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Avalara Partner Success Story

I can’t imagine why any Sage Partner who needs a sales tax automation solution would implement any other product.
Jeffrey Rosengarden, CEO of HighTower

A long-time Sage reseller and Gold development partner, HighTower is one of the most widely-recognized and well-respected partners in the Sage channel. We recently had an opportunity to speak with CEO, Jeffrey Rosengarden, about how his company’s search for a sales tax automation solution led him to Avalara. If you ask him why HighTower recommends Avalara sales tax automation solutions to their customers, he’ll tell you it’s not just superior software – it’s more personal than that.

A Great First Impression
When asked about how he discovered Avalara and their automated sales tax management products, Jeff says, “A client came to us looking for an automated sales tax solution. So we launched an intensive search for a product that would meet their needs and budget.” That’s when HighTower discovered Avalara and Sage Sales Tax Powered by AvaTax. “The AvaTax price point is a good match for our typical small and mid-sized clients because it’s based on transaction volume rather than company size or number of user licenses. That means every customer gets the same high performance sales tax engine at a rate that’s scalable and affordable. Plus, we were surprised at how simple AvaTax was to use and how elegant it looked,” says Jeff. He also discovered that Avalara offered far more than just sales tax calculation. Their suite of cloud-based products provide end-to-end sales tax automation including sales tax calculation, online tax filing and e-payment, exemption certificate management, and everything in between. When HighTower discovered how many new revenue opportunities they could uncover by including AvaTax in their product portfolio, the decision to partner with Avalara was “A no brainer,” according to Jeff.

AvaTax Plays Well With Others
One huge advantage - for HighTower’s Sage ERP customers in particular – was that Avalara and Sage products integrate seamlessly. According to Jeff, “The integration between AvaTax and Sage ERP products simply works. And that’s saying quite a bit. There are plenty of 3rd party ‘integrated’ products on the market that don’t deliver on their promise and are more hassle than they’re worth. We have not had to worry about that with Avalara.” Since Avalara has been hand-picked as an OEM partner and Endorsed Developer for Sage, HighTower has confidence recommending the Avalara sales and use tax automation solutions to their customers. Jeff adds, “I can’t imagine why any Sage Partner who needs a sales tax automation solution would implement any other product.”

Great Products and an Even Better Partnership
Great products that are easy to implement and affordable were only part of the equation. Jeff says, “We took our investigation a little deeper. Product evaluation will only take you so far. However, it won’t tell you everything you need to know about the potential business relationship with Avalara.” “Eventually, you have to consider a company’s culture and its people, and we liked what we found at Avalara. They really stand by their motto ‘making sales tax less taxing’ so we can focus on our core business competency.” That’s one of the key reasons HighTower continues to work so closely with Avalara and recommend their sales tax automation products on just about every deal.

You have to consider a company’s culture and it’s people and we like what we found at Avalara.

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Fantastic Sales and Marketing Support
The relationship that HighTower has with Avalara goes far beyond the typical vendor-reseller relationship. Through Avalara’s Managed Partner program, HighTower receives the undivided attention of a senior Avalara staff member that is dedicated to their needs and success. “Our account manager is like a member of our sales and marketing team… he’s there whenever we need assistance. He’ll even jump on a one-on-one call with a prospect or customer in a heartbeat. In fact, the close relationship keeps Avalara top of mind with our staff and one of the primary reasons the partnership is so successful.” Along with top-notch partner support, Avalara also provides access to a Partner Portal where HighTower has 24/7 access to sales and marketing tools, co-branded literature, product downloads, and everything else needed to identify and understand the sales tax challenges their customers are facing. Avalara continually develops new material – like white papers and YouTube videos – to help partners market their sales tax solutions and uncover additional revenue opportunities.

we’re providing additional value to our customers while helping them address a very complex problem for their business… A Partnership That Just Works
At the end of the day, we feel good partnering with Avalara because we’re providing additional value to our customers while helping them address a very complex problem for their business. It’s like asking a kid why he likes ice cream – he just does. For us, the relationship just works…and works well.”

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Simple Solutions to a Complex Challenge
Since sales tax management is a non-revenue generating activity for their clients, the decision to outsource to experts is almost always a very good value proposition. But the challenge according to Jeff is, “Sometimes our clients don’t know there’s a better and more effective way. That’s where our partnership with Avalara is a win for everyone.” “The ongoing training and education that we get from Avalara helps us proactively identify our customers’ sales tax issues and offer them a fantastic and affordable solution,” says Jeff. It’s a situation that benefits everyone. It creates more opportunities for HighTower while solidifying a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with their customers. Plus, Avalara is continually adding products and services like one of their most recent offerings, AvaTax Certs which limits audit exposure of HighTower’s customers with exemption certificate lifecycle management. Jeff says, “We’re just starting to explore AvaTax Certs and are excited about the opportunities for us and our customers.”

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