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The Lesson of January 25, 2011
By Hossam Helmy
As we approach the one year anniversary of that momentous day on January 25, 2011; it’s a time to reflect on the issues that are most important in life. One of that day’s greatest lessons is how the actions of a few can reverberate throughout the world. Equally compelling is the lesson that change can come about even if all the odds seem like they are against you. The challenges ahead of us can sometimes seem overwhelming, but the momentum driving today’s global awakening & geo-political changes is just as overpowering. I believe that 2012 will be a critical junction in our history with as much significance as anything we have seen in 2011. I also believe that this year will be defined by our deeds, our actions, and what we as individuals are doing to bring about much needed change. In commemoration of the revolution’s one year anniversary, I ask you to join me in helping our community and the underprivileged children of Marsa Alam. For every guest that visits Red Sea Diving Safari in 2012, we will donate 1 Euro towards educational material for Marsa Alam schools.
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Wadi Lahami Kite Surf Center
Wadi Lahami Manager Ross Mcgrath is very busy these days as we begin planning the renovations for the village. Work has already commenced and our first steps will be the general renovations of public areas. We are also excited to announce that we’ve re-opened our kite center with an on-site instructor, equipment rental, and a beautiful lounge area.

What’s with the Diving Package Changes?
Over the last 20 years we’ve seen the southern Red Sea evolve from a remote diving safari, to one of Egypt’s most popular tourism destinations. There are over 30 bays along the southern Red Sea coastline, which are featuring hotels or under tourism project development. The majority of these investors are realizing the importance of sustainable tourism development and the role they must play to protect our environment. - See more -

Marsa Alam Species Database
As part of our efforts to educate people about the southern Red Sea’s diverse marine life; it’s with great excitement that we present our Marsa Alam species database. We would like to give a special thanks to Stephan Moldzio for his hours of work in bringing this project together. This will serve as a valuable educational tool and resource that is part of our long-term efforts towards raising awareness.
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There is nothing more inspiring than how vocal and active divers can be when it comes to the protection of the Red Sea. If every person could experience the magical hours we’ve spent in this underwater realm, then perhaps they would understand why we are so passionate. There is so much energy behind the international diving movement and divers will play a major role in the evolution of the Red Sea’s tourism industry. Not only has the Red Sea’s diving industry shown great resilience; but divers also represent a passionate, devoted and vocal client base. Diving tourism will also ensure long-term economic growth for the industry, which is what our developing community needs right now. Make no mistake that we represent a powerful movement with the growing momentum to bring about change. Diving tourism, cultural tourism, eco/nature based tourism, health/well being tourism; these are all emerging and fast growing tourism trends that can’t be ignored. They represent a strong alliance and the most forward thinking development strategy for the Red Sea’s tourism industry. Our most powerful tools right now are social networking and the internet median, but they can also be a tool for circulating unsubstantiated stories and speculation. It’s an unfortunate reality to even hear the mainstream media drawing wild conclusions on these baseless stories, which is causing untold damage to our countries economy and reputation. We will be addressing some of these issues through our monthly newsletter and a “buzz” topic right now is the issue of shark protection. HEPCA has released an official statement in regards to the subject, RSDS would like to make it clear that HEPCA is a foremost authority on this matter and there is still a lot of research lacking, which could lead us to the conclusion that sharks populations are dwindling in the Red Sea. Nevertheless, the entire Red Sea Diving community is on alert and ready to mobilize if need be. There are many ways that you can get involved and help, particularly through the on-line median, but please be cautious and responsible when doing so. Our livelihood is depending on it…..
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