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Videocon Mobile Services(Videocon Industries limited)

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of Post Graduate Programme by Vishal Chauhan

Batch: 2010-2012

Roll No.PG20102427

IILM Institute for Higher Education Gurgaon

Working with Videocon Mobile Services has been an educative, interesting and motivating experience.I would hereby like to extend my gratitude to the following people without whose co-operation and help at every stage, successful completion of the project would have been impossible.

First of all, I would like to express my profound gratitude and sincere thanks to Mr. Vishal Singh Negi (Sr. Sales Manager) to give me the opportunity to work in Videocon Mobile Services, Chandigarh.

I am also sincerely thankful to Yogesh Chandna(Sr Sales Executive), who has been my valuable and supportive Team member with whom I have been given the opportunity to understand the depth of telecom sector . Also I cannot forget to give a special thanks to all the immediate superiors and my fellow interns who have guided/helped me during this internship project.

Last but not the least, I would also like to thank IILM Gurgaon and Assistant Dean Mr. Rahul Mishra for providing me the opportunity to put theoretical inputs gathered at the institute to practice. I also feel a sense of gratitude towards Ms.Aparna Kaushik, my faculty mentor who took personal interest in the progress of the project and my parents, relatives and friends for their moral support.


Declaration Executive Summary Objective Chapter 1: Industry profile Telecom Sector .. .. ...

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Chapter 2: Company profile Videocon Industries limited CSR initiatives Chapter 3: Market Research- Customer Satisfaction Level Introduction Analysis Conclusion Limitation of the project Recommendation Learnings References Questionnaire Organization Information Docket .. .. . .. 15 .. 16 .31 . 32 .. 33 34 .. 35 36 ... 38 11 .. 12

ANNEXURE II . I also declare that no chapter of this manuscript in whole or in part is lifted and incorporated in this report from any earlier / other work done by me or others. Signature of Student: _____________ Name of Student: ________________ Signature of Company Mentor: ___________ Name of Company Mentor: ______________ Designation: __________________________ Date: Place: Date: Place: .DECLARATION FORM I hereby declare that the Project work entitled___________________________________________ _____________________________________________ (write the title in Block Letters) submitted by me for the Summer Internship during the Post Graduate Program to IILM Institute for Higher Education is my own original work and has not been submitted earlier either to IILM or to any other Institution for the fulfillment of the requirement for any course of study.

In Telecom market. Various Market research are taken by Videocon every year.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report is all about the Market research done in the emerging telecom market in Punjab (chandigarh). everyday there are tons of users that are being added to the list and Punjab circle being one of the top revenues circles to the telecom companies Videocon being one of the latest entrant in telecom sector started their opertaions in mobile services from Mumbai & Chennai and not so long ago they entred into Punjab in the copetetive air where already major players like Airtel and Vodafone were operating and were having the biggest customer database PAN PUNJAB .

OBJECTIVES The Main purpose behind doing these project was y y In other ways To check out the customer satisfaction level of VIDEOCON mobile users OR The other purpose of study was to find out the main factors affecting the Customer base of Videocon Mobile Services(mainly from price and connectivity) Thus base on the above objectives this report has been made. .


Segment wise Status Wireline Services With increasing penetration of the wireless services. the wireline services in the country is becoming stagnant. A liberal licensing .TELECOM SECTOR PROFILE The Indian Telecommunications network is the third largest in the world and the second largest among the emerging economies of Asia. The introduction of CDMA services has created competition. Today. The rapid strides in the telecom sector have been facilitated by liberal policies of the Government that provide easy market access for telecom equipment and a fair regulatory framework for offering telecom services to the Indian consumers at affordable prices. Wireline Vs Wireless It has also undergone a substantial change in terms of mobile versus fixed phones and public versus private participation. On the other hand. it is the fastest growing market in the world. GSM Sector In terms of the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) subscriber base this now places India third after China and Russia.China had 401. The preference for use of wireless phones has also been predominant in the sector. lowered tariffs and offered many citizens access to communication services for the first time Internet Services Internet services were launched in India on August 15. The telecommunication sector continued to register significant success during the year and has emerged as one of the key sectors responsible for India s resurgent India s economic growth. There is a clear distinction between the Global Satellite Mobile Communication (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technologies used and the graph below shows the divide between the two. Growth This rapid growth has been possible due to various proactive and positive decisions of the Government and contribution of both by the public and the private sector. Participation of the private entities in the telecom sector is rapidly increasing rate there by presenting the enormous growth opportunities.7 million GSM subscribers CDMA Services CDMA technology was introduced in India as a limited mobility solution. In November 1998 the government opened up the sector to private operators. 1995. Broadband demand has picked up and promises to stabilise fixed line growth.

Voice Mail. Government loses revenue. With the introduction of the Unified Access Licensing Regime. Elcoteq has set up handset manufacturing facilities in Bangalore. The TRAI s functions are recommendatory. TDSAT has been empowered to adjudicate any dispute between a licensor and a licensee between two or more service providers between a service provider and a group of consumers hear and dispose of appeal against any direction. regulatory and tariff setting in telecom sector. the markets of which are not competitive. The growth of IP telephony or grey market is also a serious concern. particularly in the area of mobile telecommunication. E-Mail service providers etc. Cisco have also shown interest in setting up their R&D centers in India. The last two years saw many renowned telecom companies setting up their manufacturing base in India. Manufacture of Telecom Equipment Rising demand for a wide range of telecom equipment. has provided excellent opportunities to domestic and foreign investors in the manufacturing sector. TRAI intervenes by regulating the tariffs for only those services. Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) came into existence in May. while unlicensed operation by certain operators violates the law and depletes licensed operators market share. 2002. The Government has already set up Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Forum and Telecom Testing and Security Certification Centre (TETC). Nokia set up its manufacturing plant in Chennai. decision or order of TRAI Tariffs for telecommunication services have evolved from a regime where tariffs were determined by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to a regime where tariffs are largely under forbearance. A large number of companies like Alcatel. Ericsson has set up GSM Radio Base Station Manufacturing facility in Jaipur. The scope of services under existing ISP license conditions are unclear. Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) exclusively for meeting the Universal Service Obligation was established in April. POLICY AND INITIATIVES Regulatory Framework The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) was set up in March 1997 as a regulator for Telecom sector.regime was put in place to increase Internet penetration across the country. 2000. operators can offer telecom . The Universal Service Levy is presently 5 per cent of the Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) of all telecom service providers except the pure value added service providers like Internet. LG Electronics set up plant of manufacturing GSM mobile phones near Pune. With above initiatives India is expected to be a manufacturing hub for the telecom equipment. New services like IP-TV and IP-Telephony are becoming popular with the demand likely to increase in coming years. Indian Telegraph Act has been amended in October 2006 to provide support for all telegraph services including mobile and broadband to bridge the digital divide.

VSAT commercial and Internet Service Provider (ISP) with internet telephony (restricted) licenses was reduced to 6 per cent of Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) with effort from Jan 2006. This scheme has led to death of distance in telecommunication and is going to be instrumental in promoting National Integration further The robust telecom network has also facilitated the expansion of BPO industry that is having 500. Issuance of Intra-Circle Merger and Acquisition Guidelines provide investors an opportunity to take stakes in existing telecom operations.e. 2. single tariff of Re.access services to consumers in a technology neutral manner. 1/-per minute to anywhere in India was introduced from 1st March 2006 by the Public Sector Undertakings. Licence Fees 6-10 per cent of Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) .5 Crore from Rs.000 employees now and adding 400 employees per day. Specified capital goods and all inputs required to manufacture ITA-I. 25 Crore Lease line charges have been reduced to make the bandwidth available at competitive prices to facilitate growth in IT enabled services One India plan i. Entry fee for ILD reduced to Rs. Calling Party Pays (CPP) regime was implemented with effect from 1st May Guidelines for Unified Access Service License regime were issued in November 2003.5 Crore from Rs. This tariff was emulated by most of the private service providers also. Annual license fee for National Long Distance (NLD). 2. 2.2 Government Initiatives The Government has taken the following main initiatives for the growth of the Telecom Sector: All telecom services have been opened up for free competition for unprecedented growth 217 (Information Technology Agreement) ITA-I items are at zero Customs Duty. 27 licenses out of 31 Basic Service Licenses were converted to Unified Access Service Licenses In April 2004. items are at zero Customs Duty Availability of low cost mobile handsets The international Long Distance Services (ILDS) opened with effect from April 2002. 100 Crore. subject to fulfilling certain conditions. Introduction of this regime has also broken the legal/regulatory impasse between the cellular and basic service providers. license fee for Unified Access Service Providers (UAS) was reduced by 2 per cent License fee for infrastructure Provider-II reduced from 15 per cent to 6 per cent of the Adjusted Gross Revenue and spectrum charges between 2 to 4 per cent in June 2004 Entry fee for NLD licenses was reduced to Rs. The Government s policy is neutral on use of technology by telecom service providers subject to availability of scarce resources such as spectrum etc. Infrastructure Provider-II. International Long Distance (ILD).

Chapter 2 COMPANYPROFILE Videocon Telecommunications limited Videocon Telecommunications Limited. The Videocon Group is a $4 billion. microwave ovens. . Refrigerators. Videocon has one of the largest distribution networks in India with a nation-wide presence. The Group has several manufacturing facilities globally and R&D centers spread across America. Washing Machines. and sophisticated small home appliances. Home Theater systems. The Videocon group has constantly leveraged a culture of innovation to develop a range of market re-defining products. Telecom. Retail. a Videocon group company offers GSM mobile services GSM service under the brand name Videocon. ACs. The services are already up and running in Tamil Nadu( including Chennai ). DTH and the Power sector.Punjab*. Haryana and soon will be present across the country. The Group has a full range of products in Flat Panel Devices (LCD s) and CTV s. Recently the group also successfully launched a range of Mobile Handsets and next-generation Direct-to-Home television services and world s first satellite TV. Oil & Gas. Europe and Australia that are constantly working towards creating global quality products deploying the most up-to-date technology. global business conglomerate with a strong presence in Household Consumer Goods. food processors.

Latin America and South East Asia. Videocon aims to help the people to enrich their lives and ensure the health and safety of their workforce and community. and medical facilities thereby enhancing their income standards by imparting vocational training. Construction of infrastructure etc. Support for street lights. Adult literacy. Videocon exports consumer electronics and home appliances to markets in the Middle East and Europe. Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) of Videocon Telecommunications limited As a socially responsible organization. Some of the specific CSR initiatives that Company have undertaken are as follows:Specific CSR initiatives The company s CSR activities covers more than 50 villages inRemote areas of Punjab where the company is involved in providing fresh drinking water. Company through its CSR initiatives tries to minimize the adverse impact while taking steps to protect and enhance the natural environment. West Asia. the company has a significant market share in the global arena as well. Videocon have involved in the activities such as Veterinary assistance. Besides all the above CSR initiatives. Philosophy & Resolve . construction for crematorium and other related activities as this. Entrepreneur Development program. The Group is rated among India s Top 15 Business Houses and is listed among the 100 Emerging Giants of the World according to a Boston Consulting Group study in addition to being rated amongst the Top 15 of India s buzziest brands by agencyfaqs in 2010. Videocon had provided grants for opening schools to support the growing education structure. support to government hospitals. Videocon also extended their support towards activities such as Fish Landing Centre. sanitation facilities.Apart from having a stronghold in the domestic market.

the better its qualitative and quantitative effect on the business.No business can function in a vacuum. Saurav Ganguly.000 teak trees. There is the society at large with which it engages in innumerable transactions. that vital ingredient that makes the difference between living life and merely existing. Videocon has not forgotten the grassroots either. Among others. the Videocon School of Cricket launched in Kolkata under the guidance of former India captain. religion. curb carbon emissions and other pollutants. the group s India glass plant has supported a large-scale initiative like the plantation of over 2. a first-rate academic haven for the high-school education of underprivileged girls and a 100% world-class. CT scan machines run by dedicated doctors specializing in Cancer and heart surgery. . a successful corporate like Videocon is committed to fulfilling its obligations: both as providers of outstanding products as well as sterling community initiatives. Videocon is inspired heavily by the uplifting nature of sports. Hospital In the memory of founder Videocon runs a world class hospital with the latest equipments. the more involved the engagement. aims to inspire budding cricketers in the age group of 10 to 17 years to greater heights. its ability to draw people together irrespective of differences in race. its power to generate mass passion. dedicated to giving high quality high school education to underprivileged girls inspiring them to aim higher and work for the development of the country. charitable hospital specializing in cancer and heart surgery for the benefit of society s marginalised sections. among others. society needs spirit. Videocon s deep-rooted commitment to environment conservation translates into process improvements that help recycle CRT glass. gender or caste. They include.00. MRI. This is the core belief of a group that has operations spread over a cross-cultural milieu worldwide. Unity of spirit and purpose is ultimately what builds bridges between diverse cultures. Videocon supports mass sports for another reason: at the heart of sports is fair play. Creative quality circle team won manufacturing trophy for excellence case study in 3rd convention held at Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College Aurangabad and distinguished award in 17th National Convention at Madurai between 04/12/2008 to 07/12/2008. Schools The group runs a world class school dreamt by our LATE founder in the village of Gangapur. Aware of this debt to society. The hospital is 100% charitable and caters to the people in Indian villages which cannot even support their families let alone afford medicines. The group s sponsorship of cricketing events across the globe underlies its commitment and passion for sports as well as its goal to uplift the spirits of a global audience. Apart from material support. a virtue that enjoys exalted status among values cherished by Videocon. where innumerable hearts throb as in unison.

religion and country. The academy has been undertaken in cooperation with the captain of the Indian cricket team. The group has been deeply involved in supporting sports. Sponsorship of cricketing events across the globe underlies Videocon's commitment and passion for sports as well as its goal to connect with a global audience. Unity of spirit and purpose is ultimately what builds bridges between diverse cultures. It is a matter of pride that Videocon's Audio Visual products entertain enthusiasts and fans passionate about watching sports worldwide. An overall awareness has been created among the employees/workers to avoid wastage of water and power by shutting the power off when not in use. Sponsorship Videocon is inspired heavily by the uplifting values perpetuated by sports. Its sponsorship of cricketing events across the globe underlies its commitment and passion for sports as well as its goal to connect with a global audience. Its ability to draw people together irrespective of differences in race. a virtue which enjoys exalted status among values cherished by Videocon.BHARARI Team won distinguished award in 3rd convention of at Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College Aurangabad and also won excellence award in 17th national convention at Madurai between 04/12/2008 to 07/12/2008. This is the core belief of a group that today has operations spread over a cross-cultural milieu worldwide. A parameter has been developed in office atmosphere to shut power off for some part of day so as to take up manual work and . Saurav Ganguly. Best of the best trophy in mini convention at Jawaharlal Engineering Collage on 17/02/2005. MANTHAN: QC team IGQA Dept won distinguished award in 18th national convention held at Ruparel College from 27/12/2009 to 30/12/2009. at the heart of sports is fair play. Energy Conservation The Company consistently pursues reduction in energy consumption in its manufacturing process on an ongoing basis. Sports Cricket The Videocon School of cricket was launched in Kolkata to train budding talent in the age group of 10 to 17. It aims to put about 700 students through the paces every year. gender. who has been designated Chief Coach. Also.

The group takes environment conservation seriously. Factor Analysis. Keeping in mind the above three parameters and our objective of the analysis. INTRODUCTION This project waqs based on SPSS which is software that helps to perform various statistical procedures.complete the manual activity during that part of the day. This report is all about using SPSS to analysis the customer satisfaction level for a pre-paid customer. For analysis we have taken three main parametersPrice.00. with the two hypothesis in our mind and with the help of the questionnaires. T-test. this survey has been performed keeping in mind different parameters. It is helpful for the analysis of the output. we have performed various statistically function in SPSS to get the result whether the hypothesis is accepted or rejected. one can perform various statistical functions like ANNOVA. Connectivity and Overall service. With a sample size of 75 from the areas of punjab. Histograms 3. Frequencies and Descriptive.000 teak trees. we have set our hypothesis as: H0: There is Customer Satisfaction level for Airtel Pre-Paid Customers H1: There is no Customer Satisfaction Level for Airtel Pre-Paid Customers Thus. The different statistical tools we used in SPSS are:1. With the help of SPSS. A Quality team has been appointed to closely monitor the consumption of fuel and lying emphasis on non-conventional energy sources. F-test. The lighting fixture in the administrative areas has been optimized. Videocon's India glass plant has supported plantation of over 2. It is working to equip its facilities with methods that help recycle CRT glass. curb carbon emissions and other pollutants. Cross tabs . 2.

t. one can easily predict the result with the help of graphs and charts.7 100. ANALYSIS 10.3 100.3 1.4.Man Whitney Test and Two-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test Overall-Service is taken as Dependent Variable and Price and Connectivity as Independent Variables.0 61.Square 8.1 11.7 100. Correlation 5.0 85.0 73. FREQUENCY: .Test 7.0 .0 Valid Per cent 12.3 98. Regression 6.3 16. Chi. Price Frequency Valid best good poor worst Total Missing Total System 9 55 10 1 75 15 90 Percent 10.3 13. Thus with the histogram.1 83.0 Cumulative Per cent 12. With the help of Frequencies.1 1. Non Parametric Test. One-Way ANNOVA 9.Frequencies is one of the simplest yet one of the most useful of all SPSS procedures. let analysis the below charts.

00 and maximum for overall-service. Deviation= 0. the minimum for all three is 1. Connectivity and Overall Service. The mean and the standard deviation for the three parameters are also mentioned. 4 and 3 respectively.80135.It is another frequently used SPSS procedure. DESCRIPTIVE ANALYSIS: . Descriptive statistics are designed to give information about the distribution of the variables. ANALYSIS:.Connectivity have influence to overall service 11. price and connectivity is 5.0800 and std. 12.Cross tabs is nothing but to both the data of various variables in different rows and columns as per their group so that analysist can analysis it better. This means that keeping overall service dependent.This shows that the good have more influences in price. ANALYSIS:. CROSSTABULATION: . the descriptive statistics tables shows that from 75 sample and taking the above three parameters. It .ANALYSIS:.Price.As mentioned above. Connectivity have more influence both in terms of mean= 2.

7% N 90 90 Total Percent 100.7% 16. Thus the cross tabs for the parameters Price and connectivity in reference to the Overall-Service( Depended variable) are:Case Processing Summary Cases Valid N Overall service * connectivity Overall service * Price 75 75 Percent 83.3% N 15 15 Missing Percent 16.3% a clear picture of the overall data.0% Overall service * connectivity Cross tabulation Count connectivity Very bad Overall service excellent good average bad very bad Total 3 13 5 0 0 21 Satisfactory 4 14 7 1 1 27 Very good 3 17 5 2 0 27 10 44 17 3 1 75 Total .0% 100.

Here connectivity is in the column side which is divided into 3 segments .They are Very bad.The Case Processing Summary shows the Valid. The high percent of missing cases (16. and Total cases. So price also has a very good impact on overall connectivity and Cramer s v value is also greater than the previous one which is 0.7 %) here reflects the people who were not asked this particular question in the survey. .Overall service * Price Cross tabulation Count Price best Overall service excellent good average bad very bad Total 6 2 1 0 0 9 good 4 39 10 1 1 55 poor 0 3 5 2 0 10 worst 0 0 1 0 0 1 10 44 17 3 1 75 Total ANALYSIS: . satisfactory and Very Good.168 which shows strong relationship.So this shows that connectivity plays a very important decisive role for overall service. 13. They are Excellent. bad. In the cross tabulation table we have considered overall service with price. CORRELATION: Two variables are said to be co-related when they vary in respect with each other such that the changes in one variable associated with the change in other variable in the same or in the opposite direction. In the next table we have overall service with the connectivity. Here Cramer s v shows a value of 0. So this shows that price has larger impact on overall service. We found that: Among the total respondents 44 have allotted overall service as good out of which 17 have very good connectivity .434. The Valid N is the number of cases used in the table which is 75. average. Here again 44 respondents has allotted good overall service out of which 39 says price is good. good. Missing. very bad. The overall service has been classified into 5 segments.

000 75 . ANALYSIS: .615 75 1 **. For users it is -.The date which we have taken is from Bharati Airtel which comprises of four variables i.059 . As we all know the value of correlation lies between -1 to +1.827 75 1 connectivity Overall service -.026 . Correlation is significant at the 0. (2-tailed) N 75 -. Correlations users users Pearson Correlation Sig. It shows that these variables have very less or no impact on the users. price.e.112 with connectivity and . (2-tailed) N Price Pearson Correlation Sig.000 75 75 .338 75 . connectivity and overall service. -.059 . We will try to analyse the data through different analytical tools and try to find out the relationship. It shows very weak correlation between the variables.030 .615 75 75 1 Price -.026 .481** .112 . The only correlation which is .112 .030 .796 75 75 .827 75 -. connectivity. and overall service.796 75 .026 with price.338 75 .01 level (2-tailed). users.144 . (2-tailed) N connectivity Pearson Correlation Sig.The table shows correlation of the variables with each other. (2-tailed) N Overall service Pearson Correlation Sig.030 with overall service. The similar output is for price.217 75 1 .481** .144 .217 75 .

Method Enter Enter a. But the point of consideration here is that the significance of this correlation is negligible.231 Adjusted R Square .481a .210 Std. the scatter plot resembles more or less a straight line.481.Simple Regression helps us to come to more accurate inferences. The following graph represents users and price. means with the change in price overall service will also change in the same direction. REGRESSION: . It is . We know that correlation only measures linear relationships. All requested variables entered.221 . Dependent Variable: Overall service 14.showing moderate positive results is of price and overall service. Error of the Estimate . to see if the relationship between the variables is linear. So it is a good idea to create a scatter plot of the data before computing correlations. We can see that the graph is very much scattered and thus the correlation which we will be getting is very weak (as shown in the above table) Variables Entered/Removed Model 1 2 Variables Entered Price connectivity Variables Removed . If it is linear.231 . There is another way of calculating correlation. It shows that the probability of this output is rarely possible. It shows the causal effect of a dependent variable on an independent variable. It determines the probability that the inferences are sound. Model Summary Model 1 2 R .68522 . b.481b R Square .68991 . .

275 44.316 34. Predictors: (Constant).962 Sig.475 .ANOVAc Model 1 Sum of Squares 10. Error . .270 44.587 10.101 Standardized Coefficients Beta t Sig.016 .481 4.482 -.787 .920 2 (Constant) Price connectivity 15.312 .143 .673 -.837 .007 .470 F 21.686 2.000a Regression Residual Total 2 Regression Residual Total 5.671 . Dependent Variable: overall service Coefficients Model Unstandardized Coefficients B Std.158 . connectivity c. Price.011 4.844 .312 34. Price b.000 .348 .587 df 1 73 74 2 72 74 Mean Square 10.303 . 1 (Constant) Price .101 .620 -.000 .476 10.000b a.010 2.861 . Predictors: (Constant).146 . Dependent Variable: overall service .

Ra Square: This is the value which is used by independent variable for the dependent variable when they are nearly true.The first table shows the variable entered/removed. Model 1: Here 23. the amount it varies across cases. Ra Square=R Square-[p (1-R Square)/N-P-1] The value shows that 22% of the value is found to be adjusted in Model1 whereas in Model2 we have only 20% of the value is adjusted.ANALYSIS: . If a coefficient is large compared to its standard error.1% relationship with the dependent variable. Model Summary: In that we have R value. It represents the coefficient of determination. Adjusted R Square and Standard Error of estimate. So they are adjusted by this value. It can be thought of as a measure of the precision with which the regression coefficient is measured. It is the ratio of the sum of squares explained by the regression model and the total sum of squares around the mean in the usual ANOVAs notation. it is the same as the square of the correlation between your dependent and independent variable. Standard Error of Estimate: The standard error is an estimate of the standard deviation of the coefficient.1% of the variance of overall service is accounted for both price and connectivity. then it is probably different from 0.1% of the variance of overall service is accounted for price. In regression with a single independent variable. R value: It shows the strength of relationship between dependent variable and the independent variable both the models have 48. So it represents the proportion of variance in one variable accounted for another variable. . Overall service remains the dependent variable. R Square value: The R-squared of the regression is the fraction of the variation in our dependent variable that is accounted for our independent variables. Model2: Here 23. It can be calculated by Square root of the residual divided by the degree of freedom which was nearly found out to be 68% which is acceptable as it is less than the coefficients. R Square value. As we have taken hierarchical regression so in the first place we have taken price and then after that we have considered connectivity as the second independent variable.

861+ 0.Similarly in Model 2 we see that overall service is impacted both by price and connectivity. Excluded Variables Model Beta In t Sig. Predictors in the Model: (Constant).270 So the above equations tell us that the null hypothesis is rejected as in Model 1 we see that overall service is getting impacted for price. As price and connectivity increases one time overall service increases 0. Partial Correlation Collinearity Statistics Tolerance 1 connectivity -.671*price + 34.10 times with the increase in the connectivity.979 a.275 Model2: Overall service (true): 0. Coefficient Table: In this table we consider the unstandardized coefficients as there is no such linear relationship we found earlier between the independent and the dependent variables. However the regression value of model 1 is found to be larger than the model2 which shows that price is the main cause of overall service whereas connectivity and price comes second.673 times because of price and gets reduced 0.671 times .012 .ANOVA Table: When we come here we find the regression value and residual values of both model1 and 2.101 .844+ 0. Price b.011a -. As price increases one time overall service is increased by 0. So we can form the regression equation: Overall service (true): constant+ coefficient*price + residual Model1: Overall service (true): 0. Dependent Variable: overall service .10*connectivity+ 34.920 -.673*price -0.

e.14454 Independent Samples Test Levine s Test for Equality of Variances t-test for Equality of Means 95% Confidence Interval of the Difference Sig. Error tailed) Difference Difference F Sig. (2Mean Std.Excluded Variable: Here connectivity shows collinearity statistics with a 97% collinearity with overall service.A t-Test is a procedure used for comparing sample means to see if there is sufficient evidence to infer that the means of the corresponding population distribution differs. Error Mean . Overall Service.2222 Std.62488 .13636 .75107 Std. Deviation . t df Lower Upper .0952 2.. 16. T-TEST: . Group Statistics connectivity overall service Very bad Very good N 21 27 Mean 2. thus connectivity have be used for further tests and analysis. As its already shown in Regression that connectivity have a significance level in Dependent Variable i.

12698 .535 -. This is a measure of stability or sampling error of the sample mean. it is cleared that f value= 0.Overall Service (Dependent Variable) and Connectivity (Independent Variable).28240 -. Standard Error is defined as the standard deviation divided by the square root of N=21.387 -.0 . it indicated that the two variance do not differ significantly or connectivity have very little significance to Overall services. This means there must be other factors that have strong significance to overall service.20338 -.624 46 .0 29.SPSS do all the calculating.The above table shows the mean. It is clearly observed in the first table that significance between the overall service and connectivity falls under Very Good category due to high mean= 2.19871 -. The t-value is calculated as the difference between the means divided by the standard error.Chi-Square compares expected frequencies with observed frequencies.overall service Equal variances assumed Equal variances not assumed . STD Deviation and Std error of the two parameters.526 -.0 15.757 . Since the Sig= 0.12698 . CHI-SQUARE TEST: .222 and Std Deviation =0.75107. With the help of Independent Sample test.27306 ANALYSIS: .52703 . Expected frequencies are those that would occur most often if the null hypothesis were true.387.0 Residual -5. 17.639 45.762 . We estimate the expected frequencies from our sample using the Column and Row totals (otherwise known as marginal totals ).53637 .762 is used to determine if the variance of the two distribution differ significantly from each other. overall service Observed N Expected N excellent good 10 44 15.

Column 2 shows the Degree of freedom which is a value used by SPSS to determine how the chi-square statistic is distributed.0 -12. The ³Linear-by-Linear Association statistic is used when the variables are ordinal. The Likelihood ratio is used for data that are log linear in nature.0 2. Pearson Chi-Square results when one or more cells contain less than 5 observations cannot be trusted.246. but many simply use the Pearson for those as well. Degrees of freedom are calculated (manually and by SPSS) .0 -14.000 a. In the second table which is the main Chi Square we get all the value. Sig. hence the warning below the table.0 Test Statistics overall service Chi-Square df Asymp. The main one of interest is the Pearson Chi-Square value of 4. Column 2 shows the Chi Square values for each alternative test. This number cannot be interpreted by itself.In the first table we have the cross tabulation which shows the relationship between the independent and dependent variable. The minimum expected cell frequency is 15.0 15. Fisher s Exact Text is often used as an alternative to the Pearson X2 when one or more cells contain less than 5 observations.0%) have expected frequencies less than 5.average bad very bad Total 17 3 1 75 15. 0 cells (. we need to know the p value associated with it.0 15. ANALYSIS: . 80.667a 4 . First is the alternative statistics Continuity Correction is supposed to provide improved results for small samples but it is rarely used.0.

500 497.500 . As we see that the p value is much less than the chi Square value So Null Hypothesis is rejected which means connectivity has impact on overall service. The Null Hypothesis is rejected. Both tails of a normal curve do not end.69 25. here labelled as Asymptotic Sig. NON PARAMETRIC TEST.MANN WHITNEY TEST: . Column 3 shows the p value. 18. and so here SPSS uses the term to describe a two-tailed statistic. Ranks connectivity Overall service Very bad Very good Total N 21 27 48 Mean Rank df = (R-1) x (C-1) where R = number of rows (subcategories of the independent variable).50 678. the p value is . and C = number of columns (subcategories of the dependent variable).13 Sum of Ranks 497. Asymptotic is a mathematical term meaning a distribution in which a variable approaches infinity. the larger the Chi Square values that are needed to achieve statistical significance. definitely of high significance. The term itself is not important. The more degrees of freedom (tables with more cells).834.The one of the important nonparametric test is MANN WHITNEY TEST. In this case.50 Test Statistics Overall service Mann-Whitney U Wilcoxon W 266.

409 .13) than very bad connectivity (23. Frequencies connectivity Overall service Very bad Very good Total N 21 27 48 Test Statistics Overall serviced Most Extreme Differences Absolute .Since sig value is higher than the Z value very good connectivity is not significantly higher than very bad connectivity .e. (2-tailed) a. Sig. THE KOLMOGOROV SMIRNOV ONE SAMPLE TEST:-This test is designed to measure whether a particular distribution differs significantly from a normal distribution.682.500 times. by 266.The mean rank for very good connectivity is higher (25. Grouping Variable: connectivity -.682 ANALYSIS: .69). The Z is the standardized score associated with the significance value = 0.074 .The U statistic is the number of times the lower ranked group precedes the higher rank group i.Z Asymp.

Sig. .000 ANALYSIS: .106 44.677 Below is the One-Way ANNOVA of overall service and Price .613 F .074 .481 44.Below is the one way an nova of overall service and connectivity ANOVA Overall service Sum of Squares Between Groups Within Groups Total .587 df 2 72 74 Mean Square .000 -. (2-tailed) 19.240 . Grouping Variable: connectivity .255.Positive Negative Kolmogorov-Smirnov Z Asymp. ONE-WAY ANNOVA:.Thus connectivity does not have significance to overall service as there can be other factors. 20. Thus null hypothesis is rejected.The most extreme differences identify the greatest positive difference and negative difference between the sample and the hypothesis difference is the Z scores = 0.392 Sig.255 1. The Kolmogorov Smirnov Z indicates a probability of 1.

677 significance. Only connectivity has significance.e. This was all about the different test and its outcome. . there is no or very less customer satisfaction level for Videcon Prepaid Gsm Service users .555 .440 Sig.000 ANALYSIS: .478 F 7. your null hypothesis is rejected i. CONCLUSION After performing the various test in SPSS it s clear that price have no much significance to overall service which is actually the dependent variable.ANOVA Overall service Sum of Squares Between Groups Within Groups Total 10.664 33.This above two tables clearly shows that price have no significance whereas connectivity have 0. Thus.587 df 3 71 74 Mean Square 3.922 44.

Thus biasness may arise.Chapter 3 LIMITATIONS Every project has some limitations even we came across some limitations while working on the project which made the analysis a little inappropriate at times. y There can be a bias in the customers. . Some of the basic limitations faced during the research are listed below: y The research is based on Chandigarh Market . it might be possible that tastes and preferences of customers in this market might differ from the customers in the entire Punjab circle. I have learned lot of things that helped me to gain knowledge and complete my project successfully. though the survey was from the customers using Videocon GSM services however it is possible that the same customer might be using services from other company as well . Despite the above two limitations of the project.

and same is the issue with the recharge coupons and other packs of Videocon GSM services . my recommendation would be to grow in a particular area an organization depends on advertisements and Videcon doesn't spend much on Advertisements when compared to other competetors in the market Other thing is Ease of access even in the remote areas near to cities Videocon GSM services are not available . Thus this availability issue throughout PAN PUNJAB has hampered their growth in this market.RECOMMENDATION As far as recommendation is concerned.

LEARNINGS The leanings that I got from this project work are as follows:Learned different terminologies which I was not aware of like Average Revenue per unit (ARPU). Interacted with different employee of different department of the organization which helped me to make a good rapo with them and increased my networking. and many more that are used within telecom sector. . Other than company employees an interaction with customers and different cliets which gives a touch to the corporate world out side the organization as well Most important learned about Time Management. Learned the importance of Back end staff who guides at every moment. Free of Cost(FOC) . s_Haryana?cid=4 .com/global/social-commitment/philosophy/ http://www.REFERENCES http://www.videocon.videoconworld.php - http://www.

how often do you get pesky calls? . Do you face problem while using national roaming facility? .Best .Worst No Q3.Questionnaire RESEARCH ON: Consumer satisfaction toward pre-paid service. . Is the recharge facility available to you when looking for it? . .Once-twice a week . How do you rank the call rate? . Q1.Once-twice a week.Poor .Yes . How often do you get the new schemes/ promotions from Videocon? .Sometimes Q5.No Q6.Never .No Q4.Never . How many times in a week do you face connection failure problem? .More than 4 times .More than 4 times. Have you used Videocon prepaid Mobile connection/service in last one year? Yes Q2.Good .3-4 times a week .Yes .3-4 times a week .Somewhat Q7.

No time at all .Never .Like forever Q10.Less than 5 minutes Personal details: Name: Age: Gender: Male Female .3-4 times a week .More than 4 times Q8. Will you change the service provider using MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY? Yes No .Once-twice a week .Never .More than 4 times Q9.3-4 times a week . How much time does it take to get your call connected to customer care executive? . How many times in a week do you have complaints regarding your connection/service? .Once-twice a week ..