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Press Release
Contact: Daniel R. Gaita Phone: (203) 994-2987 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12 p.m. EDT, January 25,2012 HENRY ABBOTT TECH GRADUATES PREPARE LAWSUIT AGAINST SCHOOL FOR MISAPROPRIATION OF STUDENT FUNDS BETHEL, CT, JAN 10, 2012: Several Henry Abbott Technical School

Graduates from the class of 1992 are planning to execute legal and possible criminal claims action following notification by State School officials that their student funds, which had been collected between 1988-1992 for use in their 20th year high school reunion are gone.

While preparing for their upcoming 20th year reunion, dozens of 1992 graduates were horrified when they were told by State School Official, Mr. Robert F. Lombardi that the money was not there even though school administrators had always promised the funds would be held for their 20th reunion.

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Page 2 Following this notification, Abbott Tech Class of 1992, Student Representative, Dan Gaita initiated a Freedom of Information Act Request asking where the money went.

In reply, Connecticut Technical High School System, District Counsel, Beatrice A. Tinty notified Mr. Gaita that as of June 30th, 1998 the class had a balance of $9,741.68 but as of July 31st, 1999 the money was gone. Ms. Tinty, in her reply later stated: “We are searching to determine if there are any financial reports such as bank records/transfer records reflecting the justification for the decrease. We will continue to research the transaction(s) that resulted in the closure of this account and the transfer of the remaining balance sometime between June 30, 1999 and July 31, 2000.”

Every year from 1988-1992 Class dues in the amount of $35 had been collected from each student and deposited into a specific class of 1992 account. Following graduation the class had a remaining balance of $13,648.10 and had later used $5,252.50 for their 5 year class reunion. The account also accrued interest in the amount of $1,390.08 throughout the period.

None of the student body or prior class officers had ever been

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Page 3 notified that the funds were removed, re-appropriated, or reinvested. They were shocked when they were told it was gone.

The execution of legal action is pending the outcome of a recent inquiry by multiple 1992 graduates and the ongoing investigation by the District Counsel for the Connecticut Technical High School System.

The pending action claims that Fraud, Negligent Misrepresentation, Intentional Misrepresentation and Misappropriation of Funds have been committed by the School Administration or State School Officials.

Any other graduating classes prior to 1997 affected by these same actions are encouraged to contact Dan Gaita at so that they too may find out if the same has occurred to their funds and to also join in any future legal action specific to the same claims.

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