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Above: LAPD cop turned real estate mogul Mike Barker with REO Bailout.

Left: Premier Equity joins us from Alabama and Mississippi; Above: David Dziedzic from Arizonas Housing Angels; Right: Chris Clothier and Mo Woods from with publisher Linda Pliagas.

Above: Sam Tunnel (right) with HSM Investment Group, Inc. joined our event from Kansas City, MO.

Kathy Fettke (right) with with Lori Hinrichs from; Above: Kaaren Hall with uDirect IRA Services; Right: Leonardo Management Team.

Above photo (right): Sylvia Saldivar Valdez representing Black Belt Investors. Above photo (left): Anthony Patrick and Richard Edrosolin with WhiteRock Capital.

Above photos (left): Karen and Stan Baggett with Emerge Investments, LLC; (right) The HomeUnion Services team had a great vendor booth.

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Leonardo Management provides commercial office, Left to right: Team Gerchick showcased deals from Arizona; Tom Wilson (wearing a tie), an investor/broker, likes the Dallas market; Matt Theriault from Epic Professionand multi-family management services in AZ, CA, CO als and his assistant, gave away books; Ace Capital Group spoke on land banking; NV. Log on to for a f and Cassandra Harris from the Royal Medals Group taught guests about investing in gold.

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Vol. 1 No. 4 2011

A Resource Guide for Investors

No. 1 / Vol. 1 2012


Sam Sadat
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