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lawphil Today is Wednesday, January 25, 2012 Republic of the Philippines Congress of the Philippines Metro Manila Twelfth Congress

Third Regular Session Begun and held in Metro Manila, on Monday, the twenty-eight day of July, two thousand three. Republic Act No. 9292 April 17, 2004

AN ACT PROVIDING FOR A MORE RESPONSIVE AND COMPREHENSIVE REGULATION FOR THE REGISTRATION, LICENSING AND PRACTICE OF PROFESSIONAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS, ELEC TRONICS ENGINEERS AND ELECTRONICS TECHNICIANS, REPEALING REPUBLIC ACT NO. 5734, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE "ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING ACT OF THE PH ILIPPINES", AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled: ARTICLE I GENERAL PROVISIONS Section 1. Short Title. - This Act shall be known as the "Electronics Engine ering Law of 2004". Section 2. Statement of Policy. - The State recognizes the importance of ele ctronics engineering in nation-building and development. The State shall therefo re develop and nurture competent, virtuous, productive and well-rounded Professi onal Electronics Engineers, Electronics Engineers and Electronics Technicians wh ose standards of practice and service shall be excellent, qualitative, world-cla ss and globally competitive through inviolable, honest, effective and credible l icensure examinations and through regulatory measures, programs and activities t hat foster their integrity, continuing professional education, development and g rowth. Section 3. Definition and Interpretation of Terms. - As used in this Act, th e following terms shall mean: (a) Electronics - the science dealing with the development and application o f devices and systems involving the flow of electrons or other carriers of elect ric charge, in a vacuum, in gaseous media, in plasma, in semiconductors, in soli d-state and/or in similar devices, including, but not limited to, applications i nvolving optical, electromagnetic and other energy forms when transduced or conv erted into electronic signals. (b) Professional Electronics Engineer - a person who is qualified to hold hi mself/herself out as a duly registered/licensed Professional Electronics Enginee r under this Act and to affix to his/her name the letters "PECE". (c) Electronics Engineer - a person who is qualified to hold himself/herself out as a duly registered/licensed Electronics Engineer under this Act and to af fix to his/her name the letters "ECE". (d) Electronics Technician - a person who is qualified to hold himself/herse

an undertaking the object of which is to trans mit audio. textual. (h) Communications .includes all manufacturing establishments and other b usiness endeavors where electronic or electronically-controlled machinery or equ ipment are installed and/or are being used. fixed or moving pictu res or images. (n) Accredited Professional Organization . elec tromagnetic and technological means. hospitals.The following shall be the engineering and technician categories covered by this Act: (a) Professional Electronics Engineer (PECE) . or any info rmation.any transmission. plan ning. also refers to the theoretical and practical applications and processes utilizi ng such data and information. by wire. maintained. manuf actured or operated.lf out as a duly registered/licensed Electronics Technician under this Act and t o affix to his/her name the letters "ECT". electronic messages. text. production. cable. supervision. video. (e) Electronics and Communications Engineer . written or printed matter. maintained. schools. text.the process of sending and/or receiving information. or other electronic.shall include but not be limited to office bu ildings. assembled. d ata. programs and/or instructions. executing the programs and/or instruc tions to process the data and presenting the results. supermarke ts. visual/optical/light. (m) Consulting Services . (j) Broadcast. . shall include services requir ing adequate technical expertise. (f) Computer . emission or reception of voice. used in this Act. da ta. and other tech nical studies or special studies in the field of electronics engineering. hotels. pre-investment or feasibility studies. sold.the integrated and accredited nat ional organization of Professional Electronics Engineers. Electronics Engineers and Electronics Technicians. pictorial. sold. design. music or visible or audible signals or sounds. transformation. Broadcasting . Section 4. words. opti cal wave guides or other devices and wired or wireless medium (i) Telecommunications .any of a variety of electronic devices that is capable of acc epting data. intelligence and/or control signals of any design/format and for any pu rpose. studios. manufac tured or operated. 5734. storage and transmission/reception of data and information by e lectronic means in forms such as vocal.a person who is qualified to h old himself/herself out as a duly-registered/licensed Electronics and Communicat ions Engineer under Republic Act No. construction. apartments. where electronic or electronically-controlled machinery or e quipment are installed and/or are being used. numeric or the like. (l) Commercial Establishment . (k) Industrial Plant . signals and/or messages between two (2) or more points by radio. Categories of Practice. watercraft and aircraft used for business or profit.the acquisition. stadia. radio. images or other signals or messages for reception of a b road audience in a geographical area via wired or wireless means. assembled. and any other building/s or area/s for business purposes. motels. management and related services. (g) Information and Communications Technology . condominiums. experience and professional capability in unde rtaking advisory and review. memorial chapels/parks. spectral. parking areas.

(a) The scope and nature of practice of the Electronics Engineer shall embra ce and consist of any work or activity relating to the application of engineerin g sciences and/or principles to the investigation. construction and installation. synthesis. construction.(b) Electronics Engineer (ECE) (c) Electronics Technician (ECT) Section 5. marke ting and sales. instruments. management. composed of a chairm an and two (2) members who shall be appointed by the President of the Philippine s from the three (3) recommendees per position chosen and ranked by the Commissi on. analysis. navigational and military appli cations. electro-magnetics. manufacture and production. equi pment. products. consumer and industrial electronics. which recommendees shall in turn be chosen from the five (5) nominees for ea ch position submitted by the accredited professional organization. hereinafter referred to as the Bo ard. tests /measurements/control. systems. it also includes the administration. (b) The scope and nature of practice of the Professional Electronics Enginee r shall embrace and consist of all of the above plus the sole authority to provi de consulting services as defined in this Act and to sign and seal electronics p lans. sales and marketing o f any electronic component/s. diag nosis. cable and wireless tel evision. including the teaching and training of technical and professional subjects given in the electronics te chnician curriculum and licensure examinations. specifications. control. in accordance with rules and regulations presently in existence or that may be promulgated fo r such purpose. drawings. procurement.The Board is vested with the . planning . information and communicati ons technology (ICT). Section 7. medical electronics. Powers and Functions of the Board. . biometrics and all other re lated and convergent fields. operations and processes located on land. computers and their networking and hardware/firmware/softw are development and applications. products. aircraft. apparatus. (c) The scope and nature of practice of the Electronics Technician professio n shall embrace and consist of any non-engineering work or activity relating to the installation. hereinafter referred to as the Commission. including lecturing and teaching of technical and professional subj ects given in the electronics engineering and electronics technician curriculum and licensure examinations. specification. technical support and maint enance of electronic components. equipm ent. provision. instruments. similarly include d are those teaching and training activities which develop the ability to use el ectronic engineering fundamentals and related advanced knowledge in electronics engineering. robotics. electro-optics/photonics/opto-elec tronics. repair and maintenance. manufacture and production. Nature and Scope of Practice of Electronics Engineering and Elect ronics Technician Professions. . operation. su pervision and regulatory aspects of such works and activities. aerospace. operations and processes in the fields of electronics. broadcast/broadcasting. servicing. reports and other technical documents prepared by himself/herself and/or under his direct supervision. ARTICLE II PROFESSIONAL REGULATORY BOARD OF ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING Section 6. design. devices. network/s. tests and measurements. networks. permit applications. including communications and/or telecommunications. cybernetics. under the administrative control and supervision of the Professional Regula tion Commission. device/s. system/s.There is hereby created a Professiona l Regulatory Board of Electronics Engineering. repair. watercraft. operation. Composition of the Board. industrial plants or commercial establishments. avionics. apparatus. research and development.

Electronics Eng ineers and Electronics Technicians. for any justifiable cause and afte r due process.authority to: (a) Administer/Implement the provisions of this Act. suspend and/or cancel special permits to foreign Professional Ele ctronics Engineers. subject to review and approval b y the Commission. the opening. TESDA. re commend to CHED and/or the TESDA and/or other government entities concerned with the granting of school permits or authorization. electronics technician and/or allied courses or programs for the purpose of re-aligning. Electronics Engineers and El ectronics Technicians in the Philippines. in accordance with the provisions of this Act. (k) Inspect educational institutions and based on their findings thereon. electronics technician and related courses or programs and to see to it that these requirements. (g) Prescribe. (l) Adopt and administer a Code of Ethics and a Code of Technical Standards of Practice for Professional Electronics Engineers. adopt and issue the syllabi of the subject s for the licensure examination for Electronics Engineers and Electronics Techni cians. suspend or revoke Certificates of Registration and accordingly th e Professional Identification Cards of Professional Electronics Engineers. in coordination with CHED. colleges or universities. (d) Issue. are properly complied with: Provided. improvement/upgra ding or closure of colleges or schools and universities offering electronics eng ineering and electronics technician courses or programs. (f) Issue. amend or revise the requirements for licensing of Professiona l Electronics Engineers. and prepare. (i) Grant registration without examination. revising and/or consolidating the same and/or otherwise defining the minimum requirements by means of which graduates of related or allied cours es or programs can qualify to take the Electronics Engineer and Electronics Tech nician licensure examinations. in strict conformance with the scope of the syllabi. review and define/re-define the curricula for electronics engine ering. (e) Maintain a roster of Professional Electronics Engineers. or otherwise suspend the holder the reof from the practice of his/her profession. seeking permission to open courses or programs or already offering courses or programs in electronics engi neering. Elect ronics Engineers or Electronics Technicians. (c) Adopt an official seal of the Board. (j) Study. including employment of qualified faculty members. (h) Adopt a program for the full computerization of the licensure examinatio n. (b) Administer oaths in connection with the administration of this Act. examine and recommend. That within three (3) years after the effecti vity of this Act. in coordination with the Commission on Hig her Education (CHED) and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authorit y (TESDA). and prepare the questions therefore. the essential requirements as to curricula and facilities of schools. and in cons ultation with other concerned government entities and the accredited professiona l organization. . and in consultation with other concerned government entities and the accredited professional organization. Electronics Engineers or Electronics Technicians in accordan ce with the provisions of this Act. the Board shall.

the same shall become final and immediately enforcea ble. (r) Hear and decide violations of this Act. further. representatives of industry and the Accredited Professional Organ ization. in which ca se the hearing shall be presided over by at least one (1) member of the Board as sisted by a Legal or Hearing Officer of the Commission. laws. and whenever necessary. deny the appeal or remand t he case to the Board for further action or proceeding: Provided. prescribe and adopt such rules and regulations for electronic s installations in industrial plants. (o) Prescribe the minimum manning and manpower requirements for Professional Electronics Engineers. the Code of Ethics and the Code of Technical Standards of Practice for t he profession. the Board may personally or through subordinate employees of the Commission or member/s of the Accredited Professio nal Organization. in c oordination with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). and for this purpose. Electronics Engineering and Electronics Technician Professions. orders and/or decisions on such administrative c ases: Provided. (p) Formulate.(m) Promulgate rules and regulations on the scope of practice of Professiona l Electronics Engineers. other conce rned agencies. (n) Promulgate a program for continuing professional education and/or develo pment of Professional Electronics Engineers. rules and regul ations that may be enacted hereinafter. issue subpoena ad testificandum and/or subp oena duces tecum to secure attendance of witnesses and the production of documen ts in connection with the charges presented to and/or any investigation pending before the Board. Electronics Engineers and Electronics Technicians. Electronics Engineers and Electronic s Technicians are employed for the purpose of determining compliance with the pr ovisions of law relative thereto. (t) Promulgate resolutions. except in cases where the issue involved strictly concerns the practice of the Professional Electronics Engineer ing. orders and/or decisions shall be subject to appeal within fifteen (15) days from receipt thereof with the Commission. Electronics Engineers and Electronics Technicians in ind ustrial plants and commercial establishments for purposes of ensuring compliance with the provisions of this Act and all other ordinances. c onduct ocular inspection or visit industrial plants and commercial establishment s where Professional Electronics Engineers. its implementing rules and regul ations. proceedings and accomplishments . duly authorized by the Board and approved by the Commission. commercial establishments and other buildi ngs or structures covered by the National Building Code of the Philippines. (s) Delegate the hearing or investigation of administrative cases filed befo re it to authorized officers of the Commission. Electronics Engineers and Electroni cs Technicians. ethical an d technical standards. (q) Study the conditions affecting the Professional Electronics Engineering. exercise the powers conferred by this and other Acts . dismiss the case. and adopt such measures as may be deemed proper for the enhancement and advanc ement of the professions and/or the maintenance of high professional. (u) Submit an annual action plan and corresponding report at the beginning a nd close of each fiscal year on the activities. and for this purpose. That such resolutions. Electronics Engineering and Electronics Technician professions in the Philippin es. in accordance with established policies promul gated by the Commission. That i f after fifteen (15) days from the receipt of such decision no appeal is taken t herefrom to the Commission. whi ch may affirm or reverse the same.

Any vacancy occurring within the term of a member shall be filled for the un expired portion of the term only: Provided.The members of the Board shall hold office for a term of three (3) years from date of appointment or until their successors sha ll have been appointed and qualified and may be re-appointed once for another te rm. Section 8. Section 11. Except those in administrative cases. (d) Be a member of good standing of the Accredited Professional Organization . That the member appointed to serve t he unexpired term may be re-appointed more than once for as long as his/her cont inuous tenure shall not exceed six (6) years. Each member of the Board shall tak e the proper oath prior to the assumption of office. duly qualified t o practice as a Professional Engineer in the Philippines. . and (v) Discharge such other powers and functions as the Board and the Commissio n may deem necessary for the practice of the profession and the upgrading. may suspend or remove any member of the Boa rd for neglect of duty. either in self-practice. or tampering of the grades there . manipulation or rigging of the licensure e xamination results. or employ ment in government service and/or in the private sector. development and growth of the Professional Electronics Engineer. incompetence. college. Electro nics Engineer and Electronics Technician professions in the Philippines. (b) Be of good moral character and integrity. Section 10. Section 9. . (c) Be a holder of a valid Certificate of Registration and a valid Professio nal Identification Card as a Professional Electronics Engineer. Term of Office.The chairman and members of th e Board must possess the following qualifications at the time of their appointme nt: (a) Be a citizen and a resident of the Philippines for at least five (5) con secutive years prior to his/her appointment. university or institution conferring an academic degree a nd/or certification/accreditation necessary for admission to the practice of Ele ctronics Engineering and/or Electronics Technician or where review classes in pr eparation for the licensure examination are being offered or conducted nor shall he/she be a member of the faculty or of the administration thereof prior to tak ing his/her oath of office. in any sch ool. . (f) Must not have any pecuniary interest. (e) Be in active practice of the electronics engineering profession for at l east ten (10) years prior to his appointment. Qualifications of Board Members.of the Board for the year. enhan cement. and (g) Must not have been convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude. up on recommendation of the Commission. . all resolutions embodying rules and regulations a nd other policies and measures issued and/or promulgated by the Board shall be s ubject to the review and approval by the Commission. academy.The President of the Philippines. Compensation and Allowances of the Board. Removal of Board Members. directly or indirectly. disclosure of secret information or the examination question s prior to the conduct of the said examination. incorporating therein any recommendation to the Commi ssion.The Chairman and mem bers of the Board shall receive compensation and allowances comparable to that b eing received by the Chairman and members of existing regulatory boards under th e Commission as provided for in the General Appropriations Act.

in.The examination for Electronics Engineers shall consist of written tests which shall cover subjects prescribed by the Board but including at least the following: Mathematics. (b) He/She is of good moral character and had not been convicted by a court of law of a criminal offense involving moral turpitude. after having given the member concer ned an opportunity to be heard and/or to defend himself/herself in a proper admi nistrative investigation. institute. add to or exclude any subject and prescribe the number of final examination/s per year after approval by the Commission. Communications. institute. . . after completing a resident collegiat e course equivalent to that of a full baccalaureate degree. or (2) has completed at least the minimum third-year equivalent of a Bachelor o f Science program in Electronics and Communications Engineering or Electronics E ngineering program according to CHED guidelines. (c) For the Electronics Engineering examinations. or. such equivalent and/or related formal or non-formal course or program from any school. Laws and E thics. (d) For the Electronics Technician examinations: (1) is a graduate of an Associate. college. modify. college. and Information and Communication s Technology. univers ity or training institution recognized by the Government or the State where it i s established. or subject to compliance with minimum requirements to be p rescribed by the Board. Electronics. Trade or Vocational course in electronics or. Technician. or for any final judgment or convic tion of any criminal offense by the Courts. Scope of Examination for Electronics Engineers and Electronics T echnicians. an applica nt must. The examinations for Electronics Technician shall consist of written and/or practical tests covering subjects to be prescribed by the Board and shall cover subjects specific to the practice of Electronics Technicians. for unprofessional or unethical conduct. REGISTRATION AND LICENSURE Section 14. he/she is a holder of a de gree of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering or Ele ctronics Engineering. the Board may re-cluster. college or university recognized by the Government or State where it is established. As urgent and important need arises so as to conform to technological and mo dern changes. Engineering Economics. establish to the sati sfaction of the Board that: (a) He/She is a citizen of the Philippines or of a foreign country qualified to take the examination as provided for in Section 33 of this Act. Qualifications for Examinations.In order to be allowed to tak e the examination for Electronics Engineer or Electronics Technician. at the time of the filing of his/her application. Computers. such equivalent and/or related engineering course or pro gram from any school. subject to the evaluation o f the Board such equivalent and/or related engineering course or program from an y school. rearrange. or university recognized by the Govern ment or the State where it is established. subject to the evaluation of the Board. ARTICLE III EXAMINATION. The PRC Board resolution thereon shall be officially publish ed in the Official Gazette or major daily newspapers of general circulation and . after completing a resident course or program of not less than tw o (2) years. Applied Sciences. Section 15.

The Board and/or the Commission sha ll not register and shall not issue a Certificate of Registration and Profession al Identification Card to any person convicted by a court of competent jurisdict ion of any crime involving moral turpitude. Section 16.To pass the licensure examination. he/she shall be considered as having failed the entire licensure e xamination. the Board shall issue Ce rtificates of Registration and Professional Identification Cards without examina tion to applicants for registration as Electronics Technicians who shall present evidence or other proof satisfactory to the Board that: (a) He/She is a graduate of at least a two-year Associate. Electronics Engineer or Electronics Techn ician. the complete names and addresses of clients and companies or pers ons worked for. or. Ratings. a candidate for El ectronics Engineer or Electronics Technician must obtain a passing rating of sev enty percent (70%) in each subject given during the examination: Provided. . finally. and as a prerequisite to practicing a s a Professional Electronics Engineer. Registration without Examination for Electronics Technicians. an equivalent and/or related formal or non-formal course or program from an y school. Profes . indicating therein his/her specific duties and responsibilities. or that he/she h as completed at least the minimum third-year equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree o f Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering or Electronics Engineeri ng program according to CHED guidelines.All successful examinees and all those who have qualified for registration without examination shall be required to take a professional oath before any member of the Board or any person authorized by the Commission before he/she can be registered and issued a Certificate of Registra tion and Professional Identification Card. That a candidate who obtains a passing rating in the majority of the subject s but obtains a rating in the other subject/s below seventy percent (70%) but no t lower than sixty percent (60%). as well as the names and positions of immediate superiors. relevant ac complishments. That should the examinee fail to obtain a passing rating in the removal examination. Section 21. university or training institution recognized by t he Government or the State where it is established. technical capability and good moral character of the applicant.The Board and the Commi ssion shall correct and rate the licensure examination papers and shall release the examination results within fifteen (15) days after the said examination. Section 22. Non-issuance of a Certificate of Registration and/or Professiona l Identification Card for Certain Grounds. . Technician. furnishing the party concerned a written statement containing the reasons for such action. and (b) He/She has rendered at least seven (7) years (inclusive or aggregate) of active self-practice and/or employment either in the Government or private sect or. Release of the Results of Examination. Revocation and Suspension of Certificate of Registration. Section 17. Section 20. shall be allowed to take one removal examinati on on the subject/s where he/she failed to obtain the passing rating: Provided. subject to the evaluation of the Bo ard. howev er. The above submittals shall be accompanied by a certification from at least t hree (3) registered Professional Electronics Engineers vouching for the integrit y. Professional Oath. which statement shall be incorporated in the records of the Board. college. Section 23. . .also circularized and disseminated to all colleges. Trade or Vocational course in Electronics as certified by the TESDA. -W ithin five (5) years after the effectivity of this Act. institute. to any person of immoral or dishonor able conduct and to any person of unsound mind.

or canc el a Special Permit granted under Section 26 herein. Re-issuance or Replacement of Certificate of Regi stration and Professional Identification Card. or where fraud. subject to the rules promulgated by the Board and the Commission.The Board may. inactive due to death or other reasons.The Board shal l. indicating therein the status of the Certificate of Registration. two (2) years af ter the revocation of a Certificate of Registration and Professional Identificat ion Card. That he/she did not commit any illegal practic e of the profession or any violation of this Act. Electronics Engineers and Electronics Technicians. residence and/or office address of all registered Professional El ectronics Engineers. Professional Identification Card or Special Permit.The Board shall prepare and maintain a roster of the names.sional Identification Card and Cancellation of Special Permits. Section 25. The said roster shall be conspicuously posted within the premises of the Commission and the information therefrom made availab le to the public upon inquiry or request. . . for any of the causes menti oned in the preceding sections. or for unprofessional or unethical conduct. or mutilated certificate or registration card may be issue d. malp ractice. whether valid. delinquent. Professi onal Identification Card and membership in the Accredited Professional Organizat ion of the professional. incompetence or any violation of this Act and its implementing rules an d regulations. destroyed. . the Code of Ethics and the Code of Technical Standards of Practic e. upon proper notice and hearing. reinsta te the validity of a revoked Certificate of Registration and Professional Identi fication Card. . which sh all be updated annually in cooperation with the Accredited Professional Organiza tion. Reinstatement. upon paymen t of the required fees. or false statement was found to have been employed in obtaining said Certificate of Registration. Roster of Professional Electronics Engineers. deceit. codes and policies during the time that his/her Certificate of Registration and Professional Identi fication Card was revoked. and the Board: Provided. A new Certificate of Registration or Professional Identification Card to rep lace lost. subject to compliance with the applicable requirements of the Com mission. Section 24. suspended or revoked. revoke or suspend the validity of a Certifica te of Registration and accordingly the Professional Identification Card. upon application and for reasons deemed proper and sufficient. Electronics Engine ers and Electronics Technicians. its rules.