Understand the requirements of working to a brief The purpose of our brief is to create a viral advertising campaign to promote a game

. The type of game we have chosen to represent is a fighting game that has horror themes within the story. The code of the fighting genre includes the signs of combat, strength, technique, speed and power over others. For Horror this would include monsters, darkness, and suspense, unknown, mysterious. The conventions of fighting games general involve a lack of serious story; we are subverting that convention by adding in a storyline with deep themes that tie to Horror. While not being a horror game, the Assassin’s Creed series are games with a heavy fighting element that have a complex story that is not normally typical of a fighting game. Conventions of a horror theme can involve the presence of an unknown terror, which the story does involve. Another feature of horror is that sometimes there is a threat that is of the supernatural. Gaming posters tend to be quite simplistic in that there is a large main image with the games title, along with a caption giving a slight insight to the game and a release date if there is one. Posters tend to be simple like this, to create intrigue for the viewer so that when a trailer or some game-play is released, there are already a number of people interested in the game so will likely to watch the video to find out more. Trailers for video games tend to be of a cinematic quality, giving a teaser to the story without revealing too much, also giving a small insight into how the game is played and its genre. A Viral campaign is a fairly unique concept, that can be attempted to be created, but can’t always be successful. It is when an advertising campaign, through word of mouth and presentation can become a topic that is widespread across communities. The campaign could be of a single image, but if the image is a powerful/controversial one. It may then be shared across social media sites, enlarging the awareness of the campaign, which would then spread via the internet to countries outside of the campaigns target market. The name may come from the fact these campaigns often spread like a virus. A poster I have found to be simplistic, yet shows some detail what the game contains is this Skyrim Poster: This poster shows the tail of a dragon that appears to be dead wrapped round the depicted character, and an aura surrounding the character. The character is also shown to be wielding two weapons at once. All of these features were introduced in this game to the series, so the poster shows what the game contains in a very simple image.

From consultation with the client, I have come to understand that access to a whole range of equipment is available, including (but not limited to) Cameras, video recorders, Tripods and lighting set-ups. I have also understood that we have free reign as to what the subject of the campaign is to be, except that it has to be for a game. As a group we have decided creating the campaign for a

fighting/horror game. From the brief we have interpreted that we need to create an effective trailer and poster to raise awareness for the game, a high quality is required to allow the campaign to be memorable. Otherwise, the campaign will not be successful, as only small amount of people would be interested in the game, which would show that the campaign was not viral. One condition of the project is that the game featured in the campaign needs to be aimed at males and females aged between sixteen and thirty-five. As a result, we decided to aim for our game to be given the PEGI 16 rating, so as to set the bottom end of the age range. Interpreted from the brief is the knowledge that social media plays a large part of the campaign, whether to perform research or to promote the game; a connection to the audience is vital in order to allow the campaign to spread to a viral level. From the brief I can foresee that we may need to recruit people to appear in either the poster or the trailer, as a result we have a legal obligation to make sure practices performed are in a risk free environment and to regulate this we must perform risk assessments for each aspect that may be a threat to anyone’s well being. We must also make sure that no members of the public are severely disrupted by our work so we must find a time where we would cause the least disruption if we need to work in a public place. In addition to consultations with the client, lectures held by the client have taught our team useful techniques about using cameras, and presenting our campaign in both video and picture. This includes things like positioning within the frame and how that represents what’s being expressed. From this campaign I feel there is the opportunity to improve skills with the software involved in making the campaign (like Adobe Photoshop), there is also the opportunity to improve team working skills and use of initiative. Control of resources and time can also be put into effect to ensure that the campaign is completed for the deadline with the best quality available that the resources can provide. Finally, skills at adapting to a change in conditions will be tested, if for any reason someone required for part of the campaign, (like an actor), is absent when they are needed, as a team we will have to arrange for either a replacement at short notice, or change the date of recording.

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