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Your Zodiac Sign Compatibility Guide  



This is your celestial guide to love and relationships. Written for the Zodiac sign Aries, this book is designed to give you a solid understanding of how you relate to the other signs. The information contained herein contains secrets of astrology that have never been revealed outside professional circles. Now it is up to you to enjoy and utilize what was once known only by kings and queens.  




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Your Zodiac Sign Compatibility Guide Introduction
Your personal guide to compatibility and love with all twelve signs of the Zodiac…

It’s said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but when it comes to some aspects of life, especially the love-life, a little knowledge of Astrology can be very helpful. It's no wonder that despite our amazing developments in science and technology, the ancient craft of understanding the language of the stars still is practiced and used by millions around the globe. Astrology is still used for the selection of marriage partners in some parts of the world, India being a prime example. Very traditional families there choose mates for their children, and astrological compatibility is one of the main criteria for that choice. Most young people in India today, however, seek mates of their own choosing, and make their choices based on who they are attracted to. But does that mean Astrology is invalid in modern love-relationships? I think not! Tides of romance flow with the stars throughout the world, and interestingly enough, modern, popular Indian Astrology magazines devote a good number of pages to horoscope matching.


A little bit of history…
In very ancient times, Astrology was only used for determining the fortunes of the king and the nation: personal horoscopes were virtually unknown. There was no special emphasis given to the Astrological month, or Sun-Sign, that we are used to working with today. In ancient Alexandria, around 300 BC, a revolution in Astrology began. Greek, Egyptian, Indian and Babylonian scholars developed the 12-sign Zodiac and the type of Astrology that we know today. They basically took the methods that were used to discover important omens that would affect the nation,

The Zodiac


That would be like having a separate brush for every shade of every color. and basically unknown outside the Church and its institutions. British almanac-makers thought up the idea of just writing about the Zodiac signs at some point much later. weather and that sort of thing. and easier to figure out how to avoid similar events in the future. you’re starting out with an advantage. which is a good idea of what you have in common with others and what you don’t. and more people began to read. and invented the form of popular Astrology we know and love to make their almanacs even more popular. dislikes and major motivations of an individual. and a whole new style of Astrology evolved. if you did not have an accurate birth time. Try to paint a picture under those conditions. however.and adapted them to find important omens for folks like you and me. Armed with this information. give us a kind of general view of the likes. Most people were unsure of the day they were born. they began to change their way of looking at horoscopes. you were out of luck. and those brushes would only be available on certain days. For many centuries. Astrology was a major component of the almanac. The Zodiac signs. As scholarly astrologers caught on. Starting from there. As timekeeping improved. which was welcomed in both the visible and invisible worlds. and the calendar systems were confusing at best. So aren’t we lucky – from a way to make up for missing birth data and selling a few extra almanacs. it will be a little easier to explain why things went the way they did in the past.         . we now have a complete method of Zodiacal Astrology! This is something that is so important for the love-life because a problem too many astrologers have is that they spend too much time looking at the trees to see the beauty of the forest. tides. the Almanac became very popular. Horoscope charts have so many details that it is impossible to find someone who matches them all. but was used to calculate planting.

eating one anyway. The sign itself has many small divisions of varying size and quality. but some years the signs might be a day off from their calendar date because of astronomical stuff. As to whether or not that's true is another story. Some people talk about a condition called “on the cusp” that says if you are born within 5 days of the signs changing. you have some characteristics of both signs. so don’t believe all the stories you hear about cusps. If your birthday falls on one of the dates below. This is because all you really need to know is your birthday. Many people identify with their Moon sign more than the Sun sign. Planets that are Astrologically close to the Sun. What’s Your Sign? Birthday Table   . time zones and other things that you probably aren't interested in. if you fall right on one of the dates in the table. use an online service that makes Horoscopes to find out which sign you are actually in. Aries begins on the first day of Spring every year. retrogrades and other phenomena.How do I know my sign? Finding your Zodiac sign is as easy as pie – well. to find out exactly which sign you were born in. but once again. Aries – March 20th Taurus – April 19th Gemini – May 20th Cancer – June 21st Leo – July 22nd Virgo – August 22nd Libra – September 22nd Scorpio – October 23rd Sagittarius – November 22nd Capricorn – December 21st Aquarius – January 20th Pisces – February 18th This sign list should be accurate for most of the 20th and early 21st century. it is easy. these days. such as Mercury and Venus could be in an adjacent sign and that may cause a person to identify more with a sign other than the Sun or birthday sign.

one of the most important thing to know in order to analyze the horoscope properly was whether or not the person was born by day or night. Gemini. are positioned so that they form equilateral triangles. when the topic of conversation turns to Astrology.A bit about the Zodiac signs. The hard-working Earth Signs are Taurus. Fire Signs tend to be more impulsive. Scorpio and Pisces are the Water Signs. which later became known as the 4 elements. because this told the astrologer Meet The Twelve Signs   . Virgo and Capricorn. These Trigons.. (and sometimes when it doesn’t) there are those who may try to impress you with their knowledge of the subject. bold and more demanding than the other signs. If you stop to read these couple of paragraphs carefully. Air Signs are the most socially-oriented signs. adventurous. Aries. Once in a while. and are known for their quick wit and easygoing nature. your baloney meter will be charged up and ready to go. when seen on the Zodiac wheel. Leo and Sagittarius are the Fire Signs.. The first of these is called the Trigons or Triplicities. and no one will be able to con you with junk information again. Let me give you a little hint: there are many more people that don’t know what they are talking about than those who do when it comes to any metaphysical subject. Water Signs are more emotional than the others. They are empathetic and can be quite entertaining. Cancer. Many a fast talker has captured the attention of a curious listener with completely false information. Libra and Aquarius belong to this Trigon. How could you possibly trust someone who would attempt to pass off whatever sounds “good” as the truth of something as old as Astrology? The Zodiac Signs are arranged in two major groups. In ancient Astrology. Earth Signs tend to be more practical. reliable and stable than other signs.

The other important set of ancient sign-groups was the Quadratures. but they were based on the recognition of the yearly phenomena of the Sun that we call the 4 seasons and one of the most important structures of ancient and esoteric Horoscopes. Sagittarius and Pisces form this group. Gemini. These did not become as well known as the 4 elements of popular Astrology. but recently revived by careful translations who are practitioners of the craft instead of uninterested historians. Almost any book you read about Astrology and relationships bases the compatibility rules solely on the Greek methods of dividing up the Zodiac in order to fit their geometric schemes. The Olden Rules   . but they were quite obsessed with geometry. and get things moving. Libra and Capricorn. Cancer. There are many other types of relationships within the Zodiac signs. having the nature of both the other groups. Leo. The signs of this group are Aries. and therefore which of the planets would act as the main indicators of one's destiny. Common or Dual Signs are the most adaptable. Scorpio and Aquarius are the Fixed Signs. Taurus. Fixed Signs are the most stable. Virgo. and settle things down. these two groupings are the most important. but they weren’t doing it to create methods of determining chart compatibility.which of the Trigons. This was a method that was lost for some time. or force changes. Cardinal Signs are the most dynamic. It's all about geometry – or is it? The Greek authors were not only prolific writers and our best source of ancient Astrological lore. What they were doing was brilliant. or organize them. which have many purposes. or signs that marked off cardinal points from one another. maintain them. But for your easy guide to compatibility.

You should be ready to spot the flaws in some of this already. If we look at any common Astrology guide. OK. but their Trigons will overlap. but good planets here can be favorable for the career of an Aries – this can get very frustrating. In the common system. because using Aries as an example. Fire and Earth are considered incompatible. The hexagonal relations are created by superimposing two opposing Trigons. yet in the real world. which is supposed to be difficult. It also means that these contradictory and unrealistic ideas need to be tossed – it's time for some new rules.They divided the circle of Zodiac signs by way of diameter (cutting it in half). yet they are diametrically opposed to one another. In fact. as are Water and Earth signs. those opposite one another. The Trigons were. two of the signs. Take for example Cancer and Capricorn – they are opposite one another. it is often the Gemini that helps the Virgo’s career. Aries and Libra are considered compatible. and Capricorn is “Squared” to Aries. as mentioned above. The diametrical signs were. of course. well what does this all mean? It used to be believed that the triangle was “good” compared to the “square”. Does this mean that Astrology is bogus? Hardly! It means that way too many pages of nonsense were printed by people who didn't have the experience to find out what compatibility is all about. Fire and Air signs are said to be compatible with one another. making them part of a hexagon. Taurus and Virgo. people of these two signs seem to get along famously. signs that formed even-sided triangles. supposedly a good configuration. which is supposed to be bad luck relationship-wise. Trigon (dividing the circle by three). are not in one of the above mentioned geometric relationships.   . Virgo and Gemini should not get along according to the everyday method of chart matching. The tetragonal signs all belong to the same Quadrature. tetragonally (dividing by four) and hexagon (division by six).

people thought of geometry as being more perfect somehow and closer to God than the human soul itself. Above all. green field of happiness. What I will do next is take you on a trip around the Zodiac and talk about how you relate to each of the signs. you’ll fall for anything. and turn what can be a minefield of unwanted problems into a fresh. and make sure to play the Astrology games at the end. fast-paced Astrological relationship advice on the rules made up by 17th century almanac printers miscopying ideas from ancient textbooks. the iPod and international jet travel... joy and love.  Forget the math – it’s all about people! New rules – that's what it's all about. Once you have them figured out. Today we have the Internet. In the old days. Now you know something about the “urban legends” that have resulted from these mistakes. but are still trying to base modern. so that you can learn about what turns them on or off: what they are drawn to and what they run from. Read your sign first. you’ll have some new rules and new tools in place that may help you get a much clearer understanding of others. The New Rules Have Fun!! Blessed Be…           . and the lines of baloney that people use on the assumption that if you fall for this.

We often say that Gemini people do and say everything in twos. word playing silliness of Gemini is in a class of its own. and. It should be mentioned that the youth-orientation of your sign is not so much focused on age as it is on freshness. or. many of the people involved in children's TV and movie entertainment are born under this sign. Just think of how many comedians used to come in pairs! Today. in truth. The “double nature” of the sign does not mean that you have a multiple personality. one a boxer. Whereas many of the other signs have many humorists in their ranks. When most people start talking about the “good old days” you are likely to start thinking about millions dying from the lack of basic sanitation. We inquire about Geminis with statements like: “how are they”. or other simple things we take for granted in these modern times. and the core feeling of Gemini is one of enthusiasm and youthfulness. the other a musician. this constellational representation is what Gemini is like – they are skilled with words and music. many of the children of this constellation never really grow up. or the washing of hands. Depicted as celestial twins.About Your Sign. All those expressions about being as “old as you feel” and “young at heart” are all Gemini-like expressions... because it is often this Gemini energy that inspires a good deal of the fun that we have. the childfriendly. Â Gemini is the first of the dual signs of the Zodiac. and often the willing participant in astrological humor. being one of the most fun-loving signs of the Zodiac. spontaneity and forward thinking. and with their hands. Gemini is known for its gift of gab. it means that you always have an option   . That's OK though. “do you know both of them?” But Gemini does not seem to mind.

This way. crew or “crowd” than alone. Gemini people usually enjoy exhibiting some skill or another. because of its role in the old mythologies. You have a flexibility that is nothing short of amazing. All you can do about their attempts to get inside your head is to keep one step ahead of them and hope they get over it as quickly as you do. Gemini. who makes a trip around the Sun about every 88 of our days. it is your attitude about money. you enjoy activities in which they interact with others. rather than something you’re responsible for. and are able to analyze and adapt quickly to situations when they arise.and can recognize it when it’s needed. If there is anything you need to get control over. it is not your personality. When this happens. Both of these characteristics are seen in your sign. to take a little time off to be   . It is a good thing. these periodic retreats are necessary for you. you can have someone to be responsible with. Mercury is sometimes called the trickster. famous or not are born under your sign. despite the mentally acute and socially adept image. many musicians. Gemini’s planet is the swift Mercury. One thing about Gemini few people know is that Gemini. This is the reason that we have the Mercury Retrograde phenomena several times a year. you may withdraw for a psychic recharge. and these qualities give some fuel to that astrological “old wives tale” about the Gemini being of two minds. but is also known as the planet of knowledge and wisdom. they are more likely to be a part of a “clique”. Although you’re right back out there in a short while. sometimes gets emotionally hurt by people not interacting with their sensitive side. Unless you are very lucky or have an essentially endless nest-egg. Some astrologers say that your worst fear is the fear of being alone. Often as skilled with their hands as with their words. Being very social. every once and a while. that partnership is so important for you. both at work and at play. Consequently. A good friend once told me that Gemini never saves for a rainy day in order to keep it from raining. this is a philosophy that just won’t work. though. If you get the urge.

spoken and sung. Self expression is so important to Gemini people. Not being a brooding listener. that if work is not involved with communication in some way. or with friends. it’s part of your nature.       . you are likely to enjoy that side of life at home. or have many recordings to listen and learn with. Sky and some peace and quiet.with the energies of the Earth. acted. Gemini enjoys words. you may very well sing along with the radio or the iPod. do so.

but are more oriented towards the behaviors of others.. but is not so much focused on age as you are on people being fresh. that you recognize a positive connection with someone.. Gemini is also a very youth-oriented sign. you just don't get dwelling on the idea. or even washing the hands. Attracting Another Gemini There are two important rules for attracting another Gemini that should never be forgotten. Your sign-mates also like having these conversations with those who are as willing to entertain them as much as they want to be entertained. Gemini has particular likes and dislikes that are not so much specific to each of the other Zodiac signs. is almost alien to you.How to Attract a Gemini. for instance. here they are. Any Gemini. and an individual’s character and values. in case you overlook them during your mental inventory. You may see. This can be because of the sign positions and relationships of the other planets that   . Someone of few words. would cure. on a level beyond regular meetings of something that you share membership in. loves the art and skill of conversation. The idea of “belonging”. The first is never. spontaneous. When most people begin to talk about the “good 'ol days” you tend to muse about the millions that died from things that proper sanitation. or one who keeps bringing up the same subject (especially if that subject is themselves) bores you for as long as it takes you to “accidentally” erase the number from their telephone. exciting and forward-thinking. Although you should know them well. but on the whole. At the same time. this person is your worst enemy. or how a trip to South America from Europe could take months – One other thing about Gemini – you do not do well with possessive people. ever go over boring details. relationships with a member of another Zodiac tribe may be more or less difficult than presented below. and the second is don't be old-fashioned. whether a mathematics professor or a truck driver. This does not mean you avoid commitment.

you may see a trait in someone that you just can’t stand. and cannot. the result of the entire horoscopes being very well matched. in strange and mysterious ways. as intelligent and social creatures. will figure out how to deal with the problems if the will is there. apply to everyone. which would be. and we. in each sign. by their very nature. The best way to use this guide is to give yourself some time to reflect on each of the signs: also consider someone you know of another sign. but feel a deep love and affection for that person. except for one little glitch in the system. together. On the other hand.       . of course. while by way of the Zodiac sign there are some positives. Most of the time. and. but they somehow magically carry a thread that connects all of us. things other than the Zodiac sign are workable. think about whether you tend to ignore the more difficult side of your relationship. from there.make up the entire horoscope leaning towards the negative. These compatibility readings are based on typical attributes of a given sign.

. At least one of you has to grow up. you are seldom as successful as they should be. and together are often mistaken for much younger people than you are. Separately or together. convinced of the impossibility of failure. Both signs share a love of salesmanship. But these are usually the type of storms that don’t last long. Aries may get frustrated by your theorizing and lack of direct action. Gemini + Aries. but may miss out on the practical side of things. despite the emotional (Aries) and mental (Gemini) energy you pour into your tasks.   . you both look and act young. You would be prepared to see things here that you won’t see in any of the other Zodiac based compatibility books that you’ll find in stores. This could explain why. Â & À Gemini and Aries make an almost perfect team. there is very little that can hold your interest long enough for maturity to get in the way of your natural enthusiasm and independence. the Gemini uses native logic to calculate and figure the way to success. But this “aging in reverse” can also bring you. Gemini. get together. think about people you know and their signs. as a couple. but both are casual about the acquisition of money and power.. Gemini. this is a pair that is hard to separate. you may notice that your desire for freedom from any kind of constraint has doubled. lovability. to a state of childlike innocence. This should help you develop the kind of strategy you need to get to “yes” faster than you ever thought possible. selfishness and thoughtlessness. yet very good at convincing yourselves of the good points and ignoring the bad. Both of you are honest.Gemini and the Signs of the Zodiac: Gemini and the Zodiac Signs Now we’ll learn a little about the compatibility between you and the other Zodiac signs. When you and Aries. While the Aries charges blindly forward. On the downside. while you can come back with a reply that really hurts Aries. especially friends and family. As you work your way through these. In love and business. When these two signs get together.

If you are someone who is considered unavailable to others for one reason or another. Your sense of humor is really fun to you and those around you. and you are not the new Fred Astaire. you are far more likely to attract the attention of an Aries. This means that the “I can take care of you” approach is not a good play in this game. so take it easy on them. If you are interested in stepping outside your comfort zone. then all is well and good. then you couldn’t find a better coach than Aries who will show you just what you are capable of. but not necessarily the same profession. When they leave work. The Aries will constantly come up with new ideas for you to enjoy If you are interested in an Aries who mentions a fondness for dancing. this is one of the most difficult combinations in the Zodiac. caused by the planets in the individual charts being particularly harmonious. don’t laugh at them.. And above all. It’s what you do when you break away from the daily routine that interests Aries.   Gemini + Taurus. You probably know that Aries is going to be a little “hard to get into”. they may be a workable couple until the Taurean . because Aries is usually the initiator of their relationships. they like to move on. and it is often difficult for them to accept kindness for fear of being indebted. Â   & Á If the Gemini is a lawyer. As far as love-matches are concerned though... Aries is most likely to be attracted to people who have the same interests. don't even try to get away with a few cocktails or dinner and a movie. On rare occasions.. or at least willing to hire the first instructor you can find. This can be a tricky matter. but the Aries’ ego is easily bruised. accountant or public relations person for a Taurean artist or scientist.      Attracting An Aries How to Attract an Aries.

It’s probably not necessary to go any further to see that this combination is successful only in rare cases. With novels. Chances are you won’t find a Taurus at new-age fairs. while Taurus considers saving and ownership the best approach to financial stability. As far as business partners are concerned. But in a romantic relationship. and Taurus has three big ones.. The basic rule for attracting a Taurus is not to wave the red flag. With Taurus. or at least structured methods. Taurus finds enjoyment in things that Gemini thinks are a burden. You tend to think that an extremely high level of activity and a steady stream of conversation is normal and natural. while the Gemini is likely to look for a different solution to fit every problem that comes along. which is almost diametrically opposed to the Taurean relaxed and solid approach to life. but they really enjoy it being portrayed on screen or in books. if it can't make money or give pleasure. Gemini is focused on play while Taurus is focused on work. With comedy. no matter what. Gemini loves the flexibility of credit and leasing. in fact.       How to Attract a Taurus. unless they are on the massage table. The second Taurean turn-off is superficiality. Taurus is no fan of Attracting A Taurus   . they want to feel the passion of the tragic hero or heroine. these two usually fall victim to each other’s weaknesses. The first red flag is impracticality. they aren't interested. They don't allow much drama and risk in their own lives. Their world is one of work and enjoying the fruits of their labors. The Taurean determination to stick with tried and true facts is seen as stubbornness and prejudice by the quick and adaptable Gemini.. The third turn-off is a lack of involvement. The Taurean seeks universal solutions. they can benefit from each other’s strengths.sense of honestly and loyalty is outraged by the Gemini antics. and they will pursue both wholeheartedly. they want to laugh themselves silly.

especially when your rhythms of rest and activity don’t match.. Because this understanding and desire to give the partner some breathing room is something that all Gemini folks need. There are a number of other flags. but if you can manage to avoid these. aroma. forget it. But if the Moon or some other aspect of the natal chart is out of synch with that of the partner. the others are usually ignored by the Taurus. if you are interested in a Taurus. To have one of you in “recharge mode” while the other is not could be difficult. so Gemini pairs tend to handle that aspect of their partners’ lives well. If you're out to catch a Taurus. You feel free to express yourself in this pairing. quick and noisy experiences. But Gemini people are often found paired with other Geminis. including time. But when one needs to handle their own changes as well as those of their partner. word   . color: anything to help savor the sensory experience. Taurus is about pleasure. there is a satisfaction inherent in the connection between two Gemini folks that is rare to find in other Zodiac-sign pairings. That shows them you mean business.busy. which is something they like. Â & Â Sometimes you can get on each other’s nerves a bit. Even when this is the case. and there is plenty of sharing of jokes. especially when social life is an important key to the relationship. because they are willing to give a little room to anyone who can pass their big tests. make sure your outfit is well put together. jealousy and territorialism can turn an extremely busy but curiously ordered relationship into pure chaos. so if you are about efficiency or chatting through rumors in the late hours of the evening.   Gemini + Gemini. things can get troublesome. prepare to entertain and be entertained with dimmed lights. it is a natural relationship. Rapid changes of schedule and circumstance are taken as “par for the course” in Gemini life. flavor..

and some spend more time away from home than in it. As a Gemini. Cancer may be the most emotional of the private jokes and signs.. At the same time. two Geminis can be responsible for creative masterpieces. because they tend to be a little insecure about loyalty. and treasures house. Cancer is the most protective and nurture oriented of the signs. and wants to help boost you up in some way. scientific breakthroughs or intellectual achievements. home and family as their top priority.   Gemini + Cancer. the Cancer feels that they are expected to accept the Gemini and all that comes with them. and when it does.. but they will almost always make matters worse. you find social activity easy and fun and your friendliness can make most Cancer partners jealous. Cancer tends to think that you are wasting a lot of time and talent. and have the biggest mood swings: this is a difficult thing for you to cope with. Gemini thinks of relationships as being fun. all amply coated with pure unadulterated fun. it is because of other configurations between the planets in the two horoscopes. but they get little in return. Cancer is often too emotionally attached to the nurturing aspects of an intimate relationship to adapt to the Gemini's sociability. almost as if there were a secret language going on. And you absolutely love how attentive the Cancer is to your needs and sometimes desires. The reason for these two having a hard time with each other is because of the individual perspectives on relationships. But for the most part. Even if paired for work or research. the Cancer makes a perfect host or hostess to Gemini's gatherings. At the same time. Â & Ã It is not very often that this paring works out very well.   .

Give them the opportunity to show you how much they care by showing them how much you care. Outside of those born under Scorpio or Pisces. someone they love deeply. But this will not work if you do not have the outward signs of taking care of yourself. the loyalty and the courage of Cancer is loved and admired throughout the Zodiac. The reason is that. The most difficult area of relationship with a Cancer. Cancer is looking for someone who can take care of themselves too. This is one of those really excellent pairings in the Zodiac. is the persistent insecurity and worry that seems to guide their thought processes. a friend. They are not materialistic. so a habitual compliment or promise of total and unconditional love does them just right. despite their sometimes overbearing desire to take care of others.. but when you whisper words like security. people rarely understand why Cancers worry so much. an advisor. commitment. Generally working hard to have all the things they want in the world. and very often. as if every achievement hides another problem inside it. Cancer wants nothing more than for someone to take care of them.      How to Attract a Cancer. just somewhat security conscious. The type of skills and social excellence and delight with life that Gemini   . Yet the sense of history.. and they seldom fall for those whose conversational skills exceed their financial ones. where Leo sees Gemini as a comrade. anything else in the sentence will disappear. Attracting A Cancer   Gemini + Leo.. You may not realize this unless you have made a careful reading of Astrology books.. they never give up. Cancer can be somewhat needy when it comes to reassurance. This is an important key to the Cancer's heart. home and family into the ear of a Cancer.

you need to keep in mind the image the way members of the royal court approach the throne. they have had so many compliments that they might be suspicious. Sometimes you may find Leo a bit rigid.       How to Attract a Leo. a very good match. Try not to notice a frayed shoelace or out of place hair. but they aren’t listening. while Leo provides warmth and stability. & Ä possesses is not just useful to Leo. You will tend to use your abilities to support Leo. If you contradict them. This is. Leo will occasionally apply force to solving problems – either the force of personality and connections. or ignore their opinions early on in the game. but you may not know that almost no one is as good at getting Leo to “lighten up”. or actual physical force. because to make mention of something flawed about their appearance is a surefire way to cause them to lose all interest in you. So you have to be subtle in the way you deliver them. if the Leo says Attracting A Leo   . One thing that will always unlock the heart of the Lion is flattery. but on the whole. in which Gemini contributes technical or other expertise. or you may be ready to go into one of your “recharge” phases. there are times and situations where trying to help may cause more of a problem than it solves. while Leo will always give you something to talk about and they will be happy to enjoy the conversation. If you have your eye on a Leo. Sometimes Leo may want to retreat into the entertaining comfort of home while you are planning for a social engagement. It seems that there is a support relationship naturally existing between these signs. while Leo is not helping by trying to help. there are very few conflicts of interest between you. you’ve lost... This can happen in situations where you may see a different way of dealing with a problem. When you’ve delivered your thinly disguised compliment. which is something that Leo really appreciates. but also exciting. In other words. but once Leos reach their teen years. indeed.

They on the other hand. They don't fool around. At the same time. the planet of communication. which is more of a problem for Virgo. as far as relationship goes. the Virgo will treat a relationship with Gemini as a business proposition.. It doesn't really matter what you say next. so don't play games with this knowledge.. causing you to feel like a guide into uncharted   . And once you have the Leo’s trust and loyalty. Virgo appreciates the lightness and social competence of Gemini and Gemini appreciates the practical side of Virgo. you’ll have to work really hard to lose it. Air and Earth are not supposed to be compatible. Sometimes. Leo knows when others are sincere and when they’re not. while you may treat the relationship with Virgo as a domestic convenience. while Virgo may think you are too much of a risk-taker. Whether they hear yes or no. Both signs thrive on variety and activity. One thing is for sure. The good news is that there is a level of understanding through which you can handle most anything that comes up.   Gemini + Virgo. if they believe they can depend on you for more of the same. they know full well what just happened and are acknowledging the return of their interest.something like “is that a compliment” you’ve made it to the end zone. both love being both consumers and purveyors of information. There are flaws in this relationship. draw out your desire for social activity. but not too many. You both can become jealous quickly. usually do really well together. you may think Virgo is a little too “stuck”. but these two signs of Mercury. and you don't want an angry Lion on your hands. But you do draw out their desire to have fun. they are “all in”. which they forget from time to time. Occasionally. Â & Å Here’s a case where elemental compatibility does not amount to much.

belying some of the “old wives tales” that are found in the books. so if they can’t go to work on the species as a whole.territory. Attracting A Virgo     . models. And to go even further.       How to Attract a Virgo. and does not understand people who think they are already perfect. and this is likely to include diet and exercise. It’s not hard to attract a Virgo at all – all you have to do is to find a way to make them feel useful. Virgos really want to improve the lot of human beings. As an example. And please. But if you want help doing something about the extra inch or pound. find a Virgo. The hallmark of this sign is the desire to help. Many Virgos are into self-cultivation. don’t think all Virgos are stick-in-the mud nerds. Whether they are health aficionados or not. and you’re wearing a color they recommended. Think Keanu Reeves or Sean Connery or Cameron Diaz or Beyonce. they’ll go to work on you. That’s because they are experts at playing useful roles. In romance they do almost as well as Gemini and Libra. and even better. if you run into a Virgo... and the need to feel useful. demonstrate that you’ve listened by putting their words into action. In business this team is almost impeccable. like maybe a Sagittarius or a Leo. Virgo always sees room for improvement in themselves. yet they despise anger and arguments. you’ve got them. athletes and other examples of the people that most others idolize and look up to are Virgos. Virgos all seem to be talented at (or maybe obsessed with) constructive criticism. Let them know that you appreciate the knowledge and information they have to give. take a look at a list of celebrity birthdays and see how many actors. as long as there is someone aggressive on their team.

      Attracting A Libra How to Attract a Libra. variety and the time to think things through that you rarely get from other signs. Sometimes these characteristics could outweigh the fact that they have such a hard time balancing the scales. Be silent about something. their musical voices (this is a very common sign among poets and musicians of styles that require a lot of improvisation or setting moods). This can be a classic beauty and the brain combination.   . their beauty. which you are usually ready and willing to do. Needless to say. the chemistry is right and the physical and mental rhythms usually match up well.. But the best strategy for Libra is to have something about you they can’t figure out. Sometimes there is a hint of jealousy in any relationship with a Libra. but it seems to be far less pronounced with Gemini than any other sign.. and Geminis are always changing theirs. they look for someone to take charge and handle the busywork of the relationship. their fairness. as well as love. This is the kind of relationship that makes for friendship and fun.Gemini + Libra. brought to you by the Libran charm. That doesn't matter – you two have so much fun together. At the same time.. Both belonging to the Air element. Libra is one of your best matches. and more often than not. because you allow each other the laughter. their enthusiasm. You could say that the Libra works to balance contradictions while the Gemini juggles them. Libra can have you at hello if they want to. No matter. others sometimes think you're an act. There are several redeeming features about Libra that would make many people attracted to them: their smiles. the two of you just find each other irresistible. and even when the relationship is going poorly. they are able to be seductive enough to cause you to put problems on the back burner while they continue making their plans and doing their thing.. Â & Æ Some folks say that Librans can never make up their minds.

or negotiating through a problem. And it is always   . will cause the Libra’s curiosity to turn on and start the mental processes that guides their hearts.even if it doesn’t exist. You’re not guaranteed of winning a Libra over by buying jewelry for them. interesting and courteous personalities. out of the question. This will usually continue until you learn that the only way to get on with a Scorpio is to keep your opinions. which is not at all desirable. but don’t let that fool you – this is a clash of both Triplicity and Quadrature. making debating a point. a Virgo or a Capricorn. but get a sense of when the Libra thinks they know what’s going on inside you.   Gemini + Scorpio. Often they have pleasant. The worst danger in this relationship is that the Scorpio. but you are more likely to see a Libra wearing school ring or gold chain than. Then sit back and watch the fun. Scorpio will never give up or admit defeat. will try to rein in the fun loving nature of the Gemini. Have fun. with its caution and intensity. gay: even Libra cats won’t try to pull off a pendant or charm on their collars. analyses and extrapolations to yourself. Â & Ç Gemini always has a hard time with Scorpio. and clamp down. Even the idea that “there’s no mystery: what you see is what you get”. this pair can be successful.. female. because of the massive adjustment necessary in their behavior. say. because the Gemini can provide the data the Scorpio acts on. and therefore a very difficult relationship to work out. you should do so because it will catch their attention and increase their interest in you. The men are seldom overstated about it. straight.. be playful. The other thing about Libra is their love of jewelry: whether they are male. In a business situation. but if you have a nice watch other piece to wear around a Libra.

it means you’re pretty intuitive. They seek partners who can “handle” the intense desires and passions they live with. where they may work out as sidekicks. Scorpio is a little hard to figure. Don’t let the Scorpio think that there is some kind of competition going on because they will immediately consider you as a competitor. They maintain this “firewall” in order to give people the chance to get to know them before pursuing them romantically.       How to Attract a Scorpio. Scorpio doesn’t like complicated jokes (if you have to think about it. rather than with. because they seem like they are playing hard to get when they really aren’t. There is an irritation between them that’s often played out by characters in movies. With Scorpio. You two signs’ planets are Mercury and Mars.important for you to remember that if you do anything to hurt a Scorpio in any way. because they certainly can. they aren’t interested. and you want to let Scorpio know that you are not a threat to their independence: that you are independent as well. and someone they are therefore against. it’s not funny). all traits that you can truly admire. if you have the odd feeling that a Scorpio is seeing right through you. If you’re not ready to stand on the battlefield of life with them. But the Scorpio embodies intense loyalty and the resolve never to compromise principles. Nor can they tolerate a lack of courage in themselves or others. Never. Most people sense the smoldering intensity of their emotions and feel a little intimidated by them. Attracting A Scorpio   . you really do want to know what you are getting into. but not lovers. and never give up. Don’t try to fake devotion or loyalty. Scorpio keeps a calm and cool exterior that acts as a defensive layer... and they really take that seriously. not those who fall into apologies and insecurities when they “kick it up a notch”. the trickster and the warrior of the Solar System. the Scorpio will never forget. and remember.

If you are fond of one of the rare Sagittarians that is not living their vision. most people ask “how long are you staying?”..       How to Attract a Sagittarius. there is little they will allow to stand in their way. You really feel special when you are around them. so don’t do either. The warmth of Sagittarius is something that you both need and want. or hold them back. growth and love. while your question is “what do you want to do?” and you almost always have just the thing they really want to do in mind. and will stop at nothing to make things better for themselves and those they love. Sagittarius has two main priorities that they are internally programmed to abide by. the Sagittarius probably has the map. When Sagittarius shows up. and you two really enjoy each other’s conversation in general. but Attracting A Sagittarius   . And if you are one of the rare Gemini folks who has not found your own bliss..Gemini + Sagittarius. What they believe in is really important to them. but that just makes the relationship a little more exciting. Sagittarius usually has the stories that Gemini likes best. because their sense of adventure meshes perfectly with your sense of play.. Sagittarius envies your coolness and poise (they can be a little clumsy at times). Don’t pretend you are something or someone you are not. The first is that they work hard to be really honest about who they are. a little envy creeps into the situation. guides and whatever else you need for your adventure in self-discovery. The second is that they want to improve their lives. Â & È Gemini and Sagittarius are one of those great matches in the Zodiac. you are most likely the person who can push them to do so. When it comes to achieving their goals.. Sometimes. You are always amazed that Sagittarius is always on the go. while you envy their enthusiasm and sincerity. and Sagittarius depends on you to keep them in tune with the social pulse.

  . and is not interested in brevity as much as sentence-crafting or other demonstrations of verbal skill. Once they have a target in sight. such as patience and persistence.. This is because the Gemini is usually quite happy as they are and the Capricorn does not consider Gemini a role model. they are liable to have a famous author's telephone number or email address. Â & É Capricorn is noted for its brevity in the use of words. they call for the next think the Sagittarius will like. and the Capricorn sometimes wishes that they could possess your flexibility and ease with expressing yourself. they won’t rest until they hit it.. as you well know. and Gemini rarely has the patience. considers conversation an art form. They are not the sit around and do whatever type of people.   Gemini + Capricorn. Nevertheless. As much as these two signs could learn from one another. so it seldom works out that way. are enviable to Gemini folks. it’s best that you have common interests with them. they may very well have tickets. Gemini. a movie or some ethnic food – if they want to go to Katmandu. Capricorn rarely has the time. That’s a real turn off for them. Another really big mistake is to think that Sagittarius’ interests are not as important as the happenings of the moment. if they enjoy discussing philosophy. Many of the Capricorn’s positive traits. there is almost a sense that trying to learn from each other in a casual relationship would be admitting character flaws. If you’re interested in the archer. Never think that Sagittarius’ love of adventure can be satisfied by a book. and likes these traits in others. The only thing Sagittarius likes about pretenders is exposing them publicly and brutally. and when they do.

Small talk and gossip are at the top of their enemies list.. and tends to appreciate them. In love. Not being able to decide is a concept that the average Capricorn simply cannot grasp. so it is easier to talk about what they don’t like. Capricorn is more of a “no” than a “yes” person. They are not prone to ruin an existing relationship over something that will injure their integrity. Don’t try to change their minds either. and many do not think of social life as fun. no matter what they are on the surface. and if they are looking for a mate.       How to Attract a Capricorn. They are better than keeping secrets than Scorpio. and offer you the opportunity to expose the flaws in your character. Capricorn people generally like being adults. Attracting A Capricorn   . they are weighing possibilities so they can make the most efficient move. You can’t make a move that the Capricorn won’t enter into their ledger. the ideas of “uncommitted” or “open relationship” do not enter their minds. that's a sure-fire way to be pointed in the direction of their heart's exit sign. When Capricorn takes time with a decision.. whether it’s music or yoga or keeping up with your education.Capricorn is not prone to take relationships lightly. They face trouble squarely and responsibly: they will never whine or try to pretend to be capable of more than they feel comfortable doing. When they are ready to be part of a couple. but in your case. They don’t like indecision. they would prefer not to have to go through the messy business of dating and getting to know someone over and over. Capricorns are usually disciplined. Never baby-talk or tease a Capricorn. Capricorn has a sense of the meaning of your actions. this is a sure inroad. because Capricorn is disinclined to keep the counsel of others. while they keep a careful tally for the day they decide to pass judgment on the relationship. so if you have something that you practice on a regular basis. and love their privacy. Capricorn works by an interesting rule – if they like you they give you the benefit of the doubt.

the Aquarian might be irritated by your unpredictability. and while Aquarius brings a level of seriousness and practicality to the relationship. At the same time. the Aquarius is the one doing the attracting. The two of you can really whip up a storm of excitement when working together to find out just how much fun can be had. more often than not.. because. Â & Ê Gemini is probably the most curious sign of the Zodiac. You may find that charming... because they quickly become dependent on you. Both signs tend to be rational and reasonable. In fact. compatibility. while Aquarius is the most experimental – this is only the first reason these signs work so well together in business and pleasure. because they always feel like you always make things OK.. Gemini fills it with laughter and variety. Your natural adaptability and flexibility makes a perfect match for them. because of your ability to lift them out of boredom. You might find yourself in the grip of Aquarian charms before you realize that you’re interested in them. Trying to explain or understand your feelings about them is something like asking how to get to the street you're already Attracting An   . It’s a little difficult to talk about attracting an Aquarius. There are times when you might find your Aquarian partner to be a bit stubborn.       How to Attract an Aquarius. but it sometimes is hard for them to find a place where they feel like they “fit”. There is a level of deep understanding between you that makes for a happy.  Gemini + Aquarius. even if strange. and insisting on how their way (no matter how untried or unproven it might be) is the best way. but the Aquarian is so much more idealistic than other signs. both signs are of the Air element.

Pisces appears to listen. No matter how clearly you explain processes and ideas. and then proceeds to do whatever they feel like. they do not mind experimenting within the privacy of their intimate encounters. and can sometimes be a little absentminded.. Â & Ë Compared to other signs. especially those with whom they have something in common. and may even encourage it. Another difficulty is that you tend not to fall for. it stops being fun for the Gemini when it starts being fun for the Pisces. If you are interested in an Aquarius. If they forget a date or a name. don’t take it personally. Being obsessed with uniqueness and originality. politics. and that makes them feel uncomfortable. If Pisces and Gemini make it to the “couple stage”. unpredictable. but loves being with people. it’s not about their feelings toward you. Gemini people find Pisces to be unreliable. When Pisces begins to suspect a lack of sincerity. you should keep an open mind and be ready for fun and excitement that you’ve never experienced before. or get caught up in Pisces’ games. Aquarians are usually quite interested in metaphysics or the paranormal as well.   Gemini + Pisces. cultural organizations.Aquarius on. it’s a good idea to frequent places where people involved in the arts. Because of Pisces’ attractive and seductively sensual behavior and appearance. they can become angry and vindictive. and social clubs: anywhere people hang out in groups that have a specific interest. and often baffling. Aquarius is not too much of a “joiner”. at   . Most know that Aquarians can be a bit eccentric. If you have your heart set on an Aquarius. people pretend to be attentive in hopes of “winning them over”. having odd or unusual habits or hobbies. but are more likely to be part of a group than a solo investigator.. various types of recovery and support groups. ecological and social justice activism.

On top of that. Those who do enjoy the Piscean fantasy may have a hard time dealing with Pisces ever-changing moods. you must understand that they need reassurance and are afraid of being betrayed. but tend to rely on them too much. the fact that you can deal with emotional dramas without getting caught up in them unnerves Pisces. Pisces will rely on the feeling that everything will turn out OK. it may be difficult for many of the sign-types to see Pisces’ flexibility as other than an undercurrent of disloyalty.least until they are packed and gone for good. because they really need a good listener. You may take risks based on odds calculated so fast it seems like psychic comprehension. or don’t have the time enjoy the Pisces rambling on through their colorful discourse on their dramas. Whereas you will generally approach a difficult problem from the standpoint of reasoning their way out of it. at least until they are packed and gone for good. they can become angry and vindictive. but Pisces takes risks based on faith and actual psychic impressions.. Often. If you are interested in a Pisces. and to lose their trust is to lose them.. and people will pretend to be paying attention in hopes of getting close to them. which it really is not. and then try to guess the best solution. and without the elemental compatibility. Many Pisceans have a tough time with relationships. Most of the people who would be really good for Pisces either don’t fit their vision of a perfect mate. Although they are quite intuitive.       How to Attract a Pisces. Whereas you will most likely rely on evidence and reason. because if this happens. Pisces may initially panic. you will lose their trust. Never make a promise to a Pisces that you cannot keep. If Pisces believes they’re not your number one priority. it is very difficult for you to grasp each other’s motives. Pisces is usually attractive or even seductively sensual in their behavior and appearance. Attracting A Pisces   . They tend to have the advantage where looks matter.

they have a hard time seeing the facts of a situation when their emotions are involved. because they don’t mind being enemies to those who have hurt them. Often they won’t run from trouble.           .

there are several ways to study relationships in detail. Of course. you’ll be way ahead of the curve as far as the little books you can find here and there are concerned.  There you have it This is your guide to romance among the Zodiac Signs. All of these require study and information that may not be available at that moment when you overhear the person you have your eye on say “I'm a Libra” or someone asks you “what's your sign?” And take my word for it when I tell you that all that knowledge doesn’t beat the power of the “Ah-Ha” moment you have when you realize that so-and-so is a Gemini and that explains why… While the information in this eBook cannot help you foresee a synastric opposition between Saturn and Mars that may cause problems in a month or two. this is not a complete textbook on the subject. but if you add a little knowledge of human nature. Conclusion    Things to do Here’s an invitation to play games astrologers play. and a sprinkling of common sense. the Mercury method.. the Kuta system of India. Carry them around in a notebook or   . including the various techniques of Synastry (chart comparison). Composite Charts. it will give you some guidelines by which you might find it easier to negotiate possible sticking points in relationships at both work and play. In the world of Astrology.. and copy the text that compares your sign to theirs on the other. or won't enable you to fascinate your new lover with the intricate details of their inner life together as revealed by the complete horoscope. Horary Astrology and many other methods too numerous to mention. Harmonics. Fun & Games Flashcards – Use a dozen index cards to write the names of the signs on one side.

that works even better! Friends and Foes – This game also requires a complete horoscope. you can still play.purse and notice how the people you encounter react to you as you talk with them at work and elsewhere. During the times of the year when these signs are active. and sometimes. Also. during the time of year those signs and their opposites are active. people born in these signs may very well be good friends. The sign of Saturn could be an authority figure. The next thing you know. There signs will usually identify those who will challenge or resist you in some way. but if you don't know your birth time. Find the signs where Venus and Jupiter are found in your chart. Now do the same with Mars and Saturn. When playing these games. It's not that much of a stretch – more and more people are picking up on the open secrets of Astrology every year!           . The sign of Mars may also show someone with whom you have physical complications like completion. you'll be guessing people's signs and telling them about their good and bad times. or someone who holds you back. supporters or allies. you could be luckier than you are during other parts of the year. You may find out that the person you are interested in is connected to you by way of Moon Sign or Rising Sign. you will probably face more challenges than usual. Make flashcards for those signs. It's a lot of fun. The Hidden You – Ask an astrologer to tell you what your Moon Sign and your Rising Sign are. Although you may not see your connection with them from your Star Sign. keep an open mind.

including photocopying and recording. mechanical or electronic.         .Well. without permission in writing from the publisher. that's it! Now you're a wizard at Relationship Astrology! I hope you've found a whole new way to bring some fun into your life! Good Luck! All rights reserved. or by any information storage and retrieval system. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means.