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Montrell "Big Play" Louis BIG PLAY ENT/3022 ENT 2007 Flightway Dr Atlanta, Ga 30341 ARTIST: (YC) YUNG CHRIS

THIS CONTRACT, entered into on this 19th day of april, 2011 is for the personal services of the Performer for the performance described below. The undersigned employer and the undersigned primary performer agree and contract as follows:

1. NAME OF Primary Performer(s): Yung Chris(YC) 2. NUMBER OF Performers(s): One 3. NAME OF PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: EPIC NIGHTLIFE 4. ADDRESS OF PLACE OF PERFORMANCE:1600 West Lee Street, Greensboro, NC 27403. 5. DATE(S) OF PERFORMANCE: May 6th 2011 6. TIME(S) OF PERFORMANCE: 1:00 am 7. DEPOSIT: $1,000 Artist’s fee shall be paid in cash, money order or cashier's check. 50% deposit due upon execution of contract. Remaining 50% payment must be made prior to Artist's performance. 8. PAYMENT TOTAL: $2,000 9.BOOKING AGENT: MONTRELL "BIG PLAY" LOUIS 10.BOOKING CONTACT INFO: YCRACKSONRACKS@GMAIL.COM or 7863664359 Transportation/Hotel Artist and label are responsible for paying for staying area. Catering Purchaser shall provide Artist and crew with bottles of water and services. Sound Check Sound check is mandatory; exact time to be mutually arranged between Purchaser and Artist. If not otherwise agreed upon, Purchaser agrees to provide sound check at least 2 hour prior to performance. Parking Purchaser agrees to provide two (2) secure parking spaces for Artist's vehicle(s), and trailer for a period commencing two (2) hours prior to the performance and continuing for two (2) hours following the performance. Security

plus reasonable attorney's fees. jointly and severally liable for the terms of this contract. This contract constitutes a complete and binding agreement between the employer and the performers(s). at his sole cost and expense. the Employer agrees to pay the amount stated in Section 6 as mitigated damages. auxiliary personnel. or damage of any kind to performers(s) person or property while located at the place of performance (Section 3 herein). AGENT acts only as agent and assumes no responsibility as between the employer and the performer(s). Equipment Purchaser shall provide Artist with the following equipment: Purchaser agrees to provide. ___________________________________ YUNG CHRIS YC for Employer for Performer(s) . In case of breach of this contract by Employer.Purchaser shall provide competent sound engineer to operate above-mentioned sound equipment. the local sound equipment . and legal interest.The persons signing for Employer and the Performer(s) agree to be personally. loss. equipment and personal property. court costs. The Employer agrees to be responsible for harm.Purchaser agrees to guarantee proper security at all times to ensure the personal safety of the Artist. during and after the performance. .