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Winter/Spring 2012


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Cover Bride: Sara Beth Baxley Rush

While youre right in the middle of planning your wedding, its easy to get caught up in all of your lists and making sure every single detail is perfect. Every bride does that; I did that. However, when I look back on that day, there are only a few details that I specifically remember and still hold close. One of the most special details from my wedding is how my mom had a table runner made for the cake table. She had the initial F (what would become my new last name) monogrammed at each end. She chose a champagne table runner and the monogram was done in chocolate brown, both were my wedding colors. The great thing about the table runner is that it was used at the reception, and its now on my dining room table. I look at it every day and think back to when my husband and I cut our wedding cake. It was a great personal touch at my reception because it was specifically done for me. It was a reflection of my personality, and not done to keep in touch with the trends of the year we were married. This issue of Carolina Bride is filled with great examples of how couples take something thats special to just them and make it part of their big day. Like the couple Cricket Newman Designs helped make Clemson Bleu Cheese as their wedding favors. Both the bride and groom attended Clemson University, and wanted to share the importance of their Alma matter with their wedding guests. Artizan on Bull helped one mother of the bride design custom pearl necklaces to give each of the bridesmaids. Not only did each bridesmaid have a necklace that suited their individual personality on the big day, they were able to continue wearing the necklaces long after. Maybe theres something you want to share on your day that honors the other members of your family like Lindsay Moore Mathews Stone did when she had the chef at Embassy Suites incorporate her mothers recipes into the reception menu. Tyler Thompson and Julius Daukas blended their very different backgrounds and cultures in order to have a Lithuanian-themed rehearsal dinner and an Americanthemed wedding ceremony. The best advice I can give to all brides (and their grooms) is to remember whats important. Hold on to those specific pieces of your big day that will still be important long into your marriage. Try not to get caught up in the small details, and dont let the planning process stress you out. When I look at my table runner, Im only reminded of how much fun we had at the reception and how glad I am that I married Tim.

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Anne-Kathryn Flanagan Celebrations Editor


10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Once Upon A Time 14 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . True Love and Lilly 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . From Rivalry to Romance 30 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Blending Traditions, Blending Families 34 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Win, Lose or Wedding

53 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . What to Wear to the Rehearsal Dinner 54 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spring Valley Country Club: The One Stop Shop 55 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Forest Lake Travel Plans the Perfect Honeymoon 56 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Personalized Pearls Make a Lasting Impression 57 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cricket Newmans Signature Designs 58 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ten Questions for Jessica Parks Rourke 60 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wedding and Engagement Album 69 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dress Your Best on the Big Day 69 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Uplighting Shines New Light on Receptions 70 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Celebration Announcements 73 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Par ting Shot 74 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Reception Venues in the Columbia Area 76 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Adver tiser Index 82 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Happily Ever After

38 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Par ty on with Mamas Home Cookin Band 40 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Simple and Elegant Details Matter the Most 42 . . . . . . . . . . Wedding 101 Changes the Planning Process for Brides 44 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Finding the Perfect Dress 46 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Set the Scene 48 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Trip of a Lifetime 50 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tips and Trends for a Fabulous Wedding in 2012 51 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Southern Children Offers Style Advice 52 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Obtaining a Marriage License in South Carolina

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Cover Bride: Sara Beth Baxley Rush Photo provided by Liz Rober ts, special to Carolina Br ide

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Volume 8, Number 1

Winter/Spring 2012

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Once upon a t ime

Katie Hart Photography, special to Carolina Bride

Lacey Canada and her father, Ryland Canada, share an intimate moment during their father/daughter dance. The wedding was filled with laugher and tears of happiness as Lacey celebrated her marriage to Greg Holland with their family and friends at the Hall on Canal and Senate on November 5, 2011. 10

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The day youll never forget ... in a placeyoull always remember

The day youll always remember

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Making Magical Memories for Two Decades

Making Magical Memories for Two Decades 803.359.5325 ~

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By Anne Wolfe Postic, special to Carolina Bride

Photos provided by Liz Roberts, Liz Roberts Photography, special to Carolina Bride

Lilly Pulitzer was everywhere at the wedding of Sara Elizabeth Baxley to Cyril Berwyn R III, on ush view and in spirit. Bride Sara Beth wouldnt have had it any other way . She and her sister Amelia have worked with their mother Beth in her Lilly Pulitzer boutique on Devine Street, Pink Sorbet, since it opened. And Lilly is more than a brand; its a lifestyle. Lilly is traditional, but not without whimsy, perfectly organized, but easy-going, and gracious to a fault, just like the Baxley ladies. Sara Beth and her bridegroom, known to everyone as Tripp, were engaged for a mere 14 weeks. Many brides (and their mothers) spend up to a year planning the big day, but Tripps law school exam schedule and Sara Beths enthusiasm made a shorter engagement essential. The ladies didn t travel far for their wedding finery. Five bridesmaids and the maid of honor wore Lilly, of course, hot pink lined with one of her famous prints, pink toile. The groomsmen wore white dinner jackets and black ties, lend ing a resort feel to the event. Sara Beths sister Amelia was the perfect maid of honor She found .

True Love & Lilly

the designer for Sara Beths wedding dress, K atherine McDonald of LulaKate, in Charleston. The dress was lovely, white silk with a ruffled neckline and a long sash, tied obi-style by her mother into a vertical bow in the back. She wore her moth ers elbow length veil and her sisters crystal earrings, which she spotted in Amelias ears just days before the wedding and asked to borrow them. Beth Baxley was a radiant mother of the bride in tiffany blue silk organza from Coplons, also a local boutique. Gayle Rush, the mother of the groom, was lovely in a spring green dress cus tom made by local designer AnnaBelle LaRoque. Flowers for the ladies by Columbias premiere floral designer Cricket Newman included hy drangeas, lilies and orchids, all in white, so the color of the dresses could shine. Though the groomsmen wore black tie, additional ushers sported pale green ties, a pretty pop of color. W edding guests looked as though they had come from the beach -- and many of them had -- wearing light tans, Lilly P ulitzer favorites and warm smiles. More than one pair of dressy, metallic espadrilles completed an outfit. Even the gentlemen got into the spirit, with colorful Lilly Pulitzer ties and even a few seersucker suits. Sara Beth planned her wedding for 5:30 p.m., when

guests wouldnt feel compelled to be too formal. She wanted people to enjoy themselves. As they entered First Presbyterian, guests were offered a program with a drawing of the church doors on the cover. The Baxleys commissioned the artwork, by South Carolina artist Eugenia Tyson, for the wedding. Once inside, they enjoyed the peaceful sound of a string quartet. (This writer was rushing from another event, combing her hair on the way to the church, and tumbled into her pew, the music allowing her to take a few deep breaths, relax and enjoy.) The R everend Neal R obert Mathias gave a beautiful sermon, reminding guests that, much like lines on the road are frames of reference for driving, and other couples are guides for mar riage. Parents and grandparents offer inspiration for lasting relationships, while friends demonstrate how to navigate life as a new couple. Sara Beth and Tripps family and friends were there in droves, and every single one of them was smil ing for the young couple. As they walked back down the aisle, bridesmaids and groomsmen were laughing and chatting, a happy preview of the reception to come. Beth Baxley s brother and sister -in-law, Robin and Seth R oberts of McL ean, Virginia, were


dispatched to Forest Lake Club to greet guests while the family stayed behind for pictures in the church. True to her style, Sara Beth took charge with a relaxed smile, quickly getting everyone into their places. The mood was light; the bride offered a high five to Reverend Mathias, who then chatted with her father, possibly ribbing him about the only hitch of the day, when Mr. Baxley forgot to follow his wife down the aisle after the ceremony. When the photographer asked Tripp to get in a picture with his wifes family , telling him, Youre in the family now , he responded with an enthusiastic grin, Alright! Later, he exclaimed, with another grin, Its official! Reverend Mathias concurred. It was easy to see where Sara Beth got her attention to detail from when her mother adjusted the ruffles on her dress, just in time for pictures. The bride and groom snuck into their recep tion, driving right up to the eighteenth hole, to enjoy a private dinner before greeting their friends and family . Forest Lake Club food and beverage manager Jessica Pack sets a table for every new couple, candlelight included, with each dish that will be served at the reception, so they get a chance to eat before the party and share their first meal as a couple. Sara Beth and Tripps menu gave her a chance to shine. The bride has lived in Hong Kong and Spain and her husband has spent time in Costa Rica; they wanted a menu that reflected their enjoyment of foreign cuisine. Stir fry was made to order and served in Chinese takeout boxes, right next to a sushi station. T ortillas with chimichurri and corn salsa were the perfect complement to spiked lemonade and mojitos. F ried green to matoes with pimento cheese, shrimp and grits in martini glasses and a traditional carving station reflected the couples southern heritage. A medi terranean style buffet rounded out the menu and contributed to the vacation-like atmosphere of the reception. The ballroom and surrounding rooms at F orest Lake were transformed. Lilly P ulitzer furniture dotted the room, giving guests a beautiful place to rest if they tired of dancing. The walls were draped in aqua and lime sheer silk panels; the bars and tables were covered in Lilly tablecloths.

Balls of pink flowers hung from the ceiling, floating over the heads of mingling guests. Y ounger guests found each other and socialized, the girls giggling, the boys looking dapper. (Southern men know how to look good in dressy clothes from a young age.) Outside, the last swimmers of the day paddled around the pool. F orest Lake Club felt like a lovely, waterfront resort. The band, Intensity , kept the crowd on their feet. Guests quenched their thirst with cocktails, plenty of bubbly and self-serve pink lemonade and iced tea. The bride and groom shared their first dance to How Sweet It Is, a classic from the 1960s, when Lilly P ulitzers fanciful patterns were becoming de riguer for vacationing ladies. The cake, decorated by Cricket Newman with traditional hydrangeas and greenery, was served around 9:30, but the evening wasn t over. The cake table was removed and replaced with a crpe station, where chefs prepared late-night treats to for guests, who also enjoyed Kahlua milkshakes. After a lovely evening, the couple left to spend their first night as husband and wife at Claussens Inn. (The bride wore Lilly P ulitzer, of course, white cotton jacquard with gold lace.) They stayed in Columbia to attend a wedding brunch the next morning, hosted by Gayle and Cy Rush, parents of the groom. F ifteen couples attended and enjoyed a poolside meal at the R ushs home, with southern favorites like grits and tomato pie. A tiki bar kept the mood festive and Sara Beth and Tripp had a chance to visit with close friends before leaving for their honeymoon in Bluffton. They took the short trip before heading back to Florida, ready to get back to work and start life as a married couple. The wedding was simple and perfect. W ith just a few months to plan, Sara Beth focused on the things that mattered most. She relaxed and enjoyed her family and friends, not worrying too much about the details. The wedding was a beautifully simple celebration of a lifetime to come, shared with those who love the couple most. True to Lilly Pulitzer style, they were spectacularly and graciously entertained. May Sara Beth and Tripps life together be filled with Lilly!



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from rivalry t romance o

By Heather Stalker, special to Carolina Bride Photos provided by Clark Berry Photography, special to Carolina Bride

Shannon Martin never imagined shed meet her future husband that night in the Vista. It was, af ter all, a business meeting for Shannona pharmaceutical sales representative from Anderson and a lifelong Clemson fan. And the man she was about to meet was not only a client, but a diehard Gamecock. The meeting, at W ild Wing Caf during the Steve Spurrier show , was ar ranged by a partner of Frank Martin, a family physician. I had never met Frank, even though hed been a client for a year, Shannon said. He was always very busy and didnt usually see pharmaceutical reps. When Frank learned of Shannons Clemson allegiance, the two began a friendly rivalry that soon blossomed into friendship and then into a deeper feeling for Frank, who began asking Shannon for dates. I turned him down three times before I said yes, Shannon says, noting that career concerns made her hesitant to accept. But she finally did say yes, and after their first outing--a romantic Valentines Day dinner at the elegant Terra restaurant in W est Columbia--Shannon was smitten. He is such a good man. He has such a great heart. Hes compassionate; hes loving; hes fun. The couple began a romance, enjoying quiet evenings cooking together and continu ing to rib each other about sports. Then, one weekend, Shannon had a request. Would Frank accompany her to the ACC championship game in Tampa, where Clemson was playing Georgia Tech for the title? He couldnt believe I wanted him to go, Shannon said. He hates the ACC.

But he went. Not only did Frank come to Tampa, but he came bearing a big gift in a small package. He handed me a bag wrapped in yellow tissue paper with a black ribbon, Shannon says, remembering how she handed it back because of the obvious Geor gia Tech colors. But he said, Go ahead. Open it. Inside was a small stuffed tiger. T ied around the tigers neck was a diamond engagement ring. The presentation was a perfect symbol of the way F rank and Shannon s relationship had evolvedfrom good-natured ribbing about one anothers college allegiances to the deep and meaningful love of a true commitment to one another. He proposed to me right before the game, Shannon recalls. Clemson lost, but I didnt even care! Shannon spent the next 14 months planning what was, for her, a dream wedding. It really was like a fairy tale for me. For a venue, she chose the Millstone at Adams Pond, an 18thcentury estate featuring lush gardens and a pond--the perfect spot for outdoor I dos. I fell in love with the atmosphere, Shannon said. It reminded me of Charleston with all of the trees and the pond and the brick. It was just beautiful. Shannon chose April 9, 2011, to walk down a brick aisle strewn with white rose petals, to the soft sounds of a string quartet, and marry her best friend. Friends old and new stood as witnesses to the vows. Franks best man had been his best friend since the second grade. And one of the bridesmaids was the wife of F ranks partner who had introduced the two that night in the Vista. Despite a record-high temperature of 93

degrees in April, the day was perfect. I wanted it to be simple, but elegant, Shannon said. Champagne roses and orchids from Libby Munn Florist perfectly complemented Shannons creamy gown of raw silk with fitted bodice and flowing veil, while purple accents in the brides maids bouquets set off their eggplant dresses. Large arrangements of roses and an ivy arch in front of the pond served as a backdrop for the ceremony, beautifully photographed by Clark Berry Photography. The reception was also outdoors, under a tent. Southern Way catering company prepared heaping platters of salmon, shrimp veracruz, paninis, and crab cakes, followed by a decadent cake in layers of lemon and chocolate prepared by Parkland Cakes. There was even a signature drink of chambord and champagne to match the color of the bridesmaids dresses. The best moment for Shannon was the first dance with Frank. They danced to Rascal Flatts song The Day Before You, which Shannon said holds special meaning for the couple. It talks about life and where weve been in our past. It was the perfect song for us, she said. I remem ber us dancing and I felt like we were the only two people there. After celebrating with friends and family Shannon , and Frank left in a friends Rolls Royce for a night at The Inn at USC, followed by a honeymoon in Aruba. It was wonderful, Shannon says. Weve already booked a trip back for our oneyear anniversary. As for the couples friendly rivalry , it continues. Were still a house divided, Shannon laughs.






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Blending Blending
By: Heather Dawkins Stalker

Traditions, Families

A potato peeling contest, a wood-chopping groom, a dog bedecked like a bride? These are not events typical to an American wedding, but theyre some of the memories Tyler Thompson will treasure when she recalls the weekend last September in which she pledged her life and love to Lithuanian-born groom Julius Daukas. Coming from very different cultures, the couple who met when Tylers brother invited Julius to his first Thanksgiving dinner--blended their traditions beautifully in a two -day event featuring a Lithuanian rehearsal party followed by an American wedding ceremony. The traditions are very old and very strong in my family, says Julius. Instead of interfering with the wedding and the customs here, we just de cided to use our traditions during the rehearsal. The rehearsal party included not only Lithuanian marriage traditions, but also Lithuanian foods, like black bread and Lithuanian meats, cheeses and beer. Guests came from Africa and F rance (where Juliuss parents and sisters now live), from Lithu ania, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida to join in the festivities, which included a match making ceremony where T ylers mother, Jodi Thompson, presented false brides to the groom. Traditionally, one bride is a goat. But we didnt have a goat, so we just used our family dog, says Thompson. Though the customs may seem strange to many Americans, they are very old and symbolic to Lithuanians, as well as a lot of fun. The bride and groom must pass several tests to prove their readiness for marriage. I had to chop a piece of wood. If I can do this, Ill be able to provide warmth and shelter for the house, Julius explains. Tyler had to change the diapers of a baby showing that shes ready to have children. W e both had to peel potatoes. The one who peels the fastest gets to be responsible for the cook -


ing for the rest of our lives. Tyler won, but mine was rigged. It had toothpicks in it. Julius also had to carry his bride over a bridge to prove his ability to carry her across any obstacles in their marriage. But obstacles shouldnt be too hard to face for this couple, who eas ily overcame the challenges of a multi-cultural wedding. The night of rehearsal fun was followed the next day by a traditional American cer emony at the Spring V alley Country Club, complete with bridesmaids in jade, sprays of flowers from Roses flower shop, a Rolls Royce, and lots and lots of dancing. Everybody danced, says Thompson. We have pictures of the waiters and waitresses dancing, pictures of our photographer (Matt Brodie) dancing, pictures of the wedding coordinator dancing. Even my mother, who is 82, danced the whole night. Everything was fantastic, says Julius. And though the Thompson family dog didnt attend the country club ceremony, he did get to dress up again on the wedding daythis time in a tiny tuxedo to greet guests to the family home.



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Warren Weddings. We could not have done it all without Meagan Warren. She was there for us throughout the Jessica Michaelis and Tyler Garretts love story whole planning process, day of , and even after, began much like a scene from the show F riends. Michaelis said. Jessica and T yler knew they wanted to get Jessica was attending the University of South married in Columbia, so they spent time touring Carolina and living with her three best friends for the perfect location, and they found all they at Sterling College apartments in Cayce, when they noticed a group of young guys, including T y- needed in the L ace House and Gardens on the ler, move in across the hall. The two groups of Governor Mansion Grounds. We chose the gardens because of the allure and serenity of it, neighbors spent time together but according to Jessica, it wasnt until a bet that brought us to and the Lace House for its history , pure beauty and elegance. our first date. Tyler lost the bet and had to take While the gardens had their own charm, Jessica me wherever I wanted to go. I picked Mellow Mushroom, Michaelis said. What attracted me brought in Scott Jones and his team at American to Tyler at first was his laid back personality and Floral to add a few extra touches. Everything from the bouquets, to the kissing balls along the charm. I also loved his shaggy hair and comical aisle, the mantle pieces and table center pieces stories. he did with perfection, she said. Six years later , Tyler arrived at Jessicas house Jessica chose the Memorial Garden as the with a card and flowers. When I looked up, he was down on one knee and asked me if Id mar- location for their wedding ceremony . An oasis in downtown Columbia, the garden is quietly ry him, Michaelis said. I was in such a state of shock; I think I just stared at him. I asked if he was wrapped by a brick and wrought iron wall with flowers and greenery bursting at the seams. for real and not joking and he started laughing. Even with all of the elegance of the surroundings, Of course, Jessica said yes! Due to the couples busy schedules, T yler is sometimes the charm of a wedding comes from a fifth grader teacher in the Columbia area and the unexpected moments. As the ceremony started, the flower girl (Ella) lost her front tooth. Jessica is a marketing program manager for the American Red Cross Blood Services; they en - She managed to keep any blood from getting on her beautiful white dress. listed some help with the wedding details from My dad wrapped the tooth up and put it in wedding planner Meagan W arren of Meagan
Story and photos provided by Palmetto Duo: Dave Gilbert and Katie Hart, special to Carolina Bride

his pocket until he could give it to her father. Its funny in the pictures because in half the photos she is missing one front tooth and the other half she is missing both front teeth, Michaelis said. Both Jessica and Tyler wanted the reception to be fun, laid back and colorful. After a casual cocktail hour, which featured a Blue Hawaiian cocktail and Brushetta served throughout the garden, the wedding party kicked up the fun by dancing into the reception draped in feather boas and colorful glasses. Jessica and Tyler are both huge Gamecock fans so Cocky came down the grand stair case of the L ace House after the cake cutting. He even enjoyed a bite of cake and mingled with the guests who enjoyed shrimp, cheese and fruit. Surrounded by glowing colored lanterns hanging in the trees, Jessica and Tyler and their guests danced the night away to the tunes of New South Players with East Coast Entertainment, and as the evening ended, they escaped to a clas sic Ford getaway vehicle underneath a canopy of sparklers. Jessica and T yler love that they can relive the memories of their wedding day through the pho tos taken by Dave Gilbert Photography and Katie Hart as well as the videography, which was provided by Absolute Productions. All-in-all, our big day was exactly what we imagined. It went perfectly and will forever be one of the most special nights of our lives. Mi chaelis said.





Party on with Mamas Home Cookin Band

By Anne-Kathryn Flanagan

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The bridesmaids looked stunning, the groomsmen were sharp in their tuxedos and the flower girl made it down the aisle without a hitch. The gown looked flawless, and your groom couldnt hold back the tears as you made your way down the aisle. It is official, you are husband and wife, and now is the time to party . Enter Mamas Home Cookin Band! The variety band, which has been playing since 1974, keeps everyone on the dance floor with their high energy level and full repertoire of classic favorites and current hits. We started primarily doing rhythm and blues; then the term beach music caught on. So we have basically rolled with the flow of different styles as theyve changed, Harry Parker, owner/ manager and male lead vocalist, said. My main goal is to have the energy level be high all of the time, which is what gets the people up and danc ing. Although Parker is the only one left of the original founders, hes brought in fresh talent over the years. Currently, the band members include Candice Pipkin, female vocalist; Gerald Carrigg, keyboards; Ron Port, drums; R ussell Lowery, base; Parker Connor, guitar; Josh W orkman, trumpet; and George Schneider, saxophone. I came on about three years ago, Candice Pipkin said. I performed for a long time and was used to being in front of large groups so it didn t take long to fit right in. Both P arker and Pipkin agree that the key to a successful reception is keeping the bride and groom happy. They listen to what each wants

38 710 Rabon Road, Image Care Building, Columbia, SC
* The physician will discuss all potential risks and outcomes with you at your initial consultation. Restrictions may apply. Surgery must be scheduled within the next six months. $3,250 includes OR and anesthesia fees.

and doesnt want before hand and feel out the crowd as the evening progresses. Couples have to choose the right band; Im up front with them and tell them what we can do and if we mesh, we go from there, P arker said. Ive played all over the United States and in other countries, so weve got the experience. Pipkin also said the band will learn songs that they may not have played before and will do special requests like the time a groom wrote a song for his bride. He gave the song to the band be fore the wedding and they played it as a surprise for the bride. There was one reception where either the bride or grooms family was from Tennessee. They wanted us to play R ocky Top, which we werent sure how to play, Pipkin said. We kind of looked at each other and started playing it. The family went nuts. The greatest advantage for the band is that they are all different ages and each possesses a variety of musical backgrounds. P ipkin has introduced Parker to more current songs and groups like The Black-Eyed Peas. Having gotten married four years ago, Pipkin knows what most couples and their guests want to hear. The most important thing to remember is that you can never go wrong with live music. Y oure getting the most bang for your buck because we can do anything, P ipkin said. And each of us loves music and loves performing, Parker said.

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Simple and Elegant Details Matter the Most

By Anne-Kathryn Flanagan

Lindsay Moore Mathews and Brian Lee Stone made sure their wedding was memorable and special by keeping true to themselves and holding close the most important people in their lives. The couple was surrounded by loving fam ily members and well wishers throughout the entire event. F irst, Lindsay Moore made sure to keep the entire affair intimate, quiet and reflective by having only her closest friends as bridesmaids. Both Lindsay and Brian chose to have a memory table inside the reception, which included photos of each of their great-grandparents and grandparents and a few childhood pictures of Lindsay and one of her dear friends who had passed awayThey also included black and white . photos of each of their parents original photos and a color photo of themselves. It was a special way to remember the people they had lost but to celebrate marriage and all of the wonderful things that lie ahead of them. Lindsay also paid tribute in the wedding program to seventeen-year-old Sassy, her childhood dog who passed away just before the wedding. What really tied the entire day together was the fact that Lindsay and Brian didn lose sight of what was important, t and at the end of the day, they were marrying the others best friend.


e bridesmaids brunch, cocktail hour and reception were all held at Embassy Suites. Richard Snidar, the chef at Embassy Suites, was able to offer the couple a very unique touch when it came to the menu for the reception. He actually took some of the Lindsays mothers recipes and customized them with his own version. e guests raved about Tissy Mathews (Lindsay Moores mother) butternut squash soup recipe. Snidar baked acorn squash halves to serve her mothers soup in. He also did lamb, chicken and beef kabobs on a bed of couscous, a great variety for all palates.

e important details that really showed Lindsay Moores personality came from American Floral. She was able to tell Scott Jones, owner of American Floral, her favorite flowers and he fabulously incorporated each one into multiple arrangements in the church and throughout the reception. American Floral created an elegant arch made out of stunning arrangements that included hydrangeas, curly willows and more. ey were able to use macho ferns at the base of the arch, which came from Lindsay Moores mothers yard. Her bouquet included orchids, hydrangeas and curly willows, and American Floral was able to place an antique broach (a gift from her late grandmother) at the base of the bouquet. e broach was artfully tucked into a silver dragonfly in honor of her dear childhood friend.

Lindsay Moore learned that the people you hire to help plan the wedding really do m ake a h uge difference. Megan Warren was hired on as the wedding planner and she handled all of the RSVPs for the seated dinner and took care of the place cards. Sabrina Trottey came to the house and did the Lindsay Moores hair and makeup before the bridal portrait and on the day of the wedding. Victor Lasov, a U niversity of South Carolina music professor, played during the cocktail hour; and Rose Senn, a s tudent at Clemson University, played the harp during dinner.


Wedding 101 Changes the Planning Process for Brides

Ariels Special Events

Elegant granite entrance with chandelier Romantic log fireplace Seats as many as 200 Granite Bar Built in sound system w/wireless mic In-House Catering by: Simply Delicious Catering
onveniently located between Cola Metro Airport and I-26

By Anne-Kathryn Flanagan Photos provided by Matt Brodie, Brodiefoto, special to Carolina Bride

ive your guests a taste of distinct elegance & prestige

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Youre newly engaged and sharing this won derful news with your family and friends. P eople are constantly asking to see the ring, and you are more than happy to oblige because it sparkles and shines. After all, your fianc worked hard to put that on your finger. This is the time to relish because soon youll get caught up in lists, venues, caterers and so much more. Brides-to -be shouldnt worry too much be cause the newest concept to hit Columbia is here to help. Wedding 101, which recently opened its doors on the corner of Main and T aylor, offers brides a completely different way of planning their weddings. Its such a new concept to Columbia because its not a wedding coordination business, instead its a resource library, a planning studio, Connie Hancock, owner of Wedding 101, said. The biggest misconception is that Im a wedding planner. Instead, I have vendors who display their work in my studio so brides can see it and feel it. My studio is like a bridal expo thats open everyday. W edding 101 features bookcases filled with portfolios and business cards of photographers and other vendors. There are also desks with pads and pencils so brides can sit and jot down ideas from a variety of books and magazines. Brides can look through the portfolio boxes where vendors have included their cards and albums along with lists of each of their services


and starting prices, Hancock said. I have edu cational resources, books and magazines so brides can save money instead of buying all of that themselves. The best part about going to W edding 101 is that the consultation is absolutely free. Hancock will sit down with brides in order to get a brief overview of their style and budget and go from there. Hancock then pulls all of her resources and matches the right vendors with each indi vidual bride. A studio like this works because Im not sell ing a bride my services. Im completely objec tive, Hancock said. It gives the vendors a way to market their services because I am a platform for the brides to meet with them. V endors can use my studio at any time to meet with brides. Its convenient for everyone. This concept is perfect for a bride who has a packed schedule, works full time or lives out of town. Instead of having to pick a free weekend and drive all over town meeting vendors, brides can have each of their vendors meet at Wedding 101 at convenient times. In addition, Wedding 101 plays host to several events. Hancock said caterers can come in with samples of their work and host cake tastings. There are gowns and tuxedos on display along with arrangements from florists. Hancock also has a travel agent who will be giving a free hon eymoon seminar. Its an educational platform because brides may not know who is out there. I can put them in touch with the rental companies, attire ven dors and let brides know when those places are having sales, Hancock said. The main goal Hancock hopes Wedding 101 achieves is to take the stress out of the plan ning and help each of their expectations be met. Her role is to match brides to vendors within their budget and inform them of whats impor tant during each stage of planning. Hancock said theres no need for brides to get caught up in the favors if the wedding is a year away. Its great for the vendors to have a medium to showcase their businesses and services, and I take the guesswork out of what vendor works for what bride, Hancock said. But what I have the most fun doing is helping brides realize they can have the wedding they want without stress ing out and staying within their budget.


We believe its the details that make the difference. Whether your needs encompass a small bridal luncheon or a large stand up reception, the clubs staff is ready to make your special day what youve always dreamed.
Spring Valley Country Club


(803) 788-3080

300 Spring Valley Rd. Columbia, SC 29223

Sterling Flatware Registry Pearls Gifts For Wedding Parties

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736-i St. Andrews Road Columbia, SC 29210 Hours: M-Sat 10a-5:30p Wed Until 7p (803) 798-4416 (800) 476-1258 Fax (803) 798-6866


Finding the Perfect Dress:

By Anne-Kathryn Flanagan

Bella Vista takes a fresh, consultative approach to finding your dress.

ter please yourself, Juidice said. Brides should bring people who will pay attention to her and not run around the store grabbing the stuff they personally like. Juidice also advises that a bridal store is no place for small children and guys also don t enjoy the experience either. They will make exceptions for a brides father if they want to see the final few choices. But out of respect for the other brides, they will make special arrangements in these cases. Most importantly, the consultants at Bella Vista Bridal always ask for a budget. This is so that they only show you the dresses within your price point. Theres no need to show a bride a dress and have her fall in love with it if its unaffordable. You dont want to fall in love with a dress you cant afford because youll compare every other dress to that one. W e have many beauti ful dresses that can fit within someones budget, Juidice said. No matter what style, length or shade your wedding dress ends up being, you have to pick one that makes you happy. Dont pick a dress for other people, and keep an open mind during the entire process. Our goal is for the groom to see a beautiful woman first and think about it being a beautiful dress second, Juidice said.

Selecting the gown can be the most wonder ful and difficult experience for many brides. Bella Vista Bridal takes the guesswork out of the entire process by showing brides the dresses they can afford without steering them away from their own personal style. The biggest thing in regards to fashion and finding a wedding dress is getting what you like, R en Juidice, owner of Bella Vista Bridal, said. You can chase trends all you want, but the wedding dress should be about the bride. It shouldn t be about what the princess wore or Kim Kardashian. The first thing Juidice suggests is for all brides to keep an open mind. Don t get too fixated on a particular dress or style because it can hinder a bride from finding the dress thats perfect for her. When youre looking at magazines, youre seeing a specific dress thats been tailored just for that model, Juidice said. That dress can look totally different on you. Its okay to be informed about styles, but to be open to something else. Keep in mind your timeline. It can take a while to produce a dress as well as having in tailored. However, you dont want to look around for too long. Juidice said the longer a bride shops, the more difficult it can be to find the one. Also, the more dresses a bride tries on in one day the less , likely preconceived expectations will be met. When it comes to finding the perfect dress, Bella Vista Bridal follows several guidelines. Ev erything is done with a consultant. We dont just send you off to the racks. W e listen to what youre saying and work with you, Juidice said. All of our girls are educated and they arent on commission. Brides need to trust our consultants because they will help them find exactly what they want and be honest with them about the style they are trying on too. While wearing a dress from a well-known de signer can be appealing, its not necessary. Getting too hung up on a brand name doesn t impress other people, plus what designer is in fashion comes and goes. Look for a quality dress that you like the design of rather than having a dress by a particular designer. In addition to keeping an open mind and trusting the Bella Vista Bridal consultants, Juidice also suggests that brides only bring their most important friend or family member with them. Theres no need to bring in everyone involved in the wedding because too many opinions get thrown into the pot. Also remember to bring people who arent too overly critical and will remember that they arent shopping for what they like. You cant please a lot of people, so you bet -


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We offer bridal party discounts on tanning and airbrushing.

Look your best on your wedding day

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Set the Scene

By Anne-Kathryn Flanagan

Jim Pope, owner and manager of Plant Ex press, wants brides to know that it is possible to pick beautiful arrangements and greenery for the big day while sticking to a budget. P ope prides himself on taking the guess work and the stress out of the entire process by handling all of the important details himself. We handle everything over the phone with one call, Pope said. I get the instructions for delivery and ask for payment about a week or so ahead of the event. After that, I take care of the rest. Its during the initial phone conversation that Pope explains the different greenery packages as well as the prices brides can choose from. He also goes over a few other important facts brides should take into account when picking plants. These are indoor , tropical plants that are grown and living in greenhouses, Pope said. Its important for brides to know they cant be in the

August sun for more than 30 minutes because theyll burn. During the winter the Ficus topiaries , can go out as long as the temperature is above 40 degrees, but they cant stay out overnight. After the package is selected, Pope takes down the date, time and location of the wedding and reception. Plant Express will take care of delivery and set up on the day of the event and clean up on the day after. For a wedding that takes place on Saturday , Plant Express will deliver everything on Friday so everything is set up for the rehearsal. Pope does this for no additional charge because he wants brides to see everything before the ceremony, which gives them a good feeling for what they ll see the next day. Pope also knows what works well and looks the best in both the church and at the reception, which makes the pre-arranged packages an easy option. In regards to the church, Pope suggests Boston Ferns at the edges or down the steps of the altar . You only need one or two because its not a plant show, Pope said. You can also put one or two palms in the choir loft because those are more elegant for a church setting. When it comes to decorating the reception venue, Pope suggests the more festive F icus trees with tiny white lights in groupings of six. Weve cut down to the basic plants,and I have two greenhouses full of rental palms, Ficus trees and ferns. We do some seasonal things, and dur-

ing the holiday season we do P oinsettias, Pope said. However, I leave the flower arrangements to the florists. Pope works very closely with the florists as well as the caterers and wedding planners. He knows its important for everyone involved in the plan ning process to communicate and work together . Pope, whos been in business since 1992, built the greenhouses and started offering plant rentals 10 years ago. Everything is grown in Florida and shipped directly to the greenhouses where they are properly cared for. Ive been through so many weddings, and I want to make everything look perfect, Pope said. I guarantee that all of my customers get a good, quality product.

Located in Lexingtons historic Old Mill, Cotton Grill is a full service casual fine dining restaurant. Chef Jason Palmers unique background in classical French & American cuisine come alive on the grill and the plates. Guests can enjoy a private dining room, an open air deck and a screened in porch to host private parties; like bridal showers, receptions, and more. We also are available to rent out completely for larger weddings and events. Enjoy our unparalleled atmosphere whether outside overlooking the mill lake or inside among our wooden ceilings and age old brick walls. Call for more information! 46

711 East Main St Lexington, SC 29072 (803) 957-1996

of Columbia 803-454-1794 Toll free 866-892-1352 After hours 803-446-5734

Book your honeymoon or destination wedding with Columbias honeymoon and destination wedding boutique Eileen Nason, CTC, Destination Wedding Specialist 1150 Bower Parkway, Suite F1B, Columbia SC 29212 At Travel Leaders of Columbia, we live by this rule: People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did . but people will never forget how you made them feel

The T of a Lifetime rip

By Eileen Nason, CTC, destination wedding specialist for Travel Leaders of Columbia, special to Carolina Bride

Destinations made for lovers, where sea and sunsets set the stage for glorious weddings and resorts are designed for romance. For very special weddings a travel agent can arrange award-winning beachfront resorts, unique ceremony settings, value-added packages, free wedding-planning services and ultra-chic honeymoon suites. Begin your life together with your toes in the sand, under a charming gazebo, in a beachfront chapel or on a rooftop deck with sea views while a Caribbean band, Mexican harpist or Hawaiian singer serenade your reception. Its no wonder destination weddings are becoming more and more popular.

Reasons to have a destination wedding:

A unique and memorable experience. A destination wedding provides a memorable out-of-the-ordinary setting that is truly removed from the stresses of daily life. Destination weddings cost less than traditional weddings. There is less time to stress and more time to savor the moment.


Popular Destination Wedding Locations

Jamaica, St L ucia, Antigua, P unta Cana and the Bahamas are very popular . If you dream of a romantic wedding on the beach with warm breezes, palm trees, and the gentle sound of surf , this destination is for you.

The Garden Gate Florist

Your wedding should reflect the best of everything... from bridal bouquets to special occasion arrangements; we have the perfect flowers for you!
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Wedding and Special Event Services Available Statewide

Pacific Area

How about some of the most romantic places on the planet? Hawaii, Thailand and Fiji offer an unparalleled experience and are becoming increasingly popular with couples who want their special day and their special honeymoon to be full of distinctive and wonderful memories.

Modern Bride



Some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere are on the coast of Mexico. There are wonderful and luxurious re sorts in the Mayan Riviera, P uerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, and Baja California Sur.

Mon - Sat 10-6 803.419.4471 (phone) 803.419.2404 (fax) The Shops of ONeil Court, 224 ONeil Court, Columbia, SC No Appointment Necessary

United States

Lake Murray DJ Service

Add the wow factor to your wedding Now offering Uplighting Match your wedding colors or choose any color We also provide: Custom Gobos & Slideshows

There are many exciting locations here at home for your destination wedding. How about Disney W orld, Las Vegas, New York City, San Francisco, Nantucket, Napa Valley, Aspen, or Lake Tahoe? These are all popular wedding destina tions in the U.S.


Read what one of our recent clients said about us: I would recommend Joe and Mike for any gathering with music entertainment. They were very professional and handsome as well! They played the right songs at the right times. Im so glad that we did the upgrade with the uplighting. It added the wow factor and would not have been the same without them. Thanks again guys for making my special night so much fun!

Cruise Ships

Combining your wedding with a cruise is another excellent choice. Y ou can travel to just about any place in the world on your cruise and enjoy a number of stops on your itinerary.

Visit our website at

Call (803) 237-7030

-Jen Eichelmann


Tips and T rends for a Fabulous W edding in 2012

By Melanie E. Murphy, special to Carolina Bride

Some of the hottest trends in 2012 will be The use of rich fabrics/linens to create more
attention to detail and fashion inspired weddings ~ we are seeing more use of natural accents paired with colors from all over the rainbow. Instead of just a color palette setting the overall feel, well see full-scale themes coming to life. texture within the event is very popular.

Editors Note: Melanie E. Murphy , owner of By Invitation OnlyEvent Planning & Design, put together her tips for what will be trending in 2012. Brides, take note! This guideline can help you stay in the loop with great ideas that youll want to include in your special day . This is also a great way to know whats trendy without going over board. No one wants to look back on their big day and say What was I thinking?

The candy bar trend of previous seasons

seems to be shifting towards cookies, cupcakes and pies in 2012 with the introduction of cookiecupcake towers.

The tilt towards nature and the local landscape for reception tables is growing rapidly. Additional dcor trends include elevated centerpieces inspired by architecture and mismatched looks incorporated into table design as well as a more opulent table design.

We are also seeing a shift in the catering of

these events such as small plate service and tasting stations, which are becoming wildly popular and are so much fun.

Rent Live Plants for Your Special Day

Large palms, Ferns, Peacelillies, Ficus Trees with tiny white lights, and Topiaries. Greenery Packages starting at: Churches $195 Receptions $295 Delivery & Setup Included

Couples can have great food stations that

have their own personality and activity going on. In addition, we have begun to see the introduction of the late-night snack food display that really does keep the party going longer. The introduction of a fun snack to power up guests will keep them on the dance floor.


For reservations, ideas and suggestions call Jim Pope 803.252.3999

Plant Express Rentals

One last thing we are seeing much more of is

personalized DIY projects....with the growing trend of etsy and Pinterest.... couples can create and personalize their wedding with printed material, favors and table decor.

Southern Children Offers Style Advice for the Smallest of Wedding Guests
By Anne-Kathryn Flanagan

Southern Children has stylishly and appropriately dressed children of all ages since 1989. With a variety of colors, styles and patterns, Southern Children features age appropriate outfits for every occasion.
Susan Broome, owner of Southern Children, offers sound advice for dressing boys and girls regardless of how casual or formal the wedding may be.

Step 2:

Is the wedding going to be indoors or outdoors? If its outdoors, be sure to check the weather report for the event.

Broomes suggestions for dressing boys:

Suits and sports coats Khaki or navy pants Suits for formal weddings Sweater and an Oxford button up for a casual wedding Saddle Oxfords; two-tone brown are very popular White shoes with soft flexible soles Bucks

Step 1:

Step 3:

First, choose an outfit based on the season. Youll also want to factor in the possibility of a wedding theme. Broome suggests red because it can be worn all year long, and eggplant because it can be worn anywhere.

The time of the wedding is important as youll dress differently for a day and evening wedding, and formal or informal is an essential part. Broome suggests smocked dresses and dresses with sashes because they are good for both day and evening weddings.

Broomes suggestions for dressing girls:

Choose simplified silhouettes Tights make the dress flow better T-length dresses Sashes can be worn in the front, side or back Accessorize with a simple necklace when the neckline calls for it Ballet flats

unique gifts and home decor

Dont dress children in styles that are too old for their age Dont put suits on infants Dont over accessorize



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Obtaining a Marriage License in

Both the bride and groom-to-be must apply together at a South Carolina County Courthouse Marriage License Bureau. Most courthouses are open from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Fees vary by county location, but only cash will be accepted.

Sout Carolina h

A drivers license and Social Security number are required; a birth certificate is not; nor is a blood test or a physical obligatory. You do not have to be a resident of South Carolina, or even of the United States, to marry in South Carolina. Once you have applied, there is a 24-hour waiting period before you can pick up your license. Your marriage license is good in any South Carolina county, regardless of which South Carolina County Courthouse it was obtained. Register of Deeds (Marriage License) in S.C. (803) 576-1963 or (803) 576-1992.

we're your place to plan!

e're not wedding planners,

Getting Married?
Social Security Administration Internal Revenue Service State Tax Authorities Postal Service Public Assistance Office Veterans Administration Passport Office Department of Motor Vehicles Credit Card Companies

Some important organizations and people to notify:
1537 Main Street, Suite B | Columbia, SC 29201 M: 803.463.2386 | O: 803.254.4101 | F: 803.254.4103
Tues Fri 115 | Sat 104 | Sun & Mon Closed

Financial Institutions (Banks, Investment Plans) Utility Providers Automobile Lenders Insurance Companies (Health, Life, Property, Automobile) Employer Healthcare Providers Professional Organizations Social Organizations Schools (Alma Mater) Magazine Subscription Services


Rehearsal in a church?
Shirt & tie or suit will be required for the church so youll wear that to the dinner. Grooms should consider a custom made suit or a specially made tie.


Follow a few tips from Keith Rowland of Granger Owings and youll be set for any type of rehearsal dinner.

Coastal/Resort Rehearsal?
Light weight fabrics and light colors are a must. White slacks with a navy blazer are perfect for a high profile resort rehearsal.

Outdoor rehearsal?
Time of day & season will determine the dress but you should steer towards more comfortable, relaxed clothing and stay away from stuffy clothing.

Spring/Summer rehearsal?
Searsucker, linen and other light weight fabrics are appropriate between May and August.

Still not sure?

The mother of the bride & the mother of the groom will not hesitate to share their opinions with you about what to wear so dont hesitate to ask them.


Spring Valley Country Club;

By Rachelle D. McMillan

Tips for Planning a Rehearsal Dinner

Set Your Theme: A rehearsal dinner can be anything you want it to be - from a casual cookout to an elegant dinner. Who to Invite: Wedding party members and guest, close friends and family. It is always nice to invite out-of-town guests who traveled far to share your special day. Last, but not least, dont forget about the wedding officiant and/or others who are part of your wedding ceremony. Location to the church or venue Try to keep it fairly close to the wedding venue. This will make it easier for your family and friends. The grooms cake can be offered for dessert. Dont forget about your bridesmaids and groomsmen; this is a great time to hand out their gifts. Toasting Your Family and Friends: Many people have gone out of their way to make your day special. This is a great time to express your gratitude. Other fun ideas for your rehearsal dinner: slide shows, and games help everyone get to know both sides of the family.

the One-Stop Shop

After he pops the question, many brides-tobe are faced with even more questions. Planning your big day requires decisions, decisions, and more decisions! Where should you hold the ceremony? Where should you hold the reception? Who should you choose as the caterer? Its enough to make a girls head spin! Spring Valley Country Club has the answer to all of these burning questions. Available to both members and non-members, Spring Valley Country Club offers one-stop shopping when it comes to planning the wedding of your dreams. According to the Clubs motto, the beauty is in the details - We believe its the details that make the difference. Experience the difference in gourmet food and first-class service. With an excellent location in Northeast Columbia, which is convenient to downtown, hotels and I-20, I-77 and Hwy. 1, Spring Valley Country Club is an ideal venue to host your ceremony and reception. The club boasts a 25,000-square-foot Clubhouse and 150 acres of breath-taking gorgeous scenery. Imagine large lakes, small ponds, wild flowers and natural flowering trees as the back drop for your wedding photos. Inside, you are welcomed by the charm and elegance of chandeliers and thick, plush carpeting. Large open windows allow natural light in and contribute to the ambiance of the facility. Whether you are planning a small intimate event or a large soiree, Spring Valley Country Club has you covered. The clubhouse has a large ballroom that can seat 300 guests and includes a large dance floor, or it can accommodate up to 750 guests standing. The Gold Room is available to house buffets or serve as an overflow room. There is also a patio that overlooks a pond, which perfect for taking photos. In addition to the stunning atmosphere, the Club offers the expertise of Rhonda Schock Stone, Clubhouse manager/special events coor-

dinator. Stone enjoys meeting and working with the brides (as well as their wedding planners) to ensure their day is special and memorable. I enjoy each and every wedding held here at Spring Valley Country Club, she said. I especially like knowing that I have been a part of the brides special day and helped out in any way I possibly can. There is an abundance of decorations and pieces available at the facility, and centerpieces and candles are included in the price. Rhonda will also assist with planning rehearsal dinners (see sidebar) and/or bridal luncheons to complement your ceremony. To top it off, the world-class catering and food & beverage department offers a full range of menu possibilities from casual dining fare to haute cuisine. The only aspects brides are required to do are book the entertainment and bring the cake. Book your event at least six to eight months in advance. If your date isnt flexible (perhaps you want to be married on a specific date for sentimental reasons) then by all means try to book at least one year in advance, Stone said. Spring Valley Country Club offers convenience, privacy, reasonable rates and great value. Perfect! You can now cross off several items on your To-Do list and work on picking out that gown. Contact Rhonda at 803-788-3080, ext. 103, or e-mail, and experience an endless supply of creative ideas to make your wedding uniquely special.



By Anne-Kathryn Flanagan

Forest Lake T ravel

Editors Note: Forest Lake Travels Shelley Bohl man, certified travel consultant, and Daisy Miller, operations manager, have sound advice for couples planning their honeymoons. F orest Lake Travel, which has been in business since 1978, is the larg est locally owned and operated travel agency in South Carolina. The agency is more than qualified to help couples narrow down their choices, figure out a set budget and take care of all of the de tails so all thats left to do is relax and enjoy being newlyweds. Although the honeymoon is the final step in the wedding planning process, it is smart to start think ing about it as early as possible. According to Shelley Bohlman, the sooner couples make a decision on where to spend their honeymoon, the longer they have to make payments on the trip. In addi tion to having the financial aspect figured out, using a travel agent helps take away the stress of tending to smaller details. Couples want to consider a travel agent be cause we can take anything off their plate, and they have us to fall back on, Bohlman said. When youre trying to research and book everything yourself the mouse doesnt talk back. Anything can happen, and the travel agent can watch the news and the weather to help you plan or re-plan accordingly. Forest Lake Travel doesnt charge a service fee for the initial consultation, and its during this con sultation when they will help couples flush through the different ideas they have. I have a honeymoon file, and I keep track of the positive feedback and recommendations from the previous couples weve worked with, Bohl man said. Then I get a budget, length of trip and go over special things theyll need like passports. Once a destination is decided upon, Forest Lake Travel handles all of the many remaining details including ticket information, cancellation insurance and booking excursions. According to Bohlman the role of a travel agent has evolved over the years in that theyve become travel advisors who consult on everything. I re member one resort spa that was going to be un available, but a temporary one in a different loca tion would be, she said. I was able to inform the couple of that change because it was something they wouldnt have known otherwise. Another great aspect to using a travel agent is having them listed on the wedding registry . Family and friends can call to put money towards the actual honeymoon or have a bottle of champagne sent to their room. Even in a difficult economy, people still get married and live their lives and the great thing is that people are able give the gift of travel, Miller said.


Personalized Pearls Make a Lasting Impression

By Anne-Kathryn Flanagan

Clayton P King, owner of Artizan on Bull, takes . pride in the quality pearls he carries as he knows they can add just the right touch to any dress. Finding the perfect piece of jewelry for brides (and their bridesmaids) is his specialty as he knows the strand shouldnt take away from the bride or the wedding gown she wears. In general, the wedding gown is the focus, but I strongly believe pearls are one of those time less pieces of jewelry that are appropriate for the grocery store and your wedding day, King said. With so many different sizes and colors to choose from, it can be overwhelming for brides trying to pick the perfect strand. The good news is that King knows his stuff. The only pearls that come in natural colors are salt water varieties: Tahitian pearls are most commonly known as black pearls, and feature peacock blue-green overtones; light to medium grays down to a silvery color . South Sea pearls come in bright white and gold , and are most noted for their satiny lustre. Occasionally , these have a gray overtone, but are not as dark as the Tahitian pearls, he said. Japanese Akoya pearls are known for their bright, mirror-like luster and are the naturally white, off white, and can tend toward pinkand lavender. W ith that in mind, there are options for ob taining pearls in other shades. King said that any necklace thats a color other than the natural shades is going to be dyed. Dyed pearls are in no way of lesser quality than naturally colored pearls; its the industrys way of providing colored pearls in non-natural shades. Before the perfect strand and shade is decided upon, most brides will need to consult their bud get. After all, the budget applies to the jewelry just as much as it does to the gown. Kings best advice is for brides to decide whats important for that specific day. If all she needs is a strand to complement the gown or match a specific color, then go with something simple and less expensive. There are multiple options that can keep you within your set price point. F or example, King created a fresh water multi-strand necklace and placed it with a sterling silver clasp rather than the more expensive gold clasp. W ith the bride-to -be covered, Artizan on Bull can help with the challenge of selecting the bridesmaids jewelry as well. The thing Im most excited about is our large collection of loose pearls. Weve crafted custom strands of pearls for the bridal party using fresh water pearls, which keeps the price from being

outrageous, King said. The strands are custom made so you can t find them anywhere else. Theyll always have something special to com memorate the wedding day and be able to wear again. In addition to the personalized loose pearl strands, Artizan on Bull offers other signature pieces such as broaches or barrettes. Kings niece ordered a comb with a cluster of pearls to wear in her hair. Its important to do something you can wear again in some capacity. These signature pieces are the perfect way to achieve that without breaking the bank, King said.


CriCket NewmaNs sigNature DesigNs show BriDes

By Anne-Kathryn Flanagan

Every wedding season brings a new set of trends and ideas that wow brides and the guests who attend their weddings and re ceptions. However, its important for brides to maintain their individuality and allow their true personalities to shine through. Thats where Cricket Newman Designs comes in. We approach it from the design aspect, and what we really focus on for our clients is something memorable, Cricket Newman, owner, said. I don t want someone to see my work and think thats Cricket Newman, instead, I want them to see it and say that looks just like the bride. It needs to be her vision, and I just execute it. One of the most important things New man does is transform a venue into something different for each bride. W ith brides using many of the same places for their receptions, its key to make each particular reception its own. The first thing I do is get a brides vision for the day, which includes the obvious spe cifics, Newman said. The color palette is going to have a lot to do with the entire day so its important for them to go ahead and pick the bridesmaids dresses. Once that is decided, Newman goes through any of the choices they ve already made with other vendors to determine what needs to be done. If necessary, she will contact all of those people in order to get a feel for the level of involvement she needs to have. We determine who else has been invited to the party . We go through a list of everything we can do for you and deter mine which of those you need, Newman said. That can range from save the dates to directing your wedding and managing your timeline for the reception. I try to get an in ventory of what we need to do and at what level we need to do it. Newman describes her business as a la carte, which is great for brides who need to pick and choose what they need help with. They can also hire Cricket Newman Designs to handle everything, even if that includes designing the invitations or finding a calligrapher. She has chosen, wrapped and deliv ered all of the groomsmen s gifts, booked the appointments for hair and makeup and brought a steamer to the church. The creative thread that runs through the whole event that reflects the bride and groom; that is how I would set Cricket New man Designs apart, Newman said.

T Personalities rue


Ten Questions for Jessica Parks Rourke, owner of Parkside Wedding Studio
How did you end up in the wedding industry?
I had always fancied weddings, the first peek of the blushing bride in her gown, the grooms reaction to seeing his bride for the first time, the nervous father giving his daughter away, the newlyweds first dance surrounded by family and friends; not to mention an evening of dining and dancing the night away! Ive enjoyed planning events, hosting parties and designing visual details for as long as I can remember. tions of your budget and taste. If you choose the Full Wedding Planning package, I am the contact for each vendor. For the Weekend Coordination package, I become the contact with each vendor starting two weeks before the wedding. Parkside provides each vendor with a timeline of weekend set-up and breakdown, after discussing scheduling and logistics with each company.

By Anne-Kathryn Flanagan

Do you offer custom invitations and stationery for brides?

Full Planning: For the couple who wants Parkside to take them through the entire wedding planning process, conceptualize a wedding day style and creative decor, assemble their team of service providers, and provide unlimited professional advice. Partial Planning: Ideal for the couple who has the desire to plan and design parts of their wedding but wishes to have assistance and guidance with the harder details; also ideal for an out-oftown couple. Weekend Coordination: For the couple who needs a professional to manage the details of the weekend so they and their families are free to fully experience their wedding day. Day-of Design Set-Up: Perfect for couples with a venue that has a site coordinator to handle all of the logistical details, but who need us to execute their set-up and breakdown.

Can you explain the differences in each of the services offered at Parkside Wedding Studio?

What is a typical consultation like when a bride comes to you after getting engaged?

For the first consultation, I have a bride come to my beautiful studio, which is located in the heart of the Vista. I like to sit down, pour them a glass of tea and get to know one another. I love hearing the newly engaged love stories, meeting their ring and hearing about the proposal. I ask them what they have in mind for their wedding at this point, what their concerns are, and what they are looking for in a planner.

In addition to owning Parkside Wedding Studio, I have launched Lady Lovely, a custom letterpress invitation and stationery company for brides. Letterpress is often viewed as an art form, as it is the oldest and most traditional printing technique and creates a luxurious texture. We offer custom designs of paper goods including Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations Suites, Menus, Programs, Welcome Bags, Favors, and Signage. There are so many paper visuals included throughout weddings, and its such a lovely touch to have them all coordinate. I work with the bride to create custom pieces that will be unique to their wedding day, and visuals that we can carry throughout the day. This works out especially nicely when Im also their wedding planner!

Are you the point person at the church? Do you coordinate with the photographers?

Is there anything that youre working on at the moment that will be a new feature to offer brides?

Yes, I am. I touch base with the photographers to go over shot lists. Shot lists are the specific photos the bride has requested. One of the things I always discuss with the photographer is how long they need to get the requested shots so I can incorporate that into my timeline.

I really love the Custom Wood Signs I now offer through Lady Lovely. These are the perfect touch to display in the foyer to welcome your guests or by the favor table.

Why do you recommend that brides use your business when planning their big day?

Do you have a staff that works with you?

How do you suggest a specific package for each bride?

We recognize that each bride is different, each with individual needs, ideas, and budgets. What works for one doesnt necessarily work for another. These considerations become the framework for planning the perfect event. Ultimately, we believe its all about the details that will make your wedding different from your sisters or best friends wedding. All of our services are quoted depending on the size and complexity of the event and where a bride is in the planning process.

I have staff on-site during events, which depends on the brides needs, how many guests are attending and which package she has chosen. I will always be the brides contact from our first meeting until I send them off as husband and wife at the end of the night. Parkside books a limited number of weddings each year, in order to give our clients the attention and time they deserve.

Whether you have been planning your big day since you were a little girl or havent even thought about it until he popped the question, the process of planning a wedding can be both thrilling and overwhelming at the same time. I will listen to how you imagine your wedding day, and then help your vision come alive. I love being able to use my design background to help the couple express themselves in the details of the day. One of the best parts of my job is when a bride says to me on her wedding day, Thank you for helping to make this the best day of my life - you just cant beat that feeling!

What is your companys specific role with each of the vendors, caterers, florists, etc. that each bride is working with?


We have established relationships with some of the most talented florists, photographers, and caterers in the area. Parkside will only recommend you to the best of the best within the specifica-



Sales Rep:

Dan Semenza

Size: Run Date:



Fri Jan 06 2012 05:00:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

You deserve better!

Thinning hair, alopecia, chemical damage - Virtual Reality helps men and women put their best face forward and feel natural again. This high-fashion, non-surgical technique has been endorsed by major media and celebrities internationally. And we are the only studio that offers this service in South Carolina. 100% risk free trial - satisfaction guaranteed!





Parkside Wedding Studio

Jessica Parks Rourke graduated from Anderson University in 2004 with a degree in graphic design. An avid fan of weddings, event planning, hosting parties and designing visual details, Rourke embarked on her wedding planning career. After graduation, she began an apprenticeship in Columbia with a topnotch wedding planner and learned the logistics, traditions and etiquette of weddings. I knew if I could learn the orchestration of weddings, I could use my attention to detail and design background for the visual side of things, Rourke said. Several years later, she moved to New York City worked with the best of the best in the wedding industry. In addition to selling wedding dresses and coordinating/styling industry events for an upscale bridal boutique, Rourke worked for Martha Stewarts Wedding Expert, a top notch florist and event designer. Moving back to Columbia, I was excited to bring the wealth of knowledge I had obtained, and officially focus my energy on Parkside Wedding Studio, she said.

TONYS HAIR REPLACEMENT SYSTEMS, LLC 2719 Middleburg Drive, Suite 106 | Columbia, SC 29204

803.799.1553 or 800.849.4247

Go to our site and see us on Good Morning America, Montel, Movie & A Makeover and more!

7309 Garners Ferry Rd, Columbia, SC 29209



Good things come in

911 lady street :: suite g :: columbia, sc

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Wedding & Eng ement Album ag

Wedding & Eng ement ag


Ashley Lemon and William Pruitt III | August 11, 2012 Calico Photography, special to Carolina Bride


DeAndra Strother and Thomas Kemp | April 21, 2012 Calico Photography, special to Carolina Bride

Wedding & Eng ement Album ag

Britton Baker and John Lorenzen | October 22, 2011 Brodiefoto, Special to Carolina Bride Becki Squires and Philip Caesar | June 1, 2011 Brodiefoto, Special to Carolina Bride


Kira Robbins and Jeff Wood | September 10, 2011 Brodiefoto, Special to Carolina Bride

Wedding & Eng ement Album ag

Kayla Smith to Andrew Brazell | July 8, 2011 Clark Berry Photography, special to Carolina Bride

Meghan Nepote to Shawn Smetana | October 9, 2011 Clark Berry Photography, special to Carolina Bride

Sara Rentz to Seth Krisnow | May 14, 2011 Clark Berry Photography, special to Carolina Bride

Wedding & Eng ement Album ag

Emily Rourk Edward Gibbs October 29, 2011 Photography by Dave Gilbert- Party Time DJs, Special to Carolina Bride

Brittany Smith David Dodgen November 18, 2011 Photography by Dave Gilbert- Party Time DJs, Special to Carolina Bride


Melissa Berry Sean Celia Potter November 20, 2011 Photography by Dave Gilbert- Party Time DJs, Special to Carolina Bride

Wedding & Eng ement Album ag

Marie and Justin Speering November 19, 2011 Katie Hart Photography, Special to Carolina Bride

Sarah and Adam Bryant June 18, 2011 Katie Hart Photography, Special to Carolina Bride


Amanda and Andy Ferrell October 8, 2011 Katie Hart Photography, Special to Carolina Bride

Jessica Flemming and Jamel Brown September 1, 2012 Katie Hart Photography, Special to Carolina Bride

Wedding & Eng ement Album ag

Jessica Balling and Jimmy Stevenson February 26, 2011 Kathy Moore Powell, Moore Photography, special to Carolina Bride

Cierra Jones to Sean ONeal October 15, 2011 Kathy Moore Powell, Moore Photography, special to Carolina Bride


Sara Rhame to David Price April 30, 2011 Kathy Moore Powell, Moore Photography, special to Carolina Bride

Wedding & Eng ement Album ag

Lilla Theus and Ty Colpini August 13, 2011 Photography by Liz Roberts Photography, Special to Carolina Bride

Meg LeHeup and Matt Moore November 5, 2011 Photography by Liz Roberts Photography, Special to Carolina Bride


Elizabeth Thorne and Drayton Henderson July 23, 2011 Photography by Liz Roberts Photography, Special to Carolina Bride

Wedding & Eng ement Album ag

Sarah and Matt June 11, 2011 Photos by Judy Kay, Special to Carolina Bride

Ashley and Allen October 8, 2011 Photos by Judy Kay, Special to Carolina Bride


Colleen and Branden June 18, 2011 Photos by Judy Kay, Special to Carolina Bride

Wedding & Eng ement Album ag

Eulonda Parraway to David Williams June 18, 2011 Picasso Perfect Photography, LLC, special to Carolina Bride

Alicia and Andrew Peterson June 23, 2012 Picasso Perfect Photography, LLC, special to Carolina Bride


Jenna and Andrew Barton March 26, 2011 Picasso Perfect Photography, LLC, special to Carolina Bride

Dress Your Best

on the Big Day
By Anne-Kathryn Flanagan

The local bridal boutique, which is located in the shops of ONeil Court, boasts quality service and a variety of styles and colors that wont disap point brides and grooms. Marcia Folligan, owner of Jordans Modern Bride and Groom, has been dressing happy couples, along with their bridal parties, for almost seven years. Folligan says the boutique carries all shapes, styles and colors that are in fashion for every season. Folligan suggests brides come in and try several styles of dresses on. Once the perfect dress is found, Jordans will handle any necessary altera tions in house. Some brides come in and know what they want, and some only think they know what they want, she said. I like them to come in and see everything for themselves. Jordans also offers the same attention to detail and trends for dressing the entire bridal party the , mother of the bride, and of course; the groom. When it comes to the guys, older and more traditional styles are still very popular , she said.

However, the most popular colors right now are silver and gray. According to F olligan, the one-strap dresses and mermaid styles are very trendy right now Of . course, the traditional ball gowns and princessstyle gowns still maintain their status at the top of the list. Two very popular trends are the incor poration of florals in the details of a gown and the corseted back. When it comes to picking bridesmaids dress es, brides are selecting a color and letting each bridesmaid choose a style that best suits her body. Brides are picking popular colors like red and eggplant, and each bridesmaid is choosing the style she likes best in order to wear the dress more than once. Other popular choices are the simple dress with a belt, two tones in any color and the tlength, which makes wearing the dress a second time easier, she said. Fabrics are also important, and brides are choosing the P eau de Soie be cause it has a silk feel.

Uplighting Shines New Light on Receptions

Joe Cirillo, owner of Lake Murray DJ Service LLC, special to Carolina Bride

Uplighting, which has been popular on the west coast and larger cities for a many years, has only recently made its way into the south. For those who arent familiar with the concept, uplighting is the art of placing lights around the room on the ground so they shine up walls, columns, trees, etc. The lighting greatly enhances the ambiance of any room in a very elegant way. The secret to achieving the best uplighting depends on several factors, including where the lighting is placed, the color of the lighting and how it enhances and accents the already beautiful aspects of a wedding reception. If youre looking for something different for your wedding reception, check out L ake Murray DJ Service, which was one of the first in the midlands to use all LED uplighting fixtures. Brides can choose any color using the professional digitally controlled LED lights, and L ake Murray DJ Service can match your wedding colors. Free quotes are available, and the com pany will even visit your reception venue in order to demonstrate how uplighting will trans form your reception. Lake Murray DJ Service will set up the lighting for no additional setup charge when its booked in conjunction with any of the DJ packages. Brides shouldnt worry because any budget can be worked with. F or more information, visit or call (803) 237-7030.

Two Types of Uplighting

Traditional par cans
*Traditional par cans are white lights that have a colored film placed over the light. These lights are limited to one color, get very hot and also draw a lot of energy.


*LED lights emit virtually no heat and are cool to the touch, which is important if children are wedding guests. LED lights have very saturated and deep colors, are easy to customize and control the way the light looks.


Coeulenbcreqmit oennts Ann

The price of your clebration announcement is determined by the measurement of the text plus the photo size you choose, not the number of words in the announcement. Color is an additional $40 on any package.
Rates are: Text and/or photo totaling 3-5.75 column inches:

Text and/or photo totaling 6-9.75 column inches:

Text and/or photo totaling 10-17.75 column inches:

Text and/or photo totaling 18 column inches and up:

All announcements are featured online at Proofs and pricing will be e-mailed to you. Special photo sizes are available upon request. Anniversary announcements are 50% off wedding and engagement rates.

Announcements may be brought to the newspaper office, 1401 Shop Road, mailed to: The State Media Company, ATTN: Celebrations Desk PO Box 1333, Columbia, SC 29202 or emailed to Office hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Contact Anne-Kathryn Flanagan Phone: 803-771-8431 Fax: 803-771-8611 Email:


Sample price for the Premier Package =$422

Premier Package

Sample price for Deluxe Package = $195

Deluxe Package

Basic Package
Sample price for Basic Package = $58.75 (Special Photo Size Requested) 2 columns by 2.5 inches = $320

Standard Package

A proof of your announcement will be sent to the email address provided. We do our best to pr ovide proofs and final pricing as quickly as possible upon receipt of your photo and text. All corr ections must be made by noon on Wednesday before publication. If we r eceive no corr ections from you by the deadline, we will consider your announcement approved. Please read your proofs carefully. We do not run corrections on approved announcements under any cir cumstances. The State reserves the right to edit announcements for grammar and style. Payment must be received by 5 p.m. Tuesday prior to publication. Cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted. Releases must be received by 5 p.m. or the announcement will not run. Deadline for publication is 3 p.m. the Monday before the desired date of publication and online posting. Plates must be ordered by Monday before the announcement runs. $20 each. Additional copies of the newspaper - $5 for a set of 10. Pre-ordering is encouraged as some days can sell-out. Copies will be held for 3 weeks and can be picke dup in the lobby.





Sample price for Standard Package = $132.50

Standard Package

Have a friend or family member celebrating a birthday? Surprise your loved one with a unique birthday ad for as little as $64. Deadlines vary. Please call 803-771-8431 for details.



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I, (the person placing the announcement), certify that the information submitted for publication and online posting is true, not defamatory, does not invade the privacy of any person and does not infringe any copyright. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless The State Media Company, its employees and agents, from and against all claims and expenses (including attorney fees and expenses) arising out of the publication of material supplied by me for the publication.
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Photographer, , as the owner of the copyright in a photograph submitted for publication in The State Media Company, hereby grants to the The State Media Company, a limited license to publish the photograph in The State and post online at without cost or photographers credit. If the photograph is republished in promotional material for bridal announcements, photographer grants to The State Media Company, a license to publish the photograph with credit given to the photographer in the promotional material.
Photographers Signature __________________________________________________ Date _____________________________ Photographers Phone Number _________________________________________________________________________________ Photographers Address _______________________________________________________________________________________
Please only include information you wish to be published.


City/State of wedding ________________________________________________________________________________________


Bride /Bride-elects full name __________________________________________________ of ____________________ City/State Bridegroom /Bridegroom-elects full name ________________________________________ of ____________________ City/State Were married/Will be married ________________________________________________ at _____________________________
Date of wedding Place of wedding

The __________________________________________ceremony was/will be performed by ______________________________

Time of wedding Full Name and title of officiating cler gy

Part Shot ing

Dave Gilber t Photography, special to Carolina Bride


Paddi Graham and Kevin Pitts share a moment after being pronounced husband and wife on October 22, 2011, at Springdale House.

403 North Lake 403 North Lake Drive, Lexington Historic home with 1.5 acres of English gardens
Contact: Marcie and Rodney Huber 803-808-2992

Recept Venues in t Columbia Area ion he

pg. 78

701 Whaley 701 Whaley Street, Columbia Flexible space available for large and small events Contact: Tom Chinn 803-771-0101 Al's Upstairs 300 Meeting Sreet, West Columbia 4 rooms with adjacent courtyard Contact: Clair Anders 803-920-9406 Ariel's Special Events 1734 Mobile Ave., West Columbia Banquet hall
Contact: Kelley Newman 803-936-0505

pg. 42 pg. 80 pg. 26

Buck Ridge Plantation 231 Gundog Trail, Neeses Banquet hall, covered veranda, gazebo
Contact: Event Manager 803-531-8408

Capital City Club 1201 Main Street, 25th Floor, Capitol Center Columbia SC 29201 Ballroom
Contact: Pamela Richards (803) 256-2000

City Art 1224 Lincoln Sreet, Columbia Art Gallery Contact: Wendy Wells 803-252-3613 Clarion Hotel Downtown 1615 Gervais Street, Columbia Ballroom and smaller banquets rooms available
Contact: Janice Jamison-Blair 803-771-8711 pg. 17 pg. 79

Columbia Conference Center 169 Laurelhurst Ave., Columbia Conference center Contact: Martha Reid 803-772-9811 Columbia Country Club 135 Columbia Club Drive, Blythewood Ballroom and patio
Contact: Sharon Everett 803-754-8100

Columbia Museum of Art 1515 Main Street, Columbia Museum, lobby, atrium, conference room, terrace and exterior patio
Contact: Special Events Office 803-343-2212 pg. 8

Corley Mill House and Garden 221 Corley Mill Road, Lexington Home with garden space
Contact: Sheila Hall 803-957-1818

Edventure Children's Museum 211 Gervais Street, Columbia museum, outdoor terrace, galleries
Contact: 803-7793100

Gibson Commons 140 Gibson Road, Suite C, Lexington Ballroom & outdoor gazebo
Contact: Amanda Kamnmer 803-358-7122

Hanlee Hall (Kendall's Katering) 6230 St. Andrews Road, Columbia House
Contact: Event Manager 803-731-4445

Hilton Garden Inn 434 Columbiana Drive, Columbia Ballroom

Contact: Event Manager 803-407-6640 pg. 33

Historic Columbia Foundation-Hampton Preston 1615 Blanding Street, Columbia Mansion and gardens
Contact: Amy Kinard 803-252-7742, ext. 22

Historic Columbia Foundation-Robert Mills 1616 Blanding Street, Columbia House and park
74 Contact: Amy Kinard 803-252-7742, ext. 22

Historic Columbia Foundation-Seibels 1601 Richland Street, Columbia House and garden
Contact: Amy Kinard 803-252-7742, ext. 22

Historic Columbia Foundation-The Big Apple 1000 Hampton Street, Columbia Banquet hall
Contact: Amy Kinard 803-252-7742, ext. 22

Historic Lace House at the Governor's Mansion 800 Richland Street, Columbia Historic home with garden area at the
Governor's Mansion Complex Contact: Margaret Farish 803-737-2235

House of Frames and Painting Gallery 2828 Devine Street, Columbia Art Gallery Contact: Tensia Cassinetti 803-799-7405 Leaside 100 East Exchange Pl, Columbia Ballroom, Florida room and secluded patio
Contact: Kristy Polk 803-783-9136

Lynlee Hall 1140 Bush River Road, Columbia Banquet hall Contact: 803-551-5842 Magnolia House of Lexington 220 West Main Street, Lexington Historic home with garden area
Contact: Event Manager 803-359-5001

Marriot, Downtown 1200 Hampton Street, Columbia Two ballrooms, tremendous 2 story atrium
Contact: Director of Sales 803-771-7000

Millstone at Adam's Pond 5301 Bluff Road, Columbia Home with tentable areas, covered back porches, dining rooms Contact: Kristy Polk 803-783-1061 Mitchell House and Gardens 421 North Lake Drive, Lexington Historic home; covered patio pavillion; holds up to 300 guests; full service facility
Contact: Phyllis James 803-359-5325 pg. 13

Ristorante Divino 803 Gervais Street, Columbia Loft/Dining Room

Contact: 803-799-4550

Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens 500 Wildlife Parkway, Columbia The Magnolia Room in the Botanical Gardens Contact: 803-779-8717 x1123 River Center at Saluda Shoals Park 5605 Bush River Road, Columbia Park area (River Center) or conference center
(Environmental Education Center/picnic shelter) Contact: Jason White (River Center) 803-731-5208

pg. 29

River Road and Jasmine Houses and Gardens

2204 & 2208 North Lake Drive, Columbia Homes with garden space Contact: Elizabeth Christmus 803-781-3315

Seawell's 1125 Rosewood Drive, Columbia Banquet hall

Contact: Cal Seawell 803-771-7385 pg. 39 pg. 27 pg. 43 pg. 55

South Carolina State Museum 301 Gervais Street, Columbia Vista Room, Atrium, & Charleston Courtyard
Contact: 803-898-4922

Spring Valley Country Club 300 Spring Valley Road, Columbia Ballroom Contact: Rhonda Stone 803-788-3080 Springdale House and Gardens 3150 Platt Springs Road, West Columbia House and garden pavillion
Contact: Kathy 803-794-5557 and banquet facility with grand ballroom, salons, board rooms & spacious entrance foyer Contact: Katy Brennan or Page Crenshaw 803-256-1222 Historic Vista Contact: Event Manager 803-748-4144

Tronco's Catering & Special Events The Medallion Center 7309 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia Contemporary conference
pg. 59

Vista Events/The Congaree Promenade 320 Senate Street, Columbia Multiple indoor, outdoor, and garden venues in the Windermere Club 1101 Longtown Road East, Blythewood Ballroom and patio on golf course
Contact: Bill Chandler 803-786-6088 75

Wintergreen Woods 1032 Corley Mill Road, Lexington Reception Hall, covered veranda, 2 courtyards
Contact: Casey Covell or Dixie Covell 803-957-8888

Woodlands Country Club 100 Norse Way, Columbia Private dining rooms and banquet space Contact: Sandra Wilson 803-788-7771
This is just a sampling of diverse wedding and reception locations available in the Midlands. If you have a location that you would like to include in future publications, please contact

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established 1946 Complete services at our venue or yours.

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Fripp Island
Golf & Beach Resort

An exceptional setting for your dream wedding.

Complete Event Design and Planning

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Elegant of Design
Specializes in creative, planning, vendor selection, timeline, budget and much more!

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We believe its the details that make the difference.

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803-788-3080 x103 300 Spring Valley Road Columbia, SC 29223 Contact: Rhonda Stone
Clubhouse Manager/Special Events Coordinator

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For rates and information, visit us at Contact Tom Chinn at 803.771.0101 or

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Happily Ever Aft er

Brodiefoto, Special to Carolina Bride

Emily and Max Hanis enjoy an intimate moment alone after their wedding ceremony at the Lake Lure Inn and Spa on November 4, 2011. 82