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You have been told you are this Sun-sign, and then an alternative “expert” told you otherwise. SOLUTION Neither of the two was right. ELABORATION Use the NASA Sun ephemeris, protect your friends from fraud and eventually inform your twin “experts” to imitate you in time. You could not possibly have two natal Suns, so that baffled you first. You were perhaps weighing the chances of one-side fraud but probably never took into account that both sides were cheating. When in cohorts, twin superstitions will even allow for their negation to subsist. Namely, getting rid of one means getting rid of the other – precisely what you did: true natal skies are never superstition at all. How did we solve this problem? No

dichotomy in the real sky. There is one Sun only in the real sky. Conflict between twin superstitions have nothing to do with your real natal skies at all. Are there 13, 14, 15 or even 16 Sun-signs in the real skies?

PROBLEM #2 You have been told that you have Aries ascending, but you find no Aries rising at east in the eastern skies for the current epoch. SOLUTION Aries does not figure among the 16 ascendants for the current epoch. Check for neighboring constellations1 . ELABORATION Q: Which zodiacal stations do not rise as eastern ascendants for the epoch? A: Aries, Libra, Gemini, Scorpius, Scutum, Sagittarius and Capricornus; to name some 2 . If you have been told that you had Capricornus ascendant, it was probably Cetus or Pisces instead. If they classified you like Scorpius, it was peradventure Serpens or Ophiuchus.

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Aquarius, Cetus, Pisces, Eridanus, Taurus, Orion, … Meaning there are other non-eastern-rising zodiacal stations that are generally mistaken for “ascendants”.

PROBLEM #3 You are no longer sure whether that Neptune was ever in the 7th house at all. SOLUTION Use the Cartesian house system. Eventually check with latitude. ELABORATION Divorce 3 should not forced unto couples on account of for entertainment only analysis.

PROBLEM #4 You are trying to determine the error margin between obsolete zodiacal models on account of speculative calculations but all they give you is a variety of estimations around 25 degrees. SOLUTION Zodiacal offset approaches seven constellations. ELABORATION Jupiter is in Pisces for New Year 2012 4 .

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Consider the medical implications of a six sign zodiacal offset as well. Source: NASA JPL ephemeris.

2012 HOUSES 1) ANGEL – (prosperity) 2) POWER – (money) 3) DREAM – (bogeyman) 4) BARYCENTER – (real estate) 5) RIVAL – (competition) 6) NETHERWORLD – (employees) 7) ENEMIES – (devil) 8) IMMORTALITY – (death discreation) 9) ASTRAL – (scouts) 10) AIM – (godhead) 11) LOVE – (protection) 12) NIRVANA - (illumination) WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW CAN HURT YOU Do you know your own true Sun-sign? Ascendant? Moon sign? What you don’t know could hurt you! Your true natal skies reflect your original nature. This has been taken from you as you embraced default 5 . Since you were imposingly asked to embrace default at an early age, false personalities took root within you allegedly “for your own good”. Your true natal ascendant not only acts as personal exorcism, revenge and freedom path maker, but also opener, guide and guardian angel. Your original natal skies reflect your true nature. So does the true eastern ascendant represent your own guardian angel.


Default mind, see RTRRT.

ALIXE Alixe has Moon ascending in Cetus, Mercury in Sextans and Venus in Orion. Her Juno hovers in zodiacal Scutum while her Pluto sits at the ascendant of the USA in Serpens Cauda.

COLOUR BY NUMBERS How many zodiacal stations there are? How many ascendants? 22 is the number of zodiacal stations. 16 is the number of eastern ascendants for the current epoch. THE RISK The risks of not dealing with one’s own proper zodiacal natal positions for the planets ranges from divorce to bankruptcy besides e.g. having the wrong organ cut out. In taking into account galloping zodiacal offset now approaching fantastic seven signs 6 , one can have just any wrong organ cut out!

The zodiacal offset reaches six constellations, approaching seven, for winter nativities in the northern hemisphere as well as summer births in the southern hemisphere.


Alixe has Moon ascending in Cetus. This means that she also of course has a Cetus ascendant. As Cetus is the sign of our times 7 it is of course one of the best documented among large zodiacal ascendants. EAST-WEST DICHOTOMY? Astrology = Astronomy Tropical = Sidereal 4 )-( For New Year’s Eve 2012, Jupiter is in Pisces, near Cetus III. Jupiter was in Cetus in the year 2011, where we expect Uranus for the year 2012. These zodiacal positions are both sidereal and tropical, since there is only one Jupiter in the real sky, not two or many.

201.2 EUR Not everyone was entitled to one’s own true natal ascendant in the past. Only recently the price of the natal ascendant dropped from 1500 EUR to 500 EUR only. Of course, faithful readers and RTRRT initiates always aim at deserving their best! Horoscopes for the year 2012 promotive price 201.2 EUR. Finally you may inspect your true natal zodiacal positions with confidence. Your guardian angel is the eastern ascendant.


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