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The fit kit™
Copyright © 1996, © 1997, ©2004, ©2010 by Albert Gonzalez. All Rights Reserved. No part of these books may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data is available upon request. Trademarked ™ in the State of New Jersey. September 25, 2009. Self-Improvement through Through Health and Fitness, Self-Awareness, Physical Self-Awareness, Cardiovascular Exercise, Weight Training, Menu Planning and Individual Commitment. First Edition Designed by Pix-l Graphx ( Printed in the United States.

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To my brother and business partner George, Dr. Jose Santana, my consulaire (, Dominick Lunanova my training partner, Ana DeCAstro (, Ana Tussi for design/editing Guiermo Albornoz for photography and Mario at Red Studios, Acumed Laboratories Rey Serrano, Alfonso Duran (master trainer), Pix-l Graphx (, and all The fit kit™ models. Angelo Martinez, Rosemary Dreger Carey, Dr. Enrique Crespo and my Sensei Mark Mandrachia. All models have been trained by Albert Gonzales and are fit kit™ users. With a heavy heart I dedicate my books to my dad and business partner who passed suddenly on March 4, 2009. I will always miss you dad.

Self-Improvement Through Health And Fitness

1 What is the fit kit™? The fit kit™ is a comprehensive fitness tool kit for self management and self improvement through Health and Fitness. nutritionist and self motivator. The Goal of the fit kit™ The fit kit™ educates you on how to become your own personal trainer. Step 3C/Menu Planning .

This is where the problem lies. exercise systems. The fit kit™ is the first series of books ever to classify these three distinct domains of Health. There are three very distinct domains for these needs. they are HEALTH.000 one-on-one clients from ages 7 to 75! Self-Improvement Through Health And Fitness . This concept is groundbreaking and unique to the fit kit™! It has been my quest and life’s work to educate and apply this formula successfully for the past 22 years to over 5. and your Ideal Final Results (your wishlist) when designing your workout blueprint. needs. experts and doctors selling and marketing the miracle cure to the problems in society with obesity. magazines. Sport. SPORT and PHYSICAL APPEARANCE. and Ideal Physical Appearance! While using your goals.4 2 Why the fit kit™? In the world of exercise and nutrition there are “thousands upon thousands” of books. sports and health. physical beauty.

Physical Appearance Is anything related to your physical body such as skin. Sport Is a person’s ability to perform a specific movement. swimming. Step 3C/Menu Planning .3 Health Will include cardiovascular health. water. digestive health. strength. fat. Examples are running. muscle and the “cosmetic you”. The “cosmetic you” encapsulates body image and is personal and individual to you. action or activity. walking. mental health and reproductive health. pulling. throwing. agility or anything related to specific performance. skeletal health. jumping.

1 (BREAKFAST) 2 pancakes with syrup and bacon or sausage MEAL NO. 1 The Albert Gonzalez Signature Pancakes. Ice Cream.4 Diet Plan No. Ribs. 2 (LUNCH) (10) ribs or fried chicken (3 or 5 pieces) with soda or iced tea MEAL NO. Pizza. 4 (DINNER) (2) slices of pizza or (1) large piece of lasagna with soda or iced tea Self-Improvement Through Health And Fitness . 3 (SNACK) Ice cream (any flavor) or chocolate cake MEAL NO. Lasagna DIET! It Really Really Works! MENU PLANNING MEAL NO.

But even with these “bad foods” it is difficult for someone to adhere to any menu plan that requires organization. preparation and time management. Following me so far? Great! This is your diet for the next 4 weeks. It’s about self-discipline. blame yourself! Obviously this is an unhealthy menu plan. Same selections every day. desire and individual commitment. No changes in food selection.5 Desire and Individual Commitment are Free! Have you made your selections? Great! Do you like this diet plan? Me too! And I want you to follow this diet exactly with the choices you have made. eating meals 4 hours apart. time of meal or order. Step 3C/Menu Planning . It’s being ready to commit to an organized food plan. Don’t blame the food. Not so great anymore? Why? Because my 20 years as a body specialist has taught me the following: The food is not the problem. Oh. After 1 or 2 weeks of eating the same food (even if it is ice cream and pizza) over and over is difficult.

Self-Improvement Through Health And Fitness . Examples are fat burners. I mean a proper menu plan complete with protein.” By car. fat blockers. Supplements are important and have their place in a well-designed menu plan but 80 . carbohydrates and fat calories calculated to fit your needs. and new wipers…but you don’t own a car. a GPS system.90% of your nutritional success should come from food. a racing hood. diuretics. nutritional aids. etc. “You have purchased high performance tires. LAW NO.6 10 Laws of Nutrition and menu planning. Many people over the years have come to my gym with a laundry list of supplements they take. Nothing replaces proper nutrition and receiving most of your vitamins and minerals from food. My next statement is. An entire industry supports this type of approach. 9 Supplements are the accessories to a well-balanced and well-constructed menu plan. I always ask these people “It seems you have purchased a lot of accessories but what type of car do you drive? They usually look at me very confused. energy boosters.

fat. Step 3C/Menu Planning .9 AS I’VE PREVIOUSLY STATED MANY TIMES BEFORE IN THE FITKIT™ HEALTH Refers to anything pertaining to your body that is not at optimum efficiency or has been diagnosed as needing improvement. IDEAL PHYSICAL APPEARANCE Refers to having an optimal physical body including your skin. muscle and water being under your control. SPORT Concentrates on a person’s ability to perform a specific movement. action or activity.

8 Self-Improvement Through Health And Fitness .

strong bones and good brakes! High-Performance Car A Formula One car. distance or particular skill. A highperformance car is always concerned about eating enough calories before the race as well as after the race to properly recuperate. low body fat. a healthy motor. etc. Now select what “car” you would like to drive and then add the correct supplements or accessories to achieve your goals. a race car. Sport and an Ideal Physical Appearance in relation to your body as if it were a “car”. A show car is not tested on performance. but everything in the car is well calibrated. It isn’t the fastest car or the best looking car. Show Car This car looks great! Beautiful paint job. chromed engine. its main purpose is to look its best the day of the car show. This would be a person running a marathon.9 Now let’s explore Health. tight abdominals. an athlete looking to achieve a desired time. ILLUSTRATIONS BY ANGELO MARTINEZ Step 3C/Menu Planning . Healthy Car A car that runs well and is in good working order. That’s a car with good cholesterol.

It is a personal decision what supplements (accessories) you add to your menu plan but I have made a short list of supplements that have proven to be effective in fortifying a well designed menu plan. 15 – 25 carbohydrates and 3 – 5 fat. CHOOSING SUPPLEMENTS The best replacement choices (most closely resembling food) are shakes. Meal replacements make achieving a menu plan a lot easier because they eliminate the need to find or construct a meal every 3 hours. Meal replacements are basically powdered or liquid food. Self-Improvement Through Health And Fitness .10 CHOOSING SUPPLEMENTS The best meal replacement choices (most closely resembling food) are shakes. Sport and an Ideal Physical Appearance. For men they typically supply: 35 – 40 grams of protein. For women: 20 – 30 grams of protein. Meal replacements are an unbelievable resource in a menu and can be used for Health. 5 – 15 carbohydrates and 3 – 5 fat.

11 HEALTH Meal Replacements Omega 3–Fish Oils Multi Mineral/Multi Vitamins Vitamin C B-Complex Raw Fiber or Fiber Capsules SPORT Meal Replacements Multi Mineral/Multi Vitamins Vitamin C Creatine Monohydrate Glutamine Sports Drink Hydrators Raw Fiber or Fiber Capsules Caffeine IDEAL PHYSICAL APPEARANCE Meal Replacements Multi Mineral/Multi Vitamins Vitamin C Creatine Monohydrate Glutamine Raw Fiber or Fiber Capsules Natural Fat Burners Magnesium Caffeine Step 3C/Menu Planning .


goals and Ideal Final Result. 09. list 10 reasons why succeeding at them is important to you. 05. 07. 08. 10. Also list 10 consequences should you fail to achieve your needs. Step 01/Self-Awareness . 10 REASONS TO SUCCEED 01. 07. 09. 08. 04. 06. 06. 03. 02.1 Now that you’re clear on your needs. 10. 04. 03. 02. 10 CONSEQUENCES OF FAILURE 01. 05. goals and Ideal Final Result.

2 Step 02 Physical-Self Awareness THE PHYSICAL YOU! Discovering and evaluating the physical you away from the weight scale! Self-Improvement Through Health And Fitness .

we will focus on just four (4) of these components: fat. This step concentrates on evaluating and discovering your physical body. weight training and menu planning—all of which are designed to help you achieve your Ideal Physical Appearance.3 Physical Self-Awareness Step 02 in fitkit™ concerns Physical Self-Awareness. In the fitkit ™. namely.image are unique to you. Using a mirror instead of a scale will provide great insight on what you truly look like to yourself. We will also explain how you can modify and alter these components through cardiovascular exercise. THE 8 COMPONENTS THAT MAKE UP THE PHYSICAL YOU! COVERED IN THE FITKIT™ NOT COVERED IN THE FITKIT™ Fat Water Muscle Skin Teeth Hair Nails Eyes Step 01/Self-Awareness . Your physical body deals with your cosmetic needs and your physical self-image. water. the eight (8) components that make up the physical you. Physical Self-Awareness starts with educating yourself on the human body. Remember. cosmetic needs and physical self. muscle and skin.

metabolism booster and energy booster. CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE Your No. 1 fat burner and water loss tool. 1 muscle toner and No. or lack thereof. water loss. MENU PLANNING Skin firmness. muscle firmness. when using cardiovascular exercise. weight training and menu planning as tools for fat loss. muscle building and skin firmness. 1 muscle builder. WEIGHT TRAINING Your No. muscle toning. CARLOS DELEON Self-Improvement Through Health And Fitness .4 Here is a brief snapshot of the effectiveness.

(10) being the best or most effective and (1) being the least effective. water. CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE 10 Fat Loss 08 Excess Water Loss 03 Metabolism Booster 02 Muscle Toner 01 Skin Firmness Step 01/Self-Awareness .5 Using a number system. muscle and skin in the body. when wanting to alter fat.

6 Using a number system. (10) being the best or most effective and (1) being the least effective. when wanting to alter fat. muscle and skin in the body! WEIGHT TRAINING/ MACHINE TRAINING 10 Muscle Toning 10 Muscle Building 08 Metabolism Booster 07 Skin Firmness and Elasticity 06 Fat Loss 05 Excess Water Loss Self-Improvement Through Health And Fitness . water.

water. when wanting to alter fat. (10) being the best or most effective and (1) being the least effective. and skin in the body.7 Using a number system. muscle. MENU PLANNING/ NUTRITION TO FIT YOUR NEEDS 10 Muscle Builder 08 Skin Firmness 08 Excess Water Loss 08 Metabolism Booster 06 Muscle Toning 06 Fat Loss CARLOS DELEON Step 01/Self-Awareness .


It doesn’t matter what you weigh.9 The Scale If you don’t like what you see. ILLUSTRATIONS BY ANGELO MARTINEZ Step 01/Self-Awareness .

love handles. lower stomach. (The (6) areas where women tend to retain fat). of fat he has on his stomach. The scale does not tell you your body composition. and corners of the chest. lbs of muscle or lbs of water.10 Throw Away Your Scale! The scale is your worst form of measure. The scale does not tell a man how many lbs. Self-Improvement Through Health And Fitness . rear of the arms. The scale does not indicate health. bra line. and face. side of her upper leg. The scale only tells you our weight in lbs. Your lbs of fat. (The (3) areas where men tend to retain fat). of fat she has in her inner thighs. The scale does not tell a woman how many lbs.

As a result. of fat and gain 9 lbs of muscle on a good workout plan but the scale will only indicate a 6 lb. you’re just as fat but 20 lbs. This was done for the company’s benefit. and as a result. of muscle and water. of muscle and water lighter. The scale reads 20 lbs. ILLUSTRATION BY ANGELO MARTINEZ Step 01/Self-Awareness . lighter even though you did not lose any fat. You can’t see yourself in a scale but your emotional life hinges on the scale going up or down. In the 1950’s Metropolitan Life Insurance Company developed an ideal weight table which used weight and height as an indicator of health. society’s view on weight has been forever changed. As a result.25 11 The scale is not a mirror. there is a very good chance that by over dieting and training incorrectly. Also. you’ve probably done serious damage to your metabolism and skin health. weight loss! You can lose 20 lbs. You can lose 15 lbs. your muscles end up soft. mushy and undernourished.

I opened East Coast Muscle and Fitness along with my brother George and have over 15. . From 2000 to 2010.CREATED AND DEVELOPED BY ALBERT GONZALEZ CERTIFIED FITNESS SPECIALIST In 1988. I became a certified personal trainer and worked in New York and New Jersey as a freelance trainer. I’ve taken numerous courses in health and fitness including continuing education with The National Academy of Sports Medicine to better serve my customers and members. I became a member of the National Physique Committee and in 2009 was appointed a judge by the NPC. In 1991. In 1993.000 members in 17 years. Shortly after I enrolled at Jersey City State College where I earned a minor in Sports Management and certification as a Fitness Specialist.