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Everest Writing Assignment

In this essay, you will be asked to take a position on an issue and argue for it using persuasive writing techniques. You will write about the following prompt:

Why, despite the huge risk, are humans driven to attempt extreme feats like climbing Mt. Everest? Are Krakauer, Rob Hall, and others reckless idiots , wacko s , narcissists who perished out of arrogance and stupidity or are they courageous heroes to be admired?

Paragraph One: In your first paragraph, you will write an engaging introduction and a thesis statement that addresses the first question. Paragraph Two: In your second paragraph, you will directly address the second question and incorporate evidence (Quotes from the film and Into Thin Air from your notes) that will support your argument. Paragraph Three: In your third paragraph, you will write a conclusion that pulls together all of your evidence and addresses any broader, universal questions.

(Student Checklist)
Organization and Focus Paragraph One: Introduction
Universal human connection in Introduction paragraph Coherent thesis/claim statement (is it arguable? Specific?)

Teacher Score 1 2 3 4

Comments and Sub score

Writing Strategies

Paragraph Two: Support

Statements and claims are supported by quotes from the documentary or from Into Thin Air Elaborates and explains supporting details

Paragraph Three: Conclusion

Conclusion summarizes key points Final comment provides insight, life applications, broader themes

Fluid integration of supporting evidence (quotes can t stand alone). Varied, precise and vivid word choice Varied sentence structure Appropriate voice and tone for audience



Sentence Structure
Correct and complete sentences Correct use of phrases, clauses, conjunctions, prepositions and modifiers

Spelling, Punctuation and Capitalization

Correct use of punctuation, capitalization, and spelling Demonstrates a comprehensive grasp of both sides of the issue Argument is clear and strongly structured. The writer incorporates the best evidence to support their position. Supports ideas through accurate and detailed references to the documentary and/or Into Thin Air.


Rhetorical Strategies

/12 / 35

Overall Score