Fall 2011 (November 2 version) Telecollaboration Project Guidelines Overview You will make three 30-minute out-of-class

“Skype talks” (or possibly Face Time, email, SSN, etc.) with your tele-pal overseas. The Skype talks are your homework. Due to the time difference between the Philippines and Japan, you might have to make a late night or early morning Skype talk. Three Skype Talks (1) Introduce yourself. (2) Introduce your culture. Choose one theme about your culture and describe it in detail. (3) Introduce transportation in your country. Choose one theme about your transportation and describe it in detail. Reports and Presentations After each Skype talk, you will write a reflection in English (50 words) and present your reflection to your classmates (1 minute). For your reflection, explain what you learned. Use at least two specific examples to concretely explain what you mean. We ek 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Tue Nov 15 Nov 22 Nov 29 Dec 6 Dec 13 Dec 20 Jan 17 NU Class Deadlines Make first contact by email Make first contact by Skype 1. First Report & Presentation 2. Second Report & Presentation 3. Third Report & Presentation

NU Skype talk Schedule 1. Skype talk between Nov 22 (Tue) and 29 (Tue) 2. Skype talk between Nov 29 (Tue) and Dec 6 (Tue) 3. Skype talk between Dec 6 (Tue) and 13 (Tue)

If you would like help with the Skype talks. When sending email messages for help. Send email messages with identifiable subject headings. “Skype talk from Nihon University. Skype talk with the overseas team member to help complete the homework assignment. If you have trouble connecting with your tele-pal. Especially email addresses. you need to make a new email address and try again. and phone numbers. 6. 5. For example. 1. That’s what support teams are for. 2. Especially if someone accidentally marked your email address as spam.We are learning communication skills together. Thank you for learning together! . Let’s communicate together! You should get as much contact information from both your overseas and home support team. 7. They will help you. ask your home support team to make the Skype talk together with you. put all team members in cc: so everyone is aware and can help you. ask for help from both your overseas and home support team.” 4. In some cases. or if your tele-pal fails to help you complete your homework assignment. If a home support team member fails to help an overseas support team member complete a homework assignment. Skype names. Below are 7 helpful hints. 3.

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