Cheat Codes Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes during game play or at the pause menu to activate the corresponding cheat function. The message "Cheat Activated" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Effect Code Adrenaline effects Aggressive traffic All cars have nitrous anoseonglass ylteicz speedfreak

Always 00:00 or 12:00 nightprowler Always 21:00 ofviac Armor, health, and money1 Beach party theme hesoyam


Beater traffic everyoneispoor Black traffic iowdlac bagowpg crazytown

Bounty on your head Carnival theme

Cars fly away bubblecars City in chaos iojufzn kangaroo alnsfmzo goodbyecruelworld cpktnwt speeditup flyingfish chittychittybangbang

CJ jumps higher Cloudy weather Commit suicide Destroy all cars Fast motion Flying boats Flying cars

Foggy weather cfvfgmj Gangs and workers Gangs only mroemzh


Hitman level in all weapons Invisible cars Kinky theme professionalkiller wheelsonlyplease bekknqv turndowntheheat Lower wanted level Manual weapon control in cars ouiqdmw Massive BMX bunny hops Maximum fat2 btcdbcb Maximum lung capacity Maximum muscle Maximum respect Maximum stamina cvwkxam cjphonehome buffmeup worshipme vkypqcf Maximum sex appeal helloladies Maximum vehicle skills naturaltalent No fat or muscle No hunger kvgyzqk aeduwnv bluesuedeshoes bgluawml foooxft Pedestrians are Elvis Pedestrians attack with guns Pedestrians have weapons Pedestrians riot Perfect handling Pink traffic llqpfbn stateofemergency sticklikeglue Raise wanted level turnuptheheat sjmahpe Recruit anyone into gang with guns Recruit anyone into gang with rocket launcher zsoxfsq Reduced traffic Rural theme Rural traffic ghosttown bmtpwhr fvtmnbz cwjxuoc Sandstorm weather .

Six star wanted level Slow motion bringiton slowitdown oldspeeddemon Spawn Bloodring Banger Spawn Caddy rzhsuew Spawn Dozer itsallbull Spawn Hunter ohdude Spawn Hydra jumpjet Spawn Jetpack rocketman Spawn Monster Spawn Parachute Spawn Quad Spawn Racecar Spawn Racecar Spawn Rancher Spawn Rhino Spawn Romero monstermash aiypwzqp fourwheelfun vrockpokey vpjtqwv jqntdmh aiwprton wheresthefuneral Spawn Stretch celebritystatus Spawn Stunt Plane flyingtostunt Spawn Tanker amomhrer Spawn Trashmaster truegrime Spawn Vortex kgggdkp Speed up time ysohnul Sports car traffic everyoneisrich Rainy weather auifrvqs Stormy weather Sunny weather Super punches iavenjq Taxi missions completed vkypqcf scottishsummer pleasantlywarm .

Traffic lights remain green Unlimited ammunition3 Unlimited health Vehicle of death Very sunny weather baguvix jcnruad zeiivg fullclip toodamnhot Wanted level never increases aezakmi Weapons (tier 1)4 Weapons (tier 2) Weapons (tier 3) lxgiwyl professionalskit uzumymw Yakuza theme ninjatown .

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