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Three Fundamental Skills For Working With Subtle Energy

How to get the most out of your energy attunement. By Paul Roth

I want to talk about three important things that you must understand if you want to work successfully with subtle energy. These are (i) the role of intention; (ii) channelling energy through your hands; and (iii) creating basic energy tools. If you already know these things then - congratulations! If not then please read on, as this knowledge will help you significantly in mastering your attunements and advancing yourself spiritually.

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As surprising as it is to some. among other things. and ultimately allows us to create the reality that we want. And our mind and thoughts are just a tiny part of the Universal whole a small eddy in the river of self-awareness that underlies the whole Universe. But that solidity is only an illusion. harmony. in other words it is pure consciousness. We are nothing more than a piece of cosmic energy that appears to be a physical body. At the fundamental level of quantum physics. me and everything else in the Universe that appears to be solid. This statement is a recognition of the role that your thoughts play in guiding subtle energy. And it is this process that drives the law of attraction. Page 2 . we create a positive intention. “solid” objects are revealed as being composed of waves of energy that “pop” into form when you look at them. Our bodies and brains are composed of the same energy. and then convert back to waves when you look away. So what is the force behind the car? As you almost certainly know. the chi follows”. So when we hold a thought consistently and with trust and belief that it will come to co-create peace.1 Intention There is a traditional chinese saying that “where the mind goes. accelerator and brake pedal. This energy coalesces into form to create you. And it is this intelligence that allows us to guide and work with the fundamental stuff of the Universe . the whole Universe is composed of energy. And it is with that understanding that we discover why intention works. Our thoughts too. healing and abundance. and also a hint of the larger mind-body connection. In other words. causes coincidences and synchronicities. your thoughts (and specifically your intention) are the driving force behind the power of subtle energy. And the special thing about that energy is that it is intelligent and self-aware. if you imagine subtle energy as being a car (an electric one if you like) then your thoughts are the steering wheel.

that’s where we’ll leave the car and its engine. Page 3 .. (eg “healing energy”) during this session for the highest good of all concerned... The tank (or batteries) are full. And INTENTION .... With time it will become as reflexive as driving a car . And it needs to be the same when you are working with subtle energy. EVERY TIME. Example Intentions Please allow me to channel . Steering subtle energy with your thoughts So lets jump into our car and take her for a spin. most of us have a destination in mind when we back out of the driveway and engage the gears...So with that basic understanding...that you want to arrive is a MUST-SEE for energy workers of all types. When you are first starting it helps to say your intention out loud.. and you shiver in anticipation of the thrill of the instantaneous thought about what you want to achieve. You need a destination .. or Please allow this person to receive the healing that they need at this time.... subtle energy will follow. So you must use your intention when you start a healing session. As you start the engine you feel a soft but powerful vibration run up your back.. But where do you want to go? Unless you’re just out for a spin around the block.. but as you become more experienced you just need to think it.. If you want to learn more about the details of quantum physics and consciousness then I can’t recommend the movie What The Bleep Do We Know highly enough ..

because subtle energy is intelligent and works for the good of all. lets move on to fundamental skill #2 . Imagine you are giving a treatment to help someone’s back. 2 Emitting healing energy from your hands My life changed forever the day I received my first reiki attunement. Universal energy wants you to help it do its work by guiding it with your thoughts . or a feeling of being unsupported. you must allow it to have a role in each treatment. So if you are careful with your healing intention and include a statement like “for the highest good of all concerned” you will have better success than a treatment where you specifically ask for subtle energy to treat a specific lumbar disc (for example) By using a statement like this you recognise the role of the Universe’s infinite wisdom. Page 4 .emitting healing energy from your about a paradox! So now that you have a basic understanding of intention. I underwent my first attunement just before the lunch-time break. By the time I got back an hour later. But despite that infinite wisdom. almost a decade ago. or weak kidney chi for example . It was almost painfully hot. the centre of each palm was on fire.Now. The real reason they have pain might be emotional stress. and also remove your ego because you are acknowledging that you cannot know everything about a client’s condition or dis-ease.none of which you might be aware of. and my body felt as though a small star had come to life inside my body and started to shine.

but one thing has remained constant . I find that when I Page 5 .Many things have changed since then in terms of my understanding of using subtle energy. It’s usually worth starting on yourself try your crown. start with an intention to do so (for example “Please may I channel reiki through my hands”). If you want to try channelling energy through your hands. or your eyes and ears. Now you don’t necessarily need to have a reiki attunement to begin this process (although it probably does accelerate things there are several subtle energy attunements. your third eye might be wide open! So if this isn’t happening for you at the moment. heart or base chakras. and the patience and commitment to keep practising until it starts happening for you. including kundalini will only flow if the receiving object needs energy at that time.spiritualsubliminals. It’s also worth mentioning that everyone’s spiritual path is different. whereas the tradition of energy healing goes back thousands of years (for example shamanism and druidry). available at www. What you plan on channelling energy into is important . that reiki has only been around in its current form for less than 100 ability to channel healing energy through my All you need is the intention to begin. keep practising and know that it will unfold for you exactly as planned. for example. Consider. and while you might be struggling to channel energy through your palms.

Other things to try this on can include friends. I need to start with the faith (ie trust + belief) that it will work. and again practice until you get good energy flow. pets. and Page 6 . 3 Creating basic energy tools Back to the law of positive a quartz generator or a glass nugget.practice something like this. Generally you put your hands directly on the person or object and leave them in each position for 2-3 minutes or until you fell intuitively that it is time to move them. I like glass nuggets because they look and feel nice. and if you can emit energy from your hands. then you can combine those two abilities to create energy healing tools. Later you will find that any item can be turned into an energy tool. It seems that you reach a certain threshold by patient practice and once you do something enough you get it permanently and can move on to the next step. You don’t need anything special or expensive to start. But for now. and you can buy a whole bag of them at a garden or homewares shop for a few dollars. Once you have mastered these steps its time to apply your new-found ability to begin making energy tools that can amplify and extend your power. but I feel that there is something special about buying your tool material with a specific use in mind (but that’s just me). The most basic and easiest to do as a beginner is an object with a crystalline structure . let’s start at the basics. and plants. A free option would be to use a piece of beach glass or a water-worn river stone. ANother thing is that having several near-identical items (like the nuggets) makes it very easy to create several tools at once. So if you can use your thoughts to guide subtle energy. After practising for a while (and consistently feeling some energy flow) lift your hands 10-30cm off your target. and practice for a while without feeling anything until suddenly I “get it”. family or partners. instantly.

hold the intention that you are also cleansing it of any pre-existing or remnant energy .they can never run out of fundamental energy. because it will pick up your dominant emotional energy and store it for later retrieval. Wash and dry your own hands while holding the intention of cleansing them and readying them to be a clear channel. Page 7 . Understand that they will instantaneously become energy emitters (or antennae) for that specific energy. While you’re washing your item(s). grease or fingerprints. Try to feel joyous as you prepare your item(s).opens up the possibility of energy gridding (which I will explain in a separate report). its nice to wash it in some warm water with some soap in it . So once you have your soon-to-be energy tool (or maybe a whole bag of them if you choose glass nuggets).wiping the slate clean (or if you like reformatting it) ready for your reprogramming.mainly to get rid of any dust. So wash and dry it carefully and lovingly. At the same time know that they will be automatically programmed by your intention to change their internal structure to the energy frequency that you are emitting. and that they will do so for eternity (because the Universe is unlimited) . Then all you need to do is hold your item(s) in your cupped hands with the intention of channelling energy into them.

prepare to finish your ritual by stating the intention that the energy that you have placed inside your item is sealed within. Make sure that you enjoy yourself and most of all.I normally don’t. but you might want to for some reason. You can also limit them to only work for a specific person or in a specific place or situation . I usually finish by washing my hands again.this guide suggests just one of many possible paths. and that the process is for the highest good of all concerned. HAVE FUN. It just happens to be the one that worked Page 8 . Congratulations you have just created the first of many energy tools. So with these three skills you are well on your way to working with subtle energy. There is no correct way to do this work . And that’s it . Thank the Universe for allowing you to be a clear energy channel.Unless you want them to (you can specifically limit the duration of their programming if you want by modifying your intention) .the combinations are endless and all up to you! When you feel ready. with the intention that the process is finished and that all energetic links between me and the item(s) are broken (especially important if you are selling or gifting your items to others). and for bringing your spiritual development to the level that you are’re done.

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