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What  is  M-­‐GO?   M-­‐GO  is  a  free  app  that  conveniently  combines  all  of  your  media  including  movies,  music,  apps,  live   TV,  and  much  more.    This  next  gen  app  has  a  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  discovery  engine  that  quickly  and   painlessly  gets  you  the  content  that  you  want  to  watch  when  you  want  it.  M-­‐GO  offers  consumers   seamless  access  to  all  your  content  across  all  of  your  connected  devices  (TVs,  tablets,  smart  phones)   –  in  the  home  and  on  the  go.  Lastly,  M-­‐GO  offers  you  the  opportunity  to  use  your  smart  phone  or   connected  tablet  as  the  premium  second-­‐screen  experience,  when  you’re  watching  TV.     What  is  the  relationship  between  MediaNavi  and  M-­‐GO?   M-­‐GO  is  the  first  consumer  brand  from  MediaNavi,  a  subsidiary  of  Technicolor.  Last  year  we   previewed  MediaNavi  as  a  B-­‐to-­‐B  company  aimed  at  assisting  system  operators  to  solve  key   problems  they  encounter  on  a  regular  basis.  Since  then,  we  saw  an  opportunity  to  bring  our  offering   to  the  consumer  market  as  well,  and  as  a  result  we  created  M-­‐GO.     When  will  M-­‐GO  be  available?   M-­‐GO  will  be  available  to  consumers  in  the  spring  2012,  and  will  be  platform  agnostic  and  available   on  any  device  where  there’s  an  internet  connection.         To  be  the  first  to  get  more  information  about  M-­‐GO  as  it  becomes  available  go  to  


 he  served  as  General  Manager  of  EA  Mobile  where  he  also   spearheaded  EA’s  entrance  into  the  mobile  games  business.   He   was   soon   promoted   to   the   position   of   Group   Studio   General   Manager   where   he   was   responsible   for   multiple   studio   units   that   developed   a   portfolio   of   entertainment   software   products.  M-­‐GO     John  Batter  currently  serves  as  the  Chief  Executive  Officer  of   M-­‐GO.  and  was  responsible  for  all  aspects   of  EA’s  global  wireless  games  business.  John  served  as  President  of   Production   at   DreamWorks   Animation.   a   joint   venture   between   DreamWorks   and   Microsoft.     John   left   PDI/DreamWorks   in   2000   to   become   General   Manager   of   Electronic   Arts   (EA)   Redwood   Shores.   where   he   was   responsible   for   the   Company’s   worldwide   production.         John  also  served  as  CFO  for  Xatrix  Entertainment  and  held  a  variety  of  management  positions  in   business   development   and   planning   with   the   Times   Mirror   Company.   technology   and   studio   finance/operations   activities   as   well   as   developing   opportunities   to   extend   the   Company’s  core  business.   .   the   first   consumer   brand   from   MediaNavi.   a   subsidiary   of  Technicolor.  He  is  a  member  of  the  Board  of  Directors  for  GridIron  Software.   Prior   to   leaving  EA  to  return  to  DreamWorks.John  Batter     Chief  Executive  Officer.     He   began   his   career   with   Kaypro   Computer   Corporation.  Prior  to  this  role.  including  domestic  and  international  sales  &  marketing   and  product  development  on  three  continents.   post-­‐ production.   John   earned   a   Master   of   Business   Administration   from   the   University   of   Southern   California   and   a   Bachelor   of   Arts   from   the   University   of   California.   Berkeley.  Inc.         John   previously   served   as   CFO   of   PDI/DreamWorks   and   as   part   of   the   start-­‐up   management   team   for   DreamWorks   Interactive.

 Greg  served  as  CEO  for  Digeo.Greg  Gudorf     Chief  Operating  Officer.  with  an  emphasis  on  the  convergence   of   cable.  As  Vice  President  of  TV  Marketing  at  Sony.   cloud-­‐based   applications   and   a   variety   of   devices   for   use   at   home   and  on-­‐the-­‐go.     He   holds   an   MBA   from   the   University   of   Phoenix   and   is   a   graduate   of  Antioch  University.   Greg   has   been   involved   in   management.   and   served  on  Sony’s  Cable  Task  Force  as  the  TV-­‐centric  representative   to   cable   system   operators   and   as   Sony's   Consumer   Electronics   Association   (CEA)   Video   Board   member.   and   retail   aspects  of  the  business.   from  companies  such  as  Sony.   patents   in   the   network   and   interactive   TV   fields   with   more   than   30   additional   patents   pending.  Greg  held  leadership  positions  at  Chaparral  Communications  and  General   Instrument.       Greg   holds   19   U.  M-­‐GO     Greg   Gudorf   serves   as   Chief   Operating   Officer   for   M-­‐GO.       .   Throughout   his   tenure   in   the   industry.A.  he  oversees  the  team  focused  on  the  convergence  of  content.   with   new   hardware   and   software  products.   and   marketing   across   manufacturing.   sales.  a  subsidiary  of  Technicolor.  Greg   was   responsible   for   over   $3   billion   in   TV   product   revenues.   satellite.S.   and   Internet   services.       Before  joining  Sony.  and   brings   more   than   25   years   of   experience   in   consumer   electronics.     Prior  to  joining  Technicolor.   business   development.   distribution.   the   first   consumer  brand  from  MediaNavi.  Inc.  In  this   role.