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2400 Park Avenue, Suite 240 Minneapolis, MN 55404 Phone 612-879-5383 www.phillipswest.


Phillips West 15th Annual Winter SocialEvent Date: Thursday February 9th from 5 to 8 p.m. Held at: Lutheran Social Service Center for Changing Lives Building 2400 Park Avenue South
1. As of 1-11-12 we have received/committed:  $ 1,000 from Ebenezer  $ 200 Lutheran Social Services  $ 1,000 from Phillips West Neighborhood Organization  $ 50 from Messiah Lutheran Church  $ 100 from Minnesota Teen Challenge  $ 450 Community Action of Minneapolis  $ 200 Children’s Hospital (Also donating Children’s food for event)  $ 1,000 St. Mary’s University  $ 500 Allina/ANW  $ 1,000 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage TOTAL SO FAR: $5, 500 2. Entertainment:  We will have background music and Robert Lilligren will give a welcoming speech and Community Introduction. If you know of any entertainment options that would donate their services please contact Crystal if you have any suggestions. 3. Kids Activities have all confirmed for new date & location:  American Swedish Institute- Nina Clark Confirmed!  Midtown Global Market- will have dragon craft activities from the Chinese New Year!  McGruff the Crime Dog- we have 2 volunteers from Teen Challenge! John will bring the McGruff outfit to our last Committee meeting February 7th.  St. Mary’s Cardinal Mascot- they are working on finding someone! 4. Informational Tables: (NOTE AS OF 1/24 EVERYONE BELOW HAS CONFIRMED! IF YOU KNOW ANY OTHER ORGANIZATION/GROUP THAT WOULD LIKE TO HAVE TABLE PLEASE LET ME KNOW SOON)!  New Hope Baptist- Jake Rock confirmed!  Augsburg Fairview Academy- Faaria Husain confirmed!  Mad Dads- VJ Smith confirmed!  Midtown Global Market- Kim Hanna confirmed!  Teen Challenge of Minnesota- Deborah Tomey confirmed!  Community Action of Minneapolis- Cheryl Morgan Spencer confirmed!  American Swedish Institute- Karin Krull confirmed!  Indian Health Board Resource Table- confirmed by Tish & Donna!  Minneapolis Police Reserves- Lt. Rob Shwartz confirmed!  Messiah Youth & Church (2 tables) - Tom & Rich? Renee Sayles talked to Tom he said he would get back to her.  Kaleidoscope Place Kids- ???  Cristo Rey Jesuit High School- Annemarie Hansen???

 

Open Eye Figure Theatre- Sue Haas??? Hope Community- Chaka???

5. Prizes –  Give-Away system- when people sign in they receive a ticket that is used to claim a door prize. Last year we had 400 mini bags of candy, 2 tickets to the Swedish Smorgasbord Banquet & 2 Hotel Rooms at the Midtown Sheraton.  This year- Deborah from Teen Challenge was able to get us 120 pounds of mini candy bars so we will have 400 mini bags of candy again! She also is donating 4 duffle bag lunch coolers! Nimco is working on getting us 2 hotel rooms again! Kim is going to donate 5 $10 Global Market Gift Cards & get some of the vendors to donate some gift cards as well! Crystal has some leftover Koozies and will give those out as well!  Since everyone who attends the event will get a small prize we were unsure how to give out the large prizes. The Committee decided everyone who signs in at the door will get a ticket to claim the small prizes at the small prize table those interested in winning a larger prize will be given a number we will do a drawing mid-event for the larger prizes.

6. Food:     

Main menu – Qdoba catering will provide a taco buffet consisting of beef/chicken tacos, sour cream, salsa, cheese, guacamole & chips for 400 people. All the plates and silverware will also be provided. Cost was $3,100. Children’s Hospital will provide Children’s food including; milk, macaroni & cheese, chicken nuggets and fresh cut fruit for 175 children! Desserts- Last year we got 6 Sheet Cakes from Costco (2 carrot, 2 chocolate, 2 vanilla) will do same this year! Beverages- Will provide soda, milk, water & coffee! Sheraton Midtown- Nimco is going to ask the Sheraton to donate Veggie Pasta Salad for 300!

7. Volunteers – Crystal  Current Volunteer list is included in this email thank you to everyone who has signed up so far! NOTE- WE WILL NOT HAVE A FORMAL COAT CHECK THIS YEAR BUT ALL VOLUNTEERS WILL BE ABLE TO KEEP THEIR COATS IN A LOCKED CONFERENCE ROOM. 8. Decorations – Crystal will decorate! 9. Getting the Word Out:  Flyers- The neighborhood will be flyered in advance we need volunteers to help with this. Please contact Crystal if you are interested.  Somali Flyer Nimco will do.  Spanish Flyer John Reed will do.  Emails with flyer to friends, family & co-workers- everyone!! 10. Shuttle – ANW provided the shuttle last year but only 4 people utilized it and the van is not accessible so ANW has opted out this year. In previous years we have encouraged those who need special accommodations to call Metro Transit Ride Share. We will do that again this year.

Committee will meet again Tuesday January 24th & Tuesday February 7th from 2 to 3 p.m. at the Lutheran Social Service Center for Changing Lives Building located at 2400 Park Avenue. When you get to the building go to the front desk and say you are here to meet with Crystal from Phillips West and they will instruct you where to go! Please note the event date is Thursday February 9th from 5 to 8 p.m. Those who have an information table are asked to arrive at 4:45 p.m. to set up. Volunteers for event are asked to arrive at 4:45 unless you are working a 2 nd shift position. Any questions email Crystal at or call her at 612/879-5383

Phillips West Winter Social Volunteer Sign Up 2012 Updated 1/25/12
(We Need 52 Volunteers Total, 6 spots are remaining) Event Date is Thursday February 9th, 2012 from 5 to 8 p.m. The Winter Social will take place at Lutheran Social Service Center for Changing Lives 2400 Park Avenue South Minneapolis 55404. All volunteer jobs that don’t specify a start time are asked to be at Lutheran Social Service by 4:45 p.m. If you have any questions please contact the Phillips West Winter Social Committee Chair Crystal Trutnau at 612-879-5383 or email at

Set-Up at 3:00 p.m.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Crystal Trutnau (Phillips West) Cheryl Morgan Spencer (Community Action) Mary Ann (MCTC) Roberta (MCTC) Barb Lickness

Door Greeters (4:45 to 6:10 p.m.)
(Oakland Entrance) 1. Eric Heller (Teen Challenge) 2. Alex Fellerman (Teen Challenge) 3. Micheal Dullinger (Teen Challenge) 4. Kyle Erickson (Teen Challenge) (Park Avenue Entrance) 1. Paul Perrington (Teen Challenge) 2. Lawrence Whaley (Teen Challenge) 3. Stefanie Steele (Teen Challenge) 4. Leisha Christianson (Teen Challenge)

Decorating at 3:00 p.m.
Phillips West (Crystal)

Food table to help hand out food and keep table neat (10 needed)
(1st Shift 4:55 to 6:20 p.m.) 1. Christian Hoffman (Teen Challenge) 2. Jon Solhmein (Teen Challenge) 3. Billy Kidd (Teen Challenge) 4. Saint Mary’s University 5. Saint Mary’s University (2nd Shift 6:20 to 7:45 p.m.) 1. Saint Mary’s University 2. Saint Mary’s University 3. Saint Mary’s University 4. Saint Mary’s University 5. Saint Mary’s University

Sign in Table
(1st Shift 4:45 to 6:00 p.m.) 1. Marquis Holmes (Augsburg Fairview) 2. Kenyauna Daniels (Augsburg Fairview) 3. Cherish Parker (Augsburg Fairview) 4. Jessica Kitzerow (Augsburg Fairview) (2nd Shift 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.) 1. Del Lundeen (Phillips West) 2. Phyllis Thompson (Ebenezer) 3. Therese Rau (Hennepin County) 4. Anthony Gardner (Hennepin County) - OAKLAND ENTRANCE - OAKLAND ENTRANCE - PARK ENTRANCE - PARK ENTRANCE - OAKLAND ENTRANCE - OAKLAND ENTRANCE - PARK ENTRANCE - PARK ENTRANCE

Beverage Table; Soda, Water, Coffee, Milk (4 needed)
(1st Shift 5:00 to 6:20 p.m.) 1. AFA Graduate 2. AFA Promise Fellow (2nd Shift 6:20 to 7:40 p.m.) 1. 2.

Dessert Table (4 needed)
(Shift 1 from 5:00 to 6:15 p.m.) 1. Yvette McCluskey 2. Henreen Hubbard (NIP) (2nd Shift from 6:15 to 7:30 p.m.) 1. Saint Mary’s University 2. Saint Mary’s University

Children’s Food Table (4)
(Shift 1 from 5:00 to 6:15 p.m.) 1. Marissa Christianson (Teen Challenge) 2. Richelle Royals (NIP) (2nd Shift from 6:15 to 7:30 p.m.) 1. Natalie (Teen Challenge) 2.

Floater/General Clean Up
1. Jake Rock (New Hope Baptist) 2. Crystal Trutnau (Phillips West) 3. Shelly Brown (Xcel Energy) 4. Andrew Hawkins (Xcel Energy) 5. John Baumann (Midtown Safety Center) 6. Leigh Sorbel (Ebenezer) 7. Deborah Tomey (Teen Challenge) 8. Nimco Ahmed (City Council) 9. Dan Reddan (Phillips West) 10. Deb (Ebenezer) 11. Vicki (Ebenezer)

Prize Distribution Table
(1st Shift 4:45 to 6:00 p.m.) 1. Kim Walker (Teen Challenge) 2. Andrew Kling (Teen Challenge) 3. Chaquona (Augsburg Fairview) (2nd Shift 6:00 to 7:45 p.m.) 1. 2. 3.

Information table (whoever wants one) McGruff
2 Volunteers from Teen Challenge

St. Mary’s Cardinal Mascot
St. Mary’s has their own volunteers