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Address: Yongsan District 2 (approx. 1km²)
Yongsan-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City, South Korea (Consists of Yongsan IBD site and its surrounding sites) Existing Land Use: Commercial, Residential, Railway facilities, Etc. Note: Site consists of some existing buildings while Yongsan IBD site is vacant. Team can have the option of considering retaining the existing buildings or as tabula rasa.

Location .

. the capital of the Republic of Korea. and approximately 50 km from Incheon International Airport.Overview The site is located at the center of Seoul.

Line 6 (Samgakji Station) and Central Line (Yongsan Station. . centralized railway system) The two most important subway lines connect through Yongsan International Business District. due to the crossing over of 2 lines. Four subway lines connect from Yongsan Station: Line 1 (Yongsan Station. Samgakji Station. No.6) intersect at Yongsan Station which is next to Yongsan IBD and Riverside North Road runs on south of the site. Line 4 (Sinyongsan Station. Namyeong Station).The site is adjacent to Han River which runs from the middle of Seoul to the Yellow Sea.1. Gangnam and Yeouido). It is also adjacent to excellent environments such as Han River. and Ichon Station). In addition. Ichon Station). Nam Mt. Subway lines (No. Traveling stays safe and convenient throughout Seoul as well as other metropolitan areas because two subway lines pass through Yongsan IBD. passengers can transfer at Yongsan Station more easily.4 and No. Urban Railway network (safe. Yongsan District 2 is located in the center of Seoul and a core district that connects the three main CBDs (Gangbuk. and Yongsan Park.

Convenient trips to other provinces due to KTX passing through Yongsan Station & easy access to Yongsan Digital Complex and shopping malls. this straightway will contribute to easier access to YIBD providing drivers with a more convenient route. . The disconnected sector between Dongjakdaegyo and City Hall will be open and directly connected through the new YIBD roads under Yongsan Park. As a result.

Gangnam has been considered as a coveted neighborhood for its upscale residences and affluent environment from the point of economy and culture in Korea. 2 and 12 train railroads including 7 KTX lines. . magnetic levitation trains enable access from Yongsan to Gangnam within 20 minutes. Its popularity will continue with the new Songpa Wirye town designed to disperse the population in Gangnam and construction of up to 45. transportation and culture in Korea. MLT will provide an excellent train network with easy access to Yongsan Subway Line 1. The addition of MLT will support YIBD’s goal of becoming the center of business.The next generation transportation system.000 houses near Gangnam.

Two GTX lines run through Yongsan The underground express railway service running in the capital area has been named Great Train eXpress and announced to be completed in 2016.8km). . and also significantly contributes to the reduction of CO2 emission. These three lines of GTX will connect Seoul and Gyeonggi areas closely enough for one to travel within one hour in these areas.9km). GTX runs a total of 145. In particular.3km). This monorail can be built up above the roads and rivers.Yongsan Monorail (tentative) represents eco-friendly transportation.5km in three lines: Goyang KINTEX to Dongtan New City (74. noise and the carbon footprint in line with sustainability. Uijeongbu to Gunpo Geujeong (49. Cheongryangri to Incheon Songdo (49. The new transportation system integrates Yeouido Financial District and Seobu Ichon-dong into a new commuter belt. Monorail construction costs a third of general subway construction. Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to utilize the monorail system to connect tourist attractions and cultural resources to a wide network for YIBD and the Han River Renaissance Project. this plan will achieve economic benefits from geographical integration.

. In addition. the War Memorial of Korea and other large-scale cultural facilities like a cinema multiplex in Yongsan Station. the National Museum of Korea. surrounded by the Han River to the south. many convenient facilities surround Yongsan National Park such as commercial areas.Yongsan has easy access. the crucial point of transportation next to Namsan to the north.


Important location connecting south and north of Han River . For this reason.Adjacent to Yongsan Station . However.Adjacent to old Yongsan Electronic Mall . Site photos . Yongsan Park and cultural facilities. Nam Mtn. Yongsan Link will establish the pedestrian and green network from Yongsan Park to Hangang Park and Yongsan IBD would recreate cultural space in comfortable urban setting.. railroad and Riverside North Road interrupt accessibility between eastwest sectors of the site and to Han River. and Yongsan Park . and re-locating Riverside North Road to underground.Yongsan site has various urban infrastructures such as Han River.Adjacent to Han River.Flat in general . Seoul city established ‘Yongsan link’ that connects Yongsan Park and front area of Yongsan Station and it would open to the water front through building green-park on the deck above railroads.

.Apartments in west Ichondong are blocking view to Han River .Riverside North Road and Hangang Br. are intersected .

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