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OPENERP Partnership


A New Breed of Solution Providers


Imagine being able to reach new clients and penetrate new


How would that strengthen your position in the market place? How would that increase your market share?

To be able to support your clients in achieving their business

How would that better your current Value Added Proposition?

objectives - moving from where they are today, to where they want to be.

To provide support services, assisting your clients to focus on

their core business.

What would that mean in terms of your revenue increase?

Value Added Solutions Provider


Become your customers Integral Business Partner Solutions Provider Modular software A personalised business application Professional services Long term relationship and longevity Grow by focusing on what you do best SELLING Niche market focus Solution selling Vertical approach

The Key to Success


Become an OpenERP Value Added Solutions Partner

OpenERP at a Glance

The # 1 Open Source Suite of Business Applications

Market Leader 1000 Installations/Day Fast growing product 1000+ Apps in 5 years

Global Brand Partners in 67 countries

Fully Open Source A solid & active community
"We believe ERP & BA Suite should not longer be a luxury only large corporations can afford Fabien Pinckaers CEO

1000+ Open Source Apps

6 Supply Projects Calendar Manufacturing Logistic





Sales Purchases

Many More ...


... Many more

Our Value to Your Customers


Why your Customers will choose OpenERP

OpenERPs Unique Selling Proposition


Price / Performance Ratio OpenERP

with NO license fees, OpenERP is on average 40% to 60% cheaper than our competitors (complete project deployment).


OpenERP can be fully customized to suit the specific needs and environment of your customer.

Time to Implementation

Start with one application/module and expand. Built the OpenERP solution at the pace your customer can absorb and work with. Move from concept and design to a complete modular solution within 2-3 months. Less people to involve in the decision making process

On Site / On Line

the only ERP solution that can offer On Line and On Site on a single application.

Try Before you Buy

The only ERP solution that you can actually try before you buy.

More Value for Your Customers Money


Invest their money on what matters the most!

Implementation Customisation Services Trainings Support

Peace of mind

OpenERP Enterprise The publishers warranty, their guarantee Maintenance Support Migration Long Term Company Vision (Minor & Major Software Releases)

Our Value to You


Why would you partner With OpenERP

The Perfect Time to Go-to-Market


The market is eager for alternatives High Current Demand

ERP Software market is moving to open source Mid-Market is pushing for the change Decision makers are driving the change

We say - OpenERP

We have the solution & the support to help you meet Their needs We have the solution, the talent & the experience to address your requirements

Its all about YOU & US, working together !

Your Revenue Opportunities


Get New Clients

Address SME & PME The largest untapped market requiring business applications to manage their critical business functions. OpenERP can complement any existing CRM, BI, E-commerce solutions they support and help them generate more revenues. OpenERP is an Innovative new generation business application as opposed to most existing ERP solutions which are based on stagnant 20 year old technologies. Highly valuable product

Leverage their Installed Client Base

Raise their competiveness

Leverage your Services

and Increase your Profit

A path to a true profit with no vendor lock-in

Increase Your Revenue NOW


Become a Value Added Partner for OpenERP and take

advantages of new business opportunities right NOW!

Become a

Certified Training Partner

Be the Knowledge Centre for OpenERP Get revenue on trainings

Increase your

market reach

Harness your local market knowledge and become their Integral Business partner Reach new markets and provide real solutions

Increase Your Revenue NOW


Develop Deliver Grow and get the Rewards NOW!

Gain expertise and


Technical Certification Functional Certification


your expertise to increase sales and revenue

Demos Sales skills Innovative methodology

Show me the money!!!!


Keep 100% on the services you offer to your clients Consulting Design & Specification Implementation & Deployment Support & Incremental Backups Upgrade Services (software releases)

Sell OpenERPs services and get paid commission OpenERP Enterprise Trainings Consulting

Support Model

LvL 2

Maintenance, Support and Migrations Level 2 Support Services Marketing Lead Generation Account Manager

LvL 1

OE Enterprise

OE Enterprise

OE Enterprise

OE Enterprise

OE Enterprise

Maximise your revenue opportunities


What if you could provide better information and process automation systems and services to your clients?
How would that strengthen your position as a supplier and business


What if you could introduce OpenERP to your existing and prospecting clients?
What would that mean in terms of growth? How would that change your profitability?

What would that enable you to do that you cant do now?

What if you increased your breadth of products and services offering?

What niche business areas and challenges would you be able to approach

and support?
How much would that increase your competitive advantage?

OpenERP Value Added Distributor


Join us now ...