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1 Control Systems has been using Electrical Designer for just over 3 months to produce schematic drawings for our control panels. We have already reduced our CAD time by 75% and can now easily produce detailed terminal and layout drawings, as well as parts lists and connections reports. The Autocad format of the drawings is widely accepted by our clients, as are the connections reports and parts lists. The user-friendliness of Electrical Designer enables the user to produce professional drawings in the shortest possible time.


Electrical Designer produces all of our Electrical Schematics as well as data for the MRP System and will soon be integrated into our Engraving and Wire Marking machines. If Eurotherm were to offer a recommendation to other prospective users of Electrical Designer, we would offer the following:Vast increase in productivity, gained primarily through the front-end of the interface, ease of use and the automatic generation of data. An increase in quality of the projects supplied to our customers due to the standardisation of the 12 users to a single way of designing. Ease of customisation of the interface and the ability to create custom reports with Seagate Crystal Reports. Ability to automatically batch process a lot of the time consuming parts of plotting and renumbering of symbols, wires etc at times that do not interrupt the flow of the design process. Production of data for the automatic engraving and automatic wire marking machines. Electrical Designer software was chosen for its ease of use, versatility, competitive price package and after sales support. "Electrical Designer has proven to be an efficient piece of software that allows us to comprehensively cover all aspects of the electrical design process." When looking to upgrade our electrical design capabilities, the range of software on offer was diverse as you know, and the installation last year of Electrical Designer software has proved very worthwhile. All members of our control system team at ESU have appreciated the clear and logical, user-friendly tools available both on screen and mouse-pad. We are confident that our wise choice of software and supplier is now providing cost savings on projects which before were extremely time-consuming. This is just the kind of facility which is now giving us the edge over our competitors.

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Control panel photographs supplied courtesy of Eurotherm Drives Ltd

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Aceri is placing their customer product needs well ahead of the competition and Electrical Designer will be the package I shall specify. Amot Controls evaluated four electrical control systems software packages, (PROMIS-E, ELPROCAD, ELECDES/PANELDES and ELECTRICAL DESIGNER) and chose Electrical Designer because it works within our existing Autocad and can be totally customised to AMOTS needs. AMOT CONTROLS, Panel Systems Section would like to give their endorsement to the use of the Electrical Designer software package. Hima-Sella Limited turned to Aceri when looking to upgrade full design capacity earlier this year. Our extensive range of products and services for safety, control and automation applications required a fully flexible approach for providing the customer with tailormade solutions. Aceris Electrical Designer 2000 package provided us with the perfect way of meeting those requirements and Hima-Sella would like to recommend Aceri to any other potential users. Due to increasing pressure to improve quality, efficiency and productivity, we decided to introduce an expert electrical CAD package. After evaluating a number of packages we decided to invest in Electrical Designer. We are pleased to report that since its introduction it has provided both the anticipated improvements in the production of design documentation and the anticipated return on investment.

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CEO - Aceri, S.A.

Established in 1987, Aceri has always specialised in CAE software for the electrical industry. With an enviable reputation for innovation, Aceri can claim to have many firsts to its name including being one of the first companies from any industry to adopt object orientated technology in its programs. Our utilisation of the Autocad ObjectARX engine was endorsed by Autodesk who introduced us at their partner conference as one of their best international developers. With a dominant global presence our multi-national development team have always ensured Electrical Designer complies with all international electrical standards and conventions. In order to provide all users with both a prompt and tangible return on their investment we have a no nonsense approach to consultative training and support that ensures users can see real benefits in the shortest possible time. Just ask our customers. Should you join the thousands of satisfied Electrical Designer customers, our development programme will ensure you stay ahead of the game now and far into the future. Ultimately I would hope to meet you at our next user conference where we will be able to discuss our future ideas and plans.

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Mission Statement
To be the dominant force in the world market for Electrical Computer Aided Engineering Solutions by providing low cost easy to use software solutions that ensure a return on investment beyond expectation. This will be achieved through quantifiably improving productivity, quality, communication and user satisfaction.

100% - 400% increase in productivity...

Increasing Quality & Productivity

It doesnt stop there. Electrical Designers ability to interface to most modern software packages can prevent the need to re-type the same information several times into different programs. Good examples of this would be importing an estimate or parts list from Excel from which Electrical Designer could convert the data into relevant symbols. Alternatively you may wish to export your final parts list into your purchasing system or even use an ODBC link to look at your preferred parts on your M.R.P (stock control) system. We hope that you will conclude that in this increasingly aggressive market the 100% - 400% increase in productivity combined with the quality of information experienced by existing users might just give you the competitive edge needed to satisfy your prospective customer demands in the 21st century.

System Overview
Design Efficiency
In an increasingly competitive and demanding market, your customers expect you to continually improve efficiency. Introducing Electrical Designer is a tangible way to do this, as our users will confirm. Our surveys have proven that Electrical Designer can significantly increase productivity. It will also improve your quality of design and reduce design errors whilst allowing you to comply with the various recognised electrical design standards (e.g. BS, IEC, DIN, ANSI etc).

System Integration
As well as being a fully integrated AutoCAD program that can produce AutoCAD DWF, DXF & DWG files, Electrical Designer is ODBC & XML compliant. With more file formats than can be listed here, Electrical Designer can interface to virtually any other system. This means that not only will you be able to provide information in whatever format your customers require but you will also have the advantage of not having to re-type the same data into your other computer programs such as MRP, stock control, PLC programming, label machines etc. The API interface allows advanced users the ability to program Electrical Designer externally.

Ease of Use
Using Electrical Designer couldn't be easier, just hold the cursor over the logical icon and both a tool tip and a description of the command will be displayed automatically. Then simply click to activate. By utilising the latest programming technology along with our no jargon electrical engineering specific commands, you can achieve with one command what would have taken ten or more commands on a standard CAD drafting system. You can be sure that you will be using Electrical Designer in less time than you think.

Ask your engineers which aspect of design they find the most time consuming and they will tell you that it is both numbering (cross referencing, wire and component numbering etc) and the creation of other supporting documentation (BOMs, cable schedules and labels etc). Whether working on a new project or editing an existing one Electrical Designer can save hours, days and even weeks by automatically producing all of the required information comprehensively, accurately and to your chosen industry standard. Electrical Designer can prevent production problems by ensuring design changes have been migrated to all of the relevant project manufacturing documentation. Electrical Designer will compare revisions and issue documentation based upon what has been added and what has been removed. Electrical Designers object engine takes care of this so that your engineers dont have to. This technology can reap real tangible benefits in both quality and productivity.

World-class Training & Support

Electrical Designer customers will confirm that our consultative approach to training and support ensures we will always take into account an organisations individual needs. In addition to our standard training courses we are happy to provide on-site engineers for personalised tuition, programming and customisation. Our sophisticated support procedures will install confidence that any user requiring help will be provided with the appropriate service promptly and efficiently. This will ensure that a return on your investment will be achieved in the quickest time possible.

Manufacturers/Suppliers Catalogues
Its not difficult to see why manufacturers of electrical components can see real benefits in giving users access to their product data through a quick, consistent and easy to use medium. As an Electrical Designer user you could have access to technical data on over 100,000 products. By using our search engine you could find that illusive, not normally used component in a matter of seconds as opposed to spending hours looking through hard copy catalogues. This information is available through our dedicated web site and is updated frequently. Many manufacturers even supply accompanying 3D footprint images for use in our panel layout module. If this information is not available - dont worry! Electrical Designer will automatically create a 3D object of the correct dimensions by accessing the height, width, depth and diameter information supplied by the manufacturers.

Expert Functionality
Unlike traditional CAD drafting systems that have no specific electrical commands, Electrical Designer is an expert system. As an example, when producing schematic drawings, wires are drawn using unique electrical functions. When intelligent symbols are inserted, wires are automatically cut back and connected. Components and wires are both numbered and cross-referenced automatically too. In addition, connection reports, parts lists, label lists etc are generated and this is only one example of the many automatic functions that illustrate the power of Electrical Designer.

As users of Electrical Designer, Schneider Electric is pleased to confirm that our latest component databases are now available to you. Through this agreement, Schneider Electric and Aceri will be working together to maintain the level of service and support that our customers expect. This will ensure that the latest data will be available to you in an even more comprehensive format. Our ultimate aim will be to provide this information via a direct link to the Aceri web-site, where the information will be updated on a real-time basis. Schneider Electric

Electrical Designers core module dramatically improves quality, standardization and productivity of schematics and their associated documentation above and beyond basic CAD / CAE systems. It has a built in easy to use project and drawing management system, which saves valuable time when trying to locate that elusive drawing that your customer, supplier or staff want immediately. It checks for short circuits, too many contacts, duplicated components, incorrectly defined wire numbers, contacts etc. therefore eliminating many mistakes prior to production. Even if changes are made (often by your customers), Electrical Designer will migrate the changes to all other associated documentation on-line. You can even reverse engineer and draw your schematics from an estimate and therefore ensure consistency between your quote and what has been manufactured. Parts lists and bill of materials are produced on-line therefore ensuring that the parts ordered are consistent with the schematics. Electrical Designer can also be integrated with existing company wide IS/IT systems (e.g. MRP, CAE, CIM, PDM, MCS etc). Reports may be produced in different languages and drawings may be translated using Electrical Designers built-in multi-lingual assisted translator.
Reverse engineer create or import a list of parts and draw from your estimate; ensuring consistency of information Major manufacturers component database information Automatic on-line generation of project costing, parts lists, bill of materials & technical data sheets Automatic project symbol slides Automatic on-line export of label information to label machines (e.g. Weidmuller etc.) Automatic on-line point to point connectivity reports Automatic on-line project, drawing, libraries, symbols, catalogues and parts reports Save any report as a drawing (DWG) or in Word, Excel, Access, Text, ODBC, HTLM and XML etc; even create your own! Ability to integrate with most modern day software Ability to import, utilize and make your existing CAD drawings intelligent Viewing and printing software also included for other departments, suppliers and customers who dont have a DWG compliant CAD system.

The assembly module significantly reduces the time spent creating assembly diagrams resulting in shorter lead times. The assembly module ensures consistency of information between the schematics and the assembly drawings. Any changes to component numbering within a schematic are automatically updated within the layout drawings. Any item deleted from one type of drawing is automatically highlighted in the other. 3D models are automatically created from manufacturers component dimensional information. Multiple components are placed on the correct elevation at the same time producing 3D assembly drawings for clash detection along with 3D rendered views for your sales presentations.
Semi-Automatic creation of 3D assembly / layout drawings 3D Panel Views. No need to learn 3D. Placement of components will be on the correct view and elevation Multiple placement, with auto spacing, of cabinet components Major manufacturers enclosure footprint drawings (e.g. Eldon Electric, Himel, Rittal) Automatic DIN rail creation Automatic dimensioning Automatic detection and reporting of inconsistencies between schematics and layout drawings Component surface area/volume analysis to determine cubicle sizing Automatic creation/plotting of symbol set slides Library batch processing. Used to update, purge, scale etc. all symbols

Project, drawing & document management system Project, drawing and document issue comparison Automatic batch plotting / transmittal / collation / No. of copies Multi-lingual assisted technical translation Electrical engineering specific commands Extensive BS3939, DIN, IEC60204, ANSI, NEN, JIC and UNE libraries supplied User-definable automatic numbering of components and wires to all known international standards Automatic wire break when a library symbol is placed. Deletion of the symbol automatically heals the wire On-line cross-referencing and error checking to all known international standards Navigate between schematics, assembly drawings, terminals and parts quickly Estimation & man-power cost analysis

Engineers using standard CAD systems for the production of terminal and cable diagrams will find it is extremely time consuming. Our Terminal / Connectors Module will eliminate this bottleneck by producing documentation automatically and consistent with the schematics. If your customer requires amendments, change it once and Electrical Designer will update all associated documentation. If your projects are made up of similar designs from previous projects, Electrical Designer has the ability to change a set of drawings from one standard to another literally saving your engineers hours, days and even weeks of valuable time; and remember all documentation will be consistent.
Graphical interfaced terminal, cable and harness editor Automatic generation of terminal block drawings Automatic generation of Cable drawings (field device) Automatic generation of Harness diagrams Terminal and cable reports Inconsistency detection between connections and numbering Automatic generation of wire connection reports in addition to connection analysis Project batch processing. Used to update, renumber, reset etc. all drawings.

Control panel photographs supplied courtesy of Eurotherm Drives Ltd

The PLC module ensures consistency of information between the PLC programming software and your schematics. Address, comments, labels etc can be imported or exported to any manufacturers PLC ladder software such as Mitsubishi. This means that the I/O information for the ladder software can be generated, error free, automatically from the schematics. The PLC module can also import the information from any manufacturers PLC ladder software program and automatically write the I/O information, error free, to the schematics.
Automatic generation of schematic drawings from a PLC points (tag) list Import / Export of any manufacturers PLC ladder software I/O information to the schematics or vice-versa Copy any of the PLC information to the wire number Automatic numbering of pins, addresses etc. to all numbering systems such as alphanumeric, hexadecimal, binary, decimal etc Cross reference between PLC slots and racks Cross reference between PLC slots and individual inputs/outputs Assignment of the PLC address, label, comments and descriptions PLC I/O information reports automatically generated Both scheduled and customised training is offered at two locations in the north and south of England or on-site at your own premises. Scheduled training groups do not exceed six people and each person has their own professional CAD networked computer. Extensive course notes, certificates and lunch are provided. Aceri operate in partnership with dealers who are approved Aceri and Autodesk Training Centres. Aceri can also provide Autodesk accredited training in Autocad and related products ensuring that all your training needs are met. We can provide courses that benefit from CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certification and offer professional qualifications. Many of our clients seek formal recognition of courses attended and we offer full City and Guilds CAD courses and examinations. Aceri provides national Electrical Designer training offering the highest quality training at the most cost effective price. Our expertise lies not only in product knowledge but also in understanding the needs and constraints of the corporate market. Many businesses use Electrical Designer and other associated CAD software but have training needs specific to their own business. As such they want a consistent, relevant and focused training program from an organisation that can accommodate them all.

Aceri have sophisticated support services that includes hot line telephone support, remote support via modem and hardware maintenance agreements. Our Service Level Agreements embrace total system maintenance on a priority response and account managed basis. Three months free hotline support support is provided with all products. Our service is aimed at continued operation of your system or network rather than a simple product repair or exchange. On going support arrangements can be made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Quarterly site visits may be included that ensure systems operate at their optimum performance. Aceri are also able to provide short term rental of hardware and software subject to availability.

MAX eliminates the need for your engineers to spend hours designing the wiring of a panel. It ensures that installation engineers will find the wiring in identical panels to be identical. MAX will automatically determine the shortest possible routing of wires, dramatically reducing design time and cost. MAX will eliminate expensive errors, time-consuming modifications and ultimately save on material costs. MAX will take into account the wire type and segregation of wires, automatically calculating whether wires will fit into trunking. In other areas it will determine whether optimal utilization of available space has been used. Wiring diagrams Automatic optimized 3D point to point wiring Automatic and manual segregation of wires Open or radial loop circuits Multiple placement, with auto spacing, of cabinet components Unique physical component item numbering Trunking fill analysis 3D trunking No need to learn 3D Supports KKS wire numbering standard Export wire numbers to wire label-printing machines (e.g. Weidmullers) Export wire no., length, crimp etc. to wire cutting, stripping machines

Financing your purchase

Leasing - The Benefits
Total Solution Financing Aceri leases much more than equipment. Total Solution Financing means that training, installation, maintenance and much more can all be included in the lease. Not all of these are typically financed by other lenders. Fixed Rentals If at any time during the lease your equipment needs enhancement, our upgrade programme enables you to add extra equipment or upgrade it for new, keeping you up to date with technological changes. Tax Allowance All of our lease products generally provide our customers with the ability to offset against corporation tax. Aceri do recommend that you discuss the full tax advantage with your financial advisers or accountants. Rates Our leasing arrangements offer competitive rates and flexible lease terms. Conserves Capital By leasing equipment you can conserve your companys cash as well as acquiring the equipment you need now.

Control panel photographs supplied courtesy of Eurotherm Drives Ltd