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Next meeting is Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 Report Backs: - Vanessa () - Contacted "people." Supportive but have not said they'd do anything. Going to try to figure out ways to participate. - Manny - 20 people ready to mobilize as soon as ready. Echo Park/Silverlake… If anyone knows any artists - send an email to him. Waiting for message and material. - Gloria - Small org wants to support fundraising by selling t.v.'s, etc… Wants to invite ally to sit-in on meetings. Talking to group - English-speaking media and Spanishspeaking media… "If we get on English, the Spanish coverage will follow." Reaching out to Non-union workers (mothers, fathers, students, grandmas, etc...) (van) Did you contact KPFK? (gloria) We need to find media that reaches more broadbased population… People for Pasadena - we can get turnout. To hold space. (Manny) What music have you approached? Genres? (Van) Rap, rock, folk… Possibly "Boots Riley" from the Coup. (Manny) Immortal Technique? He owns his own music… (E) Print media - they are down for doing flyering on a massive scale. Black and white designs given to Eddie and PM can make a silkscreen… using newsprint - it's cheap/wheatpaste and staple on poles (did for the Port Shutdown) - they're down. Ready to go. Just need art and/or text. (M) Leaflets, going to parking lots? What's the strategy? Giant posters, small posters? Dunno what to say? ALL - Everything!

maybe get ad space. Communications: contacted Riverside. Will send it forward. Elliot Kim is a contact in Riverside (v). Whether or not we'll get a banner… we're working on it. Design flyer for the OTRP event. We had a designer. Looks like their plans were changed because the Rose Parade put up bleachers where they had originally planned to be. Was hoping Ryan would have it. Fresno. Then spread to SD. Is there specific language? (J) Yes. Ventura. Will send language which is broad. we'll learn the lesson… NOT working with PD. (Alex) We're working on some flyers. Will need a team of 10-12 ppl to hold space/banner at Rose Parade. who was going to design." Was supposed to write a blog post and try to get it op-ed'd into local papers vis a vis Rose Parade and look for "mic check" opportunities/flyering/publicity actions! Will continue to work after he resolves his lack of a laptop… (Jared) Public shaming into work… . Well. but they're working on a spot for a banner. etc… Talk about website and web strategy and buy a domain with forums. Hopefully. Decide at Jan 7th meeting for "message" but until then . essentially. Meeting in Venice tomorrow with their direct action people so they can bring it to their GA. someday. Pasadena General Strike meeting in Riverside is going to get started.(M) Anyone know suppliers? (J) We need to address that. Dunno how much help Mark (Lipman?) will be. etc… to facilitate communication. Long Beach. take artistic license. Carlos. SFV. Materials/flyers… (Ryan) laptop was stolen.) Anyone else have homework? (J) I handed off silkscreen to Eddie. The OL Times needs content for Wednesday. Text from OLA call a week ago to basic and take license. On NYE… . That's what happens when you work with PD. ALEX: ifoundapretzel68@aol. Touched base. But if you can… because we need to hustle for the Rose Parade. Approach for writing in 3rd issue. Cannot report back…"My dog ate my homework.

Gloria will try to find people to do it. We need lots more. Can bring gas stoves. So will need ppl to hold space on the night of the 1st. We need to have the people who want to hold space… Manny volunteers to be involved in actually holding the space. .Parade is the 2nd. the first… to hold space…. Can barbecue there. your setup… You can put things to hold space in Pasadena. Dunno what kind of mobilization we can arrange. Already made 700 flyers. flyers for Rose. (M) What's the area? (J) Orange Grove when it hits… the main street in Pasadena. (G) It's a public space… You can put your carne asada there. Website team: Jared Flyer team: Alex Holding space: Gloria/Manny Getting a proposal together for resources… Need to get a website. (G) Can they put tents? (J) Doubt it. Family tradition. We have some. 5pm. (Manny & Gloria working on it) (J) A list of possible domains to get: Occupy The General Strike * (to purchase) Occupy May 1 Occupy May 1st * (to purchase) Occupy May Day OGS May 1st Checking to see if they're avail. (A) Black and white. Quick. Will know more by tomorrow or the next day. Post NYE wind down. Colorado? OG/Colorado Sunday. (J) How does everyone feel about forming teams? Project partners for website. team for holding space….

hw was to find out basics… read some things 3 parts to prop 1.Jared will design.get from Jared (passes) ------------------------------(J) General Strike discussion period before imagery? (M) Need to know message before we focus… (V) will mod for minute . (M) I was on research/logistics . (J) Quick proposal… Which sites to buy: --------. receiver and victory… Imagery discussion we will bring up. etc… Rhetoric we could read off. (M) Figure out demographics. Can't do drupal. messenger 3. At least basically. Focusing propaganda on who we want to mobilize… Doing General Stuff because the whole group hasn't consented on message/wording/etc… trying not to step on toes… (G) Message to Spanish should tackle immigration issues. message 2. We should probably go over what a General Strike is as a group for literature… for making flyers. OccupyGeneralStrike OccupyMayDay In Spanish? " " 1demayo (V) Do we have any text on what a General Strike is and why we're calling for one? Not as a group. Wordpress will be good to go.

don't get healthcare. Now we need to look at other ways of showing unity to "stop society" and start it back. Stoppage in one sector can shut down others. better conditions. etc… Drawing connections between different professions… we did truck drivers… They are private contractors. (G) How to express for "unity of families. wages. Community focused actions important. (M) Marched to City Hall… (G) Need people inside the schools. no school. So as a GS . better pay. High School and Junior High. etc… Same boat I'm in. (V) How do you describe a General Strike? A massive demonstration of united power.combine professions ." In Spanish. Used to mean workers. that's why things need to stop. not employees . Ambiguous nature. all the students came out of class. Port action totally affected shipping. (G) For better power of workers as opposed to capital. Everyone is pissed. (A) More jobs. In 2006.draw parallels of common struggle. (Direct to Student Outreach) (A) Interconnectivity of business.(Alex) is looking up info on GS's (V) Can you read some stuff to us? (A) Most obvious . (V) No work. (E) GS brings into light valuing labor of worker over capital gain. Don't need to tackle on all industries… Focus on something that acts as a hub. (K) Withholding labor is one of the things we can do. (a2) Show how entire system is broken. (G) Bring a mercado employee. no shopping… (G) Who has the students? Looking to outreach. Might mean something different than it used to. Only keeps going because we .

It's measurable. Determining message. (G) Need to hit media for success. Our power has been about making them NOTICE with our bodies. we shut down the system. They need to follow us. street theater/CD. Immigrant Rights (it's that big of a deal) (A) Labor disputes? Find workers who are radicalized by conflict with their bosses… (to individual unions to find what actions they want as opposed) ASK LABOR SUBCOMMITTEE (J) A team to go up to get money at Longview Action in Washington ILWU… Gonna try to use scab labor for EGT… to show we're in physical solidarity… put together a media team to document it… (in January) (V) Two things nailed down? Why are we calling for one NOW? What are the goals? That's stuff made for media.participate. Our funds are limited. S from Resources arrived… **** sidetrack **** by overhearing Labor convo… Worker solidarity. (M) General Strike demonstrates the people's power." . There is no system without participation/consumption. Seen in won't work. GS means we won't comply. to get some heat behind the General Strike. Disparity of wealth Solidarity (how to mobilize all the people who have significant grievances) U/E. (J) Another subcommittee: Interaction Committee… tied to propaganda. "A Fair World is Possible. (G) Occupy the Democratic/Republican Parties in Los Angeles. If we join together it will demonstrate. If we don't . Labor. Focus on events we can do. In that sense. etc… (K) Another World is Possible (from Seattle) Slogans. CD. Staying on message.

A wake up call to the system itself. Building coalitions for GS. orgs. we need to show ppl together when possible. etc… not trying to build from scratch… taking time with media presence and trying to use it to further the goals of existing orgs… Will be downtown march on May 1 for Migrant Rights… All of that is being planned. in LA specifically. (J) I don't think Occupy is a movement in the way other groups are. But the forces are very much within the system. students. Approaching different forces. migrant rights. etc… We don't want to MAKE the demands ourselves… (V) How do you envision what it looks like? Students walk out… Homeless/displaced block parties If we're gonna show our power. People who are angry. . the occupy has… been around very short… however… there have been other movements… who may be more developed… immigrants. etc… that's what brings about change… The occupy is nascent… We shouldn't think we can just say it and it will happen (hasn't happened with immigrants) Education for everyone. It's more like an umbrella.January 7th where a "demands committee" will form based on outreach from migrant rights. We have to realize that. Won't happen in the US. workers. Has triggered the military to act. as an example… the big gain that can be obtained is the fact that we will approach those established forces… it is important … general strike… a march downtown… Mexico City. Movements take YEARS to build. IDEAS: Result of process of growth of social movements. We don't consider ourselves separate from students. San Salvador. Work in tandem instead of tell people what to do.

We need MEDIA TEAMS covering these alternative protests… Feeding into downtown… Show the media what we've done because they aren't reliable.For people NOT used to protesting on May Day . Support what is already in the works… ------(V) Move on? (G) Barbecue… and ReOccupy City Hall? -------Website and Web Strategy? Twitter hashtags: #genstrike #M1GS #OM1 Twitter will censor topics… Looked at images Occupycentric covering all kinds of demographics being simple sticker tagging ______ what if the message changes… what if the demands change? ---------Forced meme… .not willing to come downtown . Occupy Your Park Day… Underreported.can we help propagandize those who come downtown.

air traffic controllers. Sick-out. about Los Angeles that is different… embedded with MIC… actions against Raytheon.. etc… Smaller business. Keep it vague… issue oriented… (V) We want to do a range of images… does that mean (K) having a multiplicity of images. not just one… a small symbol on all posters… (M) ideas for logos. we don't want to discourage… come up with options and decide then… get people to look towards creating… End? (Alex) Just occurred to me.... (Twitter shuts things down) have multiple… coordinating… safety words. General Dynamics. branding. etc. La Placita Look into Twitter handles… backup accounts. NEXT WEEK Rm. In workplace actions. RAND etc… all in El Segundo… approaching janitors.Occupycentric stuff. 9. etc… it transfers feelings with every poster… (J) anyone who wants to suggest things. Work slowdown. Dealing with Emergency Services… how to outreach to things that cannot shut down? Hospitals.. etc… Warehouse Workers are down… working on planning During 1919 Seattle GS had large kitchens prepared around kitchen for people to eat… Oakland firemen served food. .

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