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Bethesda– Chevy Chase Composite Squadron

Winter Break Edition, January 26, 2012

Official Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 2

Inside this Issue:
Message from the Outgoing Squadron Commander: Maj Michael Crockett Message from the New Squadron Commander: 1st Lt John Acevedo Cadet Commander’s Quarterly Remarks “My Experience at Wreaths Across America” B-CC Celebrates Holidays with a Winter Banquet Picture the Quarter! Special Announcements An Interview with the Honor Cadet Promotions Let’s Ask the Cadet!
Squadron Commander: 1st Lt John Acevedo, CAP Deputy Commander for Cadets: Maj Emily Hudson, CAP Deputy Commander for Seniors: Capt Indrani Dial-Maraj, CAP Cadet Commander: C/Capt Catrina Johnson, CAP Public Affairs Staff: C/CMSgt Matthew Walters, CAP C/SMSgt William Santos, CAP Public Affairs Senior Advisor: Capt Guillford Queen, CAP

Bethesda-Chevy Case Composite Squadron Wins Many Awards At MD Wing Banquet
Copy right Capt Guilford Queen, CAP

11/30/2011– ELLICOT CITY, MD–Spirits were


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high among B-CC participants, at the 2011 Maryland Wing Conference, when the assembled main luncheon and then dinner participants learned that they earned five prestigious CAP awards for 2011. Twenty B-CC senior members and cadets joined 200 Civil Air Patrol members from around the state for the annual Wing Conference. Additionally, Maryland Wing was selected as the recipient of the 2011 Civil Air Patrol Disaster Relief Award for the Middle East Region, received at the National Conference in Louisville, Ky. This award is presented for excellence and outstanding achievement in disaster relief. The conference was held over Veteran’s Day weekend at the Turf Valley Resort and Conference Center in Ellicott City, Md. Major Michael Crockett, B-CC Commander, also proudly proclaimed and wrote; “This year saw a few new awards, one for each of CAP's three missions, all of which were named after prominent figures in Maryland Wing history. You will be glad to know that the Emergency Services award was named in honor of Major Bill Hicks. While that award went to the Arundel Squadron, B-CC did receive the Cadet Programs mission award named after Col Lawrence Trick, the first Maryland Wing

Commander to have previously been a cadet.” Our Cadet Commander, C/Capt Catrina Johnson was presented with an award for helping to implement a new program at the wing level. She was also selected as the Maryland Wing Cadet Junior Officer of the year. B-CC also took home several other awards. Our testing officer, Capt Marc Sheinberg was named testing officer of the year. The weekend began on Friday evening with a cadet ball, providing an evening of music, dancing, and fun as cadets from all over the Wing danced the night away. Cadet A1C Alexandra Donahoe said “Both dances were lots of fun and I met new people from other squadrons...
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Message from the Outgoing Squadron Commander
Maj Michael Crockett, CAP


t's hard for me to believe that my time as the Com-

mander at B-CC is already over. The past two and a half years have been some of the most rewarding years of my life. That experience would not have been possible without the incredible efforts of every member of this great squadron. Let's take a look back at some of the things that we have accomplished. As a squadron, we were twice selected as the Group 1 Squadron of the year. This year, we were additionally selected as the Maryland Wing Squadron of the Year. In 2010 we were selected as the Maryland Wing Squadron of Merit.

Our individual members have been recognized as some of the top individuals as well. Capt Marc Sheinberg was things with Lt Acevedo as the commander. twice selected as the Maryland Wing Testing Officer of Semper Vigilans! the year. Lt Col Steve Foster and Capt John Roberts were selected as the Maryland Wing Character Development and Logistics Officers of the year respectively. CaThe B-CC Squadron would like to thank Madet Captains Victor Santos and Catrina Johnson were jor Crockett for all the work he has done. both selected as the Maryland Wing Junior Officer of the We wish him the best of luck in future enyear. deavors. Our cadets have shown that they are truly among the top cadets in the nation. On top of multiple Mitchell and Earhart awards, in 2011 we had 3 cadets receive the Ira C. Eaker award and 2 receive the coveted Gen. Carl A. Spaatz award. That's more than some wings get in a year! Our senior staff have been doing a number of wonderful things as well. One of the most impressive has been the program that Capt Queen has started at Wheaton High School. By partnering with them, he and his team have truly given the students there an educational opportunity that is invaluable. I could go on and on about the great things that go on at B-CC each and every day. Doing great things has been the B-CC way since it was founded on April 12, 1965. I know that B-CC will continue to do great

Maj Crockett was named Squadron Commander of the year at the 2011 MD Wing Banquet. He was a former B-CC Cadet Commander! Maj Crockett has previously served as Commandant of Cadets at the 2010 TriWing Encampment and will serve as the Vice Commander for 2012. He is currently the Group 1 Deputy Commander.


Photo Courtesy of Capt Guilford Queen, CAP

Message from the New Squadron Commander
1st Lt John Acevedo, CAP
Photo Credit: C/CMSgt Ann Marie Acevedo, CAP

The following speech was presented by 1st Lt John Acevedo at the B-CC Winter Banquet on the 22nd of December, 2011. This was his first address to the squadron as commander.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Today I take my first steps as commander of one of the largest Civil Air Patrol (CAP) squadrons in the country. B-CC is a squadron with an illustrious past and with many, many very impressive accomplishments as recently as this year. Most notable is having received the award as 2011 Squadron of the Year for Maryland Wing. Taking over such an organization required considerable thought and meditation on my part. I started my consideration by first taking mental inventory of my own capabilities. I have been in operational management for over 22 years. I have direct training experience and hold the designation as Master Trainer along with a BA and MBA. I have managed operations across the entire continent and have done so very successfully. These tools would be of value to the squadron and to the cadets. These accomplishments would however, not be enough to make me a good choice for commander of this squadron for I have just a few years of experience as a member of CAP and I know that a good commander needs to be very knowledgeable in all the areas of the Civil Air Patrol. I then took mental inventory of the operational strengths of the squadron, finding a deeply engrained culture of cooperation and team work. I saw clearly unidentified positions and each with defined job descriptions. I lastly took a mental inventory of the most important element I would be working with, the people. I found

in the senior staff; a great resource in every area of specialty I would need. I found emergency services experts, aerospace education experts, cadet programs experts, and most importantly, I found a great many people, all of whom are devoted to the principles of the Civil Air Patrol. I will so very much need their help. I found a fine group of young cadets that day in and out show their willingness to learn and grow in the core values we are in such need of in today’s society. Only after reviewing, this solid foundation of excellence and this inventory of people and tradition, did I accept to serve as commander. I accept command with the humility of knowing that I don’t have all the answers. I count on all elements of the squadron for support and continued professional performance. I call upon all of you to assist me in keeping with the tradition of excellence and outstanding accomplishments that have defined this proud squadron for so many years. More importantly I ask that each one of you keep your focus on the cadets and their needs, for


it is with them that the Civil Air Patrol is truly unmatched as an organization for the education our countries leaders of tomorrow. It has been a pleasure and an honor serving under Major Crocket. I am sure he will continue to serve the Civil Air Patrol in many other positions. We wish him well and thank him for his time served and job well done.
- Make sure you add all new information to your memory work. - All CAPF 60’s should be replaced with the new squadron commander’s information. Should you need the information, please contact your flight staff. - Get all your updated memory work on the Public Affairs Blog at

C/Capt Catrina Johnson, CAP
Photo Credit: C/CMSgt Matthew Walters, CAP

Hello everyone! The last quarter of 2011 was amazing for B-CC and I am so proud and thankful for all the time and effort everyone put in to make 2011 a successful year. At the Maryland Wing Conference our squadron took home numerous awards recognizing the squadron as a whole and individual members. 2011 Squadron of the Year. This award is one of the most coveted awards in the wing, one that we strived to attain each year, and certainly one that we can be proud of. Another award that I am particularly proud of is the Col Lawrence Trick Cadet Program of the Year Award for B-CC. Being one of the largest squadrons in the nation requires an immense amount of support from senior members, parents, and cadets. This award truly embodies all the hard work put in over the years to achieve this goal of developing an outstanding cadet program.

for cadets. Staff Selection Weekend will also be held in February for encampment. On February 11, the Maryland Wing Cadet Competition will be held, and our very own color guard will be competing for the title, Maryland Wing Color Guard. I encourage everyone to participate as much as they can.

In the near future, we have quite a few major activities Semper Vigilans! going on in the squadron. January is the kick-off for Emergency Services training, and the deadline for NCSAs, 2012 Tri-Wing Encampment Staff, and scholarship applications. In February, we have the MDWG Professional Development Academy, which includes the Squadron Operations and Administration Retreat


Encampment is a week long “boot camp” for CAP cadets. All encampments are structured similarly to Air Force Encampments designed to physically and mentally challenge cadets. By the end of the week, they will have learned the skills and benefits of working with one another, discipline, respect for authority and each other, CAP history, relationship of CAP– USAF, and overcoming their fears. For more information or to apply, visit Date of Encampment: 6-15 July, 2012 Location: Camp Fretterd, Reisterstown, MD

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I was particularly impressed with how much flying St Mary’s Squadron provides its cadets. I hope we can do more of that at B-CC.” Cadet A1C Taher Taher said “The cadet dances were good. I was also interested in all the special activities opened to cadets as you move along in rank. The Wing conference was definitely worth attending.”

The evening culminated in the presentation of a number of awards by Col. Knowles, Maryland Wing Commander, to deserving members. Group Commanders joined Col Knowles in presenting their choices for Group squadron of the year awards. Squadron guidons were presented as the Group Commander tied on the award streamer for the units.

Lt Col Bruce Drury named the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Former B-CC Squadron member Lt Col John Reutemann Composite Squadron as the Group I Squadron of the Year. was awarded the Paul Garber Award, CAP’s Level IV award in the professional development program. The Bethesda-Chevy Chase Composite Squadron was also named Squadron of the Year for the Wing by Col. Knowles. Following an afternoon of training sessions, members and friends joined together for the annual Maryland Wing ban- Maj. Michael Crockett, who commanded the squadron, quet, preceded by the Commander’s Reception, hosted by was named Squadron Commander of the Year. Col. John Knowles, Maryland Wing commander.

Taken From

My Experience at Wreaths Across America
By: C/SrA Alexandra Donahoe, CAP

December 16, 2011Chelteham Cemetery, MD– I went with 1st Lt
John Acevedo and six other cadets to this year’s Wreaths Across America at the Chelteham Cemetery. We all met at Montgomery Airpark and drove an hour to the Cemetery near Joint Base Andrews. Once we got to Cheltenham Cemetery, the ceremony began and a revolutionary war color guard presented the colors. As the Color Guard marched in, we all saluted while in a flight headed by C/SrA Nolan McEleney. C/CMSgt Shivacharan then presented the Air Force wreath and laid it on the wreath stand. After a representative of each of the branches of the military laid a wreath on a wreath stand, we fell out of formation and walked to the other side of the administration building where we began to lay wreaths, the ones bought from cadets in the squadron, on graves of veterans and their families buried there. Freezing in the cold, we laid the wreaths and were sure to walk along the rows between the graves and headstones as the graveyard rules say. Led by C/CMSgt Shivacharan, we marched in a single-file line down the row of graves with each of us carrying one wreath. As we placed the wreath on the grave, we would read aloud the person's name who's grave it was. We presented arms and held it for about 20 seconds, then walked back to the end of the grave row and did the same thing for as many graves as we could until we ran out of wreaths. For one row, we weren't able to lay wreaths on all of the graves because we had ran out half way through. To me at least, it was sort of a let down that we left the row unfinished. After this, we drove back to the air park. I chose to go to this activity because I thought it was a good

From Left to Right– C/A1C Henry Toro, C/CMSgt Manju Shivacharan, Maj Thomas Vineer, C/A1C Monica McEleney, C/Amn Jessica McNeace, C/SrA Alexandra Donahoe, 1st lt John Acevedo, and C/SrA Nolan McEleney

way to honor veterans of our military. This experience meant something to me because I learned about another way how CAP works with other military-related organizations. I would definitely recommend this activity to another cadet!

C/Amn Nicholas Dorsett For selling the most wreaths in the squadron!

B-CC Celebrates the Holiday Season with a Change of Command and Winter Banquet

Written By: Capt Guillford Queen, CAP 12/22/2011-

mand of B-CC from the outgoing commander, Maj Michael Crockett, at the Golden Bull Grande Cafe.

The ceremony was attended by dignitaries, including, CAP Gaithersburg, MD- The Bethesda-Chevy Chase (B- National Chief of Staff - Col Russell Chazell his wife Lt Col CC) Composite Squadron punctuated a productive and very Janeen Chazell (CAP Maryland Wing Drug Demand Reduction Education Outreach Coordinator) and Col John busy year with a Squadron winter banquet. Over 100 Knowles Maryland Wing Commander. Maj Crockett’s parsquadron members, B-CC alumni, parents, and honored ents were also in attendance, as the Squadron bid farewell guests assembled for food, fellowship and holiday cheer. to the outgoing commander and welcomed the new one. 1st st Lt John Acevedo assumed comDuring the celebration 1

Lt Acevedo, a cadet programs officer, assumes this command after several years of intensive work with B-CC cadets and ground teams. 1st Lt Acevedo comes to B-CC from Twin Pine Composite Squadron located in Trenton, N.J. He is entering his command during a time of great vibrancy and complex programming challenges in the Squadron.

He then began the formal ceremony with, “One of the oldest ceremonies in the American military is the change of command ceremony. Its purpose is to provide a physical demonstration of the power of command, the responsibility of command, and to formalize its change. It is a ceremony time-honored to recognize the change of command and the change of leadership,” said C/Col O’Brien. The orders were Maj Crockett, a logistics officer, has served with B-CC, as read and Cadet Capt Catrina Johnson advance to the head both a cadet and officer, in every major position possible. table acting as the guideon bearer. Numerous awards and As the outgoing commander, Maj Crockett is looking forpromotions were presented during the ceremonial portion ward to advancing to the position of Deputy Commander of the dinner recognizing the hard work of officers and cafor Group1 within Maryland Wing of Civil Air Patrol. Dur- dets alike (see picture section for presentation details on ing the awards ceremony Maj Crockett was presented The page 8). As the ceremony ended, the assembled party deCommanders Commendation award which exemplifies the parted with the knowledge that new missions will continue CAP tradition of excellence. Maj Crockett’s award was for to arise and give way to new challenges. The Air Force style service to both the Squadron and Maryland Wing. customs and traditions exemplified in the ceremony and The Master of Ceremonies, C/Col Todd O’Brien opened the events surrounding it, served as proof that the Civil Air Padinner with the presentation of colors, toasts to our chain trol can do spirit and commitment to excellence continues of command, and an introduction of principal participants. in a long unbroken chain.

The B-CC Winter Banquet Head Table members were headed by (From Left to Right) C/Capt Catrina Johnson, Cadet Commander, Lt Col Bruce Drury, MD Wing Group 1 Commander, 1st Lt John Acevedo, Incoming B-CC Commander, Maj Michael Crockett, Outgoing B-CC Commander, Maj Emily Hudson, B-CC Deputy Commander for Cadets, Maj Colin Carmello, Advisor to the B-CC Commander, C/Col Todd O'Brien, Master of Ceremonies and Basic Training Tactical Officer.

Photos Courtesy of Capt Guilford Queen, CAP


Take a look at what the squadron did during these past three months!


Yearly Dues and Fundraising
I hope everyone had a safe and great Holiday Season. Now that we have rung in the New Year it’s time to think about squadron dues. If you have been a senior member or cadet in the squadron for longer than a year you owe squadron dues in the amount of $25.00. I understand that these are hard times so if squadron dues are a hardship for anyone please come and see me for a waiver. This is also the time of year that I have to fill out and turn in the paper work to get a grant for our meeting space. Like I said above these are hard times not only for us as individuals but also Montgomery County. With the County’s budget being cut there is a good chance that we could be denied the grant we have enjoyed for the last three or four years. What this means is a yearly rental fee in the excess of $2,000.00. With this fee hanging over our heads it is imperative that we have a substantial balance in our squadron bank account. That is why squadron dues and fundraising are so important. The Wreath Across America fundraising project got off to a slow start but finished up very well with cadets and senior members selling 160 plus wreaths. Capt. Queen is working on getting the squadron in the Combined Federal Campaign for 2013. Great work Capt. Queen! But we have to get more involved in fundraising, so if anyone has any ideas for fundraising projects, let me know. -

Cadet Protection Policy Training (CPPT)

Members who are 17 years of age or older and have not taken CPPT yet need to start their training. Those who fail to take the CPPT will not be alron meetings. You must log on to eServices -> Cadet Protection, read the policy, take the pre-test,

print, and bring to the next squadron meeting to review answers with a senior member. If to do anything, please contact Lt Col McEleney at

lowed to come to ANY CAP activity including squad- you have any questions on how

Update your CAP Form 60 (Safety Information)
As we welcome our new squadron commander, please make sure you update your CAPF 60 with his correct information. ALL members are required to have this present on ANY CAP activity. Failure to provide a CAPF 60 would result in removal of the activity.

An Interview with the Honor Cadet:
C/SSgt Betsy Tang, CAP

Written By:

C/SMSgt William Santos, CAP Public Affairs Staff Writer

The Bethesda– Chevy Chase Composite is proud of the performance cadets give each meeting. The cadet command staff recognizes one cadet each month who exceeds excellence and gives them the privilege of holding the squadron guide-on and forming up with the command staff. This cadet is called an “Honor Cadet” and is an example of what a cadet should strive to be. Congratulations to the past and present Honor Cadets.

Photo Credit: C/SMSgt William Santos, CAP

the military or fly a plane. I don't think you can trust me with the ability of flying a plane. I can’t even fly a remote controlled one!”

What does being Honor Cadet mean to you?
“Being honor cadet to me means that I achieved some level of skill in leadership and character. It also means that I am making improvements. ”

What school do you go to and when do you graduate?
“I currently go to Poolesville High School for the science, math, and computer science program. I'm going to graduate in 2015...well, that’s if everything goes according to plan.”
Honor Cadet Cr ite ria:

Why did you join Civil Air Patrol?
“At first glance I thought that the uniforms were really cool. Then after I heard more about CAP, I began to think it was a beneficial program to the community.”

     

d on etings regularly an Attends squadron me time Attends at least 1 CA P related activity g character and memory

Why are you proud to be in Civil Air Patrol?
“I’m proud because I can realize what leadership and community service is on the highest extent and in first hand.”

din Cadet is of outstan

What do you want to do when you grow up?
“I would rather become a surgeon or a chemist than serve in

, drill, Outstanding uniform work d Goes beyond self an t Shows improvemen

helps other cadets nts between achieveme

As of 26 January, 2012

Alpha Flight:
Guide-On Ribbon Check-

MD– 071

Bravo Flight:
Guide-On Ribbon Check-

MD– 071

Honor Flight Ribbon Academic Ribbon Inspection Ribbon Drill Ribbon

Honor Flight Ribbon Academic Ribbon Inspection Ribbon Drill Ribbon

Squadron Promotions
October: C/CMSgt Ann Marie Acevedo C/A1C Alexandra Donahoe C/SMSgt Josh Drucker C/Amn Jessica McNeace C/SSgt Betsy Tang

Congratulations to the following cadets: December: C/CMSgt Matthew Walters * (Armstrong ) C/SrA Alexandra Donahoe C/SrA Taher Taher C/MSgt Grant Wasden C/Amn Asa Schuaffler

November: C/Amn Julia Hoyos C/Amn Dor Lachovizer C/ SrA Nolan McEleney C/ Amn Henry Shu C/Amn Tony Shu C/ Amn Sheng Po Yang

Want to know what they’re thinking? We asked the staff and cadets this quarter the following questions:
What was your best encampment experience? “Having the opportunity not just to lead cadets but to work and lead with cadet staff at the 2011 Tri-Wing Encampment. Just making connections with the cadet staff builds and improves foundation of friendship.” - C/CMSgt Heber Deus (Staff) “Working with the wonderful ladies of Squadron 4 at this past encampment. There is such a ridiculous amounts of fun and work we pulled together.” - C/Capt Catrina Johnson (Staff) “ I just thought I would like to answer this question underneath the previous answer ( I’m in Pubic Affairs) because it reminded me of all the competition I enjoyed and occurred at the 2011 Tri-Wing Encampment. Squadron 2 was the best squadron of all because we got overall “Honor Squadron” of the week and I am proud to have worked with such a great team of cadets.” - C/CMSgt Matthew Walters (Staff) What is your favorite manual? Why? “The cadet drill manual because drill is a fun thing to do and it brings teamwork.” - C/A1C Taher Taher (Bravo)

Doesn’t expecting the unexpected make the unexpected become the expected? “Yes.” - C/CMSgt Manju Shivacharan (Staff) “ Yes! That’s the point of expecting the unexpected isn’t it? But if you don’t know what the unexpected is, how can you expect it?” - C/SrA Alexandra Donahoe (Alpha) “ I have a question… why does things have to be so complicated?” - C/Amn “Unknown” (Bravo)


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