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Improve your environmental management practices with

6 OEM led e-Waste Case Studies

Developing Sustainable Strategies for Manufacturer Recycling of Electronic Waste
November 14 – 16 2011 | Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Designed to provide a platform in which industry stakeholders can discuss the challenges of product stewardship, extended producer responsibility, and electronic recycling. There is a need emerging both nationally and internationally to manage the masses of equipment being discarded or recycled, and to minimize environmentally hazardous disposal processes.

Featuring Speakers from:
Dell Planar Systems Inc. Vizio Nokia Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company Hewlett Packard Environmental Protection Agency National Center for Electronics Recycling Nevada Division of Environmental Protection Office of the United States Trade Representative Consumer Electronics Association

What to expect at the e-Waste Management Summit:

A unique platform designed in conjunction with eWaste generators addressing the unique challenges facing electronics’ OEMs and retailers Updates on the recent UN multi-stakeholder process called PACE and how it affects export guidelines for equipment under warranty and beyond warranty Exclusive electronics industry awards ceremony recognizing excellence in product stewardship and extended producer responsibility Interactive workshops discussing operational strategies for ensuring compliance and implementing a reverse supply chain across multiple jurisdictions Product specific case-studies highlighting successful take-back programs that are pioneering responsible e-waste management

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Unlocking Effective Reverse Logistics


Nevada Recycles: Modeling an Effective Take-Back Program
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directors. 2011 Green Stewardship Executive Award: for product stewardship and innovation in manufacturing and design that maximizes asset recovery. and retailers who distribute electronic Join executives who are pioneering the way forward for environmental compliance. and recycled electronic equipment.Developing Sustainable Strategies for Manufacturer Recycling of Electronic Waste November 14 – 16 2011 | Bellagio 2 www. The summit offers extensive networking opportunities. directors and managers from Original Equipment Manufacturers and electronics’ components manufacturers who are leading the way forward for responsible electronic waste management. Award Categories: 2011 Electronics Excellence Executive Award: for excellence in Extended Producer Responsibility This award will recognize excellence in electronics’ reclaim programs that have successfully received. implement successful take-back programs and demonstrate effective responsible electronic waste management. Eligible nominees include department heads. Las Vegas. Don’t let your competition get ahead you – secure your sponsorship opportunity by calling Georgia Foster at 212-885-2799 or email | 1-800-882-8684 | info@iqpc. and sustainability to explore next generation e-waste techniques including: • International electronic trade • Reverse supply chain logistics • Methodology and logistics of compliance • Market based incentives for green design • Successful take-back programs • Drivers and inhibitors for the national harmonization of e-cycling • Access to collection infrastructure Who will you meet at the summit? Directors. and Strategists specializing in: • Compliance • RoHS • Product Stewardship • Environmental Sustainability • Supply Chain Responsibility • Solid Waste • E-cycling • Take-Back Programs And: • Original Equipment Manufacturers • Retailers • Electronics Dealers • Electronics Resellers • Component Manufacturers 2011 Industry Awards Energy IQ and e-Waste Management Summit are pleased to announce our exclusive 2011 Industry awards designed to recognize those individuals working in electronics manufacturing and retail who have exhibited excellence in environmental compliance and extended producer responsibility throughout the product value chain of consumer electronics. 2011 Responsible Recycler Award: for leading the industry forward in electronics’ takeback programs. VPs.ewastemgmtsummit. allowing face to face interaction with the heads of your target market therefore setting the perfect environment for high quality lead generation. Submit your nominations today at . recyclers and electronics’ components manufacturers who design their products with the use of environmentally sound materials to maximize sustainability and asset recovery. and managers from Original Equipment Manufacturers. manufacturers and industry experts. Eligible nominees include department heads. reused. Eligible nominees include department heads. resellers. recyclers. reverse supply chain! Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities Sponsorship of IQPC’s e-Waste Management Summit.ewastemgmtsummit. Nevada www. directors and managers from OEMs. giving you complete exposure to retailers. is the best value for your marketing spend.

com Dynamic Recycling is a full service electronics recycling company. re-use and remarketing. We provide services that vary to fit what our client’s needs are. Genco Website: www.000 sq. We repair. With over 20 years in the industry our service seeks innovative solutions to keep this long-term sustainability. we partner with the Texas School for the Deaf to employ Deaf and special needs workers. and supply furnace ready scrap to steel mills. All of URT’s nationwide locations are in process to be certified this year. repairs and remanufactures When it comes to "end of life.eliteenergydistribution. de-manufactures electronics. LLC (URT) is a national electronics and universal waste recycling organization headquartered in Janesville. GENCO ATC maximizes the value of product through innovative asset management solutions. and Fortune 500 organizations. AL specializing in mechanical de-manufacturing and separation of electronic scrap into steel. and scrap material recycling services to customers across the United Ecovery operates a state of the art processing facility in Loxley. and are the only one in the industry with a completely closed loop. Technical Innovation. URT’s Janesville. Email: info@dynamicrecycling.” Let’s work together to make big steps to reduce our carbon footprints. maximizing Universal Recycling Technologies. They offer electronics recycling. asset recovery services. La Crosse. WI. and minimizing risk. Obsolete IT assets destined for the landfill now end up with an appropriate downstream partner for demanufacture to the base commodity and are reintroduced into new products. recycling. Since 2007. recycling bins. Ecovery achieved the RIOS certification in December of 2010 and is expected to achieve R2 certification by November 2011..escraprecycling. ESS is an R2 Certified Electronics Recycler. tests equipment. Their focus on Environmental Responsibility. 3-Time Texas Environmental Excellence.genco. and Affordability is what sets them apart from other recycling companies. universal waste recycling.dynamicrecycling. de-installation. and stores the materials until delivered for further We help the earth. Asset recovery as well as complete data destruction. By using landfills less. E-Scrap Solutions 7510 Bittern Ave. fundraising etc. please visit www. WI campus is ISO 9001:2008. This facility receives incoming equipment. and Community--that's what drives us! Elite Energy Distribution Website: www. Security. ft. aluminum foundries. LLC Website: Dynamic Recycling. please visit www. copper ISO14001 Certified R2 Certified Dynamic Recycling Website: www. remarkets all re-sellable units.000 sq.. Consumer Returns.2004 Certified. We provide end of life disassembly. and all of the principles governing them.universalrecyclers. OUR Sponsors E-Scrap Solutions Website: www. Government agencies. We manufacture MicroStrate™ signage and road markers made from the resulting e-waste.escraprecycling. Their facility is registered with the EPA and WI-DNR as a Large Quantity Handler of Universal Waste and was recently certified to R2 and ISO 14001 standards. We work with Fortune 500 Companies.imagemicrosystems. Website: www. RLA Green Award. municipalities. The mechanical process allows Ecovery to recycle over 5 ton/hr. To learn more. GENCO ATC is leaving a very green footprint. Governor's Employment Award. aluminum. copper.. and recycle idled IT assets and consumer electronics products.ecoveryllc. A research laboratory for Texas Tech University. They continually strive to reinvent themselves in those 3 areas so that they can better serve their customers now and for years to come. | 1-800-882-8684 | info@iqpc.ewastemgmtsummit. located in Cleveland Ohio.universalrecyclers. remarket. processing operations and material storage. asset management. WI 54603 Phone: 608-781-4030. 3 www. asset E-Scrap Solutions is a full service Computer and Electronics Recycling / Asset Recovery company. and reintroducing product into the marketplace. We believe it is important for us to provide the best possible work conditions for our employees and therefore are also ISO14001. hold Ecovery to the highest of recycling standards. cradle-to-cradle manufacturing process! We’re award-winning: Interlog. and many others too numerous to merntion. creating new products destined for sustainable end-of-life management. Our focus is to make sure that not a single piece of Electronic scrap that comes to us ever hits a landfill and to maximize the reuse of product that has been disposed of prematurely. Dynamic Recycling owns and occupies a 42. and precious Ohio we efficiently and safely handle all types of E-waste for processing and recycling. To learn more. office and warehouse space that houses their management team. and commodities and logistics management services to major market segments including original equipment manufacturers (OEM). ISO 14001:2004 and e-Stewards® certified. Committed to helping our Elite Energy Distribution is an electronics and battery recycling processing company. retailers as well as the residential sector throughout the United States. Ecovery Website: www. and precious metal refiners. while improving cash flow. retailers. Sustainability. Image Micro Website: www. Currently occupying 63. Leveraging its Product Lifecycle Logistics approach." GENCO ATC believes in product eternity. 440-498-1299-Fax www. URT provides end-of-life recycling (de-manufacturing). We’ve been leading the Reverse Logistics Industry since 1992. We have the ability to provide fast and reliable solutions across the globe. 44103 216-431-0796-Office. GENCO ATC locates parts to meet manufacturers’ back-order needs (or buyers for excess parts). Cleveland Oh. ISA Green . Customer Service. we help manufacturers of IT products design with the end in mind. Our R2 and ISO 14001 certifications are echoed in our motto “Better Recycling Through Higher Standards. refurbish. 2135 Enterprise Ave. These certifications. the company has been privately owned by Hendricks Holding Company. Universal Recycling Technologies. ft of warehouse facility in Cleveland.

e-Waste Recovery and Recycling.1:30pm (Box lunch served during workshop) Nevada Recycles: Modeling Effective e-Waste Management How you will benefit: • Comply with future e-waste regulation in the State of Nevada • Ensure effective post-sale responsibility through collaboration with Local. Compliance & Enforcement Inspector. 1Q 2010 4 www. Legislation for used electronics is already in place in many countries and pending throughout parts of North America and Europe. recycling. Nevada Division of Environmental Protection Kathryn Dotchin.11:00am (Continental Breakfast served during workshop) Separately Bookable See pg. Bureau of Waste Management. Nevada Division of Environmental Protection Ed Wynder. Southern Nevada Health District Governments and manufacturers of electronics are coming under ever increasing pressure to safely dispose of electronic products. Nevada Division of Environmental Protection Nicole Goehring.8% over the forecast period?* *ABI Research. and disposal of e-waste in conjunction with a successful electronic take-back program. 6 Unlocking Effective Reverse Logistics What you will learn: • How to remove the complexity from take-back programs that span multiple jurisdictions • How to comply with reporting requirements under national and international legislation • Effective post-sale customer relationship strategies How you will benefit: • Minimize costs associated with transport and logistics • Assure quality and compliance throughout the reverse supply chain • Increase brand loyalty through well functioning take-back incentives Facilitator: John Dickenson. This workshop will discuss the setup. Environmental Health Specialist. storage. Over the next 10 years the amount of e-waste being produced is estimated to rise by as much as 500 . The diverse regulations governing the responsible management of electronic waste in the United States pose an array of challenges in meeting legislative obligations and environmental requirements. 14 November 2011 PRE-SUMMIT Workshops A 9:00am . Nevada Recycles. B 11:30am . Nevada Recycles.7 billion in 2009 to nearly $14.ewastemgmtsummit. What you will learn: Nevada’s approach and strategy for constructing effective e-waste legislation and the history of e-cycling in the State of Nevada • The findings of the 2011 Recycling and Waste Reduction report • Current e-cycling efforts throughout Northern Nevada • Southern Nevada Health District e-cycling and permitting • Available options for increasing e-cycling rates and economic development • Interactive feedback with Local and State governments • Did you know that industry analysts’ forecast that the worldwide market for e-waste recovery will grow from $5. refurbishment. recovery. Nevada Division of Environmental Protection Chet | 1-800-882-8684 | info@iqpc. Planning Director. Southern Nevada Recycling Coordinator. This workshop will offer practical insight into how manufacturers and recyclers can use the Nevada Recycles program for the promotion of responsible electronic waste management to increase economic development and reduce e-waste in landfills.7 billion by the end of 2014. State and private programs • Manage and track e-Waste that crosses State and International borders Facilitators: Jasmine Vittori.Monday. Northern Nevada Recycling Coordinator. management and operation of collection. transport. The State of Nevada is actively redirecting large volumes of e-waste away from landfills towards more responsible means of disposal. representing a CAGR of 20. with the United States already currently leading the world in producing electronic waste. Vice President of Business Development AERCCR Implementing reverse logistics over multiple governmental jurisdictions is a complex process. tossing away about 3 million tons each year. Bureau of Waste Management.

as well as how we are engaging very far up the supply chain with formulators to develop materials that have inherently lower impact on the environment and human health. eStewardship. Director. Office of the United States Trade Representative 9:45 Greener Materials for Electronics Design The material content of electronic products is largely determined in the earliest stages of the design process.Tuesday. Attendees to this session will be better able to: • Harmonize operations across regulatory borders • Comply with e-Waste laws under varied jurisdictions • Develop forward strategies that anticipate and account for regulatory developments on a national level Jason Linnell. Director for Industrial Non-Tariff Barriers. Manufacturers. Office of the United States Trade Representative End of Summit Day 1 . retailers and recyclers are bound to international law as it pertains to international electronic trade both of waste and of items destined for trade-in. Market Access and Industrial Competitiveness. Executive Director. This session will offer practical insight into this unique industry-led approach that aims to increase the amount of electronics that are responsibly recycled with a focus on how the initiative will drive consumer education. the palette of materials that designers can use is established long before they even begin the design process. Vice President of Environmental Affairs. Attendees to this session will be better able to: • Develop a nation-wide approach to recycling • Increase the amount of electronic equipment being recycled • Access certified recyclers who comply with all applicable regulations Tricia Conroy. This session will discuss the national initiatives now underway to conserve natural resources. Director for Industrial Non-Tariff Barriers. repair or reuse. varied export regulations in developing countries. Vice President of Environmental Affairs. Policy Director. Basel Action Network 10:30 Networking Break 11:15 Value Proposition of a Manufacturer-Led National Program A nationwide approach to eWaste management assists manufacturers to navigate the myriad and multi-jurisdictional regulations governing electronics’ recycling and disposal. and reduce the environmental impact of consumer electronics. Hewlett Packard Company Sarah Westervelt. Attendees to this session will be better able to: • Prevent products from entry into the global hazardous waste stream • Comply with international law and the Basel Convention • Make informed decisions about overseas manufacturing Sarah Westervelt. Global Program. Basel Action Network Walter Alcorn. retailers and mobile service providers in sustainability initiatives Suzanne Rudzinski. This session will discuss HP’s approach to evaluating substances used in our products and their potential alternatives. This session will examine the international laws that govern electronic trade. promote product sustainability. there remains much to learn about international trade in used electronics. and the export guidelines for equipment under warranty and beyond warranty. Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery. National Center for Electronics Recycling 12:45 Lunch 5:30 5 4:30 Panel Discussion: Challenges of Responsible Recycling in Emerging Markets Global manufacturers are tackling the issue of how to ensure responsible electronic recycling in emerging markets. OEMs and retailers participating in this session will be better able to: • Triple the amount of electronics recycled per year • Increase operational efficiency and promote environmental preservation • Improve consumer awareness about responsible management of electronics Walter Alcorn. Attendees to this session will be better able to: • Facilitate environmentally sound trade • Take advantage of overseas reuse and refurbishment programs • Address export restraints globally Edward Brzytwa. This session will discuss the development and coordination of international trade and direct investment policy and how it affects trade negotiations with other countries. Hewlett-Packard Company 3:15 3:45 Networking Break International Electronic Trade The international flow of electronic waste has a profound effect not only on the cost of product stewardship but also on the global environment. and how it inhibits compliance with manufacturers’ standards for responsible electronic waste management. Office of Small Business. plays a pivotal role in supporting the reuse and recycle of electronic goods. in conjunction with the Federal Government. Consumer Electronics Association Chairman’s Welcome and Opening Remarks Keynote Address: The Role of the Federal Government in eCycling The Environmental Protection Agency. 15 November. 2011 Day 1 Main SUMMIT 8:00 8:45 9:00 Registration & Coffee 1:45 Case Study: eCycling Leadership Initiative Program The goal of the eCycling Leadership Initiative is to recycle 1 billion pounds of electronics per year by 2016 and triple the volume of electronics collected for recycling in 2010. This session will discuss the state policies that are driving effective waste management and whether or not these state solutions are better geared to promote environmentally sound practices than the promotion of a nationally harmonized federal law. Environmental Protection Agency 2:30 Perspectives on International Trade in Used Electronics Although American trade has expanded nearly 60-fold over the past 60 years. Attendees to this session will be better able to: • Reduce end-of-life environmental impacts • Make informed materials decisions for products • Engage suppliers to develop sustainable materials Helen Holder. Corporate Material Selection Manager. e-Stewardship Policy Director. This session offers practical insight into the value of a national solution led by manufacturers and how it provides turn-key assistance for compliance with the many state producer responsibility requirements. Electronic Manufacturer’s Recycling Management Company (MRM) 12:00 Trends Towards the National Harmonization of e-Cycling Mandatory electronics recovery programs and e-waste recycling laws have been implemented in 25 states and counting. MRM is developing national recycling infrastructure that will provide convenient and environmentally responsible opportunities for managing electronic waste. Executive Director. Manager for Product Reuse & Recycle. the results of the recent UN multi-stakeholder process called PACE. Consumer Electronics Association Ed Brzytwa. This session will discuss the complexities of limited access to infrastructure. Attendees to this session will be better able to: • Monitor regional recycling capabilities in emerging markets • Comply with export restrictions • Drive the creation of certified recyclers in emerging markets Panelists: Steven Rockhold. Attendees to this session will be better able to: • Prepare for and comply with federal regulations • Offer more recycling opportunities to consumers • Partner with government. In fact.

ewastemgmtsummit. A series of presentations delivered by manufacturers will investigate different approaches for achieving compliance across borders. Giant Screen Films. Director of Compliance Dell 3:00 Networking Break & Awards Ceremony 2011 Electronics Excellence Award: for excellence in Extended Producer Responsibility 2011 Green Stewardship Award: for product stewardship and innovation in manufacturing and design that maximizes asset recovery 2011 Responsible Recycler Award: for leading the industry forward in electronics’ take-back programs 10:15 Networking Break 11:00 Case Study: Television Manufacturer Television manufacturers are taking great strides to reduce the carbon footprint of their products. Image Microsystems 9:30 Case Study: Computer Manufacturer Dell provides multiple hassle-free options for keeping e-waste out of landfills. e-Waste Coordinator Planar Systems.S. either directly or through partnerships. Attendees to this session will be better able to: • Establish smart ways to promote e-cycling • Partner with respected take-back and recycling companies • Provide consumers with smart ways to recycle Michael Moss. Nokia Programs As of September 2011 Samsung has recycled over 115 million lbs. 2011 Day 2 Main SUMMIT 8:00 Registration & Coffee Morning Track Methodology and Logistics of Compliance Complying with the various state specific and user specific regulations that govern the electronics’ supply chain is a different process for different products.Maximize the profitably of product reuse . Director of Corporate Environmental Affairs. Vice President of Marketing. The Role of Third-Party Certification in Reverse Logistics Due diligence in reverse logistics procurement decisions is becoming increasingly burdensome. logistics. Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Samsung Electronics America Brad Brown. out of | 1-800-882-8684 | info@iqpc. Nokia has used this inspiring film to build awareness of Nokia’s green platform and to launch successful recycling programs in museums and schools across the U.” Companies need a high comfort level that their electronic scrap is being responsibly managed. Universal Recycling Technologies 12:30 Lunch 1:30 4:40 Wild Ocean 3D Presented by Nokia David Conrad. This session discusses how to innovatively reuse electronic equipment components in the manufacturing of new. of electronic equipment through the recycling programs that it supports. Executive Director. non-electronic products. The end-of-life disposition 5:30 End of Summit Day 2 6 www. 16 November. will discuss Nokia’s sponsorship of the globally-acclaimed giant screen documentary. Inc. sustainable use of materials. This presentation discusses how to continually improve business practices. and distribution partnerships to comply with local. and smart packaging helps continually improve compliance strategies and increase the comprehensive functionality of a mobile device. Ken Lowe.Design product-specific take-back programs . Gail Zuro. In partnership with Wild Ocean’s producer. This case study will reveal how a specialty display solution company capitalizes on its strong supply chain. This session will highlight distinctive environmental advancements such as reduced energy consumption and RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) compliance. Vice President Vizio 11:45 Panel Discussion: Benchmarking Success in e-Cycling 4:00 Case Study: Mobile Phone Life Cycle Management The environmental impact of mobile devices can be minimized by identifying the largest sources of emissions and energy use over the mobile product lifecycle. Attendees to this session will be better able to: • Collaborate with suppliers to make sustainable material choices • Produce mobile devices that are 100% reusable or recyclable • Roll out sustainable innovations across the mobile product range David Conrad. Head of Sustainable Strategy for North America.Wednesday. Attendees to this track will be able to: . Attendees to this session will be better able to: • Appropriately utilize third-party certification as one barometer of vendor performance • Understand what a third-party certification can and cannot tell you about vendor performance • Evaluate the quality-control measures undertaken by third-party certification programs John Lingelbach. This session will discuss how Samsung has achieved such good results through its partners and commitment to people and the environment. State and Federal laws and ensure the responsible management of hazardous materials. Nokia’s Head of Sustainability for North America. better protect the environment and simplify customers' ability to manage their computer equipment responsibly. R2 Solutions 2:15 Case Study: LCD Manufacturer Compliance with electronic waste regulations often poses greater challenges to small manufacturers than to multinational corporations. Mike Watson. Eliminating e-Waste Through New Product Development Image Microsystems offers a solution that merges end-of-life-cycle electronic equipment back into the environment or manufacturing chain. Attendees to this session will be better able to: • Understand the interrelated processes of acquiring and remarketing electronic goods • Challenge the parameters of existing distribution channels for repurposed products • Plan ahead to minimize environmental impact of products Liz Walker. This session will consider the appropriate role of third party certification programs in reverse logistics procurement decisions. Wild Ocean 3D—a spectacular underwater adventure that showcases the power of people coming together to protect the environment that sustains them. This session will discuss how a focus on energy efficiency.Consider asset recovery options during design and manufacture 8:45 of IT assets is no longer “out of .

Postponement and Substitution Policy. For IQPC’s Cancellation.S. Las Vegas. All Access Pass includes the 2 day main summit and all workshops. Team Discounts: For information on team 5 YES! Please Register Me For: K Summit Only K All Access K Workshop(s) K A K B Featuring Distinguished Fax: 1-646-378-6025 Mail: Speakers from 8th Floor IQPC . government organizations and 4 (Email this form to with the following in the subject line: "e-Waste Management Summit". please contact IQPC Customer Service at 1-800882-8684.535 5th Avenue. All Rights Reserved. NY 10017 Organizations such as: Name ___________________________________________________________ Job Title _________________________________________________ Organization_____________________________________________________ Approving Manager________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________ City_______________________________________State___________Zip________ Phone________________________________________________ E-mail_______________________________________________________________ K K Please keep me informed via email about this and other related events. 7 www.ewastemgmtsummit. please visit www. please contact Customer Service at 1-800882-8684 to discuss your specific needs.iqpc.399 (Save $900) $799 (Save $800) Register by October 21 $1. ©2011 IQPC. The format.299 $1.899 (Save $400) $1.599 Please note multiple discounts cannot be combined. design. content and arrangement of this brochure constitute a trademark of Special Dietary Needs: If you have a dietary restriction.547) $999 (Save $800) Register by October 21 $2. DOLLARS TO: IQPC * CT residents or people employed in the state of CT must add 6% sales 2 Call: 1-800-882-8684 3 Email: info@iqpc. New York. Nevada 1 Web: www.Improve your environmental management practices with 6 OEM led e-Waste Case Studies Developing Sustainable Strategies for Manufacturer Recycling of Electronic Waste 5 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER: November 14 – 16 2011 | Bellagio Hotel. Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer: JPMorgan Chase .799 About the Accomodation: As soon as a specific venue is confirmed we will post the information online. please contact customer service at 1800-882-8684.499 (Save $947) $1. Date___/___CVM Code______ K I cannot attend. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE IN U. but please keep me informed of all future events. Check enclosed for $_________ (Payable to IQPC) Charge my K AmEx K Visa K MasterCard K Discover Card | 1-800-882-8684 | info@iqpc. Only one discount may be applied per registrant. Unauthorized reproduction will be actionable under the Lanham Act and common law principles. For more information.Penton Learning Systems LLC dba IQPC: 957-097239 ABA/Routing #: 021000021 Reference: Please include the name of the attendee(s) and the event number: 20702001 Industry Pricing Register by August 26 All Access Conference Only Workshops $1. Special Discounts Available: A limited number of discounts are available for the non-profit or fax to 646-378-6025) www. If you would like to be notified via email as soon as the information becomes available please email info@iqpc. A $99 processing charge will be assessed to all registrations not accompanied by credit card payment at the time of registration. Payment Policy: Payment is due in full at the time of registration and includes lunches and refreshment. 20702001/D/AR Registration Information End-User Pricing Register by August 26 All Access Conference Only Workshops $1.ewastemgmtsummit.899 (Save $1.199 (Save $400) $549 each Standard Price $2.699 $1.ewastemgmtsummit. Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to .599 (Save $200) $549 each Standard Price $2.