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1. Identity Books Title: The Dreamer Authors: Andrea Hirata Publisher: PT Landscape Library Pages: x + 292 Pages Edition: 14th, January 2008 Cover Type: Soft Cover Dimensions (L x P): 130 205mm Category: Adventure Price: Rp 40,000 Text: Indonesian

2. Preview Incredible. That impression is implied after reading the second book of the tetralogy Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata this. Storyline and style that presented it can be packaged so nicely from beginning to end. In terms of intrinsic, the novel is arguably almost flawless. Because in any event, Andrea cleverly describes the characteristics and descriptions are so strong in each character. So the reader can easily interpret the direction of the story. His language was very alluring, with spiced richness of language and a vast imagination. This novel has a wealth of languages at once regularity in Indonesian language. Beginning of scientific terms, metaphorical humor, until Malay dialect and literature scattered along the page. At first, this story is more nuanced comical with the background of juvenile delinquency in general. Laughter of a typical high school student is very thick. But rather in exploring the meaning of each word for word, so strong terasalah characters that appear in each and every character. Especially when Andrea takes us into the reality of life that must be faced figure who curls his dream seemed to have reached the point of absurdity, and with re-evoke the sensation Andrea philosophical spirit torch achieve a dream and emphasize so much the power of dreams curls that could eventually drove him to the Sorbonne, the city his dream. In addition to describing what a super power on the power of dreams, the novel's Andrea also portray wisdom of a father who was so great. Sacrifice and sincerity of a father in supporting his dream in the middle of the limitations of life as a spirit not be bought for curls and Arai in reaching his dream. This is where the story began to evolve into such a ballad blue confuse. Patience is a father and the compassion of a remarkable child to the father magnitude of perfecting a reading of this novel is so colossal, and full of moral messages. 3. Contents 3.1 Intrinsic Elements y The theme.

Implicit theme in the novel The Dreamer is none other than the "friendship and the struggle in living life as well as confidence in the strength of a dream or a hope." It can be proved from the telling of a sentence where the author tried to illustrate so much so that the power of dreams can bring someone crashing the rigors of life and limit impossibility. y Background

In this novel the background that is on the Balitong Magai island, market stalls and dock port, in cinemas, at school SMAN Bukan Main, Bogor terminal, and the island of Borneo. Time spent morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. Background nuances more smelly Malay and adolescent turmoil that enveloped dreams. y Characterizations and characterization

Curly: kind-hearted, optimistic, never give up, enthusiasts

Bang Rhoma Arai: smart, full of inspiration / ideas, persistent, diligent, never give up Jimbron: plain, stuttering speech, well, very keen on horses Mr. Balia: good, wise, smart Mr. Mustard: grumpy, grumpy, tough-minded Mother curls: good, loving Dad curls: quiet, patient, loving, wise And another character Mahader, A kiun, Pak Cik Basman, Taikong Hamm, Capo, Bang Olives, Reverend Geovanny, Mak cik and Laksmi are supporting characters in this novel. y Groove

In this novel use of combined flow (flow forward and backward). Flow forward when the author tells of a small start up to mature and groove back when recounting the events as a child in the present / adult. y Writing Style

Storytelling style of this novel is perfect. Namely intelligence and gentleness of words without any poetic language combined elements of the tedious repetitive. Each word contains a wealth of languages at once the meaning behind each slick he said. In addition, the novel is written in the realist style sprinkled with metaphors, intelligent storytelling and touching, full of inspiration and imagination. Comical and many contain a strong burst of intelligence so that the reader unwittingly into the story and characters that exist in the novel The Dreamer. y Mandate

Mandate given in The Dreamer This is not to stop dreaming. It was very clear in every subchapter. Which in principle can never be human beings to escape from a dream and passion in his life. It is clearly depicted in this novel the author with the intention of providing a bright spot to the man who has big dreams but hampered by limitations. y Viewpoint

This novel point of view of "people first" (confession). Where the authors position themselves as characters in the story curls. Extrinsic Elements 3.2 y Moral Values

Moral values in this novel is very thick. The properties are illustrated showing the light in the humanist sense of self of a young bear in addressing the severity of life. Here, the main character portrayed as a teenager who has a good temperament and high solidarity.

Social Values

Judging from its social value, the novel is so rich in social values. This was evidenced solidarity that is so high between the characters Ikal, Arai, and Jimbron. Each mutual support and help with each other in realizing their dreams despite nearly reached the limits of absurdity. With a foundation of mutual cooperation high as Belitong, in a state of deficiency was still able to help each other. y Customs value

Custom value here also so thick felt. Customs at traditional schools still require students to kiss the hands of his teacher, or the livelihood of citizens is very hard and rough as a tin mining coolies clearly illustrated in this novel. So add more cultural treasures of Indonesia. y Value of Religion

The value of religion in the novel is also clearly illustrated. Especially in the parts where the three characters is learned in a boarding school. Many of the rules of Islam