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Black History Month Project

Your child has been assigned a project to complete; researching a famous African American. This project is due Friday, February 3, 2012. Your child will be doing their research on _________________________________________ For this project, your child will be making a detailed model of this African American. The model needs to be made on white poster board (this can be purchased at Deals, The Dollar Tree, Kroger, Walgreens, etc. If you are unable to purchase this material, please let us know ASAP so we can assist you.) Your child will be decorating and dressing the model so it looks like the actual person (Its much easier to use the non-slick side of the poster board). The model your child makes should have detailed facial features, including hair. You may dress the person with fabric, yarn, felt, colored construction paper, tissue paper, wiggle eyes or any other creative ideas you choose. The model should be at least 24 inches in height and cut out. Each student will be presenting their person on Friday, February 3, 2012. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please tear off this portion and return to school by Friday, January 13, 2012 I understand my child has a Black History Month project due no later than Friday, February 3, 2012. I understand late work will not be accepted. I understand this project is worth a test grade in both writing and social studies. I understand that if my child does not have access to the materials he/she needs to complete this project at home, my child can borrow materials from school, but I must let my childs teacher know in advance. _______________________________ Parent Signature ______________________________ Students Name

Here are some examples from past projects:

Directions for labeling your president:

Please label the president (using a pencil) with the following information on the following body parts: Head/Forehead = persons name, dates of birth and death and place of birth Stomach = historical contribution Left Leg = educational background Right Leg = one interesting fact or family background Left Arm = one interesting fact Right Arm = another interesting fact Left Foot = Students name Research Help Below I have listed some helpful websites to get your child started on their research. If you do not have internet access, the public library has many useful resources as does Eisenhowers library. If you have any questions or concerns regarding research, please let me know ASAP. This should be a fun project for your child. gclid=CMaT54uCwq0CFVCR7Qod4HnRBQ

Black History Month Project Guidelines

Name: ____________________ Due: Friday, February 3, 2011*

Students Black History Projects will be given a score of 1-25 in each of the following categories. The final project is worth a total of 100 points. This is a Social Studies test grade and writing grade. ______ Research - evidence that student put time into researching their topic ______ Character Model creative representation of the character student took time to decorate neatly. It does not look rushed (stray glue marks, smears, etc.) ______ Writing evidence that student took time to write the information about their person neatly. It is easily readable and not sloppy (i.e. no eraser marks, etc.). Capitals and punctuation are in the correct places. ______ Presentation Student is able to clearly speak to the class about the person they studied and student is knowledgeable about their person. This means that when presenting, the student knows the subject well enough not to be constantly looking at their index cards. *Student is being given 4 weeks to work on this project. No late work will be accepted.

Grade: _____________