The Responsibilities of a Catholic Citizen in a Free Society

By Natalia Kaczor Being a Catholic citizen in a free society is very challenging. This stems from the fact that we have free choices regarding the things we do with our time. It is much simpler to spend time having fun with friends than to be active in the Church s mission of putting Christ s teachings into practice in today s society. As Catholics, we must both oppose evil and carry out kind deeds. Going to retirement facilities, being environmentally friendly, and sharing with the less fortunate are acts of good will. Protesting against legal abortion and standing up to bullies are ways to act against evil. Making wise moral decisions plays a big part of being a Catholic citizen. We must vote for a person not because of their political party, or what our friend s belief is, but because we feel that he or she will guide our country in a way that is financially and economically correct. Most, if not all, of the Church members have well-formed consciences. From the time we are only toddlers, we are taught to share, take turns, and forgive others. Even now, as teenagers and adults, we try to follow these simple yet noble actions. We share our money, food, and clothing with the needy. Taking turns still plays a role in our lives. Whether it is for something as simple as to who gets to watch television first, or as complex as to who will give their opinions first in a complicated matter. As for forgiving others, we do that almost everyday by saying It is ok. if someone harms us in a minor way. A married Catholic couple assumes some responsibilities, also. Both the man and woman must be faithful to one another and assist each other in raising a family. Although they live in a free society, the couple cannot torture of hurt their children. This is not only against the law, but also the Catholic belief that direct attacks on innocent human beings are never morally acceptable. All humans should have equal rights. Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and many other religions believe that all humans should be treated with dignity and respect. So why are there still some people in the world lacking these rights and being treated inhumanely? The answer is quite simple. Some people think that just because a person belongs to a specific race, ethnicity, or culture, they are unworthy of possessing rights and having satisfactory working and living conditions. As Catholics, we must reach out to people equally so that they may all feel loved, respected, and dignified. We are the only species on Earth that is capable of caring for God and his creations. If you see a piece of trash on the park lawn, pick it up. Future generations will use this same park, and we cannot let them have anything less than we do. In addition to this, we must cherish the animals that we share this magnificent planet with. They have the right to carry out their lives as much as we do. Therefore, animal cruelty should never happen. But there are some

people in this world that have a negative feeling about animals, and that is why animal cruelty still exists. So, what does all this information mean? It means that as true Catholics, we must not only follow the laws of our nation, but also of our religion. Being true to both of these is sometimes a little difficult. One thing is for sure, though. Responsible Catholic citizens may not be passive members in any area, whether it be in politics, society, environment, or in our love for Christ and other people.

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