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Table 22 Ten Leading Causes of Morbidity in Barangay 600 Zone 59 District VI For the Year 2010 and 2011

DISEASE Acute Respiratory Infection Bronchitis Bronchial Asthma Acute Tonsilopharyngitis Tonsilitis Hypertension Diarrhea Pulmonary Tuberculosis Intestinal Parasitism Measles 2010 720 698 615 514 305 291 68 49 43 25 2011 2901 106 98 58 113 86 170 52 55 14 Percentage 302.92% 84.81% 84.06% 88.72% 62.96% 70.45% 150% 6.12% 3.77% 44%

Figure 22 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 2010 2011 300 200 100 0 Analysis of Table 22 .

Bronchial Asthma. 27 out of 38 families of population surveyed have inadequate ventilation which may imply why the Acute Respiratory Infection is the leading cause of morbidity in the barangay. Intestinal Parasitism. Acute Tonsillopharyngitis. Zone 59. Mesa Manila are Acute Respiratory Infection. Diarrhea. Acute Respiratory Infection may be in the upper respiratory tract or lower respiratory tract and may be transmitted through respiratory droplet. . Bronchitis.Based from the table above the ten leading causes of morbidity as of JanuaryJuly 2011 in Barangay 600. An inadequate ventilation of the houses is a great factor that may affect the easy transfer of disease from one person to another. Based from data the group gathered on ventilation of houses.92%. Tonsillitis. District VI. The high percentage of this disease among others can be associated from other data that were gathered by the group such as the ventilation of houses of the surveyed population and the overcrowding of families. Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Measles. The table also shows the comparison of the number of percentage in the previous year and the present year and the percentage of increase and decrease. although overcrowded has less percentage the group may also imply that the overcrowded families noted has a possibility of having Acute Respiratory Infection because the disease can spread easily. in the overcrowding of families. However. Hypertension. Sta. 14 out 0f 38 families is overcrowded. and may be a bacterial infection caused by a pathogenic organism. It is classified into different infectious diseases and may be a viral infection that could be a highly contagious which can spread easily. The leading cause of morbidity in the said barangay is Acute Respiratory Infection with 2901 cases while there are 720 cases in the previous year with an increase percentage of 302.

families that share the same communal faucet may be at risk of having diarrhea. Tonsillitis was ranked as the third leading cause of morbidity in the barangay which decreased from 305 cases to 113 cases with a decrease percentage of 62. Food storage may be related to the increase in percentage of Diarrhea in the community. and may be acute or chronic. The use of communal faucet system may be related to the increased case of diarrhea in the community.96%. as seen from the previous table of food storage. but since none of the surveyed population uses this kind of water source the group may focus on the use of communal faucet system since majority of the surveyed population uses this kind of water supply with a percentage of 55. In the water supply. The surveyed population who refrigerates their food is at lesser risk of having diarrhea since there is a decrease multiplication of bacteria compared to the covered food which may be prone for contamination.Diarrhea is an excessive frequency stools. This disease may be related to food storage and water supply for being the second leading cause of morbidity in the barangay. . given that if the water supply in the communal faucet is contaminated. majority of the surveyed population covered their food as a way of storing it. There is a possibility that the high percentage of the surveyed population that stores their food by covering it and the use of communal faucet system as their water supply may be the factors that most likely to cause the increase in cases of diarrhea in the community.The second leading cause of morbidity in the barangay is Diarrhea with 170 cases in the present year and 68 cases during the previous year with an increase percentage of 150%. usually of loose or watery consistency. point source may be associated to the outbreak of diarrhea in the community.26%.

One of the causes of decreasing of casualties with hypertension is with overcrowding.06%. drugs. High temperature may affect the blood pressure of an individual and it may lead to hypertension. there is enough circulation of air. If there is enough number of people who are living in a house. 2011.81%. cold air and exercise. psychological stress. viral infection.45%. Bronchial asthma is the fifth leading cause of morbidity in the barangay which decreased 615 cases to 98 cases with decrease percentage of 84. Overcrowding is a factor that affects the temperature within a house. irritants (pollutants). Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchi and may be acute which is due to excessive mucus production and chronic. it decreases to 86 individuals with a total decrease percentage of 70. there is a high frequency with 291 individuals who has experienced hypertension. It may be hereditary or exposure to allergens. From the year 2010. The sixth leading cause of morbidity in Barangay 600 Zone 59 is hypertension. There is a high percentage of houses that is not overcrowded. Bronchial asthma is a progressive respiratory disease characterized by inflammation of the respiratory tract and spasm of airway bronchiolar muscle. But the following year. The decreased cases of this disease may imply that the people in the community may already know« The fourth leading cause of morbidity in the barangay is Bronchitis which also decreased from 698 cases to 106 cases with a decreased percentage of 84. Another factor that affects the decreasing rate of number of . One of it risk factors is cigarette smoking.Tonsillitis is an infection or inflammation of the tonsil.

People might not practicing proper hand washing and may be the cause of acquiring this disease. Covering the nose while sneezing and hand washing after sneezing may prevent the spread. This disease has increased its casualty percentage to 3.77%. children came from playing outside or after handling some unclean materials. there are only 43 cases that has been recorded. Hygiene may be the factor of acquiring this type disease. They may be conscious with their proper hygiene to prevent the spread of the disease. 2010. The group has observed that even the waste of the community is collected every day. Because having a high income may support their needs and it may lessen their stress. May be the factor that lessen this type of disease is overcrowding because the place is enough for the people to move freely. The individual who has a high income has lesser stress experience than those who do not.72%. In the year 2011. Other factor that may be the cause is the family is practicing good hygiene.individual who are experiencing hypertension is stress. This disease is felt by 514 individuals from Barangay 600 Zone 59 in the year 2010. They might forgot to hand wash before eating while they came from work. there are 55 cases of intestinal parasitism have recorded but the previous year. In the year 2011. There may be a low risk of acquiring tonsilopharyngitis if the people who talk with each other have enough distance for the distance not to be transported with the other. The eighth leading cause of morbidity is intestinal parasitism. They might use unclean utensils that . it decreases to 58 casualties with a total decrease percentage of 88. Other factor that may affect the increase of this disease is proper food preparation. they cannot still maintain the cleanliness outside their houses. The seventh leading cause of morbidity is acute tonsilopharyngitis.

12%. From the year 2010. Like drinking glasses. it has 14 cases for the total decrease percentage of 44%. It recorded 25 cases for the year 2010. And the following year. it might not be washed properly.the microbes use it as their transport. The factor that might be the cause of increasing number of casualties is increase mode of transmission of respiratory droplet. . The ninth leading cause of morbidity is pulmonary tuberculosis. there are 49 cases has been recorded and it increase to 52 cases by the year 2011 for the total increase percentage of 6. The uninfected person might acquire it through using the towels of the infected one. 2011. The tenth leading cause of morbidity is measles. This disease can be transfer through fomites. Hand washing may also help the prevention of the spread of the disease. The family member who has pulmonary tuberculosis might transfer the disease through using the things that the infected person has used. It is indirectly transferred. Proper hygiene avoiding personal things may be the way of prevention of transfer of this disease. It can be transfer directly by kissing with infected person. Proper hand washing and cleaning of food utensils may lessen the risk of acquiring intestinal parasitism.