Kayla Murray January 23, 2011 MAR 374 Assignment 1 We got Moses, hopefully he can save us like he did the

Jews Arthur Borman s mockumentary And God Spoke portrays a humorous story about a director/producer duo as they attempt to create a big-budget adaptation of the Bible. The film shows the multitude of mistakes that were made during preproduction, production and post-production by director, producer and crew. This mockumentary displays the many don ts in the filmmaking process. It begins with an interview with director/producer team, Marvin and Clive. The two share their reasoning behind the idea to create an adaptation of the Bible it holding a target audience of the entire world, especially the south. How can it NOT be bad? How can it NOT do well? Because- the duo didn t assemble the film properly. This film shows the variety of things that can go wrong on set, but all with one production. One crucial mishap was the unknown of the leading character: God. The casting director communicated the inability to cast a star as the lead (God), but this did not scare the producer. He stated something like, God is unknown, and therefore the actor is unknown . If creating a big-budget film, there should be some sort of star power, or at least a rough idea of an actor as the lead role. Another problem in casting was the producer/director s lack of knowledge of the chosen talent. A producer should know the talent and their appearance; they should okay the selected talent for the production. The woman casted as Eve had a large tattoo of a snake on her body, which was ultimately unknown by the producer. This effected her costume, or lack of costume, for the production. The producer was unaware of this, but wanted to keep her casted as the role because she was attractive. This was a large mistake on the producer s part for not communicating with the Charlie, the casting director, in the expectations of the character of Eve. Another catastrophe with the production was the producer never kept his eye on time. The production started out a week and a half behind, which usually

In a difference instance. Once again. So. This was ignored and the production continued to fall more and more behind schedule. These aspects should have been dealt with prior to photography days. so no need to pay him. . Other tasks that the producer didn t carry through with were: a shooting permit. Lastly. He stated that the editor owed them a favor from 8 years ago anyways . the producer and production designer were not on the same page about the set. But the reasons they ran out of money was because of all the mistakes the producer made stated above. the producer acted like a 4th grader and cursed many times. communication with production designer and product placement. otherwise the production company can be sued.would cost the producer a load of money. The production designer explained to the producer that he did not tell him that . he changed something about the set but didn t carry through telling the designer of the change. this came up on set. before post-production even started. the use of product placement was not dealt with prior to shooting. which they weren t in this case. he tied it in. This led the producer to ask numerous people for more money or an investment into the production. In San Puente. The producer was told by another crewmember that they needed the product placement otherwise they would be sued. These occurrences took time away from shooting and caused many setbacks and disadvantages for the production. This caused the director to carry on his directorial patterns. because there was a misunderstanding regarding the set and props. causing the producer to make a decision about product placement right then and there. an officer stopped the production because the producer refrained from obtaining a location permit to shoot there. This is unheard of because product placement must be cleared ahead of time. The most effective disaster about the production was that the producer ran out of money. In the mind of the producer. This should NEVER happen on production set. Because the producer lacked notice of the time. slow and inefficiently. he failed to communicate this with the director. inappropriately promising them a percent of revenue. This mockumentary displayed every film student s worst nightmare and was a learning lesson for all! And of course.

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