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Syscomp Oscilloscope DSO-101

PC-hosted 20MSample/sec Digital Storage Oscilloscope.
A portable, low-cost instrument for measurement and test, engineering students, technogists and hobbiests.

Convenient Capture, display and record waveform data Precise Simplify measurements with digital readouts Portable Measurements where and when you work Versatile Multiple instruments – spectrum analysis, data logging, XY plot Supported with courseware and Open software on Windows, Linux, Mac platforms Compatible – drivers for National Instruments LabView Affordable $179

Max Sampling Rate Bandwidth Input Voltage Span Input Ranges Vertical Calibration Input A/D Input Impedance Timebase Span Timebase Ranges Trigger Type Trigger Trigger polarity Trigger level Pre-Post trig display Readouts Sample Memory Display refresh rate Interface 20MS/sec 2MHz +/-50mVp-p to +/-50Vp-p 7 ranges in 1:2:5 sequence Yes, software 8 bits 1Mohm || 20pF Accepts x10 probe 50ns/division to 200ms/division. 21 steps in 1:2:5 sequence Digital Normal, Auto, Single shot +/On-screen horizontal cursor On-screen vertical cursor Amplitude and Timebase Cursors 32K points/channel >5 updates/second USB 1.1 or 2.0

Single Shot Capture

X-Y (Lissajous) Plot

Linux and Unix platforms. Courseware Teaching materials are available from Syscomp for project-based learning and lab exercises in electronics. Linux. These drivers are free opensource and operate under NI Labview on 647-839-0325 Waveform Math: LF Tri x HF Sine . The software is open-source and source code is included. XP. Documentation A comprehensive manual includes the API (Applications Program Interface) information for those who wish to develop their own interface software. Unix and Macintosh operating systems. One USB port (USB 2. The hardware can be controlled by any software that can communicate with a serial port. such as Matlab or Visual Basic. Contact us for details. Labview National Instruments Labview drivers are available for the DSO-101.Additional Functions X-Y plot Spectrum Analysis Histogram Waveform Math Hi-Resolution Zoom Selective Screen Capture Data save to CSV file Configuration Load/Save Software The oscilloscope is operated from a software GUI (graphical user interface) included with the hardware. Windows 2000. The software is multi-platform – it runs under the Windows. 16 bit colour depth. Vista. Host Requirements Pentium 233 Email: syscomp-support@magma. Minimum 800x600 display resolution.0 preferred but not required).syscompdesign. Mac OS X 10.4 kernel or later.4 Spectrum (FFT) Auto-Measurements Contact Syscomp Electronic Design Limited Web: www. Linux with 2. 250MB RAM. 20MB hard drive space.