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Scott Sucher

CHICKASAW NATION INDUSTRIES, INC., ALBUQUERQUE, NM Project Manager, Indian Land Consolidation Project Nov 2004-Nov 2011

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Contractor PM for federally funded project to purchase highly fractionated Indian land from individual landowners and consolidate ownership under their respective tribe, considered the #1 priority within the Interior department. Had up to 59 personnel in 12 offices in Western U.S. Control T&M and FFP contracts with annual administrative budget of $4 million and acquisition budget of $19 million. Responsible for overall project performance. Lead strategic planning, budgeting,and staffing efforts in response to task requirements. Performed contract negotiations, goal-setting, developing and maintaining the budget, ensuring all Federal, state, and tribal regulations for land acquisitions were complied with, development and enforcement of policies and procedures, and developed and performed data analysis for individual and project metrics. Exceeded all contract goals by 125-300%. DON PATTERSON ASSOCIATES, INC., ALBUQUERQUE, NM CV-22 Pilot Subject Matter Expert Wrote training courseware for new Air Force aircraft. Gather highly technical data from multiple sources, combine and edit information, then coordinate with instructional designer and graphic artist to build computer-based and computer-aided training lessons using proprietary courseware. KTECH, INC., ALBUQUERQUE, NM Technical Writer 2003 2004

Editor of Natural Gas and OIl Technology Partnership newsletter, a monthly publication detailing current oilfield projects of all seven national laboratories and major oil companies. Worked with Sandia National Laboratory (SNL) engineers to capture highly technical information for reporting purposes. Wrote papers about new space shuttle self-inspection system using state-of-the-art camera system, radiation effects on metal alloys, and procedures for nuclear weapon trigger manufacturing. Selected to rewrite and redesign all KTech Standard Operating Procedures to comply with SNL requirements and format. NEW MEXICO MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY AND SCIENCE, ALBUQUERQUE, NM Airlift Coordinator 2003

Arranged airlift support by the NM Air National Guard for opening of new exhibit at the museum. Performed preliminary landing zone survey at nearby park, obtained necessary city permits and required police coordination, and established security zone around the area of operation. ACCENT OPTICAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC., ALBUQUERQUE, NM Technical Writer, Trainer, Field Service Engineer, Production Manager, World Wide Training Manager 1998-2002

As the technical writer, coordinated with hardware, software, mechanical, electrical, optical, and electromagnetic engineers to capture technical information (via personal contact or through engineering change proposals) to produce operation, service, and application manuals, and production procedures, for the construction and operation of complex $600K semiconductor equipment. Monitored engineering changes for manual updates. Saved approximately $60,000 over a three month period by assuming extra duties and writing documentation for other tool sets. Became the training manager, wrote courseware, maintained course documents, and taught tool operation and service to customers. As field service engineer, initiated/complied with engineering changes to ensure customers had most up-to-date changes. Performed all aspects of building, repair, and installation of equipment. As production manager, supervised four manufacturing technicians and the purchasing manager. Planned all fiscal activities for the 2 department. Had profit/loss responsibilities. Designed layout of 8000 ft of vacant office space into Class 1000 cleanroom and offices and responsible for facilities management. Managed profit/loss and performed daily coordination with suppliers and customers to control costs by minimizing inventory while maintaining responsiveness to customer needs. Developed and wrote production test procedures in coordination with hardware/software engineers. Strategic and daily oversight of all operations, including personnel and materials scheduling, shipping, receiving, cost and inventory control, and documentation and training. Presented production plan and budget to senior management. Managed confidential personnel files. Determined production objectives, then developed and implemented personnel and production goals. Coordinated international shipments of completed units. Converted R&D infrastructure to production infrastructure, creating bills of material, and coordinating the entire supply chain, kitting process, production facility layout, and training of personnel, then performed technology transfer functions to factory in England. As the company grew, promoted to the world wide position, developing and coordinating customer service and applications training across ten product lines, ensuring training courseware, equipment, instructor qualifications, and facilities met industry standards and customer expectations. Selected for inclusion in International Who’s Who of Professionals.



Coordinated airlift of approximately 8000 pounds of dinosaur of bones from the Bisti Wilderness Area, NM using UH-60 helicopters from the NM Air National Guard. Served as liaison between museum and Guard personnel, coordinating dates, times, communication plan, and emergency procedures. On-site load coordinator for ensuring loads were properly configured for sling-load operations. L & M TECHNOLOGIES, ALBUQUERQUE, NM Process Engineer, Chemical Mechanical Planarization 1997-1998

Coordinated daily processing of semiconductor products and conducted research in the chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) area within the Microelectronics Development Lab at Sandia National Laboratories. Cleared for DOE L clearance. Monitored SPC charts and other data for tool/process problems and then coordinated corrective action. Qualified in wet etch and the handling of highly concentrated oxidizers and all inorganic acids at elevated temperatures. Wrote specs and developed training syllabus for the CMP area. Included in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering due to research efforts. INTEL CORP, RIO RANCHO, NM Manufacturing Technician, Shift Supervisor 1996-1997

Served on manufacturing strategic improvement team, discovering oversight in specifications pertaining to re-processing lots for rework overlooked by engineering team, saving $30K per week. Wrote guide for newcomers explaining lithographic equipment and processes. As shift supervisor, coordinated workloads of 45 people in the lithographic section and determined needs of other work areas. ALBUQUERQUE T-VI, ALBUQUERQUE, NM Student 1995-1996

Worked with others constructing a semiconductor cleanroom at T-VI. Experienced in the construction and operation of all cleanroom systems and many pieces of test equipment. HUGHES TRAINING, KIRTLAND AFB, NM Subject Matter Expert Nine month contract, worked with course designers and graphic artists to write computer lessons on aircraft hydraulic, electric, electronic, and pneumatic systems for an Air Force flight training program. UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Worldwide Airlift Operations Officer, 603 Airlift Control Squadron, Okinawa, Japan 1995


Managed the set up and control of airfields for military transportation of personnel and equipment. Determined manpower, equipment, and support requirements to establish a miniature city, solving communication, transportation, law enforcement, security, waste disposal, and personnel issues. Coordinated customer delivery requirements and scheduled aircraft, personnel, and equipment. Ensured host nation arrival, customs, and agriculture restrictions were complied with. Coordinated airfield use with host nation representatives. Ensured safety procedures were followed in an aviation environment for shipment and storage of liquid oxygen, aircraft fuel, missile propellants, and various classes of explosives. Established contracts and ensured foreign contractors complied with terms in delivering food, water, fuel, equipment, and billeting. Performed analysis of foreign airfields to support airlift operations; weight bearing capacity of runways and taxiways, fuel pumping capacity, hangar space, maintenance facilities and equipment, and air traffic control services. Set policies for all operations, and personal conduct for all personnel. Coordinated all activities between internal and external customers. Ensured classified information was suitably protected. Controlled all specialized activities such as aircraft loading/unloading, storage of explosives and liquid oxygen, secure communications, transportation, and security. Chief of Training, interim Squadron Commander, 71 Air Rescue Squadron, Patrick AFB, FL 1991-1992

Hand-picked initial cadre to establish new aircraft squadron. Cleared for DOD Top Secret. Coordinated with higher headquarters to determine equipment and aircraft requirements, established logistics for procurement and delivery. Assigned responsibilities to newly arriving personnel and established $175,000 equipment account. Coordinated local flying training area requirements with the host Air Force base and the Federal Aviation Administration. Established training facility complete with library, computer based instructional modules, and slide/tape self study lessons. Developed training program for pilots and supervised programs for four other crew positions, to include training plans, lesson materials, and aircraft missions. Director, Air Operations and Rescue Coordination Center in Kuwait 1992

Coordinated actions of allied forces to rescue downed aircrew members in Southern Iraq. Developed plans for Allied responses to Iraqi raids. Instructed Army and fighter forces of five nations as theater expert on combat rescue. Instructed four Kuwaiti officers in US combat rescue procedures and coordinated their exercise participation. Planned and directed actions of American, British, and Kuwaiti officers for successful exercise involving naval forces and over 30 aircraft. Developed and implemented plan to airlift Pakistani bomb disposal equipment to Kuwaiti island for mine clearing operations that was accepted by Pakistani, Kuwaiti, and American commands. Developed and wrote procedures for new flight notification system with French, British, United Nations Command, and Kuwaiti representatives which reduced incidents of firing on friendly helicopters by 90%. Regularly briefed three-star theater commander on operational issues. HC-130 Program Manager and Evaluator Pilot, 1550 Combat Crew Training Wing, Kirtland AFB, NM 1987-1991

Controlled multimillion dollar flight training program for 700 students annually in 15 courses teaching combat search and rescue, low level navigation, and inflight helicopter refueling procedures using night vision goggles. Redesigned training program for new equipment and requirements that was accepted by all users (Special Operations, National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and Rescue) and contractors; conversion completed in 9 months, normally a 2 year process. Trained 10% more students with 30% fewer aircraft while converting to new syllabus and coordinating two major aircraft modifications. Briefed numerous generals and Undersecretary of Defense on new program and equipment capabilities. Directed activities of National Guard, Air Force Reserve, Special Operations, and Rescue personnel to accomplish program objectives. Supervised arrival/graduation dates, deconflicted schedule with lunar cycle and other program manager requirements, and provided training schedule to Headquarters, U.S. Air Force for approval. Developed course documents, evaluated flying activities to compute manning, flying hour, and aircraft requirements for command approval. Determined manpower, aircraft, simulator, and equipment requirements, forwarded requests to Headquarters, Air Force; approved as requested. Wrote 110 lesson plans, 13 interactive computer based training modules, and student and instructor guides for new program. Directed system acquisition process including requirement definition, request for proposal preparation, source selection, contract negotiation, and test management for multimillion dollar training program. Reviewed contract proposals. Supervised four Air Force subject matter experts and worked with contractors' technical writers, human factor engineers, and program developers to define requirements for $8MM training contract. Managed development of lesson plans and examinations, supervised administrative duties including student training records and reports. Managed and conducted training of new academic instructors. Taught and developed training program for aircraft hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, electronic, inflight air refueling, and fuel systems, jet engines, aircraft structures, and fluid dynamics. Trained new instructors in the operation of a computer controlled $25 million simulator. Involved in testing and diagnostics of computer/ mechanical malfunctions. Developed plan for conversion of abandoned civilian runway to Air Force use at no cost to the government; coordinated use of airspace with the FAA and airfield manager, analyzed weight bearing capacity, obstruction clearance, and traffic flow requirements of adjoining runways and taxiways, and coordinated with a State agency for painting of markings. Wrote the following-- 1) Student and instructor guides for new program for low level navigation, inflight helicopter refueling, night vision goggles, and personnel and equipment delivery procedures, 2) training program for new computerized navigation training system incorporating new procedures and equipment, and 3) 13 interactive computer based instruction modules, to include one on combat rescue used by four nations in Desert Storm. Monitored aircraft engineering changes as they affected the training program. Instructor pilot, Flight Commander, and Chief of Tactics, 33 ARRS, Okinawa, Japan 1983-1987

Managed flying squadrons annual 2200 flight hour allocation, scheduled 23 pilots and navigators plus 7 aircraft for all squadron missions. Credited with 12 saves and 3 assists flying search and rescue missions. Taught Soviet threats and defense systems to squadron personnel. Planned 1K mile, comm out, overwater air refueling mission with three tankers and five helicopters. Senior squadron officer of 35 personnel for 58 days during military operations involving Russian nuclear missiles. Familiar with test operations, range safety considerations, and all other aspects of missile testing. C-130 Aircraft Commander, 41 Tactical Airlift Squadron, Pope AFB, NC 1980-1983

Coordinated 6 man crews and performed low/high level navigation and worldwide airlift missions. Qualified in airlift of nuclear weapons. Transported Presidential limousine on two separate occasions. Developed new aircraft configuration concept for 30% increase in passenger capability that was adopted as standard in Europe. Pilot training, Reese AFB, TX 1978-1980

MS, Systems Management - University of Southern California BS, Chemistry - Arizona State University AAS, Manufacturing Technology (Semiconductor Specialty) - Albuquerque T-VI