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Ashkenazic Jews PUSH FACTOR. 1882 russia government MAY LAWS took away ability for jews to own property or conduct business. PUSH FACTOR Protocols of the elders of Zion a. Written in early 1900s. Russia fought with Japan, Japan won, forced Russia to sign surrender agreement. Russians blamed Jews. b. Officers got together and wrote a book, the book claimed Jews were responsible for losing war, and the Jews are out to destroy the Russian empire. c. Sad because it s been used repeatedly as an anti-Semitic text. d. Russians took out frustrations on the Jews by performing Pogroms (Killing Jews) Jews left towards America at the SAME time. No return migration or an chain migration. Settled in inner cities. Mainly Lower East Side of NYC. Many were merchants, and they arrived in America knowing a trade. And could thereby make a living. Jews, unlike Italians, were used to living in the city. Became very involved in the clothing industry because they contracted with NYC Department stores. Jacob Davis most famous, because he made pants and called them Levi s. By 1910, Jewish accounted for 90% of American clothing. 1904 NYC Subway system opened, contractors begin opening buildings where workers could come and sew clothing. Changed garment industry. 1911 Accident. Triangle Shirt Waste company bought top 3 floors of high rise, workers cook in buildings, bosses lock doors. Cooking fire breaks out and kills almost 150 workers. Work laws change forever. Russian Jew culture Persecuted in America because of their Sabbath, it s different from Christians. Jews would refust to work on Saturdays. Persecuted because of eating Kosher food. Jews would eat Chicken and Turkey, but have to killed in a certain way, and can t eat some parts. Ridiculed for their dress. Jews dress modestly, wore black because meant you fear heaven. Ridiculed for their language. Jews spoke Yiddish. Family was very important to Russian jews as well as education. Jewish Perception Change 1933 Hitler becomes Chancallor (Prime Minister). Moved to incorporate race laws into German Law, and wrote Mien Kompf. Nuremberg Laws designed to remove Jewish influences from German society. States no marriage between Jews and Germans or intercourse, and german woman couldn t be maids in Jewish households Jewish Germans citizenship revoked. He blames Jews for losing World War I. Jews had to carry identification card, first steps towards holocaust. Hitler s actions created a new wave of immigrants in the 1900 s. Most who immigrated with very intellectual Jewish Germans.

Kristallnacht Night of the Broken Glass. Circled cuba for a few days.5 Millions Jews died in the death camps. Germans develop Death Camps in 1942 3. S. St. Any Jew found on street brutally beaten.y y y y y y y Violence starts in 1938. Afterwards.5 killed in executions. went to Paris trying to kill german ambassador. Einsatzgruppen German soliders following front and would execute any Jews found. then traveled back to Germany. Cuba changed their laws and VISAs wouldn t work. tried America rejected. Hitler releases police on Jewish residents. Louis. Jews had to wear yellow star of David S. another 2. killed secretary instead. Jewish citizen w/family in germany got mad. destroyed everything Jews own. Went to cuba to wait for US to open Quota. 1948 some Jews leave America to go to newly created Israel .

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