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Electronic in material and replacing purchaser. When Navigation and wormanship. any defective Industries, Our parts Inc. liability warrants under each instrument this warranty to be free from to servicing to the original delivery defects

is limited

for a period

of one (1) year after



is required,

the instrument


be returned


charges prepaid to the the fault has been caused be billed There . merchantibility quential damages

factory or our authorized service facility. If, in our opinion, by misuse or abnormal conditions of operation, repairs will will be submitted or implied, of warranty. before the work any warranty is started. of

at cost. In this case, an estimate are no other warranties Seller from expressed shall any breach


or fitness. arising

not be responsible

for any incidental

or conse-

..........1 3... ....... ... .......... .......2 3........ ............... ..... ....2 5. Claim for Damage ....l .. ... .l Introduction Specifications ....5 2.....4 ..... Indicators and Connectors . Initial Inspection ................. Precautions . ........... ... RF Output Power Test.4 AND PARTS LIST . .. .... .... . ....12 Schematic Diagrams.. CHAPTER 2 PREPARATION 2.. . .. ..CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 GENERAL 1.. Instrument Identification ...........3 ... ......1 2...........S . ............... ......1 5.. ............ ...... ..... ..... ........... i . OperatingProcedure ..4 4...... List of Manufacturers .. ... . . . ......... Power Cable Ground Protection Cooling ................ 5 .......... Replacement Parts List ..................... Ordering Replacement Parts... .. CHAPTER 5 SCHEMATICS 5... RF Output Distortion Test... .4 CHAPTER 3 OPERATION 3....1 4........ ..2 2...... .3 4..............5 . Mains Voltage Setting ..3 ............ . ............ Controls............. ... . ..12 ................7 FOR USE ....... ) ............ ......2 4... ....... ...........3 2.3 5........4 Functional Description .5 4..........l .......3 3.. Rack Installation ....3 .... ... ...12 12 .... ................. .3 . ...... TESTS Initial Check ................ ......3 INFORMATION ......... ...........6 AND PERFORMANCE .4 2............ ........ ....6 CHAPTER 4 MAINTENANCE 4....1 1......... . .. .. Gain and Gain Variation . ................ Troubleshooting and Repair Maintenance .. . ....... .6 2. .... Mains Fuse Rating .........2 1... ..3 .....

................. PAGE ...........LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS TABLE 4-l 4-2 4-3 5-1 5-2 Gain and Gain Variation Test Set-up ........... Front and Rear Panel Devices ....................... Power Distribution Schematic Diagram ...............................9 ................ RF Output Distortion Test Set-up ...8 ..................10 ...16 LIST OF TABLES TABLE l-l 3-l 5-l 5-2 5-3 Specifications .............................. RF Amplifier Schematic Diagram ................ Glossary of Abbreviations .... .............. List of Manufacturers..............12 ...................................15 .........6 .........................................20 ii ......... Replacement Parts List .............. PAGE 2 .. RF Output Power Test Set-up ................................19 ...........

TV and complex modulations limited only by their peak input and bandwidth.-. It provides up to 25 distortion.-“-.5 dB over the impedance are 50 ohms and the unit may be driven to signal generators and swept signal sources.-- . match. The Model 32SLA is packaged for bench mounting and is shipped with rack mounting adapters.CHAPTER 1. amplifier which has a flat frequency response from watts of linear power with low harmonic and nominal.. Each amplifier is identified model number and the serial 1 _--. Its integral power supply and cooling operate from a 115 or 230 VAC 50160 Hz main supply. The Model 325LA will raise the power level of signal sources and generators without requiring tuning or bandswitching. SSB.1 GENERAL INFORMATION INTRODUCTION 32SLA is an all solid state MHz. FM. with variation of less than f 1.3 INSTRUMENT IDENTIFICATION by a serial number tag on the back panel of the unit.2 SPECIFICATIONS specifications are listed in Table l-l Physical and electrical 1. . Built-in protection circuitry will absorb the power reflected from a mismatched out causing failure or oscillation. Input and output by most BF synthesizers. 1.. Both the number should be given in any correspondence with the company. The Class A linear circuitry will amplify signals of AM. with minimum distortion. regardless load withof The ENI Model 250 kHz to 150 intermodulation entire frequency full power output The ENI Model 325LA will deliver its rated power output into any load impedance.l-.- . Gain is 50 dB range. Output BF voltage is displayed on the front panel meter. 1.

Lower at reduced power output. Metering: Average reading voltmeter volts for a sine wave with calibrated an accuracy in RMS Output of +4% of full scale O-50 volts. 280 watts 0” to f40”C 7. for Protection: Unit will withstand more than 13 dB of overdrive (input signal of 1V RMS) for all output load conditions. unit will not oscillate of load and source impedance. Distortion: Typical 3rd Order Intercept Point: Input/Output Input Output Noise Stability: VSWR: VSWR: Figure: Intermodulation +53 dBm Impedance: 50 ohms Less than Less than 1.5~ x 12.5 10 dB Maximum Unconditionally any condition stable.5 dB Maximum Harmonic 25 watts All harmonics more than 23 dB below main signal at 20 Watts output. SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Gain: Gain Variation: Class A Linear Output: Coverage: 250 kHz to 150 MHz 50 dB Nominal +1. 25 Ibs. 11.5h x 9.1 x 24. 19. + 8%) SO-60 Hz. also cahbrated in Watts into 50 ohms (O-50 watts) Power Operating Size: Requirements: Temperature: 1 E/230 VAC.3 kg.8 cm. BNC Adaptors Provided Weight: Connectors: Rack Mounting: .5d in.TABLE l-1.1 x 31.5 2.

#4-40 c._ _ I _ . the supplied a.5 In order mounting RACK INSTALLATION to install the Model brackets must be attached the snap-on the four chrome screws 32SLA in a standard to the over as follows: 19 inch relay rack. . Before connecting the voltage switch is correctly set. Attach the rack step d. handle. . . _ ~ _ _ _ . IS CONNECTED TO THE SHOULD THIS SWITCH BE 2. 2. Remove the four feet on the underside the relay rack is necessary. . Remove b... Check for dents and scratches. . request the carriers agent be present when the instruthe equipment for damage and inspect the cabinet and panel surfaces 2. 2. Remove the two #8-32 mounting screws located of the amplifier if the minimum vertical usage of at each side of the cover to the sides of the unit using nearest the front panel. I . EXTENSIVE DAMAGE WILL RESULT IF THE AMPLIFIER WRONG SUPPLY VOLTAGE.. check set for that the supply The Supply Voltage selection switch is located 115VAC operation. . Retain the shipping carton and packing material carriers inspection as well as for subsequent use in returning the unit if necessary. Remove caps on both ends of the cover and lift the handle off. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES OPERATED WHILE THE SUPPLY IS CONNECTED. carton is evident.1 INITIAL INSPECTION PREPARATION FOR USE If damage to the shipping ment is unpacked.2 CLAIM FOR DAMAGE notify for the If the Model 32SLA is mechanically damaged or falls to meet specification upon receipt.3 MAINS VOLTAGE SETTING at the rear of the unit and is normally unit to the Mains Supply.4 MAINS FUSE RATING MAINS FUSE RATING part number is 313004 4ASB._ .. in e.CHAPTER 2. The Mains Fuse Fl is located on the rear panel. brackets the screws removed 3 ~ . d. The replacement 2. ENI or our representative immediately.

When the 325LA is enclosed by an external cabinet. Ambient temperature 4 . a white common line. When using a adapter.2. the ENI Model 325LA is equipped with a three conductor cable of a black hot line.7 COOLING must be made of the air must to insure an not exceed 4O’C. provisions adequate flow of cooling air to the unit.6 To protect consisting two prong POWER CABLE GROUND PROTECTION operating personnel. 2. the green tap on the adapter must be connected to earth ground. and a green chassis ground.

When the Model 32SLA unit may be read directly is connected to a 50 ohm from the meter scale. frequency synthesizer. The Model 325LA will saturate well before the maximum input voltage and there will be no increase in output power at that point. the amplifier may be in saturation during the ON portion of a pulse yet the meter reading will be low due to the low duty cycle of the pulse input. The 32. should are connected be increased gradually while observing the output voltage on the output c. Any-impedance oscillation.5LA is unconditionally of the amplifier. load. For example. without causing stable. The unit is designed to withstand 100 percent reflected power (a pure reactance open or short circuit load will cause 100 percent reflected power) continuously without damage. An output meter is provided to indicate the average output voltage (calibrated in RMS) as well as the power output when the unit is connected to a 50 ohm load. please use caution in adjusting it. the CW power output of the 5 . 3.CHAPTER 3.4 volts peak. sweep 150 MHz. Load mismatch will cause RF power to reflect back to the amplifier.3 Refer OPERATING to the following procedure PROCEDURE as a guide to operating via the front the Model panel BNC 325LA. in Table 3. A amplifier capable of increasing the output of any signal generator or laboratory signal source from 2. connectors to the signal source a.2 Front CONTROLS. 3. the modulation characteristics of the input signal must be taken into account when interpreting the meter readings. The input and output and load respectively. b.1 FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION OPERATION The ENI Model 325LA is a linear Class generator. and rear panel devices INDICATORS are described AND CONNECTORS 3-1.50 kHz to The Model 325LA is completely protected against damage due to load mismatch provided that the input RF level does not exceed 1 volt RMS or 1. Since the meter responds only to average output. The input signal RF voltmeter. If the attached signal source is capable of generating substantially more than this input voltage. can be connected to the input and output The 325LA will deliver its rated power to any load impedance regardless of match.

the input signal may be increased until the point of maximum undistorted power output is observed. insert an attenuator between it and the Model 32SLA input. If thunderstorms are likely.4 volts peak can be supplied without causing damage. TABLE 3-l. e. Disconnect the output load cable from the output BNC connector of the Model 325LA 2. b. slow blow type fuse: 4ASB Three prong type plug with safety ground pin connected to cabinet. 1. 3. The input and output of the Model 32SLA should not be connected together. If the CW output voltage is less than 35 volts RMS. it would be prudent to earth ground the unit’s case. no additional power output can be expected paat the saturation point. Meter Input Connector Output Connector Fuse Line Cord . BNC for connection of amplifier output to load. When the input signal voltage of the signal source is unknown. Holder required 3 AG size. The Model 32SLA should not remain connected to an antenna when the unit is not in use.4 PRECAUTIONS a. The voltage pick-off is mounted directly behind the front panel at the output connector. the unit is operating at low distortion regardless of the load impedance.d. BNC for connection of the driving generator. Reconnect the output of the amplifier to the load. When the amplifier is connected to an arbitrary or unknown load inpedance. Input impedance is 50 ohms. The meter circuit responds to the average RF voltage and is calibrated in RMS volts for a sine wave. however. If the output of the amplifier is monitored by a high frequency oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer. 3. Indicates output voltage and also power for a 50 ohm load. Up to 1. the following procedure will insure a low distortion power output. DEVICE Power Switch FRONT AND REAR PANEL DEVICES FUNCTION Depressing the switch “ON” connects fan and power supply to main power source. c. This will cause oscillation and may damage the input preamplifier.

switch it “on” IS CONNECTED TO THE SHOULD THIS SWITCH BE and observe that the indicator lamp 4. to the s/s mode frequency d. Reconnect the Model 325LA into the test set-up of Figure 4-1. and vertical with the start c.2 GAIN AND GAIN VARIATION Equipment Required: Oscilloscope (Tektronix T 921) Sweep signal generators (HP8601A. MAINTENANCE AND PERFORMANCE TESTS 4. EXTENSIVE DAMAGE WILL RESULT IF THE AMPLIFIER WRONG SUPPLY VOLTAGE._ . voltage switch on the rear panel is in the proper position. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES OPERATED WHILE THE SUPPLY IS CONNECTED. Disconnect the Model 325LA from directly to the 10 dB attenuator...I”. Return the sweep/generator output level to full deflection.“_~~--~-. Set up the test equipment b. Wavetek 2001) 50 ohm video detector (Wavetek D151) 10 dB 75W attenuator (EMCO) a._ _.-.““._-...1 INITIAL CHECK make certain that the supply Before connecting the Model 325LA to the Mains Supply. f. x. the unit to the mains supply. _. Adjust face. the step attenuator 7 .. on the g. gain to 10 mv/cm. Set the oscilloscope to DC.“-l. as shown time/cm in figure 4-1. Calibrate the output the set-up and connect the sweeper/generator RF output level of the sweeper/generator for full vertical deflection of the oscilloscope the scope face to show 3 dB in 1 dB steps and mark the traces with a grease pencil. Rotate sweep/generator (ccw) so that the output is reduced by 50 dB. Set the sweep generator frequency at 150 MHz. h. at 1 MHz and the stop to ext. e..CHAPTER 4. Connect illuminates.. ..*-XI ..-.

Set-up the tet equipment as shown in Figure 4-2. The gain variation should be within the 3 dB markings as shown on the oscilloscope face. 4. 1. Turn on the Model 325LA power switch. k. Equipment Required: Signal generator (HP 86OlA.3 RF OUTPUT POWER TEST The purpose of this test is to verify that the Model 325LA will deliver its rated power over the frequency range of 0. Gain and Gain Variation Test Set-up.25 MHZ to 150 MHz. Wavetek 2001) Power Meter (HP 435B.GENERATOR SWEEP RF MODEL 325LA Figure 4-1. j. m. Repeat steps (a) through (h) using the HP8601 sweep/generator with start and stop frequencies at 250 kHz and 1 MHz respectively. The average gain should be 50 dB (within 2 dB). 8482B power sensor with matching 30 dB attenuator) Attenuator 10 dB 75W (EMCO) Procedure: a. Observe the gain versus frequency sweep on the oscilloscope. i. 8 .

---.~ --- .. Wavetek Model the 10 dB series attenuator. Wavetex 2001) Power meter (HP 435B.- ... this car c.. frethe power meter. level to -I. Note that than 25 watts. Equipment required: that the harmonic Signal generator (HP f%OlA. Set the power meter to the 10 watt range.-- . quency set at 1 MHz. 8552A if section) Attenuator (10 dB 75 W EMCO.._-. With responds to a full scale deflection of 100 watts. -- . down to 1. 8554L BF section. Set-up the test equipment as shown in Figure 4-3 9 -. slowly decrease frequency while observing at every frequency down to 250 kHz the power output is greater level at + 10 dBm..4 RF OUTPUT DISTORTION TEST distortion of the Model 32SLA and hence its The purpose of this test is to verity linearity is within specified limits.-_) . 30 dB 200 w Bird 8322) Procedure: a..._--. Using the HP model 8601A Sweep/Generator in the CW mode. ffl82B power sensor with matching 30 dB attenuator) Spectrum analyzer (HP 140T display unit.. Set the Sweep/Generator quency to 150 MHz.10 dBm and fre- Slowly decrease frequency while observing the power meter.Figure 4-2 BF Output Power Test Set-Up b.. d. Note that at every frequency e.. 2001 to the CW mode.. 4.5 watts.-.0 MHz the power output is greater than 2..-.

and the panel the fuse at the rear of the unit (4ASB 313004). the output power indicated on the power the power meter and connect to the Spectrum Analyzer through a all harmonics are at least 23 dB below the generator the fundamental. responds to a full scale deflection of 30 watts. check the condition of If the Model 325LA should fail to operate. items. through f.5 TROUBLE SHOOTING AND REPAIR light does not glow. g. EN1 will supply pre-aligned of time. 30 MHz. RP Output Distortion Test Set-Up this cor- b. The facility. 10 modules while they are mounted in the amplifier . Repeat steps a. Repeat steps a. in succession. With the 10 dB series attenuator. Model 32SLA circuit modules should However. If the unit cycles on and off over a period (see maintenance instructions. Set the Generator/Sweeper d. c. Disconnect the cable 30 dB attenuator. 80 MHz.Figure 4-3. Adjust the Generator/Sweeper meter is 20 watts. through f. section 4. with set at 10 MHz. e. h. Set the power meter to 3 watt range. as extensive damage may result.6). f. HP model 8601A Sweep/Generator set at 250 kHz. 110 MHz. check the conditions of the fan filter be serviced only by the factory or its authorized and calibrated module boards as replacement DO NOT ATTEMPT to probe the circuit case. 4. with and 130 MHz. Observe that from to CW and frequency output level so that to 150 MHz.

Upon receipt of shipping instructions. removed hardware.When factory service 1) Notify ENI. unscrew the four #6-32 cap nuts on the rear panel and gently pry off the filter. prepaid. before the work begins.6 MAINTENANCE There are no periodic electrical adjustments required to maintain the amplifier gain and power output characteristics. Include the instrument’s serial number. air or soaked in an industrial cleaner reassemble the filter on the rear panel such as toluene using the 11 . After drying thoroughly. giving is required. transportation factory or to the authorized repair station indicated on the instructions. An estimate is not covered of the charge will be made by the warranty. provided the instrument 4. full details the following steps should be taken: of the difficulty. Periodic cleaning of the fan filter should be performed every six months under ordinary service conditions. The filter may be cleaned with compressed for a few minutes. forward the instrument. To remove the filter. to the 2.

12OOOpF 40V Bridge Rectifier 120 Volt AC Relay Front Panel Assembly Meter Switch. 5. 5-l). that part must be obtained directly 5. REF.I 325LA-13514 WS2107FL 313004 622HK-115/230 M1 Sl J1.2 PARTS LIST Table 5-l provides a listing of all electrical parts which may be required for replacement. address order or inquiry to Electronic or its authorized service facility. part number and manufacturers federal supply code number. CODE 10226 12715 56289 04713 PART NO. Table 5-3 provides a correlation of the manufacturers list with the names and addresses of the manufacturers. 5.7 10226 32171 87034 13511 10226 28875 75915 22753 Bl Fl s2 12 . 4ASB Switch.1 Complete SCHEMATICS AND PARTS LIST DIAGRAMS appear in figures 5-l and 5-2. REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST MFR.3 LIST OF MANUFACTURERS federal supply code numbers used in the parts If ENI’s manufacturer code number from Electronic Navigation Industries. Power Capacitor.4 ORDERING REPLACEMENT PARTS Navigation in the parts Industries. DESCRIPTION Base Plate Assembly Transformer. Table 5-2 provides a reference glossary of abbreviations used in the parts list. To obtain replacement parts. Electrical parts are listed by module number and by reference designations as indicated on the schematic diagrams.CHAPTER 5. SCHEMATIC schematic diagrams 5. 1151230 Tl Cl CR1 Kl 325LA-13511 AM5387 36D123GO40BC2A MDA-3501 KUPllAE5120VAC 325LA-13512 834-469 616-6-l UG6571I. DESIGN. (10226) appears. Parts list includes a description. Illuminated Connector Rear Panel Assembly Fan Fuse. list (Tables Inc. Inc. Identify parts by number as listed TABLE 5-I.

4. 300 ohm 1/8W 5% Res. 27 ohm %W 5% Res. 62 ohm %W 5% Res. 11. SlQ 2W Power Res.47pHy Integrated Circuit Driver Amplifier Res. 18 ohm 1/8W 5% Res.6.7K ohm %W 5% 7.5 Al62C4 Al62C2 Al62Cl Al62C3 Al62Ll Al62ICl Cap.47pF Choke Choke Choke Choke .8 A25oc1.3 A25OL6 A25OL4 A25OLl. Res.9.13. to. Res.20 A25ORl3 A25OR9 A250Rl4 A250R4 A250Rl2. Res. Res. Res.5K ohm %W 5% Potentiometer 200Q . 39 ohm %W 5% Res.14 A25OL.REF.ll A250RlS-18 A25OR8. Supply Regulator 47K ohm %W 5% 2.3 A25OR5.19.6 A250R10.12 A250C3. 1pF 50V MFR. 180 ohm %W 5% Res. Res.27pHy 27 pHy 1OOPHy 15OpHy 13 . Cap. 200 ohm % W 5% Res. 470 ohm l/4W 5% Res. 15OpF Cap.033PF 50V 50V 50V . CODE 10226 79089 10226 75042 10226 10226 16299 16299 32997 36346 09023 09023 56289 99800 49956 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 36346 36346 36346 99800 99800 99800 99800 PART 325LA-13517 40312 ENIlRC-BWH 325LA-14514 Carbon Film HC-5 HC-5 33861-l-201 C33OClO4M5UlCA-C9250 CMOSFDlSlJO3 CMO6FD56lJ03 5OOD506GOSO 1537-06 RC723CT 325LA-14512 Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon FIIm Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film C32OC333M5UlCAC9250 C330Cl04M5U1 CA-C9250 C330C474M5U lCAC9250 1026-00 2890-30 2890-42 3500-12 NO.26 A25oR21 A25oR22-25 A25oR29 A250R27 A25OR28 A250C2. DESIGN DESCRIPTION Power Supply Assembly Transistor Transistor Resistor.lgF Cap .2. 7. Res. Cap 75 ohm %W 5% 24 ohm 1W 5% 20 ohm 2W 5% 200 ohm 2W 5% 82 ohm 3W 5% .7. A250Rl A25oR2. 5OpF 5OV Choke .5.5 Cap . 56OpF Cap. 390 ohm %W 5% Res. Ql Q2-5 Rl-4 Al62Rl Al62R2 A162R3 Al62R4. 560 ohm ‘/*W 5% Variable Value Res.

27pF A166C27 Cap.50T1. Diode Voltmeter 22 ohm %W 5% 1K ohm %W 5% 3K ohm %W 5% 3.4 A251R1. 29. Res.2 DESIGN Transistor Transistor Transistor Transformer DESCRIPTION MFR. . 12 ohm YzW 5% Res. 75 ohm %W 5% Res. 28. 33pF A166C4 Cap.13. 15-18 A166R2. 31 A166Cl Cap 5pF A166C6-9 Cap.5 A251Cl A251Dl 325LA-14513 Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film 3386T-l-102 C330C104M5UlCA-C9250 5082-2811 14 . CODE 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 36346 36346 09023 09023 09023 09023 09023 09023 56289 99800 99800 99800 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 10226 32997 36346 24840 PART LT2001 CD2240 ENI- NO. Res. 51 ohm ‘/W 5% Res.2 A251 R.lpF 2W 5% A166C12-15. A166.14 A166Rl A166R12 A166R4. 51 ohm 2W 5% Res. 68 ohm 2W 5% Res. A250Q1.47pF 20-26. Cap. 390 ohm %W 5% Res. Res. 16-19 Power Amplifier Res. 15pF A166C5 Cap.2 A250Q3 A250Q4 A2. 360 ohm Cap.REF. Res. 50pF 5OV A166Ll A166L7-11 A166L2-6 AlbbQl-5 A166Tl-15 A166T16 Choke .lpF SOV 325LA-1415 Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Carbon Film Metal Film Metal Film Metal Film Metal Film Metal Film Metal Film C330104 MSUlCA-C9250 C330C474MSUlCA-C9250 CMOSEDOSOJ03 CMOSEDlOOJ03 CMOSEDlSOJ03 CM05ED270J03 CMOSED330J03 CMOSFDlSlJ03 500D506GOSO 1025-00 2890-30 3500-12 ENI- A251 R6 A251R3. Cap . 150pF A166C30 Cap.R5. 120 ohm 2W 5% Res.45 A166R23-26 A166C2. 120 ohm % W 5% Res.l$Hy Choke 27pHy Choke 15OpHy Transistor Transformer Transformer RF Res. 10 ohm 1W 5% Res.ll Cap. 1OpF A166C10. 12 ohm 1W 5% Res.6K ohm %W 5% Potentiometer 1K ohm . A251R7.3 A166R27-42 A166R8-11 A166R44 A166R19-22 A166R43.

r ____________ -- ----------. RF Ampdfier Schematic Diagram. /------------- 1 NOTES: Figure 5-l. 15 .

Power Distribution Schematic Diagram. REG TO TO RF VOLTMETER SI LAMP Figure 16 5-2.4VDC AMP AMP I TO DRIVER POWER ä TO l 325LA-14514 P. RI 47K Ql (1 Q3 f\ -----4--Q5 R4 .I ‘U L J I---I I I I I I I I I I I y--1 7 cl 61.S. .51 1 I 325LA-1451 I ) SERIES REG ----_--+ + 26.


NY Hollywood. IMC Magnetics American Technical Ceramics Modutec. WI Anaheim. IL Brooklyn. NY Philadelphia. FL E. IL Harrison. ‘EDERAL SUPPLY CODE NUMBER 04713 09023 10226 12715 13511 16299 24840 27191 22753 28875 29990 32171 32997 36346 49956 56289 71744 72619 75042 75915 79089 87034 99800 LIST OF MANUFACTURERS MANUFACTURER Motorola. R. NH Huntington Station. Inc. Cutler Hammer Marco Oak Ind.C. Inc. CA Raleigh. NY Carterville. Inc. NC Rochester. Coming Glass Hewlett Packard Co. MA Chicago. CA Rochester. I.A. Chicago Miniature Lamp Works Dialight Corp. NY Lexington. MA N. NY 18 . Aurora. Union Carbide (Kemet) Raytheon Co. Amphenol Corp. Division of TRW. Inc. NY Norwalk.R.TABLE 5-2. AZ Sanford. CA Milwaukee.C. Bourns. PA Des Plaines. Cornell-Dubilier Electronics Electronic Navigation Industries American Magnetics Corp. NC Palo Alto. IL Los Gatos. ADDRESS Phoenix. Sprague Electric Co. Inc. CA New York. Adams. Littlefuse. CT Riverside. UID Electronics Corp. Delevan Electronics Corp.

FACTORY When (1) (2) Notify Factory ENI. of the charges by the warranty. will be made before the work begins. prepaid the following full details of the dificulty. SERVICE steps should Include be taken: serial nimber. transportation or to the authorized repair station indicated on the instructions. Service giving is required. an estimate the instrument is not covered provided -- - . If requested. the instrument’s Upon receipt to the factory of shipping instructions. forward the instrument.