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WGM-201 Generator Advanced Waveform

PC-Hosted Multi-Function Waveform PWM and Pattern Generator with Counter
Syscomp Electronic Design’s WGM-201 Advanced Waveform Generator is a PC-based instrument with powerful features. It combines a standard function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, pattern generator, counter, and pulse-width modulation signal generator in one pocket-sized package, powered entirely from a single USB port. All functions can be controlled from a computer running the Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems, using our open-source software. The WGM-201 o ers a wide frequency range, from 0.1Hz to 10MHz in one sweep eliminating the need for range selection or mechanical controls. The fully documented command set is also compatible with MATLAB, LabVIEW and virtually any programming language.


Key Features  Portable, completely USB powered  Standard and arbitrary waveforms  Precise digital frequency resolution to 1/8 Hz 1  Wide frequency range from 0.03Hz to 10 MHz  Independent hardware amplitude and o set Compatibility  Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7  Linux  Mac OS X Typical Applications  General purpose electronics test  Audio measurement  Biomedical signal generation  Mechanical vibration analysis

Arbitrary Waveform Output

64MB RAM.10MHz1 0. Counter External Trigger (3-5V). Noise 8-Bit Vertical Resolution (256 Time Points) Counter Input Input Voltage Input Trigger Level Counter Depth Counter Modes +/-10V +/-10V 31 Bits Event. Triggered. Manual Trigger 1. Power PC or Intel Contact Us Syscomp Electronic Design Ltd. syscomp-support@magma.5" x 1" (246 x 138 x 40mm) Pulse Outputs Number of Pulse Channels Duty Cycle Resolution Output Frequency Range Frequency Resolution Output Amplitude 2 8-Bits (0. Square Triangle. other waveforms 3MHz System Requirements Pentium 233MHz. Sawtooth.4 or Higher. X Windows Mac OS X 10.4 Kernel or Higher.syscompdesign. 30MB HDD Space Minimum 1025x768 Screen Resolution One USB Port Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Linux with 2.03125 Hz 10-bit (Max Time Points: 1024) 5V 8 Bits Pattern Generator Output Frequency Range Frequency Resolution Horizontal Resolution Output Amplitude Output Width Trigger Trigger Outputs Trigger Inputs Waveform. Tone Burst Configurable (16-bit On/Off Counters) 8-Bits (Independent of Amplitude) Hardware Hardware +/-10V 150 Ω Sine. Frequency (50ppm) 10 MHz Maximum Bit Toggle Rate 0.4%) 0-100kHz 0. Canada M4K 1J1 (647) 839-0325 www. Ontario. Pattern.03125 Hz 130 MS/s Free .25" x 55 Grandview Avenue Toronto.03125 Hz 5V Arbitrary Function Generator Output Frequency Range Frequency Resolution Sampling Rate Operating Modes Triggered Cycle Output Vertical Resolution Amplitude Control Offset Control Ouput Range Output Impedance Standard Waveforms Arbitrary Waveforms 0 .WGM-201 Generator Advanced Waveform What’s Included WGM-201 USB Waveform Generator USB Cable Installation CD Drivers Source Code Manual General Specifications Interface Power Supply Dimensions 1 USB Port USB Bus Powered 6. Maximum sine wave output 10 MHz.