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FOREWORD More then a written book, this is a statement on paper. I have put together some ideas which bother me. I speak about the injustices of our current society and the following of so many people, in my opinion the world is entering the IV Reich era the era of the slavery of man as we are beginning to become. In 2010, the leaders of the Bilberberg Club have created all of the necessary elements to access absolute world power. Throughout the whole world there is a feeling that we are coming to the end of existence. Some are resigned others take hold in the promise of the end of one era and the beginning of the “golden age”, whilst others take refuge in an array of personal beliefs. We have been conditioned to believe that the heads of state are superior men, who navigate in superior circles and are conditioned to only think of “republics “ whilst our governments only serve to secure exclusive power, and force us to think the human society is a duty. Evolutionary thinkers, which are more numerous by the day, are beginning to realize that the “superior men” are nothing more than dwarfs. They have a clear incapacity to govern in a society ridden with illness. Possessed of rich countries where one has everything needed to live well, instead they have managed to send us into poverty, restrict all freedoms, create discontent in the majority of professions, cause economical crisis,

disorientate youth, develop corruption, injustice, poverty, insecurity and desperation. All across the world, politicians are the parasites of human society and are as numerous as they are useless. For a long time we have believed it is impossible to extract ourselves from their grasps……Little did we know it was so easy!




(the “animal human”).

We have very little information about the origins of man, but the most probable theory, corroborated by the scientific community allows us a simplified summary: One or many species of apes evolved into man as we know it, spreading and adapting throughout the planet according to the needs of the terrain and climate, thus generating multiple tribes extending over the surface of the globe. From this period the first basis of the “history of humanity” was developed. During this era we talk about “man” as little more evolved than current apes; that is to say with behaviors based on the most primeval instincts. Among these, the “survival of the fittest” developed, naturally allowing males to assert their authority on females. Later on, the instinctive need of humans to form “groups” (societal life) and live together, again promoted the “ruling of the fittest”. This multitude of small tribes developed into the first step over the next three millions years, of the emergence of human character, and in turn to the development of human society and the need for communication, which eventually led to articulate language. The natu7

ral aggressive and animalistic instinct of human beings, as much against their environment as their fellow humans was a positive stimulus, which in my opinion led to the distinction between humans and other animal species; the development of imagination. Imagination would not only allow the accumulation of knowledge and its transmission, but also the interpretation of natural phenomena’s… It offered the first explanations on the question of existence and gave us Gods or Spirits as an answer. Imagination thus allowed us an option other than brutal force to have power over others. The physically weaker man could now dominate with his brain and not his body; once gods were made, a small step was needed to create what is till used nowadays in order to control, and that is: “Belief”. . During the many hundreds of thousands of years, the people of the earth created a multitude of gods to explain what is unexplainable. Chieftains fought amongst themselves while “sorcerers and wizards” as they were called, created their own societal castes . Writing being still non-existent, more evolved humans could only transmit their ideas through the spoken word, which in itself limited its spreading.

*POST WRITING Archaeological, paleontological and anthropological discoveries allow us to interpret the evolution of

man described above; but the advent of writing will unprecedentedly accelerate this evolution and change human society. Knowledge can be written, and in turn transmitted orally through various generations which otherwise would take many years of study to obtain. Moreover, the study of reading and writing developed intellectual qualities and not long after the written word came to be, more elaborated civilizations began to flourish all throughout the world, such as in Egypt, Crete, India and China. We could gather a sure knowledge of this beginning of writing through the combined work of a multitude of scientists, archeologists and translators of ancient languages, all contributing to the effective understanding that our own civilization started around 10 thousand years ago (according to studies made after the “Nineveh constant”, one of the first such civilizations would have appeared some 60.000 years ago.) During the period prior to the written word men began to form the first groups of societies hence the need to create laws to control their relations within the society. The same basic laws of societal life began to be put into place throughout the entire planet: do not kill, do not steal, respect your elders etc…Laws which were naturally implemented, within any group of people living in society from there on. From the first times of “Man”, the question of existence has always been brought up: What are we doing here on the Earth, and who created it?

In the absence of Science, therefore of visible phenomena’s, it was almost natural to think that gods animated the elements and controlled all natural forces. Because these gods were so important in everyday life, their place in history became essential. Their existence implicated a larger being, a great Creator of all things. As soon as these beliefs were assured because considered “logical”, then malicious people could control gullible ones. Those who pretended to communicate with the gods could dictate laws and establish rites that served their own power and assured their material possessions. After the “rites”, these early priests yet increased their power by establishing the “sacred”. The idea of the “ sacred” would in turn establish what was “allowed” and what was “forbidden”, would justify ignorance, to protect certain useful knowledge, but above all so that they would appear as they were holding mysterious powers , therefore shielding themselves from those who might have wanted to challenge that power. The belief in gods, ritual and the sacred is a component of all religions throughout the world. The forms may vary but the basics are always the same. The first societies established at the start of our civilization whether Greek, Hindu, Egyptian or Chinese, function according to the same outline: a great universal Creator supervises a grand array of semi gods, each group of people has its own, and everyone is happy. The combination of an instinct to dominate, and to live within a society and a certain belief, developed dur10

ing the last three million years and forged human society until today. It is this combination of dominance and superstition which I will translate into “violence” further down. In an aside from ritual: to an intelligent man, this might seem a very childish concept; nevertheless it has worked over the last 10,000 years and still does today. It consists of convincing a follower to repeat certain gestures and follow certain obligations and commands which will identify him as special. This technique works particularly well with children, hence the fact all religions and sects seek to maintain these rituals. For example, making the sign of the cross in certain circumstances, abstaining from eating certain foods, banning certain objects, laying bread in a certain way, performing gestures before eating or washing one’s hands at certain times of the day. (To make an inventory of every religion rituals in the world would fill volumes of books and millions of pages.) The point being, these ritual gestures allow those practicing them to recognize each other, and to “belong”. For example, a Jewish family’s child, will observe throughout its childhood a multitude of gestures that will not appear to be natural; when asking why, the same answer will be put forth: “because we are Jewish”; other religions will say: “because we are Catholic or Muslim, or…”. Behind the phrase of “because we are” appears the

concept of religious superiority and it reinforces the value of rituals. From a very young age a child will recognize a family like its own, from one with different customs. In its eyes, those who are different are wrong, its parents represent knowledge, therefore “he is part of the God chosen people” or the “people in possession of true faith” etc…Hence the child will be conditioned from very young and the parents will be grooming another good follower. This system of internal pre-selection works even better, when abstinences are increased. Laziness is the enemy of religion for this reason. Over the last fifty years Christianity is collapsing to the benefit of Islam, whereas other religions or sects having targeted a different type of public, are gaining ground by offering less restrictions and more positivity (Soka-Gakkai, Scientology, Moon etc.) Nonetheless, all of these religions, without exception, are using the concept of ritual to gain loyalty and prepare for the future. There is only one God (our own), a chosen people (us), therefore we are always right and have all the rights (God always speaks to us through the “leaders” who always tell the truth). The same rule is applied to the military in the world to condition young people, and converts them into murderers or fanatics for the dumbest ones, or set them in professional corporations and sects of all types… Always with the constant association with “We are the best” corresponding to “We are the chosen” therefore, “The elite”.

The liberation from this type of conditioning is very difficult; most people will never reach it. Those who do however, the “free thinkers”, are the ones that rebel during adolescence and take time to discover other people, religions or cultures, and are able to reach their own personal conclusions, putting aside little by little all the “rites”. Or most of them anyway; since some will be kept to maintain good relations with our own community. Galileo was not a Christian, Omar Khayyam was not a Muslim, as Albert Einstein was not a Jew; these people are considered to be free thinkers. Not one “free thinker” in all of history has ever been dominated by a religion even if he might have had to accept some of its rules so as to keep his attaches to his original community. : **DAWNING OF CIVILISATION.

The dawning of our civilization started more than ten thousand years ago. The Warlords fought each other all over the continents. The “sorcerers” (priests) constantly created new rituals and rules to subjugate superstitious masses. The notion of territory was not yet dominant and the main object of wars in the majority of cases was to conquer other people and submit them to tribute and slavery. Slavery developed under the criteria of:” we have won because we are superior beings, therefore the more inferior ones are no more than cattle”. Nothing much has changed since that era, Hitler

and later Bush are recent examples, even if the superior “Aryan race” for the former, or “democracy” for the latter are ideologies always controlled by” men in the shadows” and applied by those who find in them a justification in satisfying their taste for pillage, murder and rape. The beginning of the written word is not an easy one. Only important things such as laws, “gods” influences, great warlords names, are engraved on stones. Starting about three thousand years in China, India and the Middle East, the struggle for supremacy fought by a multitude of local warlords, will reinforce the concept of superstition, often integrating it to brutal power. “Priests” acquired more and more importance by advocating (and writing) more laws, codes, which they drew and altered to suit their own interests, from ancient legends, conferring through their magical aspect a superiority over the common man. This was the miracles period. The concept of semigods of divine origin developed, maintaining a culture of heroes and supermen given supernatural powers, while using these for personal purposes, and in doing so cultivated the superstition that dominated human kind until nowadays– As examples, it is not impossible that people such as Moses, Buddha or Jesus did actually exist and had a degree of influence, but the “magicians” made these characters lose all credibility by attributing to them all sort of miracles and legends which had already been

used for others before them. Magical births, miracle cures, the “walking on water”, the loaf of bread to feed thousands, the resurrection, the disciples, etc…Since the past 8,000 years , these priests attribute the same miracles to multiple characters and give them a divine aspect, through the same outlines; from the number 12, or 3, to all kinds of mysteries. SECOND STAGE OF CIVILIZATION More than 3,000 years ago, some men began to reason. These are known as the first free thinkers; the first to think outside of the established norm of thoughts; the philosophers. We know nothing about the first philosophers, however some left writings which rapidly became more important than their authors, creating for example Hinduism or Mazdeism (both very similar, having originated from the Aryan people.). These writings were eventually watered down with rituals and rules and made into religions. Others created the concept of a unique God; Monotheism, of which Akhenaton was the forerunner. Other thinkers will emerge, emphasizing the idea of a “universal God”, and adapting it according to the ancient beliefs. First Zoroaster, Pythagoras, Lao Tzu, followed by Socrates, Plato, Buddha and Confucius… All came to the same conclusions about the best way of life for man in society. Conclusions which were identical to natural laws which had been established thousands of years before, but which they refined by conferring more value to each individual by making him responsible for his own qualities to improve the

society he lives in.. Their precepts were already veering towards socio-philosophic concepts. Of all the thinkers of this era not all were so inspired. Darius, King of Persia having conquered nearly all of the Middle East, entrusts scribes to compile every region and people’s law and history scripts. Ezra’s, the main scribe, was charged with putting together all the jumbled legends and texts obtained from Sumer, Egypt, Babylon and all regions under Persian domination, and to adjust them to the already present Zoroastrianism and Maz-daism. Out of this amalgam came the Torah, also called the Old Testament of the Bible, which also inspired the Su-ras of the Koran. This book common to all monotheistic religions and sects was written 2400 years ago; a time when the only human value resides in its Strength. Have Jewish women ever read the Torah? Have Muslim women ever read the Koran? Have Christian women ever read the Bible? How could women today devote themselves to religions of which the reference book is an hymn to violence, to brutal force, where the “woman” is either inexistent or a slave, a prostitute, or a servant at best! Those books written in an era of violence reflect on every page, male domination, the cult of the “Brute”. How could women endowed with good sense enslave themselves by participating in religions of this type is a mystery to me! Interestingly, the majority of men neither have read those books. They are generally happy with a speaker that will give his own interpretation while backing it up

with pieces he will have chosen himself! Thus making it easy to support thesis being totally against the spirit of the book...Leading to the creation of “fanaticism”, used in turn for purposes which have nothing to do with religion. And it still goes on!

THE START OF IDEOLOGY During this time the later called “Jews” were merely numerous small tribes fighting each other. Many of these had remained polytheist, while others, originally from Egypt, had adopted Akhenaton’s monotheism, which he had not been successful in imposing there. The first written texts still had little value, and nobody really accepted them, which explain why a multitude of sects sprung (the Pharisees, Essenes, Sadducees, Samaritans, Judeans, Philistines, etc…). All of these interpreting and re-arranging the texts according to their own personal or tribe’s oral beliefs. This was when a part of humanity took a big turning point. We do not know if the idea came from Ezra himself, but the worst thing that could ever happen to mankind occurred at this time; determining what would arise for the next twenty centuries; creating a new mentality a new conditioning which would provoke the greatest misfortunes of human history, provoking its major split. That is the concept of the “chosen people”, the extraordinary idea that God would have chosen a

“people” to rule over all the others on earth. An extraordinary idea but logical in every sense: after having invented a universal and unique God who dominated over all the others, it was logical that its founders applied this Uniqueness, this same “universality” on earth, dominating all the people of the earth, just like their God dominated all the others in heaven. At no time did those who wrote the stories imagine that God created a man different from their own image (man has made God to look like himself , and no doubt that if the chimpanzee branch had evolved beforehand, God would look like one!). This concept, invented by the Jews served a grander purpose. It was adopted with enthusiasm by all the monotheistic sects, then followed by leaders of nations and ultimately politicians. Racism, exclusion, intransigence and intolerance were easily adopted by men who believed they were part of a superior race “chosen by God”. Ideology had begun. An ideology, which ever since proved to be the best way to manipulate the masses. The principle is simple; it suffices to introduce an idea answering to the beliefs and hopes of credulous people; as well as to their inner worries and fears, which then would act as a lever to direct these masses. These religions answered questions from the ancient beliefs, and laid down worries of what came after death by inventing paradise (an originally “Arian” word meaning “hunting reserve”). The fear of hell, as pun18

ishment for those who did not obey guaranteed absolute power over the populations. This easy method served only the interest of the leaders who used the name of Christ and in this day and age for those liars who cry “democracy”. Nothing has changed, from the start of all humanity we have been subject to tyrannies of every type; whether religions or politicians, or even kings or presidents all are made of the same stock. These leading forces pretend to have a superior knowledge when in fact, since the beginning, they are only serving their own interests and favoring regimes’ corruption, in which high placed people, whether they’d be priests, politicians, technocrats or officials, can freely endeavor in illegal as well as immoral actions. All of them make use of the ideology they represent to justify their actions and their position and to keep the masses ignorant about reality. The democratic lie is used to moralize the recent wars, just as the religious lie made the sun orbit the earth for centuries. A lie that serves the politicians the way it served the priests and still serves those who try to impose their hegemony over the world, by using “democracy” as an ideology to justify their actions and manipulate public opinion. Nothing new has been created the same methods have been used for over 3000 years! The only difference these days is the exceptional means of communication they have at their disposal, and therefore the need to control them.

Feeling strong by taking the name of the “chosen people of God”, thus the only “holders of the truth”, Christians allowed themselves to enslave blacks, to massacre Native Americans, and exterminate Jews. These, <the Jews> were the worst enemies, as they were the origin of a book which had to be revised in order to make it more credible with the ideology that was trying to be instituted; something the Jews forbade because of their obsession to write the Torah over and over again without changing a coma! Also, they were Jesus killers, those who had murdered the “son of God”, had condemned the Messiah. This ridiculous story was still appearing in recent Catholic education; it is no wonder then that the Vatican supported the Nazi movement. It makes for interesting reading to know that Mgr. Giovanni Battista Montini was put in charge by the Vatican of helping the Nazis to escape, put them in contact with the CIA, who wanted to recruit and train them for the “stay behind” networks. Without him, Networks such as “Gladio” would never have existed. Mgr. Giovanni Battista Montini completely fulfilled his mission, and was promoted Pope under the name of: John Paul VI. The concept of World domination also allows the establishment of absolute power: the Pope during centuries was widely approved as “God´s representative on Earth”. A concept that also worked for heads of armies , calling themselves “Kings” once they reigned long enough in a certain region, and justifying their position by associating with the Pope. Christian people were thus

easier to manipulate and have them serve the interests of the king and of the Pope, both of whom would make up a multitude of means to abusively take advantage of these people. The amazing thing is that this method has worked right until today; in some countries the descendants of these “Kings” still feel it is their legal right to take money from their subjects and continue to live a life of privilege originating from nothing more than a stroke of luck. In the middle ages, it was easy to convince simple peasants to abandon their fields and families to go and fight and kill “the infidels”. It was an order given by their king (he himself being anointed by the Pope, God on earth) and they would become members of the chosen people meant to reign on earth, and lastly they were offered a “legitimate liberation” of their lowly instincts. Nowadays the same poor dumb guy leaves his native America to go and kill the “Arab bastards” of Iraq, this being his “King” order, protected by his “dollar god”, and because he is a member of the most “democratic” people whose destiny is to impose to the whole world real “justice”…But most of all, he will be lawfully able to give in to his worst instincts. In fact, since the beginning, , the perfect recruiting of such young men always corresponds to the same profile; from 15 to 25 years of age, when one is subject to the most basic instincts. In a society where such instincts are restrained, if the possibility of going killing, looting and raping is legally given, a man will become a soldier; and if he will revel in that kind of life, become

an addict of it, he might even make it a military career. In addition, if he is well conditioned from a young age, and intellectually diminished, he might even become a perfect “fanatic”. We have seen what these “fanatics” of all times and religious, racial, national tendencies were capable of. For thousands of years these simpleminded idiots have been as much cannon fodder for their manipulators than, the worst torturers. With the looming hope of murdering, looting and raping with impunity these soldiers left “en masse” for the benefit of a king who wished to get hold of new territories, a Pope who wanted more land and tribute paying subjects , or a president representing a few families’ hell bent on winning oil wells or mining resources . All throughout history soldiers have committed the most appalling barbarities, all in the name of a, Suleiman, a Napoleon, a Hitler or a Bush. One hardly needs open a history book whether modern or ancient, to find nothing but wars, slaughters, invasions, pillages, and over and over again the cult of the “superman”. One would think that with the evolution of human intelligence, these horrors would begin to diminish but on the contrary, the shadow government behind the official leaders is manipulating human weaknesses with more skill than ever, so that for instance they managed to turn a “nice German baker”, into a skilled Nazi executioner. To clear up any distinction in people or religions that could make some think that Nazis were that way because they were German, or that Turks slaughtered

Armenian families because they were Turkish, or that Russians created “Gulags” because they were Russian, one must realize that these men were put in such situations by the “sorcerers” who control in the shadow, having nothing to do with race, religion or nationality boundaries. The best evidence is that of the Nazis and Japanese torturers who invented especially vicious methods of torture. These were recruited by the North Americans who established torture schools in the United States, where Americans or any agents or dictatorships allied with the US, mainly those of South America, but also Israelis who now use these methods to torture Palestinians, were trained. Another interesting point is that it was the same “shadow people” who participated in the Bolshevik Revolution, the rising of Hitler, the supply of weapons for the Jews extermination, who also financed the creation of Israel. The concept of “a chosen people” automatically contributed to a feeling of superiority; from there the step to the conclusion that all other races were inferior or even inhuman (with no soul), was easily reached. This step was first crossed over by Jews, then Christians and later Muslims. At that time, Mani would create the most important monotheistic religion of all times, Manichaeism, which extended rapidly through the Middle East, Europe and even China and India. Synthesizing Judaism and Zoroastrianism, Mani did not adopt a concept of a “Chosen People” but one with

some aspects of Buddhism and Maz-deism to begin the most important religion of that period. As always, the wise men reclaimed this movement, transforming it into a political religion measuring to their own ambitions and to put an end to this adventure surpassed by Christianity. Taking on the majority of concepts of Manichaeism with a base of Essenes Judaism, small amounts of local Paganism, it developed under ever more clever “priests” holding huge amounts of power. Somewhat like the second class politicians who made a rush for ecology to fuel their own ambitions, distorting and adapting in accordance with their own aspirations an essentially scientific concept, galvanizing it so well as to ridicule it and kill its scientific reality. Lastly around the year 300 AD, Christianity “took off”, followed by Islam around the year 600 which was another version of monotheism, as well as all the sects which rose from these in the following centuries. All of these religions without exception were imposed by violence generating multiple rival battles among themselves, each claiming to be representing the “true chosen people”. Even the social and political sects that followed them, some of which still exist today, continued using sophism to have their members believe that they belonged to an “elite”, that they will dominate the future world, while using the same type of rituals to condition them etc…etc… We can recognize there the many re24

ligious sects, as well as the secret societies and their multiple divisions such as The Freemasonry, the Illuminati, the Golden Dawn, the Thugs, the Saint Vehme, the Yakuza, the Camorra, and many others in the thousands that exist. This concept was easy to sell to the people: it reaffirmed them in their faith, supported them in their challenges and helped them in bearing with injustice; the “world would be theirs tomorrow”, it was “God’s will…

Footnote about Sects in the world: The crafty people who create these organizations always have a personal profit goal, and a wish to dominate or orient the rest of society according to their own political, religious, social economical or criminal ends. The conditioning methods based on the secret of initiation have been used for the past 3000 years; first procuring the feeling of accessing special knowledge which will confer some superiority above other men, then creating a strong feeling of belonging through the initiation rites which will give to the simple minded the feeling of being distinct from the “profane” by binding him to his “brothers”. In these sects the rituals varied from theatrical ceremonies to human sacrifice and many types of “branding”. The rest of the manipulation would consist of convincing the “initiated” in believing in his racial, ethnical, cultural or social superiority. Every step in the hi25

erarchy was to reinforce the ties to the sect and to distinguish him from the inferior members at the base. Evidently, the “free thinker”, the truly accomplished human being, takes responsibility from his own personality, thinks for himself, and never needs to be affiliated to a sect or a gang in order to be respected. Only the weak need backing to feel strong.

THIRD STAGE OF CIVILIZATION From this period on, the world was divided into two. The Western and Middle Eastern countries adopted this concept while it remained unknown to the rest of the world. The result was that this part of the world had spent the last 20 centuries fighting for dominance, conquests and perpetual war. Over 2000 years trying to continuously dominate the known world. Fortunately, with the exception of some talented and ambitious leaders such as Genghis Khan and Kublai, the great nations of the world remained free of such invasions. China and India had never engaged in conquest wars, or the annihilation of other people, organization of large scale slavery, nor killing in the name of religion. They were limited to regional battles, fights for power within their own countries, whereas first the Jews, then the Christians and lastly the Muslims manipulated their own people to satisfy the excessive ambitions of their leaders, whether religious or political. And it is far from over!

Today, Israel encourages its troops to control the Arabs with this same concept, while the Arabs do the same on their side. The Bilderberg Group dreams of establishing its hegemony over the planet…. Everything coming from the idea of “We are chosen by God” , makes those feeling concerned, “superior” to the rest of humanity. Therefore if “We are superior”, it must mean that the others are “inferior”. Therefore “We” ought to control them and decide who has the right to live and who doesn’t, and in which conditions.

VIOLENCE Violence has thus been the only law for 10.000 years of civilization! It caused empires to disappear, created borders, and provoked migrations of people, destroyed cultures and ethnics. Violence has tortured and murdered millions of men to conquer territories whose populations were submitted to tribute and reduced into slavery; the principle victims having always been the weak (women, children, the elderly). In a variety of forms slavery still exists today. This is a perfect reflection of our society since the Egyptian times continuing with the corporations of today which are set up in poor countries to produce materials for modern consumption; going through Arabs enslaving Africans, and reaching the bigger scale with the Europeans. Today’s biggest European fortunes came from the huge benefits provided by the slave trade and the “far off” territories, namely: the colonies.

Over a period of 10.000 years of so-called civilization, slavery has been officially abolished only for some one hundred years; fifty years since segregation has been abolished in the US (thanks to Martin Luther King, who in turn was assassinated by members of the government) and it has only been 18 years since “apartheid” was abolished in South Africa (thanks to Nelson Mandela after 27 years in prison.) During these same 10,000 years, women were no more than an accessory. Children and elderly people had no active role in society. Man had established his dominance once and for all and it was not until the 20th century that women began to exist, to have rights like the one of refusing to be abused (unfortunately not in all countries). The concept of a “chosen people” or an “elite race” had always served the leaders of the world to justify their own ambitions and in later years turned to “patriotism” when the religious reasons became “national” reasons. The concept of “patriotism” has been used for centuries by warmongers to motivate the military and as incredible as it might sound is still used by the majority of national leaders. (Barak Obama used it in October 2009 to motivate gays to enlist in the military!) Violence has now reached its climax with the “Bilderberg Group” ….. Before analyzing this point, a few digressions are needed.


Stereo typical racial stupidity: It has often been said that the Jews had a superior intellectual potential (IQ); in fact many of them still believe that it is the case. This is totally wrong: it just so happened that during centuries when very few people knew how to read or write, they made sure that all their children would study. Learning that would encompass reading and writing, since it also taught them a distinct language from their daily usage one. And through religion the study of the Talmud also encouraged reasoning. If we compare the Jewish scholars and the ones of the countries they were residing, the percentage of the so called “intellectuals” is no more in favor of the former than the latter. It has also been demonstrated that being a “Jew” has no genetic significance. Nevertheless, today if a child is studying two languages at the same time, and dedicating a few hours each day to reasoning, upon reaching twenty years old he will be intellectually more developed than a child who has never attended school! “Immigrants are the dregs of the Earth” Something to ponder upon for all the racists and intolerants of the world; you think of yourself as being of a superior race or ethnicity, therefore you do not like those who are different? Very well, in that case why don’t you teach everyone how you were able to choose where you were born? How does anyone choose to be born a Pygmy, an Eskimo, a Chinese or a Russian? How to choose the family to be born in?

Another point about immigrants who are ever more present in some countries; if your neighboring country would offer you double salary, a better standard of life, and would allow you to escape the misery of your own ( country), wouldn’t you go? Unless you are a complete idiot of course you would. In conclusion, we can say that immigrants are not stupid, they must be sufficiently brave to start a new life elsewhere (which is not easy) and any human being mistreated by society in his own country is a potential immigrant. We all are. What is missing is THE country where we could have a good life; if there ever were one, we would all go. Some say that the Israelis have managed to exploit the Palestinian lands, converting deserts into cultivated land which they themselves had been unable to do. Let us be realistic: had the Palestinians received as much money and technological support from the engineers and scientists, could they not have achieved the same? Some curiosities which are not part of official education: I remember how in school, Winston Churchill was presented to me as the symbol of the “good old chap”. Many years later I found an article authored by the man himself. “I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a

stronger race, a higher-grade race, a worldlier wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place. History will be clement to me, since I will be the one to write it. The object of the Second World War was to resurrect the stature of a man –“Winston Churchill. Indeed; History is always written by the victorious, but the world is evolving and investigation journalists as well as true historians, have more and more means to write true history even if they don’t have the power to have it taught in schools. We now know the true reality about “Winston Churchill”, his connections to the oil corporations, the various massacres in Africa, the Caribbean’s, and the Middle East, for which he was responsible, his initial friendship with Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. There are however, other less known agreements that were concluded with the latter (Mussolini) at the beginning of the war. They had in fact planned to split France and all its possessions. The House of Savoy was to be taken by Italy whereas the African colonies were now to belong to England. Churchill had to make various trips back to Italy in order to recover the compromising written agreements and to destroy them ( he was not however entirely successful.) The bombing of Dresden: The city of Dresden in Germany suffered the worst bombardment in the history of the Second World War with 90% of it destroyed and over one hundred thousand people dead. The logical man would be forgiven

for thinking that this destruction occurred because of the presence of important industrial and military establishments in the area that needed to be destroyed. In fact this was not the case; the attack took place after the Yalta conference and there were no installations to destroy (the only military stronghold stationed in Dresden was not even affected by the bombing.) The only reason for this bombing was economical. The British and American leaders, including Churchill, firstly wished to guarantee the economic viability of their own arms manufacturers and so used the vast majority of their existing bombs because the end of the war was near, secondly, to dissuade Stalin in his intentions over Germany by showing off the “firing might” of the Allied Forces. The victims were almost exclusively refugees, women, children and the elderly; the murderers went on to military decoration. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are other examples of the use of civil populations’ massacres for financial gain; in this case the supremacy of the United States over the Russians to assure the future exploitation of Japan and their external bases. Iraq, Afghanistan: the same scenario continues, dictated by the same weapon manufacturers with the only difference being financial motivations, replacing the brutal destruction for long term occupation to exploit oil in the case of Iraq, Opium and mines in Afghanistan.

In regards to Iraq; Iraqis are now “entitled” to Democracy, in exchange for all their archaeological treasures and their oil, which are now protected by one of the biggest American military base in the world. The Americans are therefore in Iraq to stay in order to protect “Democracy”. The Iraqis are immensely grateful!! As for Afghanistan; until 1980, the country didn’t produce any Opium. The CIA came to help the “Mujahedeen’s” fight against the Russians, and started producing 40% of the world Opium production, to eventually reach 80% by 1998. In 2000, the Taliban’s took power and destroyed many poppy fields, and a production of some 3.000 tons fell to 185 tons. Taliban’s, SIRS, messing up with American interests was not a good idea! Thankfully the Americans came back, and since 2005 they have once again become the world’s first Opium producers, with a 90% figure! And as for “wars”, some interesting numbers; during World War I, the majority of the victims were soldiers. During the Second World War, of the 60 million victims, some 22 million were military personnel. Luckily since, progression has not stopped, with Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan…Military men and women are sacrificed less and less and replaced by civil killings. From 2010, thanks to Chemtrails, GMO’s, Codex Alimentarius etc…More and more civilians will be killed while sparing the military! Get enlisted! That’s where the future lies! Concerning History “numbers” again; people talk a lot about the 6 million Jews who perished under the

Nazi regime…But there were also the “Christian” victims who are never mentioned, simply because they were either Gypsies, slaves, Blacks, communists, Jehovah witnesses, members of the Resistance, homosexuals or disabled. Yet again interesting numbers; over 15.000 women raped by American soldiers in Normandy; only a few arrested, mainly African Americans. Continuing on my digressive fantasies: Twenty men enter an armory; one takes a gun, a second tries to follow suit but the first one forbids him to on the pretext that his being armed is a dangerous matter. Does this seem normal to you? So, how can certain countries with nuclear weapons possibly prohibit others from possessing any? Take a pilot bombing a school in Baghdad who kills 200 children; then a terrorist putting a bomb on the subway which also kills 200 people. The first will receive a military decoration while the second will be reviled. I would like to know the thoughts of the families of the dead children: Do they feel better knowing that their children were killed “legally”? For my part , I believe that any actions taken against the civilian population is wrong but worse when it is done in a so called “legal “ way; similarly, contrary to the justice systems of the majority of countries, I believe that a policeman or a politician arrested for a crime should be submitted to worse punishment than a delin34

quent. I believe that the people who defend our laws should not be held any less responsible when they infringe them, when more often than not they are absolved. For anyone who still believes that corruption free institutions still exist, then I ask you to look at the Nobel peace prize nomination for Barak Obama, and no longer be under any delusion and that this judgment is severely flawed. It must also be said that the same institutions were responsible for the reward given to Kissinger for his part in the slaughter in Asia and South America, and to Al Gore for the death of millions of African children who are condemned because of his refusal to lose the benefits from pharmaceutical cartels?...When will we have Hitler’s posthumous nomination? The Berlin wall was destroyed; a while after the Moroccans built a wall to isolate the Sahrawi’s from the occupied zones. Israel was also building another to contain the Palestinians’ and the United States of America have just finished building 700 concentration camps modeled on Auschwitz! Meanwhile, all European countries have adapted numbers of military camps to turn them on a short notice into “concentration camps”. During the Nazi occupation of Europe, all the countries occupied lived with the hope that other countries would intervene to liberate them. The Iraqis’ and Afghans´ were invaded nearly 10 years ago; do they too have that same hope?

Who will come to free them? Ten years of occupation, more than a million Iraqis’ dead, nearly all civilians, women, children and the elderly, another 3 or 4 million in exile. Ten years of pillaging, one of the culturally and historically richest countries of the world has been left spoiled and stripped of all its assets, you can even find Iraqi antiques in some general stores in the United States . The whole world should unite to liberate this country yet we do nothing! The crime remains unpunished, after all why should we bother ourselves? A little while after the invasion of Iraq so began the invasion of Afghanistan and the world has still not reacted! The message is clear: the Islamic people are a lesser race, they should accept the authority imposed upon them by the civilized governments, accept the governments chosen by the Americans and as in other Arab countries accept the “designated” laws, hand over their natural resources and surrender in silence; in exchange civilization offers genetically modified foods, Coca-Cola, political corruption and drugs! It is worth remembering the way News was relayed during the occupation in France between 1940/45. Free radios would announce: “members of the Resistance have blown off a German tank”. The official radio would say:” terrorists have destroyed a tank”. The shame is that today, there is only the “official radio”; no more Resistance members; only terrorists. Our official Medias call all the people who resist Amer36

ican invasions in their countries, “terrorists”; they even call them members of, or affiliated with “Al Qaeda”. Interestingly, whenever something happens in an Arab country, whether it’d be in Maghreb or Pakistan, it will always be linked to a “member” or a sympathizer of Al Qaeda. How did that organization amazingly expand in such a short span! This should prove that an array of super-sophisticated technologies is of no use. All that Bin Laden had to do was scream from his cave, so that the whole Moslem world could join his cause, thanks to an old, but still secret and efficient method called: the Arab telephone! Regarding American super sophisticated technologies: not jokingly…Having realized the long term effects of radiation after the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as those from the chemicals used in the Vietnam war (where even today 40 years after the end of the war, children are still born with gross anomalies due to genetic mutations caused by transmission of contaminated people), American leaders concluded that through such weapons the human genome could be fought; thus giving them incentives to heavily use them (depleted uranium) on the populations of recent wars such as; Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, etc…To have an idea of the extent of this type of action, one should know that the Iraqis’ genetic pool is already considered destroyed, 70% of the children have been irradiated, of which a big majority will develop cancer or leukemia, while survivors will give birth to deformed children due to genetic mutation.

One last digression: The last information regarding the Islamic terrorists: for a long time the United States of America has developed specialized techniques of torture based on the Nazi and Japanese doctors, enhanced by modern drugs and current Psychiatry. During all of these formative years, they have developed above all the use of doctors and drugs in an effort to create “zombies”, men who after weeks of sleep deprivation, no feeding, daily torture, and full of psychotropic drugs, lose all identity. Put behind a wheel of a car, they would run down their own children without hesitation. Thus is created the perfect “suicide-bomber” who can be used to manipulate one side or the other, or the public. Apart from this terrorist profile, another exists, a true one. A man arrives home from work and discovers that soldiers have been in his house, killed his son, raped his daughter and stolen anything that had taken their interest. Thus, mad with pain he reaches for the first weapon he can find and sets out to kill the majority of the soldiers before he himself is shot. He is no “Islamic terrorist”; he is no different from a man from Armenia in 1902, Poland in 1942, and Vietnam in 1975, Ruanda in 1986 or Iraq in 2007. On a side note: a true terrorist is incapable of organizing a long term operation and instigating it. It is

simply incompatible with his nature. **Birth of the Modern World. 10.000 years of violence have resulted in our current world and its height: the Bilderberg Group. Some 400 years ago, the Western world discovered the profitability of great navigation: populations who had not yet developed firing arms, were easy prey, and thus begun the world conquest under the Pope’s blessings. In the name of Christ, new shores were discovered, their inhabitants were killed or enslaved, and the lands appropriated. There was so much land to exploit that labor was missing, consequently a little detour in Africa was due in order to collect slaves. Fortunes were thus made. First the banks; these expeditions were so profitable that financings were pouring from everywhere; among these, the most astute dominated. Rothschild fortune started. The most unscrupulous dominated the rest, and little by little, the most merciless of all these conquerors, became the greatest fortunes of the last two centuries. Many of these settled in the United States, which was where slaves were the most profitable. Then oil was discovered. In the beginning, its production was essentially to replace whale oil which was used for lamps. Romania was the first country to develop its use for public lighting. The Caucasus oil wells abundance immediately attracted the “predators”. The

Nobel and Rothschild families struck a deal for exploitation of this godsend, built railways, tankers, and sold weapons and explosives to different groups and countries in the region according to their economic interests. Selling weapons to both sides of the warring parties has always been the basic principle of arms dealers. The Nobel family quickly became rich, but other families in the United States and England, were also interested in the cake. These eventually financed Russia to organize pogroms against the Jews, especially in the regions exploited by the Rothschild, who in turn sold their company to Shell (Royal Dutch Shell), while the Rockefeller’s financed Bolsheviks threw out the Nobel’s, who had to sell their empire at a discount to…The Rockefeller’s. This is only one example of conflicts among the “powerful”, where each uses local authorities, lending money and selling weapons to all and anyone that could bring profit. From 15th to the 18th century, fortunes were built on colonies, mostly the Americas, and on the slave trade. The cleverest, such as the Rothschild’s, built tremendous financial empires based on banking frauds, supported by the leaders in place, who in the end also profited since the only ones to pay were the people. During this first wave, the struggle to occupy the Americas was the foremost priority, offering thus all sorts of villains the best opportunities. Colossal fortunes started booming. In the 19th century, the industrial development

opened new markets, and it was necessary to appropriate the natural resources, the mines. Thanks to the Nobel’s, Colt’s, Winchester’s, and many other arms dealers, more people could easily be killed in a short time, and it was a rush for the whole world. Violence reached new heights. People all over Africa are massacred, lands are stolen, and Catechism was given in exchange! Whereas in Africa the European nations shared the loot, in other parts of the world, the first arrived massacred and then simply “settled”. It was so for Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia, Indochina, India, Middle East, Maghreb and parts of China; these operations had high profitability and their finances enriched not just the banks and weapons trade, it also offered ideal grounds to thrive in. The men in the “shadows” would do all that was necessary to encourage wars where they were able to grab natural resources, thus acquiring its control; the oil as well as anything useful to the industrial era, supplying both sides of conflict, lending money to all, as long as it would serve their own interests. Superstition, which we could also call innocence, credulity, ingenuity, foolishness (curiously there is only one synonym for all of these combined: belief) exists only because it is stimulated by propaganda; which in turn can be called catechism, lies, deception, taking advantage, conditioning….. Propaganda therefore played an important role: “we are a superior race and we are taking civilization to the “sub-humans” of the planet”. This concept was sold to the European nations

who gladly sent their sons to show the superiority of the white race to the “savages” of the rest of the planet; faithful servants of the race “elite” (An “elite” where all members have amassed their fortune with nothing less than what we would call piracy, fraud, and slave trade). Since the end of the 18th century until the 1870s the exceptional benefits in arms dealing , and consequently of war were discovered. They also discovered the principle of the “Republic” which allowed them to lead a country while remaining in the shadow: one only needed to finance secret societies such as Freemasons as well as politicians, in order to gain in return the advantages which will enrich them even further. The Rothschild’s had shown the way with England and France. The financing of Napoleon to get to power, as well as his manipulation in order to favor the British interests and those of the Rothschild’s, had taught them the easiness in exploiting an ambitious idiot.(curiously, official history books are continuously hiding all of the realities of this period to young French students). One only needed to put in place a system which would allow such persons to come to power: the Republic. Not before long other families began to compete; the Rockefeller’s, Schiff’s, Harriman’s, Warburg’s, Khan’s, Mellon’s, Warburg’s, Vanderbilt’s………. All discovered the tremendous advantages that could come from a republican system. They will help all the people to adopt such a system. The magic word and yet the most hypocritical one in the dictionary was born:

“Democracy”. With this “Democracy” they used the people to overthrow the last warlords, installed their selected pawns which they renamed “politicians”. Since the end of the 19th century, things accelerated. The superiority of the white race had been set. It was the preparation of the First World War that would be an opportunity for the “men in the shadows” to accumulate extreme wealth and defiantly establish (or so they wished) : racial superiority, not forgetting the constant competition between them. In the initial period of the 20th century the true great fortunes were established, great families that up until this day still dominate. We could write various volumes about this period; the alliances, the rivalry between them and the matrimonial alliances useful for manipulating forms of power. From the Spartans to the Kamikazes, the cult of the “strongest man” has dominated human history for the last 2,500 years - women always coming second, while the children and elderly just did not exist.

A CENTURY DAMNED During the 20th century new tools allowed “the men in the shadows” to install their absolute superiority over the “warlords”: the banks, their means of communication and politics. A worse violence was further developing. The First World War had shown evidence of the

enormous benefits that could be gained with support and correct supply to distinct parts of the conflict. Banks began to represent true financial power when financing Japan for the invasion of China and fighting the Russians, also in financing the Turkish in the Armenian massacre and in continuation the Russians to kill the Turkish. As a result bankers won…” Baku” (70% of the world oil production). This was a momentous part of history when Great Britain dominated all of the Middle East to exploit oil. It was found how to kill large numbers at a lower cost, with the use of chemicals and gases. It was a time when Churchill recommended the use of gas to get rid of the Arabs that do not collaborate in the British enrichment; namely, Iraqis and Kurds. It was also a time when Churchill decided to consign the richest part of Ireland to England generating a conflict that still remains today. This was also the time when banking obtained absolute power over a young country endowed with unique potentials: The United States of America. During his period, people such as the Rockefeller’s, Morgan’s and others, manufactured the 1907 economic crash which will allow them to eliminate some 6000 competitors, to buy at a low price the essential values of the American economy, and most of all to launch the concept of the “Federal Reserve”, which would protect the economy against crisis. To this

end, the Rockefeller’s entrusted one of their members ( Nelson Aldrich) to offer the United States presidency to Woodrow Wilson, in exchange for the creation of a Federal Reserve Bank, of which they would be the only “masters”. The operation was a success; Woodrow Wilson was elected and he created the “private Central Bank of the United States” (Federal Reserve Bank), that allowed the thieves (Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg etc…) to establish their supremacy over the riches of the United States: the banking system, the arms manufacturers, the oil, the automobile, chemical industries and lands etc. etc… (Wilson will repent at the end of his life, for having participated in such a fraud). They also founded the CFR (the Council on Foreign Relations) which helped join the multinationals to control the press and the United States administration, as well as to extend their control over the most important countries. A system that permitted the elected President to be no more than a puppet in their hands: from the moment of inauguration, the elected president was called on to fill the key position within the administration always chosen by the true leaders who never appeared in the forefront (all key members of the Barak Obama administration belong to CFR). For their international ambitions an “Intelligence Service” was required; the OSS was born, later becoming the commonly known CIA. Being now well equipped with the necessary tools, the same people mentioned above, prepared and organized the Wall Street crash of 1929. This allowed them to

buy at the lowest price all of the country’s major stocks, and to put forward the banking monopoly. Over 20.000 banks were to close (the current crisis has been engineered by the same people, and staged in the same way as the first two.) Shortly after they went on to conquer Europe. They already had enormous infrastructures previously installed, the support of Governments they had financed in the past, a network of politicians and multi-millionaires; all that was left was an opportunity for wars to resume and as had been proven from experience, their exceptional benefits. The benefits were actually so exceptional that now they could revel in all the needs created by war and wait only for their pockets to be lined. This opportunity arrived in the form of a perfect character stemming from meetings between British and German secret (Freemasons) societies - Adolf Hitler. Hitler represented the good: he had heralded from the white race, was a member of the Thule society, in turn linked to England’s Freemasonry. He would, once and for all impose the white race over all the others, and above all favor the interests of the rich British and American families. They all supported him; financing his rise to power (Rockefeller, Schiff, Warburg, Morgan, Harriman, Walker…) supplying weapons for him (Ford, Bush, Warburg, Morgan), manufacturing trucks, tanks for the Wehrmacht (Ford); supplying even gas to exterminate the Jews (Ford, Bush, Warburg, Morgan), and also backed his allies such as Franco and Mussolini.

Better still, after offering Hitler the means to arm the SA, Rockefeller created a eugenic institute in Germany directed by Otmar von Verscher and Josef Mengele. Rockefeller was a firm supporter of the concept of a “pure race”. He had already financed a eugenic organization in the United States responsible for issuing the racial cleansing laws and the institute for eugenic research. In short, he had tried to reduce the number of births in what he called the inferior races (the Jews, Blacks, Gypsies, Asian and Arabs’), and to improve the quality of the white race by eliminating all the “unwanted” such as, homosexuals, mentally and genetically impaired, criminals... This program did have some success with medical experiments tested on prisoners. Interestingly, Joseph Mengele was able to be protected and taken to South America by the American government (under the “Operation Paperclip”), so as to benefit from his medical knowledge on medical experiments. Otmar von Verschuer, also protected by Rockefeller, was on the other hand condemned to pay a symbolic fine, but continued on the same path even after the war, while being supported by these same “friends”. Curiously, these two men never had to worry about the Mossad nor Wiesenthal, since even Mengele lived and travelled freely under his real name, and the “little” request made by Israel to obtain his extradition was rapidly discouraged. This shows us again that financial in47

terests take precedence over anything else, especially when it concerns Rockefeller’s” protégés”, responsibles for CIA mind control programs. Another source of profitability were the factories closest to the concentration camps which used the deported as free labor from Auschwitz. The shareholders of these factories benefitted from this slavery. During the war, the supply of weaponry, bombs, ammunition and equipment enriched these thieves more and more, while using their power to dominate American politics, and either electing or making disappear those they wish to, in a so called “democratic” system, where the Media and money are the only things deciding who will be in place. Now through the CFR, they controlled American life almost in its entirety. If a politician or a president wouldn’t comply with them they were rejected, as happened with Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding and Kennedy. In this sense it is interesting to note the similarities between the assassinations and their motives. These presidents were conscious of occult power represented in the bankers, arms dealers and secret societies that they encouraged. They declared themselves openly opposed to anything “secret”, and wished to truly govern. The plots for their elimination were mounted more or less in the same way, including a scapegoat and his execution (same method was also used to eliminate “nuisances” such as Martin Luther King). Kennedy had had the audacity to reject the North48

wood plan which had been designed to allow the bankers to appropriate Cuba. The plan had been orchestrated by the highest of military leaders, some remaining in power for many years to follow. The plan was to lay blame for a series of attacks on the Military units and the American people on Cuba, therefore gaining public support and justifying the kick start of a war; this same plan was used successfully to start the Vietnam War, for the invasion of Iraq… (Wouldn’t the sunken Korean ship in 2010 belong to the same type of scenario?) With the assassination of Kennedy, the ridiculous lies that could be swallowed by the public had been demonstrated, as long as there was enough Media beating to support the official version, no matter how implausible it might be. Why hesitate then in repeating the operations for the September 11th attacks, the London and Madrid attacks!. Although in these cases, the official versions became more and more strange. Two airplanes that caused the collapse of three towers, yet another crashing into the Pentagon and disappearing into thin air, attacks perpetrated by a ghost running an organization that does not exist….And ten years later when nobody believes in these fantasies any more, they are still supported by the official Media. They went on to even condemn a few poor guys to justify themselves in front of a couple of idiots who continue believing in an Islamic conspiracy. We are all aware of the Media’s uproar regarding the twin towers being hit by airplanes, but also of the in49

credible discretion when it comes to building Number 7…Which could not easily be attributed to a terrorist attack. A proof to show how easily the population can be manipulated through the Media; ask anyone at random and you’ll notice that 4 out of 5 people have altogether forgotten about the third tower! Here is the story: Bin Laden had sent from his hospital room (yes, he was hospitalized in an American hospital at the time of the attacks), two planes crashing against the twin towers, then not having another plane at his disposition, he sent his anger on the third tower, which collapsed just like the other two did, without having anything crash against it. Thus he was able to show the world that he was indeed the new prophet, capable of miracles even more astonishing than those done by Jesus! After which he ascended the sky to hide, explaining why the thousands of soldiers who looked for him could only find empty hospital rooms and caves… The official version was immediately rejected by the world Secret Services; yet the public only started to open their eyes when they heard the confessions of many agents such as Davis Shayler who clearly declared that it was an internal American government plot , or the same things done by members of American politics like Morgan Reynolds or Paul Craig Roberts and in the millions of public faces that reflected it. It is hard not to question the strange security contract written 2 months before for the sum of three and a half million dollars linked to the fortunate ones of this operation, it is difficult to obtain information about re50

lationships between them: Silverstein, the Blackstone Group, General Motors and Rudolf Giuliani, the Mayor of New York. It is also difficult not to ask questions about the fabulous contracts offered on the following day to the Carlyle Group linked to both the Bush and Bin Laden family. Difficult to believe in the “coincidences” about the facts that ten of the main witnesses of explosions prior to the fall of the towers, either died in accidents or committed suicide between 2003 and 2009…These people had refused bribes to not testify, an exact repeat of what happened when Kennedy was assassinated. Another coincidence, or…? Interestingly the Madrid attacks occurred exactly 911 days after the 9/11 attacks!

MODERN IDEOLOGY There is a concept to add in order to define today’s world, which is: Belief. In the beginning religions took advantage of the credulity of people thus conditioning and manipulating them. Through the centuries, certain people more or less had learnt to skillfully manipulate the masses but at the beginning of the 20th century, it became a “science”, with above all at its root the works of Sigmund Freud. One of the most important figures in this area is Alfred Nobel who, after dedicating his life to amassing fortunes by creating techniques allowing to kill more people at a faster rate , bequeathed part of his fortune to

the creation of the “Nobel Prize”, in order to restore the bad image we had of him. The importance of “image”, also known as the “gaze”, as opposed to the idea of “being”, of truth, gained value thanks to Edward Bernays, Freud’s nephew. “If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it. The recent practice of propaganda has demonstrated that it was possible, to a certain degree.” (1928) Developed by Goebbels to serve the third Reich, this “science” that was made up of propaganda, demagoguery and sophism, and which became today’s political science, was approved and developed by all the criminals of the 20th century. Thus all the members of the Bilderberg tried to present themselves as philanthropists, financing many charities like hospitals and NGO etc. In general, hypocrisy makes them turn to such actions for the facts they could be most rebuked from. It was the Bushes or Al Gore’s that financed charities against hunger in Africa for example; a drop of water rejected into an ocean of money made over starving these same people in Africa; or members of Royal families of Europe that financed summer camps and orphanages, all because they were implicated in court testimonials over allegations of pedophilia. One special example of the force of propaganda is fluoride.

Many industries and in particular the nuclear industry, produce a particularly toxic waste product; fluoride. It was already known that using a small amount of fluoride can destroy cells in the human brain, leaving people docile and without willpower (fluoride was used by the Germans on the deportees and by the Russians in the Gulags.) After all it was very expensive to dispose of. This is where propaganda came in: a series of corrupt scientists were financed to publicize a study confirming that fluorine protects against tooth decay; a few friends in the press and television to hype up the whole thing... And, mission accomplished! The United States was the first place where the idea was put forward, and then in many countries all over the world fluorine is now added to drinking water. After this operation the industries no longer had to worry about disposing of toxic waste. Whether some people had a slightly lower IQ, or were a little more docile, did not matter! For many years, “real” scientists tried to warn the general public about the dangers of fluoride. These did not however have “access” to the media and still today some countries continue to buy fluoride from these companies to add to drinking water! Better yet; fluoride is even added to bottled water! We must always remember the two main concepts of propaganda, one of the first basic lessons for any Politician who wishes to be successful. • A lie repeated a sufficient number of times become

the truth. (Kennedy assassinated by Oswald, Bin Laden attacks of the Twin Towers, terrorism, flu pandemic, climate change, laws in the name of “security”, etc…) • This repetition will register in the human mind unconsciously. For example the entire world has suffered the Islamic/terrorist association thrashed about by the media, allowing the naïve population to think against all logic that all Arabs are potential terrorists. Moreover, the word “terrorist” repeated tens of thousands of times by the media allowed leaders the justification for enforcing laws which actual goals were to better control the population, and exercise rights that not only go against all justice and morals, but also allow negating the basic human rights. Therefore the “most democratic” countries can at this point “legally” use secret detention, sequestration of people, including from outside of their territory, arrest, under simple suspicion. The combination of the Swine flu/Vaccine in 2009 was so hackneyed, that despite the internet hundreds of thousands of people went on to be vaccinated. Another hype concerning the concept of the “New World Order” put forward prior to 2008, can be seen in a similar context; eventually the weakest part of the population will end up believing that Globalization is a good thing! When in reality, anyone willing to count how many times the words “terrorist” or “security” have been uttered these past ten years, whether by politicians or their media services, would be astounded! And this to justify the implementation of laws which only goal is to reinforce population control, laws allowing from now on,

according to the country, to make searches at any time without warrant, and even in the absence of the occupants, to arrest anyone without warrant, to detain anyone secretly, with no right to have a lawyer and under unlimited time, to practice “legal” tortures etc…And to also establish in the name of “security” a police control on the whole population, through permanent telephone spying as well as undue police control and the implementation of laws giving them more and more power over the citizens, the aim being the establishment of a total servitude state of the people. All these techniques were being studied in the framework of the “manipulation of the masses” by specialists who elaborated this plan of “silent war” since the early 50s for the purpose of conducting global control on human cattle (this plan transmitted by a circular to the Bilderberg members during their meetings, was discovered by chance in 1986; a copy is available on the internet under “silent weapons” or “quiet wars”.) “Ideology can change in tone and shape but it will always remain just that: ideology. Historically, the State has maintained courtiers whose function is to legitimate it. These ideologists are used to explain that individual crime is punishable but crimes committed by the State “en masse” are justifiable. Without ideology, we have no State. Contents of ideologies have varied but the object is always the same: convince the public that the existence and the exaction of the State are necessary and should be absolved (...) For many years these ideologists were the priests. In modern times, they were re55

placed by the obvious more scientific language of the economists, scholars and other academics. It is no coincidence that these propagandists are nearly all employed by the State and the State controls nearly all means of expression and communication (Murray Rothbard, a famous professor of economy at the University of Las Vegas. Extract from “the true thinkers of our time” by Guy Sorman). Every time a war ended (until the next one) rebuilding was necessary. The winners would impose their laws over the conquered and determine the contracts of exploitation for their own profits of that country’s resources. These are our current thieves who use leverage to benefit from everyone and everything. Compensation for the failures suffered by the established industries in the conquered country, the reparations of war, the contracts of reconstruction and exploitation benefits etc… These same “actors” which benefited from the First World War, literally, gorged themselves before, during and after the second. Hitler and Hirohito had failed, but the concept was still valid. Now we were immensely rich, but what still remained to be established was the superiority of the white race, especially in the United States (which was ours) over the rest of the World. Then, we had to start new operations: establish subjugation in Europe, install strong dictatorships in all countries in which we wished to exploit for our own benefit, ban propaganda of a communist ideology and prepare for the advent of a

global government. If we made a synthesis of the leaders of the America, Great Britain and other “white” and “Democratic” countries from that period, we would see that all were multi-billionaires, that all had acquired their fortunes by unscrupulous means, all had partaken in the racial Nazi concepts and all wished to fortify the bonds between them to develop and impose these concepts to the rest of the World. Thus, fabulously enriched by the war that had just ended and the absolute power afforded to them by the Federal Reserve, they started preparing for the future: encouraging further wars, acquiring riches from the poorer countries by installing dictators on the pay roll, and controlling the countries of Europe… To this end, they needed strong international organizations, such as the United Nations. A strong intelligence service, which will transpire as the CIA, and will recruit quite a few ex-Nazis with the help of the Vatican, was created. Rockefeller will put in charge his good friend Allan Dulles who shared his eugenic ideas. In the advent of a World Government, another agency was needed; it came out as the UWF (United World Federalists Inc.), funded by Warburg with Cord Meyer Jr. at its top. Cord Meyer Jr. was a member of the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) and a CIA agent who had participated in a secret mental manipulation program. There was also a need to impose themselves into the important governments and to occupy key positions. Great Britain and Israel would be the

first ones, to be followed by many others. In an aside about Israel: The creation of the State of Israel was a very old idea, only supported by Rothschild for motives which apparently very genuine. It was initially supposed to be under the domination of Britain. An analysis of the American, English, German thinking, and of their racial and economic concepts supporting its creation, point out to two major motives: first, to have at one’s disposal a vassal country in an oil rich region, and second to gather all the Jews of the world together so as to make their extermination easier in the future. It was also to give the dollar a global reach now that the small group of thieves had exclusivity to the Federal Reserve. Hence the creation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the bank for inter-American development, the BIS, in order to impose the dollar currency on the world. Having the atomic bomb, they needed agreements to establish military bases for the United States in every country and storage facilities for nuclear weapons; this will translate into NATO. They also needed a secret network to infiltrate all the intelligence groups of Europe, with “death squad” style henchmen that could be used for all types of actions useful in the manipulation of the European populations.

These “Stay Behind” as “Gladio” type of operations in Italy, “Rose de Vents “ in France or “Schwert” in Germany, were carried out in all European countries. They controlled the high applications within the European Union and disposed of all the secret services resources of each EU country member; these in turn being directly controlled by the CIA, the Mossad and MI6 within NATO services. They were used not just to carry out plots like the Greek military junta, but also the assassinations of political albatrosses (such as Olof Palme in Sweden, Robert Boulin in France and David Kelly in England, a specialized inspector in the evaluation of bacteriological weapons, who after more than thirty visits to Iraq formally concluded that there was never a “threat”. The regular task of these networks was the infiltration of all types of sects and organizations. The often used “cover-up” for their actions is the employment in American companies, like for instance the Coca-Cola bottling which is often entrusted to “friends”, thus beneficiating of covers to travel and take care of the real “business “deals. Occasionally, companies’ trucks will be used to get rid of unwanted persons through “accidents”. They are also in charge of the development of political corruption as much in the finance games than in “hard” networks of pedophilia or the organizations for drug distribution. Drugs are power for the leaders. By prohibiting all politicians to legalize it they can continue having the exclusivity of a high profitability product,

while the damage to society promotes future projects. Like this, the CIA controls the majority of global production and has put agreements in place with the Mafia for its distribution in the United States; for Europe, the “Stay Behind” networks are used with the support of the secret services and the local mafias (Dark AllianceGary Webb) There is no one left to believe that the enormous quantities of drugs consumed in each country could be brought in by small dealers. These networks like SAC in France, tied to the French “Stay Behind” network were helped by ex-Nazis under the custody of René Bousquet and Maurice Papon, whereas in Germany it was Reinhard Gehlen who ensured the recruitment, not dissimilar to Licio Gelli in Italy, the Grand Master of the P2 Masonic lodge (Franco, Berlusconi, Perón). These same networks trained and supported by the US, Great Britain, the Mossad, and helped by the Masonic lodges, dominated the “death Squad” in Latin American countries. Klaus Barbie was in charge of “Operation Condor”. To create efficiency, the United States created a central academy for torture in Panama, first Fort Amador and later Fort Gulick. Here, specialists like Klaus Barbie or the Japanese doctors of the 731 unit assisted by the American, Israeli, French and English military officials ,taught techniques

of torture, assassinations, psychological manipulation and terrorism against civilians. This academy can be proud that it has created all the great criminals that have supported the Latin American dictators like in Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Argentina, Dominica, Salvador and Panama - this academy known by the name of “American Academy” or “School for Murderers” was transferred to North America in Fort Benning. In 2001 the name was changed to “Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation” (WHISC) and continued its activities in service of the lords of war of the United States. All these organizations converted to new names when they were spoken of to any large degree. They continued to be protected by the highest levels of state to a point where in France for instance, one of the “French connection” leaders was named minister Charles Pasqua . For all those who do not understand why drugs are not legalized as is alcohol and prescription drugs, the reason is this: drug generated money is exclusively for the benefit of these networks; under no circumstances these should allow the market prices to drop or any trading companies to interfere in a monopoly generating huge fortunes which goes exclusively to the big banks funding political parties and the secret services. The US have military bases pretty much everywhere, and therefore have at their disposal a completely free network to move around all sorts of merchandise

without any control, including drugs. Through these, people can also be kidnapped and sequestrated in any country, without the least official information to rely upon. It could be called a global “Nacht und Nebel” operation, a German particularity of French origin, and of which Americans became the world best specialists. Apart from the official intelligence agencies and world banks, international organizations, economic alliances etc… geopolitical organizations were also needed. Always led by the United States, Great Britain, and Israel we inherited: CFR- the Council on Foreign Relations, TC- Trilateral Commission, RIIA- Royal Institute of International Affairs, Brookings Institute, Rand Corporation, AEI – American enterprise Institute, AIPAC – American Israeli Action Committee, CSIS – Centre for Strategic and International Studies.

Silent weapons for quiet wars… This quiet war of the elite against the people, using “silent weapons”, would be the opportunity to reunite all of these organizations into a central decision entity so that all the members of the diverse government agencies could follow the orders. This organization had to be kept secret so that the public kept being unaware of the manipulation and to avoid any interference to the on-going Nazi concept. Only the true decision makers had to be able to control this entity, while also receiving

useful and easy to manipulate members. These were members who would never know the full story, but would be used when needed. Finally it was necessary to maintain the Nazi philosophy in order to get to the “fourth Reich”.

The Bilderberg group was thus created in 1954 to that end; (in other words, to promote the domination of the “pure race” and start the “quiet war” to enslave the rest of humanity.)

BILDERBERG CLUB “The world can be divided into three classes: a very small number of people who decide the events (us), a small number who obey, execute and observe (the politicians); and finally the big masses who never know what’s really going on (the population). George Orwell, Nicholas Murray Butler, Noam Chomsky. At its head, described as one of the founders, but in reality selected by Rockefeller was a Nazi sympathizer: the Prince Bernhard de Lippe-Biesterfeld. The Bilderberg Group is directed by a very small number of people who had dreamed for a long time about making themselves the leaders of the world (Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller, Morgan, Mellon or their representatives). We suppose there were no more than twelve fam63

ilies in league with this project. According to Fritz Springmeier, an author of several books about the Illuminati (currently jailed in the US), there would be thirteen families: Astor, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russel, and Van Duyn. A second circle was quickly included from those who constituted much needed real power such as the Media, industries, other oil companies, industrial military complex, banks, multinational pharmaceutical cartels, high ranked military officials… Lastly a third circle was integrated, which consisted of the manipulated. This group of people was often not millionaires, but heads of state, scientists and writers or was simply close to those higher up in the pyramid, and that needed “guidance”. The tools are all the idiots in power, principally in the army, police and politics. These people are used, but rarely invited to their meetings. The majority of the time, while avoiding all direct contact, they will use representatives placed in these agencies: the most frequently used names for these representatives are “secretary general, vice-president etc.” In this way even the military officials in the highest ranks and heads of organizations like NATO or the United Nations are unaware of whom their true “leaders” really are. Only members or representatives of the original families are present at all the meetings. It is them who decide before the general meeting, during ultra-secret gatherings,, the agendas to be discussed and the people

invited. Later, with skill, they orientate the second circle of the group to follow a set of instructions so they have the impression that it is them who are responsible for those decisions (the plan “silent weapons for quiet wars” is part of manuals given to new members or guests, on how to apply those techniques in their own country to manage the “human cattle”).

“We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent” James Paul Warburg (1950). Feeling strong from the ease with which they became immensely rich and had taken over the control of the greatest world power, they established a long term plan to complete the realization of their desires to dominate the planet entirely, where “impure” races would disappear and where the rest of humanity would be their slaves. During the first few years a general plan to reach the goal is elaborated starting as soon as the 1960s. The plan was presented to new members under the guise of “manual” starting in 1979. Named “Silent weapons for quiet wars, it showed to each government in place how to manipulate its populations to bring them to slavery through impoverishment, police terror, disinformation, family, health, social relations destruction etc…And even offer the means to get to that point: banking games, chemical, biological, bacteriological industries

and sciences…Psychological, media, technological techniques… In the first step they began to install real power with direct accomplices. Their profile was always the same: they were required to comply with three conditions: to be established millionaires, totally lack any scruples (one is nearly always a direct result of the other) and adhere to the Nazi idea of a “chosen race” which they called the “elite”. They also required subordinates that they could turn to when necessary; these were found in sects like the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Skull and Bones or the Bohemian Club to name but a few. The most important of these footmen have been involved in all the tragedies that have shaken the world since 1950. They painstakingly carried out the instructions that they had been given, ever more convinced that they were part of the decision making process and became fabulously rich. We could find the names of: Henry Kissinger, Paul Wolfowitz, Colin Powel, John Negroponte, Condoleezza Rice, Zbignew Brezinski, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Allen Dulles, Frank Carlucci, Hank Greenberg, Paul Volcker etc…In the American arena; but the same types of servants of the future Masters of the world can be found all over the planet; from Jean Monnet to Jacques Delors, going through the Selliere, Demachy, David-Weill or Wendel in France; from Churchill to Blair passing through the Stuarts, Windsor or Grosvenor in Great Britain; Krupp or Flick in Germany; Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Hitotsubashi,

Ueno or Murayama in Japan; Li Ka Shing, Soong or Henri Fok in China; Desmarais in Canada; James Riady, Suharto in Indonesia; Tata in India; Hussein in Iraq; Pinochet in Chile; Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah en Brunei; the Cisneros in Spain and Latin America; the Bin Abdulaziz in Saudi Arabia, Silvio Berlusconi in Italy; Schneider in Norway; Samoza in Nicuaragua, Marcos in the Philipines; Mobutu in Zaire etc, etc. This class of multi-millionaires maintained their own private armies (Executive Outcomes, Dun & Bradstreet, Dyn Corporation, Kroll Associates and one of the most important: Blackwater) This combination makes up the Bilderberg Group... and 80% of the Western fortunes. The Bilderberg Group convenes once a year to make important decisions about the planet, right before G8, not only to decide who to install at the heads of the different organizations that control (United Nations, NATO, World Bank, MFI, CFR, Roma Club, secret services etc.) but also to orientate the global leaders and decide all the political operations that will support their final project. For example, it was in the meetings of the Bilderberg Group that the following was decided: • The creation of new international organisms like the Trilateral Commission or the Club of Rome (The Club of Rome prepared for Pol Pot the genocide in Cambodia, among others)

• The installation of dictatorships in South America, the Middle East and Asia (Pinochet, Marcos, Duvallier, Fujimori..). • The wars (Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Cambodia, Vietnam, Timor, Rwanda etc.) • The Coups d’états to replace an independent government with one that is compliant (more than 50 in half a century, the majority in Africa where each Western power is trying to put in place regimes favourable to their interests) • Taking control of the drug market.

• The implementation of the “Codex Alimentarius” to control all human food. • The creation of a European FED (Federal Reserve System) under their control (the Central Bank) . • The actions of the secret services.

• The running of corruption programs within the pedophile networks. • The politics that must be applied by the States on their population. • The key appointments of the future. For example, they have chosen to place their agents, the Sarkozy brothers, the President of France, to eliminate independence in the country and make it part of NATO, meaning the French generals now take orders from Fogh Rasmusen, the General Secretary of NATO and

an important member of the Bilderberg Group: while the other half brother was compensated by being named President of the Carlyle Group from the Bush and Bin Laden families, a multi-national company associated with weapons, and “delicate” financial operations. One example is the “National Printers” in France which was bought from the French State in 2003 for 85 million Euros and sold back to it in 2007 for 380 million Euros. Carlyle, a company made up in force by the most important members of the Bilderberg Group like Paul Desmarais or Albert Frére, also owns among others the Figaro, and various other French magazines and a variety of buildings connected to the arms dealing companies. As for the one candidate who could have challenged the French presidency, the Bilderberg Group offered him the head of the IMF, leaving his candidacy to Segoléne Royal, assuring in this way that nothing impeded the election of Sarkozy… We could also talk about Tony Blair, Giscard d´Estaing, Berlusconi, Merkel,Aznar… and all the leaders of the European Countries. For history: the IMF was directed until recently by a man who once organized one of the biggest swindles of banking history: The Credit Lyonnais scandal: Dominique Strauss Kahn, member of the Bilderberg Group. I have a small explanation about the workings of the Bilderberg Group and the motives of their failure to progress. Initially, to achieve their objectives, the founders included in the group all those people who

could serve to make them rich or had control over certain populations. Royal families of Europe ( Great fortunes like that of England, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark ….) the magnates of the Media which control the public, the presidents or high officials from the most important countries which controlled weapons whether conventional, nuclear, chemical or bacterial, and lastly the leaders of the biggest multi-nationals. Then, disposing of all these people, ready to enrich themselves even more and to obtain more power, they started the launching of bigger programs. • Creation of a “subjugated Europe” to the United States. • Creation of a unique currency for Europe: the Euro. • Creation of central banks modeled on the Federal Reserve. • Control of the armies (United Nations, NATO)

• Extensions of the secret services networks with those of the mafia and “Stay Behind” all over the world. • Manipulation of the masses through Media and education. • Establishing police control over everyone.

• Preparation for slavery of these populations using kidnapping (Pretending it to be for the children’s protection to microchip them from birth)

• • •

Eugenic studies Military control of the scientific world. World control on health and food (Codex)

There are many books available for anyone who wishes to learn more about the members of the Bilderberg Group in their country or the multi-national companies who control them and what are their current objectives: “Masters of the World”, “The true history of the Bilderberg Club”; “The New World Order”, there are also films and movies like “Zeitgeist” which are accessible on the internet. These books and articles are written by freelance reporters (Jim Tucker, Daniel Estulin, Cristina Martin, Thierry Messan) They explain very clearly the distinct ”friendly” institutions that are created in all the countries of Europe, using secret agents to guide and assess the objectives of the final project while eliminating those in the way. Other works denounce very clearly the acquaintances of American and British leaders with the Nazi concepts (Anton Chaitkin, “The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush”) Thus all “actors” who participated in the making of Europe within all countries concerned, were either financed and supported by Bilderberg members, or invited to attend the meetings, or still yet became regular members, since no sooner than a character plays a major role in society, he will be “invited to the club”; invited to be a part of the “cattle exploiting elite”. This was the

case of Aznar inviting Chavez to the club and him refusing! Contrary to some of the highest ranking Chinese leaders who are now orienting their country towards “New World Order” fascism….

EUROPE For this reason Europe is a complete failure for all people: the “union” decided by the club leaders, was done against them, not for them. If it had been a Europe for the people, the first achievement would have been a universal language, selected randomly by the original participants, a language that today would be spoken all over Europe as a second language. Instead, English, the language of the “American Masters” is what is used! As for their European achievements, besides causing the agricultural catastrophe that we know of and favoring the imports of GMO products from the biotechnological cartels (mainly Argentina, Chile, US, Canada…) to the detriment of small farmers, and the mess of “European norms”; besides this the European Union will have served only to increase the number of politicians and the immense expenses to support them. Also it will have served to establish a general police surveillance over all individuals (control programs of all private communications), to unite the armed forces (military), and to implement major financial control over all small companies and facilitate the introduction

of American products, starting with chemical products to be used for Agriculture, then the pharmaceutical and genetically modified products ( not to mention a whole other range of others). The result for the average person: more taxes, more obligations, less freedom and a drastic reduction in quality of life. The only reality of the European Union is the preparation for war. All the rest is a lie. Just listen to the words from the mouths of politicians like “Power”. It is as always the willpower of domination of the megalomaniacs of the world, all crazy with primeval instincts who have been provoking wars, for the last 5000 years. Creating a European Union was the foolishness of outdated politicians full of war filled mentality, incapable of finding solutions to current problems in any other way. One only needs to have a look at the state in which countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy ,which all have been controlled underneath by the US and Britain (which didn’t even adopt the Euro!), and one cannot help laughing….(or crying if he lives in one of the EU countries). But what was never said by any of those big-mouthed politicians, was that this sought after power through the alliance of countries, was not meant to prepare for war against other countries, but against their own people. Their Armies are above anything else intended to control their own citizens.

The interest in the creation of the Euro was to facilitate the exchanges among the multinational companies while it quickly sent the people of Europe into poverty; it brought forward a large variety of companies and private firms asking for bank loans and credit. The interest rates were low, yet the banks lent money very easily. This important increase of banking loans was going to weaken the majority of the small banks in case of a rise in interest rates, and bankrupt a multitude of small firms. This was exactly what happened a few years later when the rates went up, and people couldn’t afford their payments, and the banks found themselves with a huge amount of “bad debts” (hundreds of banks in Europe were forced to close) and the small firms were bought out by the bigger ones which had organized the original operation. It could be termed: “Global Operation Wall Street”! The Euro has helped to impoverish the people of Europe, so social tension increased; meanwhile the great fortunes continued enriching themselves, a repetition of the Wall Street crash of 1929, managed with better efficiency and discretion, creating the economic crisis we are still experiencing today. A crisis voluntarily provoked and clearly maintained, since the crisis only affects us, not them. In reality they have too much money! The politicians don’t know how to spend it any more. Anyone can test it in their own town or region: there is so much money left over, that they multiply useless works, renovate their

offices, open new agencies of all types, increase their parking lots, their security services, travel more often by helicopters, stay at the most expensive hotels, etc… As for the big companies involved with the political parties, they literally gorge themselves on money. Our current society is the result of a small group of bankers which got their hands on the United States, with the complicity of Great Britain and Israel, and from then on made a lot of other countries submit to them. These bankers appeared to be on the road to completing their megalomaniac dreams. The Bilderberg Club and their plans to conquer the world are well known and apparently no one knows how to halt their continuation. The establishment of a “new world order” is on course. They own practically all the mafia-military workings of the world. They are interested in governments and they can change them at will, to them it’s only a matter of “politicians” passing through. What interests them is real power, that is to say, the generals, the secret services, which they use as they please to impose their will to the government (in the US, the whole military general staff depends exclusively on the Bilderberg Group).The government has to accept to be an accomplice(Clinton, Bush, Obama) or, has to be removed (Kennedy). The same process is in place in the whole of Europe. “To the image of “Europeanization”, Globalization is not a philosophical or cultural orientation meant for a harmonious evolution of the human species. It is but a conglomerate of mafia groups establishing its

dominance over the peoples” X. POPULATION REDUCTION In the beginning, investigations centered on selecting biological weapons. They thought they had found the ideal solution in the form of AIDS, which, remember, was originally announced as a disease that affected only blacks and homosexuals, perfect ideal wasn’t it!? They had no luck, it didn’t work: AIDS was not easily transmissible and contrary to publicity campaigns, all segments of the population could be affected. During this time genetic investigation was advancing, and they were forced to surrender to the evidence: human beings are only but one race, independently from the physical differences. Meanwhile James Lovelock wrote “The Gaia Hypothesis”, which informed the world about the destruction of nature due to technological advances and the danger of the global population growth. Here was a second concept that was produced from these special “philosophical” theories. Societies that developed industrially and technologically had a lowered population growth, whereas societies that were under developed tended to incur a rapid demographic increase creating chaotic metropolises and the destruction of the environment. To allow these countries to reach industrial development would be a disaster, whether Africans or Hindus, should they consume half the amount as the Americans it would be a disaster. In other words, for a minority to continue benefiting from the industrial societies, a majority of the population of the world must

remain poor. Most of the time this majority is said to cause problems because of its over- population, which is also the reason for many of its members to immigrate to “developed” countries, therefore it must be the one to be eliminated. Then, the new policy is as such: we must deter the undeveloped countries that would try and reach an industrial era and halt the growth of the population. For Africa, India, South America and a large part of the south east of Asia it was pretty successful: they have installed puppet governments to exploit the riches of these countries, without leaving anything to the native people who kill each other die in various wars, and providing these populations with transgenic foods unsuitable to human consumption as well as unwanted vaccines from the rest of the world. The plan of the founders of the Club is to be the only ones left at the steering wheel of this planet; everyone else would solely exist to serve as slaves. Far from being equals to the founders, the other people remain necessary to carry out the instructions that will put the “New World Order” into action. The next step would be to submit the rest of humanity to servitude by implanting them a microchip from birth (see: RFID). This is “The Brave New World” from Aldous Huxley, or “1984” by George Orwell, and “Us” by Ievgueni Zamiatine; three books that represent their bible.


Although there were no dissensions between them that have caused this information to leak, the plan to succeed was not hard to analyze: During the first era, until the 60´s, the object was to establish the supremacy of the white race throughout the whole planet; thus bringing to the insane arm race. Following, the danger of the destruction of the planet by humans changed from nuclear weapons to over-population. In the beginning, James Lovelock’s theory was not taken seriously, but when multiple scientists started confirming it, the over-population “global warming” consequences became a major preoccupation as soon as the 70s. , 80.s. Since the 60´s, the leaders of the Bilderberg Group had put programs into action for the construction of subterranean anti-nuclear shelters to have a safe refuge for themselves, their families, friends and relevant people made up of military politicians, some scientists and an army of goons to guarantee their comfort and security. We are not talking of small, stocked shelters; but of secret installations, deeply imbedded into the ground, well protected, connected to the exterior with the most sophisticated technology and equipped to be auto-efficient for decades and thousands of people. In one of these installations a small town could fit. To give an example of the sheer size of these installations: they are equipped with trains to move around, some are linked for considerable distances… The world cannot imagine the sums invested within these projects, paid for by the taxpayer for the benefit of a few.

These refuges are designed for use in case of nuclear war or any other type of event that would endanger the surface of the planet. Simultaneously, they put together grand scale spatial plans not only to police the planet via satellites, but also to prepare for future applications; exploitation of deposits on other planets, spatial stations, interplanetary travel. It appeared they also had a certain belief in the concepts of society of Vril. These concepts combined a hypothetical Arian race from outer space, which had lived on the earth millions of years ago and transmitted to the Atlantes the secrets of superhuman powers. Thule would be one site of one of the oldest civilizations of Atlantis in Hyperborean. The people who are not of Arian descent would be inferior and put on earth to serve the first. Parts of these concepts are taken very seriously by people such as David Wilcok, who would supposedly be in contact with an extra- terrestrial civilization installed on Mars, or Seb Janiack, author of “The Orion Conspiracy”, denouncing the Bilderberg Club as a generator of war, preparing for a mega-war with fake flying saucers which they possess, in order to make people believe in an aliens’ invasion; for more information, see Haunebu, RFZ, Horten IX, Mantauk project, Vril or Viktor Schauberger, as well as the “reptilian” theories. Nevertheless, we can only say that all of our knowledge regarding our origins needs to be called into

question, and that the probabilities of the existence of a first human civilization of which we would be the decadent descendants, is becoming more and more plausible thanks in part to the new archaeological discoveries, but also to the “secrecy” the world authorities surround them with. Jim Marrs goes even to suggest that one of the reasons of the Iraq invasion was the acquisition of tablets and objects discovered by French and German archaeologists, which would have given the possibility to discover energy sources possessed by this ancient civilization( Jim Marrs’ last book is restricted from publication) .

Unofficial history: Viktor Schauberger was a peaceful man. Forced to work for the III Reich, he developed the concept of the piston engine using water as fuel. After the war he was invited to the United States to explain his work on flying saucers and complete his studies. He died suspiciously five days after finishing his work for the Americans. Another unofficial story; ever since the seventies, the entire world have been noticing an increase in UFOs’ sightings. Many Air Force officials in different countries have testified. What transpires of all these reports is a few interesting observations. - First: there really seems to be an “extra-conventional” activity (not necessarily extra-terrestrial). - Second: it appears through those reports that the sight80

ings are concentrated over nuclear sites and, according to many Army Officials (nuclear missiles launching officers) such as Captain Robert Sales of the US Air Force, that these “UFOs” have several times annihilated their missiles. Which would explain the authorities’ absolute silence; just imagine what “Bin Laden” would have been capable of if he had heard that the US was deprived of its nuclear defense!) Another hypothesis which cannot be turned down would be: the whole thing! Pictures, videos, reports, interpretations etc… could all be a gigantic hoax to make us believe in Aliens; all these UFOs’ appearances of which the materialization or simply a clear vision never seem to exist, would bring doubt to anyone… The advances in genetics cancelled any hopes to establish dominance of the white race, however the hope to discover a fatal virus of which only they would have the vaccine continues. Astronomical sums are spent to finance these investigations. In the year 2000, humanity reached 6 billion people, scientific work done by James Lovelock, confirmed that global warming is advancing in an exceptional manner and it was necessary to halt the process before the point of no return: the disappearance of all life on the planet. The estimated date of no return is around 2020 to 2040. The logical conclusion for the leaders was, using all their combined powers, the best personal protections and animated by the concept of violence, that is to say, incapable of reasoning in any other way than force, and provoke a global genocide, the only way

to reduce humanity to a sustainable level (less than 1 billion) and this way save the planet.

In the early nineties, a new focus was developed: first the control of the human food chain through the “Codex Alimentarius”; companies like Dow Chemical, Dupont, Hoescht or Monsanto carried out their instructions to the letter. With genetically modified foods, they have managed to slowly extinguish the traditional cultures and contaminate the soil with their chemical products (such as in Aragon, Spain), to obtain a monopoly over seeds. They conspired to destroy the last big forests to install transgenic cultivations and the cattle that feed on them. We can attribute mad cow disease to them, the destruction of the jungles in the Amazon and Indonesia, carps (fish) that don’t swim, and all the fruit and vegetables with such lovely appearances, but rotten inside and usually tasteless. Here we have the whole chain: seeds, lands, plants, cultures, cattle breeding, multinational food companies (Danone, Kellogg, Nestle are all members of the Bilderberg Group) and lastly the distribution in large chain supermarkets. It is a known fact that cows fed with genetically modified foods produce more milk, but it’s a milk contaminated with pus which needs to be treated with high doses of antibiotics. This mixture of milk/pus is served to the multinational companies for the development of cheaper products, one yogurt produced by these companies’ costs less than a cent; the consumer however

pays over 50 times that price; a consumer whose immune system has already been weakened from a young age by these antibiotics and hormones filled milk. To obtain complete control over the food market, they prepared the “Codex Alimentarius” an idea from Hitler and implemented into the system in 2010. It is based on an agreement between the WTO, WHO, the five biggest pharmaceutical, bio-chemical and agrofood companies of the world. Under the conditions of this agreement, as from 2010 all the cattle on the planet will be treated with Monsanto (growth hormones and antibiotics), all soils will be treated with chemicals, natural and organic cultures will gradually disappear. All foods for “human cattle” will be irradiated with cobalt 60 for the purpose of destroying all its vitamins ( as already in effect within the fast food chains such as Mac Donald). Cobalt 60 does increase the conservation of food products but makes them lose all their nutritive value, therefore, except for junk food chains, why should we eat things that bring nothing to our system?the answer is: people are not hungry anymore, but their physiological system isn’t fed, they are “happy” and so are WE, because with a failing immune system, they will soon be using lots of drugs! There are nine pesticides considered to be extremely dangerous for humans, they are banned in more than 175 countries. The Codex Alimentarius established a legalization for the regular use of 7 of them ( Dieldrin, Aldrin, Hexachlorobenzeno among others). They also established the progressive banning of all types of nat83

ural medicine such as acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, not to mention the majority of vitamin supplements. In this way, the Bilderberg Club has authority over nutrition and health of the whole human population. Health depends principally on diet, they will enrich themselves by means of producing foods for their human cattle, and we will see more and more illnesses caused by bad diets. If you know the origins of the “Codex Alimentarius” then everything becomes clear: with the IG Farben chemical company and its association with Rockefeller, factories that employed the Jewish slaves were not bombed (including Auschwitz): The Nazi leaders responsible for the IG Farben projects were protected by Rockefeller during the Nuremberg Trials and were quickly released (despite being condemned for genocide and slavery etc…) The Nazi leaders could resume their activities within the new companies born from IG Farben ( by decisions made by the Nuremberg Trials). Bayer, BASF , Hoechst were born. By resuming their activities, these leaders were able to finance Helmut Kohl, who in effect offered all types of political support to promote the development of these companies and convert each one to a size 20 times bigger than the original Mother company. Lastly, the cartel” continued under the name “Association of the Chemical Industry” and later the global chemical-pharmaceutical industry under the empire of the Chamber of Commerce to the United Nations,

which finally became “Codex Alimentarius”. Note: the defense associations against Codex by Dr Rima Laibow among others. Anecdote: The principal leader of the entire operation is, evidently, Rockefeller, from the installation of IG Farben in Auschwitz, to take advantage of free labor until the liberation and installation of power to the modern Nazi´s. His passion for the Pharmaceutical and chemical industries also his greed came from his grandfather “Old Bill” Rockefeller, who made his fortune from the sales of bottled crude oil as a medicine against cancer and when the victims and complaints rose, he changed the name to Nujol and sold it as a laxative. Here lies the foundation of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries of today! The Nazi Leaders and Rockefeller are associated with the management of this industry, linked to WHO, WTO, FAO, CODEX etc… There was no shortage of money to allow the Codex Alimentarius to be approved and legalized by the Euro-deputies, and it came in with style in 2010, regardless of the 400 million people who petitioned against it! Despite all the complaints of many countries, one being Dr Rath who has denounced Codex as “attempted global genocide”, one must ask who financed these European representatives that voted for these types of laws. But all these orientations do not happen unanimously. Some members of the second circle of the Bilderberg do not agree with Global Genocide regardless of the knowledge that they and their families will be

a part of the “chosen” ones to survive. Thus in a discreet manner, knowing the potential danger of their opposition, they leaked information which allowed us to learn of these projects. Since the decade 2000, the Bilderberg Group has accelerated the process because they have a new adversary: the Internet. They did not anticipate the extraordinary development and the difficulty in controlling it, even though they now control You Tube, Google and many more and are now censoring a lot of information. With “updates” in Windows they control all PCs of the world, install spyware to create the famous list of “undesirables” and take statistics. They cannot however censor the information quickly enough for the sheer number of users. Hence, associations of scientists, doctors and various other professionals have put together groups to report on lies such as the “flu pandemic” or deadly vaccines, to report on the concentration camps built in the United States and Europe, which are modeled on Auschwitz, and to continue reporting about the torture centers created in the “Democratic” countries. To counteract the reports that describe their crimes, they began to practice disinformation. This consists of sending information around the internet against themselves (about their practices), but completely false, so the majority of these “stories” will create a feeling of denial for the public, who at that point will not know what to believe.

Even better, in 2009, they ordered the leaders of all European Countries to implement laws, permitting them to block any internet user and ban any web or page or blog. As of 2010, international and national systems have been developed which allow “authorities” to impede the exchange of information which now permits citizens to alert and inform each other of their plots, and silence anyone who criticizes or opposes their plans. Since the beginning of these Internet “purges in 2010, it has become almost impossible to find videos made by returning Iraq veterans, denouncing what is actually happening there. Important web pages simply disappear (error 404, page not found, Sorry this link seems broken. This video has been removed, etc…) Without any juridical justification, nor possible help for the author, all the serious webpages giving precise information for instance on water engines, or treatments of cancer, simply disappear, with the only reason that these information’s are disturbing. Also in the case of videos denouncing personalities who participate in satanic rites or sadistic games etc…(when finding such a video, it is advisable to download it on an USB key, and if you realize that it has been censored, you can upload it again by changing a letter of the original title. This is usually enough to allow others to have access to it for a certain time, so as to proceed in the same manner). Is humanity losing its last space of freedom?

If, for the last couple of years the world had known about the existence of the Bilderberg Group and their

objectives of slavery for humanity with the famous “RFID implanted microchip”, no one, including the members of the second circle really know what is decided in the real meetings of the small circle of true leaders, all of whom are exclusively bankers. These ultra-secret meetings usually occur about 6 months after the “official” one, to dissect the results of the actions taken during that meeting, and to prepare the manipulation of the second circle for the next meeting. Evidently the real decisions are not taken during the official meetings, as there would be too many moles, therefore risks that the information’s would leak to people like Jim Tucker, Daniel Estulin, Cristina Martin and other investigators who succeeded in infiltrating the official meetings. Delinquents forming a group to pull off a heist don’t look for honest people, but people like them, easily corruptible, desperate to acquire wealth and power. In this way, when the leaders of the Bilderberg conceived the plan to become the masters of the world, their first worry was to assure the establishment of a system that favored leaders exalting ideas similar to theirs, now very wealthy, without any scruples, and easy to bribe because of their greed for power and riches. The republic was the ideal system. It permitted not just the promotion of the worst villains but gave the illusion of a democracy for the people. In the economically weak countries, they formed dictators that established control of the countries they wished to dominate. Their training ground was their own country - the

United States. Here, they formed the leaders that took power in the majority of the underdeveloped countries, giving them the necessary support to maintain these dictatorships, such as: the death squadrons. For history, France was one of the pioneers of these techniques: from the occupation of Indochina 2 methods were created: the death squadrons and the NN concept popularized by Hitler (Nacht and Nebel). This consisted of taking people to secret camps where they were tortured, used for medical experiments and later disappeared without a trace. This concept involved the terrorization of the civil population with some members simply vanishing. The French, who later developed these techniques in Algeria, were recruited by agencies of the United States, to in turn train services that supported the dictators in South America. In this way, together with the Nazi specialists, they formed teams responsible for these operations in Argentina, Chile, and Peru etc. One of these instructors, the French General Ausseresses, admitted this at the end of his life, and confirmed also the good relations of the French government with Klaus Barbie, who served as the French representative to sell weapons to countries in Latin America. When applied sloppily, the method often leaves traces: In Argentina, the torture victims were packed into military planes and dumped into the sea, sometimes while still alive. The multitude of corpses that found their way to the coasts allowed many families to know what had happened to their missing loved ones. The ef89

fect” Nacht and Nebel” was in this case lost and instead of a terrorized population, we had a revolted one, to which we owe the arrests of criminals like Alfredo Astiz (nicknamed “the blond angel of death”), or Adolfo Scilingo, and this despite the Catholic Church protection. The United States nowadays proceed in a more efficient way: thousands of people were kidnapped from various parts of the world over the last ten years and later were driven through military bases on to high sea’s ships. Here they were tortured, used for medical experiments… and never heard of again. At this time, this concept is used to subjugate the “democratic” countries populations. It is on the base of such concept that many laws were implemented allowing the power agents to condition the population to a total enslavement. In Argentina, the Police would storm in some district, search anybody, and take away a few people of whom we would never hear about; nowadays, in the majority of all the “democratic” countries, the Police behaves the same, searching people in public, vehicles, or even homes without any warrant, taking away those they wish, always without warrant of arrests, thus creating a climate of fear by getting the population used to such subjugation, which in itself is a form of slavery. All of these “soft terrorism” techniques used on civil populations are issued from the same “training schools” and are a part of the predicted “silent wars”. “The public can instinctively feel that something

is wrong, but because of the technical nature of the silent weapon, it cannot express its feeling in a rational way, or grasp the problem intelligently. Therefore the public doesn’t know how to cry for help, nor how get together with others to defend itself. If a silent weapon is applied gradually, people tend to adapt, to get used to its presence, and to tolerate the repercussions on their lives, until psychological via economical pressure becomes too strong so that they collapse”.(from the Bilderberg manual). As an example, in the 60s, in Europe, no one would have tolerated random police check ups, where officers would spread their arrogance and “right” to impose themselves. Little by little, the leaders succeeded in having people accept to “submit” and give up the idea that they have rights, to the point of having them searched physically, or their vehicle, without once again any warrant of arrest. And people have learned to tolerate that! The more developed countries, who now had a political system of “Republics” in which the leaders were the heirs of families that had built their wealth on slavery and the colonies, organized political parties where the selection was automatic based on personal wealth, family support and a lack of scruples. This selection guaranteed that the graduates were the most corrupt and allowed for development of a political mafia, where the rules were constantly changing: loyalty of the strong (the financier) and exploitation of the weak (the people). The whole world remembers the few politicians

who were honest; they were the exceptions and principally lived before the 1960´s. With the inclusion of all the groups of media worldwide, they controlled all the information. The plans launched at the beginning of 2000 came to their conclusion: the concentration camps that were constructed in the United States and the European countries were ready and waiting to serve. All the politicians from important countries were on their payroll. The military and the police were under their direct control. The money came in waves through the control of the main oil producing countries of oil and from drugs (Afghanistan, Thailand, Mexico, Colombia……). The false flu pandemic and the financial crisis were part of the trampolines that would serve the purpose of their final power grab, called “the New World Order”. Launched by Bilderberg in 2005/6, the soft economic crisis had an advantage, different from the Wall Street crash of 1929, to exhaust little by little the levels of society, by means of elimination of an overcome industrial empire (such as the car industry) and for the elimination of a great number of medium sized companies, buying back at a low price what interests them (banks, insurance companies, weapons manufacturers, chemical, biochemical industries etc.) The second stage was to initiate the pandemics to exacerbate social discontent and open a door to “Emergency Health Measures”. This concept permitted that the pandemic provoked a health risk for the general population that could only be defeated by drastic meas92

ures like mass vaccination (vaccines manufactured by those who created the pandemic) and, or, martial law. Many people are unaware that there are “laws” that permit the authorities to decide that from one day to the next they can send the military to control the streets, forcing curfews etc. To use more specific words than in the legislation: It is the establishment of a military dictatorship. For this reason they have built the concentration camps: either you accept the vaccination or the microchip, or you will be interned in one of those camps (most of them already equipped with gas chambers.) This is another reason why since the 90s, many special army Corps, (from NATO and UN), are being trained to attack and take control of big cities while managing the internment of civilians, Nazis style. The concentration camps were recently built (Fema-Rex 84) to “process” a certain amount of people. The majority of these are to be found in the US territory (in Europe regular military camps were adapted for that use in order not to “upset” the public opinion). When calculating the capacity of these camps (the Nazi experience being helpful in that regard), one quickly realizes that it corresponds exactly to the population to be eliminated: first the free thinkers, that is the opponents to the project (who will be labeled as “terrorists”), then the “inferior” local races; Blacks, Hispanics, Gypsies, Arabs, Asians, etc. Everything is there!


The following step allowing the installation of a global dictatorship would be the total loss of credibility for the politicians. In reality, politicians incite more and more corruption throughout the world. In all countries the politicians squander the money they should save to guarantee future payments, but, after many years of this routine, it is coming to an end: the states are in ruins and despite efficient administrative measures to extort people; the ransomed sums are far from sufficient! Hence, the cavalry is the only solution left: loans which reimbursement will be for our future generations! But still it is not enough: all the countries victim to the political sacrifice now find themselves in debt, and the big bankers control the situation. When the “banksters” will decide to stem the flow, the politicians will not be able to maintain their state machines. Initially (now it begins!), they will save themselves by means of suspending the payments of no consequence, mainly in social health and pensions (which started at the beginning of 2010 with the approval of laws in many countries named ”postponing the age of retirement”), this is the layer of people that can react the least, and can be easily controlled by police ( the cowards always start by attacking the weak, the politicians know that the people of retirement age are defenseless, and are less likely to gather, strike and rebel). But in a second phase, very soon, it will be the civil servants that they will not be able to pay. Once again they will start

with the least important: the general administrators (excluding taxes), health and education. During this time, the discontent will provoke grave social problems. The protests will convert into revolts. After having provoked the crisis, they will suspend more and more Social Welfare, thus increasing general chaos. The most useful ones will be those assuring their personal protection and securing the maintenance of their privileges (police, army); these will continue to have their salaries paid to ensure the control of the rest of the people. The corruption will come close to heights never seen before. Finally the military will take “natural” control, while the politicians and national police will be eliminated, internet will be cut to prohibit any unofficial communications, and the stupid people will see the military as their “saving grace”! Because they will be seen as, “the defenders of the people over the political mafias that control them”, later, the protests of the people will always be dealt as under any military dictatorships: slaughter, prison camps and looting. And since all these “soldiers” will have been micro chipped, it will be an easy task to get rid of those who become useless. This explains why micro-chipping has already started on service men. In this scenario, the true leaders of the Bilderberg Group are prepared to impose their armies and convert to absolute rulers of the planet.

The general plan therefore can be summarized as follow: From the 1950s to 2000; control takeover of all the International organizations, Secret Services and the military in most countries. From 1980s to 2020, preparations of the global genocide in order to progressively reduce the human population; to this end, food control through bio-technology multinationals, mass production food chains producers (super markets). Through this control, establishment of human’s weakening programs: decreasing of the Intellect (TV, video games, futile entertainment, mind-numbing programs from the Department of Education, etc.) Not to mention the physiological afflictions through the weakening of the immune system by GMOs, chemtrails, vaccines…) Also population mind control, with programs such as “Project Monarch”, developed by the CIA on the base of Hawaii among others (which gave even birth to a strange element called Barack Obama…) Also worth noting is that CIA succeeded in putting at the head of governments 2 of their assets: Obama and Sarkozy, which similarity cannot be ignored in their way to express the same type of fascist concepts and demagogy of the “National Socialist” kind… A result can already be seen; we have a resigned and apathetic population incapable to react despite the multiple alerts sent by free press journalists, scientists etc…


FAILURE Here begins the failure: the plan is too obvious, some members of the second circle have guessed very quickly and have begun to organize leaks to inform the general public since the 1990´s. Moreover, some of them are very conscious that they are merely tools, playing their part, but in reality have no power over the general orientations which are already prepared prior to the annual meetings. The failure is due not only to the numerous reports from scientists and doctors since the year 2004 that contradicts the reality of these pandemics, or demonstrate that the intentions come directly from the laboratories of the United States, or the free press of the internet or from the magazines that unanimously denounce the lies in the official press, but also from the “free thinkers” such as, Ghislaine Lanctot, Jane Burgersmeister, Thierry Messan, Stan Meillard, Alex Jones and many more… Some of which have been assassinated, others expelled from their professions or humiliated and discredited (reporters, doctors and scientists mainly) who have done whatever possible to warn the public of the events taking place, they themselves having been informed by the numerous participants in the preparations (American service men, secret agents, private investigator….) One of the major difficulties that the Bilderberg Group has is the intellectual evolution of the populations. Evolved humans tend to think more. After decades of political experience, people are becoming

more lucid. It is not only that they no longer believe in their politicians, but also, they doubt all the official information given to them, they verify on the internet and try to learn the truth. This is why when there are huge differences in the official information and the truth no one believes in it any more. All the new “free thinkers” speak to us; create associations to protect ourselves against Vaccinations or chemtrails, and resist obligations. Better yet, in many countries, there are people calling for a revolution, certain members of the military are prepared for rebellion, because they know yet don’t wish to assume the path laid out for them. In a sense, this situation also favors the objectives to take countries into civil war and eventually the justification of a military intervention. In effect, what are the ideal conditions to establishing a dictatorship? History tells us: social crisis, general poverty, extreme political corruption. Hence, politicians are prone to even more corruption by feeding them with huge sums to “combat” the crisis, knowing perfectly well that the majority of that money will end up in their pockets, which will only but aggravate the social situation. These politicians also end up being compromised by being involved in satanic rituals, young children rapes and sacrifices. As if with a timely arrival, the armies will come in to “bring an end to corruption and restore order”. A strong dictatorship would be welcome to the docile people, who would not realize until it was too late. This is the advent of the IV Reich, exactly modeled on the third.

Another motive to fail is the disagreements that exist between them. In every human activity, where a variety of people unite, there must always be mutual agreement even though everyone only thinks of number one. Like this, even if their plan had worked, they would immediately continue to fight amongst themselves, each one with their own individual scheme on how to dominate the others. Multi-millionaires have no limits, they never stop. All their concepts are based on violence, hence in the high ranks of the army they are more like politicians than military, they promote the most corrupt and disregard those whose conserve concepts of “the noble military” charged with defending the rights of the people. However, there are numerous military and police officials in the lesser ranks conscious of what is occurring, and know they will be used in the beginning and later sacrificed. The recent reviews from the State Mayor of the United States are surprisingly explicit about the true operation. Another motive is financial fraud which permits the rich to gradually be revealed, and the world begins to realize that their wealth is no more than hot air, that they are nobodies without it, and their wealth is solely based on our belief, but could be cancelled at any moment. (We will speak more on the subject later). The most important reason for their failure is their lack of intelligence, and lucky for us, because if they had any, with the means they have at their disposal, noone would have been able to stop them and the pan99

demic would have by now killed millions of people. Has anyone ever heard of Leonardo Da Vinci´s father, or his son? Geniuses are born at random in human history, while their fathers remain unknown - Genius is not hereditary. The leaders of the Bilderberg Group are the heirs of the rich, a wealth created by their ancestors. They were incapable of creating it themselves. They were simply born multi-millionaires, educated in special schools, always living in closed worlds. They never had the opportunity to open their minds, and have no idea about the realities of life. They have been conditioned from infancy to be “different”, to live in “another world”. Furthermore, they have been convinced from a very young age that they are the “elite”. All these ingredients unite and sum up to a grand total: violence, to be arrogant and pretentious beings, gifted with a certain malice, trained to believe only in the power of domination, but without any type of genius, therefore not an ounce of humanism within them. Their intellectual limit is the same as a juvenile member of a common gang. That the Bilderberg Group predicted genocide to eliminate 90% of the world population is a fact known by many. Famous authors use this plot to write novels, reporters have denounced them with well documented reports, radio hosts and film makers such as Alex Jones have alerted the public for years now, films and documentaries are abundant on the internet. Official complaints have been lodged in many countries on the base of evidence of this on-going tentative of world geno100

cide…Everybody knows now that the weakening of the immune system is obtained from vaccinations, the excess of antibiotics, reduction of vitamins through GMOs, chemtrails spraying, etc. The attack on the immune system by these various means allows a soft-kill genocide which brings in a maximum amount of money thanks to “treatments” sold to a population getting sicker and sicker. The effects of this attack are becoming thoroughly felt and one only needs to check these past few years medical statistics(those of the “official media” remain silent): increase of premature deaths of elderly people due to respiratory tracts ailments; regular increase of children serious illnesses (essentially cancer, chronic ailments and problems of the autonomous nervous system) These information’s are well known in medical and scientific circles, as well as many journalists who have tried to denounce them. Therefore, my contribution until now has been small, my only aim to ask “why” and above all demonstrate that everything comes from our animal origins, trying to dominate and constantly extend its territory. I also tried to demonstrate that “Violence” has been at the base of all concepts of civilization, and that this concept is now obsolete judging by the current world situation. It is possible that this concept of domination was adequate ten thousand years ago, because the dominant man imposed himself on females to satisfy their wellbeing, with children and the elderly unable to resist. It was possible to impose his will on others to secure the

best for him. His needs, necessities, and caprices were automatically granted only because he used brute force, and the whole of human society organized and developed on those bases. War is no more than using other men whom we dominate, of using more modern weapons, thus perpetuating this concept of dominance for even more ambitious needs, and the stakes are bigger because of the current technology; but under it all, the motivation is always the same. INTERMISSION At this point in the book, some free thinkers will say: “I knew all this, this is nothing new” whilst on the opposite end, others may find it difficult to believe, even though I have stayed well below the reality. There are also color blind people who do not believe that the world is full of colors. Those who doubt this information should pause for a moment, switch on their computers, and use some key words and navigate through the internet (FEMA, concentration camps of the US, new world order, Bilderberg, Illuminati’s, global genocide, vaccines etc. A direct access is also provided at: Any one of these words produces a world of information. The famous film “Zeitgeist”, already been seen by millions of people and in many languages, is a great source of information and can also be accessed through Reports from escaped victims of “Project Monarch” are interesting as well:

“Well; to get back to our witnesses, victims of the operation Monarch, they all tell pretty much the same story: since a very young age they were used in very hard prostitution networks and sold to the most crazy fancies of notables, politicians, nobles, the military, magistrates, and show business stars, who create among themselves such networks, secret societies, bowing to strange rituals between Satanism, New Age esoteric and behavior re-programming” (http://infoguerilla.frp=4376) For those who want to know more about these CIA programs started by Joseph Mengele, who was rescued from the Nazi debacle through “operation paperclip”, follow the accounts of victims who were able to escape such as: Cathy O’Brian, Brice Taylor, Paul Bonacci…These reports can make one realize the ignominy of our “leaders”. The networking of these occult groups of real power and the almost absolute obeying of these “power people”, being only based on ritual sexual practices of psychological manipulation. The first testimonies emerged from the US, evoking these awful practices controlled by the CIA and part of the military, in which most of the American political people participated, including the Bush clan, Kissinger, North, Clinton, Reagan, etc…The whole elite of American High Finance and Politics! Other testimonies gathered by the police (and quickly dispersed) in the “Dutroux” affair in Belgium are eloquent enough to express the degree of perversion of these “leaders”:

“…First of all because we are dealing with facts of an incredible violence and cruelty, told in a banal tone: facts of cannibalism, where victims were forced to eat pieces of newly born babies, first killed then skinned, of children killed by dogs, of children raped by animals, of babies ‘rapes, of shooting parties which prey were children etc…All of this was happening in Parks and castles’ donjons or big villas (some of which were identified). Yet the worst part of it was that those facts, described in much detail, were perpetrated by people beyond Dutroux and his accomplices (their roles being more that of suppliers), by wellknown personalities in Belgium and the world ; politicians, police officers ,magistrates, industrialists, and…some eminent members of the Belgium Royal Family, whose behavior is described with such brio…” (

One can also consult the free press, which often is based on a variety of words such as rebellion, resistance, insurgents…. ( (6 languages), , Rebelde, Rebellion, Insurgent, The voice of Resistance ,, etc…) blogs ( le crachoir, r-sistons, Echo des montagnes , RRR, etc……) or books (“The true history of the Bilderberg Group” by Daniel Estulin “The Bilderberg Club, “Masters of the World” by Cristina Martin), “The world of Monsanto” by Marie-Monique Robin, as you can read (if still available) a detailed report presented

by Jane Burgermeister (who has been harassed since) in “Intention of world genocide”, as well as Dr Rath’s and others’ reports, filled with proofs to support them. If the videos have not been eliminated, you can see the realities of the parents of children affected by vaccinations, (epidemic hidden by the official media), Ghislaine Lanctot who denounced the “medical mafia”, the interview of Jane Burgermiester, the rebellion over the vaccination of Sister Teresa Forcade, the denunciations of Senator John Descamps against the American government over children satanic crimes and the Monarch, MKUltra mental programing’s; or television reports by Alex Jones and his counterparts of South America or Eastern Europe (most of these links can be accessed at:

We could also play around by associating several words and the names as they appear together, and in this way be exposed to the same names appearing among the high ranking people of the highest international institutions, between those accused of pedophilia, or the higher ranked national officials involved in prosecutions… and the whole world should be informed about “Unit 731” and verify for themselves that the principal instigators of the activities of this unit will be found a few years later in governments , in the UNESCO, or the WHO…. “Think” just as the Rolling Stones song tells us, remain human!

Let us never ever be those medieval peasants any more, ready to believe literally anything simply because we are mentally idle; let’s look for our own truth. Let’s wake up; to be aware of the truths that the official world wants to hide from us, is the starting point for each “free thinker”. To be aware that ALL concepts correspond to the reality of our current world is vital to tackle the second part of this book.

GLOBAL GENOCIDE HAS ALREADY BEGUN. Some people speak of Zionist conspiracies or of the hegemony of the US, it is incorrect: the leaders of the Bilderberg are not “American” or “Jewish”: they feel above Humanity. If the world has developed certain anti-Americanism, especially because of the Nazi like practices of their military, the American citizens are not at fault but are the first victims. For example, the first trials for the vaccines that were given to the then soldiers in the United States army during the Gulf War……we are all familiar with the consequences. The first “robotic” soldiers issued from mental control programs or microchipped, were also Americans. The largest concentration camps were constructed in the US for the “rebel” Americans. In Massachusetts, a legal bill imposes a $1000 Euros fine per day and imprisonment for anyone who refuses vaccinations. The chemtrails were first being used abundantly over the territory of the

United States. Halliburton, an American multinational, is selling contaminated water to American soldiers, being used once again as guinea pigs. In Canada, opponents of the Bilderberg group consider its members to be “Zionists”. I believe that the fascist/Zionist association is inadequate, although the concepts may be similar, because the word “Zionist” is immediately correlated to the Jews, but the Jews themselves also have nothing to do with these events. Just like the Americans, they are victims of their governments and are conditioned against the Arabs.

OVERPOPULATION Overpopulation can be a real problem.

“When any Species, whatever it may be, starts growing excessively, it can do so only to the detriment of all the others. All balance will be broken, and it will only end up with self-destruction” (I don’t remember who said or wrote this, but it is so obvious!)

In less than one century, the world demography has growth enormously. Today the human species has reached saturation point. China, India and the southern countries are ascending to the levels of development of the modern countries the majority of natural resources

are being exhausted. Today the large oceans and seas marine life is dying and depopulating. With only a few more years of intensive exploitation from an ever growing population, we will end all possibilities for our own survival. Not only in the scientific world, but for all those who were shocked in 2004 when “Our Final Hour” was published by Martin Rees; the obvious realities were there already; either we had to act immediately, or nothing will help the human species as of the next generation! The world is facing a very delicate equation, which the government prefers to hide from the public: we are close to seven billion humans of which there are less than one billion that are wealthy while the other six are extremely poor. This one billion holds the necessary weaponry to annihilate the rest… To maintain their destructive power, the rich states have created a combination of structures and international organizations, which control the others to impede the development of defense measures that may threaten them. To remain privileged, these states need to continue exploiting the poor countries by robbing them of their natural resources (paper for the world banks). At the same time, these looted countries are the ones who suffer the largest population growths: in a short time we will be 10 billion, 9 of which would have been born in these poor countries!

The results are evident to the leaders of the rich countries, that the disappearance of the majority of these populations is the best way to preserve the viability of the Earth, save natural resources and maintain the balance. We could never become 15 billion people on earth; however this figure will be reached by the next generation. As with human nature, we do not accept easily the loss of everything we acquired. But could we have lived without accumulating so many nuclear weapons, without so many orbiting satellites, without the monstrous military operations… and we can still survive if the Nation states would renounce their delusions of grandeur! With only 10% of the cost of space conquest or armament, we could re-establish the balance of our planet and control the demographic growth. But for decades, the leaders have chosen the opposite option: dedicate more budget resources in programs to eliminate the cumbersome part of humanity! It has been demonstrated that any more than one billion people, by the very nature of the human being, consume more than the planet has to offer, resulting in the end of our natural resources and the disappearance of thousands of other species. In the end, the survival of all humanity and even all life on the planet is at risk. At the beginning of our era, we were about 170

million, distributed principally in China and the Roman World. In 1600 we were close to 500 million; in 1800, 900 million and in 1900 we reached 1.6 billion. Despite two world wars at the beginning of the century, in 1970, we were 4 billion and 300 million children under 5 years of age had suffered incurable brain damage due to malnutrition. In the year 2000 we were 6 billion, and in 2010 we are close to 7 billion. More than 50 million children now die before the age of 5; while near to 1 billion survive with reduced intelligence or physical disability due to malnutrition. If one does not accept the idea that 6.5 billion people live in extreme poverty to assure that the 500 million “rich” live well, in 2050, there will only remain a handful of humans that can live well out of the 15 billion that will then populate the world, and cannibalism will be the only form of survival. Yet even this situation could not continue for long, due to the pollution thus created that will irrevocably damage the last resources and will anyway produce the end of the human species, as well as the majority of other species. We have very little time to react: we need to reduce our population, or be condemned to disappear. There is no other option: we must control as of this moment the population of our species to reduce and maintain it around one billion, or we will condemn ourselves

to extinction and the point of no return will be in the next two generations. The only option that we have is that of means: if we let the current leaders to decide about our lives, they will continue on their up-shots, using all the ways that seem logic to them in conforming to their concepts of Violence. THE REAL WEAPONS.

It has been about forty years since the preparation for world genocide began (they had no scruples in sculpting their intentions on the “Guide stones” monument erected in 1980 in the state of Georgia) and now they have all the means available to them although none are truly satisfactory. One of the first ideas was to use nuclear weapons. “We shall have the United States enter a one world government which we control, and thanks to the atomic bomb, we will be able to eradicate from the face of the earth any nation that would refuse to submit” (excerpt from Cord Meyer, CIA agent, CFR member, Warburg protégé, and related to the group that conspired to eliminate Kennedy).

The problem with this method was that the destruction would not only affect human , but also animal

and plant life and would provoke radiations that would affect the surface of the inhabitable Earth for a number of years that the experts even today cannot determine. During this period them and those useful to them, would have to live in the giant underground bunkers that they had built for their use (see “dumbs”). Another problem is that they do not have control of the entire planet yet, just the Western world. Therefore, they do not know what the reactions from other countries that have the same resources would be, estimating the damage would be very difficult, as well as the duration of which the world would be inhabitable. For this reason, the new types of bombs have developed in the last few years, their process includes increasing the destructive power while reducing the radiations. These are the bombs that they are currently manufacturing: “Moab” In the United States put to test in 2003, and “the father of all bombs” in Russia, tested in 2007. These bombs have more destructive power than anything we know or could imagine without causing radiation. In this way whole areas can be completely destroyed and quickly be re-occupied. This bomb is being developed to erase the gigantic metropolises’ of the poor countries, but also could be used against the large cities that are over populated or refuse to accept American hegemony. Various fractions of these bombs are being manufactured today. (Hypothetically, the leaders speak now of “denuclearization” when the only thing they will do is destroy the obsolete stocks, using uranium for nuclear

plants and “depleted uranium” weapons, while continuing producing these new, more potent bombs).

HAARP. In the area of destruction, these people narrate with a vivid imagination and above all, control the patents of the world. In this way a company or inventor must register an invention, and is immediately controlled by the army, and if it is of any interest to them it passes to classified. One of their favorite projects to eliminate or control the majority of humanity is HAARP. This project follows other”Star Wars” types, but it is totally real and now offers many possibilities with similar technology. Originally, a scientist, Bernard Eastlund, incorporating the work of another thinker, Nicolas Tesla, discovered the use of the ionosphere to transfer energy through microwaves. Anybody would have immediately recognized the immense benefits of a technique that allowed the generation of electricity that could be sent to all corners of the world without cables and therefore feed energy to the most underprivileged regions of the world. Even better: in the future, we would have been able to generate energy from the moon by installing solar plants on it, and transfer it to the Earth for our benefit without any consequences of its production. Many other applications could be developed for the good of humanity. De113

plorably, the company which employed this true thinker was bought by a consortium that pertains directly to the directors of the Bilderberg Group, who developed the HAARP project, dependent on the War Ministry. (With the participation of the CIA, NASA, Air and Naval Forces and Raytheon one of the largest weapon manufacturers in the world). The result is multiple military programs with various facets of development for: • Influence over the climate and taking total control (a weapon to induce the aridity of an area, to invoke flooding in others or provoke earthquakes, typhoons) • Induce earthquakes (thanks to scientists like Andrei Sakharov), the Russians had made a machine to produce electromagnetic waves that could cause earthquakes: “Pamir 3”; the Americans bought the machine to associate it with HAARP (many scientists reported that the Haiti earthquake was the consequence of this weapon, together with the earthquake in China shortly before the Olympic Games) . Cause explosions as powerful as the atomic bomb (submarine explosions to cause tsunamis, many think that the devastation of Indonesia in 2005 was caused by a military experiment) • Take control of planes or missiles remotely and destroy them. • Destroy or paralyze electric grids, radio and television networks. (The first test was done during the

Gulf War using electromagnetic waves to block all communications of the Iraqi army). • The creation of holograms in the sky, playing with peoples` superstitions and create divine events (Project Blue Beam). • Modify human behavior and take control of every individual. The tests demonstrate that electromagnetic waves can be used to induce the appearance in the brain of neurochemical substances which generate, depending on the frequencies used, the feelings of fear, desire, frustration, depression….). For more efficiency, rather than proceeding by region (electrical networks) where all the population would be affected, it would be aimed at the individual through mobile telephones that would convert to a wave transmitter sent to any area of the world. This also explains the increase of cell phones antennas despite oppositions. The current science makes use of a weapon, which not only can modify the behavior of an individual or cause the development of headaches, tumors or brain cancer, but if so implemented could burn areas of the brain and create “vegetables”. For this reason the order was given that all politicians approve laws to oblige everyone to give their identity to keep their telephone line. In countries where telephones were free, like Spain for example, all civilians were forced in 2009 to register and be on a data base with their corresponding number.

In the case of a war scenario, the HAARP program is a key factor, and in answer to this new North American threat, the Chinese and Russians have also developed similar programs. For a global reduction of the population, it is the perfect weapon, since it allows to eliminate or control a considerable number of selected individuals, without a trace (who would establish a connection between these tests and the sudden climatic catastrophes, the mass suicide of whales, the air disappearances, the “politically useful” earthquakes, the criminal behavior of children not predisposed to commit such acts etc.) For the selection, it would be sufficient to provide telephones with different frequencies to those they wish to save, like in the twin towers attack, when certain people were advised not to go into work that day. These days, this program is still not ready, because of the lack of power to deal with the global population. So, they have put a new plan into action, with much more potency, which has begun for this purpose: project IRI which will be connected to the most powerful computers on the planet and now installed to register all the populations of the world, with their personal details, with the end game on selection to guarantee the future (essentially the deeply stupid sheeple accepting all of this without blinking). This special equipment is installed in the four corners of the globe, the United States, of course, but also in Israel, South Africa, Scandinavia, and Russia…… They are supplied regularly with information about everyone on the planet, thanks

to data gathered by the intelligence services of each country and also the Internet programs created solely for this purpose: Messenger, Plaxo, Twitter, Facebook, etc… These programs permit the classification of people according to their relations, ideas… but also special programs have been created to examine all the elements received by each person, and establish a profile including: race, intellectual level, ideas, relationships etc. These computer centers connected to HAARP and soon to IRI, offer the possibility of controlling all human beings simply through mobile telephones, electricity grids or land lines, while waiting for everyone to be micro chipped. With this project, the problem of countries unwilling to accept any program of dehumanization of the planet is resolved. In the first instance, this power would allow dominating any other defense technology; and later it would facilitate the provocation of “natural disasters” to annihilate a country, or invade it through “soft” means, which would consist of creating a problem, and then offering the “humanitarian aid” to take control “softly”.

CHEMTRAILS The chemtrails are another of their programs, also associated with HAARP. Originally in 1991, two American scientists with Chinese ancestry, Davis Chan and I-Fu Shih, who worked for “Hughes Aerospace”,

deposited a patent for the addition of particles to airline fuel, to form a reflective layer to help slow global warming (Patent Welsbach). The process consisted of saturating the atmosphere with particles of aluminum and barium salts, so as to reflect sunlight. Raython, a major weapons manufacturer of the world and a leader in the HAARP project bought “Hughes Aerospace”. The patent was adjusted: instead of mixing the particles with airline fuel, which wouldn’t allow putting any type of particles, separate containers were mounted on airplanes, thus programmed to spray these products at a determined altitude. For a few years now, those observing the sky will notice special planes spraying populated areas practically every day, as early as 4am up until 11…And this all over the planet; one can see the trails from his own place. If the reason for such spraying was indeed to protect the ozone layer as a self-claimed technician related to that program pretended on the internet in response to millions of complaints from the public, why would the products used, the containers, or the international agreements in order for these planes to fly freely in any space be kept so secret! Associating this spraying with HAARP, the military realized that they could control the climate, and act on populations without their knowledge. In this way they began to use this system during the Gulf War, managing to cut the radio communications of the enemy. Later, NATO used it during the attack on Serbia, where they could confirm a drought for a long period of time

after the operation. Lastly, at the turn of the century, these operations were repeated in North Korea for many years so as to produce a drought that would endanger the country’s economy. The famine which ensued and brought governmental chaos there confirmed the good military use of the climate weapons. The same program was also put into action in Venezuela, and began to show results in 2009 when the country had to contend with a drought provoking the reduction of electricity resources. Over many years, they have sprayed the human populations, principally in the large cities. Everywhere, day and night, military and sometimes commercial planes spray the products elaborated in these containers over the civilian populations. The tests done by various individuals who have taken samples of soil or water to laboratories, not only indicate the presence of aluminum and barium, but also mercury, lead, lithium, ethanol bromide, plasma and organic cells, all of these products being mixed with polymers that keep them in suspension. (Ethyl bromide is an extremely dangerous chemical agent, and it is strictly prohibited in the majority of countries; besides, not being a chemist myself, I very much doubt that this product, just like plasma and organic cells, can reflect the sunlight) The identified bacteria cause respiratory and digestive ailments. The effect of these types of products on human beings, have a multitude of implications: The first and only symptoms readily noticed during days there are too many chemtrails are: headaches, night

sweats, and in weaker people (children and elderlies), respiratory ailments, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea…All classical side effects of light poisoning. What remains undetectable but is even more dangerous is: • A lowered immune system

• Detrimental impacts on the brain: apathy, loss of will, chronic fatigue, limited intelligence in young children. • In the short term, respiratory problems (since the sprayings started, , doctors have noticed a real explosion of respiratory problems, such as a recrudescence of pneumonias in young children as well as elder people), and skin reactions (dermatitis, conjunctivitis etc…)

• In the long term (5-15 years) ailments of the neurological system, cancer, sclerosis, leukemia…. -Appearance of new diseases such as the current Morgellons epidemic. Moreover, one cannot neglect the risk of the human and all the vegetal and animal species genetical modification when regularly fed aluminum, barium, lithium etc…The already noticeable consequence is the progressive sterilization of the earth. In many regions it is already impossible to keep a traditional agriculture

due to aluminum sterilized lands where only GMOs will grow! We can understand now why the biotechnology multinationals have any interests in financing such programs. We cannot avoid breathing, therefore we inhale all the products, which are mainly accumulated in the liver and brain (those in power also inhale these products, but maintain medical countermeasures which protect them from the consequences). It is interesting to note that law enforcement officers are exempt from this “protection” program. One needs to be high up in the hierarchy it seems, to be aware of the program and know how to protect oneself and one’s family. This spraying to treat the “human insects” does not have the same effect on new born as it does adults. It is mainly children who are more severely affected, and pregnant women immediately transmit the metals to the brain of the fetus through their blood, but the consequences of this intoxication are undetectable in the short term: the metals are undetectable, the lack of willpower and the constant fatigue can be attributed to anything, the weakening of the immune system is not visible to the naked eye and problems of the autonomous nervous system start many years later. As for the parents, it wouldn’t occur to them to associate their children’s diseases with the air that they breathed. Moreover, all statistics relaying the incredible increase in respiratory ailments, leukemia, cancers in children born after the year 2000, are forbidden for print. The very few physicians who attempt to inform the pub121

lic are thoroughly “warned”. As for the elderly it is even worse; for a long time politicians have realized that retirees had better disappear as soon as possible. In this way they will have contributed all their lives to receive their pension wages and by dying sooner a part of what they paid won’t need to be reimbursed. Plus, in slowly poisoning them, they will first get sick therefore contributing to the benefits of the pharmaceutical cartels, and then they will quickly die so that they won’t have to pay anymore. What a boon isn’t it? Besides, no one will think that they got sick because of those “fumigations” that, still many people haven’t seen for a lack of looking up at the sky; or because they are mistaking the “chemtrails” with the “contrails”! The spraying of chemtrails has been happening for years on the populations of countries controlled by the Bilderberg Group, and this even in the most remote places! The Canary Islands are far from Europe, small and apart from each other, yet planes are regularly spraying their products, aiming particularly at each Island, and avoiding dispersing them above the sea; as if the Canary’s people had be decimated on top of their habitat. The Canary Islands used to be a touristic paradise, but are nothing but a miniature replica of the European” housing complex”: the tourist gets out of the airport to connect to the freeway which will take him from Auchamps to Carrefour, through places like Lidl, Ikea, Kiabi, Decathlon, etc…The association of political corruption with multinationals has pillaged the

whole region. All the villages are dying, the businesses disappearing, and youth has no way out…An already dying world that the tourist wants to escape from in exchange for an authenticity which globalization makes it more and more difficult to find. It is said that the object of spraying is to protect the ozone layer, but in this case why has no one notified the public about the start of this program? Why are the products used prepared in secret containers and placed into the aircrafts, including commercial planes and at times without the crew being informed? (Is the opening of these containers automatic?). Why it is predominately the large cities that are fumigated the most and above all, why is there the presence of Ethyl bromide and plasma when they have no relation to the protection of the ozone layer? These are all the questions that the so-called “political opposition” of democratic countries is reluctant to ask. No one stops to think that at any point they could change the composition of the mixture to “genocide” by adding viruses such as, plague, anthrax, cholera or worse even, as it is now being developed, Nano-robots, which would implant themselves into the organism of the victims of the sprayings. (A substantial group of people, including scientists and doctors, has created a very complete study site about chemtrails and their side effects; still available at this date: mid-2010-- at this link:


Of course there are many projects, all related, like the Codex Alimentarius, developed by the Nazi leaders in 1950 to control 80-90% of humanity, and let´s not forget, the biological weapons that have started to be used. Yet there is one far more vicious plan for the enslavement of humanity, and that the “microchip”.

THE IMPLANT OF THE MICROCHIP. The reader must be aware that it’s not something that might happen, but an on course program which, with the exception of an unexpected event, will materialize soon. This program requires numerous satellites covering the whole planet in order to pick up humans’ each and every gestures and facts of their lives, wherever they might be. These satellites are already in space and operational since 2000. The launching of the biggest spying satellite (NROL 32) officially decorated with the illuminati symbol of the all seeing- eye above the pyramid, was predicted for November 2010. It also requires that all transmitted data be stored in super-computers to which only the “Masters of the world” will have access. The above told computers are already manufactured and in place in countries most devoted to the interests of the Club Bilderberg (United States, Canada, Israel, Great Britain, South Africa, Norway…) A great amount of reading small unities are needed to control each individual daily. Millions of these unities are ALREADY being made and installed all over the planet. The first places to be equipped were

Europe, US, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Israel, South Africa, and started implementing these systems in hospitals, shopping malls, security companies, etc… The majority of countries already have put under way many of these programs. In Mexico, Thailand, Australia, the United States, Europe, many civil servants have been forced to accept the micro-chip implant to keep their job. Many people in the military have been implanted in the UK, the US and major European countries, because their absolute control is the best guarantee for their fidelity. In the beginning, in order to slowly convince the public, volunteers are needed .The perfect profile is the wealthy and young fool, whose social situation is envied by others who are looking to be like him; thus VIP clubs are privileged targets. Rich young people with low IQ will represent the ideal advertising support! Easy to convince, as it even reinforce their feeling of being “special” and show their status of “VIP”s , they will flock to get micro chipped so as to be allowed in special areas of these clubs. They will further be examples for other fools who will ask to be micro chipped and be “part of the club”. This is again ALREADY happening in different clubs in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, etc… For a “perfect world”, each moment of each human being will be thus controlled by a handful of “Masters of the world”, who will rule the human livestock to their convenience, decide of their numbers, of births, social profiles, etc. A “New World Order” al125

ready organized and planned. These implants readily exist, and many nurses have been trained to implants micro- chips, and the programs managing them are functioning. Everything is ready and one needs only convince the public at large. To such ends, the media’s power is at their disposal, as well as the political class which will have laws voted to force micro chipping. At first, this will be presented as a “voluntary” action, supported with advertising on the security it will offer for children who could thus be localized in a few seconds, (the recent years kidnapping of children serve that purpose; justify their “security). Then it will be set out as a trend among young people who will think it is cool to be “implanted”, and lastly the idea will follow into security and health concerns (microchips will contain each individual’s medical information). Publicity campaigns will be elaborated by insurance companies, mutual insurances and banks, since the microchip will allow the automatic handling of one’s account, reductions in insurance matters, or the mandatory requisitioning’s of health mutual insurances. Of course, the usual method does not consist in simple advertisement: the campaign will be supported by the media, which will for example show as “Top News” the child who was lost and miraculously found again thanks to the micro-chip, or the injured person who was saved thanks to her “implant”, etc…etc… The lie is so gross, yet it will work for many. Ob126

viously microchips will not allow children to be found again: the kidnappers’ first reaction would be to remove the implant and this not in a clinic under anesthesia but at knife point in the back of a car. The microchip will only have brought on more brutality and suffering for the victims. (If they truly wanted to stop the children abductions’ wave, the first thing to do would be to forbid satanic sects, therefore allowing the police investigators to do their job, which would require that the leaders of those sects would not be assigned government top positions nor be legally protected…A whole world make over to be done!) This whole system is ALREADY running; many Americans, Australians and Europeans got themselves micro chipped. Some American cities’ supermarkets’ cashiers are equipped with devices able to read such implants; certain clubs in Spain and in the Netherlands or Belgium are offering their members to get micro chipped, administrations in every European country are installing reading programs for such implants, etc… In 2009, Barak Obama, in his new Health Care Bill, has paved the way by including “coverage” for sub-cutaneous implants, thus eventually making the “implantation” mandatory for those who want to be “protected” by health insurance. Europe has been readying itself to follow this same measure! Thus very soon, there will be a micro chipped, and a non- micro chipped population. The governments in place will begin to offer more advantages to the micro chipped ones, banks will play the same game, by giving

loans only under the condition of being implanted, then it will get to the point where the children registration in schools will have to be conditioned by micro chipping, in the same way schools have currently the purpose of dispensing vaccines (the microchip will also then be used as a “vaccination guarantee”). Lastly, all civil servants and military jobs will be accessible if only micro chipped, and salaries will be paid no other way than through “microchip credit”, (as we have now certain countries which require that salaries be necessarily paid by bank transfer!) The access to certain public places will be forbidden to the “non-micro chipped, no, sorry, I should say: “the access to certain public places will be reserved to micro chipped people”… This will be the case for the majority of the governmental agencies which will offer privileged access to those implanted as opposed to those who won’t be, but also in airports, hospitals, universities, etc…The population control Forces (police and army) will be summoned to perform blatant discrimination, thereby during checkups, the micro chipped person will go through in two seconds, while the one not micro chipped will be made to be delayed and thoroughly checked. Little by little the whole population will have no other choice than getting micro chipped in order to not be deprived of the same rights than those already implanted. To back the operation, famous people will have themselves micro chipped live on TV, which will be

enough to have a bunch of fools be motivated. Then these fools will become the spoke persons for the advantages of being implanted. In the beginning, the Medias will continuously hash over and over those merits (see the current advertisements on until they will obtain a large number of micro chipped people. Then time will have come to give up “soft” propaganda and implement mandatory laws to that effect. Rebels to micro chipping will be cast as “outlaws”, criminalized and assimilated to “terrorists”…Concentration camps will be for them. In the end all the “good” populace will be micro chipped, traceable, controlled at any time, and easily manageable through a computer. Thus, the “Masters of the world” will be able to control human reproduction and reach their goal: the annihilation of all species and defects, since only the “pure race” will be allowed to survive on the planet. This is where the final aspect of the program is: the microchip secretly contains a system that will allow sterilizing the wearers, thus the power to control reproduction; they will finally be able to manage human genetics, the old dream of the “pure race” will have become reality! Here is the kind of world our children will inherit if nothing is done! And they won’t be able to avoid it as they will be micro chipped at birth! Each future child will only be a remotely controlled humanoid! All of this is quite real, thank you for verifying it

by yourselves, and above all not believe that “it cannot happen in our country!” Over ten years ago, Isaac Asimov wrote: “A time comes when invented weapons are so powerful and murderous that they ruin the capacity of reconstruction and recuperation of the species; then it’s inevitably the end of this civilization”. BIO- WEAPONS. From some facts, without any interpretation or comment, just the FACTS, anyone could convince themselves that genocide is now in process through biological weapons: in continuation, who are the authors and lastly who are the accomplices. Here are the facts which are easily verifiable. 1977 - A laboratory in the American military synthesized and recreated the Spanish Flu virus which had taken over 20 million lives between 1918 and 1950, thanks to the recuperation of an ice conserved Eskimo woman corpse . 1990 – Test of the adjuvant “squalene” in vaccinations on the American soldiers who were dispatched to Kuwait. Secondary effects where discovered both short and long term: 1-6 years after subjects developed nervous disorders, multiple sclerosis, lupus etc. 2005 - The WHO changed status. In the beginning this organization was responsible for “Informing and recommending”... Now they inform based on their own criteria and “ORDER”. Clearly, before they could

recommend a country to vaccinate its population due to pandemics, whereas now they can “order” a whole country to vaccinate, forcing a country to declare martial law, offering its military services of the UN to strengthen the armed forces of the country if necessary. We are talking about mandatory vaccination. 2005 - The bird flu epidemic began; this virus had an exceptional death rate: almost 70%. The WHO declared a world pandemic predicting more than 150 million deaths. In reality, this virus was very dangerous, but not contagious. The infection did not work. Instead of 150 million people who they expected, there were only some 100 casualties, and the epidemic burned itself out as quickly as it had come. End of 2008 - The American laboratories signed agreements with the European laboratories for the mass production of a new vaccine for a new flu (so, before the first reported case!) January-February 2009 - The Baxter laboratory distributed thousands of seasonal flu vaccines to a dozen countries. A Czech technician took the initiative to test the vaccine before starting the vaccination. He used guinea pigs, which died quickly. He gave the alert and the vaccine was tested: the analysis demonstrated that the vaccine had two live viruses (viruses normally used for vaccines are radiated so they are dormant or dead). The two live viruses were: the bird flu virus (high death rate, but not very contagious), and the common flu (low death rate, but extremely contagious). If you combine these two, you have a highly lethal and highly conta131

gious strain of flu. 17 April 2009- two cases of the “new flu” are declared in California, first called “swine flu” and later “H1N1 flu”. 26 April 2009 – the United States officially declares a “national emergency health crisis” (nine days after, with 20 affected cases and no dead in a population of 500 million people!) 29 April 2009 – Margaret Chan, chairwoman of the WHO officially declared a “global level 5 pandemic” (12 days after two more cases had appeared). May/June 2009 - All the European governments order millions of vaccines and boxes of Tamiflu and Relanza, from the American laboratories. Middle of May 2009 - The text of the WHO changes its procedures of notification for pandemics: before a high death rate was necessary to consider the disease a “pandemic”, now the criteria for death was eliminated so that, a benign disease can now be declared a pandemic! 11 July 2009 – a month and a half after the declaration of the first two cases the WHO raised the global pandemic to Level 6 (the highest). July 2009 - In every country, laws were approved to guarantee the pharmaceutical companies and the politicians’ protection from all responsibility for any side effects or death caused by the vaccines.

July 2009 - The WHO charged the main laboratories in the United States to produce 4.5 billion doses for a world population of 6.8 billion! August 2009 - All the medical authorities of the world confirm that the new flu is less virulent than the common flu and the mortality rate insignificant. August 2009 -The American retired General Albert N. Stubbledine III, declared on an Alex Jones’ program, that the vaccine was a global genocide attempt. 15 October 2009 - the pandemic caused the death of 1,500 people worldwide (this is not proved, since the estimation was made by the health services through telephone surveys), representing 3000 dead against the 150,000-200,000 deaths caused annually by the common flu. End of October 2009 - Barak Obama declares a ”state of health emergency and the “mandatory vaccinations” in the United States. The majority of European countries encourage their populations to get vaccinate and prepare military personnel for mandatory vaccination. The WHO sends 500 million vaccines free of charge to the poorer countries. By the end of November, the movement of the “free thinkers” through the internet and the smaller free media outlets is so wide, that the various national leaders abandon the project. At the end of December, against huge opposition from the country, even Barak Obama abandoned the plan.

The attempt was aborted! Any human being with half a functioning brain would ask the following questions: • Although vaccination trials on 700,000 soldiers of the Golf War, ended in a medical disaster, why have they reintroduced squalene trials in those new vaccines knowing which that it causes alterations in the nervous system and debilitating and incurable diseases? • How can a world health organization declare a “world pandemic” after only two reported cases located in California? • How can this grave fact of the vaccinations that were contaminated with deadly viruses, and distributed in more than 20 European countries, not be advertised on the front pages of every world newspaper when it was officially recognized in February 2009? • Why did they order 4.5billion vaccines for a disease that all medical experts had recognized as benign? • How could a world health organization declare a level 6 pandemic and order mandatory vaccinations with only a few new cases of the flu and no casualties? Apart from these basic questions, many others come to mind, but only from those proved and recognized theories, it is easy to deduce: • In the first place, the declaration of a pandemic was only a pretext to provoke mandatory vaccinations,

and generate mountains of money for the direct benefit of a few families. • That the virus of the Spanish flu was purposely recreated and later introduced into the vaccines which were supposed to protect people and not infect them with a fatal disease. • The instigators of this attempt and global genocide are at the highest ranks of the major pharmaceutical companies, whence from the judicial complaint lodged by Jane Burgermeister against Barak Obama, Donald Rumsfeld, Rockefeller etc. (all members or leaders of the Bilderberg Group). • The World Health Organization (WHO) was clearly complicit in this attempt. • That, following the example of the American government who deliberately sacrificed a few thousands of its own people with the 9/11 attacks to justify the invasion of another country, All heads of states, ministers, politicians and party leaders who recommended vaccinations in their country, knew perfectly well that they were participating in a genocide attempt on their own population. • That the official Medias were also clearly complicit: they kept silent in February of 2009 in a matter that was clearly the major scandal of the century (contaminated vaccines), and later hid, and continues to do so, the death of the first victims from the vaccines, as well as failed to inform the public of the multiple asso135

ciations of physicians and scientists that had reported the contaminated vaccines. The absolutely certain outcome from these facts is: • “Operation Global Genocide” is now in process.

• The participation of international health institutions has been confirmed. • • All the political authorities are complicit. We are all in danger in the short term.

These are facts, easily verifiable; any person with a normal brain, SHOULD BE AWARE, the person we voted for is trying to kill us! A few peculiarities did occur though: • Poland and Finland rejected the vaccines (the Polish president had also expressed his opposition to chemtrails…A plane crash put an end to it.) • Russia also rejected the vaccines, asking for an investigation of the WHO and threatening to withdraw from the organization. • Various health ministers were brought to court, such as the one in France (although being a country not much renowned for its “fair” judicial system…). Some more details about this genocide operation, which is still in its infancy: at the beginnings of February 2010, the World Health Organization was preparing

a new operation with a new “anti-flu” jab as well as other false alerts to trigger massive vaccinations on children (childhood illnesses are an excellent pretext, and keeping silent about the role and importance of these to boost the immune system, is compulsory!) Why vaccinations? It is the best way to transmit a disease in determined areas sending a few samples lost in big batches. For example, the AIDS virus was introduced in a few bottles which had the Polio virus vaccine tags on them. Those who received that vaccine were actually injected with the AIDS virus, which explains why it was rather localized in the beginning. Homosexuals, as well as Blacks passed it between themselves, and after a few years it spread to the rest of the population. This also explains why this disease particularly developed in Africa (through massive vaccination campaigns). At any time they could introduce a new virus in any batch of any vaccine. How can a doctor know which is the contaminated vial of the vaccines he is administering? Finally, the other means of biological warfare, like water or food require too many accomplices and leave too many traces. Only the vaccines come from laboratories where they can be manipulated by very few people and are simultaneously sent to all corners of the planet. Why choose the flu vaccine?

Campaigns have been going on for years in order to “habituate” the people in thinking that it is normal to receive an annual flu jab. This advertisement grid was used to bring in money to the laboratories while getting people used to follow like sheep the advices of their health agencies. Are there any other better excuses than the flu to justify the vaccination of the whole population? This virus has also the advantage of being undetectable. The first variety of symptoms, are the same as any other cold or benign illness, and this allow mandating physicians that every sneezing patient be declared as a “new flu case” (this is called the “creation of statistics). Imagine, that instead of the flu vaccine they would have used cholera or the plague; the whole world would have immediately been aware that it had been deliberately started and no one would have accepted any vaccine at any price! Yet with the flu, all of those who got vaccinated and eventually will die, will be announced as victims of the A, B and Y flu, in this way the obligation to vaccinate the whole world would be justified, and the WHO rapidly will raise the pandemic to level 6, which will allow them to declare a mandatory “health measure” instigated by the military forces. It is extremely depraved, for no one could distinguish between those who died of the vaccination and those who died from the real flu (very rare in reality, but the statistics are controlled by them and they have lied for years to justify the annual flu jab). The world will believe that there is a real threat of a fatal flu and

that they have to get vaccinated. We can be sure that the official press´s interpretation to alarm the people will be played to perfection, while staying silent about the victims of the vaccines and the medical reports’ denunciations. “The flu has never killed anyone! It gets treated naturally in 7 days, and in one week with medicine. The rare true deaths are the ones occurring for a different motive which happens when the patient has the flu. The only things to avoid are the treatments against the fever because they strengthen the flu! Lastly, any real scientist knows that there is no vaccine against the flu! It simply cannot exist!!! On the other hand, adjuvants found in vaccines trigger a loss of immune defenses which in turn open a Pandora’s box of diseases, particularly cancer; AND THAT HAS BEEN PROVED” ( excerpt from a Doctor of biology) What we don´t know is about the other viruses that may be being added to the constant vaccines being produced. The ideal would be using medium and long term viruses. This leaves different options: • Introduce a virus like AIDS, whose incubation period is very long, leaving a few years before the epidemic grows, leaving sufficient time to vaccinate everybody before the first ones are made aware of the consequences. • The introduction of a disease in two stages. Injecting the first stage of the virus that remains dormant until a reactive awakens it, (a second vaccination, a

seemly inoffensive drug, a food, a drink...) • Adding adjuvants to a vaccine to destroy brain cells and slowly attack the central nervous system (barium, aluminum, mercury, squalene…). The result being a surviving generation of people with lowered mental capacity who are physically weak showing these symptoms (diminished intelligence, loss of willpower, chronic fatigue etc. , ideal for obtaining a docile population) can be attributed to any other factor, but also, with such a fragile immune system, the most benign of illnesses could cause death (cancer is one of them). This is the current method in use! • They could also launch a world pandemic with a lethal virus, and attribute it to people such as Bin Laden or Santa Claus, similar to the “anthrax” operation which came immediately after the twin towers attacks. This time, Demosophy helped the failure of this attempt at genocide; warnings were given in the free press and the internet since the month of March 2009, through various medical professionals, scientists and reporters etc. We have managed to provoke a world craze against the vaccines; but from the beginning of 2010, the Bilderberg Group has taken control of the majority of the internet which could impede our ability to reach further warnings about any further maneuvers. The next attempt will be harder to detect if the associations won’t be able to communicate to the public; especially since no measures are ever taken against such attempts! No

wonder though; these are the same people found within the juridical system. In 2005/2006 in the Baxter Laboratory, they distributed the infected hemophiliac components with the HIV virus which was injected into millions of people including children, the silence organized by the medical authorities and the press, permitted the continuance of the injections of these products to millions more people (the same process which occurred with the distribution of hemophiliac products after the first cases of AIDS), and when the same laboratory, this time in 2007/2008, introduced a new vaccine for the common flu which contained the bird flu virus, by chance some investigators realized and advised the public before the authorities could shut them up. Yet, despite this, Baxter repeated the introduction of the flu pandemic this time in 2009 with the H1N1 strain. Stretching from Japan to Australia and through Europe, complaints against Baxter have poured in from all over! Has anyone ever heard of a judicial intervention? Has anyone come across an official press organization that has reported these actions? From 2013, if no one opposes the “general plan”, the concentration camps will begin to fill (discreetly) with their opponents and biological warfare will continue without the public being able to use the internet. The Bilderberg Club nevertheless faces various uncertainties: the Unites States have spent huge sums of money to develop Chinese and North Korean intelligence, but with no lasting results. The international sit141

uation can be summed as the following: • The United States are the beacon for the Bilderberg Group, followed closely by Europe. Between these two powers, there is an armed military force and an exceptional destructive power potential, but, the US is bankrupt having based their economy on warfare, and has to continue in that direction in order to survive. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, have brought the Bilderberg Club fortunes, but to the detriment of the American people, whose rebellion is drawing every day closer. Russia for their part is joining in the game with the USA, but, with some pointers (forming alliances with opposing countries) Contrary to popular belief, Russia also recovered a big part of the Nazis and their technology, therefore the end of the “Soviet Block” did not in any way reduce the incredible military capacity of the country, which also began important programs based on the discoveries of Nicolai Tesla, mastery in “Stars Wars Programs” and possession of bombs sufficiently powerful to stand against the United States. Moreover, the total war planned against China needs the alliance of the US and Europe, which the Bilderberg Group provided through NATO and the UN; but it is not enough for an assured victory so, they need to ally themselves with Russia and Japan as well. Yet Russia did not put itself under the Bilderberg umbrella, is subtly playing for time and not engaging itself on any side, while (especially during these last ten years) re-building a military potential big enough to face the US on its

own! Japan, was considered for a long time, simply a US vassal, they possess one of the most important uranium and plutonium reserves of the planet and has modified its statutes which prohibited disposing of Military Forces, and now has a military with great potential. The recent elections demonstrated that this country does not condone the corruption system which was imposed after the war, and that powerful movements are rising against the American domination. On the other hand, this country has had some exceptional triumphs: it is one of the few which can compete with China in terms of patent deposits and the production of specialized engineers, but it also enjoys an economic strength producing a real competing power for the United States. A multitude of components from the American military programs are a result of the Japanese industries. An alliance with China, would give these two countries exceptional war capacity, therefore, knowledgeable of the Bilderberg Club plans, this alliance is probably already on going. While Japan was the “docile ally”, they needed not worry, but the recent government changes and the acceleration of the military movements put this country on the “grave danger” list (Japanese politicians figure in the first to report the 911 attacks as work of the Bilderberg). Here, the Americans face a big problem:

There economy is sustained by China and Japan:

the only way to break away would be through war! On the other hand the commercial and industrial power of the Americans is fictitious; except for the chemical products and the military industry that are sold through the politics, their products are incapable of being competitive, in quality as well as in costs of production, and they are therefore entirely dependent! North Korea developed many years ago secret agreements with China and Japan, agreements known by the US, which is the reason for their resisting invasion of the country. India and Pakistan seem to be dominated by the United States, but they also have emerging internal forces, more so ever since Barak Obama’s plans to destabilize Pakistan using the Taliban’s have been revealed by various investigative reporters. But also because India still suffers from the “Union Carbide” event which killed more than 500 million people (and no damages were paid), not to mention the loss of its local agriculture, which has been taken over by multinationals such as Monsanto, and causing the suicide of over 100 thousand farmers! Lastly and most importantly, China has accomplished exceptional technology in a limited amount of time, thus surprising the world, and has taken care not to be left behind as far as armament, by manufacturing similar weapons as those developed by the US: the bombs, satellites, chemical and biological weapons, climatic (equivalent to the HAARP project), chemtrails etc… and other unknown kinds.

The Chinese however (as well as the Japanese), have a civilization of many thousands of years with moral and cultural values very deeply rooted. Although these elements might seem subjective, they do represent an important weight against people coming from a young and exclusively materialistic culture. For example, for the past 10 years, China has dominated the whole world as far as the number of deposited patents, inventions and specialized engineers. In 2010, China is one of the few countries capable of offering its public electric cars running close to 150km per hour, and for a 400km range (the price is also very modest, which is why politicians have prohibited their sales in the West). Finally, the concept of the “superior white race” still remains the objective of the Bilderberg Group, which means the world order they wish to install excludes completely the Asians which they consider no better than the Arabs, Blacks or Gypsies. Charles Richet (Nobel prize for medicine in 1914) still remains the model frequently mentioned “Let us create within the population of the world, a true aristocracy, of the whites, of pure race, not mixed with the foul ethnical elements that Asia or Africa would introduce within us.” The eugenic research begun at the start of the 20th century under Hitler, pursued by Otmar Von Verscher and Joseph Mengele, re-launched by biotechnology companies, and coming back into activity with nanotechnology….and as always supported by Rockefeller and his friends . The eugenic concept doesn´t allow the

Jews, Blacks or Asians to live; only the “pure” white race should dominate the world. Destroying China is thus a priority, from whence the first attempts at destabilization with international media means support, using first the Tibetans and now the Uyghur’s. The United States knows of no other policy than: “know me as your lord or I will annihilate you”. And the shadow government running the United States, would not hesitate to provoke soon the biggest holocaust in history, so as to finally have this “superior white race, this “human aristocracy” that they pretend representing, triumph! The installation of the military bases around China and dominating the countries of the East is one of the main objectives of military politics since the 80´s. The occupation of Afghanistan, the agreements with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan allows the Americans to prepare an attack on China, while they have control of countries to the East; the agreements with Taiwan offer this exceptional opportunity: a base against China but also a good client for arm deals. This explains all the maneuvering to prevent a reunion of China with Taiwan. Any type of alliance between any of these countries, and others not mentioned here, could completely modify the geopolitical world and challenge the current 3 greatest dictatorships: the United States, Great Britain and Israel; more so if Japan will free itself from the

American yoke! Japan and Russia are now the main arbitrators of the planet, the key to success or failure! Whether they will align themselves with the US or support the last countries resisting American hegemony, and are themselves uniting with each other: China, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba…Which again explains why the US is so intent in creating conflicts to justify invasions, in North Korea, Venezuela, Iran… Nevertheless within these vassal countries, there are also at times very potent movements that oppose the American hegemony, as in the case of Italy, Ireland, Poland, France, Thailand, Canada, and Finland (the only country of the world where a senior civil servant publically denounced the attempted genocide through the swine flu vaccine.) Whether by wars, disease, gases, bombs or some other possible means, the aim is to have 90% of the population of the world disappear over the next 20 years, by: 1. 2. Enriching themselves Appearing to be concerned for humanity

3. Establishing a new world order, under absolute military dictatorship 4. Subjugating the survivors by implanting them with microchips

If private individuals, like the “free thinkers” of the planet know about what the leaders of the Bilderberg Group are plotting, it is evident that this information and many more are known to the governments, which is actually why they are maintaining this weaponry build up. Some of these leaders might adhere to the concept, while others do not necessarily agree to “genocide” their populations without any guarantees. And whatever happens, the people are always under the constant threat of being annihilated, for in any war, for any one soldier killed, hundreds of civilians will die.


The end game being to take complete control of the planet, they have to enrich themselves more and more, since competition among themselves is always in the way (by nature they are perfectly conditioned to think of total domination over everyone else). Moreover there are other extremely rich families that may oppose their projects. For this reason Rockefeller mounted a new financial plan to reinforce the Federal Reserve, to the detriment of many other banks. This plan presented by Barak Obama and Paul Volcker at the start of 2010, demonstrates the urgency to get bailed out, accepting the risk of alienating all other classes of super-rich.

They also need to start new wars to maintain their military industries. (Projected: Iran, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, North Korea, and Venezuela…) Here Venezuela has a strategic position since, Hugo Chavez is considered the “black beast”: not only does he own an impressive oil reserve, but he also rejects the American multinationals, refuses to die during coup d’état attempts, fights analphabetism, allies himself with the Russians and the Chinese, and rejects the usual corruption found in those countries! The United States has thus increased their military bases around Venezuela (in Colombia, Mexico, Guyana…) They must also condition all the populations to accept their supreme authority, they have sent orders to all the high ranks of the planet to start repeating the words “New World Order” and to impose subliminal messages in numerous television advertisements (chemtrail skies, Masonic symbols..), in films with large audiences (Batman, Gremlins…) and in series such as (the Simpsons, American Dad…). By watching these in slow motion one can see many symbols that are constantly repeated and always the same: the eye inside the pyramid, cross of the Templar’s, the Masonic floor….Moreover they have now created video games meant for the mental conditioning of children. These games are mostly oriented towards war, the conquest of territories, and the total global domination, but also towards torture or pedophilia (the results of Monarch and MK ULTRA programs.) With a human society reduced to around one bil149

lion inhabitants with the majority controlled with microchips and endowed with a superior technology that is available today, they could finally establish a dynasty to reign indefinitely over the planet, with no opposition to their power. They do not wish to be richer, but first maintain a system to protect them from bankruptcy (because actually they are weak at the base); then impoverish the populations and create a rebellious social situation to justify military intervention and the establishment of a “New World Order”.

ECONOMY You cannot understand the workings of economy, without first understanding the monetary system in general. Many economists have revealed the realized fraud, but they explain it in a language that not easily understood by the common man, so I have found an explanation so simple and clear, that I will directly quote it (extract from “Le Crachoir”): “A brief history of easy money” Originally, the executives deposited their gold in a goldsmith´s vault. For every deposit made, a receipt was given, equivalent to the weight entrusted, from there came the name of the book, Pound, Peso, Lira etc. Soon people began to exchange these receipts, which were easier to carry around than kilos of metal, and used them to liquidate payments or debts. Eventually the goldsmiths realized that no one was returning for their

gold, which had changed ownership many times since, but continued to lay dormant in the vaults. They had previously had an idea to buy rental properties with this gold, since it was now useless. Before long they began to realize that they could lend out many times the amount equivalent to the real amounts of the “hoard” they possessed plus interest, without being caught. Hence the bank was born. When a goldsmith with 10 pounds of gold, puts 100 receipts in circulation, deprecation in value of the rest of the receipts of 90% occurs. That is to say, if all the owners of the gold arrived to collect their gold in the same afternoon, the 100 receipts would not allow them to gain 1 extra cent more than the 10 pounds of gold that actually existed in the vault; and we will have what is called a “crash”. “Where it all begins to go really crazy is when a central or federal bank is created. These institutions claim to produce notes (bank notes) that represent the value of treasure held by the government. To simplify, if the government have assets of 100 pounds of gold, of lamp posts, or bottles of whisky, in theory, they can produce 100 bank notes of 1 pound each which are used by the citizens for their daily transactions. In reality it is quite different. The federal banks never belong to the government of the people, but to the biggest banks of the country. It works in this way: the government is a 20% shareholder in the bank, and therefore deposits 20 pounds of gold. Nevertheless, only the State will deposit their real gold, while four other banks will be shareholders but

by lending themselves the same amount as the deposit that the poor guy on the street has just deposited. It has been this way from the start, the capital that should be 100 pounds is made up of only 20. Devaluation; yet it gets worse. The Federal Bank now has the right to print money. They decide how many notes are printed, and those notes represent the total amount that the government owes (DEBT) to the Central Bank. Yes, they create one dollar on paper, for no more than a few cents, and later lend it to the government for the face value amount written on the note, 1,2, 10,1000 etc. “Why, God damn it, should we pay this ridiculous amount?” It has always been this way; the people of the world let them, it is only a subtle continuation of an ancestral monarchy, but with a smiling face! So, how many notes will they print, these experts on finance? The department of treasury declares it has 100 (when it does in fact only have 20) and now you tell yourself “easy, they can print 100 notes of 1”. Well no…They have to choose the amount of notes on circulation. This means that apart from the 100 notes in distribution, the federal bank is free to print 900 more. The result is a pint of milk that cost 2 cents, is now worth 20 cents! The next day, our friend at the Central Bank can decide to withhold 95% of the money that reaches their hands. After a few days there are only 50 notes of one cent in circulation. The pint of milk is now worth 1 cent, because every note represents double the symbolic amount represented originally. Does it appear scandalous to you? Think about it, these men, can without any embarrassment, take advantage of the control they

have on inflation or recession forever, buying a pint of milk for 1 cent and then selling it at 20cents! The whole world works hard, works extra hours, for what, for these men to become richer still! Will the banks stop at printing 1000 more notes and putting them into circulation, in other words, set the values of the markets (like buying the milk truck), while holding no assets, so the money in our pockets can lose half its value? In fact, the bank has just robbed us of 5 notes from our very pockets. This is a subtle robbery, an international robbery of all the inhabitants of the world by a small group of bankers and industries. You don´t believe me? To help you understand: the inflation in the United States since 1913, the same year for the creation of the Bank of the Federal Reserve, presided over by Paul Warburg, JP Morgan, Rockefeller and friends has been a whopping 2950%! It is fair enough that the people of the nation do not understand our bank and monetary systems, because if they did, there would be a revolution before tomorrow – (Henry Ford Industrial) We have in this country, one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Bank of the Federal Reserve. This evil institution has impoverished the people of the United States and practically ruined the government. This crime was committed by the vultures that control the money. There is not one man here, within earshot, which can ignore that this country is run by international bankers – Louis T. McFadden, congress 1932.

When you and I sign a check, the corresponding funds must be present in the account to cover the check, but when the Federal Reserve writes a check, there are no corresponding funds, when the Federal Reserve signs a check they just print the money. – Service User Manual, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. For an even more simplified explanation: imagine that you have a check book, and every time you write a check your account automatically credits the equivalent amount and better yet it does so without any limitations! This is approximately what the Federal Reserve has done: a right to create virtual money, without limits, and receiving interest on it!!! Afterwards, from the small banks to the private sectors, to all companies, reimburse capital that has never existed, with extra interests added. Every time they make money, they make the human chain pay for it, supported by the governments that approved laws permitting them to perpetuate this for over a hundred years, making it the biggest swindle of history. To sum it up, they don’t have the money but the right to create it. Moreover, when they create it, they charge interest on it (interest that doesn’t exist in reality but which they also make up!) Thus generating another production of interests…Ad infinitum.

If one wishes to escape, they have no other option but to increase their profitability. For companies, they raise

prices, for people, they work more to earn the same salaries or so not to reduce their lifestyles. All the national banks do is multiply these methods to defraud consumers and the companies. To be even clearer: the average citizen is able to understand that Jack lent money to Paul and that Paul lent money to Peter. Therefore Peter owes money to Paul who in turn owes to Jack, but how could the three of them owe money at the same time??? This is what’s currently happening when ALL Nations are in debt! France owes money, but so does England, the US even more so, Ireland, Italy. AND ALL THE OTHERS owe money! The only way for this kind of thing to happen is to owe to an organism above the State, which is equally impossible when one considers that the “State” is the people; or unless the whole population of the planet owed to itself…And how absurd would that be!” Obviously there is an entity above the states; a few families of bankers who obtained this absurd right to create money out of thin air, then “lent” it to our politicians who squandered it for their personal fancies, and then asked us the people, to “reimburse”! Thanks to the Bilderberg Group, these few families were able to create international organizations, such as the IMF or Central Banks, which lend money to the governments. The politicians in power want first and foremost to quickly make money since the system of elections can guarantee only a few years to do so. As soon as they are in office, the same banking families offer them the complete array of what these corpora155

tions produce; weapons, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc…These products are sold ten times their actual price, yet the government politicians don’t care a bit, since it’s not their money and besides, because of that price hike, they can get a bigger commission. They buy, but the state’s coffers being empty, the precedents have already been processed in the same way; the mentioned families selling those products and creating fiat money will offer a loan, which their country’s citizens will pay back later on (taxes, devaluation etc…) Thus, in a matter of a few decades, the governing politicians have created a debt with those families which will have to be reimbursed through generations during many years. This system not being able to last indefinitely, since the newest loans will be used to take care of the oldest ones (cavalry system), then the Bilderberg Group leaders started up what is called a “financial crisis” in 2005, demanding to be reimbursed and stopping all loans. The reason for such an operation was that their reality is only made up of what they got concretely from their fiat money, and they started to seriously worry about the progression of Chinese and Japanese banks, which in their case do not benefit in such proportion of the right to invent money; and thus they get better results. So the bankers needed urgently to consolidate their position by stopping loans and pressuring their debtors (which is why since 2005, the Bilderberg Club bankers are pocketing phenomenal profits) Politicians then have no other recourse than to heavily withdraw money out of their people, reduce their expenses (administrative machine), while contin156

uing to look for new loans which in some cases they do obtain since those banking families do not want to make the situation worse too soon (Greece, Spain, Great Britain…) This is spelled “crisis”. When this handful of banking families will have the grip over all Nations, they will incur the risk that one day, some politicians will put themselves on the people side and simply announce that they will not pay back the “debt”, since its origin is a fraud, and those who “lent” the money didn’t have it in the first place! They invented it! In such a situation, the Bilderberg leaders would have only one solution: violence (using the military), yet not being able to activate it themselves (small number of individuals), they created several international warring organizations (the UN, NATO…) Their calculation is simple; it is practically impossible for governments to be penetrated by honest people since the access is controlled, and even less probable that this could happen simultaneously in different countries. Therefore, if by some extraordinary chance an upright politician would reach power and make such an announcement, they’d still have at their disposition all the other countries to threaten war to him: the pillage of his country would result in an even more interesting “reimbursement”! In 2010, after 5 years of “economic crisis”, which is to say 5 years during which the politicians in power in each country have managed to impoverish the popu157

lation by ever more increasing taxation, the results are evident : all the peoples depending on the Bilderberg system are impoverished, unemployment is sky rocketing, the economy is expiring…and these few banking families are pocketing the biggest profits in history (Morgan, Warburg, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Goldman, Sachs…) always managing to remain in the shadow of their empires (Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS…) This does not exclude their main partners within the principal banks and companies in each country; partners/competitors, creditors/debtors, into a game where only the small citizen is exploited in every possible way. Now everyone knows how the banks achieve disposable funds quickly, taking small amounts from each of its millions of accounts, so small that often the client is completely unaware. The whole world is also conscious of the ridiculous, but legal rights (voted for by their accomplices’) that the banks have to cheat with loans, first increasing the level of interests for “fees”, later for mandatory insurances, and finally, for reimbursements that principally center on the payments of interests. Basically, the bank is lending money it doesn´t have, making you pay, collecting a real capital in the charging of the loan… (This technique of the “error” is now used regularly by all the big companies in league with the government: telephone, electricity…) Many also know that people, who have died, often leave great sums of money in the banks, sometimes be158

cause no one has come forward to claim them; but also, when the family asks, the bank has always “forgotten” a share, investment or certain accounts… This multitude of “legal” swindling’s, is a regular practice in all countries, and represents colossal sums of money, and due to interplay between banks, a part always reaches the Bilderberg leaders (the FED and Central Banks bosses). Yet despite all of this, the incredible expenses used for big military programs over the last twenty years which have ruined the North American economy, as in Europe, and even the leaders of the Bilderberg are having difficulties; they are on the point of bankruptcy and will need to take drastic measures. Initially, they thought to abandon the dollar and unite the Canadian and Mexican currencies under fewer than one called the “Amero”, but this plan has come up against much opposition on the part of the American bankers. So it has been postponed and they urgently need money from other countries, or rather, from the people, no matter how poor; a compulsory purchase of 4.5 billion vaccines and millions of various other drugs, such as Tamiflu or Relanza are to be made by the people of Europe and North America. The leaders that buy them later extract that money from taxes and social contributions. In this way the Bilderberg’s bosses collect, the people of Europe and America pay, and poverty in those countries is ever increasing. It was easy for them to provoke the financial cri159

sis. The whole world knows that it was not a huge mass of money falling into a black hole by accident. So how then did the 2006/2007 crisis (still ongoing) begin? Simply, during the Bilderberg meeting of 2005, they transmitted messages to all the States and multinational companies, to increase their quoted rates in tandem causing the first crash of the real estate markets at a global level (in view of the planned world genocide), as well as the crash of the old fashioned technology companies and put a brake on States loans. Immediately the big banks raised their interest rates and began to put pressure on the small banks to reimburse any amounts loaned during the years 2000, the banks forwarded these same pressures onto their clients. All of these banks then started restraining their real estate activities and provoke a crash in this sector. Later, everyone began to suffer the first increases from the companies inter- connected with the politicians, such as gasoline, electricity, gas, water and telephone… Despite the benefits of billions of Euros over the past years, all of these utilities companies increased their rates! For their part, the banks denied their real estate guarantees, limited mortgages, looked for urgent cash, and denied loan renewals to many companies while raising their commissions and fees. The repercussions were immediate: small companies had to raise their costs to pay the new fees and the public saw a quick reduction in their purchasing power.

The media coverage did the rest, frightening investors and provoking a wave of bankruptcies among smaller companies, inducing a wave of unemployment. A vicious circle was created, the crisis feeding the crisis. The middle range car companies’ fell, while Rolls Royce, May-Bach, Ferrari or Lamborghini never saw so many sales. The people who could still satisfy their hunger began to restrict themselves, whereas their leaders gorged themselves on new fancy cars, helicopters, private jets yachts…… This is the effect of the crisis: many poor’s becoming poorer, so that a few can be richer.

NEXT: From 2010 to 1015, they are hoping to include more and more countries to adhere to their program, especially by including them into the EU, which they consider now as an American colony, and further start wars to maintain their resources. It seems they have chosen a date in late December between 2012 and 2018 to put their “Blue Beam” project into operation, since establishing the new world order would necessitate the intervention of religion. A date between 21st and 25th of December will be the most likely in order to use superstitions already established in the minds of many.



In memory of Serge Monast and his journalist friend who discovered this project, revealed it in 1994…And died both in suspicious circumstances; also in memory of Serge Monast’s daughter who was kidnapped by the Canadian secret services in order to dissuade her to continue this project investigation, and who was never found!

Over 10,000 years ago astrology established that the sun was dying by remaining still every 22nd, 23rd, 24th of December (the winter solstice), resurrected three days after on the 25th December and continued its move towards the north; it would then only vanquish Darkness at the equinox, when daylight would start increasing (Springtime). Astrology is at the foundation of all religions; it is the reason why so many gods are born from a virgin on the 25th December, and that the leaders follow the model of the 12 constellations of the zodiac, sometimes including a thirteenth. Twelve and thirteen are the sacred numbers of all religions inspired by Maz-deism (monotheistic religions); the 12 Apostles, the 12 Tribes of Israel, The 12 Judges, the 12 patriots, the 12 prophets etc. A religion that inspired the leaders of the Bilderberg to choose the biblical names for their destructive projects: MOAB for the gigantic bomb, HAARP for con162

trol of the population and climate, IRI to destroy all religions and impose their own. Apart from predicted sequences of holograms and cataclysms to announce the new world religion, they have organized in continuation, the presentation of a new Messiah that will save the world. This will be a very well prepared actor, a member of their families, a pope, a Maitreya, or maybe a true visionary who will already think of himself a “messiah” (plenty of those around the world…) For an investigator, it is not easy to discover the true religion of the Bilderberg Group. When most religions are losing their influence due to logic, reasoning and true history, they still wish to impose a new one! As there is very little information on this subject, there is no other choice but to use our imagination as to what type of religion they want to put into place. What we do know: • Rockefeller has always been one of the most dominant within the group. • He is completely convinced of a “pure race” concept. • He has always shown an interest in the discovery of ancient manuscripts since the recovered Dead Sea scrolls, and actively participated in forbidding their diffusion. • His involvement and support of the satanic secret societies has been wholly demonstrated.

• The Bilderberg Club plans are supported by the Vatican, which represent a great financial power, is also associated with many CIA and mafia activists, and has rumored to use subliminal messages on their followers. For example, for many years, the religious books of Sunday school have included illuminati symbols such as the eye in the pyramid. By going back in time, and search for an ethnicity having received the influence of Aryans and Sumerians, practiced unusual rites such as sacrifices, that could easily dissolve into the Jewish world while hating it, and which members were convinced of belonging to “God’s chosen human elite”, then we find the Essenes as a sect corresponding best to all of these parameters. On this subject, it is interesting to note that the character of Jesus created by Christianity around 300AD is very similar to the traits of the founders of that sect, except that their “Jesus” would have lived 200 years earlier. The sect of the Essenes was some sort of Orthodox Judaism which was hated by the Jews because it used black magic, sacrificial rites, necromancy…And just like any other sects it was meant to be the only” true universal religion”. Among the discovered manuscripts, only a few were studied to this day, enough though to have an idea of the initial concept: “After the extermination of all the impious, the world will enjoy eternal peace in the perfect service of God-messianic waiting of the “congregation Prince”twelve men and 3 priests (again and always these two numbers:12 and 3) who will be destined to rule the peo164

ple”- etc… Modern researchers have hypothesized that the Essenes were a small secret sect that would always have hidden within the Jews and Christians, exploiting these for their own interest while creating throughout history other sects, especially oriented towards the acquisition of great riches, political power and practicing Satanism oriented rites (Templars, Freemasons, Ku Klux Klan, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, etc…) The Essenes are said to be the origin of Christianity…

One special interpretation of the Cabala with “Zohar” tendencies, was adapted into a style more similar to that of the Elders of Zion, with rites inspired by the Masons and Rosicrucian’s, mixed with the Thule and Vril societies, superstitious elements such as the prophecy of Nostradamus and the Mayans, the 13 Crystal Skulls, the revelations of Akhashic records of the Atlantes, Nibiru, the planet X and the Annunakis, a bit of Tibetan Buddhism and ancient Egyptian texts…… all of these were supported by the richest of all religions, which provided them with ultra- sophisticated technology that was used to garter interest, and allowed the naïve to believe in a false revelation with all the splendor of Charlatanism. Originally, religions could only develop under the superstition of the people in an era of no schooling, few books and few cultural exchanges; but today, very few people blindly follow the religion in which they were

raised and this for a simple reason: the time religions had real power over people was until around the 1900´s. Since then, radio, television, telephone and aviation have favored the discovery of new peoples, other cultures, and lastly internet was developed! It is rare in today’s world to find any “normal” youngsters who are true believers; they follow due to tradition and parental respect certain precepts, but within themselves, unless a complete imbecile, nobody can totally accept the concepts of these old religions that are against such realities as science and history. For 2000 years, they have acted to prevent man from discovering the truth, but little by little, they have had to deny a lot of their own precepts in order to still be credible and keep some adepts. Yet nowadays, Muslims as well as a Christians can use the internet and discover Shintoism, or Jews and Shinto followers can find out about Sikhism. This religious obscurity is now over and definitely abolished despite the “will” of the leaders. Today religion can only be a matter of personal choice of belief, which will make the political, therefore power aspect disappear, along with financial power, fanaticism, and proselytism… The leaders of the Bilderberg are unable to comprehend this fact, since they have grown in a closed world and have never had contact with people of the real world they know nothing about except through statistics or analyses´ done by others, which they interpret according to their own concepts that are erroneous for

the reasons stated above. They believe that the people need a religion and with a good scenario, they can abuse them, have them return to obscurity and accept without any words, new rites which will be imposed in the name of the “only true religion”. It is clear that there are still many people in the world with a limited intellect, which will be sufficiently impressed by this new religion; but every day there are less, while the free thinkers are multiplying, divulging and finding millions of ways to influence those who still refuse to make the effort of thinking… We have had a demonstration in the genocide attempt with the flu vaccines: immediately through the free thinkers and very much thanks to the internet, the truth was revealed, many spoke with friends and neighbors and convinced many others who in turn talked or wrote about it to people who wanted to be informed, so that the enormous global machine could not be stopped any longer… The free thinkers refuted the official version of the twin towers attacks in New York, the attacks in London and Madrid, and denounced the attempt of global genocide, the chemtrails, and gathered to form associations that appear every day to be coming one step closer to rebellion, writing and speaking out more and more… So, this new religion, to be imposed on the whole world, an obscure religion to enslave people so they accept their fate and worship the “Masters of the world”….. Has failed! Just like the next batch of vaccines, they’d better not even attempt it: it only adds to

the ridicule of their intended crimes. I will not begin to number the many reasons why these projects have been thwarted but two are obvious: • They can proud themselves to have had followers such as Alfred Rosenberg, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering, Heinrich Himmler, Rudolph Hess, and that today nearly all of the high ranked leaders of America and Europe are in their pockets, but they were in these positions for one reason and one reason only; because they have promoted them there, none of them hold or held high responsibilities for traits of exceptional intelligence or morals. It is precisely the opposite, the world they have formed is in their image and not only can we not trust any of them, but nor do they trust one another, this we also know: in their plan, if it were to work, ONLY ONE would remain. Each one of them feels superior to the next and thinks to serve the others until such a time when they can relieve them of their posts and be the one sole master of the earth. Their own concepts allow no other form of thinking, and their association from the beginning has been one of deception, every one thinking only of the ultimate goal: to be the only master left. • The second reason, contrary to popular belief is that the human race is much more awake than it appears, the average IQ has brutally and singularly increased over the last 15 years, and I am convinced that the internet has played a large part in this revolution leading to free thinkers multiplying incredibly. The only thing missing is a similar point of view, a line of

thought accepted by all. This is not easy, since free thinkers do not mix easily, they are before anything else individualists. For this reason, this book hopes to offer a line of thinking to draw a point of union corresponding to all the free thinkers of the planet: thus creating the demosophy. If they look for the worst in man they will find it, and behind him will be a commander, but I believe that if they used even 10% of their energy to look for the good and help it grow, the whole world would change, without prejudices for themselves except having to abandon megalomania which is anyway destined for failure, and a small reduction of their income which would make no difference in their daily life. The outcome of the Bilderberg Group projects is predicted for 2018. From this date, we will be in what they would call an “ideal world”. All the riches of the world will lie in their hands, everyone will be micro chipped and will be controlled by a computer operated solely by them. Inventions created in the 70´s and 80´s but sealed from the public will start being used and all pendent technologies such as clean industries, engines running without gas, energy transmitters etc. will then be put into operation. With the knowledge of these facts, it is evident that with a decreasing population, real estate in its current state will keep on collapsing; banks will begin to refuse mortgages as the banks with strong real estate ties will fall and will be bought for a song by the larger ones. This also explains the crisis in the car industry: the

actual concept of cars has become obsolete in preparation for the vehicle of the future. So, we could watch and wait, as we have done for 2000 years, yet now there are many free thinkers, so many who doubt the official media and search for truth; but mostly who are conscious that the political mafia in power will never change by itself, and that we can hold our destiny in our hands and start now creating the “human man” era to replace the “animal man”. We have all the means at our disposal to create a true awaken society, and substitute the violence that has gripped humanity until today. If the Bilderberg Club is the continuation of the Caesar´s, Attila’s, Medici’s, Torquemada´s, Hitler’s or Bush´s of the world, then demosophy is the continuation of the Socrates, Confucius, Da Vinci, Voltaire, Gandhi, Einstein, Lennon, Sakharov, or Erin Gruwell, who inspired the film “Freedom Writers”. If violence has brought humanity wars, slavery, torture and the danger of total annihilation, then humanism has brought us music, art, philosophy, technology…….. If during the last century, the members of the Bilderberg group has offered humanity the massacre of millions of Gypsies, Jews, Cambodians, Rwandese, Iraqis’, then the free thinkers have offered us the end of slavery, the restoration of women status, created the “Cirque du Soleil”, Wikipedia, the white planet, rap….. Speaking of rap, many mature people reject it because

they hear it, but rap cannot be heard, it must be listened to! Rap is yelling against injustice through music, just as this book is screaming about injustice on paper; rap is the worthy successor to John Lennon or Bob Marley! While on the subject of music, the “Adarh” group has created a new, innovative and true quality style and only has one drawback in not achieving the fame it deserves: the members are Tuaregs, which means gypsies, Arabs and Saharans’ at the same time ( worse than being Jews, Blacks and communists put altogether). It is the reason why this music which would deserve a wider diffusion is hardly known saves for a few “connoisseurs” but apparently even in music it is politically incorrect to value the Tuareg people!





THE DEMOSOPHIE The weakness of the free thinkers is, precisely, in relation with their worth. To be a free thinker, signifies you love the truth and respect the thoughts of everyone, therefore you can never be shackled by other peoples´ ideas or be “recruited” into any association or sect. This weakness has spanned over many centuries and has left free thinkers isolated, making them easy prey for the leaders. Today, this weakness can be compensated by the union of all the free minds of the planet. This is what demosophia means: a meeting point for all free thinkers on the planet. The very word arises from demos; the people and of Sophia; the knowledge. This word was chosen in this way to oppose the democracy which contains “cracy”, meaning authority. Knowledge is the same as an expression of intelligence, therefore the most human part of us not animal. With this definition, we can see that demosophia has existed since the first books were written. A word created today is no more than a materialization of what already exists: a multitude of true thinking humans.



First of all I will define the terms “free thinker” and “true thinkers” just as I use them in the book. For me, a free thinker is one who has managed to free themselves of their bonds or prejudices and always tries to use their own logic in every circumstance, making there own judgements a priority, even if they must turn their backs on certain preconceived ideas, or oppose themselves to mass public opinion! For example, watching the images of September 11th, without knowing any of the arguments previously discussed, a free thinker would be immediately surprised by the disparity between the planes, which hit the towers in perpendicular angles at two different places, an of course by the simultaneous form in which the towers then collapsed! Divided by the original images, all free thinkers immediately rejected the official version. In my opinion, a free thinker can also call themselves an “awakened” person, not to say that this person is gifted with extraordinary powers, but has reached an honest intelligence within their own minds. Later they may go on to exhibit concepts of the “Nobel Man”. I also use the term true thinkers, after being influenced by a French author, Guy Sorman, who used this as the title for his book: “The true thinkers of our time”. I have adopted this term to define certain people, including humans, who have superior intellectual faculties. In general, the authentic thinkers are automatically free thinkers, but to be a free thinker is within all our

reaches. If violence is the animal part of human behavior, then intelligence represents true humanity, and distinguishes man from animal. The good part of our true society is a result of the free thinkers; those who refuse to believe in stupidity and think for themselves. Whilst the leaders provoke wars, the free thinkers invent, compose, paint, and write… they conceive better ways to be human, generating beauty and happiness all around them. Apparently, looking at our history, the free thinkers are always individuals; there are periods in history, places and societies where they are more numerous. This is normal because society acts as a stimulant. The true thinkers are born by chance, in any place, but still only represent a small percentage of the population. Where populations are larger so more geniuses’ are born. So, the crossroads of civilizations has produced many thinkers over the last 2500 in all walks of life, Greeks, Hindu and Chinese, to name but a few. During this time as the areas that were less populated were being split up and sectioned by the warlords, and these areas benefited from much slower progress, areas such as Africa, America, and Oceana. The first advances unchained others; the people at the crossroads developed important intellectual advances since the first types of writing. The Chinese made many more advances over the last centuries than Europe and the Middle East, where religion has always stood as an obstacle to progress.

The enormous intellectual impulse of the Greeks (Pythagoras, Thales, Aristotle, Platon, Aristotle, Archimedes) spread into all the closest religions, to later become stagnant due to Christian power, until the Arabs (Avicenna, Averroes, Al Farad, Ibn Khaldan, Omar Khayyam etc) began to use these first Greek impulses to give new life to the exact sciences in philosophy and social science; the Middle East fell behind from the obscurity imposed by the Muslim religious dictators. It was the Jews at crossroads of two religious worlds, who resumed the intellectual impulse, begun by the Arabs (Maimonides, Montaigne, Spinoza) whilst in Europe, intelligence was also awakening, surging forward yet without seizing power: Descartes, Hume, Da Vinci, Bruno, Galileo, Montaigne, Kant, Voltaire, Diderot, Petrarch, Newton, Copernicus, Kepler. These few names come into my head whilst I´m writing, however there are so many I would find it hard to quote them all, but I am sure the whole world has the least some of these free thinkers and humanists in their minds; Teilard de Chardin, Einstein, Gandhi, Mandela, Luther King, Bertrand Russell. If we analysis the true thinkers from back in the Socrates time until the eras of Einstein, we find a human intelligence which is reflected in art, science and philosophy. We also realize that all that is beautiful and good in our society is a direct result of the free thinkers. We can observe also that true thinkers are scientists, inventors, artists, writers and philosophers; they are all about wellbeing, are humanists and refute violence. A famous phrase of Issac Asimov comes to mind; “Vio176

lence is the last refuge of incompetence”. Any man without reason opposes automatically the good over bad, the intelligence of violence. So, the animal man that has lead humanity since its origins, now has an adversary; the human man represented by the free thinkers. I believe it is important for the human man to start as of now to substitute the animal variety for the benefit of all humanity and that intelligence should substitute violence as the human theme. To continue with our examination, we have discovered that none of the leaders are patriotic or religiously fanatic in any way. All the free thinkers participate in a faith of man, in intelligence, in lucidness, from here often appears the idea of a “cosmic religion” defining a type of religion without authority, where everyone can identify with each other and the universe, with an obvious lack of domination by other men and liberally conserving their own choices to believe the answers to the major questions of existence. A further investigation also recognised that free thinkers they have been an object of hate for the governments throughout the ages, in all corners of the earth. Socrates´ were condemned to death by the Greek authorities. Averroes was sentenced to prison and exiled by the Muslims (it was the Jews who saved part of his work). Avicenna, Ibn Jaldun was both condemned to prison and exile by the Muslim authorities of the time. Bruno was burned on orders from the Pope. Spinoza was abused by the Jewish authorities. Hume was accused of heresy. Voltaire, Pico de la Mirandola, Con177

dorcet, Bayle and many more throughout the whole world have been harassed by power whether religious or otherwise. In reality, nothing has changed: Linus Pauling had his passport confiscated by the American authorities, Bertrand Russell was incarcerated on two separate occasions, Wilhelm Reich was incarcerated for releasing the medicine Orgonita, many scientists have been dismissed, sometimes dyeing accidentally others committing suicide when pertaining to report any political lies that range from pandemics to climate changes and the dangers of genetic modification. Traditionally, the animal man held the reins of power and fought against the human man. Raw violence versus intelligence. Obscurity is the permanent weapon of power, an awakened people are their greatest fear, and therefore they consider anyone who facilitates this process of awakening as an enemy. Again, nothing is different in today’s´ world, save the methods: with control of the media, it is easy to destroy the reputations and credibility’s of a person who has no means by which to defend themselves; they are automatically condemned by public opinion, after all a lie repeated sufficiently enough becomes the truth! Linus Pauling paid the price when he decided to develop an orthomolecular medicine. Thanks to the control of the scientific institutions, they can discredit anyone that does not tow the line, a multitude of major scientists have been silenced or sidelined over the years. They act not solely on individuals, but on the masses to diminish their intellectual capabilities: vac178

cines full of mercury or squalene, fluoride in drinking water, the frequency of microwaves on mobile telephones, Chemtrails, but above all the quality of education. All the problems of our planet could be easily resolved if not for the few families who wish to control the world themselves and therefore are failing see the bigger picture. Since the 70´s and 80´s, the world has had advanced technology at its disposal, for example technologies to avoid the general contamination of the planet, but they have remain a secret, due to the detrimental effect it would have on the financial interests of the big leaders. The cars that are run without petrol, the recovery of industrial gases, the recycling of all residues, a clean energy technology……All these technologies have already existed for many years. Of numerous unknown inventors, Arturo Estevez Varela invented an engine which used only water to run in 1960´s and 1970´s, Paul Patone invented the water/plasma engine in the 70´s and 80´s, Sergio and Victor Solmi also created a water powered engine which now equips cars and buses in Argentina. Despite the leaders’ efforts, intelligence always wins: Christians burned Bruno and condemned Galileo who claimed that the earth was not fixed in the centre of the universe “E pur si muove”. The earth continues spinning as Galileo said and no government can stop it! Millions of men, known and unknown have led the

way with new inventions and new technology for our modern world, despite the powers installed at it´s head. Today they are more numerous still, with a stronger intellect; are we unable to respond to the threat begin imposed on our future generations, are they really that powerful? The imagination is probably our most “human” defining quality. It has allowed the development of the sciences, arts, philosophy… and holds a large place in what we call intellect. Nevertheless, belief can not exist without credulity, which reflects intellectual idleness two perfect opposites, a blind confidence in a third party without thinking for oneself. Our actual education is designed to condition our children to this concept from a very young age and lean them towards the theories they want us to believe. Superstition has imposed multiple ideologies in the past which have served no one but itself with its lies. For thousands of years witches created rituals for their own benefit, later, others created new religions from the addiction of these new concepts. During the last century, we talked about capitalism, beyond that communism, now we only have democracy as an ideology and it is used in excess over the whole planet. Curiously, countries that have stout democracy values instilled over the people, have seen strange disappearances such as the cases of the Kennedys, Coluche or Princess Diana……We can also see that the more independent judges are prone to suffer far more “accidents” than others, that honest politicians have more difficulty pro180

gressing in their career´s and men from the military with any ounce of integrity tend to wait longer for promotions. The West is considered further advanced in terms of democracy, but the inhabitants of these countries on the most hand live with a sensation of an unjust society, where policy and the judicial authorities abuse their power without offering security and the justice one expects. These countries have developed police departments, even in the most repressed areas, not only because they are spying on everyone, but because the laws permit them to “write off” anyone that takes their fancy or simply to use violence practiced by their agents with fluency on those opposed. From simple control without justification to the torture centres developed in secret prisons or military vessels, show me the democracy! We say constantly that these countries are “rich”. It’s true: the politicians are rich, their friends are also, as are the institutions they control, the banks, large corporations etc, all they have within their power is rich. Are the inhabitants of these countries rich? Is the quality of life within these populations good? Some easy indicators which allow us to judge quality of life is the unemployment figures, the poverty rate, the percentage of delinquency and the justice administration. In all these areas, our “rich” countries fall into the red. Democracy is a failure. The leaders of the West are proud to speck of a “Modern State” and their ambitions lean more and more

in this direction. What they fail to mention is that apart from destroying the quality of our society, is that modernity, the technology that allows us to anticipate the moves of others countries is what they want, they have not established it thanks to our capacities: it is only a result of 400 years of exploitation of three quarters of the planet for our exclusive benefit that has achieved this. The unique fountain of our technological advances, our wealth, come from slavery, the theft of raw materials from Africa, Asia and America, from the pillage we have committed against the rest of the world, and which we continue to commit in any country that us Europeans find it capable to control. Appropriating the American continent for ourselves, and continuing today in exploiting the riches of underdeveloped populations, we have created a Western world, essentially materialistic and dominant, forcing other nations to follow in our footsteps. Now in the name of democracy we invade other countries, occupying them to exploit them, massacring their inhabitants, we are awakening sleeping giants, encouraging them to acquire the same weapons with which we threaten them; we hatch manoeuvres to pass control onto the leaders of democratic states, which are favourable to our interests. I understand not, why Israel and South Africa have been given the blessing of the United States to acquire nuclear arms, whilst Korea or Iran does not have those same rights. I neither understand why America pretends to be the “police system”

for the rest of the planet and decide on other countries destinies. If only we could justify these actions with the claim that we are a democratic nation where everyone wishes to live, but this if far from the truth: poverty and delinquency figures in the United States prove this is no more than hot air, based on a false monetary system with which the leaders habitually cheat their own inhabitants, if not the majority of the planet. The largest dictator of the world has not proportioned anything for the social wellbeing of its people. Only concerned with world domination, the bankers that control the United States from the shadows are solely interested in imposing their country as the great global dictator on the rest of the world. They have failed, beginning with Hitler, now they have no one to centralize on: they organize and direct themselves and use the Unites States to achieve their objectives. The Unites States belongs to them; therefore all the money stolen from nations of the world passes into their hands. Money for their great plans to dominant for these few families, to fortify their dictatorship and allow them to continue controlling other nations, whether from contracts offered to governors, threats of war or removal of those who fail to cooperate. The idea as always is the national leaders pillage their own people to enrich themselves slightly more and the “Masters of the World” even further. This ideology justifies all the atrocities, the war, the crimes; all politicians use the word democracy in these situations, every political party confirming their

defence of democracy which is failing us. For those in power, their worst fear is freedom of thought, they fear a revolution for the freedom of the people, for this reason they use these ideologies. To maintain a passive population is sufficient and democracy plays its part in this respect: the indifference, the resignation to the deception and abuse from a terrifying government. The apathy of the governors demonstrates that the system works. Everything that continues to be wrong “it´s the petrol crisis, inflation or the world economy” and the whole world believes them “The republic guarantees freedom”, and we believe them! We have become livestock incapable of thinking with clarity, least react! The whole world knows that governments are preoccupied with the acquisition of more efficient weapons to kill as many people as possible. The majority of their budgets are dedicated to the military investigations for this end! Those who lead this world have demonstrated that they have more imagination when it comes to discovering new forms of destruction than to finding ways of offering us a better quality of life, and it is them who will eventually detonate those weapons, not us. The majority of the population prefers to close their eyes to the recent attempt at world genocide. Others falsely believe that future wars will be centered on atomic bombs and that everything will come to an end, without having to really being involved. Nothing could be further from the truth: before and

after a mass destruction, there will be long periods of uncontrolled war, occupations, massacres; the concentration camps will flourish and a regime of terror will dominate the earth. Some naïve people believe that man is now too civilized to repeat the horrors of the Second World War; on the contrary, the current wars demonstrate that man is becoming more and more barbaric. In Africa, the Middle East, Asia, America, they train young children to kill, torture, and commit terrible atrocities. In many countries children as young as 10years old are playing at disemboweling pregnant women, crushing babies’ skulls and torturing children of their own age. Those who train them are soldiers, the same soldiers that originate in every army worldwide. The army is made up of these “good people” whom we find every day, but in special circumstances they convert into these types of soldiers. Hitler´s army was made up of these same “good people” but put in a situation that encouraged them to freely use their primeval instincts. Today’s armies are all directed by leader’s dependant on the Bilderberg Club! Of all the animal species, man is considered the most advanced the most intelligent. However, outside the human species there are absolutely no others that put their own existence in jeopardy. This result of our evolution indicates that intelligence is reduce within our species, or that human use what intelligence they have very badly, this signifies that the administrators for our species are in fact among the lowest on the scale of

human values. To explain: Pride is a trait of the human character. When a man finds himself within a group, he will always pretend to be “more” or be better. The recognition of everyone else’s status within the group is a powerful motivator which promotes this. If a person was to find themselves in a group dedicated to the care of destitute, every one within the group would strive to work more hours than others, or to obtain better results…..each one proud to be distinguished, or known as “one of the best”. Even when it is for a good cause or is something positive, is can also have a negative effect: a bully who forms part of a criminal gang will always strive to be recognized as the best, and his value is judges by those around him and for his capacity to be a bigger menace then those below him. In a gang that attacks people, the one who deals the worst blows, who inflicts the most damage, who differs from his surroundings and feels proud to be “one of the gang” will be “leader” experiencing a sensation of respect by being the worst of the bunch! The army works in much the same way, the most capable or the “worst” will eventually rise to the rank of general. When a society develops these concepts which are orientated towards bad, it encourages the worst ones to surge forward. Since the 1980´s, the powerful sects that organized the paedophile rings that sacrifice children,

selected those who were capable of the worst vileness, knowing that in these people they would find faithful servants, even more so knowing there “owners” could rat them out at any time of their choosing. During these satanic rituals, every one competes for the chance to demonstrate the worst capabilities in the torture of children. In return their masters offer them protection, and they continue to be faithful servants. In this way the highest ranked dignitaries of State are controlled. For example in Europe, the Zandvoort or Coral networks in the Dutroux case have been silenced by the highest authorities in control of the justice system. Of those investigated and prosecuted in the Zandvoort network, Marcel Velvloesem was incarcerated and the justice department controlled the police with extreme efficiency to prohibit them from publicising any information pertaining to parents identifying their missing children. The few police that attempted to try the implicated politicians were dismissed and the few judges that have initiated investigations where immediately removed from their positions. The torturers are well protected! The human population has not adapted to the sheer number that we total and the technological level that we have advanced to. The Republic brings power to the unscrupulous and ambitious who favour their own benefits at the expense of others in the shortest time possible. We concentrate all this power into their hands, and they hold the key to all the scientific advances away from us.

If we allowed them to use these technological advances from the beginning of this century, with them they will create weapons capable of destroying the planet and contaminating our world further, today the new advances are helping genetic modifications and eugenics to manipulate us and to become the “herds” that we represent to them. Their intentions to influence the climate lack the necessary analysis as to the consequences in the long term. Their behavior in all circles, genetics, climate, technology… is sorcery, and not scientifically rational. This is the logical consequence of a science completely dominated by military and political power. It is now imperative that we change the structure of human organization, choosing only good lineage, men with no absolute power who will listen to all the free thinkers, humanists and scientists. Demosophie represents continuation and demonstrates that there is nothing to impede us in establishing a government system without politicians, a system that offers alternatives to global genocide. There are still many people who dream of a civilized world, with more dignity, which continues to educate its children in moral values, these are people who don’t accept reality, or are waiting for an intervention from evolution or some other direction. This change cannot happen alone, we must start it! It can only start with the populations that have become aware of the situation, who have decided to take destiny into their own hands and create a different society. This first country

will quickly provoke a “snowball” effect on the rest of the world and guide humanity down a new path. The violent have always dominated the passive, because barbarians destroy civilizations. Politicians have all the power, whilst the true thinkers, the wise, have none. The reason for this is very simple: it is the first arrivals who establish the rules of a law they respect, it this cases it was of violence and survival of the fittest. Man is now sufficiently evolved to live in accordance to different rules, and for this reason we must put the control of power to those who care for our general well being. In the following text, which finishes this section, we see through the writing of a famous wise author, that scientists are very aware of the imminent danger to the end of humanity, but they are defenseless, impotent against the cynicism of the directors and it must be said, very limited in their means of communication with the public. Albert Jacquard “The Dangers of Science”: “All the scientific discussions evoke the gravity and the imminent danger to the real dynamics of humanity. It appears strange to hear so many minds so vigorously announcing the cataclysm that is tomorrow, and immediately pass onto the orders of the day; this ship plunging onto the reef, is it not wiser to modify the direction rather than continue with useless distractions on our current course? According to legend, the Bizancio intellectuals continued their fascinating discussion

over types angels, whilst the Turkish armies were preparing, under their noses, the final assault. Are we to continue increasing the efficiency of structures and machines that bring us closer to the end, to abandon all clarity to ignore those whose predictions serve only to give a shiver of terror giving even more value to the present moment? Subtle changes to the dynamics of humanity could be useless, there effects will barely intervene in the long term, which would be too late anyhow; brutal change which will be long suffering and well organized is necessary as an appropriate intervention. “What the scene really implies is inevitably more “catastrophes’” in the sense used by the mathematicians, that is to say, sudden changes to the characters of our societies. “Instead of waiting passively, why do we not prevent and prepare some interruptions that promote the arbitrary decrees imposed on us by need, which allow us to maintain a certain control of our own destinies? Some months before May 1968, Robert Mallet remembered this advice form Prince Rivarol: “If you wish to avoid revolution. Do it!” Thanks to our marvelous intellect, we can anticipate an event, describe a possible disaster before it happens and avoid its realization. It is imperative we use this resource to imagine the obstacles we will meet and if possible, avoid them. In this investigation, we must me mindful of favouring the point of view of France, Europe, Whites, Rich, etc.:

we must reason is every way possible as inhabitants of the earth as a whole. Humanity, in effect, will transform before our very eyes into a solution not unlike glass, a liquid which in low temperatures solidifies. For a long time, many diverse groups throughout the world have developed very weak links between themselves: they were until recently almost independent from each other. Development of communications and the similarities of our behaviours has created an interconnection which makes each dependant on the other: the nomad of the dessert is made aware of the latest petrol disputes thanks to his transistor radio; the isolated trapper in the vast ice sheets of Labrador receives acid rain deposited by the chemical industries located thousands of kilometres away. There are now no inaccessible haunts in existence where one can hide from the actions of others on the planet, a global rigidity has occurred. Whether we want it or not, we are mutually bonded, everyone´ destiny is at stake, the decisions of each and every one of us could jeopardize our future. If we continue to embellish our selfish tendencies, or those of the groups that we belong, at the expense of others, then, the consequences will be sever. Before the end of one century, more then twelve billion people; but now, there are thousands of atomic bombs in the ownership of the powers who ardently and sincerely desire peace, but are ready to “hit the button” to dissuade to other from making the first move. We have so much fear from being so many on this earth that we would rather destroy it by our own hand. Our efficiency is almost unlimited in respect to destruction. If one se191

lect disaster made all men disappear, and just men, then the other species of the planet would let out a sigh of relief. Thanks to our species we have put every living creature around us in danger; by our own hand, all life could be extinguished. The moans and curses against this situation are also unnecessary. An anti-scientific attitude, challenging science in name of the risks it has presented, is somewhat burying our heads in the sand rather than deal with the impending danger. Repeat after me, science is not a production of the” others” of the human species, but corresponds to the real attitude of man, and only man, against the universe. “To renounce clarity and the efficiency in the research of science would be to abandon our unique “human species”. Albert Jacquard is the creator of a class of science which was conscious of the need for global control with the use of science; he says we are nothing more than consequence of an error regardless of where on the planet we are situated, we could still be affected by a mad mission which takes place thousands of kilometres away. (The HAARP program is situated in Alaska and endangers the whole planet!). We must be conscious of the need to change the government´s structures within our societies if we wish to avoid the destruction of humanity. Unfortunately the wise are dedicated to the search for truth and precision making them very bad liars, excluding them from modern political life, and therefore from the main means of communication among the masses.

Before Albert Jacquard, Albert Einstein wrote a book called “ How I see the world” to report on the danger represented in the political imbeciles, the power of bankers and the entire military industry but above all the lack of independence for science. All Albert Einstein’s greatest fears are written in this work of 1955 and many of his theories have been confirmed in the last 50years. Friends have seen his work, which has since been seized, and hidden, prohibited by the authorities. The first electric cars appeared in the 50´s, also the initial of treatment for cancer with orthomolecular medicine, all have been banned by the Bilderberg Club due to there low costs and the risks they put other industries such as the pharmaceutical industry. However, there are some like of Dr.Rahn whose works will not be so undervalued, nor that of Catherine Kousmine, like many others they have been exploited in the past and could very well have cured cancer easily. The free thinkers ask: • Why do ideologies always centre on the restriction of intellectual capacity by those who wish to control it? • What impedes a different ideology?

If we consider demosophie as an ideology, we therefore consider humans as “to be won over” and follow the ideology we offer, not as men as collective, but as a tool to develop individuality and expansion in general. Before designing an organization within a country or human society, first we must define individual con193

cepts. This first part of demosophie refers to the individual. It is these “free to think” individuals across the whole world, which is in a state of favourable development. The conjunction of society cannot change without each and every value which comes from these individuals. THE NOBLE MAN At no time in our existence has a public organism existed that instigates the elevation of thought, and encourages every man to want to better their intellectual capacities. This is as logical as the mental ascension of the masses and in direct controversy to the interests of the directors. In modern countries in particular, many men have come close to the phase of free thinking, they don´t believe as easily, they have left religious or other ideologies behind them and have developed a capacity to think for themselves. Contrary to popular belief, a free thinker and individualism does not necessarily mean isolation, Mensa is the perfect example of this. From what I know, this is the only association of this type: it is strictly useless, they do nothing, and they have no leaders or ideologies but have over 100,000 members throughout the whole world. These 100,000 are all individuals selected for just one criterion: having an IQ that is higher than 98% of the rest of humanity. The free thinkers that belong to this group suffer no compromises; their only interest is in communication with other people which have all been selected in the same way.

In fact, man is no different to other species that needs to live within a society. Every human progress is the result of many people working together. Each man´s individual actions contributing and influencing a community make selflessness the key to harmony within the human society. The emancipation of thought, individual freedom, equality in human relationships, the profound desire for justice and respect for others, are the essential elements which create an indispensable solidarity for our own survival. To act with dignity in all circumstances, to show humanism and be civil, to cherish the concept of debt, a debt which is freely determined, to constantly evolve your brain, this is the meaning of living well. It is principally this concept that demosophy offers to develop, permitting every evolutionary to think freely and to evolve themselves within the community. To evolve ones brain is “to be conscious of consciousness”. Thought exists though it cannot be defined. Our minds work, even if we cannot explain the nature of it. To speak of knowing ones mind to benefit from maximizing our capacities, opens a door to new possibilities. To move a hand and at the same time think, how did I do that? We know that our muscles have acted because our nerves have taken charge, and we know that our nerves are controlled by our brains which has given the order, but, why has our brain given this order? Because we were thinking it! Therefore thought controls the brain which in turn sends messages to the nerves and eventually the muscles. But if thought controls the brain can we imagine that the brain is the

foundation of thought? The idea is that the brain is at the seat of thought, or is this just a desire of ours to materialize it to put it within reach of our comprehension? But if this were true, what if thought is untraceable? To refer to “brainstorming” means in general terms the discovery of details and finally come to a conclusion, that is all! The results may be mediocre, simply because we don´t follow a precise outline: we have developed rational methods to identify, classify and evaluate different parameters and their implications: we don´t know how to determine the emotional and cultural factors which guide our reflexes and our willpower. However with a few basic concepts, we could develop a much quicker, efficient and precise thought process. For some time, the world has developed the concept of creativity and now it has foundation, it should be generalized and offered to everyone from infancy. The computer is an excellent tool, it can however only be used in combination with our own capacities to learn, so it is us who determines is usefulness and how we can learn from it. Our brain is also an instrument, a marvelous tool that is more complex than any computer, to this day we have not discovered even a tenth if it´s capacity. We have not even learnt to use the part that we are aware of to its full capacity! To define “conscience” and “thought” has never been established, to define all the branches of our brain, to evaluate it´s possibilities,

means the possibility of taking advantage of what has never been freely offered yet exists in our heads. What is the true nature of the mind in relation to death and “other dimensions” of which we know? Recently, a number scientists have made extraordinary discoveries. In terms of memory, we have all seen circumstances arise where we “know” some small moments before an event occurs…. and sometimes hours in advance! This signifies that our brain contains an enormous amount of data of which only a small part is accessible. We know that some people have better memory skills than others, which does not happen by chance, as we all have the same capabilities within us and so far have managed. But to learn to use our brains, something that until now has evaded us! Investigators in this area have demonstrated that we have various different types of memory; some people can predict the cards for a complete game in just a few moments, and amazingly in the correct order. Others can read a few pages of a book just twice, yet recite it word for word from memory. This another human trait like reasoning or imagination, that we use rarely despite the fact the results are infinite just like all the branches of our mind, branches which remain in some cases completely unknown to us. There is much work to be done in the art of thinking and the domination of the brain; it is obvious that we can not only achieve a higher intellectual dimension, but also a better physiological function. Some esoteric sects use these techniques quite ef197

ficiently, but with a guided framework, and without great benefits to others of human kind in general. Why do we not develop the human man that exists in each one of us, this super brain that we all possess and which could be easily accessible once we have found the right “codes” from which we could learn so much more. Demophosy offers everyone not only the chance to develop individual capabilities but also the skills of others. To better mental capacity and elevate our conscious mind is naturally human, to live for the better, to participate in the effort necessary to clean our planet and get back on the right path of evolution. “Violence is the last refuge of incompetence” The evolution of a civilization can be measured by its human relations: the less evolved men only live with relationships based on brute force, creating societies based on the ancient laws of the jungle. Now the whole world considers that this is our current situation, we are regressing, although logically, 10,000 years of history before us should have helped advance a more secure society, where justice rights dominate over the laws of the jungle. All the injustices of our modern society are aggressive, established by the strongest in power, notably the politicians, the noble or the rich. This behavior corresponds to a beast imposing violence, spreading dominance with fists, brute force to control females, children or animals. We will often see the “beasts” raising a hand over the weak; we can see it in police armies or in

the criminal gangs when unemployed. We also see it in the people born to wealth, using others to impose their own agendas. They are found in governments across the whole world! “Evolution” means to abandon this primeval mentality, always remembering that violence in the last refuge of incompetence. What is more humiliating than these brutish methods? As modern men are we that cowardly that we cannot renounce the miscarriage of justice?, we prefer to close our eyes to certain events, as if supporting the aggression, with no bravery to defend our own ideas against those we consider stronger. Shut up and put up! This appears to be our new mode of play. The modern man is converting into an ostrich with its head in the sand and refusing to see, so as not to “get involved”. Some prefer not to believe, despite all the proof, that they may be victims of genocide from their own governments. They do not rebel against their corrupt leaders, which is no different from leaving a woman with her attacker. Fear for some, fear of power, fear of the louts and the police officials that the leaders use more and more to create a state of permanent terror over the people who sneak around with fear of the possible consequences. Where did the defender of the widow or the orphan that exists in every one of us go, the one who is always ready to intervene to protect the weak? Where is the “noble man” written about in all literatures across the world, in all cultures: Caballero, Chevalier, Samurai, Gentleman,...? We must try as individuals and together to recu199

perate our sense of justice, values of expression and become defenders of true rights to recover a state of dignity. But this requires in the as a starting point, the restoration of the rights of society and more so equality. Men should all be truly the same. The different societies should on result of merit, of competence and on the choice of each person. The entire human race should have the same opportunities, the same consideration and above all the same laws. Demophosy permits every one of us to discover real values at all levels. To find true values also means failing to impose them on social status´, the rich and occupations. Manual workers are no more inferior or superior to the intellectual professionals. To do our jobs well is the only important factor, in whichever field that may be; this way we can reach the peak of human values. To show honour and create happiness around us, is probably that best part for those who wish for a sense of purpose or for those who wish to become ”noble men”. Demophosy only has one aim: to unite the people in all parts of the world who wish to think in a fairer way, to develop their own capabilities, to begin to take advantage of our mental reserves and to improve the societies in which we live. In other words: live better. The loss of moral values, gives way to lies, false promises, and hypocritical judgements. Without knowing it we have become similar to the animal man that lived in caves thousands of years ago. If a word has no value, how can we demand that the means of communication used by the politicians brings an end to lies?

In terms of our species, the human race, the word “morals” sits between thought and action. If this word is a lie, the listener would quickly be aware of this fact. They would know that a person had no morals and the words being said could not be used as secure information or a valid promise. It is senseless and therefore is no different to the barking of an irritating dog, just to be ignored. To bring about harmonious thought, words and actions require constant effort but above all, allow us to be at one with ourselves, in this way we can live better. Justness enriches anyone who practices it, principally because it refers to positive thought and also follows logic that justifies actions of dignity. On the other hand, to talk of justness can convert to just thought, to develop a mental precision to what some might call the intellectual honesty needed to evolve. How many children or even adults dislike a food without thinking? Meaning to say, their reasons are real but very different, whether a bad memory, their country of origin, or even a misguided preconception. Every one of our senses should be educated without pressure from the thought process, after all how did we learn to distinguish parts of a masterpiece? How did we learn to appreciate the modern music from the times of Louis Armstrong up until Michael Jackson? To love beautiful things without knowing how we recognise them? Without education of the senses we remain simple liking things, and deprive any refinement or perfection of the process, therefore condemning the beauty of

music and art to disappear. Where would culinary art be if people satisfied themselves with nothing more than hamburgers or microwave food? Why will people bother to put together masterpieces of any type if no one appreciates them? When men reach “fair thought”, talk and act fairly then they have reached the position of a noble man and this human quality is completely separate from any external conditions that may exist whether social or religious. The status of a noble man is achieved with conditions of dignity and humanism, not only in perfecting comprehension of their senses, acting with honour or developing their mental activities, but opening up to the world and others, including them as human elements, adopting their common rules which contribute to general harmony. In effect the rules of civility, courtesy, equality and the advantage of adopting certain attitudes in a multitude of circumstances, to control our basic instincts of aggression, to regain our dignity and oppress our egos. It is very easily seen in small children: social behavior amongst children is egotistical and often become aggressive, they act in temper before accepting the rules that will normally be applied in later life. The results of these rules are easily observed even in populations: Japan was one of the countries with very developed rules and was also a country that had a high percentage of delinquency and problems of this type related to it, as the rules relaxed with influences arriving from the West, so did the delinquency problems.

To perfect oneself individually, is to perfect all society, if man does not start to follow this path then the whole world will decline into barbarism. The proof of this arrives in the form of some known realities: tolerance is a quality that is only acquired with the elevation of thought; it is a trait of a civilized man. However intolerance is the much easier option: primeval instincts exist in their natural form, and they are numerous within our societies, this is due to our education system which promotes natural consequence over an open mind. It is the same story repeated with our other feelings: the bad ones only require a small amount of effort, whilst the good require constant thought processes and superior qualities. It is the small feelings of the mind that drive the abuse that demophosy wishes to combat, to offer an individual access to superior mental capacities. This is only possible through individual action, so that civilization can work towards harmony and replace violence and aggression. It will be thanks to fair thought acquired by everyone that these established principles will eventually disappear, principles that are used solely by men wishing to establish their dominance over others. The modern “noble men” are those who are perfectly at one with their minds bringing harmony to humanity, in other words simply a dignified man. All of these observations are not the result of moral or religious tendencies but of common ground: human beings are a species that can evolve without loosing themselves and the principles that define them as individuals but

joined to a species. The free thinker wants their children to live in a safe world, a passive society where there are rights to a decent social status, on a planet where the air is breathable the rivers clean and the oceans have fish. How many men and women exist, who believe they could not live in certain areas of the world, but discover that they can indeed acquire new habits, simply by accepting new thought processes or by developing old ones? The exchange of intellect could resolve many problems that appear too difficult to solve and ultimately simulate creativity in every one. The individual imagination develops and unfolds when people loose their inhibitions and limitations that create artificiality in our societies: the main themes of this book, i.e. inventing a new form of government, the idea of a global government superior to the States, will continue to be enriched, improved and perfected by all as a whole, with each persons input. It is evident that if there were many people contributing, from diverse cultures across the world then these important themes could not only be improved upon but eventually perfected. Show me a better government that one that invents and develops for the good of intellect, because every one on the planet is potentially a free thinker, a noble man. There are people who have no idea about the important issues in life, they are however able to contribute their own thoughts, there is no issue that a human being is unable to at least have an opinion about!

Every one who knows the real state of our world and understands that our fates will be decided in the next few years, can in this way help organize our future, because demophosy is the union of every ones ideas and concepts, it is not a rigid or paralysed system, but an opening of wisdom, both non-political and dedicated to creativity. So we form a system of constant evolution with a wise government more democratic in the real sense of the word, and above all freer. All over the world, people will begin to feel free; taking their destinies into their own hands and all because, a government led by the whole world cannot be overthrown as it is a collection of millions of individual ideas and concepts. PARAPSYCHOLOGY Those who know me know that I am “rational”; I am not prone to esoteric or superstitious beliefs. But nor am I obtuse: I admit that there have been discoveries on our planet which have to say the least been a surprise to me, many strange signs such as the tektites, the crystal skulls, giant skeletons or curious prehistoric drawings. I also accept that some men are extraordinarily gifted, and the result of these observations and reflections allows me to admit that there are many things unknown to us in these parapsychotic phenomenons. Who has at one time or another not had the sensation that they are being watched, is someone in fact watching? If one makes the effort to analysis the significance of feeling watched, to "feel" is the operative word and is always used in these cases, but if fact it ex205

plains nothing, yet experiments have proven there more to this than just chance or coincidence. From here it can be seen that human beings have telepathic potential. In the principle countries there are laboratories, unfortunately financed by the State or armies, where scientists spend all their time studying this phenomenon; telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, premonitions and hypnosis. No one can deny the results obtained by the practice of Yoga, nor ignore people such as Paul Lidoreau, the prodigal calculator, Gerald Croiset who is in the employ of the police and has a 100% track record for finding missing children. It is also impossible to ignore the diagnostics and medical treatments of Pasqualina Pazzola, Ze Arrigo, or descriptions by scientists such as Gerard Cordonnier who describes his personal experiences of clairvoyance or state of trance as a problem solver: “I inhale to the control of relaxation of muscles with deep, slow and rhythmic breathing, a dance as a breathing exercise. My body falls into deep relaxation, and soon I fall asleep where my mind is freed, yet still remaining aware of contemplation and awakening in a world of pure intellect.” from Planet No.2. Is this not a description similar to that of recorded religious acts? There are many people discovering these experiences and their results cannot be ignored, especially when it contributes to helping scientists find solutions to practical problems. Let us take a great step back in history, and a great deal of imagination to observe the beginnings of language.

The first hominids lacked the vocal cords of modern man and could not express themselves with anything more than grunts, examples of this can be shown in studies of children lost in the wild and their difficulty in the pronunciations of modern human sounds. Now imagine that the first people that wished to speak: they were not unlike us contemplating telepathy in this day and age. Their brains were probably capable of conceiving the fact they could use sound to express themselves, but they needed other people to accept the concept, others who were ready to try and pronounce these sounds, so accordance of some type had to exist with at least one other person. To define the use of sound to describe something, and later convince the masses (although rejected by some simply because it was new) above all was lacking in imagination and the belief that a language could ever exist. So they needed to multiply and create more sounds, and we can surely imagine the difficulties faced throughout the generations to reach a sufficiently complete articulate language, as we can imagine the difficulties with a telepathic one! Especially when so few people throughout the world are willing to accept it. This is not to say that our minds couldn´t achieve it, we are just like those first men who tried using sounds and were incapable of imagining the future developments of speech. The prehistoric man, that conceived the idea of sounds as a means of communication, probably never imagined that it was the precursor to the language spoken by modern man millions of years later. It is evident that doors are opening up to us in all

areas; it is small children that are naturally predisposed to speaking and learning new languages and should be supported and assisted as such. Today we place huge limitations on the capacities of our children, using ridiculous methods to impose our concepts on them. In no time at all, the fear of the ridiculous, will cause many children to “fall” and renounce all creativity. Let us not repeat the mistakes of our ancestors and offer our children a structure which reprimands but also provides an opportunity to open their minds and reach their true aspirations. The majority of good normal development, excluding the special development of the gifted, is possible if we find just a few precursors to a more efficient humanity ignoring the fact it may take several generations to achieve it. One other small incite: Different from the tendencies of science and global public opinion, I do not believe our civilization has reached the pinnacle of advanced technology. Some distinguished scientists agree with paranormal phenomenon that has begun to be demonstrated and ask the important questions for science which lead to further investigation. If Tesla, Einstein, Planck, Borh, Pauling and many more, have recently revolutionized modern science, in my opinion they have done no more than cleared a new path. The concepts of dimension, space, time, gravity and energy are still very much on their infancy and it seems to me to be a constant error and waste to try and conquer space. I simply think that certain men are inconsiderate

to the needs of their children because “It is imperative that they acquire the latest mobile phone which allows you to watch the TV”. I believe I must pause in our issues on resolving the problems of our planet, and dedicate our thoughts to restoring equilibrium to our species and each other , the planet only begins when we have achieved this balance only then can we dedicate our resources to any further scientific research and curiosity. To go a at full throttle is useless, we can send shuttles to space in the future, but only once the world has been fed!. Some eminent people such as Einstein, Albert Camus, René Thom or Max Planck have in the past expressed these very thoughts. There was once a time when scientists could never have believed that they could reach a speed of 100km/hr without inevitable disintegration, others said that no object heavier than air could fly. Today we believe that nothing is faster than the speed of light; I go against this theory until they can measure the speed of light against that of thought, and I am firmly convinced that we have much to discover within our universe we pretend to know or even contemplate. DEMOSOPHIC EDUCATION One point when speaking of free thinkers, which is integral to the process, we must consider education. Today, if we were to compare the intellectual level of a group of children of fifteen years old, to a similar group from 50 years ago, we would find huge differences. This could be for a number of reasons; it could

be the substances we administer to our the young, such as vaccinations, the modern diet, or even a physiological factor, but these reasons do not explain everything, as many children have never received a vaccination and enjoy healthy diets yet are no different from those who do. We therefore must look to education, and we all know about our scholastic system. All over the world, the teachers are beginning to realise that the education level is in decline, many children reach high school with bad grammar and the use of their “own “language, often they are unable to name or recognize any of the great literatures, musicians, painters or inventors throughout our history. Acknowledging the latter, we realize that the first period of our education is the most important, because it is here that are conditioned for the future, this is at this stage that we learn the rules of requirement always remain with us throughout our lives. This stage should have huge emphasis on certain rules; respect for elders or teachers, enjoyment of learning, discovery of creativity, knowing your rights and obligations to equality. Some schools, such as “Montessori Schools” are now pushing in this direction, they have to date reported excellent results, but as they are private they receive no support of any kind from government funds, making them obliged to have very high fees, limiting there growth. This first stage of education concerns children up to the age of six years old, the education after that is not much different: they should continue in the awakening

of a child´s skills, likes and natural attitudes. It is a fact that we are all anatomically the same, but it is also evident that some of us are different; some are gifted with certain capacities whilst others possess distinct aspirations. If we refuse to accept this, we will end up with an education system based on less, with intentions in the future of lowering it more still. To want everyone to have a qualification of some type regardless of the cost makes no sense; it is irrational, the trauma imposed on a child to study something of which they have no interest is damaging. Only centuries of civilization with its laws, rules and traditions have generated a moral code. Man only becomes civilized when reason dominates emotions, and when we learn to control our impulses; we can only achieve this through education. If this moral tie is weak or the circumstances are unfavourable, instinct of the beast returns quickly and caused delinquency. Any person under sufficient pressure can turn into a barbarian. The young whose education has been abandoned, with no hope for any future, constantly seduced by means of communication and a society of consumption generates all the conditions necessary to create antisocial behavior. In the third world, these same children are particularly affected; they are many who find themselves in very badly administrated societies, condemned to live with a lack of resources, not only basic necessities, but also cultural and ideological ones. In cultural poverty there remains no other option but to adopt the most primeval rules for survival and put aside the rest of the population, therefore there is no negotia211

tion between the police forces of the powers installed, this increase the occurrences of rebellion further and this harsh approach leads the youngsters of all sectors becoming more unfavourable in the richer countries. The nature of the animal man which we all have from birth is the trait of barbarian. Natural instinct such as cruelty, presumption and violence, translates into a society of arrogance, aggression, greed, egoism and intolerance……. The principle victims of our world today are the young between 14 and 25 years old and this is due directly to a bad system. The young are jumping ship every where, we are now living in a world where good and bad is harder each day to emphasis, where morals have seized to exist, where no one represents order, justice, reason or honour. But we must ask; can we change these established conditions? Can we favourably evolve? One example of this behavior should come “from above”, now the social models for our young are politically corrupt, they must suffer lies from the media and miscarriages of justice, so how can we possibly expect them to have high moral standards and dignity? So, how can we show them these moral concepts when society shows them the direct opposite? Education has all the symptoms of an institution with no role, other than to instruct the young to try and stay off the unemployment list for as long as possible: this is not the correct line of logic, most college or university qualifications these days have no merit, the work market shows us that, the very people that teach them are overworked, underpaid, undervalued, and have no

clear lines as to destinations or to what end, regardless of whether they are of some use or not. The problems that we need to face, is the children affected by deep traumas which in turn develop into egocentric problems. LEARN TO LEARN A first school offers a child the opportunity to awaken their spirit and make their distinct mark within their family; it is also the period they require to gain the basic foundations that will be valid for their whole lives. In all societies, and all ethnic groups across the world, there has always existed the basic rules; within those we find respect for your elders. This rule has always been shown to us with rigidity and fairness, and is a reference for reliable adults to establish moral grounds with which the child can use to keep their own points of reference clear. This rule has not just disappeared in schools but many teachers have now converted into authoritarians in a show of permissiveness, and as a consequence, a child, who likes to defy adults to proclaim their personality, cannot define the limits that permit them to forge their our moral values. The influence of television which we see all too often with the very young, has thwarted their perception of reality: the rapes, murders, the law of natural selection and the horrors which occupy 80% of television programs, create a situation where the child spends important learning time on front of the “bad box”. Over 80% of video games are based on violence and war! The national leaders hope this represents a moral value,

however it is entirely the opposite; it is a permanent demonstration of the lies and corruption that goes on even at these high levels! In these conditions how can a child be expected to form moral values of any type? How can they go against the society to which they belong? A child has a naturally deep sense of justice and can be very sensitive when dealing with themselves. A child needs to discover the rules of society, the permanent challenges of their lives serve to this effect. This real and excessive permissiveness impedes social logic, and when they reach adolescence, it is already too late: they have no moral barriers; they have a disposition which denies authority even up to a point where they may physically attack a teacher or person of authority within their institution. This type of abuse is very common today in all modern countries, yet was unheard of thirty years ago. In underdeveloped countries the situation is worse still: there are millions of small children surviving in the suburbs surrounding the big cities, eating from the rubbish, prostituting themselves, attacking or defending to guarantee they will be alive tomorrow. Totally devoid of a future, more commit suicide every day, disheartened by a society where the leaders are more interested in the personal benefits that arise from their international agreements. It is these same agreements that see the installation of factories fabricating vaccines in countries such as Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia or the Philippines.

In the modern countries, this decrease can be seen in their customs, where elegance, courtesy and charity have disappeared, where the eagerness of today´s man is to develop their physical appearances and ignore their minds. Building their bodies with fitness programs and becoming “strong men” with martial arts, in its continuation, these will be the values of tomorrow: the modern man wishes to shine on the outside like pretty wrapping paper, different to days gone by, when spirit, culture and moral qualities where more important qualities of a man. Before, women were attracted to the charming, clever man who held high moral values, now the trend is to praise the pectorals which they have just finished working out and worry simply about the physical aspects of their partners. Due to a supposed equality, they have banished the charmers and the woman has become a “Barbie” doll with no personality, who converts into a model that is nice to look at, nothing more. If our current society continues in this way, we will soon reach an age where romantic relations will be based on the most basic foundations of animal instinct no different from copulation that continues amongst wild animals. A child learns its education through conflict, and therefore has a tendency to lean towards aggression, that is of course until an adult prohibits it and shows them the correct way to act. If left to their own devices, a child will eat sweets every day of their lives, it is the adults that regulate their passion for them and guarantee a balanced diet. It is this multitude of small prohi215

bitions that are necessary to teach a child the concept of duty, which depends on rights and wrongs. That is not to say of they that if they did in fact have an example of an honourable leader in the flesh that this moral would not be reinforce it naturally. Children living without pain and without instruction organize their social values on other issues not just centering the rule of “the survival of the fittest”. In the opposite case, development is perturbed by the absence of peace, security or homes which teach high morals, therefore only allowing the children to acquire no morals just instinctive survival moral, they do what they can to get through the day and damn the methods. Their personality is cemented from adolescence, they show arrogance, violence, cheating, and cowardice, and only one principle drives them: domination. From very young, many have to learn to live with terror of the “uniforms” that are so oppressive, fear of police injustices, fear of justice reserved only for the rich, fear of coming up against potent administrations and also of loosing their rights to respect or what little they may have. Their young lives are constituted by permanent repression from the society to which they belong. This hypocritical fear destroys their characters, it weakens them, it makes them egotistical and uninterested in others, and it modifies social behavior. Every State machines serves to terrorise, all the fences that surround the state are overwhelming. Who is there to inform us of our rights? All the cogs are codependent, the institutions, the State and both public and private companies etc. Due to these principle powers, which

protect each other, we have reached an incredible situation: anyone who wishes to act for justice, morality or equality or wants to oppose fraud or injustice is found guilty of something, is humiliated or publically condemned. It is the guilty that judge the innocent! The thieving judges, accountants, corrupt politicians, minions, all who use power to act with impunity to rob people of their livelihoods, jail those who bother them, with an end to protect or promote their own financial interests or those of their friends. All this carried out “legally” throughout the world. Only the classes of the very wealthy are satisfied with this situation, because they are privileged and live above the law, they gain from poverty and make themselves richer still. The middle classes live poorly, enslaved by the system, always afraid to loose the little they do have, feeling ever more numerous and on the lines of exclusion with the poor and needy, or like those who have to fight for survival. The most absurd fact about this situation is the delinquency of the youth with which the rich wish to take advantage, the young burn cars, and burn whole neighbourhoods and expand terror: the poor attack other poor people, the areas of the rich just smile, they after all are totally protected, and the delinquencies never venture to their neighbourhoods. Words such as “honour, dignity, charity, loyalty integrity” now have no meaning. We do not have a law for the benefit and survival of everyone, and the only values used these days are egoism, cowardice, compro217

mise and commercialism. In all societies throughout the ages there has always been a margin of what we would call averages, the”norm”, the real problem is that this percentage compared to the population is unrivaled. However these delinquents are within in the margins because they have been deprived of a life of dignity, and have had to rob and steal to survive, and therefore have been unfairly influenced. They are principally the victims of unemployment, poverty, exclusion or abandonment. They are only guilty of being young and have not seen any possibility of integration, making them rebel against injustice, inequality, humiliation and desperation for their futures. The majority arise in the district of the suburbs attached to large cities or on the outskirts in South America or Asia. The ghettos which first designed and then populated, solely for people to feel “worlds apart” from society, branded for life and only having one direction to go, down. If the whole world lives off the bread crumbs which fall from the tables of the super rich, then there are still populations which survive further beyond these limits feasting on the crumbs that fall from the poor tables. In the cities of the modern world or the ghettos of the underdeveloped countries where the highest figures for poverty, exclusion, unemployment exist, the people are condemned to live with help from the social services; many feel deprived of their dignity and abandoned by society. The young are the first to feel this, due to

their suffering they are the first to reject society which has so badly let them down, demonstrating evermore their barbarian tendencies of which they are already accused. There rebellion is expressed of course in crime and delinquency, which is aggravated by the governors in the highest of ranks: their reaction to the problem is illogical: every day more and more fights, both in number and violence, severe punishments and the increase of police oppression, a typical reaction from dictators, men incapable of resolving problems in any other way but violence. INFANT SCHOOL Only with a concept of duty will a child ever learn discipline in both himself and others, allowing them to control their own behavior and naturally acquire the knowledge necessary to continue throughout their future school lives. Without this a child will destroy themselves and cannot possible appreciate the value of study or the teachers trying to help, they can only participate in negative reasoning dooming them to failure. This first period of learning is particularly important for the future of the child. Through school, children learn about life in society and learn to compare themselves to others and discover sense of dignity through moral values: values which the current laxity is failing to teach. Undisciplined children learn nothing, something which we have learnt over the last three thousand years yet are ready to forget so quickly! Except for this aspect of acquiring moral values, a child must first feel at home within the school environment, this implies many

things: at home, we feel good because we are safe, we are valued and we understand the rules and can express ourselves. We must offer our children the same criteria in schools to develop self esteem, an imperative trait of a balanced human being. This is not so simple. A life in society immediately opens the door to animal instinct above all in males, which means domination over others, one example of this came was shown a book by JP Sartre “Hell is a glance from others”. Despite this a teacher has the role of showing each child how to control their instincts and to establish harmonious relationships between others, this requires smaller classes of children and organized, prepared and qualified teachers. From three to six years of age, a child should learn to relate to others, learn their rights and duties, freeing themselves of their worries which may seem insignificant to adults but to a child they are of vital importance and can cause a number of behavioural issues. To this end I have used a method with my own children which have given some excellent results: I have offered them a “lady of secrets”. A great friend, who is always available when they wish to see her, they can confide in her, say whatever comes to mind without limits, with the knowledge that she will never tell anyone, not even me, which I have never betrayed. Her role was to listen and eventually encourage the child to think for themselves, asking their opinions without criticism or sermons. Little by little the children gained confidence and have opened up

more and more. After the first few sessions, with proof they had not been betrayed, they asked to see her more frequently, and despite some bad days they still manifested a desire to continue. I have now seen all the positive aspects of this method and I have never betrayed the original agreement. In a school environment, I am convinced that this would serve the same purpose, and serve as an early warning system in cases of real gravity, such as abuse etc. Finally, this period should be dedicated to creativity, the child should learn and learn and know why and how they are learning. The role of the teachers as well as those previously mentioned, should be to observe and animate the senses of every child so they can express themselves in different ways, some use memory, others creativity or manual work. This time should also be used to prepare them for further learning, to encourage a child to create a social life within the school environment. A child should not only feel at home but should spend the same time as an adult does on work at school, when they arrive home they should be greeted by their parents, not install themselves in front of the television for hours on end awaiting an adult. This method mentioned above implicates no only that teachers should be specially trained, but also specialist equipment, games, sports and not forgetting rest periods and the appropriate diets. JUNIOR SCHOOL Children now reaching the second stage of educa221

tion should now have a good understanding of the basics, that is to say have an interest in learning and using their brain to better their own knowledge. Therefore they should have positioned themselves amongst others especially with their teachers and should demonstrate responsibility. This second cycle from the age of six years old should be less liberal and more creative still. Study through creativity, which is to say with an active focus and search, to simulate more, faster, a lesson on “opening” the mind. I say “Less liberal” because before adolescence, a child is still unable to discipline themselves without the help of an adult. This stage also requires specialized teachers to discipline with “goodness”, teaching them what will be useful to them in their future studies: first and foremost, speech, after all without this we would not be human; the enrichment of language should be paramount to develop their intellect and increase their capacity in all subjects. When an important part of a society uses less words each day to express themselves it indicates a grave diminution in the intellectual level of a country. Less than 500 words used daily are not enough to express the most basic of needs, especially when a “normal” person uses over a thousand. It is also important to develop the mathematical basics, or why not games to improve reasoning and memory; this could be helpful in learning ones anatomy and good hygiene standards. This program gradually progresses to the discovery of nature and what it produces which encourages general health. I consider the

current programs to teach a child civil rights, voting and political importance absurd! It is this type of shameful conditioning that has created our current leaders and prevents children “thinking outside the box”. Schools should also limit free time to try and encourage children to avoid the television, by pressing a button men convert to zombies, and simply become vegetables. Television reaches people though sight and hearing without the brain having to do any real type of work, contrary to this, reading and studying the internet requires the mind to work, we can stop, resume, review, consult dictionaries and remain intellectual active. In front of the box, how many children remain planted in a state of trance, staring blankly at uninteresting programs or even the adverts. They are unaware of their state of mind because they are in front of the television, and remain firmly there their brains less active than leeks. An inactive mind opens a direct link to the emotional centre of the brain, the principle region. Receptions, images, sounds, are not interpreted, classified, analyzed, or recorded; they are simply a reflection of stimulating our emotional centres and principally the “civilized “parts of us all. A child that spends a fair amount of time in front of the television will evolve into a retard. Schools should therefore organize themselves so that children gain pleasure from longer days, sports, games mental development and creative learning.

SECONDARY SCHOOL After these two previous cycles that have principally contribute to the development of personality, it is safe to assume that a child will enter into the next cycle with the correct disposition, much more adapt to study and less likely to refute transcendence, injustice, violence and insecurity that tends to reign in our current times. During the course of history, creative learning has always existed, maybe the most famous example of this is amongst the Socrates, which knew how to awaken minds, and whose students contributed to the origins of our civilization. Today, many activities performed with young children show that this type of education is more attractive to students; they see that their intellectual faculties are quicker and more ample. Maria Montessori proved this theory over a century ago! Teaching today is too rigid and “orientated”. An adult would not accept any type of teaching if they did not feel that the subject was of interest to them. If we consider a student studying for the G.C.S.E´s are nearing adulthood, I am sure they would study subjects that interest them with passion and not abhor them. The current teaching of languages is mainly based on ancient texts or poems and they are boring to the extreme, there are things to memorize, homework, essays and are quickly forgotten. If teachers dedicated some of there time to increasing interest in a subject the results would

dramatically change. We could start by letting the children express themselves on subjects: they would immediately realize that it is fun to learn about languages or indeed speak a different one, the rest just falls into place. History, for example is nationalist, restricted and “arranged” by political power, this subject should serve a higher purpose, not to simply glorify violence by recounting stories of warlords, intrigue, invasions and conquests. The majority of students are interested in the true history of human kind, of all the people and the events that have contributed to the evolution of civilization. The current material used is all too often taxing, although it could be used on a global basis and used to understand the general evolution of humanity in all areas through other cultures; living arts, inventions and there repercussions on the human adventure. If the truth was studied without limits, as much in religion as events, such as the kings or great inventors, if the subject was investigated with the end result being understanding, then in place of memorization of 80% of something that they have no interest, history capitulates them and above all they become conscious of their own important roles within history not only past but also future. In contemporary history, which is worse still, there is only talk of politics and world wars, and all is written by the victorious, hiding the known realities but affirmed by students who had recently passed their ALevels, such as Boris Vian, Andy Warrol, Noureyev, Fellini, Chagall or Léger, no doubt you have never

heard any of these names! Ask them which part of their study courses covered the true thinkers of history or those important to our current times that helped benefit modern sciences: Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Linus Pauling and Kurt Gödel. Many knew next to nothing about these remarkable people, ask also of teachings on other exceptional men, which can be described as nothing other than out of the ordinary in they ways of explaining new dimensions to the human minds, men such as Socrates, Confucius, Leonardo de Vinci, Roger Boscovich, Nicholai Tesla, their names are scarcely recognized. As far as mathematics in concerned, the best way to explain comes from the words of René Thom, why does mathematics have such an ubiquitous presents in our schools? René responds: “This deals with an old tradition which we share with the Russians, Napoleon wanted good artillery man and therefore created schools of engineering. From here, mathematics triumphed over all types of learning; it was not as serious as basic arithmetic and geometry which describes sensible phenomenon. It gets worse, since we have passed on the modern mathematics; children of 6 years of age are obliged to learn theories of connection, to write simple essays to explain obvious situations. Thom goes on to suggest that mathematical education should stop at 15 years of age, at this time only 5-10% of all children can understand the advanced mathematics or what we would call “pure”, 90% will never have success in this areas. To instill modern mathematics on young people at any cost is useless. It has been noted that the study

of letters, if done well, is more favourable than mathematics, in terms of the development of human relations, constituting the foundation of many modern officials. Extract from “the true thinkers of our time” by Guy Sorman. Schools are simply an enormous conditioning camp that reduce the social investigation field and instill a false logic instead of reality. Children are conditioned to go further with their studies for political reasons, if they wish to halt their studies they are dubbed “failures”, despite the fact there are many professions which have decayed due to the lack of students, there are many youngsters that prefer to enter the work force rather then continue studying and loosing interest, ending logically in failure and probably in a future in the unemployment line. When we recommend “humanities”, which is above all history and philosophy; it is important to also achieve a perfect education and develop critical intelligent thoughts. The overcharging of the mind with notes creates an obstacle in necessary search and therefore skips culture altogether. Education should be taught as a gift: “Someone who receives education as welcome gift, but never as a hardship”, an abstract from “How I see the World” by Albert Einstein a free thinker. FURTHER STUDIES The current policies consist of filling universities at all costs, even though over time huge majorities abandon their studies without reaching any objectives, in my book this is even worse than failure. They facilitate the

access to further education by multiplying specialties, which then branch out and create useless degrees that serve no purpose in the real world. This has been the trend in degrees of commerce, economics and communication for some time. These titles litter the world of professionals, yet have no value outside the large administrations and companies, where they are indirect competition with each other; these positions are out of reach for anyone who has bad personal connections. Capabilities and competence are secondary job credentials which show our lack of moral standards in the work place. It is unfair to doctor the unemployment statistics; we forget that essential studies are learning about our earth, the really useful foundations for life do not require long winded study like these particular degrees appear to. The best commerce directors throughout the whole world, including the high end technology sectors, like information, medicine or finance have in there majority begun as door to door sales people. There are few subjects that require long studies, the majority of programs represent a few months to a year, but due to political motives they are drawn out and extended over fictitious periods. Students are encouraged to enter into professions that will delay entry into the work force, this leads to a diminished social status, as after years of study they will more than often take a lower position in order to feel the study years were not wasted. Children are possessed with exceptional aptitudes such as logic, purity, justice and the advantage of fresh

eyes, which society should not deprive them of. However education from big schools to universities is dedicated to impeding these qualities, reducing the mind, restraining objectivity and impartiality; annihilating all that could possibly become a threat to power in the future. All too often, they hid the great social and professional successes which are the result of self-teaching, people who have abandoned their school careers early to prosper in an area they are passionate about. A short while ago in our history, at the age of 20 years old, a youngster was already integrated into society, today this is 25-30 years of age before starting a family or settling down. Access to independence within the community has become so difficult due to such expensive lifestyles that many are forced to live with parents well into their late twenties. Since the beginning of the civilized man era, a child is a man at the end of adolescence, and a man of 18 years of age has always been considered as being capable of starting a family and attending to their needs. The delinquent youth is normally a post-adolescent, tired of their studies and has not yet entered into an active life. This period used to be very short between 14 and 18 years of age on average, due to changes in the structure of society this period often lasts many more years, a child remains on the fringes of society until such a time where they begin to integrate back. The starting of a family often starts the process of an exit from delinquency, but, how are they supposed to

achieve this when access to independence is now so hard, and for them practically inaccessible? Often it is the first few years in society between 16-25 years of age when they begin to understand society and its logic, if this period is experienced whilst working then a direct link to work position and quality of life is established. Those who experience this whilst barely surviving find it very difficult to acquire any other logic but daily survival, leading to desperation and the abandonment of morality. They believe in nothing other than their own future and their immediate needs even thought this is detrimental to their future and will ultimately consume them. This form of slow suicide is reflected in youths today, there attitudes and comments, from the “Why should I?” to “How is that going to help me?” or the “I can’t be bothered!” Simple logic suggests that if we delay the entry into real life for various years, then this period should be used to acquire superior knowledge and better prospects for the future. A doctor, who spends many years studying to learn a specialty, “looses” these years whilst a fellow student has already began working and had time to create a family. Logic suggests that supplementary studies create better prospects within society. In one lifetime, some begin work as apprentices at 16 years old and by 20 years old they have a professional which allows them to be self employed; others are later and have not even begun working at the ages of 30 years old, spending the many years following trying to repay student loans incurred during these years; both

types of people are necessary for a balanced society. They are different choices made by people according to their capabilities and tastes. What is not right is the false studies, false titles, the lies designed to dupe statistics and encourage many students to study for years to no avail. All of these youngsters are the victims of the lies, and have obtained qualifications for no other reason than to acquire higher positions, a logic which should be deftly opposed. “Only a scientific character can be refuted, what is not refutable is magic or the mystic” This force of confutation is especially important in the sciences where experience is impossible, in economics for example: “Criticism is the only instrument of verification in the economic theory”. Supposing, that economics exists as a science which Popper very much doubted: “Take note that development of real economy has no bearing what so ever on economic science. Despite the fact it is taught in the same way as mathematics, economic theories have no practical use…” As quoted by Karl Popper, in Thinkers of our time by Guy Sorman. I would like to add, what has pompously been called “political science” should cease to be taught. There has never been or will be a science that can be political: sophisms and demagogy should be taught as obsolete subjects in philosophy, not as individual sciences! In reality, many “true thinkers” regret to say that

education destroys creativity, and many scientists are incapable of theorizing foundations for the progress of science, because they only know how to study and accumulate data, each one remains true to their own speciality, afraid of loosing their positions or funding. These types of scientists serve as propaganda for the State and they are the first to oppose any new ideas. I am aware that in the arts, sciences and other areas, when a man reaches the pinnacle of their personal development and are the top of their profession, they acquire a unique philosophy, a universal vision that allows a type of world understanding. Many scientists have overcome a huge number of obstacles in their particular areas and have demonstrated a superior capacity for thought regarding our society. The diversity of the areas discovered by great scientists such as Albert Einstein, Linus Pauling or Bertrand Russell demonstrates that a free and open mind can bring new theories numerous ideas and matters. “It is not enough to teach a man a speciality. Through it he may become a kind of useful machine nut not a harmoniously developed personality. It is essential that the student acquire an understanding of and a lively feeling for values. He must acquire a vivid sense of the beautiful and of the morally good. Otherwise hewith his specialized knowledge- more closely resembles a well-trained dog than a harmoniously developed person. He must learn to understand the motives of human beings, their illusions and their sufferings in order to acquire a proper relationship to individual fellow men

and to the community. These precious things are conveyed to the younger generation through personal contact with those who teach, not-or at least not in the main-through textbooks. Is it this that primarily constitutes and preserves culture. This is what I have in mind when I recommend “humanities” as important, not just dry specialized knowledge in the fields of history and philosophy. Overemphasis on the competitive system and premature specialization on the grounds of immediate usefulness kill the spirit on which cultural life depends, specialized knowledge included.” Albert Einstein. My Ideas and Opinions. Students of an institution are the best force that a country has, and holds the best opportunity for the future of humanity. Tomorrow’s world will be theirs and should be as they make it, it should not be littered with the errors of it´s predecessors. The young today live in a deadly world, of which they are well aware; we must remove false logic and condition them to create the future world on different foundations. The entire school system must change: it must become a place of influence, orientation, direction, conditioning, it should awaken and stimulate thought, open minds but help understand more than simple understanding, in this way the knowledge acquired will be more then sufficient for a future world. Teachers should fulfill an extremely important role in our society; they should receive much more serious and adequate training and comprehension. However to fund a good education system, we would need to cancel at least 5% of our

military funding, or worse still some political costs. Of course, this is totally unacceptable to any of the leaders. Vast regions of the world are actively maintaining the masses of their countries in deep darkness, organizing societies to avoid the teaching of children, or preventing women from reading and writing. Many of the actual leaders of the world feed this idea to the public on the pretext that these are “backward people” or “third world”. This is a lie, geographical and sociological accidents have allowed for different cultural evolutions which have been vital over the last 200 years, this difference has been maintained voluntarily by governments to keep the world apart, but if we all joined together in the same education, children from all origins would quickly discover there is indeed no difference. All humanity is capable of entering into the era of the human man.

HEALTH Entering into health matters, and remembering that many of us have no formal medical training, I ask: Does this stop us thinking? Is a thought pattern of this type not simply logical? When my first child was born, I asked about types of diet that would be adequate for him. These were my initial thoughts: From birth, human beings grow and develop only

through means of what they ingest and respire, for this reason the different types of diets available worried me as they could influence the future of my child, therefore I did my own research. I discovered that not only was I right to be concerned, but the problem was bigger than I could ever have imagined. The whole world has received diverse information about people who suffer from malnutrition, the direct impact it has on children and the disabilities that may assail them in their adult lives. I also discovered that there are significant differences in modern countries due to social habits and diets, so the story continues. In olden times, the epidemics decimated millions of people and this was principally due to the personal hygiene standards of the time, but is also contributed to diet. Today, students demonstrate that children with healthy diets are less prone to illnesses and have better intellectual growth than those with junk food diets. For example, the young Americans are the principal victims of junk food, and break world records in obesity percentages, asthma and diabetes; they also exhibit gestural and intellectual delays. Regarding the health of my son, I also wished to know what vaccinations that the doctors insisted by son should have really entailed. I also discovered that scientists unanimously agree that the efficiency of the vaccines has never been demonstrated. According to them the Pasteur legend is principally an economic transaction. I continued my research to look for studies with the impacts of vaccination and their contents, and once

again came across all the studies standing directly up again the official versions: the places where most children are vaccinated, the percentages of autism, central nervous system illnesses, hyperactivity or behavioural problems and mental deficiencies all show higher rates in some countries. In the past, the work of Ghislaine Lanctot, Rima Laibow and many other health care professionals has confirmed the danger of vaccinations. I began asking for information on alternative medicines and especially acupuncture. The Chinese have begun to use acupuncture 3000 years ago, combined with plants, despite this, it has not impeded the growth of their population which is similar to our own. Acupuncture was rejected by our western culture because they felt that the specific points of acupuncture refer to nothing concrete, well, according to our beliefs anyway! It was not until 1960 that a device was developed that allows us to detect these points, and finally give this type of medicine merit. For me I find it extraordinary how these men were able to find these very precise points, and design a way to manipulate them so many years ago, how did they imagine that these magnetic lines existed? A mystery! How did they determine with accuracy the role of the organs and the general physiology of the human? Also a mystery, but one thing is clear, it certainly works. We have discovered and taken various things from China, silk, paper, printing, spaghetti…. And many more inventions, yet despite this we refused their medicine! However, the Chinese are capable of treating ill236

nesses without the use of chemical medication, a result we manage only through an arsenal of pharmaceuticals which more often than not hide the symptoms and worsen the illness. It has to be said that western medicine has made enormous progress, but mainly in surgery and much of this is has proven to be beneficial, but for an identical result why are we deprived of cheap, natural medicine? I have also analysed other types of medicines, including Tibetan, Persian, and Indian, also medicines born of western scholars who hoped to do more than just hide the symptoms. Amongst the first, Wilhelm Reich discovered the orgonite and invited Albert Einstein to share his findings advancing on to develop the idea as a treatment for cancer. They were quickly condemned by the medical community and Reich was later incarcerated. Before Reich, Samuel Hahnemann discovered homeopathy which was also quickly rejected by the medical organizations of the West. Despite this its use and results in veterinary medicine was enough to silence them and confirm that”homeopathy is successful because the patient believes in it”. If this in fact proved to be correct it held great significance: self suggestion converts to a less expensive treatment in the world, the patient need not even consult a doctor! Orthomolecular medicine is another product not used by the pharmaceutical industry; it was invented by a scientist who is known to have one of the most advanced brains of the 20th century: Linus Pauling. This

medicine holds great interest in the area of cancer treatment, with a huge amount of convincing results. Once more the official medical community is controlled by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, which have done all they can to prohibit it. There exist a huge number of other medicines, and all have been immediately attacked by government officials in a variety of ways. The first in a string of abortive tactics was in the official press, who began to offer partial reports. For example, it is not hard to find a patient who has died from cancer, in the case of Dr. Rath, a patient was treated with orthomolecular medicine who later died had an immediate unfair trial by the media when these results were immediately, leading the whole world to believe that this medicine was responsible for the death. The press surprisingly avoids the stories of success. Any free thinker could also begin to think: How many patients die from current methods of cancer treatment? Another disparaging method is pseudo-scientific, now there is official science boards, all pertaining to the Bilderberg Club: Dow Chemical, Dupont, Monsanto and some of the most influential: Hoeshst, RhonePoulenc, Sanofi-Aventis, the benefits from science which is classed as “unofficial” does not pertain to the Bilderberg group, hence the fact they do not support it. The Bilderberg Club arranges through the medical tribunals of the world that all medications which do not contain their products are “officially” condemned. There are many evaluation studies in official medicine,

those for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and those in accordance with the “Codex Alimentarius” they are the only evaluations worth anything in the countries controlled by the Bilderberg. The studies are numerous yet appear to benefit no one; in contrast the statistics are abundantly false. Since the 1950´s these industries have managed to create an excess of chemical products in agriculture and nutrition. The results were: 1. Studies of rain water throughout the whole world demonstrated that there was a high content of active chemical molecules, the clouds contain up to 50% more in concentration, in there majority they are pesticides used for agriculture which have been dispersed by the wind during fumigation, up to 25% of the pesticides used rises into our atmosphere. 2. For the most part, food consumed by humans such as cereals, fruits and vegetables have lost a large part of their nutritional value i.e. vitamins and minerals. The obvious conclusion is that we have contaminated our air and our water and therefore are now lumbered with less nutritional foods. The direct consequences can be seen in the following examples: Since 1950: Frequent lack of vitamins or minerals in children has led them to require supplements, but this

also provokes weakness of the auto immune system and leads to increased development of respiratory diseases and cancer. • • • 300% increase on the number of cancer cases. 400% increase in child diabetes. 600% increase in childhood obesity.

Not to mention a variety of other diseases of which an increase has been clearly demonstrated. It is surely not a coincidence that since 1950, it has been obligatory to vaccinate children, in some countries even using schools to oblige parents to vaccinate their offspring. The consequence is an observable increase in behavioural problems and illness related to the central nervous system: humanity has never suffered from such a high number of autistic children, children that have mental retardation or hyperactivity, Alzheimer cases and illnesses of this type. Since the 1980´s, thanks to Monsanto and one of their chemical and biotechnological industries, we now consume a huge variety of genetically modified products. The scientists have tested these products showing that not only have they almost no nutritional value, but they also contain molecules that are rejected by our organism and our bodies fight against them, as is common place the scientists that proved these findings have now been dismissed! During the last 20 years, the medical community

has been witness to an increased number of cancer cases amongst children and also a general increase of cancers relating to the digestive system. If the Bilderberg Club succeed in their bid for world power, systems such as the “Codex Alimentarius” will become a standard for all countries to conform to, effectively saying, that there will be a huge increase in the use of chemical products, we will be obliged to eat meat from animals which have undergone hormone treatment with Monsanto and all types of alternative medicines will be outlawed. Just to clarify: • Europe pays around 1 billion dollars a year to the United States to keep the right not to import beef that has been treated with hormones and antibiotics from Monsanto. • On 13th March 2002, the Codex Alimentarius Industry gave the order to those in dispute to vote in favour of the idea and to adopt the policy, regardless of a petition against it from 438 million people. All the studies including that of the WHO, attested that the deprivation of vital vitamins would cause the death of more than 2 million people in the poorest countries. Conducted by many renowned medical associations, there was a hearing in the International Court in June of 2003; these measures were tried as crimes against humanity. In contrary to this, the free thinkers want the same for themselves and for others, free choice and above all a wider range of options. For example, universities could teach a much larger range of medicine, after all it

has been proven that acupuncture is not to be discredited. A patient should find their medical professional as one with knowledge of diverse solutions and able to choose treatments more efficiently whether that is acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs, vitamins or chemical products. The mere fact of opening the doors to the teaching of alternative medicines to doctors amplifies further investigations and scientific studies regarding these types of medicine. The official system favours all the spiel and allows the powers that be to compare these types of medicines to current ones despite the fact they have not yet been given a fighting chance. The jury is still out on the public vote, how they can possibly come to any conclusion with only half the story is beyond me. I feel many options were open to us; it would be the freelance scientists that could determine the value of each individual type. Some, probably those which have proven successful could then be taught and added to our medical curriculum, where as those both current and new that are shown to be next to useless should be rejected. There are other medicines such as Orgon, the orthomolecular medicine that should become the subject of intense study either to improve them or eliminate them permanently if they prove not to work. When our doctors receive special incentives from pharmaceutical companies, it is difficult to ignore the economic aspect of health. In reality the political leaders control everything, and they negotiate with our health, after all the opportunity to earn a quick buck is irresistible.

To understand the system, here is a recent example: they bought tonnes of Tamiflu and Relanza at the price of 3-4 Euros of European money, and later sold it at 25 Euros. Even though they charge us exuberant prices in the social security, only 25%-50% was reimbursed, at that depended on the country you lived in. Due to the publicity they also managed to sell a huge amount without prescription, charging more still.We could find many relevant examples with vaccinations and other medications, but on this basis, knowing that a box of Tamiflu costs a few cents to produce, one begins to realize the montage being constructed by the Bilderberg Club, their commissions and the bribes offered to politicians to get the products sold. Apart from the beneficial gain to chemists and transport costs, everything else falls into their greedy hands. The second example is more important still, because many of the victims continue to die every day from this very profitable disease: cancer. We have known about the origins of cancer, how to avoid it, how to cure it, but should this information be divulged it would kick start an economic disaster for the pharmaceutical industry. What happens after this is almost beggars’ belief: The principle leaders of the Bilderberg Club all have an active interest in the pharmaceutical industry, and amongst them there are some Jews and religious believers. It is these people that exclusively authorize Jewish oncologists to divulge the realities about cancer on the condition that they treat only Jewish patients with

this method and continue to torture the non-Jewish with chemotherapy. Whilst you may say that this information is unbelievable, let me provide some details so that everyone can test the accuracy of the information: around 30 years ago a new treatment was discovered, commonly known as GNM. A Rabbi named Menachem Mendel Schneerson wrote the information needed for the treatment in the Talmud under the name “New Germanic medicine”. This medicine showed a 98% survival rate for those with cancer. He added in this article that Jewish doctors should do all that was possible to impede this treatment being used on any non-Jewish patients. This shows that Jewish doctors actively watched the genocide of non-Jewish patients whilst treating those that belonged to their own religion; this is enough for me to confirm a Zionist plot. On the 17th December 2008, the Grand Rabi Dr. Esra Iwan denounced the Jewish medical community with an official signed document in the presence of lawyers and witnesses; amongst them was Dr. Ryke Hamer. This document was a calling on all Rabbi’s and Jewish medics of the world to put an end to the crime against non-Jews and to make this “New Germanic Medicine“ known to the rest of the world, allowing all patients to be treated with the same methods. This document stated that this hate crime had killed over 2 billion people and was signed by the Norwegian Sandefjord and legally certified by the lawyer Erik Bryn Tvedt. If our means of communication are indeed free,

then the next day, one of the greatest scandals of the 20th century should have appeared on the front pages of all the world newspapers and news broadcasts, the very next day the doctors of the world should have stopped the torture of patients by chemotherapy and other barbaric treatments for cancer. Let me ask you, was this indeed the case? I have amply researched cancer, and it appears that the cure has in fact existed since the 1960´s. From Linus Pauling until Ryke Geerd Hamer, many doctors and biologists have discovered remedies for cancer. All were very quickly incarcerated and were banned from practicing medicine mainly in the United States and rather much slower in the countries connected to them, such as France, Spain, Germany, England, Italy, Thailand and Mexico. In all of these countries there are independent investigators and doctors who have discovered cures for cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, arthritis etc. When their success was discovered they were either brought of or banned from further practice. One of the most flagrant and refreshing products is Bio-Bac, scientific name: FR91. This product was discovered and designed in Spain in 1960 by Dr. Fernando Chacón. For twenty years, he offered the product to many control laboratories, and all the results were positive. This was all up until the important “phase III” which is the highest level efficiency test and it still lacked any side affects in the treatment of both AIDS and arthritis. In the 1980´s, the pharmaceutical industry offered Chacón a sum superior to one billion Euros

for the licence of his product. He declined to sell thinking, rightly that the multinational companies plan was to bury his product so as not to interfere with their own products by reducing the number of available patients. From this date to the year 2000, this product has been known to the social security and has been distributed by many medical professionals its principal use being for the treatment of AIDS, cancer, arthritis and hepatitis C. That was until the following events occurred: 2000 – A new offer which was even more attractive than the first is offered by the very same pharmaceutical company, which is met by a second refusal from the son of the inventor, Rafael Chacón. 2002 – The police detain Rafael Charcón and twenty other doctors. Rafael Charcón is arrested. The medication disappears from the social security and by means of a medical campaign is discredited; the campaign falsely accused the product of being illegal and fraudulent, a habitual excuse used to vilify something or someone. Not long after this, millions of people who had been treated with this product took to the streets in protest, which was the first time patients have protest to remain with any one type of medication. The patients have no other means of obtaining the medication they feel is vital for their recovery than Internet mail order; they can only order it from Arabia or Russia as the Spanish authorities are in pursuit of anyone participating in its distribution in Spain.

We can clearly see here how they put their plans into operation: firstly the large multinational companies offer great sums of money in order to retire the product that could potentially become an obstacle to their industry. When this fails to work, these companies rely on the politicians to get the results they require. To resume my personal investigation: cancer can only develop in people who have compromised immune systems, either naturally such as depression, or due to a genetic deficiency in the immune system. It can also occur due to bad nutrition or diet, or by using products that weaken immune system, such as metals found principally in vaccinations and dental fillings, most of which still remain perfectly legal in some countries. The best way to avoid developing this disease and maintain a good immune system is really quite simple: try to maintain a balanced diet, avoid were possible vaccinations and antibiotics, and if possible reinforce the immune system with other natural products already in existence. The majority of cancer treatments are simply stimulators for the immune system, which is a basic concept of orthomolecular medicine, this in itself is normally sufficient to contain the disease, some of these products are: Bio-Bac by Dr. Charcón, Factors 1 & 2 by Dr. Melendez, the new Germanic medicine of Dr. Hamer and cellular medicine by Dr. Rath to name but a few. When cancer is severely advanced it must be treated.

In fact, this illness is caused by an excess of antibiotics and/or strong medications, combined with a weak immune system, the consequences are the poisoning of our bodies with heavy metals. The natural defense system of the human organism is maintained by the regular ingestion of vitamins and minerals, the result of a healthy diet. The work and positive results obtained by professionals such as Dr. Enrique Meléndez, Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot, and Dr. Robert O. Young etc. are testimony to this. At a global level, the growth of cancer is increased by vaccinations, social stress and the reduction in the quality of foods that are now the produced with chemicals or are genetically modified, all of these factors diminish the capacity our bodies have to maintain a good immune system. The excess of chemical drugs or general immune weakness, often due to psychological reasons produces the growth of a fungus: Candida. This is always naturally present in the human body and is normally controlled by our immune systems. Under the influence of antibiotics or in the case of a weakened immune system, this fungus multiplies and begins to grow creating infection which the body fights by creating a tumour: these cells congregate around the attacking fungus and remove or neutralize it. For decades, cancer research and medication has been a major contributor in laboratories which develop treatments which are as expensive as they are useless, some doctors however treat this disease with a success rate of 90% at very little cost and requires no more than

sodium bicarbonate and hot water. Bicarbonate of soda has been proven to be the only efficient product to eliminate the Candida fungus. Over a number of years, Dr. Tullio Simoncini has developed a variety of techniques for its use in cancer and has gradually passed on his knowledge to other doctors, but virtually hidden, such is the fear of the official powers that now dominate the world of medicine. In fact, his success in the treatment of cancer is so great that the medical authorities have now prohibited any medical trials. Whilst the world should make a stand, there is always the risk of prison for those who ultimately become involved in such a complex battle. It was not until recently in 2007 that some official institutions finally began to recognize this treatment, this was mainly due to the authorities ceasing there incessant hunt at the beginning of 2010 for web pages containing information on this treatment, now allowing many people to self treat, and giving this medicine a second chance at success. Over a long period of time, millions of people have had to suffer barbaric treatments that are to date still on offer, for example chemotherapy or radiotherapy to mention but a few, Dr. Simoncini has fought alone during many years to get his treatment out to the public with the constant fear of those wishing to prohibit it by any means possible. Even whilst I am writing this, millions of people are still undergoing unnecessary torture before finally dying from cancer, simply because the official powers continue to suppress the work of this and

many other professionals.As always the free thinker challenges power….. The world is principally made up of “good people” many who have been directly affected by cancer in their families and reading this statement, might think” This cannot be possible; the people that lead our county could not possibly be that shameless!” I take relish in replying to these good people; it is precisely this charming naivety that allows them to continue and promotes others to shamelessly rise to power. I believe that if the free thinkers meet with health care professionals and serious administrations to find a fair system, we would quickly find ourselves in a society where company and employee costs are reduced almost by half. I believe the hospital system would also quickly change for the better, where surgery and grave illnesses are attended to in 100% of cases with improved conditions, whilst benign illnesses would fall to the responsibility of the private sector in which people would pay direct, always maintaining their rights to choose an additional private insurance if they so wish. I am convinced that preventative medicine could be learnt in schools, and should be part of very specific development. I remain steady in the idea that food hygiene, eliminating unnecessary vaccines, transgenic products and removing fluoride in the water, would reduce our general health costs drastically. Recent studies demonstrate that many cardiovascular diseases are due to periodontitis, which can be also loosely related to diabetes and the loss of teeth. It has

been demonstrated that the loss of teeth can be warning as to the existence of back problems in adults. A recent study revealed that all human beings have close to 300 permanent bacteria is their mouths, which are identical in both number and percentage, regardless of ethnic origin, culture, foods or location. On the basis of this information, any free thinker would deduce that the first thing to be done is begin a study on these bacteria to ascertain there function, there impact on mental stability, and there relation to mastication and saliva; later giving more importance to the mouth and teeth, we could develop a generation that require less care, and preventative illnesses would not develop from this type of negligence. We know that vitamin rich foods protect the teeth and that the opposite is also true, bland foods weaken the teeth, but today’s society encourages us to forget that and offers ever more pre-packed foods. To awaken the conscience of small children by means of simple practical tests, without a doubt concentrates on importance of food quality. Who in this day and age explains the importance of prolonged chewing to protect the digestive system? Who teaches that chewing permits this bacterium to act as a filter to protect our digestive systems and vital organs? The free thinkers quickly comes to the conclusion that dental attention included in education from an early age is vital, they may also conclude that the global health costs would be greatly reduced if children were treated by orthodontists early, because malocclusion of teeth can

cause serious problems with TMJ and chronic head aches, which untreated can lead to occlusal trauma and a series of other very grave illnesses which could all be avoided by simple orthodontist treatment. We also have at our fingertips very low cost remedies with plants, mushrooms and natural resources which can all sustain a normal diet. Who is not informed about the fact that chicken soup reestablishes intestinal function, or that ginger under the tongue relieves head aches, or that fig juice eliminated verrucas? It would be easy to create a web page on the internet which everyone could look into and consult to treat all benign illnesses. We should begin by thinking together and organizing the management of our own health as we see fit! We should not have to think about the economic benefits that multinational pharmaceutical companies may or may not lose out on. Nothing should impede us in taking over the integral part of our health system, including the laboratories and production lines; I fail to see why human health should be a fountain of wealth for some people. By managing the laboratories ourselves, firstly, we could offer more favourable conditions to the scientists that work within them, freeing them of the economic obligation and exterior dependants, annually adjusting the balance of health costs and social security contributions based on real figures; effectively moralizing the system. The patients with mental illnesses, anything from schizophrenia to Alzheimer’s are currently treated as a bur252

den on society because they can not earn their keeps they only consume and represent waste for society in terms of health care, because of this if they do not receive heavy support form their families they are placed in residential care similar to morbid hospitals, sedated to make them easier to deal with. There are in existence, a small number of institutions that are designed to give these people not only humane treatment but also a structure for a life of dignity and happiness, one example is “El Jardin de Sofia” in the south of France, they have to be administratively run due a constant exhaustive battle with the social security. Once more, the conscious people who think coherently should in fact think the opposite, everyone who cannot sustain themselves for what ever reason whether mental or physical should be supported by our community and their role within the social security should not only be one of profits, compensating the politicians when the minority figures are fulfilled.


“The qualities needed to govern are not those which are needed in order to accede power. In order to run things smoothly, one must forget oneself and only be interested in others-particularly the most unfortunate; to get power, one must be the greediest of men, think only of oneself and be ready to crush ones closest friends” Amin Maalouf.

In reality all sectors of society are in the hands o f the politicians. Managed by people unqualified to do so, but in there majority hand picked by criteria set up at the Bilderberg Club, as corrupt as they are intellectually limited. Let’s start at the bottom: the mayors. Europe has been the stage for many elections recently; the lists of candidates are the same everywhere: only those who have failed at their studies, are unemployed within the party, are civil servants or children of good families. It is never the honest man, someone who has a good career behind them or a true professional. Shortly after the election, everywhere in Europe, a great amount of work immediately commences, and after a few months the negotiations for commissions have finished with previous companies recommended by the party, the useless work that then begins, generates commissions for the new party. The most popular method is to reorganize the cities to reduce parking, allowing large supermarkets to benefit due to easy parking at their facilities, and on the other hand to recruit new police to impose higher fines to add to their already increased salaries. This book does not begin to pretend to know all of the techniques used to defraud monies generated from the contributors, false employment, associations that collect donations or grants, fictitious bills or the useless road works etc. Others people have previously outlined this brilliantly and I have not seen one single country where numerous reporters have not denounced these

methods. If anyone took the time to add up all of this money stolen in just one year, from false road works to the illegal sales of arms, including the commissions and bribes of all types, the total would be more than in our wildest imaginations. Obviously, the higher you go in political hierarchy, the greater the deceptions and the better protected they become by those they serve, whether that be police or the justice system. In high politics, such as mayors or party leaders, the candidates are initially selected from birth, the family can therefore count on all the financial resources and relations that this package includes, access to the best schools and the false success in their studies, these relations mainly serve to overcome deficiencies and it is no coincidence that many favour the formation of rights bills, whether economic or social. So, all that remains is to propel them into the right place at the right time. The second selection is done within the political parties; their aim is to present themselves in the elections. The candidates are plenty, the fight is quite even and only the more skilled in intrigue, trade, the best in shadow operations that have friends in high places have the possibility of presentation in the elections. When, finally the political apprentice appears, he know not to take the opportunity for granted, he must be elected at all costs. Only the result is important and after years of skullduggery to get into that position, they

don´t skimp on lies, false promises and demagogy to reach the ultimate goal. After this initial success the ambitious politician is now in an ideal position to advance in the deceptions that will enrich them and lead the way to national responsibilities. Politics welcomes these men, which since their infancy have lived in ease and comfort. Far removed from middle class life and unfamiliar with the worries that plague the common man; their journey in this world stretches to no more than the prohibition of intellectual development intellect and impeding of creativity of an open mind. The unwholesome obligations, which they have had to subscribe to in order to rise in the political world, encourage politicians to promote only those with the lowest of morals. They can only produce mediocre men, men capable of defending nothing but their own interests and those of their ”friends” that have helped them rise through the ranks. In this way only men with the least capacity both intellectually and morally can possibly reach the positions that govern; men who put up and shut up, because their only worries once in the higher ranks, is to remain there to benefit from the exceptional benefits whilst thanking those who supported their rise. It is due to this that when acting at a national level or in European meetings their only objective after complying with the orders from the Bilderberg Club is to gain as much money as possible from their patriots. They possess an arsenal of “legal taxes” which they take advantage of in many different ways depending on the country. For example,

when a company requires an employee, with a reserve amount of 3000 Euros to this effect, the state requires a social contribution of around half this amount. To ensure that the employee remains unaware of the amount due to the state, the majority is paid directly by the company, without appearing on any pay slips. The remainder which becomes the employee salary is then charged again at 15% or 20%. Once again he remains unaware of this fact because it is a tax that affects all of his purchases, added by the stores every time he buys anything, all of which is reimbursed to the politicians. To tear them down a little more, they have put an extortion system into action known as fines. The car is of course a privileged tool which comes with the perfect system for extortion: road tax. It is the perfect pretext to increase the number of fines, our roads are not set up to make sure that traffic flows fluidly, but to catch drivers and rob them of their hard earned cash! It does not stop here: a fine of 1000 dollars was imposed on a lady who was feeding the pigeons, 10,000 dollars fine to a doctor who forgot to make his patient sign the data protection paper work. These last events come from Europe, and all the data protection act serves to do is threaten the smaller companies with huge fines which can reach over 500,000 Euros! In contrast the large companies, banks, telephone companies can interchange their information without impunity, allowing their lists of clients to be sold to a multitude of companies leading to the exploitation of its clients and for political uses.

When there is something left for the workers, the same politicians try to extract it from their hands a little more with other games. This is the main function of all lotteries that sell the cheap dream, enrich people excessively for a return that doesn´t represent more than a small portion of money put down. Certainly, talking of obligatory outlays, gas, electricity, or telephone, these products have profit margins which are bordering on the absurd: between 30 and 50 times there original costs, one minute on the telephone costs less than 0.1 cents it can be sold at more than ten times that depending on the company. To maintain this system, the politicians have created an administrative machine, a type of monster that grows constantly, and it is fed by the addition of more and more people, impoverishing the smaller companies and favouring the businesses related directly to the State. In contrast the smaller companies are victims of permanent extortion: the Europeans rules do not only restrict products entering the country from China or Russia that may better, but are also to maintain these companies under direct scrutiny, always keeping things in check. The game is simple: a multitude of rules that constantly change and which at times contradict each other so that no big company is ever targeted by one administration. There have been multitudes of administration offices created to this effect, exclusively to collect fines and enforce policy, supported by the official inspection services who govern with fear of economic sanctions.

So my one means or other the smaller company pays for the right to exist and they are at the constant at the mercy of the politicians. This type of Mafioso extortion appears to be the principle activity in Europe. When the politicians wished to take charge of agriculture, they managed to anger farmers and bring about even larger economic difficulties, consumers now pay more for far inferior products, which often come half way across the globe and still sometimes hold a surplus of over 50%, more often that not thrown away despite the fact there are still starving children in the world.

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies” Groucho Marx. At a European level, I believe that if we remove the lot of them, once absent everything will return to order! Also, why is the human race so stupid to elect its worst members to sit at the head of the table? I have finishing reading an official report from March 2010, made by politicians about endangered species. They classified the bug as a marine mammal in danger of extinction, and some reptiles among plant species plants !

GLOBAL WARMING Today these same politicians pretend to be man259

aging the climate change problem, once again how many more lies and incompetence? Global warming according to scientists working on a theory by James Lovelock, believe that it could in fact be due to human activity. In 1988 a group of reporters, scientists and specialized academics created an association in climatology, IPCC, its job was to study all scientific publications on the subject to obtain an evaluation and submit a report every 5 years. The first report was submitted in 1990 and stated that,”it was extremely unlikely that an increase in the greenhouse effect would continue”. What you should know about this first report is: the scientists gathered the information, and the most specialized in climatology studied them and made conclusions, together with the final report representing a complete opinion from the IPCC. Later, this report of around 5 thousand pages was then passed to politicians who made the last summary. In this finally summary from the politicians, it stated precisely the opposite established by the climatology specialists. The “political summary” totally contradicted the original report, many of the major scientists declined to participate in the organization any further. They were substituted by second class scientists, more inclined to follow the political indications. In my opinion any further reports are of no scientific interest:

• 1995-“It does appear possible that human activity may indeed have an influence on the planet” • 2001 - “It is possible that 60% of human activity is responsible for global warming” • 2007 – “It is possible that 90% of human activity is responsible for global warming” The politicians aim to convince themselves that this is primarily exhaust fumes from vehicles, but what about the aerospace industry? Planes? Petroleum based industries? Or chemtrails? In 1992, the politicians created the Marco Convention of the United Nations centred on climate change, in continuation to this the Kyoto Protocol which came into play in 2005. The Bilderberg Club forbad the United States from signing the protocol as it went against their industrial interests. Since the year 2000, the orders were given to all politicians and the communication industries to abandon the term”global warming” and replace it with “climate change” which became less worrying to the public. The scientists involved in this climate study were also ordered to keep silent on the issue especially in public. We can therefore ignore any guarantees made by the politicians to learn the truth of the matter. As an alternative source we can use the free press which publicizes scientists who are prohibited by the official press, we can also use the internet and read various works from independent scientific reporters who

study the work of the specialists and interview them personally. Anyone can do their own research, but for my part, after all the investigations on this subject, I have personally found: Firstly, the impact of human activity on the planet has bee known and recognized since the 1970´s. Secondly, all of the true scientists are in agreement with several points: • The “Gaia” principle of James Lovelock, it entirely true. What is states is the planet is interconnected, from it´s nucleus to the highest atmosphere, chemical reactions, biology, and physics, which are extremely complex and every component continually provoke chain reactions and in turn affect the others, if you include the effects of the sun, the movement of the Earth and electromagnetism, it is clear, modern science knows probably no more than 30% of the mechanisms that influence the planet. • Climate change in itself does not exist; the changes are merely a consequence of global warming and military experiments. • The warming is clearly a result of human activity with responsibilities falling mainly to the aerospace and aeronautic industries, the petroleum industry and its derivatives, the automobile industry, not only carbon emissions but also toxic gases released in the manufacturing of parts. Warming is a direct consequence of

overpopulation, the lack of free patents for natural energy on the part of the political leaders in order to defend their interests in the petroleum industry. • A point of no return exists, which means at any moment, regardless of any further events, the Earth cannot regenerate and will become a dead star, with no sustainable forms of life. This point is very difficult to determine, but according to preliminary calculations by James Lovelock expressed in his book “The Revenge of the Earth” published in 2006, and confirmed by scientists dedicated to this subject, the point of no return will arrive during the next generation, unless a solution is quickly put into practice. • There still remain many unknown terrestrial phenomenon´s, for example the recent discovery of mega tsunamis, there causes and effects, science has prepared us even though it can not prevent its development: it refers to a mega tsunami which will occur from the collapse of a part of the island of Las Palmas situated in the Canary Islands. This collapse will cause a giant wave of more than 700 metres in altitude which will travel the Atlantic Ocean at more than 900km/hr and entirely cover the Caribbean and destroy all the major cities on the East coast of the United States. The scientists all know it will happen, what they don´t know is when, it could occur tomorrow, in ten years or one thousand years from now! It could however be artificially caused at any moment: Russia and China and most probably Japan, have also developed weapons such as the HAARP project. The Russians in particular have

advanced their technologies with perfection of the electromagnetic wave weapon, Pamir 3, bought by the USA. Submarines from the USA, Russia, and probably China and Japan are already equipped with this armoury with only one goal in mind: causing submarine earthquakes. They would simply need to use this weapon in the vicinity of the island of La Palma to precipitate the largest disaster in the history of the United States of America. • Lastly, all the scientists agree that the tests and manipulation of the climate performed by HAARP and other similar programs are extremely dangerous because the long term consequences are unpredictable, no different to the long term effects form nuclear warheads experiments of the past. They conclude that this is not the time for the military to be “playing” with these types of programs. Chemtrails and repeated fumigations cause local droughts and unexpected flooding in remote areas and those are just the consequences that we know about. Over population produces not only more waste, whether human or industrial but also great loss. Industrial waste like fluorine cannot continue to be consumed by people. In regards to nuclear weapons, they still pose a threat in the short term and could possibly cause further problems down the line. Anyway it put, it is time to manage our planet effectively, and all the errors of the 20th century must serve as an example to avoid future mistakes.

OVERPOPULATION Overpopulation is the most important and urgent worry to the entire world. It is not only the fact that we cannot continue to grow, but we must reduce our number with some urgency, Not only because of global warming but simply because the world´s bounty will begin to fail and we will end up living really badly, we have progressively increased from 1 billion human beings since the end of the 14th century and natural resources are becoming less sufficient for the habitants of the Earth. Man has continued to grow at the expense of other species. The first victims were the many animal species that disappeared during the first half of the 20th century, and later, vegetation began to be depleted with the destruction of the largest forests of the world. At the end of the last century the disaster was further aggravated by the introduction of transgenic products causing chemical contamination, leading to the destruction of corals and algae, the decertification of the ocean and above all the penetration of genetically modified chemicals into all types of flora and fauna. The oceans are the principal source of life for the planet and they are now damaged, later there will be nothing left to destroy but ourselves! In this same period, not content with destroying other species, men began to destroy each other. Since this time, chronic famines have been seen in Africa, China, India and all of South East Asia. The Chinese revolution associated with birth control has allowed

China to rise from the situation. In India, the situation continues to be very difficult, whilst in Africa millions of people have died from hunger all of which the West has become accustomed to. We now know that: the earth does not have the necessary resources for more than one billion people without destroying itself. Clearly for one billion people to live well, we must sacrifice six billion and use all natural sources only for the benefit of that one billion. But now the forests of Indonesia have been destroyed, the Amazon Jungle has made way for transgenic and industrial farming, there is no more clean water on the earth, the oceans are under populated and all the wild animals are in danger of extinction, we have come to the end. Natural resources have run out, the disappearance of the North Pole and the melting of the South Pole is a planetarium catastrophe which is reaching us ever quicker by the day. Since the beginning of this century, it is not 5 billion people who suffer for the good of 1.5 billion, it is 6 billion people who suffer so that 95 million people in the rich countries can live well, 50 million of which live really well, whilst a few live in such abundance it is scandalous. Let me give you two examples new born children; one is born to a family who lives on 5 dollars a month, whilst the other lucky one is born to a family of enormous wealth earning millions of dollars every month. The poor family have nothing, yet thank God that they can afford two meals a day, whilst the other family only

use helicopters for transport, or their private jet, always accompanied by an army of servants and bodyguards, spending their holidays on 500 foot yachts. What I mean to say with this, is that it is normal that there exist distinct types of families within society due to their origins, habits, studies and professions, however these differences should not be so great, it is a grave injustice. A child that dies of hunger in central Africa, lies just 500m away from a uranium mine, they cannot understand that this mine serves to make the family of another child thousands of kilometers away rich, he just wishes that his father had the force of mind to take advantage of this mine so they could eat, and others would no longer take advantage of the local population without giving anything in return. In my opinion, social differences should be justified, it could be considered normal for a simple minded person who can not move any further in their studies to have a simple job with a modest wage. I do not accept however, the same idiot, who through luck of birth has a brand new Ferrari from his father on his 18th birthday and is named head of a multi national company with a really big salary.In this way I am not in accordance with the concept of Bilderberg Club which maintains privileges to the super rich, whilst planning mass genocide to rid the planet of the billions of people they feel are unnecessary. First, let us quickly revise the management of the last 100 years under the control of the Bilderberg Club and its band of national politicians:

• All over the world, 850 million people are starving, every year 6.5 million children die from it. • Half of humanity lives on less then 3 dollars a day.

• More than one billion people have no access to drinking water, and more that 2.5 billion have no access to sanitation. Due to this 6000 people who are mainly children die from related illnesses each day. • Approximately 115 million children do not attend school. One in five does not know how to read or write; two thirds of these are women. • In Africa, malaria kills a child every 30 seconds, close to three million people die from this disease each year. • Every year close to 10 million children all over the world die before they reach 5 years of age. Over time we have become accustomed to these figures, and although we show solidarity it is like another reality: a woman holding a dying child in her arms without the power to do anything. A father who watches his child die from hunger because he is unable to provide food, he too is paralyzed by hunger himself and has no resources open to him. Every person can imagine the suffering of a child who will never live to see adulthood, and will die without knowing the joy of playing, they have known nothing more than years of hunger and have no other prospects to alleviate their own pain even at the end. No one asks if it fair that this child is condemned for the sole motive of making cer268

tain people richer. This is the current management of our world, a small number of rich families supported by the leaders who choose them. After the previous discoveries I cannot believe that things could get any worse, so why not substitute intelligence for violence. So, as the reader can note, I have no fear of neologisms or the input of my own ideas however extravagant or grotesque they may appear. At least they have the merit of allowing others to do the same, using this as a critical base to create better solutions and more efficient concepts. The very concept of demosophy is the submitting of ideas, never to be considered as absolute, but as a base of reflection to become better and modify. These are some of my thoughts: Create a humanity which realizes the depth of the problem and act upon it, allowing for the typical struggle of animals to survive. We cannot survive in the current way: it is through means of our humanity, united and organizing together that we will climb from this deep well, not by scrambling over each other to see who reaches the top first. Humanity is in danger, not only from the overpopulation threat, but also from those who are trying to treat the problem in order to save themselves and their egos, there are many people of this type, and they see no other way but through wars and violence. They couldn´t be more wrong. This stagnancy can be re269

solved in the same way as all problems: • Agree what is the real problem.

• Partake in joint analysis, permit all opinions, and keep an open mind to creativity. • Unite to solve the problem.

I am convinced that this is the only way we can escape the jam which humanity has found itself in. Now there can be no difference in State, race or religion. None of this has any meaning; we need to do this together. Find solutions together, apply them together and share all the resources. We can´t afford to think that one group survives at the expense of another, the opposite in fact, we must take advantage of this awful situation and show humanity the true meaning of being human; united. In the olden times, when a nation or town discovered something it could lead to domination over others, it would be jealously guarded, a secret kept. All the states continue to do this, whether weapons or scientific discoveries, we are still continuing down this path, which eventually we will lose. We can only find the solutions together, united with all the scientists and free thinkers of humanity, with the absence of discrimination and confidentiality, sharing our results. If we must sacrifice things to achieve this then once again we do that together. It is imperative that we reduce the world population, it is a fact not only evident to any human being

with any brain, but has also been scientifically proven. We could give in to the Bilderberg Club without doing anything but moan, accept the microchips and selfishly wish to be among those chosen to survive, renouncing our liberty and our humanity. We could also just follow like sheep and accept that there needs to be sacrifices to reduce the population, establishing a simple rule: only one child per family. Every man and woman on the planet can only bear one child. If we needed to, we could accept the necessity to sterilize after this one child. The women and the men could then undergo a minimal operation without any risky surgery with very few secondary effects. Of course many objections come springing to mind, but I have found none that justify the alternative of murder by poison, bombs or chemtrials. I would prefer to tell my son that he will be sterilized after his first child that tell him I am leaving him a planet doomed to die, where his children will be condemned in all sorts of atrocities, who would ultimately suffer. The principle objections: For thirty years the political leaders have squandered social funds. For this reason, they urge more births: they need more today to subsidize for monies stolen yesterday. The reduction of the population will create a difficult economic situation principally in the guaranteeing of pensions. Many people born to large families see there futures surrounded by one big family. I believe that at this

level the whole world is capable of thinking altruistically and not egotistically because the only other option is the plan of the Bilderberg Club. There still remain many religious leaders who manage to convince, against all logic, that it is a crime against God to not allow women to have as many children as nature can provide. Fortunately, these geniuses’ are becoming a minority and rarely have any influence on modern civilization. Apart from these large objections, there remains the most important one: to be sterilized, every human being feels like they have had an amputation, as their ability to procreate has been removed. I have participated for some time in periodic group meetings with youngsters between 13 and 20 years old, and I am afraid to say that this concept was met with many somber faces. However, I still believe after reviewing all of the facts in this book, it should be considered. The first objection was the fear of physical disabilities and the loss of ejaculation, but once discussed many thought an obligatory abortion after the first child could also be an option. All the people agreed that compared to mass genocide the concept of sterilization was at least one acceptable formula. I believe, that there reactions can be taken as something positive: all were decided that they would be sure of their commitment and compromise to their partner before having their first child. This also made me think that the institution of marriage should also be reviewed: instead of a union of two people it should be an agreement by both

to teach the responsibility of parenthood. From this concept the discipline still remains undetermined, but there is a greater goal to consider. Advantages: In just two generations, we can achieve a sustainable population, without he sufferings and injustices if the Bilderberg Club. A reduction of the population is right; the rich currently have many children to continue their legacies not unlike the old dynasties and some maintain harems, procreating children they consider to be “pure”. The adaptation of this concept for all means no one will escape the limitation of one child per couple, a concept which must be accepted for the benefit of the whole world. For every couple, their child will seem more valuable. In some counties women have many children as they believe it to be profitable, they sell them to prostitution or use them to provide for their needs; for others it is because their children’s life expectancy is so small. A lot of these motivations will disappear, and there will be considerably less parents willing to exploit their one and only child. In this book, I never mention details or specific disciplines, because as with other free thinkers I am convinced that there are many ideas in the mind and not only mine have merit. In this way I only hope to proportion these concepts with an aim to respond to the principal problems of humanity, concepts which are

considered fundamentally valid and could potentially be developed by all. To return to marriage, the current failure percentage is 80%. More than one in every two children has the right to only one parent. I believe that when an institution doe not adapt to our society we should be in no doubt that it needs to change. The conditions are not favourable to our way of life in the long run and when this is the case marriage does not help. To revise this institution, we must keep in mind the right of every child to have two parents. Once again, there are many complex consequences but it is not an inaccessible idea. The perfect association of love, sex and responsibility in a marriage is extremely rare. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to establish a more harmonious relationship, although it may not completely conform to eternal love and the dream of “the perfect life, together forever” with the same person. The most important thing in my opinion, is the return to the appreciation of infancy and in continuation offer every opportunity to live their lives with the own concepts. Fifty years ago a North American Red Indian said: “Only when the last tree has been cut down and the last river poisoned will humans realize that you can´t eat money”. We are almost to this point, and it is because I am human that I refuse to cut down that last tree, it is because I am human that I want encourage reforestation even if that means tough sacrifices. If we begin to reduce our population by means of managing the planet ourselves, the reduction would be

gradual and the entire system would adjust little by little. Studies demonstrate that around 30-40% of the earths surface should be vacated in order for it to regenerate; I presume this same concept applies to the oceans, seas and lakes. Only a united world population can manage this situation. We all must adapt in the next few decades, in respect of our space occupation as well as the food shortages in general and traditional customs; but this is a better option to the alternative, which at the moment seems to be saving a few elite families. The concept of uniting the human race in the concept of altruism has an additional complication. To abandon the notion of borders, state or nation could shock some, but the concepts that we have now are no more than residues of the ones the war lords of the past established: they are based on the possession of land and people. Why do we need to maintain this concept? No one person belongs to another. Every human being that is born on this planet is the same animal with the same rights as the next, and their natural duty is to share the means to live their lives. I cannot accept that a small group of so called leaders consider me to be a possession and stamp my passport to demonstrate this fact. There is no place on this earth where I have no right to travel, I am the same as by neighbour and there is no reason for a man or group of men to consider they have any rights over my or anyone else’s liberty. If we accept this concept, we cannot deny what belongs to everyone: the air, water, all natural resources.

We can not allow people from certain areas to take possession of a water well in their region and let them pass on these rights to their children so they can bottle it up and sell it back to me for a highly inflated price. I consider all the earth natural resources to be for everyone, not only for those who have the forces to install themselves in productive countries and impose their possession over any natural resources. This applies as much to petroleum as water or mines of any kind. Currently all these natural resources belong to families which have no other merit than criminal ancestry, crimes that should not disappear just because dealing with a man of State. The theft of Uranium in central Africa is theft, regardless of the French politicians voting on a law to justify this crime. The same applies to English families and the petroleum in the Middle East, the gold mines of Peru or the diamond mines of South Africa. All natural resources should be exploited by companies not looking for profit; companies which have been nationalized and should be called globalized in other words belong to all. The consequence of this management will have an immediate effect on our utility bills. The product worth 1 cent in this situation cannot be inflated to 30 cents if it belongs to everyone. Everywhere the gas, electricity, petrol or gas prices will collapse for the good of all, whether at the expense of some families or not. All the peoples of the world should unite to adopt

the necessary measures to protect the human race, and learn to take responsibility for themselves. This is difficult in just one country, even more on a global level, but no one has prohibited it and no one can stop us if its what we want. The difference with the Bilderberg Club is they believe that globalization can only accelerate the process of human degradation. On the contrary, I believe that every nation, ethnic group in the world should maintain its structures, its uniqueness, and its customs and should continue evolving in accordance with its own fundamental cultures. It is only in this way that everyone can accept the basic concepts of demosophy: reduce the population, regenerate the planet, and let people decide their own laws, renounce war, offering an infant education that opens the mind. Demosophy is only a philosophical concept, and as such allows all forms of government which respect the people´s preference. DEMOSOPHIC GOVERNMENT If we analyze the precise activity of politics, we can in fact sum it up in two points: the management of our society, and a general council for law making. When we see all the laws that vote against our wishes, and when we see the results of these old laws after years of regime, justice does not exist, we have a permanent society upset, there are restrictions in our freedom, we have an economic disaster, there is a delin277

quency population which reflects how we live in general…… do we need any more reason to think that we can´t manage without them, after all are they doing such a great job? For the management of our society, we must define concrete actions that must be taken to complete the task and later determine the qualifications of the people that can take on these tasks: The first thing in this management is the administrative machine, that is to say, the heads of the various institutions and the networks between them. These institutions house the administrations that are in control and are run by high politicians. However if all the politicians in charge of these institutions suddenly disappeared over night, the jurisdictions would continue to run in exactly the same way. The politicians lead nothing: they simply add some time to the system and use it for their benefit. They don’t control it. They are simply an integrated part, they apply a few laws, or regulations, substitute one civil servant for another; all this serves as nothing more than creating a bigger machine, every day governing more parts of our lives, increasing the power of some people within the public administrations, who multiply and continue to prevail ever further away from authority, sure of their political connections and the protection that it affords them. This bureaucratic steamroller annihilates the freedom of the people; it dispels the spirit of creativity and enterprise. The middle class are advised in advance when they try to go against the administrative absurdi278

ties or go against arbitral decisions. The civil servants are administratively qualified and only have plans to benefit from human management and its profitability. Every five years there is an accumulated residue of workers in the direct service of politicians, and a huge short falling in the public sectors such as education and public health. “It is thanks to the personalized distribution of the more favourable positions for illicit wealth that a political party assures the subservience of the functionaries of State.” Octavio Paz This administrative machine has converted into a monster that follows each and every one of us. The smallest step is an administrative nightmare, the stupidity of these functionaries is the result of a king type rule. The result is an administration that squanders funds, operates under mostly absurd rules, denigrates the human qualities of its employees and participates more and more actively in political extortion. The social organisms count on rules and laws that allow them to make money from small companies in ways that are more similar to Mafia tactics than a social help system. It begins with the quotas that are paid, which are disproportionate, it is only a small portion which are contributed to the official reason and in continuation the company that has any type of delay due to economic difficulty is immediately sanctioned and fined adding a further 50% to the amount owed, how can they justify

punishing poverty or economic difficulty? A procession of laws later permits these organisms to pester these craftsmen or small businesses even seizing their bank accounts or properties without any judicial rights to do so. Politicians have no idea about management, used to squandering public money, completely ignoring the function of businesses whether commercial or administrative. At best they have gained some formation in rights or economy, usually the economic science afore mentioned to give them some aspect, but usually never includes real management techniques in their program, but management is important and determines the quality of the life of all. We would not accept an operation from a man with no medical experience, nor would we allow someone to build our house with out being a trained architect, how then can we leave our quality of life to people that have no capacities in this area and allow them to dictate to the human race and make decisions about our planet? The age we live in is dictated by the laws of society; the whole world has begun to realize that the politicians are voting for laws that are against the general well being of the population. There is much confusion: the people vote for politicians who in turn decide the laws which those same people are against, an obvious failure in the “democratic” system.The world leaders have managed to impose a concept of “republic “all over the world, the word originates from the Latin “res publica”, meaning public matters. “To form a State in

which the people can exercise pride either directly or through their chosen representatives”. The true leaders have the necessary means available to decide who directs a country. Those who deny the validity of this government refuse to integrate themselves and therefore remain permanently impotent. The thousands of creative people, over the centuries have devised other more effective ways to govern but always remaining in silence. No matter where its origin, power prohibits new ideas and impedes the development of civilization in the arts of governing. This area is vital to the evolution of civilization and has never been considered as a science, there has never been school or any types of investigations to this effect. The basic principle of a republic is representation through the chosen, for this reason it depends so heavily on the election of men chosen by the people. The people are composed of men, and every man is unique on a scale of intelligence, no man is the same on the scale from simpleton to genius. The expression of everyone is the “average”, that is to say, republic defends management of many millions of people, yet they are represented by average men. If we had to choose the most important social tendencies, or the laws that affect everyday life, the vote would be excellent because it is normal that the people decide what is in their best interest, unfortunately, elections are not arranged to this effect: you may only vote for the men selected, they decide their own rules once they get there!

For this reason your vote is not worth anything: every person votes based on individual comprehension of policy. In such a specialized area, the joint opinion of many nearly always leads to mistakes. On other occasions, principally due to the public vote, the republic officially stated that the earth was flat, that black people were in fact not human and a machine heavier than air would never fly! Soon, they will ask 100 million people to vote on the subject: “The earth orbits the sun or is it the other way around? And we will achieve a vote of favour that the earth does in fact orbit the sun, but if we were to have asked the same question over 300 years ago, we would have got exactly the opposite result. In both cases 100 million people were asked, how can we justify the answer when these are personal observations? The voter knows that their vote in an election is purely formal and unnecessary; one politician is simply replaced by another, all however are from the same stock. We also know that the political parties are just a decoy and only serve to give the illusion of the credible idea of democracy and push people to fall within certain criteria. In this situation the sensible man always abstains from voting. These people are not prepared to lend a hand to this class of politician, who offer no more choice than the members it already has. A French politician once wisely said: “Promises only compromise those who believe them”. The real abstention is demonstrated by those less prone to believe and this awareness grows within the people.

Awareness is the best opportunity for the salvation of humanity: we are leaving the darkness created by religion and it only remains to free ourselves of political tyranny, substitute the learned republic style for an apolitical form of government. This is a model of a partisan government, springing from my personal reflections: Demosophy, which can be improved upon could be the base for a human man as apposed to the animal man, forming a type of government that makes wars impossible, prohibits the concepts of violence and establishes the power of intelligence. The art of governing is very complicated; it is a specialized subject no different to architecture, biochemistry or surgery. Is it not better performed by a man named by his peers, and experts that a man voted by the public? To take people into happiness and assure a good quality of life is important both in the physical and the chemical; the “art of governing” should be a science learned in university when the best the field prevails. To recognize the most important issues should be up to men qualified for the job. So, in place of voting for candidates offered by the political parties, who have questionable morals and are incapable of completing their promises, why don´t we plant a new concept, to separate the two areas of government: on one side the management of the community, and on the other the general orientation of society, meaning the laws which determine our lifestyles.

GOVERNMENT If we wish to have capable people to manage our institutions, we should determine the necessary qualifications and in continuation search or train men that possess these qualities. In every area, every art, the man in charge should be the most competent; in order to do this they should receive training and pass the corresponding exams. The art of government is one of the most difficult; logically a man who leads must have adequate training, proven with strict exams and offering everyone guarantees. After all it is no more than what we expect from other professionals! To administer a country, region or county in a sufficient manner, the most important thing is to have a good director. Management is taught badly and mildly, whether in economics or other signature subjects, in reality management is an activity that requires ample formation valid for both companies and leaders of countries. As far as leadership goes, it seems to me any candidate should at least have completed their studies , this is not an overly complicated task, to add this to any university curriculum is not difficulty, any initial studies should principally centre on general culture, history, human management, finance ethics, accountancy and company management. The formation would be just as useful to companies and civil servants, as to future leaders of government. Later, a second cycle of formation

including reinforcement of philosophy and logic with at least a small addition of chemistry biology, ecology and creativity should be the obligatory path for any one wishing to run for government. The access to this route should be determined by a selection committee in accordance with vacancies. These studies should be principally orientated towards the development of reasoning and imagination, people that have obtained qualifications have often done this through memorization, and have no creative side, people such as these may not necessarily possess the intellectual qualities that are required to administrate a society. This type of formation for candidacy to public places has allowed Japan to develop extraordinary commercial skills: symbiosis between public and private companies due to mutual comprehension, which is completely absent in the West. This gives way to a logical plan for accountancy, which currently is only applied to administrative positions usually at the cost of the private companies willing to pay the price. The candidates that come from this background would create merit in the institutions that they studied at, creating pride and reputations. For example once designed to lead, they can receive valuable advice from their superiors on how to achieve goals, and missions determined in advance by the people. They will learn how to constantly consider current situations, alter and adjust them without within a certain timeframe. Currently a politician is voted in and immediately begins to go against the peoples wishes and no one can do any285

thing about it for another four years, logic determines if something is not working then change it. At least in this respect the people responsible for quality of life, our cities, regions and schools are truly qualified for the job and can be supervised by the people, prohibiting corruption. In regards to a higher responsibility, the person who leads all of the civil servants and composes what we call government must possess not only competence, but some other criteria as well; intelligence, moral values, integrity and experience of real life. Candidates for the higher positions should be selected through healthy competition, after a period of seven years of working outside of any political channels. They would have this period to create a life for themselves in the private sector and later compete to enter government using these years of experience gained in what we call “real life”. Depending on the number of candidates, the competition would include IQ and physiological exams, to facilitate the transfer. The best two candidates, with the goal of president and vice president retrospectively, would come directly under the authority of the people. The president can then choose his council from the remaining candidates. In this way we are assured that we have a leader that is both competent and capable of their job, this system naturally supports a person in his 40´s and the period in office is them determined by his actions or his own decision as to when to step down.

Everything but the army, communication and justice fall into their job description depending entirely on the people. All government members whether local or regional have a contract for a limited duration, revocable at any time by the people. The role of the vice president is to assist the president and to replace them if necessary, but can never substitute his position, simply stand in until a new one can be chosen. All members would have limited contracts including that of the vice president and the president himself. In this way the government would be stable, integrated by the most capable with an obligation to equality. In this way we are assuring the course of our society, people who are best qualified, possess both intellect and morals. This path remains open to anyone wishing to study, creating all the qualities needed to introduce guarantees for our future society. In a similar system, although less demanding, we are provided with scientists, doctors, surgeons etc. It is evident that we require the best in the art of governing and no other parameter such as social situation or family relations should interfere. GENERAL ORGANIZATION Now a “higher authority” will have the power to destroy the president of the government if it so wished, it will decide strategies, constantly control the activities of the government and agree on the laws that will shape

our society. You may begin to ask who is this authority who holds absolute power, the answer is simple; us, the general population. If the leaders selected by the committee administer to the country, the laws are governed by us who will directly decide what they shall be. Why do we need people to choose for us what we would like done, why not just do it ourselves? We can decide our own laws; this would probably be the biggest revolution in human history, after all are we not at a very important crossroads in history? It is the hour for man to reach the form of free thinker or at least the free decider. More than two thousand years ago the Republic worked in Athens, all the people could reunite in a central square to choose their laws. This system was only possible as the town had few inhabitants. Two hundred years ago the Republic relocated to the West in a time before internet, television or telephone, electricity was still to be discovered. In these days, it took many days for horses to cross a country and it is understandable that there was a necessity to have leaders elected in each region to go main towns and represent the people residing in distant places. Today, these same representatives make no sense, what exactly stops us from voting for our own laws; after all we have all the means at our fingertips to do so!

How we will organize ourselves? Once again using logic: in fact the natural social structure which has been established since the existence of our species is family. Complete social organization, three generations that each have their own function, it has been an unchangeable organization since prehistoric man right up until today, it has never been the children that educate the parents, or the parents playing whilst the grandparents hunt or work to feed the family. If three families were to live together, the organization alters very little; the individual functions remain the same, what is a state if not a collection of families in one given area? The adult basically maintains the home; the older generation educates the children and guides the adults through their own knowledge and experience, whilst the young propose new ideas due to the constant changes in society. For the last five thousand years human societies have been based on the barbarian laws or brute force. A law that has allowed men to impose their laws and will upon the world: women, children and the elderly, regardless of their unique qualities, spirit, aspirations or ancient knowledge. The result is a history dominated by wars and massacres all caused by the law of violence, the victims always begin those opposed to said law. In this way a law based on equality, justice and ethics, can only be established if individuals from all

classes participate in there elaboration. For this type of organization the most logical way is by basing the law on family structure. So, the higher authority would be principally composed of elders. It is not until the age of fifty when one has enough life experiences and has learned to control impulsive instincts, that they reach the necessary level for this degree of knowledge. From this age onwards, people begin to loose there physical capabilities and reach a height of the intelligence allowing them to be a “civilized”. This is the age of the whole man; this age of 57 years could be a fixed requirement for those wishing to participate in the denomination of the “Wise Council”. This Wise Council would be the supervisors of all territory and dubbed the “General Council” to distinguish it from the wise councils that will form throughout the world. Simple logic dictates that the members of this council would never be the same, one group, depending on time and circumstance would always act in accordance with certain patrons, progressively forming more members of the group. To avoid a huge increase of members, there must be permanent members and those that are constantly rotated. For the permanent members: In order to carry out the technological management of a country or region and respond to the ecological

concerns, it seem obvious that the Wise Council should be a group of scientists, people whose minds have been educated in thought and problem solving over the duration of many years. Another group of people who have a particularly unique thought process is artists, very often gifted and especially sensitive; they have demonstrated their importance throughout the history of humanity. Even comedians, singers and painters know how to express their perceptions of the world in their own distinct style and often with a more foresight then the average person. Apart from these two categories, we must also have the variety necessary for a comparison of opinions, for example a reporter, a civil servant, a business owner, a craftsman, a member of the justice system, a shopkeeper, a banker, a farmer… and various other professionals from different sectors and regions. The permanent members can be made up of twenty with at least five scientists from different origins, whether that is medical, climate or chemical, not forgetting at least two artists. The president of the Wise Council should always be elected by these scientists; only they can decide who should occupy this position whilst that of the Vice President should be on the common vote of all members. The procedures and detailed protocols should be decided on at a later date.


Temporary members: There would be another twenty members selected from the general population, with the only criteria being the age requirement regardless of professional activity. These members would change every three months, allowing a multitude of people to partake in the general administration of the country, the vigilance of the government and the establishing of laws. For this reason we would have the General Council, headed by a scientist and assisted by a deputy with the same role as the Vice President for the head of the country, they would direct a team of men and women from all regional, cultural and intellectual backgrounds, a true representation of the population using their direct participation. The President and Vice President would belong to the General Council by default and help in the most important meetings and the law elections. This model will be reflected in all levels of government, so in every region, town or zone regarding government activities a Wise Council will be established with the same criteria, with the size on the area. Every area will be administrated by a government official and in accordance with this; they can create a Wise Council for the people in the district. It would be them that pass on the responsibility of the government, watch over there actions and establish the local laws. How to decide on law?

The most important thing to remember when establishing laws is that they must be in accordance with the needs of society. These requirements would be known through the council men and individual people reporting to the leaders from the populations of the county. The Presidents and the Vice Presidents would be from the government or a Wise Council and would present their point of view or projects to the general council. The members would then study the projects and plan a debate; all debates would be publically televised. In the case of general law elections, the public would then invited to vote after listening to both sides and considering the pros and cons, the vote will be by internet or direct telephone communication. In this way in just a few minutes all the world would have participated in the elaboration of the laws which we will all live by. If we had applied this method in the past, would we have voted for military deployment or points on driving licenses? Would we organize our traffic system to trap drivers or to make the traffic flow more fluid? Would we have established all small infractions should be punished economically whilst other means are clearly more just? Would we have voted that politicians and pharmaceutical companies should not be held responsible for any unfounded actions taken in regards to the Swine flu epidemic? Would we vote for amnesty for those found guilty of corruption?

In respect to the laws specifically directed at a group of persons, those same people would have a vote just the same as everyone else, and could immediately make their voices heard. For example, the laws pertaining to education and the organization of schools would be discussed with the participation of all the 40 members of the General Council, the President, and Vice-president, 40 additional members from the section the debate refers to i.e. 15 students currently in school, 15 teachers, and 10 sets of parents of students. Children of twelve years old and above are often capable of bringing new ideas to the table through their youth and imagination. Why do we deny their input in matters that will directly affect them? This reasoning is the same when referring to all institutions, whether educative, governmental or sanitary, just the same as any laws referring to human categories and professions. The real system frightens me; there was recently a debate about the rights to abortion for underage children; the middle age group for these politicians is 65 years of age, there was not one person under the age of 40 years of age in the group of decision makers! If we want just laws which suit everyone, they must be created by everyone keeping an open ear to those it directly affects. In a Demosophic government, a law concerning the pollution of the world should be approved by the whole population, whilst a law to reform university education should be approved by the General Council and a group of interested parties including students and

teachers from all areas of the world. Lastly a law approved based on a 51-52% average is ludicrous, what this is effectively saying is one out of every two people is against it! I believe that as least two out of every three should be in accordance for the third to fold and say the law corresponds to a true majority. A law that has less than 66% vote should be forgotten, modified and elaborated then if considered relevant, represented at a later date. Deciding our own laws means the recuperation of our society: we will never again have to put up with those who wish to force us into a certain way of life, prohibitions and obligations determined by a small group of men who know nothing of real life, themselves immune to the laws that they create! Regarding the financing of these organizations, the disappearance of politicians is enough to guarantee any future funds needed: those robbing and thieving men in question actually cost us a fortune! Other than review the law, the Wise Council will also be responsible for overlooking all communication. Overlooking, meaning guarantees for the freedom of information, prohibiting censure of the kind that the Bilderberg Club, politicians and large corporations display. This also means protecting ethics in professions and allowing them to warn the general public if they deem it necessary, a perfect example is the danger of the latest flu vaccine and the failure from professionals to make this fact known. Merck & Co produce the Gar295

dasil vaccination against the human papillomavirus (PAP), the very same vaccination is sold by GlazoSmithKline called Cervarix. Since hitting the market, victims began to appear, death, paralysis, convulsions, epileptic episodes, Guillain-Barre syndrome and a variety of others, the politicians however are buying it in bulk and advising everyone to have the jab! Some politicians’ propaganda is advertising this vaccine as obligatory using the worst possible means in order to guilt parents into vaccinating their children: you are a bad parent if you don’t vaccinate your child; some parents remain good parents even though their children are now paralyzed. The media have supported the play from the laboratories, regardless of the fact they knew that it was dangerous and was is no way a preventative for cervical cancer as the politicians responsible for the promotion had suggested, later they choose not to report on the great number of people who had fallen victim to these vaccinations. I think it would become rather interesting to have a television channel available to the whole population which would be entirely filled with free press, freelance reporters, where there would be no publicity allowed, at least allowing everyone to have some source for the truth. It would be the Wise Council that would control the entire chain of ethics; the General Council would guarantee exactly how the information could be proportioned. JUSTICE “The more laws and order are made prominent,

the more thieves and bandits there will be” Lao-Tzu, Beijing, China. A man who opposed the expropriation was in return visited by two security guards from said company; they attacked him and left him with one broken leg, two broken arms, intestinal perforation and a fractured skull. He was hospitalized and after a police investigation, a jury sentenced him, the victim to 2 years in prison for public disorder. USA - Oakland, California. Oscar Grant was arrested and detained by the police on the metro. One of the agents drew their gun and shot him. Bad luck on his part: witnesses that filmed the incident therefore proved that it was not a case of self defense on the part of the police. For once the victim was found to be innocent of a crime against the police. France - Marseille. After a routine traffic control for regulation papers, the vehicle resumed his journey, after he started the car, policeman Taillefer was practicing shooting a machine gun, and one of the bullets killed a 17 year old boy. The sentence was a 10 months suspended sentence. Anyone who has ever researched police errors on the internet can observe a wave of fascist violent mistakes in any of the modern countries from Canada to Italy. If one looks into the consequences of these errors, you would at least expect sanctions against the assailants, 10 months for the murder of a child, a 2 week

suspension from driving for the rape of an immigrant woman, but no, on investigation we find excuses such as the victims were rebellious, or disobedience, disorderly or aggressive. In all of these countries when there are no witnesses to represent the scene, the justice system regularly condemns the victim. Clearly, a woman prisoner in a police van, raped and imprisoned, should learn, smile and thank god that they she is not also being charged of being disorderly, if daring to have an opinion, she is scorned or accused of disturbing the justice if to complain. The police are described as a Gestapo and are badly thought of after these types of acts, the Jew has simply been replaced by the Arab and the African. Unfortunately the reactions of the justice system are reminiscent to the era of Hitler. When the laws of a country are fair and the institutions that uphold them are just, people can enjoy serenity. To emphasize the point, the three most decadent countries, America, Great Britain and France are home to the worst justice systems. The foundation of the justice systems in these countries is the most deficient of them all: they claim that the whole world is innocent until proven guilty, but in reality it is based on “any accused is guilty unless they can prove otherwise, especially if they happen to be poor or lack family support “. The amount of people wrongly imprisoned is higher than ever, reaching figures previously unknown

in the history of humanity. The proud owners of these elevated figures are of course France, America and Great Britain. Most of the world has seen with frequency the honest judges relegated to positions of little or no interest and often suffer accidents when denouncing the fraud of the State more even when attempting to go against the economical interests of banks or larger corporations. Most countries have devised special branch systems with connections to politicians: the district attorney. The principal function of this dignitary it to manage the highly topical issues and to protect the politicians, the brand names and the large companies. When one of them elects to show some independence they are immediately reviled by their profession and quickly removed from the most important positions. Eric de Montgolfier, a French district attorney, has written a book names “defend or offend” claiming this very fact. He only came to regret his daring act to defy the most atrocious practices within the justice system: the discreet annotations of the masonry: few people know, but it is not without reason that members of the masonry can rise above the justice powers, they are in a perfect position to help their “brothers”, the symbols used, allow them to identify each other allowing them to help them in any way possible. Every court depends on the local authorities, elected, political leaders or the industrial interests and finances of the region. In this way the paedophile rings

of torture and sacrifice are protected because they often implicate participation by high ranking officials from many of these same sects and governmental organisms from many modern countries. This terrible ignominy is common; when a French minister is publically know to be involved, he can be assured of impunity. Many consider me to be antiquated, but I consider a child to be sacred, our role as parents should principally be to protect our young and to respect innocence, in my opinion those who commit the worst crimes should receive the worse punishment. I don´t want a system that protects child murders, that prohibits investigations, or protects high ranking officials from persecution, nor do I want a justice system then nearly always pardons important dignitaries. I want the opposite. I want a justice system that severely punishes our leaders when they betray our confidence, because I believe they should be the models for integrity. I would like to see a little logic in justice: if a minister is found to be embezzling millions of Euros, I don´t want him to get off with an insignificant fine and a suspended sentence, I want him to be forced to repay the money stolen and I want that same judge to abstain from sentencing a youth to three years in prison for an insignificant robbery: the punishment should fit the crime. On the basis we are constructing a new society; we

should revise the functionality of all the institutions and rebuild them all from scratch. When speaking of justice, a trustworthy justice system for all is without a doubt one of the most important elements for a good quality of life in society. It should not only be the justice system, all institutions should be revised, modified or in some cases completely changed. There is no reason not to, I am convinced that a society constructed by a combination of all its members, using intelligence and the ideas of millions, can only work for the better. Ever more through the justice system, the State plays the role of master and dictates to the people what they can and can´t do. The individual is less responsible for themselves than ever before in history. Due to all of these petty prohibitions, there are few freedoms left, and even these are being further reduced as time marches on, each one marking the distance from the term “liberty”. Subjects which before fell under the dominion of ethics, community spirit or deontology, are now treated as matters of law. In this way a doctor does not treat a patient according to his conscience, he treats according to the juridical protocols laid out to him by the law, therefore guaranteeing the sales of laboratory products. A surgeon must have the ridiculous legal protection in place before operating; they often pay huge fortunes to insurance companies to protect themselves, therefore filling the pockets of the greedy once again.

Without the risk of sounding naïve, I dream of laws that are in harmony with justice, community spirit and morality, and I believe if people decided their own laws we would be well on our way to achieving this. The President of the government for the justice system and the Wise Council would oversee this task. The government would have as much say in the justice system as they would in the daily operations of the country, whilst the Wise Council would monitor another juridical system: the courts of appeal. Anyone who feels that they have not received a just hearing can enter into this second justice system, it will be mainly made up of investigators and non professionals elected from the local population. It is clear to me that in this area of justice there are many details which can be developed. Probably as with many other people I imagine a system that offers true justice, but that is not the subject of this book, I only hope for a system that allows the local population to participate in the creation of a just system, even if that means only using my ideas as a foundation for a better method. The internet is an incredible tool that allows everyone to express themselves and gather a mountain of information and ideas from all over the world. We must maximize this system. For example, apart from a few unchangeable texts, courses should be freely available on the internet, allowing families not to have to pay the enormous costs of schools or colleges, after all a few

millions Euros saved on fees and paper is a few less trees destroyed and just a little less contamination to our planet. One other very important point about justice: closed door justice and named tribunals, depending on the country e.g. “military tribunal”, “special tribunal” etc. should all disappear, secrets only serve to hide the truth and represent the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. When an action is honest, there is no reason to hide it! No trial should be hidden from the public; people should never be labeled as “having not rights”. The current system is scarily easy: it allows “exceptional” measures to be taken when dealing with terrorists, but whom exactly determines whether they are terrorists or not? In reality there is no reason to hide from the public if we respect the concept that anybody accused has the right to defend their innocence, we should tolerate even less the isolation and torture of people detained before trail. Laws of this type applied in any country are a true insult to humanity. It is probable that a true justice system will transform our society to the detriment of the large corporations: the telephone companies that illegally participate in ways to extract money from their clients, or the pornography that lets our small children down. If people chose their own laws and had a justice system that assumed it true role, then the large corporations could no longer hope for impunity against their crimes. I must also mention all the fraud associated with the social security who do not hesitate to use any means pos303

sible to receive their payments or avoid delaying them for as long as possible to incur interest, many other companies could also find themselves sanctioned, banks for example or insurance companies who are all involved in all sorts of swindles which the current system never prosecutes. It seems obvious that if we wish to build a healthy society we should take special care in establishing a fair justice system with different concepts from only protecting the rich or powerful, this is at least one of the institutions that will need a complete reformation. Another important charge of the Wise Council:

THE ARMED FORCES This perfectly reflects the mentality of the governments; the armed forces represent the largest corporation in the country, whether for profits, equipment or its sheer number amount of employees. The perfect violent example, and a concept encouraged by all the leaders of the world. In my opinion, the armed forces should be separated into three very different parts: the exterior army, the interior army and the secret army. The Exterior Army (or Classic Army): It begins with this quote from Albert Camus who invited all the armies of the world to mediate:

“Yes or no, directly or indirectly, do you want to be killed or assaulted? Yes or no, directly or indirectly, do you want to kill or assault? The Century of Fear All those who responded “no” to the questions are automatically undergo a series of consequences that change the way they attempt the problem, of course the consequences always included their family, friends etc. Distinguished military men, “change the way their men think”. This signifies that for us, it is first necessary to clearly determine what their role within society should: is it the guarantee of security for the civil population and risking of opposition of their corrupt superiors, or should they continue to feel like tools to be manipulated by the leaders, who are willing to sacrifice them at the first opportunity? According to Sun Tzu, author of “The Art of War” a good army is composed of obedient idiots who carryout their duties without question, this is the foundation of all armies throughout the world. Training therefore always begins with brainwashing to achieve “obey without question”. According to Descartes “I think, therefore I am”, to be human is to think, without it we are simply animals. Military leaders do not want men, rather machines who obey orders, for this reason the army tends to use more the concepts of Sun Tzu rather than those of Descartes. In my opinion every human being should think and

decide for themselves, no order should be given without justification, no soldier or mercenary should have to accept an order that encourages barbarism or leads to violence against civilian populations. Those of you from the USA or other countries who receive special training to detain civilians in concentration camps, do not have the right to be complicit to these crimes without first admitting that your own family and friends might also be imprisoned in the future once your own task is completed. Don´t be stupid: there have been no provisions made for you in the future imagined by the Bilderberg Club, other than the control of a dehumanized robot. A while ago, their counterparts organized the mass genocide of over 7 million people in Germany, the world curses all the soldiers, military and police that were incapable of saying “no” to their leaders and inadvertently participated in the Holocaust. Any order given against the civilian population in any country is a violation of that countries integrity and a denial of human rights. We must remember that when the military do not represent a threat to the civilian population, they convert into symbols of respect of which we are proud. The only reason they exist at all, is to protect the general population, who sacrifice a portion of their salaries to have their lives defended, gain freedom, and maintain their civil rights. In the Demosophic government, the armed forces fall under the authority of the Wise Council who

through their own constitution cannot order an attack on any country, let alone condone actions against its own people: their role is exclusively to defense in a stricter sense, to invade a country on the pretext that we “think” they may be a threat or “may” attack, in my opinion is not a defense role. To guarantee this mission, we will not apportion any more resources to the armed forces than already exist and over time even this will be gradually reduced to a minimum, until they disappear completely: the directors only want war, which no population desires. All the countries within the Demosophy will immediately cease to be a threat to other countries, any future armed forces would be a combination of various countries serving to protect in case of external aggression. It is probable that the first country to adopt Demosophic ways will deem the armed forces redundant and in continuance many other nations would take the appropriate steps to install this same system in order to achieve a similar result. The Interior Armed Forces: In the majority of countries the population doesn’t really understand the roles of the different police departments, the many services cross over in many respects. I believe the interior armed force´s role should be to supervise the police and reinforce when necessary to guarantee protection yet have no public contact. They should have an important role in juridical activity, help307

ing magistrates in the Court of Appeal, facilitating investigations that can be at the disposition of the judges. One concept of Jacques Bergier, a free thinker of the 20th Century was an agent for the people to distinguish rights to justice against the State: he called this civil servant an “ombudsman”. Another free thinker who was the author of many science fiction works was Robert Heinlein who developed another concept: the impartial witness, a member of the justice system, specially trained to observe and have a perfectly impartial view. Their function would be limited to witnessing not unlike a video camera, the permanent present of this type of functionary offers the best guarantee against police errors and other types of abuse within the system. Functionaries from the interior armed forces can occupy these positions to defend against the injustices of the government institutions. Lastly, the Secret Army: Even though I don’t like the idea of this concept, it must exist, if only to gather information and Intel for the security of the population. Under this banner all the agencies of today would assemble, secret services, intelligence and counter intelligence. In many countries the number of these organizations has grown massively and today more exist then ever. Their role as henchmen for governments should be substituted for one exclusively for intellectual activity. Initially, the need for the secret army would be applicable to the first county to adopt Demosophy as they would become potential vic308

tims for attack. It is obvious that the current leaders would not condone a country that moved out of their control, renouncing war, refusing to be brought off and permitting their own people to make the laws, essentially escaping international organisms who wish to control them. Although necessary at the beginning, the Wise Council would oversee this section at all times to prevent any illegal activity. What would be the role of the police department? Before I mentioned a few cases of police brutality and there obvious increase over the last few years. I invite you to read a few pages on the internet and note some names of the victims: you may notice as I did, that 99% are of foreign origin, i.e. immigrants. Over the last few years some countries have seen more frequent incursions from police in principally immigrant based areas. These raids are purely to terrorise the local population, attacking youths that were unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. During these attacks the racist abuse, threats of all types are ever more frequent, if watching a film on the Jewish attacks which took place in Germany during the Second World War, you may be forgiven in thinking “Here we go again”. Police conduct in countries controlled by the Bilderberg has begun to take on a fascist aspect, not due to the police themselves; they simply follow the orders from their superiors, who in turn receive orders from

above. The “Machas “phenomenon clearly reflects the fascist tendencies at government level, using all the institutions dependant on them. The choices to elect the most atrocious people to head up the public organisms is necessary for the Bilderberg Club´s concept so they can all team up together, all of one mind, united in violence. The Republic, and the cast of politicians it engenders, has never functioned in any other way. Those who gain power always have the priority to assure they have control of the brute force, whether military, police or juridical, they place their strongest allies at the heads of these organisations, people lacking in morality who best serve their interests. In this way the police service raids are given concrete orders: intimidation, blackmail, threats, pressure, and murder, many often appear as suicides or accidents. The current justice system is at hand to cover up any facts and the communication channels serve as a speaker for our corrupt officials. The majority of these interior ministers and justice systems in every country can be implicated in many cases of crime, conspiracy, extortion, abuse of power and corruption. If tomorrow reporters could “tell all”, if some members of the secret services could guarantee themselves impunity and reveal all the actions they have been told to execute, the general public would be horrified by the number of depraved acts and the gravity of the crimes committed by the “democrats” and in re310

flection how little they value human life. To give abusive faculties to police or by covering their taxes, the authorities have them living in terror, fearful every time a child leaves the house, fear of murder from jealousy or error, fear that, like many youths of today they will be left with no human rights, they have been left no choice: obey, suffer and shut up. The insecurity and danger from the police obliges us to change our relationships with our children. Before we would recommend good behaviour, respect the law and morality, but also have dignity and do not hesitate to defend your values. Now we must teach them to be subservient, not to risk provocation, and move away in the presence of uniforms. Youths feel large, strong, with the right to live and now we have to oppose this nature for fear of repercussions later on in life. Through the police, the governments now require subservience from all: laws such as disobedience, rebellion or dangerous conduct give the police the role of judge, jury and executioner. There are multitudes of laws now left open to interpretation allowing the leaders to maintain a permanent state of terror. With these laws, they have introduced a term called “malicious terrorism” which is presented to the police as no better than treason; it represents injustice, bias, abuse of authority and above all arrogance. Due to the unjust systems in many countries there are many police being implicated in abuse and they often join criminal gangs. It can be seen in Eastern countries which now lead the criminal gangs organised throughout West311

ern Europe. Once again, the original outline in based on the concept formed by the Bilderberg: bring a policeman from a brigade where everyone behaves with integrity and honour, and watch how the new recruit strives to become the most honest and straight. If brought into corrupt brigade, they are taught to think they are “better than the rest”, no young policeman going into a service such as this can oppose everyone else, and they have no other option but to follow the crowd and model their behaviour on those around them. The men that make up the police are worth more than this, and should not have to be afraid to press charges against any superior officer who incites corruption. Although impossible now, this right would quickly become normal in a Demosophic system where the whole world would have means to defend their own integrity and that of their brigade, allowing them to say “no” to any superior who wishes to use them against the civil populations or for their own personal benefit. There is nothing more puzzling than a politician using the military to carry out a robbery: Giscard d´Estaing a French politician used the army to steal the property of the President of Africa and remove him from his position and install a man in his place to promote his own economical interests and those of his family. These types of exactions, which are fortunately rare, often unmask the frequent scandals involved with internal matters; they have become daily events in the lives of the political police.

One can only ask in these circumstances, why police corruption is is not more generalised and at what level is sincerity maintained. This allows us to hope, and maybe by modifying the principal structure we can quickly restore a hierarchy based on competence and merit, without subservience leading to respect from the public once again. It should be an honour to be part of the police force, not a last resort! ECONOMY, UNEMPLOYMENT We can only think clearly and review the facts when we gain a little distance from our actual system: Imagine cavemen in long gone eras, it was a period of hard hunting and constant hunger throughout the tribe. This is the crisis: there is a food shortage and they must decide who should be better fed amongst the members. Cavemen, who are not so stupid, decided that all of the hunters should be sufficiently feed in order to have the necessary strength for the following day to be able to hunt, obviously saying that the most productive within the tribe should be protected from the crisis, as their survival is key to the survival of the rest. Now looking at modern society we find that our politicians are not capable of the same reasoning of the cavemen: where is the crisis? Only amongst unproductive civil servants who continue to have their salaries maintained, whilst the productive i.e. workers, small businesses are collapsing due to the lifestyles of those in

higher salary brackets. Result: the unproductive are more expensive for society who have less productive due to the maintenance. All the political decisions over the last few years have contributed to this imbalance. In modern countries, when men are more productive they are removed from society and “retired”. At this age, when people are at the height of their intellectual capacity, they have practically no role within society. Many have professional knowledge which can serve as important educative tools, or introduce new more interesting activities. Without a doubt, our society undervalues these people and calls them “past it”, proceeding by excluding them, when in reality they should do the opposite. This attitude reflects the bad economy which has spiralled out of control within modern society; constantly decreasing work positions, limitation on individual workers, an absurdity in a crisis, causing yet more unemployment. The young work later, whilst the active employees leave work earlier! We sell less and yet produce less, which leads to cuts. Any logical management team attempts to recover their competitiveness during cost cutting times by first reducing administrative personnel rather than productive workers. But once again, the government have done exactly the opposite: since the beginning of the economic difficulties, they have increased the spending on private administration companies whilst raising

prices, leaving smaller companies no choice but to make huge redundancies amongst their most productive workers. At the same time, they are contracting more administrative staff and developing public and sub-public sectors. To finance these new costs, they must further increase the demand on private companies, thus completing the vicious circle. Result: all modern countries have huge administrative machines which are hugely disproportionate to the productive businesses, almost one in every four workers is employed by the State, and the private companies now produce such expensive products that they are not only unsellable to foreign markets, but they are uncompetitive within there own markets. Only some large companies benefit from foreign production. The others are so heavily penalised that they cannot spend money on investigation or technological development making them quickly obsolete. Since the 1950/60´s these companies had an 80% of “home grown” employees, nowadays excluding China and Japan most workers are immigrants. In the euphemistic countries, which are generally called “developing” the situation is worse still. Their class of politicians are even more corrupt than ours, if that is possible, and completely abandon their own economies in favour of large multinational companies, usually with connections to the local mafias. The smaller companies survive with difficulty with no hope

of every creating new positions within the work place. Evidently, those who have worked over the last 30 years have more rights than those who have only worked 10 years, yet they appear to be the easiest to replace, by cutting the working life of these people, they force them into poverty. In modern countries, years ago people would actively look for work, now they look for apprenticeships as they need to have various foundation courses behind them before they can be considered for professional positions. These countries hold absurd standards, reinforced by the incompetence of the training organisations which are often the suction pumps for subsidy. Many people now do not work, but spend their time in various courses to remain off the unemployment lists. No doubt they will soon create special studies and orientation for training in unemployment! This farce is accentuated by the economic situation, showing a job market which reflects the total incompetence of its politicians. True managers are capable of understanding that the redundancy of 100 people to slightly increase the salary of those remaining is not good management. People in modern countries have stopped believing these empty promises, and would prefer a bit of honesty no matter how much it hurts. I would also like to know why the large companies enjoy so many perks and show enormous profits.

In the same way I would like to know why finance laws are always in favour of capital expenses for production, why is the shareholders money best spent “invested” rather than being used to give the economy the push it so desperately needs? Today, Demosophy asks the vital questions about our immediate future: Firstly: Do we want a rich government or a rich people? Secondly: Is it worth contaminating our oceans rivers and air, transform our coasts and forests, create concrete jungles, live with constant stress, send satellites into space to receive TV channels, have enormous military arsenals and build prestigious buildings? Is the loss of our planet or the end of humanity in 20-30 years not too higher price for us to pay, just to enrich the modern industries and politicians? Youth represents the vitality of a country, new spirit is now beginning to define the future state of everyday life, and this development is becoming one of violence within society. Our youths are sad and worried about the future, they have their liberty restrained and are creating more problems than ever in society. They are full of nerves and stress for which we are responsible, just by allowing idiots to lead our world. Since our society’s infancy, we have only discovered war, corruption, poverty and it has been deprived of its true youth which will lead to no hope of a future.

If we do nothing we will also deprive our own children of any future. The next generation will need to live by the laws of the jungle. Soon, the young that are currently preparing for A-level examinations will be less equipped to deal with the future which will be about brute strength and they will need to live according to the law of the streets. We must start working to construct a new social structure as soon as possible; it is a physiological need for the nature of man. From the age of 20 years of age we have the ability to raise a family, yet on its current course society and it´s youth will only end in rebellion. The humiliation of a “reduced” society will cause resentment and transform into violence until such a time as dignity is restored. The destruction of family structure, the increased level of youth suicide, forced idleness of many and the total uncertainty about the future are symptoms of a society in decline, ready and waiting to be exploited. The fear comes from the loss of normality, leading to people abandoning ideas of solidarity, hospitality, caring and pride: each one fears the next yet supports the other. It is evident that all of these symptoms will worsen if the world continues along its current path, just as it is evident that we will all begin to disappear if we don´t take a stand to clean up our society. SO LET´S DO IT! Let´s create a new monetary concept, new studies, new social laws etc.

All economists know in reality, that it is not difficult to bring unemployment to within manageable levels, but this requires a re-evaluation of some type within the management of all companies. So what exactly is stopping us? What is stopping us reuniting all of the brilliant minds of our time, to establish solutions, so our population can create a new economic model approved by all, a model where people can find their place in the world with no exclusions? It doesn´t matter if this model won´t make the banks rich, after all it will enrich it´s people! I don´t display all my ideas about the economy or management of society as this is beside the point. My desire is to share my conviction that there is an alternative to the animal instincts of domination and brute force, and that man is capable of controlling these primeval instincts allowing intelligence to prevail. These two instincts exist in all of us from birth, first it is the animal instinct that dominates us, later depending on the external circumstances, it is education, developing our mental capacities to be sociable and overcome brute force with intelligence. The ones who do this best are the free thinkers of the world, but there are many due to circumstance that will always rely on their basic instincts. If born poor, they constitute the class of delinquents and criminals who reside in the lowliest parts of the world, if born rich they populate the upper world appearing to be opposites because they have been allowed to develop in a differ319

ent way. Many at the end of their lives finally have evolved enough to understand any previous state they may have lived in (McNamara, Alfred Nobel.....) Since pre-history, the human organisation within society has been, the first person who arrives dominates, they were able to dominate over their own families and through association with other like minded families have reinforced this hierarchy. Violence was a method of natural selection amongst the leaders of a group, whether a few members or the current population the concept of two men fighting for leadership has not changed, only now they have armies to fight for them. This type of violence has always led the world, slowly but surely intelligence has opposed it, represented by the free thinkers throughout history which are ever more numerous. They have already thwarted the first attempt at mass genocide by the Bilderberg, and they are revolting against governments throughout the world, uniting in turn to present a true concept of humanism, after all we still have time to save our planet, our species and our future. This is why I am writing this book, to establish a humanist concept with a government that included the whole population. Also true thinkers are ever more numerous, with the appropriate educative system; the next generation could find all of the solutions, if only because it has found a reason: a future through the open door that is Demosophy. I also hope this book has motivated and awakened

the noble man within all of us? Of course the government model presented is incomplete and I have left the details very sketchy. If I had indeed gone into detail, I would have first had to write a book with thousands of pages with little hope of reaching sufficient people; it may then have been taken as a fixed model making it only valid for some countries and cultures. I wished to develop a governmental concept which has the input of everyone it may concern, whichever country or culture that may be. Once again I am being presumptuous in hoping this book will be published, and later successful enough to be presented at the next elections, it only has one mission: install the system! What I mean to say with this is first a Wise Council should slowly be established. Next a new mentality within all the education establishments and the necessary reforms to the all government systems, some of the most urgent are the following: • Create a Wise council and put the military under their charge, to assure people that they hold some power over corrupt governments. • • Name a Vice-President Create the “United People”

• Develop national education and include government studies • Make the counties independent from the Bilderberg control, NATO, UN, WHO etc.

Abolish the secret prisons and torture camps.

• Put immediate measures in place for an economic structure to combat unemployment. • Rapidly install the structures of the Wise Council to permit all the laws to be decided by public vote. • Prohibit Chemtrails until there has been analysis and a decision by a scientific committee. If it is deemed necessary for climate reasons, then explain clearly to the public and establish strict control on product use. • Including a long etcetera.

Lastly those who embark on this mission must assume the position for at least a decade, the necessary time for our youth to gain the adequate education to take the reins. It is obvious that the start of a Demosophic system cannot be based on past writings, I believe the correct way to go about it is that the President should begin with no other obligation than the creation of the Wise Council, whose first job would be to elect a vice, and later establish a common constitution with all the inhabitants of the country. The Wise Council would always have the power to revoke presidency if necessary. In any country which chooses to offer this concept they would come across a republican system which only offers the rights of presentation to the politicians. They should attempt to achieve a degree of normality within the country, offering nothing more than the concept of

Demosophy; a government directed by the Wise Council in which all the population participates, laws decided by a combined society, one that renounces war and weaponry, and emancipates all of the organisations controlled by the Bilderberg, with a government who has the combined military strength to make them disappear. It will be difficult at a national level, because all of the politicians will unite against the concept, it will be even more difficult at an international level, the leaders fear revolt of the people above all else and they are all united by the important international organisations linked to the Bilderberg Club, they have public champions on there side such as Barak Obama to convince the masses. DIFFICULT BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE, if we are numerous enough and we want it enough, by supporting the idea of installing Demosophy we can create a meeting point for all of those in the world who want real change, and for those who wish to embark on a new human adventure. Some may raise the point that different countries have different ways of thinking and this may complicate the future disappearance of the State and the formation of a United People. I don´t believe this for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the first country to introduce Demosophy will be a model and it is probable that those who choose to follow this model will improve upon it. Due to cultural reasons, populations are every different and may adopt distinct laws, why is this important?

Everyone will elect for laws that are convenient to them, if we travel we will automatically accept their laws in place of our own. The differences between one and the other will be slight; the principal laws would still remain elected by all populations. UNITED PEOPLE With evidence, once in place, the Demosophic concept will expand to unite all humans into one big family, which needs a world government, an idea described by the true thinkers for a long time. The Bilderberg created the United Nations; we will create the United People: the UP. Until such as day as there is no frontiers, nor nations and all the people can live in harmony, then we can unite all the people in one common goal: rediscover our liberty and our right to choose our own future. “The scientist today knows really a tragic fate (...) With all the intelligence desirable, it is understandable that in a climate history in proper condition, the states based on the idea of a nation embodying economic power and political So the military, and that this whole system inexorably leads to the universal death. He knows that in the current methods of a terrorist power, only the establishment of a supranational legal order can still save humanity.”, The world as I see it -Albert Einstein The words state, nation or country represents nothing but abstract concepts, concepts that have no legal

justification. These countries have been formed over the course of history through chance, migration, wars and pacts....effectively through disaster in a mathematical sense. Yesterday a State of Yugoslavia existed; today they are Serbian and Croatian States. When a man or group of men have an army, or sufficient political force to claim a territory, it constitutes a state. A state is only a group of potent men who declare it to be so, pretending to embrace all of the inhabitants of said state, in order to keep them under control. The reason is nothing other than ethics. If all the people have ethnic mixes, for geographical reasons, there would be none who have not received exterior blood lines, apart from maybe one exception, the Sentinelese, a small group of people from the Andaman Islands. It is lucky that this ethnic mixture has taken place, because with out it a population cannot evolve, such is the case with these particular island dwellers. Maybe, we could talk of a “cultural gender” when a population is sufficiently established in any one region. The State only exists because of those who possess the might to enforce it; this can only remain this way while there are imbeciles under their command, whether police, army or militias. If future schooling forms superior personal qualities, the young wishing to enter these services should be smaller in number. Only the current leaders want war, the people are the ones who suffer. Without dignitaries to incite war,

they will have no reason to begin; the majority of humanitarian resources which are currently destined for military programs can finally be dedicated to humans. It is unacceptable that some humans, whoever they may be have the power to destroy the Earth. It is just as unacceptable that a few men can decide if millions of people live or die. Has even one of the wars been desired by the people? These people are brought to war against their wills and this will only stop by removing the governments who have the power to start them, only this will re-establish peace on earth. Anyone with a sufficiently developed mind does not think “nationally” but more globally, these are the free thinkers: humanists. This shows that nationality, language or aspect is unimportant. A scientist can participate in a United People with all the security necessary to know they are working toward a humanist end and participate in the establishment of a just ethnic consensus. So the creation of a United People should be done at the first opportunity in order to reunite all the true thinkers. They are currently maintained and controlled in secret by the military laboratories belonging to the Bilderberg Club. It is imperative that we free them and remove the barriers erected between them, making all forms of dependence which have previously existed through private corporations, states or military industries, disappear. All of the world´s scientists should be able to express themselves freely, openly investigate and above all decide their own scientific orientation,

without fear that the military will use their inventions, theories and discoveries inappropriately. The liberation of our scientists is essential. The abolition of secrets, free correspondence, periodic meetings, interchanges and a permanent head of a United People is imperative to finding solutions to the problems currently plaguing humanity. No discovery or investigation should belong to private enterprises or certain States. The current quotation and budget races should no longer exist, situations such as the current case of nanotechnology should no longer occur. Creating a United People is not complicated; the first country to adopt the Demosophic concept would create it slowly adding people from other nations as they join the movement. Once established, all scientists would be welcome as correspondents or members wishing to develop their own activities. The difference with the United Nations, is that it is principally an instrument of violence, with the object of domination, the United People will be a gigantic investigation centre with purely humanistic and demosophic intentions. Based on the ideas of the first Demosophic government, the United People will consist of: members from every population, people from every region, scientists, artists, professionals, chosen by chance, permanent and temporary members etc. All that guarantees the people power in the future, knowing that only the most “noble” and “qualified” will reach the high posi327

tions within the organisation; those specially trained for this purpose. It is a waste of time to speak of war or future weaponry. We must forget all of that; these concepts no longer have a place in the society of the future. Who will begin wars when there is no one on the hunt for money or power? There will no longer be any terrorism, as there will be nothing and no one to ignite it! I have no idea if terrorism groups exist in the Eastern Orient, but if I lived in one of the invaded countries, or had to live under occupation, with all the prohibitions, massacres and torture, I believe I would be also be extremely angry with the invading countries and their accomplices. Whoever they may be! The day when an invaded country is not stirred up by what we call “terrorism” is the day they will no longer exist because the Western world would have destroyed them and all their inhabitants. After all there was no Tasmanian terrorism because when the English invaded the country they didn´t leave even one alive!


CONCLUSION Firstly, one step at a time: Most people have no idea of the real significance of “being rich” not in the sense of the government that rule over us. The dream of winning the lottery doesn´t even come close to the sensation of being rich that those men experience. A small bit of reality: All of the indicted figures are averages based on European countries; obviously this varies between both country and politician. These figures represent the economic reality of our lives, not what is on our pay slips, but the real money we take home at the end of the month. I mention this as in many countries, employees from private companies have no right to claim expenses, and other are plagued with very strict limits, a vast difference to our politicians who claim on anything from champagne to escorts! They pay no attention to the mark ups in petrol, just the overall profit; expensive restaurants never have limits according to their expense reports. Two different worlds! Whilst talking of realities lets not forget the ones who receive unofficial monies or those who receive undeserved grants, there are many associations created solely for this effect, they include commissions, false expenses, overtime and fictitious work positions. Many of the population value things based on their monthly salaries, for this reason the following figures

are quoted as monthly: Beginning with the smallest, the mayors, civil servants based in small cities: they should be satisfied with anything from 4000-30,000 Euros depending on position. The middle range of regional politicians: reach an average of 20,000-150,000 Euros. The majority of the euro diplomats, higher ranking politicians, or those who have accumulated directives or mandates: 30,000-300,000Euros, explaining why Brussels and Strasbourg have become hotspots for prostitution and drugs! Later we have the high ranking politicians, the disparities here are more important still: 100,000600,000Euros monthly! Last but not least the highest on the scale, the Presidents, friends, families and some ministers, you must read the investigative journalist books to discover the level to which these people aspire: in just two presidential periods some are building towers or billions of Euros, many maintaining private jets, luxury yachts etc. Just in case anyone is interests, Berlusconi put one of his properties on the market at the end of 2009, a steal for just 450,000,000 Euros! Chirac has deposited more than 250 million Euros into an account in Japan to satisfy the needs of his ex-lover; Aznar paid a few millions to obtain an honorary prize!

Just to give you an idea of what it would be like to “be rich” in terms of the members of the Bilderberg Club, hold this thought: for them anyone who earns less that one million Euros a month is considered to be “poor” by their standards. They see us in the same way we see ants in an ant farm: to them we don´t exist. We represent an insignificant mass which they can manipulate through their industrial interests, whether weaponry, chemicals or banks; every product originating from their companies is under the direct control of their representatives: the government. Now, I ask you to multiply these figures by the multitude of people that navigate within the “political circles”, by doing this, it is easier to understand the fact that there is no economic crisis, there is in fact an abundant source of money, with just a small reduction within these political circles the population could be enriched. An after thought: I think and hope that I have demonstrated that the current crisis we are suffering within humanity is the result of 5000 years of dictatorship of this type; it has always been brute force and ideologies that accede to power. These same ideologies have launched the Western World into it´s domineering position over the whole planet, leaving the third world behind, whilst enslaving its people and depriving them of previous freedoms. Republic is the last in a long line of these ideologies, and is the real dominator of power, they use it to softening the flag of democracy, and allows them to re331

main at the top, managing the world and it´s large industries; banks, petroleum, weaponry and chemicals etc. Albert Einstein wrote to Sigmund Freud: “Dear Professor Freud, It is admirable the way the longing to perceive the truth has over come every other desire in you. You have shown with irresistible clearness how inseparably the combative and destructive instincts are bound up with the amative and vital ones in the human psyche. At the same time a deep yearning for that great consummation, the internal and external liberation of mankind from war shines out from the ruthless logic of your expositions. This has been the declared aim of all of those who have been honoured as moral and spiritual leaders beyond the limits of their own time and country without exception, from Jesus Christ ti Goethe and Kant. Is it not significant that such men have been universally accepted as leaders, in spite of the fact that their efforts to mould the course of human affairs were attended with but small success? I am convinced that the great men- those whose achievements, even though in a restricted sphere, set them above their fellows-are animated to an overwhelming extent by the same ideals. But they have little influence on the course of political events. It almost looks as if this domain, on which the fate of the nation depends, has inevitably been given over to violence and irresponsibility.

Political leaders or governments own their position partly to force and partly to popular election. They cannot be regarded at representative of the best elements, morally and intellectually, in their respective nations. The intellectual elite have no direct influence on the history of the nation in these days; their lack of cohesion prevents them from taking a direct part in the solution of contemporary problems.“ Albert Einstein, How I see the world. I believe everyone wants a “golden age” for humanity: peace, disarmament, decontamination, justice and the possibility of developing every individual within a just society throughout the world. The deterioration of the planet leaves everyone believing that this “golden age” is utopia, not a goal that although distant is accessible. Since the first Greek and Chinese philosophers of this century, many have tried to influence the world in this way: individual happiness through development within society and through nature. This path has been forgotten in the search for monies and power, the population has been left in the hands of the “big men” to manipulate it to their own ends. We should try to achieve these objectives to guarantee the future of our own children, a life for the next generation. Anyone with just a small amount of moral conscious knows they have no right to leave a morbid, dying planet and a future in slavery to its descendants. One thing is for sure, our choice is very limited:

Or we can continue as we always have, under the same concepts built by the Bilderberg which will reach further than ever, war, fascism, global genocide, concentration camps, transgenic foods, microchips and the continuation of a human-animal, where the strongest survive, some will kill for a slice of bread yet others live in opulent wealth. Alternatively we can radically change the concept of government, allowing intelligence, the gradual reduction of the population, the return of free will, the abolishment of weaponry, natural agriculture, immediate application of clean technology and a world management team which includes all its inhabitants, a hierarchy based on true human qualities. We will develop a new human society which the young of today will elaborate, bring back illusion, hope and the right to a decent future. We have no right to leave our planet dying just because we are under the control of a bunch of greedy megalomaniacs! HAPPINESS All over the world, the young no longer represent the “life and soul” it has known for in the past, this aside, the concept of happiness has always been difficult to define. I´ll throw my hand at a very personal definition: when we review the last few years of our lives, we realise that it is only the good things, the proud moments,

the generosity, the noble deeds in their true sense that are present in our minds; it is these feelings that give us a sense of well being. This is entirely different to the notion of pleasure, which is characterised by our egos and temperamental nature. Happiness is always long term, as if every generous action enriches our state, both physically and psychologically. I will repeat the words of one of the great thinkers of the last century, Nicholai Semenov, worlds that to me seem especially just and sensible about the reality of youth and the world, because in the situation our society is in, no one is truly “happy”. I hope many of you can identify with this unusual definition, but remember that this is has also been expressed by many other free thinkers such as Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein, and was gloriously confirmed in my previous chapter “education” in this book. Creative activity whether it manifests itself through great works or on little things, constitute at bottom the second essential explicit condition of genuine happiness of each individual..... Today many people see happiness not as a creative activity, but, once their work is finished, in giving themselves over to the pleasures of life, tranquil, or, at the other extreme, riotous. For my part I am firmly convinces that such a conception of happiness proceeds from spiritual poverty or an emptiness of personality, from the absence of social conditions favouring the expression and development of aspirations and creative capabilities that exist potentially in all men.”


REVOLUTION In many countries, writers, reporters and the common man are calling for a rebellion or revolution. This is a logical reaction for those who have realised that their governments are not only corrupt but are also capable of murderous genocide attempts against its own people, this path however can lead to nothing good for the following reasons: • We must remember that to date not everyone has been enlightened; this creates a mass of people who will no doubt side with the strongest, although not really be part of them. They are but followers and will follow only those who appear to be the most dominant. Most likely, this majority is the foundation on which the directors rely on to maintain their positions; they are conditioned people, incapable of thinking for themselves and for this reason respond only respond to the strongest. • In some countries the social tension is so great such that the majority of the population are in agreement that the only solution is revolt, giving reason for the use of a counter attack. This has been seen many times before throughout the course of history, the directors feel they are justified in using any army or terroristic group over the population to quash any rebellion, they simply call this method “restoring order”. • Lastly, if the rebellion is large enough that it gains the support of the army then the directors would sim336

ply look to other means to win back control. It is not beyond them to approach the leaders of the rebellion and coerce them into power, therefore giving the illusion of victory, once things had calmed down and the people had the sense of satisfaction that things would indeed change, the republic would continue behind the scenes, there may even be superficial changes, the public faces would be different, those behind hidden doors would remain the same. Rebellion is a form of violence which is understandable because is a logical reaction, but when it will only lead to further violence then it is better to abstain. Move over, the republic system, if legally understood, leaves a door open to those who wish to represent Demosophy. Later I believe the free thinkers of the world will be numerous enough to support it, allowing nothing to impede it´s success. I am hoping that this book is circulated around many people to help develop a new mentality, so one of those many millionaires who is opposed to the Bilderberg can make it their humanist concept to support, whether son of rich or poor, if there are no fish in the river then everyone will starve. THE END OF 2012

Things I don´t know: • I have no idea if the is any truth in the Orion conspiracy.

• If in December 2012 the Bilderberg will put the Blue Beam into operation. • If David Wilcok is a project financed by the Bilderberg to make us believe in aliens. • If in December 2012, the human population will enter the fourth era as predicted by the Mayans, Egyptians, Hindus’ and Siberians. • If our solar system will make a quantum leap affirmed by the defenders of the Apocalypse Conspiracy, although they have admitted they have no idea what that would be like. • If on 21st December 2012 the planet Nibiru will crash into the earth, according to those who believe in the “Anunaki” and “Marduk”. I must confess I neither understand the theory of “Galactic Lineation” which is another event programmed for this date. I have ignored many events but I am sure these concepts will appear without us realising the influences that astronomy of the ancient peoples has had, they have always had these dates consecrated, calling them by many names, such as the “death of the sun and its subsequence rebirth”. It appears our destinies will be decided at the end of 2012, and later we will have a new world to build, with all the difficulties that it will bring, but also with the hope of a positive future in which we will all par338

ticipate, alternatively we will enter into the fourth era where there will be no other choice but to kill to survive, and we will revert back to the ancient laws of nature, it will be too late to unite and we will become easy prey for organised crime, whether criminal, political or military. The time period marked to the end of 2012 is also evident to anyone with their eyes open. Clearly, politicians do not shine with intelligence and are incapable of hiding anything, let alone their own stupidity. By simply observing their behaviour, it is obvious that they are aware of some sort of deadline, after all the mandates are never more then four or five years. The first few months after an election are to make agreements with the large organisations, law voting, and large constructions etc. These measures give the impression of reform to establish a relaxed social atmosphere so any change aimed at benefiting the large organisations are met with little resistance, allowing them to enrich themselves enormously for the duration of the mandate. The first and second year after the election, is when the population start to awaken and realise it has once again been duped, and very discreetly, then the campaign to repress information begins. In the third year the opposition begin their accusations of irresponsibility and so we come full circle, the game of political favour for public opinion starts all over again, just in time for another election.

At this point, political operations within the parties begin and the actors for the future begin to make their rise to power, putting their faces firmly in the public eye. Again everyone relaxes as future elections bring the hope of change. For the first time in history this does not appear to be the case: some repressing of information continues, yet they are failing to even try to justify scandals such as chemtrails despite an influx of complaints from millions of people. They continue to openly prepare a massive new vaccination attempt, and are clearly worsening the economic crisis without justifying their actions; what do they know that we don´t? All are all behaving as if the next election is unimportant! They are not spending the normal amounts on propaganda and every decision they are making suggests a desire to fill their pockets with as much as they can as quickly as possible. Every unjustified increase to the price of public services reflects the knowledge that the sacrifice of the future economy is irrelevant; suggesting they are unconcerned as to what will happen after 2012. These are indeed unjust increases, as anyone can verify for themselves: in the last few years many companies have officially demonstrated gains of millions of Euros, if this is the case for their companies can you imagine the amounts they have accumulated in their

own personal finances! We are in the middle of an economic crisis, what necessity is there for these huge increases? Might it be a case of bleeding us dry before it’s too late? There has been a massive increase in taxes to small companies effectively extorting them to the maximum and further increases to the prices of basic products all monopolised by the large companies. This appears to be a common theme amongst the larger groups: multinational corporations, banks, insurance companies, arms, chemical, food and communication. They are all in league together to flout laws and use all means possible to defraud the general public and small companies, without fear for future repercussions. All the effective public sectors are in recession: education, health and true national security, whilst other sectors appear to be growing: politics, military and private security. Geographically in any country you could see the same trend: where there are social problems that require economic reinforcements, the state should withdraw and abandon security, however security for the areas in which they reside remains strong, with both police and military presence, and this allows them to direct smaller armies under private companies free from any legal limits. All military and political movements are carried out with the sole purpose of rapid response against the population, should the need arise.

Unemployment reflects the same story; situations vacant are nearly always in the same areas: administration, security, police force or army. The principle activity of the contractors is to accumulate as much money as possible for their employers. Police officials are trained to use any excuse to verbalise, to exploit all career possibilities and train the military in civil intervention. They do it solely to enrich said companies; they even manipulate the justice system to get legal justification to perpetuate their scandals, repressing the millions of complaints that arrive on a daily basis for large corporations of all types. In many countries the social laws will change in 2009 and 2010 in an attempt to get yet more money from us before the cut off date. The Spanish, French, English, Portuguese and Greek politicians are preoccupied with delaying the age of retirement. It is after all money that has previously been invested through all the many contributions to the social security systems and if all goes to plan they will never have to pay it back, more for them, what a surprise! But the question is how do they know they won´t have to pay it back? Another piece of proof that a time limit exists, is the economic situation: from calculations done of the Chinese, Indian, American and European recessions, that whole world can see that we will either have immigrated to China to find work or we will be immersed in a war. There will be no other alternative if we agree to conform to their conceptual ideas. The world governments have been preparing for the

third world war for a long time, and unless there are some huge changes it will not be long before it begins. I often wonder, will it begin in 2012 or will it start from the influence of many smaller wars? Wondering however makes absolutely no difference, both prospects are the same, and the economic agony will just continue. In any case from the beginning of 2013 the majority of “democratic” countries will no longer be able to proportion pensions and social care costs, this will be when the real problems begin....... I am however convinced that if we quickly commence a passive and reasonable path, such as Demosophy, the next decade will have a dramatic change on the populations of the world. Not to take the risk of lecturing, I still wish to add a few more of my thoughts: I have mentioned the Bilderberg have a very fragile situation on their hands, and it would not take a lot to bring some of their members to an economic level similar to our own. COLLAPSE The large banks of the system are giants with feet of clay, all their riches are based on blatant fraud which we could all help put a stop to. The saturation of this system will provoke the collapse, this also applies to the information field and our monetary systems: even now, every day across Europe

and the US there are teams of police set up, whose sole purpose is to expropriate families who can no longer pay their mortgages or rents; every day the electric companies have teams of people just for cutting off power supplies to homes in debt, it is the same story with the telephone companies with their elevated line rentals affecting millions of people on a daily basis, by the day the central bank registers more defaulters than ever before. Currently police can leave in the morning with orders to evict 40-50 families, but what pray tell will happen when there are no families left to extort? Where will the money be generated then? When we are all in the red with the banks and the large monopolising companies, how will these companies survive without there to subsidise them? The collapse is already well under way, it has continued to advance parallel to the economic crisis and as more people become aware of the end date on 2012, the situation extends across the Western world, and will bring an end to the banks and to the Bilderberg. The vaccines are one of the main issues that are bringing about the collapse: the rejection of the vaccines means many people will now have a healthier immune system, preventing further illness and causing less need for the purchase of pharmaceutical products. This is the “problem” with their plan: in order for it to work they would have to tie up the economy, but only a small amount so that their investors can buy up the large real estate, the assets of the large banks will

then crash. But it hasn´t work like that at all! Despite the many campaigns across various countries, the politicians have manipulated the figures to announce a “recovery” of the economic situation, the whole world however is very aware that this is a farce, after all if this was the case why on earth are the unemployment figures still rising? We are not blind, we can see the shops that are closing, the small businesses disappearing, the increase in the homeless and people forced to live on the streets, queues in the bread lines and above all the higher delinquency rates. The high level investors are very well informed and know that money will be worth very little after the year 2012, real estate is no longer a good investment, in their opinion there will be plenty to go around, that´s what tends to happen when you reduce a population as big as ours to just 1 million people. The future of real estate will remain, but construction will fail to recover, if no more homes are needed it just remains to make sure each one has enough space. At the beginning of 2010 the large banks have found themselves in difficulty, the real estate revenues continue to fall despite reports from officials that they are on the rise, advertisements for a second global genocide attempt in the form of vaccines has been declared by the WHO, and the current chemtrails are obvious to all in the mornings: for the investors it is simply a waiting game. Sirs, you wanted to play a dirty game, and now you have lost: there is nothing left for us to do than to stop paying our mortgages and suspend our payments to the

state. At some point they will be unable to maintain the current number of functionaries employed to accost or evict and we can ruin all of their well laid out plans. It has in fact already begun, they have started a devilish machine and we are unable to stop it, I do not believe that any wars planned for the future will be enough to save them from the situation. This is one of the many reasons why I am publishing this book in various languages from the outset, so everyone from everywhere can know that there is an alternative. Other languages are pending. Adding to this, nothing should impede us in the purchase of daily products, but in a way that we avoid the companies owned and run by the Bilderberg, substituting them instead for the local or regional suppliers, avoiding South American meat which has been treated with Monsanto hormones, and ruling out altogether transgenic fruit, vegetables and altered lactic products. I might also suggest that the world avoids the banks and begin to use real money once again, not only will we save ridiculous fees, but it will cause a grave problem amongst the banks and will force them to reduce their product prices. The mere fact of using real money would bring about the end of the fraud to which the banking system is so fond, a system which relies on virtual money. Regarding vaccines and chemtrails, even if we don´t have an exact compound list, we can at least pro346

tect ourselves a little: firstly fortifying our immune systems and taking defence measures against heavy metals: selenium in small proportions can neutralise the effects of mercury, anyone who receives a vaccination should undertake a selenium diet for a small amount of time at the very least, magnesium and high doses of vitamins strengthen the immune system and there are many doctors available who specialise in natural, cellular or orthomolecular medicine. We could also share our discoveries in the research of orgonite, a very low cost and easy medicine to make, there is however a small problem of lack of research and scientific studies in this area. We know that if we carry on this path, by the beginning of 2013 we are either all under the control of the Bilderberg or alternatively we could be free to cancel all our credit and make our debts disappear and give a much needed boost to the economic system. The concept of stopping all payments is in the interest of everyone, leaving only the bills that are strictly necessary. We have been pointed on this path as a direct result of the economic situation, and if you add those who don´t pay but could if they wanted to, the system would soon cave in, forcing them to play by our rules and begin to adapt to new conditions, the money men have been no more than manipulators of power and this is a place we have allowed them to rise to. I am happy knowing that we can prevent the predicted wars, so we can be proud of the resources that

will allow us to continue. If Demosophy is declared before this, it will become very difficult for them to initiate these wars and their collapse will be inevitable. Before the end of 2012, humanity will see someone, maybe it will be one of those few politicians with integrity, and maybe it will be an idle millionaire or a common man, a person who has found a way to integrate themselves into the presidential elections, from which country I couldn´t tell you. Even if they reach their peak and are barely known, there are still a few politicians who are honourable throughout the world and many millionaires who are opposed to the Bilderberg plans; honesty is not the prerogative of the poor! It doesn´t matter who it is, nor where, because it represents the hope of all the free thinkers the world over, that one region on earth at least will be free, renounce all concepts of war and prepare for the future, a decent humanity living on a planet ripe for regeneration. These free thinkers will give it all the support necessary for its success, mainly in the first few years so the installation of Demosophy can be in the very best of conditions. Once this person has manifested themselves, we would have won! They would then be rapidly followed by many others; the grand mass would then follow, because any change in human society is always met with two principle objections:

• The installed potential to fight against anything that endangers ones privileges, I mean politicians of course, but also for the small insecure heads of department, civil servants, technocrats, syndicates, and companies, in other words all those who know they are undeserving of their social positions. • The fear of change, or the unknown. Like animals caged for long periods of time who resist escape when confronted with an open door, weak human beings prefer to live badly in a familiar routine, than face a situation that will oblige them to take responsibility for themselves: better the devil you know! These are the old and they are numerous, always the last the move on. Everyone, if they think very carefully about the possible choices, can have an open interest in participating in the success of a movement that not only frees them, but above all is human. If this book is not successful and is not sufficiently diffused to encourage this humanist movement, then we will forever remain in the Bilderberg era with all the horrors described in the first part of this book, with no hope of return. WOMAN Concerning the horrors previously mentioned, allow me to stretch my imagination. I know that some women have participated in these horrors, some still remain rather animate on the subject, but I cannot imagine the Crusade armies or the Hitler or Bush movements being exclusively made up of women, I cannot imagine women who could dedicate themselves to the torture of

small children, experimenting with vivisection or the massacres of indiscriminate people, yet I have no difficulty in imagining men committing such crimes, some even voluntarily. I may however be mistaken, but I dedicate this book to women because despite the formal lie of equality, I am conscious of the reality, the majority of women continue to feel nothing more that property of men, just like a car or a house, in the Bilderberg era they will continue to be the victims. I do not believe the concept of equality should be valued on the fact that some women drive construction machines, tarmac the roads or enrol with the police force. I believe more in the equality of rights and consideration: for their physiology and the configurations of their brains, man and woman are two separate species, their natural capabilities are different and each participate in the education of a child, but each in a different way, with a distinct role, a role in society and it´s organisation; important roles but essentially different. I do not believe a woman is worth less if they loose their femininity, just as I don´t believe that they are of more value, nor perfect humans when choosing to stimulate the most basic masculine instincts. I sincerely believe that yogurt will continue to be edible, and cars still sellable, if the publicity works without the image of a nude female, invasive pornography takes away the enchanting female form which before was valued as erotic. There are huge differences in women, an absence of aggression, an absence of dominating instinct

and a potential for higher intellectual capacities then men. This is evident in many modern countries, where in scientific studies the women represent the majority. I believe from the development that is a woman´s natural aptitude, we will find the future of humanity, not in the capability some people have to fight with their fists. It is in this way ladies, that more than any other part of the population, you represent my idea of what it is to be the humanists of tomorrow, and if this book brings results I beg you not elude the responsibilities that will be yours: you must be present at all sides, representing as least half of the number of the Wise Council and above all never becoming what current female politicians represent. I would love to see many women such as Aung San Suu Kyi, Aminatou Haidar, Rita LeviMontalcini, Hoang Thi Tuy Lanh..........all are free thinkers with nerves of steel and are among the first examples as to what it means to be human, and what I dream of. RELIGION I want to conclude with a few words about religion because it is a phenomenon that still represents a special significance to many people, reflecting existence in everyone. Religion corresponds to a social need: it would be difficult to admit that our world is the result of a casual event, that our existence has neither coherent logic nor future life. Religion is a tool for continuity and conservation used by a large part of humanity, but who would

reject the concept of the free thinker, when it is principally to better the mental capacities of the human race? Must bettering ones capabilities mean the loss of personal belief? Why can there not be religious leaders without personal ambitions? Nothing impedes us from having our own personal beliefs, but we must always respect others. We must not however impede the process of liberating the human race from the obscurity of the lies of hidden information and conditioning that some religions bring. More than a thousand religions of all types exist across the planet; some may seem very strange from the first. I will conclude by mentioning two religions that may appear quite strange to many: The Onge represents a small minority that live in the Islands of Andaman. These minorities bother people because they refuse to integrate into the general population; the directors have put programs on place to destroy them, principally with alcohol as was used on the English in Australia and the French in Guyana. There may be only one hundred Onge still in existence; their religion is based on the sun and spirits. The prayers are said in the morning in accordance with the rising of the sun, at night they hide from the bad spirits. They can only marry once a man has caught and killed a wild pig, I admit I know little more, but in general, the ethnic minorities that have survived in remote areas have conserved their religious concepts based on good and bad spirits. Rituals adapt according to where they live.

No one has the right to declare that these ideas are bad, or inferior, let alone try to alter and change them. We should not in anyway try to establish a universal religion, quite the opposite, we should animate everyone to think for themselves and not be fearful of creating or joining the religion that suits their needs. The second religion that I describe here is an extreme minority group and a unique example; there are many religions of this kind. I will tell you mine, because unlike some others in place of pride in the participation of an important religion, shared by many, I am proud of my religion because I believe it to be unique. Without going into too many details, this is my personal religion: Four dreams have marked the path of my life. The first, repeated with frequency, seized me during my infancy (2-4years of age) and caused me terrible anguish..... I would awaken in a fright, my heart racing, and would need a few moments before my conscious realised it was just a dream. The unique aspect of this dream did not question me or anything concrete: it was similar to a “wave” of different greyscales, impossible to describe with words. Throughout the rest of my life I have never had this exact dream, but I have dreamed three times, with unusual intensity of my own death. I was in total reality, with a full life and a good existence and three separate accidents, each one different killed me. Each time I lived my last moments intensely, a type of horror before my death, such a after a fall from a tall building, in a few seconds this death becomes hopeful

and curious, and so I awaken. Every one of these dreams wakes me in a stupor, and it takes all my strength to awaken my conscious mind to convince myself that I am in fact alive. All my life I have forged the idea that all the answers to religion are no more than imagination during an after death or dream experience, and I was accustomed to no not thinking about the simple guarantee, that if there was something to know, it would not be before our death, so I concluded it was not worth thinking about and pacified myself with the thought that I will find out when I get there, as it is unimportant today. This has been my religion for the most part of my life. Like it or not, we are the result of billions of human beings who proceed us, and we are deeply influenced by those who remain, it is a general part of our culture. Some subjects bore me, or rather, bother me because I have limited intellect in certain areas, despite the many books I have read about these subjects, the concepts of space-time continuum, time, parallel universes or antimatter escape me. The “puncta” developed by Roger J. Boscovich remains a mystery to me. My imagination can not give me a complete image until I remembering a an author, found in a novel about oriental culture, which said: “If life was no more than a dream within a dream, and if our whole lives and all these dreams inside one another did not last long, but the time that elapsed was not more than the time we spent in another existence?” The memory of this phrase

provokes a kind of understanding of the subject: my dreams and my lack of comprehension of the universe, space and time. After various days of deep reflection, I participated in deep respiration exercises before meditating, this brought me to the conclusion that we never die! We simply pass from one universe to another and every life finishes with a new awakening, until infinity. We are cosmic, as is all that exists; we are all that exists, universal in both time and space. Life that is measured by years has a simultaneous place with much more, and lasts no more than a fraction of a second in other times. We cannot die. This conclusion may appear stupid to some, but who cares? It works for me! Hence the fact I adopted this religion in the first place. I will not go into the details personal to me, but only those that are convenient to me. I do not care that it may appear absurd to others, indeed it may really me absurd, but like I said before it works for me, since I have adopted this religion, I don´t think anymore, I feel comfortable with my belief and will not look for another. I am like the Onge who feel good, and have never flown a flag to advertise their religion, and they live as well as I, with no eternal searching and no endless questions. The Catholic or Sikh who have the same religion are also happy, free to think about the meaning of life, just like me and the Onge, we need convince no one, if we did need to convince someone, it would be to benefit from the peace that it offers, always calm so as to live intensely everyday of their lives. In my religion, there are no rites, no obligations (

sorry, there is one: shaving is not allowed on Sundays) and no one bothers me, nor those who pray to the sun every evening, nor those who will not eat bats, nor those who climb mountains to talk to aliens...................with the only condition being respecting your own beliefs. When this book has achieved a good coverage, there will be a website available to all the free thinkers of the planet in order to find each other, chat, or develop evocative subjects, in this way we can prepare for the future. For all this who think that a society evolving towards the “noble” man theory is preferable to one with a gun on its shoulder.


The word “utopia” is beautiful because it represents an ideal that we can all strive towards tranquillity, knowing that each step in this direction is better than before. Today, Demosophy cannot be considered as a utopia: it is our only resort if we wish to avoid the world of the Bilderberg. We must be LUCID and LOGICAL: “If we do not decide what we want the future world to be, it automatically means we abandon our rights over that same future, for we are the only ones responsible for the world on which we walk”. Eric Fiorile




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