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Topic of Writing: Analysis of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Grade Level: 11th grade Purpose: You are

writing an analysis paper on The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. In the paper, you will analyze the relationship between the scarlet letter worn by Hester Prynne and Hester Prynne’s identity. Ask yourself, why Hester continues to wear the scarlet letter after standing upon the scaffold and why does she refuse to take it off? Also think about, How Hester views her identity compared to how society views her identity? Come up with evidential claims to answer these questions and in a four page essay use textual examples to back up you claims as you analyze Hester Prynne. Schedule: October 4th- class begins reading The Scarlet Letter. October 6th- class continues reading The Scarlet Letter and discusses plot and characters in class. October 8th -13th – class finishes reading of The Scarlet Letter. October 15th- Assignment given. October 18th- October 20th – Computer lab during class time. October 22nd - Rough draft is due. Students will get into groups and peer edit one another as the teacher goes around and looks over drafts. October 25th – October 27th- Computer lab during class to edit rough drafts. October 29th- Final Paper due. **** Papers should be in Times New Roman, size 12 font, double spaced, 4 pages. Each paper must include at least four evidential claims from the text using MLA citation.

Late papers will be accepted late unless prior arrangements have been decided. Make sure to stay organized in your analysis, use proper grammar that we have gone over and make sure your paper correlates with your thesis.

Grade Rubric






Content 35pts

Thesis is clearly stated, topic sentences are clear, concise and reliable to the thesis. Well developed essay that flows from one idea to the next with no problems. Includes four or more quotes from the work that support thesis clearly and concisely. Quotes are explained thoroughly as they relate to the thesis. Contains few spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors.

Thesis is stated, topic sentences are present and clear, but are not concise in manner. Developed essay that has some ideas that flow, but there are occasionally bumps in the writing. Includes less than four quotes from the work that support some aspect of the thesis, but quotes are not explained further. Contains several errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar that do not interfere with overall meaning.

Organization 25 pts

Slight hint of a thesis, but not quite developed. Topic sentences hint various things, but do not relate to one another. Slightly developed essay. Ideas are present, but do not correlate with one another. Includes a few quotes that do not relate to the thesis or ideas present. Seems like quotes were just placed there.

No thesis stated. Topic sentences are not coherent.

No ideas are developed. No organization present.

Evidential Support 25pts

No quotes are used.

Mechanics 10 pts

Contains many errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar that interferes with overall meaning.

Contains so many errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar that make the piece illegible. No citation is given.

Citation 5 pts

Correct MLA citation is present with no errors.

Correct MLA citation is present, but with a couple errors.

MLA citation is attempted, but not done in the correct manner.