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Management Of Natura 2000 By Polish Energy Group


Environment Protection Program
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The First Polish

Nuclear Power Plant


Management Of Natura 2000 By Polish Energy Group


1. Introduction Natura 2000 is an European Ecological Network established for protecting of natural habitat types and species important for the European Union. Unfortunately, the Polish Energy Group (PGE does not accept the existence of Natura 2000 site in vicinity of Lubiatowo PGE) village being the Special Area of Conservation. According to the Polish Nuclear Plan the PGE want to construct the first Nuclear Power Plant (NPP in this region. We have flicker of hope NPP) that this short report will be able to focus the attention of European Commission on this problem. 2. Localization of Lubiatowo village (Poland) Fig. 1 shows the map for localizing the Lubiatowo village. We used the so-called village Natura 2000 Viewer supplied and managed by European Commission. Commission

Fig. 1

Localization of Lubiatowo village

The blue color is used for denoting the Natura 2000 site called “Białogóra” (the government code: PLH220003). Fig. 2 presents the region proposed by PGE for constructing the NPP. NPP. The yellow color shows the border of this region. The black color presents the border of the “Białogóra” Natura 2000 site. It is easy to recognize that a part of the NPP area belongs to the “Białogóra” Natura 2000 site.

Management Of Natura 2000 By Polish Energy Group


Fig. 2

Localization of NPP in Lubiatowo (yellow color denotes the border of NPP) yellow NPP

Fig.3 shows the Natura 2000 network within the region of NPP considered. .

Fig. 3

Natura 2000 (government and shadow lists) vs NPP

According to Buliński et al. shown in Fig. 3.


Tab. 1 presents the detailed description of the Natura 2000 site

Management Of Natura 2000 By Polish Energy Group


Table 1
Number in fig. 3 1 2 3 4 5 Code PLH220003 PLB990002 2130* 2180 2190 Name Białogóra Baltic coast and shallow water Gray-dune Coast forest Dune depression List government government shadow shadow shadow Description in vicinity of Lubiatowo in vicinity of Lubiatowo in vicinity of Lubiatowo in vicinity of Lubiatowo in vicinity of Lubiatowo

Furthermore, it should be noted that the asterisk denotes the greatest priority matter.

3. Summary and Conclusions
this report we want to inform the community and particularly; • The Naturalist Club, • The Polish Society for the Protection of Birds, • The Polish Society for Nature Protection „Salamandra”, and • WWF Poland, about the business activities of PGE in vicinity of Lubiatowo village. village In the region mentioned PGE will conduct the following measurements (1st March 2012): • 30 geological boreholes (30 - 125 [m]), • 5 geological boreholes 200 [m], • 25 hydrological boreholes (25 - 80 [m]). In this point we totally disagree with the business strategy of PGE. PGE The region shown in Fig. 2 is the splendid environmental site and its protection is our duty. In conclusion, PGE prepares the Environmental Armageddon in vicinity of Lubiatowo village. The people of Choczewo Commune are ready to fight against the thoughtless strategy village of PGE ! The support of European Commission is kindly requested.


4. References
Buliński, M., Knitter, R., Lenartowicz, Z.:. „Aktualny stan ekologicznej sieci obszarów Natura 2000 w województwie pomorskim, 2008 r.” (Zespół Dokumentacji Przyrodniczej Pomorskiego Urzędu Wojewódzkiego).