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I. Job description Duties and Responsibilities 1. Teaching faculty y y y Conducting classes for students. Evaluation of student¶s test & assignment performances Providing mentorship to the students

Dr. Providing technical assistants for classrooms (during faulty operations of LCD Projectors).Pragati. Dr. Anant Ram. Student bodies a) Class Representatives y They are responsible for bridging the gap between the students and the management. Gopal Iyengar ± Industry Integration. Dr. test and course completion y y Library maintenance.g. S. Dr.y Guiding students with their student body activities E. Dr. 2. Viswanathan. Scheduling of classes. Scheduling of classes in accordance with availability of visiting faculty. . Invigilating during exams. y y They represent the students¶ grievance to the management. 3.Research. R. Managing administration processes. y y y Allocation of lecture halls for both batches and exam venues. Pai. Coordinating with the administration department of Pune campus regarding course curriculum scheduling of classes. V.Formulation of time tables for both batches. printouts etc. Maintaining accounts. N. T. Abhishek Ranga.Chanakya. Non-teaching Staff y y y y y y y Course curriculum structuring Handling admission processes. Assisting in the circulation of course material from faculties to students (by photocopying. They persuade the management in making decisions in favour of students. Dr.Venkateshwaran.Operacy.Alumini Meet and Samanvay.).

Housekeeping. 4.. They are responsible to ensure that assignments and tests are in parallel with the on-going course. doubt clarification regarding assignments and tests. c) Placement Representatives y They are responsible for the facilitation of Summer Internship Programmes and placements for the students. y They conduct in-house management events. b) Course Representatives y They are responsible for passing the information between the concerned faculty and the students. d) MA-FOR Representatives y y They conduct the event of OPERACY. They publish the bi-monthly magazine ³The Chanakya´. They circulate the magazine to the corporates. e) Chanakya Representative y y y They collect the articles from corporate. Maintaining the gardens and college appeal. y They persuade for extra classes.g. They communicate the management events happening in other bschools. y y Ensuring that the hostel facilities are intact. y They maintain the database of corporate with the help of Placement Officer.E. . Change of credits for major and minor courses. y They allot teams for Corporate Presentations. y y They help in the course material circulation from faculties to students. Mess & security: Maintaining the cleanliness of the campus and the hostels.

Reporting Relationship Please refer to the Attached PDF file. y MAFOR Representatives ± People skills. Knowledge about sports and handling sports equipments. Ability to cope up with stress.(Organisation Chart) II. Student Bodies¶ Representatives: y Class Representatives ± Convincing skills.Teaching Staffs y Relevant education in the concerned field.Should be exposed to corporate and should have good contacts. Favourability among the students. delegate and execute the work for the events.Should have education/experience in the field of computer technology. y Sports Representatives ± Interest in sports. y Chanakya Representatives ± Good language skills.  Computer resources in-charge.y y Providing the catering services. library and other infrastructure.   Librarian.either in teaching or industrial. Human resource planning .completion of course in Library Management. Work experienced. III. 3. Placements In-charge. Ensuring the safety of the students and maintaining the discipline in the campus. 2. Non. y Placement Representatives ± Responsible to work for the batch. Teaching Faculty y y Required to hold a Masters or Doctorate Degree. y Checks the safety of the computer lab. Competency Mapping 1. Ability to plan. interest in Literary works.

qualification and experience. y Intimation of students¶ intake for the academic course in the newspapers. y The Rotunda sessions conducted during the first fortnight of the new batch. aids them to get familiarised with the hostel culture and seniors. y Veena madam is in charge of activities related to both PGDM and Director Office¶s work. Recruitment y Advertisement for openings for faculties posted on KIAMS website and newspapers. IV. VII. V.y Janaki m6adam appointed as the Director in-charge of the Pune campus. The orientation programme provided to the first year PGDM students to bridge the difference of stream of their Undergraduate. Induction y y Refresher courses conducted for the faculties.. DA etc. y When a new batch of students are admitted. y The allowances for faculties such as medical allowance. Compensation y The faculties and non teaching staffs are paid salary based on their educational qualification and their years of experience. y The perquisites for faculties like low rent accommodation in faculty quarters. Job Rotation . VI. she is given both tasks. KIAMS could have appointed 2 people for these two posts but to make sure that employee¶s potential is fully utilised and to increase productivity. the senior representatives select their junior representatives for various student bodies either by election or selection based on their qualities and skills. KIAMS website and other management forum¶s sites. y The visiting faculties are paid salary based on their number of days available in the campus.

Anand is responsible for the academics of PGDM I & II. . y The employees of the Hospitality and Mess are on contract basis. y The competency profile with respect to Class Representatives should be the person who is in the books of the faculties and also should mingle with their batch mates. along with his regular teaching. y Students are given additional responsibilities as student body representatives that enhance their management skills and communication skills. Job Enrichment y Dr. X. y The Housekeeping staffs are swapped for responsibilities between boys and girls hostel after a period of one year. XI. E. E.y Prof. IX. For the next academic year. some other faculty will be given the responsibility of Associate Dean. VIII. y The MAFOR Representatives are expected to have hands on experience in managing events. Job Enlargement y Prof. y Gururaj Sir is responsible for Admissions along with his Computer resources in-charge responsibility. Retention y Retention of faculties by paying them and giving them autonomy of their teaching course. Janaki Naik has been given a challenging task of acting as a Director in-charge of the Pune campus while she balances the regular teaching activity in Harihar and Pune campus. Anand is currently in the capacity of Associate Dean. Competency Profile y The faculties are expected to have the real time industry knowledge along with the theoretical knowledge.

Gap Analysis y Faculties are expected to give a pass percentage of more than 75% for a course. y To continue the second year of PGDM. the faculty is given an opportunity to improve his performance through a discussion with him. students get real time exposure and are trained to work in corporate.He is in the job of teaching and is also getting trained for administrative works. y Mentor meeting is done so that students realize students that they understand their aim of coming to KIAMS and thereby perform their job in a better manner.XII. XIII. student teams are trained on the field in an informal manner on various management decisions. XIV On the job training y Prof. Internal Training . Training needs analysis y The feedback obtained from the students is used to evaluate the performance of the faculties. y The experiences of representatives of various student bodies can be also said as on the job training as they are exposed to managing people and situations. students are expected to maintain a record of minimum 2 CGPA. This can be said as GAP analysis as it analyse the expected CGPA for continuing the course and the actual CGPA the student holds. y During industry integrations and summer internship. If the feedback is not positive. Failing to do so. y During Pragati. XV a. an analysis is done to evaluate the performance of the faculty. E. Anand can be stated as an example of on the job training . y Orientation programme for students are provided to make sure that they are trained to be at par with other students having prior exposure to the subject.

y y Mentor meeting for students. CII assessors evaluate KIAMS in which teaching faculties also play major criteria of evaluation. XVII 360 Degree Feedback y Faculties are evaluated based on the feedback they receive from students (regarding teaching). handling seminars and doing field projects etc. Knowledge over the subject. XVIII KRA-Key Responsibility Area y Faculties ± Teaching method. assignments from internal faculties and SIP presentations from external faculties. XVI Performance Evaluation y On every completion of course. can be stated as internal training. y Students get continuous feedback in terms of CGPA. course completion etc. b. XVIII Key Performance Indicators .). marks obtained from tests. y Workshops conducted for students in the campus and Summer Internships are the external training offered to students. Security people ± Entry register maintenance. Discipline. the performance of the faculty is evaluated by filling a feedback form by the students. External Training y For SPSS training. Co-curricular activities. other faculties (regarding approachability and research interest) and the PGDM administration (regarding availability to accommodate classes. y y CGPA given to students to evaluate them. y y Students ± Academics. external trainers were called to train the faculty and student in the same. Communication skill. Students giving presentations. RKQP.

For students.y y y RKQP report. Feedback given by students to faculty. can be considered as the KPI of their performance evaluation. marks allotted for assignments etc. CGPA. .