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There is no such thing as wise people

Hello everybody! Id like to begin my speech with a very simple question? Before coming here, have you look up in the dictionary what wisdom means? Well I did it. I was curious so i did. And guess what I found: wisdom is the ability to make good decisions based on knowledge and experience. I must confess, i was going to say today that we, the young , we are smart, wise and know-alls and so on but after reading this, im not so sure anymore.

I would really like to think that young people are wise, too. But there it says : knowleadge and experience. While knowledge is not a problem, you can have at any age, experience clearly is. Can you have it after, lets say, 20 years of life? Why not? Just because you are young it doesn;t mean you don;t know what you;re doing or you are not able to make good decisions.I don;t think so.And im sure i;m not alone in this. We should really change that definition, because young people may sometimes be wiser than old ones. I heard once that It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. So you should think that a young unexperienced female or male has not the capacity to make good decisions, but it might not be true. Lets take an example.Here comes my favorite one: Bill Gates. He is an American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and author. Why had I choose him? Well he is an example that age doesnt matter. And perhaps neither knowledge does. But lets go back. He studied for 3 years at Harvard, but he dropped off and cofounded Microsoft with his friend Paul Allan. And look where he got: he is one of the wealthiest people on Earth. Didn;t he take the right decision when he dropped school and started the bussines? Well, sure yes. Furthermore, I believe youth is the most capable category of human being to crate changes, to go beyond any limits, to have unimaginable breakthroughs of the future. It is the category that represents the believers, the dreamers. For this reason, although my point could contradict the dictionary, I dare say that the wisdom of youth stands in daring to dream that everything is possible, that with hard work there is not a single thing unable to achieve in life. Here comes an example to support my idea. Thomas Alva Edison, a personality whom Im sure everyone in here is familiar with. Can you imagine how many old people discouraged him in his attempts of creating the light bulb, an invention without we do not picture society without. It was his youth wisdom of following his dream that lead him to accomplish the revolutionary invention of the light bulb.

So it;s not true whats saying that wisedom comes with age. Wisedom is something that comes with the nature of human beings. Some get the taste of it early, some later, some never. It depends. But now im thinking that young people can have it, too.

Well, after all, as reading some of Socrates sayings i came to a conclusion, The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. And im sure that we are the best at this.