ATTN: FCC/MPAA/RIAA/DMCA Your days are numbered.

You are trying to hold human entertainment and ultimatel y human progress captive and it won't be long before people get sick of you and your outdated legislation (SOPA,PIPA) and outdated marketing methods. You attemp t to sell people on a Free America in your media whilst greasing the palms of ev ery greedy politician for a vote to keep your decrepit ill-gotten gains intact. Many of us woke up a long time ago and educated ourselves to the ignorance which you sell us through airwaves, motion pictures, audio recordings, and digital me dia. We recognize you as the same challenge as Kevin Mitnick saw and our social engineering will help us adapt as you have been unwilling to do. You no longer c ontrol the sole supply of information and entertainment, because the world has m oved on, and you have stayed the same. You will not be bailed out by crony capit alism and you will die a slow painful death at the hands of those you deceptivel y call "market share". Such is the circle of life and in the Information Age, a true free market, a true Parthenon of exchanged ideas, is thriving on the Intern et, thus it is time to face the music and let real democracy reign supreme. You have no say in this matter and you will be judged and punished accordingly for y our massive incompetence and greed. Signed, A determined script kid from 1992 Author's Note: As someone who was denied free discs from AOhell/Prodigy on a reg ular basis because I didn't wipe my feet on the welcome mat and go through the f ront door like everyone else, I see the future of digital media not as a revenue source, but as a tool for human innovation. Of course, there is always a chance that human laziness will get the better of our kind and this note never publish ed in the archives of 2600 mag will go unfulfilled. The Internet is not immune t o everything, particularly human behavior, as it is the largest archive of the a forementioned. But it will be the source of angst and suffering for those who de ny it growth as it is a living organism and has a will to reason, analyze, propa gate and defend itself when needed. That much can be attested to in light of rec ent events. I have a reasonable expectation that my letter will find a home in m any of your ideologies as the Internet is something we all grew up with and it i s now a part of our daily lives. Do not be misled into thinking that media consu mption is regulated only at the speed of light, however. It is, and has been, co ntrolled in other various formats mentioned for quite some time. It is up to us, and only us, the ingesting public, to hold our futures accountable for what the present has laid before us. Act and be free now or be sold later.

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