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*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25TH, 2012* Contact: - www.OccupyUMassBoston.

org UMass Boston Professional Staff Union - MTA and NEA Officially Endorses Occupy UMass Boston *Wednesday, January 23rd, Occupy Boston endorsed by UMass Boston Professional Staff Union Since the Occupy UMass Boston encampment liberated the first floor atrium of the UMass Boston Campus Center, the political debate on campus has been steadily growing. We are glad the administration has respected our right to assemble and we expect them to continue to honor this right. This morning we are proud to announce the UMass Boston Professional Staff Union has officially endorsed our occupation and has encouraged their members to visit, engage, and support the encampment. It only strengthens our resolve that they stand in solidarity with our mission to make sure the University of Massachusetts - Boston reverses privatization, reaffirms its commitment to serve the oppressed population of Boston, and protect the wellbeing of staff and faculty. We look forward to students, staff, and faculty joining us at our General Assemblies, 3pm every day, to beginning to discuss how we can bring about these concrete changes to our university. And we will continue to demand that our university runs on the principles of transparency, democratic deices-making, accessible public higher education, and protection for the rights of students, staff, and faculty. ---- Below is the full statement from the Professional Staff Union ---Hopefully by now you’ve heard of the “Occupy UMass Boston” action occurring in the first floor atrium of the Campus Center. This is the OUMB website: We are attaching a recent article from the Boston Globe, and here is a statement from one of our union members as reported in the Harvard Crimson: Paul Atwood, a professor of American Studies at UMass Boston who graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1979, said he hopes the movement will help UMass fulfill its original mission, which he said charged the public institution with educating poor and urban youth. “The university was founded to serve an underserved population,” Atwood said. “The university is in the midst of a transformation into what it hopes will be another research institution. We have plenty of those in Boston. What we need is an institution of higher education for people who don’t have the privilege of being born into the elite.”

Your PSU chapter board wants to express our solidarity with the aims of this occupation: -- We too want to reverse the continuing privatization of public higher education in Massachusetts and all across the country. -- We too want to restore adequate funding for public services, and adequate staffing to provide those services to our students. -- We too want to ensure continued access for the underserved population our campus was designed to cherish. -- We too want to make this campus a place where dedicated staff and faculty can make a career and send their own children to college without constant fear of pension cutbacks, health insurance increases, and salary regression. -- We too want a campus where students can get an education and staff and faculty can work without emptying their wallets at the parking booth. -- We too want a University which invests its scarce resources in our students, staff and faculty, rather than in $425,000 sabbaticals for former presidents.

We encourage you to visit the occupation, talk to the occupiers, offer your support, bring them some coffee and snacks, participate in a General Assembly (3 pm every day), and pick up some fliers for your department.

Talk it up, spread the word, and show your solidarity.

PSU Chapter Board