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“Bringing music across the world is our mission.”
Matthias Hohner 1890

Connecting people across the world through music
In 1857, Matthias Hohner, the son of a poor family of weavers founds his own company. Consumed by the vision of manufacturing the world‘s finest instruments, he soon builds the biggest harmonica factory in the world. His name becomes legendary during his lifetime. His products become synonymous with quality. 150 years later, the eye of the founder can look back upon instruments that have attained cult status, upon a success story that has influenced the development of music on every continent. Upon a company, that in spite of changing environments and globalization is ready to conquer the world of music anew. And upon a strong brand that focuses on the core values of its founder in every product area, producing quality instruments for hobby musicians and professionals all over the world.


B. C. A ‚must‘ for every Aerosmith fan! S t e v e n Ty l e r S i g n a t u r e Steven Tyler Signature Series harmonica features a custom combination of premium reed plates. Bob Dylan has had a special relationship with the HOHNER company and has always used HOHNER harmonicas in his music. D. The Steven Tyler Signature Harp comes in an eye-catching high quality casket designed in cooperation with the man himself to reflect his inimitable character. laser engraved covers and a hardwood comb from African Doussie. SIGNATURE SERIES RICHTER · BOB DYLAN 3 2 SIGNATURE SERIES RICHTER · STEVEN TYLER bobdylan. Bob Dylan Signature Single Original Blues Harp® with gold-plated reed plates in C-Major and exclusive stainless steel covers with special embossing. personally handsigned by Bob .com What happens when the worldwide leader in high quality harmonica manufacture gets together with one of the most legendary and influential figures of popular music worldwide? They make history! The HOHNER company and Bob Dylan are proud to present their exclusive Bob Dylan Handsigned and Signature harmonica models. ”Throughout his career. Bob Dylan Handsigned Set Complete set of Marine Band Classic harmonicas in G.“ A great opportunity for music lovers and Bob Dylan fans! Photo: © Melissa Mahoney Steven Tyler. frontman and singer of the world-famous rock band Aerosmith. E and F-Major. A. an exclusive limited series of only 25 sets worldwide with certificate of authenticity in high quality jewellery box. silver styling. Specially imprinted Doussie wood comb and robust case with Bob Dylan imprint in silver.steventyler. worked closely with us to design a harp which incorporated his ideas and corresponded to his requirements.

Throughout his career. Larry Adler made it a worldwide acknowledged standard. « • » For up-tempo tunes which need more edge the Hard Bopper  is just right. Lawrence ”Larry“ Cecil Adler (February 10. • » This is my instrument of choice for ballads. While HOHNER constructed and introduced this instrument in 1912. feel and finish as on any instrument of the Toots Thielemans Signature Series.August 7. Adler found stardom in the United Kingdom and the British Empire. 1914 . musicals and on the concert stage.000 people joined fan clubs. dedicated to Larry Adler.« Larry Adler 48 The 12 hole Chromatic harmonica. it has been He has also composed numerous pieces for the instrument. Larry Adler 64 The 16 hole Chromatic Adler taught himself harmonica and began playing professionally at the age of 14. 2001) ”Feel best in that little space between a smile and a .LARRY ADLER SIGNATURE SERIES Larry Adler is the most famous chromatic harmonica player in the world. All models of the Toots Thielemans Signature Series are individually numbered. where. Together. harmonica sales increased twenty-fold and 300. the two models of this series reflect the musical demands of the discerning jazz chromonica player. dedicated to Larry Adler. where loudness and rapid response is required. © June Mendoza. SIGNATURE SERIES CHROMATIC · TOOTS THIELEMANS 5 4 SIGNATURE SERIES CHROMATIC · LARRY ADLER tootsthielemans. responsible for bringing the instrument to a mass audience for the first time through his ground-breaking work in films. To o t s M e l l o w To n e Thinner plates with short slots mark the characteristics of this instrument. Refining of plates and covers enhances the look. Conceived as an homage to the elder statesman of harmonica jazz and designed in close cooperation with the master himself. HOHNER and Larry Adler have had the greatest impact on chromatic harmonica playing worldwide. Larry Adler The models bearing his name enjoy continued popularity with both professional and amateur harmonicists. he played HOHNER and felt connected to the company.“ The grand old man of harmonica jazz Jean ‚Toots‘ Thielemans is one of the most widely recorded artists on the chromatic harmonica. To o t s H a r d B o p p e r The thicker plates and long slots produce the instruments special sound for Jazz and all styles of music. junemendoza.

jazz. • Conical lower cover design prevents reed rattle. Practical elasticated loop permits case to be worn on belt. In combination with the screw together assembly the Crossover is extremely airtight. 6 RICHTER · MARINE BAND Patented Bamboo Comb Construction Both the Crossover and the Thunderbird utilize HOHNER‘s patented new bamboo comb construction technology specifically designed to increase bulk density. LLF). This materially enhances sound volume and eliminates shrinking and swelling. the Thunderbird incorporates his revolutionary conical lower cover design which gives the low draw reeds space to resonate without rattling. • Attractive HOHNER logo brand on back of comb.marcbreitf elder. The Thunderbird is the latest addition to the legendary HOHNER Marine Band range and features the innovative laminated bamboo comb (patented) used in the Marine Band Crossover. • Covers and reed plates fitted with Philips head screws permit easy assembly and disassembly and facilitate maintenance. making the Crossover an optimal addition to the great Marine Band range. • Full constructional compatibility with Marine Band Deluxe and Crossover. making it water repellent and exceptionally stable. • Covers and reed plates fitted with Philips head screws permit easy assembly and disassembly and facilitate maintenance. • Triple-coated laminated bamboo comb (patented). but lighter than water. whose instrumental ‚Thunderbird‘ was one of many examples where he redefined the very landscape of the harmonica. RICHTER · MARINE BAND 7 filisko. • Sturdy neoprene zipper case allows moisture to evaporate while keeping dust out. • Full constructional compatibility with Marine Band Deluxe as well as Thunderbird. and the possibilities of innovation on the harmonica. soul or funk. « Steve Baker gen. thus helping to boost volume and tone. The Thunderbird is also an homage to a modern day master of deep soul and innovation. • Triple-coated laminated bamboo comb (patented). • All parts available as henryheg dennisgru enling. LG. • » The meanest low-down sound around. rock and soul can be melded together. • Attractive HOHNER logo brand on back of comb. Kim Wilson. including Muddy Waters. LBb. whose work leading The Fabulous Thunderbirds redefined how blues. and improve comb stability. LE. the Crossover has been exactly what I feel a modern Marine Band ought to be. top-of-the-line professional quality instrument for the discerning player in modern blues. bulk density and surface hardness were increased. while still retaining a full chord sound. even response and a raspy. • Channel openings and reed plate edges rounded off for greater playing comfort. « As a laminate. an innovative renewable natural material. puts him firmly in the pantheon of blues harmonica legends. • All parts available as spares. • Channel openings and reed plate edges rounded off for greater playing comfort. Ever since I played the first prototype. With the Crossover we have expanded the Marine Band series to introduce a new. with fast. LC. Practical elasticated loop permits case to be worn on belt. fattest low-pitched sound around! Named for the powerful rumbling and musical qualities of its sound. Howard Le vy (levyland . an innovative renewable natural material. The laminated surface also provides a perfect seal between the reed plates and comb. The Thunderbird Cover concept Designed in cooperation with leading harmonica customizer Joe Filisko and bearing his signature. maximize surface • » I love the playing feel of bamboo Marcos Co ll Greg Zlap Marine Band Crossover • New improved cover design gives greater volume and stability while preventing reed stevebaker. By forming the comb with thin strips of superimposed and triple laminated layers of bamboo. • Sturdy neoprene zipper case allows moisture to evaporate while keeping dust out. The modern compromise tuning is ideal for single note playing in different positions in a wide range of contemporary new . It is tuned one octave deeper than standard harmonica tuning to produce the meanest. The revolutionary laminated bamboo comb (patented) is completely sealed. bamboo is harder than pearwood. and whose work with many blues masters. the Thunderbird is also named in tribute to Little Walter Jacobs. • Special new reed profiles for fast response and high volume even at extremely low pitch. powerful sound which is exceptionally well suited to amplified playing as well as acoustic styles. Marine Band Thunderbird • Available in 9 keys (LF. LA. • New HOHNER Classic reed profiles ensure longer reed life and optimal response. rock. LD.

reed profiles are milled by hand into strips of rolled brass in the HOHNER factory in Trossingen before the individual reeds are punched out using state of the art die stamps (photo 1).robust. • New improved cover design gives greater volume and stability while preventing reed rattle. Reed slots are punched into the reed plates with a degree of accuracy unparalleled in harmonica manufacture to create a perfect fit between reed and slot. the harmonica he used was a model called the ‚Echo Vamper‘. airtight and reliable. dramatically minimizing swelling and ensuring greater volume and faster response. The archetypal blues harmonica with the traditional HOHNER tuning. 1896. « • » New: Coated combs. Now with triple-coated pearwood comb and improved cover front design. • All parts available as spares. Photo: © Aigars Lapsa Marine Band ‚Deluxe‘ The Marine Band Deluxe incorporates a variety of improvements on the original design which optimize handling and ensure greater volume and faster response. where the pitch of each individual reed is carefully adjusted to match the pitch of the identical reed in the master plate. This amazing little instrument has shaped the way most people perceive the harmonica today! jerryportnoymasterclass. Marine Band ‚364‘ extended tonal range When Sonny Boy Williamson II played his well known piece ”Bye Bye Bird“. « Marine Band ‚365‘ extended tonal range This model is basically the same as the Marine Band 364. « M a r i n e B a n d ‚1 8 9 6 ‘ C l a s s i c The original Marine Band ”1896“ with its newly designed triple-coated pear wood comb has a uniquely authentic sound which has defined the role of the harmonica in the blues tradition and made it the benchmark by which all others are judged. powerful tone which has made the Special 20 a favourite among rock and country players as well as blues musicians.r Little Walte When Jacob HOHNER registered his new harmonica design at the US Patent Office on January 30th. • Sturdy neoprene zipper case allows moisture to evaporate while keeping dust out. the Marine Band went on to play a vital role in the development not only of the blues. • Assembled with three reed plate screws and four cover screws to maximize airtightness and facilitate maintenance. Practical elasticated loop permits case to be worn on belt. • Channel openings and reed plate edges rounded off for greater playing comfort. Rounded covers with closed sides give a warm. It is ideal for traditional blues styles and is also well suited to more modern playing techniques. he can scarcely have forseen the impact it was to have on popular music. with a rich chord sound thanks to the traditional HOHNER tuning. Sonny Bo y Williamso n John Popp er (bluestra veler. which can be seen fixed to the tuning table behind the plate being worked on. Special 20 Classic The Special 20 has reed plates set into recesses in the injection moulded plastic comb.a process which still continues today! The Marine Band was what truly made the harmonica the people‘s instrument. played in every conceivable location from the back porch to the concert stages of the world. immortalized in literature. creating a projecting mouthpiece which offers unparalleled playing pauloscher . • » Funky chords plus extended range: Old style 12-hole Marine Band. RICHTER · MARINE BAND 9 8 RICHTER · MARINE BAND . but also of modern folk. • The entire pearwood comb is triple-laquered. the construction of which has not changed since (with the exception of the cover engravings). The reeds are then riveted by hand to the plates in order to ensure the exact alignment necessary to create a top quality instrument (photo 2).com ) • » High note extended traditional 14 hole Marine Band. featured in countless hits and film soundtracks. « • » The original model with lip-friendly mouthpiece .com The third photo shows the tuning process. Conceived as a simple instrument for folk songs. but the upper register is extended for two more holes to provide additional high notes. Mark inebelow Feltham (n zero. while retaining the rich and powerful HOHNER Konstantin Reinfeld Quality Handmade in Germany To build the instruments of the HOHNER Classic diatonic range such as the models of the Marine Band series and the Special 20 or Golden Melody. • New reed profiles ensure longer reed life and reduce breakage. rock and pop music . This was the British version of the Marine Band 364 offered here.

The HOHNER Classic Sound Whether it‘s young stars such as French harmonica sensation Rachelle Plas. they all have one thing in common: The same reed design which makes the instruments of the Marine Band series the benchmark for blues stylists is used in the Golden Melody models. Notes can be bent as with Richter harmonicas. Furthermore the unique combination of the valve system and an extra set of auxiliary reeds generates a resonance and volume that no traditional Richter harp can attain. but is tuned like a standard 10 hole Richter harmonica (Bluesharp). they produce a rounder. completely harmonious and without any sharp corners. but in conjunction with the plastic comb and the full-length covers which characterize the Golden Melody. making the instrument exceptionally comfortable to hold as well as giving it a unique sound. Auto Valve Similar to the Marine Band Octave but fitted with high-quality windsaver valves. « • » Play Richter tuned the Octave way. the Slide Harp is half valved for additional airtightness without loss of bending ability. Slide Harp Chromatic-diatonic models are tuned according to the Richter system. « Golden Melody Golden Melody Gold The stylish design is classic 1950s. The covers descend vertically down to the front of the comb and enclose it • » Equal tuned for your golden melodies. the Auto Valve Harp offers great volume and tone while minimizing air consumption. the pitch of the scale can be raised by one semitone. rock artists like amazing James Garner or virtuoso jazz / blues pioneers such as Howard Levy or Carlos del Junco. plays like a chromatic. 10 RICHTER · CLASSIC & SPECIAL XB-40 The brilliant design of the ”Extreme Bending“ harp allows all notes to be bent to the same degree. only from HOHNER! Chromatic Koch This instrument is based on a standard HOHNER M260 Chromonica I. Unlike the Koch. RICHTER · CLASSIC & SPECIAL 11 . By means of the easy action. but also enables the player to reach all notes of the chromatic scale by means of the standard bending technique only. both blow and draw. right up to the rounded ends. low noise slide mechanism. making it ideal for single note playing in all keys and ensuring its lasting popularity among jazz and melody players including world-renowned overblow specialists Howard Levy and Carlos del Junco. thanks to the full sound and high volume of the octave Michael Arlt Heidi New field Rachelle Pl as jameygarn er. Pushing the slide button raises each note by one semitone. making it possible to play most of the notes of the chromatic scale which are missing on the 10-hole harp. darker sound which is ideally suited to the more jazz-inflected tones preferred by many modern stylists. Also available in C-major only in a special edition with gold anodized covers. Marine Band Oktave A folk music favourite. Notes can also be bent as on Richter models. « • » Bends like a diatonic. This not only offers unique new expressive possibilities. for example from C-Major to C#-Major. This is a totally new type of harmonica instrument. « • » The sound of a Bluesharp combined with the complexity of a Chromatic. It‘s a question of tone! Classic&Special Malcolm Ar ison carlosdelju nco. The Golden Melody is the only HOHNER Richter model tuned to equal temperament.

g Linda Krie michaelhirt e. reed plates and combs) are fully jeremyfish Step by Step Learning Blues Harmonica by Steve Baker This package consisting of book. All exercises in the book were recorded by Steve and can be heard on the CD. ergonomically designed covers enclose the entire length of the anodized aluminium powerful sound projection. a branded article achieves such a high degree of success and widespread distribution that the brand name becomes synonymous with the generic product. great looks. especially in high register (which I frequently use). permitting the player to create a combination to suit his or her individual tastes and requirements. All backing tracks are also found as playbacks without harp. high covers without side vents and high quality reed plates to give the instrument its typical bluesy m Another Blues Legend Every now and again. keithdunn . Pro Harp MS The black plastic comb. « • » I love Meisterklasse – for me there is • » The Blues Harp® is • » The rock harp! « no better model for playing fast runs. Slawek W ierzcholsk i (blues. This has certainly been the case with the HOHNER Blues Harp®. thick reed plates. with guitar accompaniment from no less than Dick Bird. All MS components (covers. MS Spare reed plates are available in different thicknesses and shapes. Meisterklasse MS Elegantly formed. Easy-to-follow explanations and practise exercises take the reader all the way from the very first steps on the instrument to learning to bend notes. now well into its fifth decade as HOHNER‘s most popular diatonic model. Now better than ever! « • » Gold finish comb. an integrated concept for harmonica design from HOHNER. to facilitate practising. pure tone and undeniable aesthetic appeal. Step by Step is the first package of its kind to feature a high-quality HOHNER harmonica of professional standard. CD and HOHNER Big River Harp is aimed at beginning players with no previous knowledge of the harp. « Blues Harp® MS The brand name ”Blues Harp® “ has attained cult status in the contemporary music scene. 12 RICHTER · MS SYSTEM Big River Harp MS We have applied the same high standards of quality to the design of our beginner‘s model Big River Harp. Streamlined covers with side vents. The model which bears the name features a functional design combining a wooden comb. These are combined with 1.« Slawek Wierzcholski (Poland) a true all-rounder. which has made it immensely popular with beginning and intermediate players alike. Cross Harp MS The attractive design combines a gold-plated comb and blank covers with extra thick brass reed plates to ensure a bright cutting tone. robust black-coated covers and brass reed plates don‘t just look cool.MS System The abbreviation ”MS“ stands for Modular System. RICHTER · MS SYSTEM 13 .05 mm reed plates to round the whole thing off and give the Meisterklasse MS its clear. interchangeable on every model of the MS line and widely available in music stores as well as from the HOHNER Service • » Open-backed covers for westernha gen. they also give the Pro Harp MS a powerful sound which is popular with players who use the harp in rock myspace. plastic comb and brass reed plates offer a fantastic price/quality ratio.ofe k.

Hong Ko ng • » Silver coated mouthpiece. Germany. overtone-rich sound and the purity of tone demanded by the world‘s leading classical chromatic virtuosos such as Tommy Reilly.5 Octave note The World Harmonica Festival 2009 Virtuoso Tommy Reilly. Its solid silver construction gives the Silver Concerto the clear. it‘s the biggest harmonica event in the western hemisphere.November 3rd 2013 in Trossingen. Stevie Wonder recorded many of his greatest hits on the Super 64. mouthpiece (coated). Meisterklasse With a 3. « Amadeus Top quality materials including a CNC-milled acrylic comb. for example in C-major and C#-major. Super 64 The stable construction and ergonomic design make it a benchmark for the manufacture of high quality chromatics with a 4 octave range. Thicker reed plates ensure remarkably full. CHROMATIC · PROFESSIONAL tollak. corresponding to both the white and the black notes on the piano keyboard. plexiglass comb and double-thickness reed plates in the bottom 2 octaves ensure that the Super 64 X not only looks great but also has a uniquely powerful sound which has made it a favourite among professionals. 14 CHROMATIC · PROFESSIONAL • » Simply owning this harp will bring great pleasure. The chromatic harmonica contains all of these notes. ergonomically designed gold-plated mouthpiece. « Rocky Lock . rich tone. It will master any score written for the violin. Willy Burg er Professional sigmundg roven. the Classic Jens Bung e yasuowatani. • » The Acrylic comb combined with a cross slider mouthpiece is a piece of art. tuned a semitone apart. a silent slide mechanism. Willy Burger. raising the pitch of each note by one semitone. the player can switch from one to the other. the center of the harmonica universe. « kerourio. King‘s Harmonica Quintet The next World Harmonica Festival will take place from October 30th . the Meisterklasse was designed for professional players of classic harmonica music. comb. this is the Rolls Royce among harmonicas. The Meisterklasse produces bright clear sounds with fabulous response from every register. With • » Built for the great British Classic 15 . The top of the line professional instruments are entirely hand built and represent the pinnacle of HOHNER craftmanship.2 mm the reed plates are considerably thicker than those used on other models and ensure greater volume. Yasuo Watani or Sigmund Groven and it continues to justify its reputation as a full concert instrument of the highest possible quality. Its construction utilizes a narrow mouthpiece with rounded channel openings. We look forward to welcoming you there! Super 64 X The gold-plated mouthpiece. The components are perfectly matched and each instrument is individually set up to ensure optimal airtightness and accuracy of tuning. individually fitted slide mechanism and of course expertly made reed plates are just a few of the features which distinguish our luxury chromatic model. the Amadeus. thus enabling music to be played in all 12 keys on one Silver Concerto Every single one of these instruments is unique and is individually built to order. Actually the ”chrom“ consists of two diatonic harmonicas joined together. By pressing in the slide button.Chromatic The word ”chromatic“ refers to a scale containing all of the 12 tones found in each octave. and an aluminium comb. the precisely adjusted. « Held every 4 years in HOHNERs hometown of Trossingen. slide button and parts of the slide assembly are all handmade from 925 grade sterling silver. Germany. Covers. « • » Doubled reed plates give you double power. unique in the world.

this model has been optimized to meet the acoustic requirements of classical concert music. No tools are needed to dismantle the instrument. The elegant simplicity of the two part slide/housing construction is a work of genius. « • » CX-12 goes Classic. a HOHNER R&D staff member who in 1991 was given the task of thinking up a radically new chromatic instrument. The slide can be removed by simply pressing the release and pulling it out. reed plates are removable with a single screwdriver. Knoppek‘s construction was brilliantly simple . Exceptional airtightness ensures unbelievable volume. It is the preferred axe of chromatic luminaries such as Bill Barrett from Hazmat Modine or LA studio crack Tollak Ollestad and is regarded by many as the most airtight and user-friendly chromatic on the market. The new housing is fully compatible with all other CX-12 models and is coated using an Ultraglide multilayer treatment. Disassembly and reassembly of these components takes only seconds and requires no tools. dynamics and response. The mouthpiece feels like a lover‘s kiss. In response to requests from a number of CX-12 fans. The sleek lines of the racy looking ‘Jazz’. but is exceptionally airtight. especially in the lower register. « CX-12 . (pic2) The inside combo of body and plates can now be inspected. The CX-12 was presented on the Frankfurt Music Trade Fair in 1992 and went on to win a major German industrial design prize.the comb and reed plate assembly is mounted in a one piece mouthpiece / housing unit and held in place by a powerful metal spring at the .CX-1 The CX-12 represents the greatest single innovation in commercial Chromonica manufacture since HOHNER‘s introduction of the first chromatic harmonicas before in 1912. The comb / reed plate unit can be removed by simply shifting the rear tension spring aside. If you‘re looking for an ergonomically constructed chromonica to play Rock. (pic1) • » The new slimline mouthpiece and unique design makes this a chromatic for all styles. while the CX-12‘s open-backed housing guarantees powerful sound projection. constructed on the basis of the tried and tested CX-12. it‘s hard to do better than the CX-12. (pic3) CHROMATIC · CX-12 17 Bill Barrett (hazmatmodine. make it a real attention-grabber. 16 CHROMATIC · CX-12 CX-12 Jazz Wow!! That’s quite a harmonica. The slide can be removed instantly. Of course these characteristics also make this model suitable for any other style of music requiring a powerful acoustic sound. nl) Tollak Olle stad • » The standard CX-12 as conceived in 1991. Blues or Folk.the most service friendly concept. « CX-12 Gold With its ultra-thick reed plates. The concept was the brainchild of Gerhard Knoppek. CX-12 Black Slide and housing (integrated mouthpiece and cover unit) can be disassembled without tools. Pop. The high-end moulding technique used to manufacture this revolutionary design makes the result anything but ”cheap plastic“ and if you put it to your lips you‘ll realize why. we‘ve made the new mouthpiece design narrower. The thicker plates support the reed action and ensure high volume and fast response. which some players find suits their embouchure better. Rob Jansse n (fatamor ganamusic.

which optimize maintenance and ensure greater volume and faster response. It is the ideal harmonica for established chromatic harmonica styles and also well suited to more contemporary playing techniques. from the mellow low octave to the bright and clear top octave. Step by Step The perfect method to start playing Chromatic harmonica. In addition to the excellent handling. the Chromonica 64 offers fast response in all octaves. Original Ca talogue Sh eet from 19 12 • » State of the art since 1912. The HOHNER Chromatic Harmonica. While considered to be a serious concert instrument. Chromonica 48 The classic all-round chromatic harmonica. Yasuo Watani and Franz Chmel.Chromonica Some product designs become timeless in form and function. it has also found its niche in pop. Loved by professionals. Chromonica 270 Deluxe The Deluxe version of the traditional Chromonica 270/48 has set another milestone in the manufacturing of top quality wooden-bodied chromatic harmonicas. which makes it possible to play a more advanced repertoire. A top quality 4 octave chromatic for professionals and semi professionals. Chromonica 64 First conceptualized in 1938 and improved in numerous details throughout the 20th century. The Chromonica 48 has set standards in chromatic harmonica manufacturing for several decades. later renamed the Super Chromonica was invented in 1912 and while Chromonicas and Super Chromonicas have been improved over the years. The Chromonica 270/48 Deluxe incorporates a variety of improvements on the original classic 270 design. compact and reliable . « • » Built in millions since 1928. jazz and blues over the years. « • » Back to the roots . « Chromonica 40 Based on HOHNER‘s original chromatic. the Chromonica 40 was fully developed by 1938 and apart from some minor modifications has been built in the same way ever since.state of the art! « • » Invented in 1938. revalued by a hundred details throughout the 20th century. Tommy Reilly or Jerry Murad and later by greats such as Willi Burger. Its simple construction makes it an affordable. suitable for all styles. CHROMATIC · CHROMONICA LINE 19 18 CHROMATIC · CHROMONICA LINE rickestrin. The beautifully crafted pearwood comb is optimized for great response over its complete range. Such is the Chromonica which celebrates its 100th anniversary next year! The Chromonica set the chromatic harmonica instrument standard and was adopted early by noted players such as Larry Adler. The Chromonica 48‘s ”big sister“ features an extra octave in the lower register. the core design remains in use on the M260/M270 line today. it is also the instrument which is most frequently recommended by teachers all over the globe.

enabling the slide assembly to be dismantled for cleaning if required. The Chrometta was first released in 1956 and introduced the concept of a divided slide. The slide spring on all Chrometta models can be removed without difficulty. Great for carrying around in a coat or trouser pocket. which is still used in this model today. Chrometta 14 This model is excellent value for money if you want to try out the enlarged 56 note version of a Chromatic. Pull the slide out sideways • » The budget 56 • » The worlds smallest • » The worlds smallest serial • » The ideal beginner‘s Classic Chromatic « among Chromatics. 20 CHROMATIC · CHROMETTA LINE CHROMATIC · CHROMETTA LINE 21 . Simply put the spring over the plate to take away the tension.Chrometta The robustly constructed and reasonably priced models of the Chrometta series are the perfect starting point for learning chromatic harmonica. This feature makes the harmonica very service-friendly and is resistant against moisture as well as gliding easily on the lips. Remove the spring 3. « Chrometta 8 The smallest version of this beginners‘ instrument with extra large channel openings and two full octaves. Chrometta 12 Due to its simple construction and good response. Larger channel openings in combination with the projecting mouthpiece ensure great response and make it easier for the beginning player to hit single notes accurately. « fully dismantable Chromatic. It offers the complete tonal range of a violin. « semi-violin-range Chromatic available. Three complete octaves from C4 up to C7 provide a note range to play most of the classical works. 1. this harmonica is ideal for beginners. Chrometta 10 The Chrometta 10 has additional notes extending down into the lower register as far as G3. integrated into the comb/ mouthpiece unit. which is the lowest note found on the violin. 2.

situated on the left of each chord layer. minor. diminished and augmented chords in 4-part octave voicings are available on this accompaniment instrument. built entirely by hand. a total of 48 chords. hä Michael Sc fer Birgit Käfe r Harmonicats Gerhard M üller hohnerklan H armonicats Johnny Ku an. Double. powerful sound. Dominant. With these instruments.und Subdominant. « • » The Original Chord harmonica. Bass 268/ Bass 265 The double reed bass harmonicas from HOHNER have exceptionally fast response as well as a rich. « • » Deep sound with full volume. contain the corresponding bass notes. along with the root bass note in each chord. 7th. Vineta The Vineta is a handy chord harmonica which offers the basic chords available: Tonic.ORCHESTRA & ENSEMBLES HOHNER‘s orchestral instruments form the backbone of the harmonica ensemble and are suited for both rhythmical accompaniment and special effects. and the player who really starts to study this can learn to play bass and chord accompaniment at the same time. The separate bass chambers. Bass harmonicas are offered in two different sizes specially designed for group and orchestra playing. we offer a product range which covers the complete spectrum of accompaniment harmonicas for both classical and modern ensembles. « Chord With 384 brass reeds all major. Hong Kong • » Add some Cello sound to the harmonica orchestra. « • » Bass and Chord harmonica combined. 22 ORCHESTRA & ENSEMBLES ORCHESTRA & ENSEMBLES 23 . Chromatica Used for glissando effects and chromatic tone painting to add tone colour to the harmonica orchestra sound. Blow and draw note in each hole have the same pitch.

Especially those that already play Chromatic harmonica will feel very comfortable on this instrument. 2 1 Tr e m o l o D e L u x e The 21 Tremolo De Luxe is carefully hand crafted for great performance in a wide range of musical styles. This provides a unique wavering or warbling sound created by the two reeds being slightly out of tune with each other and the difference in their subsequent waveforms interacting with each other. 24 TREMOLO · DOUBLE SIDED Echo-Harp 2x32/ 2x40/ 2x48/ 2x60 The models of the Echo Harp series are traditional tremolo harmonicas. the “solo tuning” offers the complete major scale in both upper and lower octaves. With its complete scale tuning over three octaves. Their stylish cover embossing and attractive designs exude an irresistible touch of nostalgia which is an invitation to dream away while you play. built for an eternity. depending on the musical requirements of the player. G o l d e n M e l o d y Tr e m o l o The Tremolo with the non-swelling plastic comb.tremolo The tremolo harmonica‘s distinguishing feature is that it has two reeds per note. Step by Step The perfect method to start playing Tremolo harmonica. « Alpenecho/ Echo/ Goliath/ Rheingold Our ever-popular tremolo harmonicas sound really great for traditional folk music and evergreens. folk. with one slightly sharp and the other slightly flat. They all feature a high-quality maple wood comb and come in four different sizes. Tr e m o l o ” S o l o i s t “ In addition to the standard tremolo models the attractive Tremolo “Soloist” will delight players of folk songs. which makes it possible to also play your favourite tunes in the lower register on both sides (C-Major and G-Major). country and many traditional styles. TREMOLO · SINGLE SIDED · SPECIAL 25 . each offering a different tonal range. These so called 2-voice instruments are ideally suitable for traditional folk music. evergreens and pop. In contrast to traditional tremolo instruments. Alpenecho Donald Bl ack Echo 48 Goliath Rheingold • » Solo tuning for great melodies with the feel of chromatic instruments. it is possible to easily play beautiful melodies in pop.

This unique style of music is usually associated with the Portuguese word ”suadade“.tremolo Bravi Alpini 2x60 Orchester Bravo 40 O Fado Portuguez Bravi Alpini 28 6-fach Kreuzwender A unique tremolo harmonica consisting of six instruments held together by metal stars at the ends. which refers to the feeling of permanent. irreparable loss. harmonious sound is particularly effective in traditional harmonica ensembles and orchestras. Orchester Bravo 40/ 48 Their pleasant. What the Blues is to the rest of the world. As a manufacturer of blues harmonicas we felt obliged to show our recognition of this kinship by releasing the ‚O Fado Portuguez‘ TREMOLO · BRAVI ALPINI SERIES · O FADO PORTUGUEZ 27 26 TREMOLO · KREUZWENDER . Bravi Alpini 28/ 40/ 2x32/ 2x40/ 2x48/ 2x60 The instruments of the Bravi Alpini Series are popular for traditional Alpine folk music. Each single harmonica is in a different key. Fado is to the Portuguese. which can be chosen according to the musical situation just by turning the wheelshaped instrument. Their nostalgic sound is perfect for Tirolean mountain melodies. a feeling which is also often found in the blues.

resulting in a full. They all feature the curved ”banana“ form and use the Wiener Octave Tuning. octave tuned to just intonation. guarantee a warm. • » Plastic combs. each with a different tonal range. OCTAVE · UNSERE LIEBLINGE SERIES 29 . Our Unsere Lieblinge harmonicas are available in five sizes. powerful sound without any tremolo beats. The projecting rounded channel dividers in the mouthpiece area offer the player fascinating possibilities of varying the sound and make the Comet a delight for both eyes and ears. Maple wood combs and high-quality reed plate. the Comet is also available as a double-sided “Wender” instrument. « Comet 32 Comet 40 Comet Series The elegant Comet series boasts an eye-catching streamlined design which is combined with opulent gold anodized covers and a solid plastic comb to create a distinctive and attractive overall concept. 28 OCTAVE · COMET SERIES Comet-Wender Unsere Lieblinge Series The traditional Unsere Lieblinge series has been popular with young and old for generations. full sound and filigree embossing on the elegantly shaped stainless steel covers ensures that these models look really great. As well as single sided models in two different sizes. The curved form fits perfectly to the lips and is exceptionally comfortable to play. « Octave tuned harmonicas employ the same horizontal division of the channel openings as tremolo tuned instruments and are also mainly used in folk music.Octave • » Traditional maple combs. reed plates attached with screws. where each side is tuned to a different key. where upper and lower notes are tuned exactly one octave apart.

stands for a long tradition in South American harmonica music. was manufactured in Trossingen from its inception in 1926 until the mid 1950s. For ensemble playing with other tremolo or octave tuned harmonicas. 30 OCTAVE · ECHO SERIES The Seductora. even response over the entire tonal range. Many ensembles both large and small use this model for group playing and it fits perfectly to the hot blooded temperament of Latin melodies and rhythms. In the 1990s it was briefly deleted from the catalogue. both series ensure a harmonious and lively sound. the double row of precisely tuned brass reeds gives our Echo harmonicas a great sound and easy. Seductora The name Seductora. one of HOHNER‘s most successful models on the Central and South American market. OCTAVE · SEDUCTORA 31 . the seductress. For the next 20 years it was produced in Brazil. but this ever popular model for Latin America has now long been re-established.Octave Echo 40 Seductora 1950 Echo 32 Echo Series 32 / 40 / 48 As with the instruments of the Unsere Lieblinge-Series.

The German Harmonica and Accordion Museum in Trossingen. make up the largest single collection on the world. his rise to fortune and the assimilation of his numerous competitors is all documented in the main museum building. The exciting story of Matthias HOHNER. is quite simply unique. The Double Puck is the smallest double-sided “Wender” harmonica ever made. Their covers are slotted into conically cut grooves on the edges of the reed plates and remain in place through their own tension . Matthias H ohner Harponette With the Harponette. But the museum doesn‘t only exhibit musical instruments. it also shows rare films. sales displays.Historic Our nostalgic historic collection is a particularly successful series which recreates unique historical models by reissuing faithful copies of the original instruments with remarkable attention to detail. Sailor Echobell The attractive Echobell model incorporates two differently tuned bells on the upper cover. These attractive high quality sheet metal signs perfectly complement the instruments of the Historic Collection and emphasize the company’s long and successful history. a huge former factory building on the original HOHNER factory site. For more information see: harmonika-museum. More than 25000 different harmonicas. These are true collectors pieces and also make perfect gift Flamen co Ta m b o u r i n e Historic Signs Alongside the fascinating historical harmonica models is an equally popular collection of former advertising motifs. exclusively manufactured in Trossingen. advertising posters and much more.a unique design feature. which houses the famous HOHNER collection. into which a high-quality Richter harmonica is inset and enables the player to produce a uniquely warm and sonorous tone. Calend ar HISTORIC SIGNS 33 32 HISTORIC LINE . This can give tunes such as “Jingle Bells” a whole new dimension! Puck / Double Puck These are the smallest 10-hole Richter harmonicas in the world. our master instrument makers have crafted a particularly attractive model which is a great addition to the Historic Collection. The Harponette comes in a luxurious embossed case with a magnetic closure. lovingly preserved by curator Martin Häffner. which can be used to create a rhythm while playing melodies on the pleasant sounding tremolo harmonica. recordings. Special exhibitions are shown in the new premises a short distance away in Bau V. It features a CNCmilled bordeaux red casing.

it helped establish the harp in country music. You really can take this with you anywhere! Little Lady The Little Lady attained worldwide fame in 1965 when Walter Schirra. Little Lady Necklace (gold plated) Mini Color Harp with Keyring 34 MINIATURES · PICCOLO · LITTLE LADY miniatures MINIATURES · LITTLE LADY · MINI 35 . when astronaut Walter Schirra smuggled one on board the Gemini 4 and surprised ground control with a spirited rendition of ”Jingle Bells“. Often used by country harp pioneer Charly McCoy. With an overall length of only 1. Little Lady Mini Harp Little Lady with keyring Piccolo Our smallest regular diatonic model. a key ring or in a tiny fitted jewel case. Whether as a pendant. The Little Lady‘s extraterrestrial première took place on December 16th 1965. With an overall length of only 1.Tested in outer space! Miniature harmonicas not only make great gift articles.38 inches it is the smallest playable series manufactured harmonica in the world and shares the same high technical standards as its larger siblings. it makes the ideal gift article for every occasion. commander of the Gemini 6 manned space flight mission. their tonal range of one full diatonic octave also makes them completely playable (even under conditions of weightlessness). used one to play “Jingle Bells” for the astonished team at Ground Control.38“ it is the smallest playable series manufactured harmonica in the world (or out of it).

instructional booklet and a CD. This Step by Step package offers a great introduction to playing the chromatic harmonica. All exercises in the book were recorded by Steve and can be heard on the CD. with guitar accompaniment from no less than Dick Bird. The set contains HOHNER‘s most famous and best selling Super Chromonica in the key of C. packaged in a colourful box. All backing tracks are also found as playbacks without harp. Blues Harmonica Set Diatonic harmonica players usually need harps in a variety of keys to be able to play different musical pieces. this Starter Kit enables easy access to popular folk music. to facilitate practising. Easy-to-follow explanations and practise exercises take the reader all the way from the very first steps on the instrument to learning to bend notes. Written by HOHNER Chromatic and tremolo virtuoso Gerhard Müller.Step by Step Blues Starter Set Chromatic Starter Set Tremolo Starter Set Steve Baker Kathrin Gass Gerhard Müller This package consisting of book. Step by Step Chromatic Starter Set M91450 Step by Step Tr e m o l o S t a r t e r S e t M91490 HOHNER iPhone App ”How to Blow the Blues“ Learn how to play 12-bar blues licks on your harmonica via iPhone. It includes a Golden Melody Tremolo harmonica. CD and HOHNER Big River Harp is aimed at beginning players with no previous knowledge of the harp. This harmonica set includes all the keys most commonly needed in blues harmonica. Step by Step Blues Harmonica Starter Set M91401 36 SETS · BLUES HARMONICA SET · STEP BY STEP SETS · STEP BY STEP · HOHNER APP 37 . Now available on itunes. a tutor book and CD. Step by Step is the first package of its kind to feature a high-quality HOHNER harmonica of professional standard.

Silver Star The harmonica for the Blues Youngsters. available in four different colours. Ocean Star • » Education • » All you need to jam along in the most popular keys. The robust construction makes it the ideal musical instrument for children of pre-school age. folk and rock. « for the Chromatic playing.Beginners David Bern dson • » First harmonica. 38 BEGINNERS · SOLO TUNING · RICHTER Melody Star The special mouthpiece with projecting channel openings makes it much easier to play single notes accurately and renders the Melody Star ideal for learning the harmonica in school classes or in group music lessons. « Big Valley The bright. Weekender & Ocean Star The special tremolo tuning gives a particulary slow tremolo effect witch is perfect for Balkan and Asian melodies. powerful sound is particulary well suited for cowboy songs. Happy Color Harp The Happy Color Harp is a genuine 10-hole Richter harmonica with plastic covers. « Speedy The Speedy has four clearly separated channels with a range of one octave and is available in four different colours. An excellent low-price beginners instrument for blues. Weekender BEGINNERS · RICHTER · TREMOLO 39 .

Soloist and tremolo & octave tuned harmonicas as well as 10-hole harps. Details · High impedance crystal microphone · Chrome grille. blue enamel finish · 30 . The HOHNER Blues Blaster is a remake of the legendary Astatic JT-30 with a crystal element to get that fat electric Chicago harp sound.10. Details · 5W class A tube amp designed for harp · Celestion TM Super 8“ speaker · . 28. uncompromising sound that blues and rock players are looking for.Accessories Genuine HOHNER Harmonica Accessories Harmonica Case Holds 12 Diatonics and one Chromatic harmonica. all the instruments you need to be prepared for a professional gig Blues Harp® Holder · Specially for 10-hole Richter harps · Plastic-coated metal neck brace · Secure double sided spring clamp Harmonica Belt · Pockets for 6 HOHNER harps · Practical clip fastener · Length individually adjustable Harmonica Holder large Fits Marine Band 24.driven power for rich harmonic distortion · Balanced XLR output to connect with FOH PA · Classic spring reverb Blues Blaster Micro A good amplified harp sound depends on the amp and microphone as well as the player‘s technique. · Plastic-coated metal neck brace Hoodoo Box Amp The Hoodoo Box harp amplifier will get you kick-started in the world of tube driven electric harmonica! In combination with a high impedance microphone like the HOHNER Blues Blaster it‘ll give you the ripping.000 Hz · Volume control · 6 metre lead female Cannon - 1/4“ jack · Amp input impedance 250kΩ minimum ACCESSORIES 41 40 ACCESSORIES Michael Arlt (bluesshacks.

if you do not want to test the playability on the mouth for hygienic reasons. The HOHNER Service Set enables players to set up instruments to suit individual playing styles and conduct basic maintenance. In 1985 HOHNER was the first manufacturer to introduce replaceable reed plates which could be changed by the player with the revolutionary Diatonic Meisterklasse 580. In addition the CSHOP offers detailed service information and infotainment regarding repair and customization of HOHNER instruments as well as a continually updated catalogue with the latest in technical information for our dealers.Service For decades. our service department has been a reliable partner for all after sales activities worldwide. The Service Set enables basic maintenance operations such as tuning. distributors. even if there is no electric power available. At harmonica events. distributors and players. exchanging faulty valves and maintaining the slide package. regapping. The HOHNER CSHOP With the opening of the HOHNER CSHOP we have expanded our service activities to provide a worldwide online ordering service for all HOHNER spare parts. the HOHNER SERVICE TEAM conducts repairs and provides service tips as well as training dealers and end users in harmonica repair and maintenance. SERVICE 43 42 SERVICE . the remarkable developments in new playing techniques have led to corresponding developments in harmonica Service Set A very compact tool set highly recommended for the first steps in harmonica maintenance and suitable for both diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. hohner-cshop. from our dealers. Over the past two decades. this pitch pipe does work all the time. Our service department has evolved to meet these needs: HOHNER’s comprehensive spare parts service offers players worldwide the possibility to purchase original HOHNER replacementparts and custom components. companies or direct from the factory. right down to individual reeds. Pitch Pipe Most sold in Africa. centering of reeds. Examina I (Bellow) For a rough estimation to test a harmonica this is fine.

Tuning Charts Diatonic Harmonicas High Range Blasen HG Kanal Ziehen G4 1 A B(H) 2 D D 3 F# G 4 A B(H) 5 C D 6 E G 7 F# B(H) 8 A D 9 C G 10 E Blow Hole Draw LF# Blasen Kanal Ziehen Blasen F# 7 F F 7 E E 7 Eb Eb 7 D D 7 Db Db 7 C C 7 B(H) B(H) 7 Bb Bb 7 A A 7 Ab Ab 7 G G 7 F# Bb 8 Ab A 8 G Ab 8 F# G 8 F F# 8 E F 8 Eb E 8 D Eb 8 Db D 8 C Db 8 B(H) C 8 Bb B(H) 8 A Db 9 B(H) C 9 Bb B(H) 9 A Bb 9 Ab A 9 G Ab 9 F# G 9 F F# 9 E F 9 Eb E 9 D Eb 9 Db D 9 C F# 10 Eb F 10 D E 10 Db Eb 10 C D 10 B(H) Db 10 Bb C 10 A B(H) 10 Ab Bb 10 G A 10 F# Ab 10 F G 10 E Blow Hole Draw Blasen Blasen F Kanal Ziehen Blasen E Kanal Ziehen Blasen Eb Kanal Ziehen Blasen D Kanal Ziehen Blasen Db Kanal Ziehen Blasen C Kanal Ziehen F4 1 G E4 1 F# Eb4 1 F D4 1 E Db4 1 Eb C4 1 D A 2 C Ab 2 B(H) G 2 Bb F# 2 A F 2 Ab E 2 G Eb 2 F# D 2 F Db 2 E C 2 Eb B(H) 2 D C 3 E B(H) 3 Eb Bb 3 D A 3 Db Ab 3 C G 3 B(H) F# 3 Bb F 3 A E 3 Ab Eb 3 G D 3 F# F 4 G E 4 F# Eb 4 F D 4 E Db 4 Eb C 4 D B(H) 4 Db Bb 4 C A 4 B(H) Ab 4 Bb G 4 A A 5 Bb Ab 5 A G 5 Ab F# 5 G F 5 F# E 5 F Eb 5 E D 5 Eb Db 5 D C 5 Db B(H) 5 C C 6 D B(H) 6 Db Bb 6 C A 6 B(H) Ab 6 Bb G 6 A F# 6 Ab F 6 G E 6 F# Eb 6 F D 6 E Blow Hole Draw Blasen Blow Hole Draw Blasen Blow Hole Draw Blasen Blow Hole Draw Blasen Blow Hole Draw Superlow Range Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw LG LAb LA LBb Blasen B(H)2 LB(H) Kanal Ziehen Blasen Kanal Ziehen Blasen Kanal Ziehen Blasen Kanal Ziehen Blasen Kanal Ziehen Blasen LLF# Kanal Ziehen Blasen LLF Kanal Ziehen 1 Db Bb2 1 C A2 1 B(H) Ab2 1 Bb G2 1 A F#2 1 Ab F2 1 G Eb 2 F# D 2 F Db 2 E C 2 Eb B(H) 2 D Bb 2 Db A 2 C F# 3 Bb F 3 A E 3 Ab Eb 3 G D 3 F# Db 3 F C 3 E B(H) 4 Db Bb 4 C A 4 B(H) Ab 4 Bb G 4 A F# 4 Ab F 4 G Eb 5 E D 5 Eb Db 5 D C 5 Db B(H) 5 C Bb 5 B(H) A 5 Bb F# 6 Ab F 6 G E 6 F# Eb 6 F D 6 E Db 6 Eb C 6 D B(H) 7 Bb Bb 7 A A 7 Ab Ab 7 G G 7 F# F# 7 F F 7 E Eb 8 Db D 8 C Db 8 B(H) C 8 Bb B(H) 8 A Bb 8 Ab A 8 G F# 9 E F 9 Eb E 9 D Eb 9 Db D 9 C Db 9 B(H) C 9 Bb B(H) 10 Ab Bb 10 G A 10 F# Ab 10 F G 10 E F# 10 Eb F 10 D Blow Hole Draw LC Kanal Ziehen C3 1 D E 2 G G 3 B(H) C 4 D E 5 F G 6 A C 7 B(H) E 8 D G 9 F C 10 A Blow Hole Draw LDb Kanal Ziehen Db3 1 Eb F 2 Ab Ab 3 C Db 4 Eb F 5 F# Ab 6 Bb Db 7 C F 8 Eb Ab 9 F# Db 10 Bb Blow Hole Draw LD Kanal Ziehen D3 1 E F# 2 A A 3 Db D 4 E F# 5 G A 6 B(H) D 7 Db F# 8 E A 9 G D 10 B(H) Blow Hole Draw LEb Kanal Ziehen Eb3 1 F G 2 Bb Bb 3 D Eb 4 F G 5 Ab Bb 6 C Eb 7 D G 8 F Bb 9 Ab Eb 10 C Blow Hole Draw LE Kanal Ziehen E3 1 F# Ab 2 B(H) B(H) 3 Eb E 4 F# Ab 5 A B(H) 6 Db E 7 Eb Ab 8 F# B(H) 9 A E 10 Db Blow Hole Draw LF Kanal Ziehen F#3 1 Ab F3 1 G Bb 2 Db A 2 C Db 3 F C 3 E F# 4 Ab F 4 G Low Range Bb 5 B(H) A 5 Bb Db 6 Eb C 6 D F# 7 F F 7 E Bb 8 Ab A 8 G Db 9 B(H) C 9 Bb F# 10 Eb F 10 D Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw Tuning Charts Diatonic Harmonicas Marine Band 365/364 Marine Band 365 Blasen C Kanal Ziehen C3 1 D G3 1 A E 2 G B(H) 2 D G 3 B(H) D 3 F# C 4 D G 4 A E 5 F B(H) 5 C G 6 A D 6 E C 7 B(H) G 7 F# E 8 D B(H) 8 A G 9 F D 9 C C 10 A G 10 E E 11 B(H) B(H) 11 F# G 12 D D 12 A C 13 F G 13 C E 14 A B(H) 14 E Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw Standard Range Blasen F# Kanal Ziehen F#4 1 Ab Bb 2 Db Db 3 F F# 4 Ab Bb 5 B(H) Db 6 Eb Blasen G Kanal Ziehen Marine Band 364 Marine Band SBS Blasen A Kanal Ziehen Blasen G Kanal Ziehen Blasen F Kanal Ziehen Blasen D Kanal Ziehen Blasen C Kanal Ziehen A3 1 B(H) G3 1 A F3 1 G D3 1 E C3 1 D C# 2 E B(H) 2 D A 2 C F# 2 A E 2 G E 3 G# D 3 F# C 3 E A 3 C# G 3 B(H) A 4 B(H) G 4 A F 4 G D 4 E C 4 D C# 5 E B(H) 5 D A 5 C F# 5 A E 5 G E 6 G# D 6 F# C 6 E A 6 C# G 6 B(H) A 7 B(H) G 7 A F 7 G D 7 E C 7 D C# 8 D B(H) 8 C A 8 A# F# 8 G E 8 F E 9 F# D 9 E C 9 D A 9 B G 9 A A 10 G# G 10 F# F 10 E D 10 C# C 10 B(H) C# 11 B(H) B(H) 11 A A 11 G F# 11 E E 11 D E 12 D D 12 C C 12 A# A 12 G G 12 F A 13 F# G 13 E F 13 D D 13 B C 13 A C# 14 G# B(H) 14 F# A 14 E F# 14 C# E 14 B(H) Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw Marine Band 364 Soloist Blasen C4 1 D E 2 F G 3 A C 4 B(H) C 5 D E 6 F G 7 A C 8 B(H) C 9 D E 10 F G 11 A C 12 B(H) Blow Hole Draw C Kanal Ziehen Blasen B(H)3 B(H) Kanal Ziehen Blasen Bb Kanal Ziehen Blasen A Kanal Ziehen Blasen Ab Kanal Ziehen Blasen G Kanal Ziehen 1 Db Bb3 1 C A3 1 B(H) Ab3 1 Bb G3 1 A Blow Hole Draw XB-40 (key of C) Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw ISO DE A2 A A3 a A4 a‘ A5 a‘‘ A6 a‘‘‘ Blasen Kanal Ziehen Bb B(H) C4 1 D Db C D Eb E 2 G F# F F F# G 3 B(H) Bb A Ab Bb B(H) C 4 D Db C D Eb E 5 F E Eb F F# G 6 A Ab G Bb B(H) C 7 B(H) Bb A D Eb E 8 D Db C F F# G 9 F E Eb Bb B(H) C 10 A Ab G Blow Hole Draw half tone bend whole tone bend one and a half tones bend whole tone bend half tone bend Signs and Symbols Octaves A7 a‘‘‘‘ A8 a‘‘‘‘‘ 44 TUNING CHARTS TUNING CHARTS 45 .

0.9 mm Wood (Pearwood) varnished 10.0 XB-40 40 Brass.9 mm Plastic (Red) 10. D.9 mm Plastic (Black) 12. M1896216 M1896226 M1896236 M1896246 M1896256 M1896266 M1896276 M1896286 M1896296 M1896306 M1896316 M1896326 key C Db D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B(H) LF LE LEb LD LC LBb LA LG LLF C Db D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B G low keys LD LEb LE LF LF# high keys HG natural minor keys Cnm Dbnm Dnm Ebnm Enm Fnm F#nm Gnm Abnm Anm Bbnm Bnm harmonic minor keys Cm Dbm Dm Ebm Em Fm F#m Gm Abm Am Bbm Bm reeds reed plates body length in cm M753401 M757401 M753801 M753901 key C C C C reeds 48 64 48 48 reed plates body length in cm 15. 1. sealed) 10. 1. 0. 0. 1. The octav reed set is tuned one octave lower. 0.0 20 Brass. M1896416 M1896426 M1896436 M1896446 M1896556 M1896466 M1896476 M1896486 M1896496 M1896506 M1896956 M1896516 Order No.0 Octav 40 Notes 20 Brass.05 mm Brass. 0.9 mm Brass. 0.9 mm Wood (Pearwood) 15. 0. 0. 0.7 20 Brass.05 mm Plastic (Black) Brass plated.0 Octav/Tremolo 28 Notes Special 20 Classic reeds 20 reeds reed plates Brass.Tuning keys Chromatic. reeds reed plates body length in cm Chromatic Koch Slide Harp Marine Band Oktave 40 40 40 Brass. 0.9 mm 10. A. 20 Brass.9 mm reed plates body Plastic (Black) body length in cm 10. 0.5 20 Brass.9 mm Wood (Pearwood) 13. 0. 0.5 Octav 48 Notes 20 Brass. Wood (Pearwood) 1.05 mm Wood (Pearwood) Brass plated.05 mm Brass plated.9 mm Wood (Pearwood coated) 10.3 11.9 mm Bamboo (cpl.0 M560616 M560626 M560936 M560906 M560656 M560896 M560676 M560886 M560696 M560946 M560926 M560726 Page 10 / 11 Richter Classic & Special Order No.9 mm Wood (Pearwood) varnished 10.05 mm Brass.5 18.9 Octave/Tremolo harmonicas (key of C) Blasen Kanal Ziehen Blasen Kanal Ziehen Blasen Kanal Ziehen Blasen Kanal Ziehen Blasen Kanal Ziehen Blasen Kanal Ziehen Blasen Kanal Ziehen Blasen Kanal Ziehen E 1 G E 1 G E 1 G E 1 G C 1 D C 1 D E 1 G C 1 D G 2 B(H) G 2 B(H) G 2 B(H) G 2 B(H) E 2 G E 2 G G 2 B(H) E 2 G C 3 D C 3 D C 3 D C 3 D G 3 B(H) G 3 B(H) C 3 D G 3 B(H) E 4 F E 4 F E 4 F E 4 F C 4 D C 4 D E 4 F C 4 D G 5 A G 5 A G 5 A G 5 A E 5 F E 5 F G 5 A E 5 F C 6 B(H) C 6 B(H) C 6 B(H) C 6 B(H) G 6 A G 6 A C 6 B(H) G 6 A Blow Hole Draw E 7 D E 7 D E 7 D C 7 B(H) C 7 B(H) E 7 D C 7 B(H) Blow Hole Draw Marine Band Thunderbird Octav 24 Notes Marine Band Crossover 20 Brass.9 mm Plastic (Black) 10.9 mm body High-class Doussie wooden comb Marine Band old style coated pearwood High-class Doussie wooden comb length in cm 10. M1896136 M1896146 M1896156 M1896166 M1896176 Order No.9 mm Wood (Pearwood) varnished 10.9 mm Wood (Pearwood) Wood (Pearwood) 12. SOLOIST C G SBS C SBS D SBS F SBS G SBS A C Db D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B(H) high keys G HIGH Country Tuning Cct Dbct Dct Ebct Ect Fct F#ct Gct Abct Act Bbct B(H)ct reeds reed plates body length in cm Marine Band Deluxe 20 Brass. M91881 M212996 M589016 key A G.9 mm reed plates length in cm 10.5 10. 0. 0.7 Brass.0 Auto Valve 40 Brass.7 46 TUNING CHARTS SPECIFICATIONS 47 . 1. Octave and Tremolo Harmonicas Chromatic Harmonicas Solo Tuning (key of C) 1 3° 4° 1 1 1 3° 1° Blasen Kanal Ziehen Blasen Kanal Ziehen C3 1° D Db 1° Eb 2° E 2° F F 2° F# 3° G 3° A Ab 3° Bb 4° 4° C 4° B(H) Db 4° C 1 1 C4 1 D Db 1 Eb 2 2 2 2 2 2 E 2 F F 2 F# 3 3 3 3 3 3 G 3 A Ab 3 Bb 4 4 4 4 4 4 C 4 B(H) Db 4 C 5 5 5 5 5 5 C5 5 D Db 5 Eb 6 6 6 6 6 6 E 6 F F 6 F# 7 7 7 7 7 7 G 7 A Ab 7 Bb 8 8 8 8 8 8 C 8 B(H) Db 8 C 9 9 9 9 C6 9 D Db 9 Eb Chrometta 8 only Chrometta 10 only 10 10 10 10 E 10 F F 10 F# 11 11 11 G 11 A Ab 11 Bb 12 12 12 C7 12 B(H) Db 12 C Draw Draw Blow Slide In Blow Slide Out Standard Solo Tuning 10 hole 40 Notes Standard Solo Tuning 12 hole 48 Notes Standard Solo Tuning 14 hole 56 Notes Standard Solo Tuning 16 hole 64 Notes Specifications Page 2 / 3 Signature Series Richter Steven Tyler Signature Bob Dylan Signature Set Bob Dylan Signature Single Page 4 / 5 Signature Series Chromatic Order No.5 Page 8 / 9 Richter Marine Band Order No. Larry Adler 48 C Larry Adler 64 C Toots Mellow Tone Toots Hard Bopper Page 6 / 7 Richter Marine Band Order No.2 mm Marine Band 365/28 28 Brass. 0.9 mm Plastic (Red) 10.0 reeds 20 reeds reed plates Brass.5 Order No. M200501 M200502 M200503 M200504 M200505 M200506 M200508 M200509 M200510 M200511 M200512 M364017 M364087 M364607 M36501 M36508 M36581 M36583 M36586 M36588 M36590 M560016 M560026 M560036 M560046 M560056 M560066 M560076 M560086 M560096 M560106 M560116 M560126 Order No.5 10.05 mm Wood (Pearwood) Brass.9 mm Plastic (Black) 10.3 Octave harmonicas: tuning refers to the standard tuning pitch of the reeds. 0.0 Tremolo 40 Notes reeds reed plates body Wood (Pearwood) varnished body Wood (Pearwood) body length in cm Golden Melody 20 Brass. 0. B. Wood (Pearwood) 1.5 15.0 length in cm G 8 F G 8 F E 8 D E 8 D G 8 F E 8 D Blow Hole Draw C 9 A G 9 F G 9 F C 9 A G 9 F E 10 B(H) C 10 A C 10 A E 10 B(H) C 10 A Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw E 11 B(H) G 11 D E 11 B(H) G 12 D C 12 F G 12 D Blow Hole Draw Blow Hole Draw C 13 F E 14 A G 15 B(H) Blow Hole Draw Tremolo 60 Notes Tremolo 48 Notes Marine Band 1896 Classic Octav/Tremolo 32 Notes Page 8 / 9 20 Brass.3 12.0 length in cm Golden Melody Gold 20 Brass.9 mm Wood (Pearwood) 11. sealed) 10. E and F-Major C reeds 20 20 20 reed plates Brass plated. C. 0. 0. 1.9 mm Bamboo (cpl. M560186 Order No. M2009016 M2009026 M2009036 M2009046 M2009056 M2009066 M2009076 M2009086 M2009096 M2009106 M2009116 M2009126 M201116 M201115 M201114 M201113 M201197 M201174 M201173 M201171 M201175 M189693 M1896026 M1896036 M1896046 M1896056 M1896066 M1896076 M1896086 M1896096 M1896106 M1896116 M1896126 M1896186 Order No.0 Marine Band 364/24 24 Brass. M542016 M542026 M542036 M542046 M542056 M542066 M542076 M542086 M542096 M542106 M542116 M542126 M542186 M543016 M110113 M110114 M110115 M110116 M110117 M110101 M110102 M110104 M110108 M110109 M110110 M110111 M110112 M98001 M98008 M731201 M189653 M189658 M10501 M10503 M10505 M10506 M10508 M10510 M10511 key C Db D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B(H) G C LD LEb LE LF LF# C Db Eb G Ab A Bb B(H) C G C C G C D E F G A Bb reeds reed plates body length in cm key C Db D Eb E F G Ab A Bb B(H) C G 364/24 C MB. M1896186 Order No.4 15.

9 mm Brass.05 mm Wood (Pearwood) 58. 1. 0.9 mm Brass.9 mm Brass.9 mm Brass.5 18.9 mm Brass. 0.5 6-fach Kreuzwender Order No.9 mm Wood (Pearwood) Brass.7 16. G. 1.0 18. 1.05 mm Plastic (Black) Brass. CD and Golden Melody 2416 in C-Major Vineta Chromatica Bass 268 (long) Bass 265 (short) M1116 M263 M268 M265 48 70 78 58 Brass. 0.05 mm Plastic (Black) 15.2 mm Wood (Pearwood) Brass.9 mm Brass. M754500 M754540 M754560 M754550 M754510 M754520 M754530 M754512 M754580 M754570 M754601 M754502 key C D E F G A Bb B(H) Eb LC-TENOR C C reeds reed plates body length in cm Order No.9 mm Wood (Maple) 23. 1. 0. 1.9 mm body Plastic (Black) length in cm 10. 1.9 mm Brass. 0. 0.9 mm Brass. Aluminium 1.1 13. 0.9 mm Brass.0 18. 0.9 mm Plastic (Black) Aluminium.05 mm Brass.7 15. 0.0 16.9 mm body Wood (Maple) length in cm 27. 1. M583016 M2260 M55001 M55333 Order No.3 11.5 3. 0.8 Echo 40 Tremolo Echo 48 Tremolo 48 48 Brass. 1.4 19. 1.5 Chord harmonica Cross Harp MS Order No. 1. 2 mm Wood (Pearwood) 18.5 3. 0.8 21. 0.9 mm Brass. 7th Augmented/ Diminished (48 chords) F-C-G VINETA G3-F6 EE-c‘ EE-e reeds reed plates body length in cm Meisterklasse MS Step by Step Blues Harp® Starter Set 384 Brass.9 mm Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) body Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) 16.5 M1493017 M1493087 M1495017 M1496017 M6892017 M6892067 M6892087 C G C C C F G 32 40 48 32 Brass.8 14.5 Step by Step Chromatic Starter Set Step by Step Tremolo Starter Set Page 38 / 39 Beginners Speedy Melody Star Silver Star Happy Color Harp Beginners Tremolo Weekender 32 Ocean Star 48 Big Valley 48 Page 40 / 41 Accessories Harmonica Case Harmonica Belt Harmonica Holder large Blues Harp® Holder Amplification Hoodoo Box Amp Blues Blaster Micro Page 42 / 43 Service HOHNER Service Set  Examina I (Bellow) Pitch Pipe Book.9 mm Brass.8 12. M533016 M533026 M533036 M533046 M533056 M533066 M533076 M533086 M533096 M533106 M533116 M533126 M590016 M590026 M590036 M590046 M590056 M590066 M590076 M590086 M590096 M590106 M590116 M590126 M564016 M564026 M564036 M564046 M564056 M564066 M564076 M564086 M564096 M564106 M564116 M564126 M566016 M566026 M566036 M566046 M566056 M566066 M566076 M566086 M566096 M566106 M566116 M566126 M581016 M581026 M581036 M581046 M581056 M581066 M581076 M581086 M581096 M581106 M581116 M581126 key C Db D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B(H) C Db D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B(H) C Db D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B(H) C Db D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B(H) C Db D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B(H) reeds reed plates body length in cm Page 14 / 15 Chromatic Professional Silver Concerto Amadeus Chrom. 0. 0.0 28. D.2 mm Brass plated.5 10. 0. 0. CD and Chromonica 48 in C-Major Book. M2503017 M2503087 M2504017 M2504087 M3427337 M3427347 M6194017 M6195017 M6195087 M7330017 M7330067 M7330087 M7332017 key C G C G C/G C/F C C G C F G C reeds 32 40 2 x 40 24 32 40 48 reed plates Brass.9 mm body Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) body Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Plastic (Black) length in cm 11. 1. key Major.3 17.3 Order No.9 mm Brass.9 mm Brass.5 3.Specifications Page 12 / 13 Richter MS System Order No.5 Super 64 Super 64 X Page 16 / 17 Chromatic CX-12 Order No. 1.7 16.9 mm Brass.9 mm Wood (Pearwood) Brass.9 mm reed plates Brass. A.5 Big River Harp MS CX-12 Jazz CX-12 Gold Page 18 / 19 Chromatic Chromonica Line Chromonica 40 20 Brass.9 mm Brass. 0. 0.5 6.8 Goliath Rheingold 21 Tremolo De Luxe Order No.05 mm Wood (Pearwood) Brass. PL91190 M903027 M50401 M91600 Order No. 1. Plastic (Translucent) 2 x 1. 0.9 10.9 mm Brass.0 40 48 reeds 28 40 2 x 32 2 x 40 2 x 48 2 x 60 40 Brass.0 Order No.2 mm Brass plated. 0. M26001 M26008 M27001 M27003 M27005 M27006 M27008 M27010 M27011 M27012 M27019 M754001 M28001 key C G C D E F G A Bb B(H) LC-Tenor C C reeds 40 reed plates body length in cm 12.9 mm body Plastic (Dark Red) Plastic (Dark Red) Plastic (Dark Red) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) length in cm 13.9 mm Plastic (Black) 10.9 mm body Plastic Plastic (Black) Plastic (Black) Plastic body Plastic (Brown) Plastic (Black) Plastic (Black) length in cm 10. 0.3 Brass plated.05 mm Aluminium 10.5 Page 20 / 21 Chromatic Chrometta Line Chrometta 8 Chrometta 10 Chrometta 12 Chrometta 14 Page 22 / 23 Orchestra 20 Brass plated.8 16.9 mm Brass.9 mm Brass.8 21. 1.0 16.2 mm Brass. 0. E.7 Brass.3 Golden Melody Tremolo Page 26 / 27 Kreuzwender 48 Brass. M2430017 M2209017 M2209087 M2309017 M2309087 M2409017 M2409087 M2509017 M2509087 M543017 M2474017 M252001 M252010 M252016 M252050 M2416017 M2416087 key C/G-Major Solotuning C/G A/D C/G A/D C/G A/D Bb/F C/G key C C G C G C G C G C C C A LF A-MINOR C G reeds 2 x 32 2 x 32 2 x 40 2 x 48 2 x 60 reeds 28 28 32 40 48 48 48 42 reed plates Brass.9 mm Plastic (Red) 16. 0.5 19.3 17.9 mm Brass. 0. 0.05 mm Brass. F. 0. 0. 0.9 mm Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) Wood (Maple) 12. 0.9 mm Brass.5 length in cm 11.0 21.3 19. V2200 MZ9917 Order No. 0. Bb C D E F G A Bb C C key C C C/G C/G C/G C/G C reeds 6 x 48 reed plates Brass. 0.5 17. 1.0 19.4 15.7 Page 28 / 29 Octave Comet 32 Comet 40 Comet Wender Unsere Lieblinge 24 Unsere Lieblinge 32 Order No. 0.9 mm reed plates Brass.4 35.1 16.0 18. 0.9 mm Brass.7 3. CD and Big River Harp in C-Major M26701 Book.0 Piccolo Little Lady Necklace (gold plated) Little Lady with keyring Little Lady Standard Mini Harp Case Display Mini Harp Case Mini Color Harp with keyring Page 36 / 37 Sets Blues Harmonica Set Order No.9 15. 0.9 mm Plastic (Brass anodised) Order No. 0. 0.7 15. M214016 M110 M109007 M390007 M91505 M12505 M91301 key C C C C C C C reeds 20 8 8 8 8 8 8 reed plates Brass. F.05 mm Wood (Pearwood) 15.2 12. M58647 M5464337 M5464357 M5580337 M5580357 M5696337 M5696357 M5696367 M5712007 Order No.8 Blues Harp® MS CX-12 Schwarz 20 Brass.2 Unsere Lieblinge 40 Unsere Lieblinge 48 Page 30 / 31 Echo 32 Octave Echo 40 Octave Echo 48 Octave Seductora Page 32 / 33 Historic Line Harponette Echobell Puck Double Puck Historic Signs 4Pieces Sets Page 34 / 35 Miniatures 48 Brass.0 17.9 mm Brass.05 mm Wood (Pearwood) Brass.8 14. D. 0.9 mm Plastic (Black) Brass.5 12. 0. MZ99331 MZ9901 MZ1500 48 SPECIFICATIONS . M91105 M91400 M91401 M91402 M91403 M91404 M91451 M91450 M91490 spec.5 19.0 Order No.05 mm body Plastic (Black) Plastic (Black) Plastic (Black) Plastic (Black) length in cm 11. 0.9 mm Brass.3 Pro Harp MS length in cm Chromonica 48 Kreuzwender Replacement 48 64 Brass. M232601 M254001 M255001 key C C C C key C C C reeds 8 16 20 20 reeds 32 48 48 reed plates Brass.8 3.9 mm Plastic (Black) 10.9 mm body Wood (Pearwood) Wood (Pearwood) length in cm 7.9 mm Brass.9 mm Brass. M25001 M25301 M25501 M25508 M25701 key C C C G C reeds 32 40 48 56 reed plates Brass.0 12.9 mm Brass. C. WM2000 key C C C C/G reeds 20 28 20 2 x 20 reed plates Brass. 0. 0.0 6.5 Brass.9 mm Brass.9 mm reed plates Brass.4 Orchester Bravo 40 Orchester Bravo 48 Tremolo Region Releases Bravi Alpini 28 Bravi Alpini 40 Bravi Alpini 2 x 32 Bravi Alpini 2 x 40 Bravi Alpini 2 x 48 Bravi Alpini 2 x 60 O Fado Portuguez Chromonica 270 Deluxe Chromonica 64 20 Brass.9 mm 30 x 40 body Wood (Doussie) Wood (Maple) Plastic (Black) Plastic (Black) length in cm 12. M753501 M754401 M756501 M758201 M758401 key C C C C C reeds 48 48 56 64 64 reed plates body length in cm 15.7 length in cm 12. Bb german english spanish italian russian german english german reeds 20 reed plates Brass. MZ91141 MZ91142 KM4306 KM1700 Order No. 0.7 19. G.5 14.9 mm Brass. 0. 0. 0.9 mm Wood (Doussie) 10.3 17. 0.05 mm Brass.7 16. 2 mm Wood (Pearwood) Brass. Meisterklasse 20 Brass.7 3. 0.0 Order No.05 mm Brass. 1.9 mm Brass.2 mm Plastic (Black) Plastic (Black) 16. 0. 0.9 mm Brass. M532887 M5348017 M5348037 M5348057 M5348067 M5348087 M5348107 M5348117 M7853017 M7854017 Order No.05 mm Plastic (gold plated) 10.9 mm Brass. 0.9 mm Brass.05 mm Plastic (Black) 16. Minor.9 mm Brass.3 17.9 mm Brass. 0. 1.05 mm Wood (Pearwood) 40 Brass.0 length in cm 14. 0.0 10. 0.7 Order No.9 mm Brass. 0. M1298017 M1311017 M1316337 M1314337 M1315337 M1317337 M7265017 key C. 0.9 mm Brass. 0.8 11. A. 0. 0. Acrylglass 1.05 mm Specifications Page 24 / 25 Tremolo Double Sided Tremolo ”Soloist“ Echo-Harp 2 x 32 Echo-Harp 2 x 40 Echo-Harp 2 x 48 Echo-Harp 2 x 60 Tremolo Single Alpenecho Echo 28 Tremolo Echo 32 Tremolo 48 Brass. Sterling Silver 1.

KG Andreas-Koch-Straße 9 · D–78647 Trossingen · Germany Specifications subject to change without notice.Authorized HOHNER Distributor: HOHNER Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. Copyright 04/ 2011 0-264.260-2011/1 · WM42601 .