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Volume 18, Issue 3 February 2012

Lent is the 40 days that come before Easter (not including Sundays). It begins on Ash Wednesday (February 22nd) and ends on Easter (April 8th). You’ll see more purple at church and our tones will be that of reflection, penitence and examination as we make our way to Holy Week (April 1, 5-6) and Easter. We take a look at our own mortality and failings as well as what God has entered into in Jesus by entering into our humanity. There is good news somewhere in this mess. No themes this year. No bells or whistles. No special programs. Just journeying with Jesus through the Gospel of Mark. To mark the season of Lent we will gather on Ash Wednesday, February 22nd at 6:30. On Sundays we’ll gather at 9:00 a.m. and Wednesdays we’ll gather at 6:30 p.m. for confession and forgiveness, reflection, worship and God’s grace and presence in the wine and bread of Holy Communion. All are welcome.

Glyndon Lutheran to hold two benefits!
Glyndon Lutheran Church
On Saturday, January 28th from 3-6 GLC will host a benefit for Dan Kemper, husband of Jessica Langseth and new member of our congregation who is going through cancer treatments at this time. There will be a dinner and a silent auction. If you have questions, call Mari at 218443-3299. We will also take an offering for Dan at coffee hour on Sunday, January 29th. You can also mail a check to the Dan Kemper Benefit Fund at Northwestern Bank Dilworth, 4 North Main Dilworth, MN 56529. On Sunday, February 19th from 4-8 GLC, along with G-F Inside this issue: Elementary Parents Group, Living the Story Fuchs Family and Friends will Over Coffee host a benefit for Sonja Fuchs. Sonja is a member of our conCouncil Update gregation and community who is Memorials going through cancer treatments Income and Expense at this time. There will be a din- Volunteers Needed ner and a silent auction. If you Youth Notes have questions, call Cindy Hen- Found Raisers riksen 701-361-8336. We will Prayers and Birthdays also take an offering for Sonja at coffee hour on Sunday, February Circle Information 19th. You can also mail a check Volunteer Committees to the Sonja Fuchs Benefit Fund Thank you at Northwestern Bank Dilworth, February Calendar 4 North Main Dilworth, MN 56529.

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Living the Story with Pastor Jeni
At our Annual Meeting, I handed out a sheet of paper with this paragraph and the below questions: Whether it has been presented this way or not throughout history, church is a gift. It has been made into a burden for some, a place of fear for others. Jesus didn’t come to make us afraid. Jesus came to take away our burdens. What if church was a place that we went to not out of obligation but to receive that which we need for our lives? What if church was not a burden that was over us, but a gift that came along side us, a community and a word of hope that help us live our lives? What if church offered freedom instead of fear? What if church was more than a building you entered or avoided? What if church is something we become? That is, what if church connected to our lives and we were equipped and empowered to be the body of Christ (aka the church) in the world? 1. Why do you go to church? (or, why don’t you go to church?) 2. What do you get out of church? 3. What does church have to do with being a Christian? What does church have to do with your life? 4. What do you need and want from church? Or, what do you need and want to hear from church? (are you getting it/hearing it?) Let’s unpack this a little bit. What is the church? We immediately picture our white building with the blue cross and the wooden walls and wooden pews. In that picture we see a gathering place. It’s true, the church is a gathering place, one intended to bring people together from all corners of the community to praise God and hear the gospel. But what does this mean? How do we praise God? Is it a formula that we are supposed to complete? An obligation we are supposed to fulfill? Is that all that God wants from us? Well no, that’s not all! God wants us to come together in praise and lament, hear gospel words and receive grace through the sacraments of baptism and holy communion. I think the key is that we come together, have a community, welcome one another just as Christ has welcomed us (Romans 15:8). But of course the church is not just a club, it is who we are. We do not just gather together, we become named and claimed and empowered to live fully, love deeply and serve the world honestly. I think that being in church needs to support our life and branch out into our being. We are not to worship God for just one hour each week, but with our whole lives. So then the church isn’t just a building, but is who we are. Martin Luther said we are to be “little Christs”, remembering Jesus’s words in Matthew 25: “Just as you [gave food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, welcomed the stranger, took care of the sick, visited the imprisoned] for one of the least of these, you did it to me.” I don’t think those actions are relegated to special Christian ministries, but are also rooted in our lives and work. We are a church of gathered people: nurses, farmers, students, firefighters, social service workers, teachers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends. Holy callings. Being gathered into church helps us re-frame who we are and what we do, equips and empowers us...and sends us back out into the world that God so loves (John 3:16)...and welcomes us back in to hear what we’ve seen and encountered. If you have not yet responded to the above questions, drop me a line, invite me over for coffee. Tell me what church is (or isn’t) for you. And let’s be church, the body of Christ, together. Peace, Pastor Jeni

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Over Coffee with Kris
Martin Luther, who we are named after, has this famous quote on prayer "If I fail to spend two hours in prayer each morning, the devil gets the victory through the day. I have so much business I cannot get on without spending three hours daily in prayer. I do not have the prayer life that Martin Luther had, especially not in the mornings. Though I do not pray like that, I find prayer to be very valuable. I learned how to pray from my mom, I prayed every night with her from before I can remember until at least through 6th grade; we said the same thing every night… Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take [perhaps a little morbid] Thank you for moms and dad, brothers and sisters, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, Vivian and Gene, cousins, friends, relatives, and everyone else in the whole wide world. Then we sang this song: Jesus listens when we pray, when we pray, when we pray. Jesus listens when we pray, every night, every day, AMEN This was a very special time, and my mom did believe what we sang in that song. That Jesus/God does listen, and I think that is why one of my favorite passages of scripture is from 1 Thessalonians 5, 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. That is hard to do sometimes, but it is something that I strive to do… Another thing that made a big impact on my prayer life is the fact that my mom was on the prayer chain for church; she had a notebook by the phone in the kitchen that she wrote all of the prayers in. She was diligent in passing on the prayers, and even more diligent in praying for those in need. My mom continued to be on the prayer chain, even when a lot of the prayers were about her and her health, this “praying without ceasing” was in her heart. This December, the young people of Glyndon Lutheran made a different sort of prayer chain. They wrote prayers on slips of paper and made a paper chain. They wrote prayers of things that they were thankful for, and prayers of things that they were hopefully for. Here are some of those prayers, the spelling is how they spelt it, the brackets are how I interpreted it. Thank you for family Plese cepe my family helsee [Please keep my family healthy] Thank you for my fat cat I want my dogs hip problems to go away I want my grandma’s arthrightist [arthritis] to go away When I die I wish that I go to heaven so I can see my aunt and ke Grandma Shirely for doing better Picture of an ice cream cone I hope my Grandpa’s knee heals I pray for my Grandma Donna I pray for her to get better and rember [remember] me I am thankful for the world I hope my grandparents make a safe trip home Thank you pictures of people Keep nana and papa healthy My life I am thankful for food and water and my mom and my dad From the lips [or fingers] of babes… Jesus listens when we pray, when we pray, when we pray. Jesus listens when we pray, every night, every day, AMEN Blessings on the rest of your day, Kris Johnson

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Council Minutes
Glyndon Lutheran Church Council Meeting January 11, 2012 Members Present: Jeff Wallin, Pam Rudolf, Carrie Smith, Calvin Johnson, Kris Johnson, Pastor Jeni Wanda Peterson and Cindy Henriksen Devotion/Check-in/GLC Mission Statement Secretary’s Report: Read and Passed Treasure’s Report: Read and Passed Ministers’ Report: Pastor’s Report, January 2012 Another great, but full month at GLC. I have now been here for a year and a half and I continue to learn and grow. I preached and presided at worship on 12/18, 12/24, 12/25, 1/1. I presided at worship on 1/8. Christmas saw about 300+ visitors between two services! Unfortunately our sound system did not work for the first service (in which we had the most visitors), but we made due and enjoyed a “Silent Night” kind of worship. A big thanks to Matt Aakre for helping us to get our sound system back up and running for the 10pm service. We enjoyed a humble Christmas Day worship service in which I read a sermon by Martin Luther titled “Unto You a Child is Born.” He reminds us clearly that it is for us that Jesus was born, and, that God does not need our good works, but our neighbor does and we are to serve one another the way we would like to serve God. I took vacation the week following Christmas, enjoying a few days in Minneapolis and seeing family and friends. Colin and I returned early from vacation so that I could tend to the sudden and tragic death of Dale Kuehl. I have been blessed by Dale’s family in ways that I could never articulate; their faith and love has taught me much about life, especially when life is so framed by grief. I have spent a good amount of time with his family and friends. I presided at the prayer service, funeral and burial. Between the events, we saw over 1,000 people. The prayer service was at GLC and I was told that there were cars lined up to Hwy 10 to get in and say words of comfort. Many thanks to those who have supported the family and served at the different events. Many thanks also to Trinity Lutheran Church who opened up their church to us and offered volunteers to help serve the 700+ people who came through the doors for Dale’s funeral. Confirmation was Sunday, January 8th! We confirmed ten 9th graders who gave their faith statements on Wednesday, January 4th at the banquet that I helped organize along with Kris. It was a positive and successful weekend! I’ve made a slew of visits in the first 10 days of the new year. Confirmation parties, pastoral care calls, and Eventide visits being the three main types of visits. I hope to squeeze in a few more visits this week as I will be at First Call Theological Education January 13-15 and will not be preaching. Odds and Ends: I’ve kept the website updated, worked a bit with the properties folks to get some projects started and finished. I’ve attended meetings and had visits with colleagues. Family Minister’s Report: Christmas Time On December 17th I led the Christmas Program Practice and the Program was on the 18th. The students did a wonderful job telling the Advent story, an adapted program that I wrote in college. Thank you to everyone who helped!

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Council Minutes cont.
On Wednesday the 21st after worship we had a Birthday Party for Jesus, complete with games, cards and cupcakes. I participated in both the 5 pm and 10 pm Christmas Eve services. And for the first time in my time here at GLC we had a Christmas Day service, since it fell on a Sunday, which I assisted Pastor Jeni. Confirmation On December 21st I planned a Christmas party for the 7th & 8th graders and on January 4th we did a New Years and Christmas reflection to start up 2012. I spent some time this month catching up on reading their Sermon Notes and updating their files. On December 21st I made lunch for the 9th graders and we talked about the Confirmation Service. That evening I worked with them on their Faith Statements. I also had meetings with some of the 9th graders individually to help them. On January 4th we had the Confirmation Banquet and the 9th graders read their Faith Statements. I made the dessert and the 7th and 8th graders and parents helped serve the meal, thank you. On January 8th was the Confirmation Service where I preached. After church I was invited and attended four Open Houses. National Gathering On December 18th the girls going on the National Gathering Trip this summer served a delicious breakfast. Thank you for your support of your youth. On January 10th I organized and led a training/information meeting for the adults that are going on the National Gathering at Trinity Lutheran Church in Pelican Rapids. Meetings/Gatherings On December 15th I attended both the Esther Circle and led the Youthworker Lunch. I have had a few meetings at the Synod Office regarding the impact of Bob Larson, my administrative support person, leaving the Synod Office. School Activities I am proud to be a Rebel. On December 20th I attended the 8th grade A & B teams Girls Basketball, Girls Varsity Basketball, JV and Varsity Dancelines, and Danielle Peterson sang the National Anthem. And on January 7th I attended the 3rd & 5th grades Girls Traveling Basketball games in Hawley Other On January 2nd I attended Dale Kuehl’s Prayer Service and helped with the serving. On January 3rd I attended and read at Dale Kuehl Funeral and served lunch. Topics of Discussion: 1. New Business A. Public Access: It was brought to our attention that the blue screen is an option to explore for advertising GLC events. B. Trinity Honorarium: The board decided to give Trinity Lutheran $200 for their help in the Dale Kuehl funeral and serving lunch. Many of their members were on hand to help with the serving and cleaning up for the 700+ people who attended this service. C. Annual Report D. Nominating Committee: Board is open for nominations for two open council positions and the secretary and treasure positions. If anybody is interested they can contact the office prior to the annual meeting.

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Council Minutes cont.
E. 2012 Budget: Budget is complete and will be presented and voted on at the annual meeting. F. Stewardship G. Food Pantry: Shelves have been installed in the corner Sunday school classroom and looks great. Confirmation students transported food to the new room. Debbie Kinnen will organize the food on shelves. Thank you to Debbie for being responsible for this. Because we have an abundance of monies left in the food pantry account, the board voted to disperse extra money to World Hunger, Dorothy Day, Reach and Churches United leaving $1,000 in the account for upcoming needs and expenses. H. Properties I. Completed projects: Food pantry and new Sunday School supply room are complete with new shelving. There may be adjustments still needed as these rooms get set up and used. Upcoming Projects: We are exploring options for more space in the narthex. Options to take out some walls and redo bathrooms are being discussed. Discussion is also in place about the possibility of adding a balcony where Sunday School rooms are upstairs. Other Items: Due to the large number in the 7th grade confirmation class, we are in need of a helper to assist with Wednesday morning confirmation. This class occurs each Wednesday from 8:20-9:20 am. If you are available to help please contact the office or Pastor Jeni. Closed with the Lord’s Prayer Next council meeting will be held on February 8, 2012 at 7:45 pm

General Fund Pam Rudolf in memory of Dale Kuehl Cary & Britta Anderson in memory of Dale Kuehl Virgil/Kitti Eide in memory of Dale Kuehl Patsy Fuchs in memory of Dale Kuehl Glyndon Farms in memory of Dale Kuehl Mary Hanson in memory of Dale Kuehl Keith/Lorraine Langseth in memory of Dale Kuehl Don/Alvina Lein in memory of Dale Kuehl Lois Seter in memory of Dale Kuehl DaRinda Trudel in memory of Dale Kuehl Shirley Wear in memory of Dale Kuehl Gordon/Lois Wyland in memory of Dale Kuehl Harland/Susan Herfindahl in memory of Dale Kuehl Roger/Joan Stenerson in memory of Dale Kuehl Tom/Sherry Watt in memory of Dale Kuehl Wm/Marilyn Lass in memory of Dale Kuehl John/Jennifer Butze in memory of Dale Kuehl Russ/Lois Bekkerus in memory of Dale Kuehl Pat Hemmah in memory of Dale Kuehl Bruce/Esther Ellingson in memory of Dale Kuehl Curt/Kristi Leach in memory of Dale Kuehl Wallace/Carol Thomas in memory of Dale Kuehl Truman Johnson in memory of Dale Kuehl Jeanine Galbreath in memory of Dale Kuehl Jim/Linda Wilkie in memory of Dale Kuehl Tim/Kami McClaflin in memory of Dale Kuehl Sandra Petermann in memory of Dale Kuehl Richard/Carol Erickson in memory of Dale Kuehl Deborah Seter in memory of Dale Kuehl Geri Hanson in memory of Dale Kuehl Gene/Elizabeth Christensen in memory of Dale Kuehl Air Conditioner Jim/Karen Norman in memory of Dale Kuehl Youth Group Ken/Christie Riegert in memory of Dale Kuehl Children’s Ministry/Sunday School Mike/Sue Rude in memory of Dale Kuehl Archie/Sally Tanner in memory of Dale Kuehl Perpetual Fund Dan & Sandy Skolness in memory of Dale Kuehl Food Pantry Tom/Marita Palya in memory of Dale Kuehl Quilters Duane/Bev Baker in memory of Dale Kuehl Bruce/Candace Rosenfeldt in memory of Dale Kuehl Lowell/Mary Larson in memory of Dale Kuehl Gene/Carol Langlie in memory of Dale Kuehl

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Income and Expense December 2011 From the Treasurer
Income Expenses Net Income $ $ $ 23,942.43 20,822.47 3,119.96 Funds Available (as of January 2012 General Fund Designated Funds: Food Pantry Sunday School Memorials Adult Education Children’s Ministry Mission Possible Bucket Youth Bible Camp Properties Team Unpaid Bills for January Salaries (31st) Fed. Withholding MN Withholding $ 4,200.00 (approx.) $ 1,025.00 (approx.) $ 190.00 (approx.) $ 2,936.81 $ 1,051.39 $ $ $ $ $ 320.83 33.00 580.00 (to be paid out) 63.13 25.00 $ 4,614.28

$ 1,673.19

Volunteers and Donations Needed
The number of people seeking a warm place to stay at our local shelters continues to rise as the temperature continues to fall. Currently eight congregations in the community have offered space for temporary overnight sheltering. The guests arrive at the church host site at approximately 9 p.m. and are returned to the permanent shelters (i.e. Churches United) around 7 a.m. The church host sites need some basic food items (juice, granola bars, crackers and cheese, and coffee/tea), but most importantly they need VOLUNTEERS from across the community. The church host site needs 8-12 volunteers per night, 2 male and 2 female volunteers per shift. The primary responsibility for these volunteers is simply supervision. The guests sleep most of the night while the volunteers provide supervision and assistance. Staff from the permanent shelters is on call to support staff if necessary. Anyone who is interested in being a volunteer should call First Link at 2-1-1 to learn more about the dates & times for training sessions. First Link can also connect you with the site host coordinator for the week who can pencil you into a volunteer slot based on your availability. All community members should monitor the daily needs posted at the FM Sheltering Churches Facebook page. The planning committee is also working to build a pool of individuals qualified to drive a 12 passenger people mover to transport the guests between the shelter and the church host site. Anyone who may be able to assist with driving should contact Pastor Sue Koesterman at 218-329-7365. Donations to cover the cost of gasoline and drivers are also welcomed.

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Youth Notes
Family Ski Day to Andes Tower Hills
On Sunday, March 11th leaving the church at 12:30 pm and returning back around 10:00 pm Cost: Lift Ticket and transportation $20 Rentals: Skis $10 or Snowboard: $20 Young people 6th grade and under must be accompanied by an adult. Please bring extra money for food at the lodge, and we will stop in Fergus Falls for “fast food” on our way back. Sign up by Wednesday, March 7th on Kris’ Bulletin Board and get the needed permission slips.

Bible Camp
GLC pays for 1/2 of the required Confirmation camp fees (the first time only). Early Bird Registration is due March 15th. With registering early, you will receive $20. in nonfood Canteen Money. Camp dates this summer are July 29August 3. If these dates have conflicts contact Kris ( Camp fees—$325. 00 GLC pays — $162.50 Parents pay — $162.50 ($100.00 of which is due with Registration) Your balance (of 62.50 for first timers) for summer programs are due by June 1st at Pathways office. Registration Forms are in the Pathway Brochures in the Narthex, there are also some brochures in the office. Please send registration directly to Pathways. You may also register on line at Credit Card payment required.

2nd Annual Pathways Day Camp June 25th – 29th
All those who have completed Kindergarten through 6th grade are invited to participate in a week of fun! Cost $40 [a $20 non-refundable deposit due at registration which will begin March 1st.] More details to come!

Elementary Classic
Camp for all kids entering 4th & 5th grade, will be August 5-10th.

Youth Fundraisers
Pizza Ranch Monday, January 30th and Monday, February 20th 5:00 pm-8:00 pm Butterbraids and Caramel Rolls

The High School students that are attending the National Gathering and the Elementary aged youth attending Come and eat at the Pizza Ranch in Dilworth and let the Camp Emmaus this summer will be selling the same deyouth of our church bus your table. licious product that you love the month of February. Be All you need to do is say you support the Glyndon Luth theran Youth and the kids will receive 25% of your pur- expecting your delivery around March 5 . These are a perfect companion to a cup of hot cocoa, coffee, tea, or chase, as well as 100% of the tips made that evening. cider on a cold winter day, and you can support your young people at the same time.

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Members of our Glyndon family that we will be praying for in February are:
Feb 5—Lowell & Mary Larson; Kemp & Irene Lass, Luke; William & Marilyn Lass; Feb 12—Charles & Rita Leach; Don & Mona Lou Leach; Gary Leach; Gary & Jamie Leach Jr., Hunter: Feb 19—Tyler & Casey Leach, Ava, Caleb; Brad & Jennifer Lee, Patrick, Amanda; Don & Alvina Lein; Feb 26—Larry & Sherri Link; Jim & Pauline Litch; Rebecca Lizotte, Eve & Mikah;

Prayers, Birthdays and Notes
Our sincere Christian sympathy is extended to the family and friends of
Dale Kuehl

Eternal rest, grant, O Lord, and light perpetual shine.

Please keep Tyler Palya & Trisha Baker in your prayers as they serve their country in Iraq and Kuwait.
Almighty God, we commend to your gracious care and keeping all the men and women of our armed forces at home and abroad. Defend them day by day with your heavenly grace; strengthen them in trials and temptations; give courage to face perils that surround them; and grant them a sense of your abiding presence wherever they may be; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

[our extended family]
Betsy Anderson, Pelican Rapids MN Iris Barta, Senior Apartments on Riverside Drive Hallie Behrens, Eventide Evelit Jegtvig, Eventide Margaret Kingren, Eventide Orville Muhle, Eventide Lloyd Olson, Emmanuel Assisted Living. Detroit Lakes MN

February Birthdays
1 Derek Leach, Doreen Wang 3 Kailey Berry 4 Nicole Riegert 5 Bev Fike, Emily Freier, Shania Geiser, London Goode 6 Heidi Budke, Lorraine Langseth 7 Tom Watt 8 Diane Andreasen 9 Doug Krabbenhoft 10 Tyler Leach 11 Jason Hellerud, Claude Oppegard, Sierra Parkinson 12 Kyla McClaflin, Amber Orvik, Brittnei Tollefson 13 Kami McClaflin, Ardyce Messerschmidt 14 Ida Andersen, Bob Peterson 15 Ken Muhle, Calvin Trudel 16 LeRoy Babolian, Rodney Wirth 19 Jamie Budke, Gary Leach 20 Brooke Bjerke, Orville Muhle, Angela Sullivan 21 Amanda Lee, Bob Messerschmidt, Andrew Oppegard, Julia Warner 22 Lucas Blomberg, Sherri Link, Nicole Miller, Jake Rames 23 Gracie Arends, Kristie Fabre, Sandy Skolness 24 Hannah Gieseke 25 Leslie Berry, Sara Pavola, Hayli Tollagson 26 Kalynn LaRude, Melisa Rames, Rick Trudel 28 Hayden Roelofs 29 Cameron Ash, Jacob Henriksen, Julia Riegert

Happy Birthday!

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Stewardship Workday
February 7 March 6
Mary Circle—February 21 7:30 p.m. Hostess: Lois Muhle Bible Study: Kathy Kuehl Esther Circle — February 16 1:00 p.m. Hostess: Lois Wyland Bible Study: Lorraine Muhle

Volunteers for February
Sunday Feb 5 Acolytes Reader Comm. Asst. Hailey Knutson Hannah Gieseke Ron Labrensz Ron & Marilyn Labrensz Don Lein Don & Alvina Lein Sunday Feb 12 Sunday Feb 19 Alex Dally Taylor Mehrer Irene Lass Deb Tollefson Marvel Jones Altar Guild Sunday Feb 26 Quilters Feb 7 Pauline Litch Darlene Sandal

Ushers & Cof- Scott & Shelia fee Servers Madson Chrissy & James Clapsaddle Darin & Shelly Haugen

Archie & Sally Pat & Patty Tanner Mehrer Kayla & Taylor Mehrer

Volunteers still needed, sign up with Linda in the office if you can lend a hand! or 218-498-2368. Thank you for serving! Together we are the body of Christ.

From the Mailbag...
Dear Friends at Glyndon Lutheran Church, We would like to thank you for the outpouring of love and friendship shown to us following Dale's death. We are so appreciative of the messages of hope and support. We would like to especially thank Pastor Jeni, the people who served lunch at his funeral, and the bakers of the bars for his visitation and prayer service. We have felt surrounded by God's love for Dale and for us. The Family Of Dale Kuehl

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February 2012
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1 2 3 8:20 78s Confirmation 11:45 Ministers & Presi5:30 Meal dents Meeting 6:30 Worship 7:30 Education 5 9:00 Worship 10:15 Education 6 3:20 Girl Scouts 7 9:00 Stewardship Workday 9:30 Staff Meeting 8 9 8:20 78s Confirmation 5:30 Meal 6:30 Worship 7:30 Education 7:45 Council Mtg. 10


Kris gone Youth Extravaganza until 13th

Jeni gone Youth Extravaganza until 14th

12 9:00 Worship 10:15 Education

13 14 NO Girl Scouts Office is Office is closed closed

15 8:20 Confirmation 5:30 Meal 6:30 Worship 7:30 Education 22 8:20 Confirmation 5:30 Meal 6:30 Ash Wednesday Worship 7:30 Education 29 No Confirmation 5:30 Meal 6:30 Worship 7:30 Education

16 17 11:30 Youth worker Lunch 1:00 Esther Circle


19 9:00 Worship 10:15 Education

20 NO Girl Scouts NEWS LETTER DEADLINE 27 Girl Scouts

21 9:30 Staff 7:30 Mary Circle




26 9:00 Worship 10:15 Education

28 9:30 No Staff

Jeni & Kris at Confirmation Continuing Ed

Glyn don L u the r a n C hur ch
414 Parke Ave PO Box 38 Glyndon, MN 56547

Change Service Requested
Phone: 218-498-2368 Fax: 218-498-0186 E-mail:

the web! We’re on donluthe glyn

Glyndon Lutheran Church is a Christ-centered community church, nurturing the faith of all generations.

Winter Worship Schedule
Sundays at 9:00 a.m. Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.

Please check the bulletin boards and calendar on the website to sign up for serving opportunities (teaching, ushering, acolyting, stewardship workday, reading, communion stewards, etc.)