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Divorce Bill - 4³Haven¶t you read,´ he replied, ³that at the beginning the Creator µmade them male and

female,5 and said, µFor this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh¶6 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.´ This is a passage uttered from the book of Matthew 19:4-6. Family is another course of life where it has a big role on the community. Divorce is not the solution to the growing violence against women and children. Most divorce advocates gives emphasis on the growing children and women abuse. But I really do not see it as a solution for these problems. In fact it extends to the growing problem of immorality and problems such as unwanted pregnancies and sexually related diseases. These problems are a threat to women, children and even family. Simply because people were given the so-called choice and chance to change while the fact is, it is where the so-called ³rights´ is abused. It is where many people make use of the right and abuse it for their own self-centered selfish quest for happiness and will only bring them to the same situation again and again and again. That¶s why you will see people divorced not just once, nor twice, but multiple times. Divorce has huge negative effects to the following: 1.) biblical moral issues; 2.) cultural moral values; 3.) marriage 4.) Family; 5.) Children; 6.) Society. Even though many people say that we need to be open-minded for divorce, the giant fact is that there is nothing positive about divorce. It does not satisfy biblical standards, cultural values, help marriage, and promote family, build confidence for the children, and help people economically. It gives a wider path to domestic problems. This right has proven to be easily abused. And we are not actually giving people a solution to their problems, but a chance to repeat the same mistakes. For example, there is an abusive husband who has been divorced by his wife. This husband will just look for another woman to abuse. While the woman if she¶s the one having some problems, she will just look for another guy and if things will not get well, all she has to do is to apply again for divorce. It gives a wider path for immorality and marital infidelity. Immorality. I guess this is not so much ³in´ nowadays. It¶s something that most people don¶t want to talk about except those that are of the religious sectors and religious people. I hate to say this but the Philippines have a steep moral degradation and that is why most of these divorce proponents put forward a silly solutions for various problems. Solutions and Implications: 1. Fear of God and teach morality ± if we have the fear of God and we understand what morality means, then we understand the real answer to the growing problems related to violence against women and children. 2. Divorce is definitely not a true medicine and solution to the growing domestic problems. I see it just like an illegal drug which may have a little benefit of easing the pain of the patient. But in most cases, it is an addictive medicine that can kill and destroy lives and relationships.