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When it comes to fixed fire protection systems. 2 . development. manufacture and installation of foam systems are your guarantee of quality.FOAM EXTINGUISHING: FIRST-CLASS TECHNOLOGY. safety and reliability – to protect people. Innovative research. Our advisers. No matter what you want to protect against the hazards of fire – we can develop the best possible made-to-measure fire protection concept for you. Foam in action on a liquid fire Aircraft hangars are protected against fire hazards by foam sprinkler systems and monitors. specialist engineers and technicians are always glad to place their know-how at your disposal. production facilities and warehouses. Foam systems protect storage tanks and processing units in refineries and chemical plants. industrial plants. and to protect the environment. success depends on the highest quality standards. MADE TO MEASURE TOTAL WALTHER GmbH has been a leading manufacturer of firstclass foam extinguishing systems for more than 50 years.

with the formation of an 80 cm . Fire is made powerless Foam is the most reliable extinguishing agent to protect combustible liquids against the hazards of fire. and suppresses the development of fire gases – to protect people as well as the environment. Because the bubbles are lighter than oil. The addition of air creates the foam bubbles which are so effective at extinguishing fire.resistant foam forms a stable blanket over combustible liquids. and this prevents the fire from spreading. gasoline or water. Combustible liquids The foam cuts the combustible liquids off from the heat of the fire. Solids The low surface tension of the foam solution enables the water to penetrate deep into the burning substances. Ignitable gases In liquid fires. Water and foam concentrate are mixed to create a foam solution. foam concentrate and air. The temperature . and they can float on liquid surfaces.high foam blanket Foam spreading out during a liquid fire in a storage tank 3 . Testing foam in a hazardous goods warehouse. It cuts the flames off from the supply of oxygen. they have outstanding flow characteristics.EXTINGUISHING FOAM: THE SECRET OF ITS STRENGTH Extinguishing foam consists of three effective components: water. the foam blanket hinders the generation of combustible gases which might combine with the air to form an ignitable mixture again.

Thanks to their optimal extinguishing capability. cargo holds on ships and mine shafts. making them particularly suitable for foaming large areas and for room flooding: they are effective extinguishing agents for warehouses. they are ideal for protecting refineries and plant in the petrochemical sector. their outstanding flow characteristics and their high resistance to contamination from fuels. stabilising agents and preservatives with hydrocarbon surfactants. Synthetic foam concentrates to produce high-expansion foams consist of hydrocarbon surfactants. Foam extinguishing systems protect offshore platforms. 4 . from airports to tank farms. Foam is a triedand-tested extinguishing agent for protecting chemical plants and refineries. stabilising agents and preservatives.THE RIGHT FOAM FOR EVERY RISK Fluoroprotein foam concentrates combine hydrolysed protein. transport and processing facilities for easily ignitable and combustible liquids. Protein foam concentrates are based on hydrolysed protein. Protein foam concentrates are the preferred choice to protect storage. They produce a highly stable mechanical foam with good expansion properties and high resistance to reignition. TOTAL WALTHER GmbH offers a range of foam concentrates to cope with every risk – a reliable and effective basis for made-tomeasure fire protection.

DIN. Since the foam can absorb toxic substances during a fire. TOTAL WALTHER GmbH also takes care of disposal in accordance with environmental considerations. production facilities and many other application areas. 5 . Foam sprinkler systems protect tank loading stations against fire and explosion hazards. VdS. FM and other independent test authorities. Standards and Quality Assurance The production of TOTAL WALTHER foam concentrates is subject to a strict quality assurance procedure. Alcohol-resistant foam concentrates (AFFF-ARC) are AFFF concentrates to which a water-soluble polymer is added. US Coastguard. airports. refineries. All the foam concentrates conform to the European and American standards of the following institutions: UL. Our new foam disposal unit is a practical contribution towards active environmental protection.Aqueous film forming foam concentrates (AFFF) consist of a combination of fluorosurfactants and hydrocarbon surfactants. For the sake of the environment Our foam concentrates are completely biodegradable. Norske Veritas. making it possible to extinguish watersoluble fuels such as methanol. Alcohol-resistant foam concentrates are mainly used for fire protection when leaded and unleaded petrol is being loaded. This is why AFFF concentrates are included in the standard equipment for fire brigades. Tank farms are a typical area of application for foam-based fire extinguishing systems. Low energy is used to generate a high quality foam which can be used effectively in a wide range of systems including sprinkler systems.

dry systems and preaction extinguishing systems are suitable for this purpose. and distributes the foam thus formed over the fire. they have a fixed flowrate and a small operating range. Perfect foaming depends on choosing a suitable foaming device. only recognized specialist companies are allowed to undertake these installations. They are reasonably priced. or a high proportion of plastics. Wet systems. The choice between a balanced pressure system and in-line proportioners depends on the energy supply and the range of adjustment which is required. water and foam concentrate are mixed together in a proportioner. through which the foam concentrate is induced. To ensure the successful coordination of the sprinkler system and the foam extinguishing system. Sprinkler systems with foam proportioning are mainly used in practical applications involving hazardous goods stores with combustible liquids. Balanced pressure proportioning systems equalize the foam concentrate pressure with the water pressure at the intake of the foam proportioner. The foam concentrate pressure can be provided either by a pump. It supplies the air to the foam solution. but unlike proportioners with automatic adjustment. or from the system water pressure.MIXING IS THE SECRET OF SUCCESS: PROPORTIONERS AND FOAMING EQUIPMENT Foam test on a liquid storage tank In a foam extinguishing system. In-line proportioners use the water flow to generate low pressure in a constriction in the proportioner. Foam sprinkler system in high rack storage 6 .

The experts at TOTAL WALTHER GmbH recommend: Foam sprinklers A low-viscosity film-forming concentrate is suitable for foaming. from design and system engineering to the foam concentrates themselves. Everything from one source TOTAL WALTHER GmbH is your professional partner for all aspects of foam extinguishing technology. Generators produce high-expansion foam by feeding the mixture of foam concentrate and water to a screen which is located in the airflow of a blower. Foam monitor (bottom left) and medium-expansion foam nozzle (bottom right) in test operation This horizontal pressure tank (bladder tank) contains an elastic bladder from which the foam concentrate is pressed out by the water pressure. They can be swivelled horizontally and vertically – by hand. When used in conjunction with foam chambers. the foam is fed from the base of the tank so that it rises through the liquid to the surface. and as a complement to fixed sprinkler installations. and then fed to the proportioner. the foam is fed into the storage tank from above. where it is evenly distributed. onto the combustible liquid.expansion foam with good surface coverage. Foam proportioner based on the Venturi principle 7 . In the “Sub . for example in aircraft hangars. This supplies low.Surface Method”. Foam branchpipes are air-aspirating devices to protect combustible liquids storage tanks. Foam nozzles feed the foam solution on to a deflector plate or a screen streaming water jet sucks in the air that is needed for foaming. by remote control or by automatic programming. They are ideal for reaching distant fire objects. Monitors are fixed-installed devices for longdistance foam projection.

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