co-onryiraor-l rcfud to provide police tbe commissionwith an mrestrcpofi iwolving tle defdaut CARI, anddimissed thePolice comnission,srequest investigate to MILLER's dl%€d niscondust In a efort to undermino police tbe c-ommission,s effectiveness, co-conspnraor-lkr€d all EHPDpersonnel fr,ompermittingpotice cmnissioners on theprcmises tbeEIIPD station of witho't his p'or approval. DefendmtMILLER wasa leader tbe unionthat of repesented officersof the *union), EHPD(the inchding s€rvingasPresident ofthe union ftom in or aboutDecember 2010a theprresemc€rtain otbr Unionleaders, uihoarre knovmto the crfrand ad are J*ry Il ' 10' nefenaant MILLE& who oftensryervtea theDefendant officers,

referred h€rcinas*(lnion Leader-l'and *tlnioo r-der2n,engaged to in varioqsactsof imimiddionandin6erference toprotectMILLER andtheDefendant officers fiom any. investigations oftbeh misconduct whm alegatiom of misondrct by MILLER werereferred to fu PoliceComission for rwierv, Unionleader-l harassed andinrtimidaed police the 'commissiws ed o&€rsto srch.an€xtetr thd the Policeconnission,s hearingcouldnot pnoceed 12' Defendants cARr, SPAULDING andzULLQengaged uoreasonable in searches

andseiarres' irclding |trlhn|fbl searrches ofprremises anestsof individualswi&out prrobable and ca$e orbased ffse atd Eisl€adinginformationm 13' Defendans MILLE& SPAULDIN ZULI:oand another G, officer, knownto the

cfiandJury,usedmeasouableforceduringlasftl andrmlaurfrrt ar€sts. This rmeasonable force\rms used wfun victiEs vrcrre r"narmed, neith€rresisting itrerfering with nor the police,but

rder secr ly under&e connolof tbepoliceor otherwise cooeerdive. In somecase, the victins werehaodsftd withfuirhmds behindtheirbacks whenftey wereassaulted by officer* Some ofthe vistins werepartiorlaly vurne,rable beca'sethey wereundocumented alieosc otberwise *t*""tT"4 bavingliute perceived stading in &e commrmity, and.thps

unlikelyto raiseoQiection tre abuse. to 14' Defeodats SPAULDINGafrnJLLointimidde4 bamssed humiliared and

m€'mbers tbe l^tino commwity ed thefu of advocates. SPAULDING ednrLLoconducted unreasonable ilk&l sea$es a Tatino-oruned d businesses, routinelymaintained patrol carsin fioqt oftk brninessesr regularlycsnductd nafrc stopsof l^atinocustorners e,ntering or

qdtingeesebusimes,towed6eirvehicles,andarrestedordetainedthem. SPAULDING

followe4 infimiddedandhinassed dvocates

who workedto defeod rightsof members tb ofthe racistandotherinaeFoeriae langruge

Iatino cocrmunity' SPAULDINGed.alLL}used

with ruh otherad u/fun trey ime'racted with or r€f€cred members &e Iatino commrnity. to of l5' Defdds CARI ad sPAULDINGprepared r€por6 that conrained ftlse and misldinginfomai'onto srypoftfuirfrIsearrese,aodtohideand corceal" adca'se to be hftu€n andcmceale4their andotherofrcers' miscond.ct 16' Def€ndans CARI d SPAULDINGmemptedto anddid preventcivilians fron

laryfullyvideo-recmding polbe conduct, falselya[€ing tbeywereinterferingwith police operdions'in a effomto prevent treseciviliansfrom c4nring their andotheroffcers, misconduct videotape. on 17' In orderto conceal defenda's' misconduct abrrse, and co-conryiralor-1,union took steps stronglydiscourage, evento threaten, to rud

I-ead€r-lmd Union l-e-zdively

fellowofficersandotherwitneseq wb mightrcportofficermiscmduct or cooperate in imestgdions of theEHPD. OvertAsts 18' In firrlerace ofthe conryiracy,andto effectthe objectivethereof, the

def€tdants commitFdthe following overtacts,:rmong others, theuistrict of Connecticrf: in AssaultofT.S. a' on or abort July 16,2007,in thevicinity of SaltonsallParkway East in Flaveq

defsdetMILLER vrachedrrftileanoffi.cer underhisurpewisionusedgnreasonable fsrce against T'S' who washmdcutre4 aodMILLER failedto stoptheassault, aleough he.was a seqged andit rvashis dutyto do so.


Onor abo{sJuly l8 2ffi7,in thevicinity of Sattonstall Pakurayin EastHaverl

de'fendatMILIfiR repeaedlyslaped r.s. qibowashandcuftd inside a peol car.


On or aboutl\dq' 1,2008,defendant Zj.ILlrAcommrmicded wift defqdant

SPAUIDING by nrayof a car-t+q chatbtween mobiledataterminalsin their pffiol cars. AILLO sfiated h3 aftes hassing [sicJmotorist[]" andrefe,tred 'frcrsons &d to u&o have ddftedto &is c@try m. rafo ma& of chickenwingsandarenow residing on Maim Eastltraven-" dOn or aborsJuly 30,200E,.defendants AJLLOand SpAULDINGcommrmicated [sic] St

byuayof aca-to'car cba- DJLlQinformed SPAIlLDINGthdanewLaino-ownsdgoc€ry storcwasopening Eastlla\rcs, andSPALJLDING in replied,'\r;d€r oeaiq& Pll haveto takethe ceater.e' OnFebrury E,2009,defendaneZ{JLlnand SPALLDING commuoicated by full[sic], u/h€nis the grand

way of a ca-to-carcbd. SPALJLDING qEoteto zlJLLo:.'labmba's only has5 @rs.,, ZuLL} replied,"Thds 5 carsto [sic] many!!. Assauttad FalseArrestoflvllvl f. On or aboutNovember 2008,in thepa*ing lot of La Bambq a L,atino-owned 22,

rcstarant ed ba, tocdedd ffi IvlainStneet Eastl{aven CT,aB@ba), defeirdaut in SPAULDINGfuew N[.]vLto thegrom4 causing dee,p to N{.M.'schin"md repeatedty a cut kidcd I![M- in fu bck ad tegswhile ]vliU.'s bands werehendcufFed bejhind back his


On c aborrlrlovember SPAITLDING 42W8, defendam atrested M.IvL under

frlse preenses prevd l\,flv[ from recoding him andto conceal to andcover_rry assault his of tvfM. h" On or &rt Nonember zz,zff}td€f€ndant SPAULDINGprepared ftlse md a

nisleadingtepoftto ju$i$' the frlse ar€st of lvLM.


InoraborrJagwy z0f.9.,defendetSPAULDING, inE3stHave,n, harassedand

tkeate'ned S.A, by eofiering pr,operty hone ad makingracially discriminatory his and remarks. Iatertre sameday, inEastl{aven,SPAIJLDINGthreatenedto SA v/henSA. rcqlested arest SPAuLDING'Snzme. False Anesrsof JJ.A. JJ. andGJCC.ad Assaults JrA of

md G.xc.

on or abou Jamy zl,zffi.g.,in thepaking lot of I^aB@ba, defendmts

SPAUIDING alrdnJrJ;o amesfied J.L.A.,GJtc. andJ.E.rmderftlse preten*s. k On or abotsJanrary2l,2W defendantSPAULDINGprepared fatseaod a

nisleadiry rcportto ju$iry fu frhe aresb of J.L.a, G.Xc. andJ-E. lJIA's On or aboutJanuary zl,?ffig,in the EIIPD statioq def€Ndast Z]ULLO struck

headagainst vEIl, ad againassaulted a J.LA. insidea stdion cellblock tDOn or abor Janrry 2L,2W9,in the EIIPD station,defendant AJLLO sbnrck

GJLC.'sbd against vrall, a Illeeal Search Vehicle of L On or aboutFebruarylg,zD,defendants SPA{,JLDING CARI andotber and

officerslEFeasonatily searrched a vehiclepa*ed or.rtside My CountryStore,a l^cino-owued of

gocery storclocat€d d'677 ,lfusfieet anddetaidlF.C.

in E6r rlaven (My counny sbrc'), d


On oraborf Februarylg,2(Fg,inside My Country Stor€,defendant CARL witr assisoce ftom defemdaut SPA{JLDING, rmderthesryervisim of defemdmt aod MILLE& aresfied FJlvL, anadvocade rcligiousl€der for I^ainos and in fte Eastrlaven commrmity, on frlse pre*enses. Onor abou Februarylg,z}og,nriein two hoursof FJ.M.'s au€st, d leastsix td@ callsrrereplaed:urctrg de,fendaeMILLE& SPAULDING and GARI md coconryirAor-I. qFromonorabmFebnrarylg,z}og,fuowbonorabor11lvfsrch 3,2g4p,, p'


dsf€nfu CARI, vibowassrye,'bea by defendet MILLER on th dayofF.J.M.,s anesg draftedvariou &be versions anarest r€polt of


On or aboutFebruarylg,zffig,at defuanrt MILLER's direction,rlefendats d others oonducted illqal search an ofthe bk room of


My country Storein aneffort to unlanfirlly seize store'svideo-reoording. the


In or abott FebtxEry 2009,defendant SPAULDINGentered AmigosCrrocery, Ios

a l;itino-oumed gocery store located at4lglv1ain Steet in East tlaveq and umeasonably sealded tbe private area oftlie snore a video-camera for fr" stor" owner bad usedto record SPATLDING's sropofaststomer.


Onoraborttrenightoflvlarch 4,z}}g,defendantnILInd


vihile in theirpol

carss circledMy Coufry Store, laterfollornrc4stoeeed qrrcstioned and and

th oqm€rs ofMy Colffiy Storc.


Frm in or abtrt Februry 2009throughin or aboutl\darchZ}Og,Co-conryirator-

t placed multipletelefune caltsto FJ-!vI.'ssryerrrisor repeatedly requestiqg the srryervisor tbat orderFJ-lvI.ort of Eastlfav€n" vOn or aborr Ocbb€r lzo2'Wg,defendant SPALJLDINQulhile in his pgbol cc,

closelyfolloured FJ-IU.andp law sfifut astheydroveawayfr,omMy CormtryStore. w' On or abott February 4,2OlA,in theparkinglot of My CoumryStore,defendant

SPALJLDING stoepd ands@e a ryotlight on F.J.M.andtwo law srudffi andquestioned uihy &ey weremisingcivil rightsis$es. x' On or abou AtrEil30, zOLO,at midnight,in fte vicinity of Stop& ryproximarely

shop olt lvfiain stre€tin Eastllarrcn,def€ndanf SPAULDING,uihile in his patrolcar,followd stopeed quesfioned and FJ-t\d.ufto wason foot y. Lr or aborcmid-2010, der receivingadhorizationfron MILLER md otLer to hire fte

union ofrcials, union r,eafu-l placeda telephone to a prirrate call investigatcto follow F.JM. Itrimidaion of EastHavenResidert z.

On or abofr frober 30,zgD,Union lrexdrer-2adanother EIIPD Officer visited

m Eas llaven resideirt his placeof employmeirt EastHaven,andtheaened 1s41p51hirn at in l0

forhis public 9riticim of theErno, includinecriticism of MILLER cARr, SPAULDINGand NLLO. AssaultofN_D. a' on or aborrJanuary 3,20lo,ia the vicinity of Thompson Avengein Ea$

rlaven'defendat MILLER s&rck N-D. v/howasbandcrffed andin the secur€ control of two fuoffiers bb' On or aboutJmuary3,znl}defeNdant MILLER regrimanoea a fellow officer

v/hoM wihessedMILLER's assault N.D. andwho of badreported it.to a sryersisoryser€Bat


Frona c afou feUuary 2009though in or aboutSeptemter in 2009,Co-

conryiraor-l rrefi$ed complywith therepeated to requests a policecomrnissioner of (*police comnissioncr-l") fur infornaion r€gadingdefeldantcAR['s arrest of FJ.I\,[.,d re$re$sconstiarcdimerference policematrers. wift dd Fromin sr abod April 2009though in or aboutAugust 2oog,Co*onspirator-l claimedthe

reftsedto cooply wi& tbe policeC.ommissioqers' reguest investigUe to misconduct involving deMetMILLER ee' On or abou April 4,2071, defendant SPAULDINGstopped tickeredpolice and

Commissioner-1. tr' On or aboutNovember 17,2011,ataPoliceCommission heaing regading

arcgions ofmiscduct involvingdefdmt MILLER's postings ontbe Llnimbulletin board at the EHPD,union l-d,',-r,*d.in wastermindednrcha disrrytirrcad intimidatingmann€tr thehearing tbat



on or aboutNovember3O ,2oll,co-conspirator-l

ordered EHpD personnel all

nottopemdtPolioe connmissioners onthepr€mises ofthe EHPDstationwi&outhisprior aproval' aaderreaeaed disgipline forfrilure to complywiththe order.

hb' -

In or abort S€psemb€r nlo,a

@iction of a .hat, wasposted a bulletin board on

d &e EIIPD, confnolled union officials; by includingMILLER, union teader-l andunion L &- 2 . ii'

In or aborrNorrcmber zolo,at a neeting in Eastllaven ufue SPAULDING, AlLw andotb ofrcers w€rc Prcffi, union Leader-l andunion r-afur-z.madeereat€niag strfuts sou anEHPDofficer (*officer-l) vao trey believed wascooperating an in iovestigafion theElIpD. of In or abort Januay zoll,after th trres regarding offEcer-l, setfor6 in overt Act 4 u'eremade'otrcer-l f@4 pocfied thepatrol in lockerroomof the ErIpD, a cartoon stating'You kno'rn' u&A we do to sitches?, a oopty, whichcartoonwasat of that time also harg% m thc rrall of Union.Lder_2's locked. office. it' AII in vioraion of fitle tg, uni&d stat€scode, section24r.

Tk allqations setforth inparagrapbs - 3 and5-lZ I of Countone ue realegd ad incorporafied rcference. by 2' onoraboutNovember 22,?M,intre DisrictofConnecticnf defendant l'

DENNISSPAULDING,ufrils actingrmdercolor oflaw, did assault M.M., whichresult€din


IvLI\4os bodily iniuT', wi[frrtry aeeniving lvLM. of tberight, secured protected the and by consimio ad lawsof fie Unied States, be fiee fr,om ure of unreasonable to tb force by a law

enforcement ofEcer,rh,t is, SPAULDINGtbrewI![M. to thegroundin tre pa*ing lot of La Banba' ca'sing a&p qsto MI{.'s chin,andrepeaedlykicked lyLM. in &e backandlegs ufrile lv{.M.'shds ws,ehdcu&d behindhis baslc

In violaion ofTitre Ig, united statescode, sdon242. COUNTTI]REE , @eprirdion of Rights:FdseArrest) 1fhe alegationssetfor& in pragraphs 1- 13aDd5-17of CormtOnearerea[egpd

ad inaorporaea refererce. by 2Onor abou November 22"2008,intheDisrict of Connectis4 defendaut

qftite ding urd€r color of larv,did willtully depriveMJVI.oftbe DENMS SPALJLDING, right, ffiIred d uorwbh pnotected tre Constitrrianad lann of theUnir€dStates, be free fiom by to to bearrested detainerl and withogt

seiarcsruihichincludes tbtighnot

probdc ca$e adtbe righnotto bearresedbasedrryonfrlse misleading md evidence, that is' SPALJLDING aestedM.I{. wi&oraprobte cause wroteafalse andmisleading and reeortjustifying fte frlse ar€st In violaion of fifle 18,Unied StaesCode Section 242.


COUNTFOUR (Obsnrction:False Report) Thealtegdions setforthinpaagraphs - 3 and5-17ofcom one are I reaueged andincorpon:aed reference. by 2' On or abolf No\rcmh ?2,2h8,in theDistrict of Comecticrr, defendant 1'

DENMS SPAULDING,in rcIaion to 'nd in contemplation of a mdter within tre judseion oftk Fed€ral Bureau oflnvestigation,anagency the Unitedstates,did of knowiaglyconceal' co\ierrry,flsifr mdmakenaaterial frlse entries adocrment with the in inmt to impedEobstrucg influence invwtiguion and &e of that maftsr,that is,

SPAULDINGmadefalseadmisleading stat€m€nts inhis r€pofirelatingto his arrcstof M-Ivf in cd€r to coverrp andcreate frtsejustification for a his assault flse arest of and M.M. In viorationof ritre lg, unit€d statescode, section 1519. COUNTFIYE of Rigbts:Unreasonable @eprivmion Force) l' Theallegations forth inpmagraphs - 3 and5-17of CountOneare set I reaUegpd

andincorporared referenceby 2. On or aboutJaieury Zl,ZOW,in the Distict of Connecticut, defendaut JASON

nJLl-o, \rihileactiqgund€rmlor of law, did assault J,L.A.,q&ich resulted J.L.A.'s bodily in tnjury,willfutly deFiving J-LA- of tlrc righf, sured andplotectedby the Constfurio,n laws and oftbe united Stdes'to beftee fr,om useofrmreasonable the forceby a law enforcement officetr,

frd is, insidetbeEHPDsttisn, nJLLostnrck J.LA.'s headaginqt a wall, andagainassaulted J.LA iDside sraion cellblock a

In violation of Title 18, United Stat€sCode, Section242.

l' The allqations set forft inpaagraphs I - 3 and 5-17 of Comt Oae are realleged and incorpcAed by re,fene,nce.

on or aborfJanrary zl,zwg,in fte Districtof connecticr4 defendant
DENNIS SPALJLDING,*'lilt acting uder color of law, did willfully deprive J.LA. ofthe

right' scrEed adproected bytne Constitrrion and laws of the United S@es,to be A,eefrom ureasonable seiarcs' uihichincludes tredg[t notto be arresed aod detainedwithout FlobaHe caEse@dtheri$tnotto be rrested and detainedbasedupon frlse atdmisleading withor* probable qruse and u6ote a ftlse and

evidence,thd is' SPALILDING @esfiedJIi.. Eisleading rcgctjustifriug fu false aresL

In violmim of Title 18,UnitedStates Code Section 242.

COUNT SEVEN (Obstruction- Report) False
l' d Th altqaions setforth in paragrapbs - 3 and5-17of CormtOnece realleged I

incorporaed reftr,ence. by 2' Onorabou January zl,zffi,intbe District ofConnecti$t, defendant DENMS

SPAI'JLDINq in relationto andin contemplation a mcter within thejuisdiction of the of Fd€ral Burcauof Innestigation, agFf,rcy theUnitedStares, knowinglyconceal, a of did 66ver t4' frlsi& andmaken0derialfalseentries a document in withthe intfft to impede, obstnrd and inflneirce investigdionofthat mffiEr,r+,"t SPAULDINGmadefrlse aodmid€adiqg the iq


statem€ots his reportrctaing to his an€stof J.LA. in in orderto coverup ands€ate a fatse justificationfor his frtse arcst of J.L.A In viorration ritle tg, united statescode, section of 1519. COUNTEIGHT (Deprirationof Righs: False Arest) I' Theallegaionswt forth in paragraphs - 3 ad 5-I 7 of I corrnt one arereauqged

md inoorporated referrence. by 2' FrononorabornFebruary lg,zcfDtbroughonoraboutNdach 3,z0(Jg,in dfuant DAVID CARI, uihile actingundercolor oflaw, did eonsitrtion ad laws of not to.be

tre Dsilrict ofCowicr4

wittfirlly depriveFJ-I\{. of tberight, secured protected fte and by

fu Unibd Stat€qto befiee from umeasonable seianes,uthichincludes right tre

roested aaddetainedwi&orprobable cause adtheright notto bearestedordetained based uponfrlse anAnisteadingevidence, is, CARI arrrested ttd FJ-I\4-witbogtproua,ute caulpandumote ftlse andEid€adingreportjustising the falsearcst a In violationof fitre rg, IJnitedstatescode, section242.

1' Theallqdions sa forth in paagraphsI - 3 and5-17of CountOnearre realleged andincorporared refenence. by 2. Frsmon or abou February lg,Z}}gfuough on or about lvlach 3,ZOOI,inthe DistriotofC,onnegtiqs, defrndmtDAvlD CAR! inrclationto andincmtemplation ofamatter within tbejurisdictionoftbe Fed€ral Burean Investigation, agency &e United Sta6s,did of an of knowinglyoonceal, coverrry,frlsiffsd rnakematerialftlse enciesin a doclmentwitb tbe



to impede, obffu4 ad inflnrc misleading.td.*.ffi

fte investigation of+hatmdter, eat is, CARI made

ftlse d

in his repot relaing to his amest FJ.lv{. in orderto cover of r{,

andcre* a frlse ju*inc*i,on forbis ftlse arres of F.J_IvL In violationof Tide lg, Urxited States Code Section1519. COUIffTEN @eprhntionof Rights:Unreasonable Force) l' Theatlegdions setforft inparagrahs I -3 and5-17ofCogutone.ae

r€a[€ged incorporded reference. aod by 2' OnorabodJeuary 3,?Ol},intheDistictofConnecticr4 deferdant

JoHN MILIE& qihileactng rta.t color of law, did assautt N.D-, ulhichresrltedin N.D.,s bodily iqiury, wiltftlly d€Fiving ND. of theright, securcd protecred ad by th consit'tim andlawsoftb Unitedstdes' to be ftee ftom theuseof unreasonable forceby a law enforwt officer,eat is' in tre vicinity of Thompson Avernre EastHaven,MILLER iD andin 6e secrne cnstodyof two otherpolice

shrck N'D- u&ile N-D-uas h*d",ftd officers.

In viol*ion of Tide 18,UtritedStates Code,Section 242.







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